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Kaiser Stripped of Power and His Formerly Obedient Ser
I vants Left to Work Out New Destiny Hostilities to
j Cease and End of World War at Hand.
I (By the Associated Tress )
j The German people, for a generation
the obedient and submissive servants t
of their war lord, for more than rour
i years his pliant instalments in ravag
I ing the world, have spoken a neW
! word, and the old Germany is gone.
; f From the information received, somc-j
1 times conflicting and often delayed,
' J advices from Germany in the last twoi
j days, it has now become apparent lhat
I --Ml j William, omperor and king, has been
i stripped of his power. He Is plain W,
' Hohenzollern, a fugitive in Holland.
J With his fall topples into ruin Wil
. Hani's mad design to rule the world.
I Little is known of the situation to
day in Germany, for the country is In
' (he first days of its new adventure. It
is not clear whether the old regime
has been permanently dislodged nr
wlmther ihe new authorities with the
unscrupulous adroitness which has
i long marked German politics, are
ninrnlv i:i nri flM 11 f thn phipf fiir II If-
II head of kaiserism in the hope of ob
t t'dining an easier peace. j
i It appears probable that no one in
Germany knows and that it is still to j
be determined which of the contending
elements will gain the upper hand.
Revolution is spreading rapidly, and
i; ; ( from the fact that a Socialist is now
E: ehancellor, it may bo gathered that;
! ' iho objoct of the revolution i3 not i
merely the quick ending of the war, j
i but the complete severance of the po-1
I' lltlcal ties which still bind the nation
1 with its pasl. j
i Allied Problem Changes.
I For the allies the problem has j
I' changed. The countries which fourht
It Germany and her vassals Tor more
than four years have emerged from it
! completely triumphant but within the
borders of the countries which men
aced the peace of the whole world
stalks revolt, famine and anarchy. The
world's next task may be to restore
i order in the central empires. It may
be the lot of the Torces who have suc
; cessfully contested Germany's greed
' for power to save her from the fate
the imposed on Russia,
j Likewise, help will have to be given
to Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Tur
4 key, whose ruin Germany wrought.
The German empire was the last of
the great autocracies whose fall marks
the real significance of the war. In
Russia, Austria-Hungary and finally In
Germany Irresponsible power gave
way before the Irresistible forces ot
democracy. Germany holding op tc
the last, kept up the hopeless struggle
until Field .Marshal von Hlndenburg's
, prophetic words, early in the war
'nmc true. The side with the strong
H, "st nerves, said he. would win. li
j vas the crumbling of the home rroni
i which made it impossible for German-
notwithstanding her great armies i'r
HH lbe field, to carry on any longer.
The collapse of Germanv brings th
J , rollapsc of the German Idea or tin
J , 'atP as l'Fosod to the doctrine of in
HJ llvldual rights, to whieh the natioi
J '. Plun? with hardly h dtsvniing oic
HHjj until recently. Under this rrg m. u,cri
VV ASas developed a nation of h ch m l
MMjjarjsjrjvas the pmbodlnunt hri
ly obscure oflicer who leaped into
world-wide fame by his defeat of the I
Russians in 1011 and subsequently!
became the idol of Germany, and Gen -1
eral LudendorfT who, although fre
quently credited with being the abler
of the two, never touched popular im-,
agination as did his colleague. When
von Hindenburg was at the height ot
his fame a great wooden image of the
I German hero was set up, a monument
to the power which now is broken. It (
istando today in Berlin, unless the new
masters of Germany have torn it down.
The autumn or 1017 witnessed the
J defeat or the Italian armies and their
: retreat to the Plavc line. Almost fiim
( ultaneously American troops appeared
on the western tront for the first time,
;! while the French and British armies
; i were holding positions' of btratcgic
J importance from the north sea to
j Switzerland. IJuring tho winter ol
5 ! 1917-18 American airms became more
J J effective nnd Russia dropped out be- .
cause of the Bolshevik! defection.
America Turns the Tide.
Germany, at the beginning of 1? IS.
announced her purpose to end the war
by an offensive in France. It was her
last mighty effort and for weeks the
world wondered when the enemy
hordes would be stopped. The turn in
the fighting carao on July IS. whciu ,
Marshal Foch launched the Americans
and French in an attack. Since thai
falelul day for Germany, the allied
armies on all fronts have met with
continued success.
Germany's ultimate defeat became
more certain as the summer wore on.
The first break in the ranks of the
central powers came with the defee-
lion of Bulgaria late in September.
I Turkey signed armistice terms the last
of October and Austria-Hungary ten
1 derey the white flag to Italy on No
j vember L when hostilities ceased on
jail the Austrian fronts Germany at
I tempted to bring about a negotiated
j peace, but bow great was her failure,
j is shown by th fact that her emissar-1
" ios are now at Marshal Foch's head-1
! quarters for the last scene of the '
I world's great tragedy. j
William Ilohenzpllern, the a,bdicat
; od German emperor and king of Trus-
sia, and his eldest son, Frederick WI1
1 liam, who hoped some day to rule the
. German people, have fled to Holland.
The revolution which Is Jn progress
throughout Germany,, although It
, seemingly Is a peaceful one, probably
thre fear into the hearts or the for-
mer kaiicr and the erown prince and
''caused them to take asylum in a ncu
' tral state.
' ' V.'llhelm If, reigning king of the
r ; monarchy or Wurltemberg, Is declared
to have abdicated Friday night, and
t reporla have Itihat the grand duke of
L Hesse, ruler or the grand duchy of
. ' Hesse, has decreed the formation of a
i council of state to .take over the gov
ernment there. Uvcry dynasty in Ger-
0 many Is to he suppressed and all the
u princes exiled, according to Swiss ad-,-
1 i'ractleally the whole German gen-
r TiJ iaff accompanied the former eua
r peror and ten automobiles carried the
- pirt- The automobiles were bristling
ii nil rifles and all the fugitives were
I '

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