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I - . j
I ' , NOVEMBER ,9. . ' qDm, mta j
I LONDON, Nov. 10.-2:04 p. m.
' ' Emperor William signed a letter o;
abdication Saturday morning at the
' German grand headquarters in the.
' ' presence of Crown Prince Frederick
William and Field Marshal Hinden
1 burg, according to a dispatch from
Amsterdam to the Exchange Telegraph
Crown Prince Signs.
The German crown prince signed his
renunciation to the throne shortly af
terward. It is believed that King Ludwig of
Bavaria, and King Frederick August
of Saxony also have abdicated.
The ex-kaiser and the former crown
, prince were expected to take leave of
ttheir troops on Saturday but nothing
has been settled regarding their fu
ture movements.
The emperor was deeply moved. He
consented to sign the document only
when he received the news of the lat
est events in the empire.
Serious food difficulties are expect
ed in Germany owing to the stoppage
of trains. The council of the regency
will take the most drastic steps to re
establish order.
Chancellor Ebert said he would en
deavor to fortify the freedom which
the people had won. He begged sup
port In the hard work ahead and ap
pealed for co-operation in the country
t and cities in the problem of provis-
j ioning.
J Herr Ebert in his proclamation said
that Prince Maximilian of Baden, had
transferred the chancellorship to him,
J all the secretaries of the state having
It given their consent. The new govern-1
I mcnt, he added, would be in agree-'
j ment with the various parties. I
r Before placing his signature to the
document, an urgent message from
cialist member of the cabinet without
portfolio, was handed to the emperor,
yi He read it with a shiver. He then
tj signed the paper, saying:
1 "It may be for the good of Ger-
jjjl many."
I! TpiSii
Social and Political Reforms to
Take Place at Once in i
!j New Republic.
AMSTERDAM, Friday, Nov. 8. The
)l proclamation issued at Munich in be
l half of the council of workers, sol
I diers and p'easants, which constituted
itself Into a diet, announcing a repub
I lie had been formed in Bavaria, de
clared that "the Democratic and So-1
:ialistic republic of Bavaria has the
ttrength to realize a peace for Gcr
' many, preserving that country from
Ihe worst."
The proclamation after promising
l constituent assembly to be elected
sy all adult men and women, eays that
Bavaria will make Germany ready for
I league of nations.
It then continues:
"The present revolution is needed
o complete the self-government of the
people before enemy armies stream
tcross our country or before troops
Jhould, after the armistice, bring about
"The council will insure strict or
fer. Soldiers in barracks will govern
fiemselves by means of soldiers'
:ouncils. Officers asquieclng ln the
lltered situation will not be hindered
n their duties.
"We reckon on the co-operation of
he entire population. All officials
' vi 1 1 remain at their posts.
"Fundamental social and political
eforms will immediately commence."
LONDON, Saturday, Nov. 9. Dele
i I ates of the revolutionary German
lavy arrived in Berlin on Friday, ac
I ording to a dispatch from Copenhag.
I to the Exchange Telegraph com-
-any. They conferred for several
, ;ours with the minister of marine and
fith members of the reichstag major
It is stated that Hugo Haas, Social
;t leader in the reichstag, has the
ituation at Hamburg in. hand.
V ' ' --lu
; Star of the stage, famed for
; "beauty and voice, Lillian Russell
B . now bears the rank of sergeant
in the U. S. Marino Corps, the
B . Highest accorded to women In
'military service, and tvoars the
H uniform just designed fdrthom.T
H 1 fkt WHI I Ull I -
AMSTERDAM, Nov. 10. Professor
Lammasch, the Austrian premier, has
received official notification, says a
dispatch from Vienna, that Poland has
assumed sovereignty over Galicfa.
Galicia is n crownland of Austria-
Hungary north of the Carpathians. It
has an area of 30,307 square miles and
in normal times had a population of
some 7,000,000.
BERLIN, Saturday, Nov. 9. (Via
London, Nov. 10. 12:55 p. m. The
Social-Democratic party is interceding
with the people's government. The
guards which had been statitoncd at
the public offices and other buildings
have been withdrawn.
Freidrlch Ebert (vice-president of
the Social-Democratic party) is carry
ing on the chancellorship. i
With the Allied Forces in Belgium, I
Saturday, Nov. 9. (By the Associated '
Press). There are" many indications
that the Germans do not intend to
make a protracted stand thic side of
Brussels and Charleroi.
Revolution in Berlin Striking
Victory General Strike
I Stops All Work at Shops
BASEL, Switzerland, Nov. 10. An of- '
ficial dispatch received by the Havas !
agency from Berlin today says: !
