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. 1
;. i i
!! Woman's Page
1$ 1 '
i Dorothy Dix Talks
I I ; By DOROTHY UlX. Ilu- World's Iijiiest Paul Woman Writer
If , 1 Have you bought your Chrlatnias
II . 1 (ts oarly? If not get busy and do
la i no at onco. Rcmombcr that there are
Itf ; only about half as many girls behind
l ; the" counters ax usual in the shops, and
that they will have to work twice as
IE har( J0" aro ".slacker who waits
II till the last minute to do your shop j
II And when you buy your Christmas
1 presents bear In mind that the plea
f ' of the National Council of Defense lo
w& make this a sane and sensible Christ
ian nias anc notn'"K out "seful gifts.
III Let us hope that one of the great
lilt ftoeiaJ improvements ihat this war is
Hit going to work will be the permanent
Hit reformation of Christmas, and that it
IIII w"1 aDo!isn lne fo01 Christmas gift
llll along with the kaiser, and other forms
lilt ' 'rightfulness, never more to return
I Ell 10 v(x
lift One of the annual horrors, to which i
llfl wc navp n" '00'rp(' forward with dread. I
Ills '!HS H,n our Christmas shopping, and
IBIS 1,8 tcrror consisted in the fact that we j
IlLl nn(J 10 sunn,v some imaginary desire j
I iff 'n our rc'at'V08 nm' friends. Some-1
lilV body originated the idiotic theory thatj
Ills a Christinas gift must be romantic and j
Ef poetic and In no way connected wlthi
llll ('ie recipient's dally life and avocation
Bill and lr'JnS 10 Hve.up to this false atan-1
llll uMn' nas run us crazv- I
lc Tor the twenty-fifth of December i
llll Wo assume lnnt everybody we knew!
m wore millionaires, and could go forth j
If K and buy everything they neoded. hence i
S the more useless our offering to them I
III on the happy occasion, the more ap-;
m ropritite It was esteemed. That was!
l w"5' vro Presented Aunt Maria" with a!
llS marble statue of Psyche when she was I
111 rooking on a broken gas range, and;
III wn-' we avc Uncle George, whoj
llfl hadn't a decent coat to his back, aj
HI fifty dollar set of golf clubs that by j
HI no possibility could he ever use. j
HI Of course we have all known that ( :
HI those to whom we gave Christmas j
l presents wqre short about a million.;
HI dollars of being millionaires, and thatj
III ,nc-v neede(1 everything under the sun.!
HI Hut wo didn't dare to give them the!
jl things they lacked, and that is why 1 1
l wc ran around in circles in the shops i
II at Christmas time, widly demanding 1 1
what inappropriate gift we should buy!
I for our husbands, wives, children and 1 1
friends, as well as for our in-lawsh
and vnemies or those who would beji
our enemies on Christmas morning. 1 1
But this year we face no such a .
fearful ordeal It is decreed that on s
III a War ur,s,mas " 's K00cI form toj
Nourihc. in nil inTiporntes rvcry nerve and
nrcnn of the human body, saj Doctor. Rcn.l
; nn full iUtcmcnl soon to appear in thif pa;cr.
Slate Engineer's Office,
i Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 21, 101S.
' Notice is hereby given that Milo
Andrus, whoso posloffice address is
i' Murray, Utah, has made application
In accordance with the requirements
of Section 128Sx2-l. Chapter C2. Ses-
sion Laws of Utah, lo change the
point of dlvorsion and place of use of
three '(3) second-feet of water from
lloyt Canyon Creek, heretofore divert
i ed at a point 102 rods south and 37
, rods west from the north quarter cor-
ner of Section 3, Township 2 South, '
Range 6 East, Salt Lake Baso and 1
! Meridian, and used to irrigate 150 '
; acres of land embraced in Sections 32 1
and 33, Township 1 South, Range 6 1
i East. The applicant now desires lo
I divert the water at a point 670 feet
north and 200 feet east from the sec
tion corner ubovo described and con
vey it by means of a ditch for a (lis
1 tanco of 3000 feet and use during the
; Irrigation season lo Irrigate 150 acres
of land embraced In the NW Ji Sec
tion 3 and NE V Section 4, Township
; 2 South, Range C East. This applica
tion is designated in the State Engi
neer's offlco as No. a423.