"Official. The revolution lias re-1
suited in a striking victory almost J
without the effusion of blood.
"A general strike was declared this!
morning. It brought a cessation of !
work in all workshops at about ten
o'clock. '
"A regiment of Nuremburg chas
seurs passed over to the people. Oth
er troops rapidly followed their action. !
" i he Alexander regiment after hear-1
ing a declaration by Deputy Wells,
went over to the revolution." '
COPENHAGEN, Saturday, Nov. 9.
German guard vessels in the mine!
fields of the Great Belt and Little Belt
have left their stations. The crews!
waited for the officers to leave the
vessels and then hoisted the red flag.
COPENHAGEN, Saturday, Nov. 9.
The Danish frontier is being guarded i
by the German soldiers' council. This'
is being done, it is stated, in order to1
prevent the escape of rich people, gen
erals and other high officers.
All national cockades and the eagle
on the helmets of soldiers have been
removed, being replaced by a red
The wearing of the iron cross has
been strictly prohibited.
One After Another Proclaim
ng Independence and An-
nouncing Their Policies.
LONDON, Nov. 10.-11:55 a. m
Schleswig-Holsteln, the Prussian pro
vmce which formerly belonged to
Denmark, is to be proclaimed an in
dependent republic, says an Exchange
Telegraph dispatch from Copenhag
en. AMSTERDAM, Saturday, Nov 9
An official dispatch from Darmstadt,
capital of the Grand Duchy of Hesse
announces that the Grand Duke of
Hesse has decreed the formation of a
council of state to take over the busi.
ness of the government "until a final
settlement of the questions arising
from the present situation."
LONDON, Nov. 10.-11:59 a. m.-l
qte, ftnthu 'ar0"t city ,n Saxonia,
Stuttgart, the capital of Wurttcmburg '
and Cologne and Frankfort, have join
ed the revolution, according to reports 1
from the Danish frontier, telegraphed
, l yhe.Copenha9en correspondent '
of the Exchange Telegraph company. '
The soldiers' councils at Stuttgart !
Cologne and Frankfort have decided
to proclaim a republic. 1
oo I
COPENHAGEN,' Nov. 10. Albert '
Ballin, general director of the Ham- 1
ourg-American Steamship company,
died suddenly Saturday, according to "
an announcement made in Berlin. J
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LONDON, Nov. 10.-5:10 p.
-f m. Essen, where the great -f 1
Krupp steel -works are sltuatt- -4-
4- ated, is reported to be In the
4- hands of the .revolutionaries, i
says a dispatch from Anister- -4-
4- dam to the Bxchnnge Telegraph -f
4- company. 4.
4- Lieutenant Krupp von Boh- ;
4- len und Halbach, the head of -
4- the Krupp works, and his wife. 4- :
4- have been arrested. ' 1
4- . 1
4- COPENHAGEN, Nov. 10.- j
4- The railway stations in the en- 4-
4- tire Industrial districts of Ger- 4- 1
4- ma- y from Dortmund to Duis- 1
burg have been occuplcTU by the ;
4- Holdiera' council, according to a 4-
4- dispatch from Essen. There 1
4- wore no disorders.
' 4- :
4-4-4-44--r- 4- .
mr . , . 1 '
They put the kibosh 'on ! the " V-
HUN! Here you see President '''J 'V'v
Wilson, and the premiers of our 'WSt
three chief western " allies Cle- vWmP? - J?.'- '
nienceau of France, George of tZ i " Jf--J-
Britain, and Orlando of Italy. -
BERLIN, Saturday, Nov. 9. Via
London, Nov. 10. The text of the
statement issued by the German peo
ple's government reads:
"In the course of the forenoon of
Saturday the formation of a new Ger
man people's government was initiat
ed. The greater part of the Berlin
garrison and other troops stationed
there temporarily, went over to the
new government.
People to Be Orderly.
"The leaders of the deputations of
the Social-Democratic party declared
they would not shoot against the peo
ple. They said they would, in accord
with the people's government, inter
cede in favor of the maintenance of or
der. Thereupon, in the offices and
public buildings the guards which had
been stationed there were withdrawn.
"The business of the imperial chan
cellor is being carried on by the Social-Democratic
party, Herr Ebert.