All protests against Uic granting of
said application, stating the reasons
therefor, must be made by affidavit in
duplicate, accompanied with a foe of i
?2.60, and filed in this office within
thirty (30) days after the completion I
of the publication of this notice. !
State Engineer.
Bate of the first publication, October
IS. 1918. Date of completion of publi
cation, November 17, 191S.
Slato Engineer's Office,
Salt Lake City, Utah, August 7, 1D1S.
Notice is hereby given that Milo
Andrus, whose postoffico address is
Murray, Utah, has made application In
accordance -with the requirements of
A the Compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, as
T amended of the Session Laws of Utah
1909, 1911, and 1915, lo appropriate six
j (6) second-feet of water from the We
ber river, In Summit countv. Said
water will bo dlrevted at a point -which
lies 250S feet west of the northeast
corner of Section 22, Township 1
South, Range G East, Salt Lako base
and Meridian; and convoyed by means
of tho Marion ditch for a distance of
21,000 feet and there used from April
1 to July 20, of each year, to irrigate
300 acres of land embraced in Sec-1
; Uons 22 and 32 and W Section 33, 1
Township 1 South Rango G East, and 1
In Section 4, Township 2 South, Range 1
6 East, This application is designate.! i
810 Stat Eu5inecr'3 officc us No.
AH protests against the granting 'of I
said application, stating the reasons j
therefor, must be made by affidavit In
. duplicate, accompanied with a fee of
K.50, and filed in this office within
thirty (30) day? after the completion ;
3f the publication of this notice.
n State Engineer. i
uaie 0f firsl publication October IS,
191S. Date of completion of publica- i
I lion November 17, 191S.
take cognizance of your family an
friends' needs, and supply them ac
If you percelre thai Cousin Fanny'
rug Is In rags and tatters you ca;
send her a rug Instead of an ornat
gift book that nobody ever looks a
but once, and whose only purpose I
to cumber the library table. Insteai
of beatowing her twentieth manicur
set on a pretty girl you will send he
a pair of new shoes. In place of In
flictlng a near-cloisonne vase on i
poor young mother, you will make he
happy with a go-cart for the baby.
Red flannel underwear, and alum
Snum kitchen wear, and substantia
dress patterns will take. the place for
mcrly occupied by hand painted eel
luloid Jim cracks, and plush monslros
Itles as appropriate holiday souvenirs
and instead of bestowing mysterious
crocheted and embroidered what-you
may -call -ems that arc good for noth
Ing In the world but dust catchers
women will make each other daintj
lingerie as Christmas gifts.
And think of the Joy that will reigr
on Christmas morning when people
can open I heir packages and find thai
they've got something that they car
really use. something that will add tc
the comfort of every day living. In
stead of a lot of flummery that no in
telligent human being could ever pos
sibly desire, which can be put to no
practical use. and for which they have
no house room.
And to those who are helping to
push along the sensible Christmas
gift idea. I would especially recom
mend money as a present that invar
iably goes to the right place and meets
a longfelt need. There are those who
hesflate about giving money because
they think it isn't sentimental, but be
lieve me, a lot more sentiment clus
ters around a dollar bill that you can
spend for what you want than apper-
.iln, I,, n ,1 nil-iv trffl nr I hn lliin.r fli-if
you don't want. Moreover, it is al
ways possible to put a number of mon
3tary gifts into some one. thing that
ivill be a happy composite remem
brance of several people, whereas
heir individual gifts would be so pal
ry ihey would go in the ash can.
And especially do those who give
nonoy to children give twice, because
ho pleasure that children have in go
ng shopping and spending their own
noney far exceeds the joy they would
rave in any gift a grown up might be
tow upon them ,
1 know of nothing that, will so pro
note the Christmas spirit of peace on
arth and good will towards men as
he useful Christmas gift. Heaven
ent that it has come to stay.
! Will Take Off
All Excess Fat
Do you know that there is a simple,
'harmless effective remedy for overfat
ness that may be used safely and se
icretly by any man or woman who Js
1 losing the slimness of youth?
There is; and it is none other than
, the tablet form of the now famous Mar
. mola Prescription, known as Marmola
I Prescription Tablets. You can well ex
i peel a reduction of from two lo four
, pounds a week without dieting, or ex
; ercising. Marmola Prescription Tab
lets are sold by all druggists at 75c
for a large case, or if you prefer you
can order direct from the Marmola j
Co . S64 Woodward Ave., Detroit, i
Mich. Advertisement.