"It is presumed that apart from the
representatives of the recent majority
group three independent Social-Democrats
will enter the future govern
ment. AMSTERDAM, Nov. 10. The Rhe
nish Westfalian Zcitung of Essen an
nounces that Eutin, the capital of the
principality of Lucbrek, is in the hands
of the soldiers' council. Many persons
both civilians and military, have been
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10. If the rev
olutionary government in Germany
definitely repudiates the authority of
the German armistice commissioners
now within the Allied lines, the belief
here is that the revolt spreading
through the enemy country will not
prevent General Foch from accepting
the signatures of the envoys and pro
ceeding to put the armistice conditions
into effect.
In an extra edition of the Vor
wacrts the official organ of the Social-Democratic
party In Germany, the
following call for a general strike was
"The workmen's and soldiers' coun
cil of Berlin has decided upon a gen
eral strike. All the factories are at a
standstill. ,
"The necessary administration of
the people will bo maintained. A large
part of the garrison has been closed
and bodies of troops and machine guns
have been placed at the disposal of the
workmen's and soldiers' council.
"The movement will be guided in
common by the Democratic party of
Germany and the Independent Social
Democratic party of Germany, the
workmen's and soldiers' council will
take charge of the maintenance of
quiet and order. Long live the social
(Signed) "Wockmen's and Soldiers'
From all parts of the -German cm
pore news.l6 being received regarding
similar revolutions which almost ev
:rywhere remain wjthln the bounds of
:conomlc order.
According to official Information the !
irmlatlce delegation came with full :
sowers and Is authorized to sign the ,
irmlatlco terms, although It elected to
;end a courier back to grand hcadquar-'
:ers before acting, Moreover, the ob-'
ect of the revolution Is assumed to be
aeace and sinco the signing of the ar-1
nlstlce io the shortest road to immcd
ate peace, It Is thought the revolution
lrles will not seek to interfere.
If there should be a repudiation of
:he envoys, or If what is happening
In Berlin should delay an answer be-,
fond the tlmo allowed by Marshal j
Foch, 11 o'clock tomorrow, the Amer-i
: ican and Allied terms would continue i
(their advance and hostilities probably !
iwould end only through the surrender j
of individual military units in the
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. Radio j
advices sent out by the German sta-1
tion at Nauen and picked up by the !
American naval tovers were made
public today by the state department,
with the explanation that it did not
vouch for their authenticity. They
described the events of Saturday in ,
Berlin, showing that the Socialist par-1
ty had taken control of the govern-1
ment there.
The first dispatch says that on Sat- j
urday morning the Socialist party an
nounced its intention of leaving the
cabinet and a delegation from regi
ments of the garrisonc of Berlin and '
neighboring towns expressed their al
legiance to the new government. On
Saturday Deputies Ebert and Scheidc
mann called on the chancellor and
stated hat they had decided to take
the government into their hands.
BERLIN, Nov. 9. German wireless
to London, Nov. 10. 1:25 p. m. Dep
uty Schcidemann, leader of the major
ity Socialists in the reichstag, in t
speech, said:
"The kaiser and the crovn prince
have abdicated. The dynasty has beer
overthrown. It. is a splendid victor)
for the German people.
"Her Ebert has been charged with
formation of a new government, ir
which all shades of the Scclal-Dem.
ocratic party arc to participate.
"Only decrees from the government
bearing the signature of Herr Eberl
have validity. Only orders from the
minister for war bearing the countei
signature of the Social-Democrat, act
ing assistant, are official."
Deputy Schcidemann exhorted the
crowd to keep calm and to avoid in
cidents. '
Deputy von Tharr and some soldier:
spoke from a motor lorry, A delegate
from the corps of officers of the guard
battalion announced that the officer:
were on the side of the people. Stor
my applause and jubilation accompan
icd the speeches.
BERLIN, Nov. 10. Via London.
The German official statement issucc
today regarding military operations on
the western front says:
"Yesterday between the Scheldt and
the Meuse the enemy ' followed our
movements beyond Ronsse, Lauzc, St,
Guislaln, Meubeuge, Trelow and over
the Sormonne river, west of Charle
ville. "On the eastern Meuse heights and
on the plains of the Woevrc many at
tacks of the Americans were repulsed."