; Help Use War Work
Fund aod the Boys'
j While the solaiprs are in America'
they have the additional benefits fur-1
nished by the War Camp Communitv
(Service which "surrounds camps with'
hospitality." obtaining for soldiers and
sailors invitations to prov'ale homes, to
public entertainments and private par-1
ties, which arouses civic responsibility
to remove from communities all vi-1
clous or profiteering elements which
preyed on armies in other generations.
Information booths. Jow-priced hotel
accommodations, theatre tickets and
athletic contests are provided.
A place where a soldier can meet
his mother, wife, sister or sweetheart
as in their own living room is the best
contribution made in home training
camps by the Y. W. C. A. and Nation
al Catholic War Council with their
hostess houses. In France this organ
ization does for the American women
war workers, nurses, telephone opera
tors and the French women munition
workers a service similar to that and
one for men by the other agencies.
The purpose of all this is to keep
American fighters normal, human
Americans while increasing their
fighting efficiency, to take to them the
best influences qf the American home.
BOUNTIFUL, Nov. 10. S. M. Ses
sions. 28 years of age, cashier of tbo
Union State bank of this citv, and for
mer principal of the North Davis high
school, died hero last evening from an
attack of influenza. Mr. Sessions was
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ses
sions of this city and was well known
in this section of the stale. He is sur
vived by his parents, his widow and a
number of brothers and sisters.
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Nov 10
There has been a great decrease in
the number of deaths from pneumonra
following- influenza, during the past
few days, but there seems to be no
decrease in the number of new cases
There are over 150 cases in the city
today. Only two deaths were reported
on Saturday in the city, William Rath
Jens and Mrs. Lydia Toonc Hendricks.
The Red Cross communitv kitchen
where meals are prepared and sent to
those unable to do their own cooking
served 230 meals on Friday and 24 G
on Saturday. Noarly all of those who
are confined to their homes with tho
malady are reported improving,
-j Urges New Government to Secure Peace in Quickest Possible
Time ctnd Take Steps to Save People From Civil War
and Famine and to Promptly Stabilize Authority,
, BERNE, Nov. 10. In his address to
j the people, the new German chancel
. lor. Herr Ebert says:
"Citizens. The ex-chancellor. Prince
j, Max of Baden, in agreement with all
n the secretaries of state, has banded
e over to me the task of liquidating his
I affairs as chancellor. I am on the point
s cf foiming a new government In ac
j cord with the various parties, and will
(. kep public opinion freely .informed of
r the course of the events.
"The new government will be a gov
n ernment of the people. It must make
r every effort to secure in the miickest
possible time peace for the German
- people and consolidate the- liberty
I which they have won.
"The new government ha. taken
charge of the administration to pre
serve the German people from civil
. war and famine and to accomplish
their lf-gltlmate claim to autonomy.
' The government can solve (his proh-
lem only if all the officials in town
and country will help. !
"I know It will be difficult for some !
to work with the new men who have
taken charge of the empire, bul I ap-
peal to their love of the, people. Lack
or organization would In this heavy
':time mean anarchy in Germany and
the MiTender of the country to tre
mendous misery. Therefore, help your
native committee with fearless, imle-1
( faiigable work for the future. Every j
, ' one at his post. " :
i Demands Loyal Support.
(! "I demand every one's support in the
. hard task awaiting us. You know how j
seriously ihe war has menaced the
provisioning of the people, which is the
, first condition of the people's exist-
onco. The political transformation
. should not trouble the people; the
I food supply is the first duty, of all.
(Whether in town or country, and they
should not embarass but rather aid the
production or food supplies and their
transports to the towns.
"Food shortage signifies pillage and
robbery, wllh great misery. The poor
est will suffer the most and the indus
trial worker will be affected hardest.
All who illiclly lay hands on food sup
plies or other supplies of prime ne
cersity, or the means of transport nec
j essary for their distribution will be
guilty to the higheM degree towards
the community.
I "I ask you immediately to leave the
streets and remain orderly and calm." j
j assumes' offices;
(By the Associated Press.)
Tho greatest war in history ended
this morning at 6 o'clock. Washington
time, after 15G7 days or horror during
which virtually the whole civilised
world has been convulsed.