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Down und Ouidt
V , VK , -jilP ' Hindonburg," LudondorfT, "(top !
kf $4lnmB lcft) aad Uackcnson (lower left)
! SBsSi0kf havo secn tnoIr vaunted milkar-
,sm crushed to earth (never to
'V rIso asaln) by tho might of tho
J8liS world's democracies. j
M-itS WASHINGTON, Nov. 10. All per-1
'W sons known to have been on board on j
lMMfM jtne American steamer Sactia sunk yes-j
' jterday morning off the Maryland coast,
iwe have been saved. Additional surviv-
yJsr ora landed at Cape May today brought
sZLeSr'yf I the number to 05, accounting for ev-
i erybody on the ship's list. ,
Barbarous fes Siirree
' derlkk Bitter
Terrsis Ever Pro
Germany has surrendered, the-kaiser
and the House of HohenzdTlern3
the proud Bavarian and Hapsburg dy
nasties have been made to bite the
dust in spite of their oft-repeated as
; sertions that they would never accept
I terms humiliating to their great na
j tions. But, today witnesses the fall of
(the German empire and all her allies,
their dream of world domination van
I ished and seething anarchy, dire pov
I erty and distress are the reward of the
J unholy war they vaged.
The Kaiser now leaves the great
and prosperous country over which he
ruled, virtually ruined, after more than
four years of the most barbarous war
the world has ever known. With the
passing from power of William Hoh
jenzollern, all the heads of the govern
I ments of the central powers when they
I entered the war, have tiled or lost
(their thrones. The Sultan of Turkey
,and Francis Joseph have died, Ferdi
nand of Bulgaria has abdicated and
1 his son who succeeded him gave up his
s i throne when the nation rose against
j him, and Nicholas Romanoff, czar of
"all the Russias, was deposed, March,
'11917, ?-nd murdered in July, 1913. 'Er
1 nest August, Duke of Brunswick, son-j.in-lav
of the Kaiser, also has abdicat
: cd and renounced the rights of his
i heir.
' The instigated assassination of Arch
duke Francis Ferdinand of Austria
i and his wife, Duchess of Hohcnburg,
i at Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, on
. June 26, 1914, .was the match with
which the secret German intrigue,
: headed by the kaiser and his war Icrds,
. I nHrfn U ......1.1 rx i . .
. i" "- "ui iu uuniidurduon. un
: July 23 Austria sent an ultimatum to
- Scrvia, sharply denouncing anti-Aus-.
trian propaganda, and demanding
prompt punishment of the assassins of
Archduke Ferdinand.
. On July 24th Russia joined Serbia
' in a request that Austria grant an ex
tension of time for the reply to the
: ultimatum.
I j July 25th Serbia gave in to Austria
; on all points at issue, except particl
. j pation of Austrian officers in investi
. igation of conditions In Serbia; but
j Austria was not satisfied.
July 27th Sir Edward Grey, the Brit
ish foreign minister, proposed an in
ternational conference to bring about
I I peace.
, ( J"'y 28th Austria and Germany re
- fused Sir Edward Grey's proposal,
Austria declaring war on Serbia and
. I active hostilities began.
July 29th Austria bcmibarded Bel
. qrade, Russia, Germany and France
, began active preparations for war,
while the diplomats tried to localize'
the conflict.
July 30th Emperor William demand
ed that Russia cease her mobilization
within twenty-four hours.
July 31st the Kaiser decreed mar
jtial law. Czar Nicholas, Emperor Wil
liam and King George exchanged per
sonal telegrams in an eleventh hour
attempt to stop the war
August 1st Germany 'declared war
on Russia.
' A"q"sV2nd Russfa's advance guard
invaded Germany and Germany Invad
ed France without waitinq upon for
mal dcclarat on of war Th. p
entered -Luxemburg Z tJiT
Enn,anddfby GePman PPeSfeS'To '
, England for protection l
ward Grey dLfar.H ,al,ds- Slr Ed"
to the fleet to ,,?,; Cnt. an ord"
enemy." The K ? " deslro' th
attack fhH Be'ai.anS wt"tnad the
'Li,n. p th5 'nvac,f"n Germans round
Liege President Wilson, acting un-1
der Article Three of The Hague conA
vent.on, tendered his good office to '
j the nations at war. German mine lay-1
Tsh Loliise was sunk by Brit- J I
L ,A"gUsV5.th ?everc fighting around!'
, Liege fort.f icat.ons; Germans reported !
(driven back w.th heavy losses. Brit-i
!lsh light cruiser Amphion sunk by J
jm.ne .n North sea. Austria declared;!
j war on Russia. I ;
Mugust in Germans entered Licqe
without reducing the forts. The Kais
icr issued an appeal to his people. Ger
man cruisers Goeben and Breolau cet
out on a dash from San Salvadore, Sic
ily, to take refuge ultimately in the
Dardanelles, where the Turkish gov
ernment took over the ships by pur
chase. August Sth British troops were re
ported landing in French and Belgian
ports. The French invaded southern
Alsace and occupied Altklrch and Mul-'
hafisen. Austrian troops advanced to-;
ward Basel to co-operate with the Ger
mans. Montenegro declared war on
Austria. Portugal announced herself
as an ally of England. Italy reaffirm
ed neutrality. Fighting started be
tween French and Germans in Vos
ges. August 10th France declared war on
Austria. The French retired from
es March Throogh' j
Berlin Streets.
' . -i
j BERLIN, Saturday, Nov. 9 (Ger-
' m2n Wireless to London, Nov. 10. '
jl':10 p. m.) With regard to the inci-'
I dents of November 9 in Berlin the
I semi-official telegraph bureau, working :
j under the control of the workmen's'
and soldiers' council, issued the f ol-
lowing reports:
J "This morning at 9 o'clock the work
ers of the greatest industrial under,
takings again commenced the strike.
"Processions came from all the su
Iburbs to the center of the cjty. Ret!,'
j flags were carried at the head of the
! processions in which marched armed I
soldiers and all classes. j
I "The first procession arrived from
the Akerstrass and Brunncstrass. As
ja preliminary the soldiers and officers j
.were Irged to remove their cockades
and epaulettes. In the majority of
I cases this took place voluntarily. ;
; "There was a general fraternatlza.
tion of soldiers and workmen. The,
'workmen penetrated the barracks
, where they received an enthusiastic!
reception from the soldiers!
I "The military occupants of factor-!
les mingled in common with the Work
' ers, left the works and treated with
; them in common.
"So far as is known the only clash
between the masses and armed forces
jtook place on the occupation of the'
j so-called 'cockshafer' barracks. That
jwas a guard of fusiliers but only two
, officers fired.
j "Three persons were killed and one
,was injured. This is to be regretted.
"The taking possession of a major
ity of the public buildings and estab
lishments was completed vithout dlf.
Ificulty once it was clear that the mil-
itary had gone over to the people."
Mulhausen. Collisions between French
j and Germans occurred at Longwy,
'Longuyon, Spincourt, and other places
Ion the French northeastern frontier.
' August 11th Germans penetrated in.
i to Belgium north and south of Liege.
, Fighting occurred around Tongres and
;St. Trond, The Germans bombarded
Pont-a Mousson, between Mctz and
I Nancy.
j August 12th the German lines in
; Belgium extended beyond the Meuse.
jHuy was occupied by the Germans.
( Sharp engagements between the Ger
mans and Belgians occurred at Hae-
' len, Dicst, Tirlemont. England de
clared war on Austria. The Russians
(crossed the Gallcian border.
. August 13th an engagement occur
red at Enghezee, north of Namur.
Dutch troops were massed on their
I frontier.
August 14th the junction of the Bel
gian and French armies was affirmed.
Sir John French, British commander-in-chief,
vas then in touch with the
j French war office.
' August 15th Japan sent an ultimat
um to Germany demanding her with
drawal from the Far East. The Aus
trians entered Serbia at Losnitza on
the Drina river and Sabac on the
August 23rd Japan declared war on
Italy, Rumania and Greece joined
the ever growing list of belligerents
until twenty-two nations had declared
war on Germany, each with grievances
which more than justified them In
taking up arms to save themselves
from destruction by a ruthless enemy
and the world from an unbearable con
dition. Today, the once great and
prosperous German nation is crumb
ling apart like a house of cards while
every other nation on the face of the
earth Is her avoved or silent enemy.
Finally, in April, 1917, after numer
ous atrocities, violations of interna
tional law, the sinking of American
ships without warning, the inciting of
all kinds of dastardly acts against the
United States, together with the con
spiracies of every possible kind by the
paid servants and officials of Germany
and the exchange of diplomatic notes
in which the president sternly warned
the German imperial government that
they must suffer the consequences of
their deeds, .war was declared and the
United States joined forces with the
Allies to aid in bringing freedom and
peace to the people of the world.
In just one year, six months and
four days ihe Americans have shown
the autocrats wnat a united free peo
ple can accomplish.
The decision of the Kaiser to abdl
:ate was probably hastened by the
Jrastic terms of the armistice Impos
:d by the supreme war council at Ver
sailles and he undoubtedly preferred
:o renounce his throne rather than be
i party to their acceptance.
With the American Forces on the
Lorraine Front, Nov. 10, 5:30 p. m.
(By The Associated Press) The Sec
ond American army this morning
launched its initial attack in Lorraine.
Its objectives were limited. The vil
lages of St. Hilaire and Marcheville (.
were captured as also were a number n
of woods. V
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