Announcement of Hie tremendous
;event was made at the state depart
ment at the capital at 2:i5 o'clock
eastern time this morning and in a
few seconds was Hashed throughout
the continent by the Associated Press.
Details of the terms dictated by
Marshal Foch on Friday forenoon to
the German armistice delegates have
not been given out bhi it is believed
they are or such a nature to protect
the world from a resumption of the
struggle by the Germans. It is assumed
thatt hey call for the demobilization
of Germany's army, the surrender of
part of her fleet and the dismantling
of the rest and Ihe evacuation of oc
cupied portions of France and Belgium
and of Alsace-Lorraine, it is probable
alsc-that Germany has agreed to call
home all her troops now in Russia and
The terse announcement of the
state department did not tell anything
of the scene at Marshal Foch's "head
quarters at the time tho armistice was
signed It was stated, however, that at
5 o'clock Paris lime, the signatures of
Germany's delegates were alllxed to
the document which blasted forever
the dreams which embroiled the world
in a struggle which has cost at Ihe
very lowest estimate. 10.000.000 lives.
When ihe war began the Teutonic
alliance was headed by two of the
proudest houses in history the Hoh
enzollerns and the Hapsburgs. Todavl
William II of Germany is n fugitive in I
Holland and Charles I of Austria while i
he still may be in his country, has I
bpeu stripped of power and has seen
his empire shattered. Ferdinnnd of
Bulgaria, another of the rulers in the,
Teutonic combination, has fled from,
his country and Mohammed V of Tur-;
key, who also Joined in. the attempt of i
Germany, to dominate the world, isi
dead, slain, it is said, by the hand of
an assassin.
While the curtain was rolling down
on the. most stupendous tragedy in
mankind's history, ovents were mov
ing with terrible swiftness in Ger
many, the nation about which revolves
the plot and counter-plot of the drama.
Berlin, Leipsic. Stuttgart. Cologne.
Hamburg and Frankfort are in the
hands of the revolutionists who last
week raised the red Hag at Kiel. Ger
many's navy apparently is scattered
into disjointed units, each seeking
sanctuary in Danish ports or wailing
Increases weight and strength of thin,
delicate, nerrous people. It Is tbo
only dlce.itlble form of phosphate that
fcedo the nerTca direct, the chemlcnlly
pure form of phosphate naturally
found In brain and nerve cells.
Sold by drupclsts under & guaran
tee oC atlsfactlon or money back. De
mand the- genuine BITUO-PhoBphate.
th kind that physicians prescribe
For Thin People
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10. Frieder
ich Ebert, upon assuming- office yes
terday as chancellor issued a procla
Imatlon announcing that the now gov
ernment at Berlin hnd taken charge
of business to prevent civil -war and
famine. In a manifesto addressed to
the "citizens" of Germany "the chan
cellor said he was going to form a peo
ples' government to bring about peace
"as quickly as possible" and to coiv
firm the liberty which the govern
ment has gained.
The proclamation ,and manifesto
wore sent out by the German wireless
station al Nauen and picked up todav
by naval radip stations in this Vouii
try. In making them public, the state
department said it would not vouch for
accuracy of the facts presented.
The proclamation said:
"New government has taken charge
of business in order to preserve Ger
man people from civil war and famine
and In order to enforce its just claims
of self-determination. This task can
only be accomplished ir all authorities
in civil orfices in towns and in landed
districts lend to it a helpful hand.
"I know It will be hard for many to
cooperate with new men who now
have to lead business of the empire
But I appeal to their love for our peo
pie. If organization of public life stops
in this serious hour then Germany
would be prey of anarchy and most ter
rible misery. Therefore, lend togethei
with me your help to our country bv
continuing work in fearless and irre
lentlng manner, everybody in his posi
tion until tho hour comes that relieves
us of our duty."
The maniresto asked 'Tor assist
ance of all in heavy tasks which awailf
us." and urged all to "leave the streets
and provide Tor quiet and order."
COPENHAVEN, Nov. 8 Sonderburg
is in the hands or the revolutionists
and the red rlag has been raised on
ships there.
Sonderburg is situated Qn Uiq island
of Alsen, Sihleswig. li has a popula
tion of five thousand.
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 10 The crews
of the German dreadnoughts Posen
Oslfriesland. Nassau and Oldenburg!
in Kiel harbor, have joined the revolu
tion. The marines occupied the lock
pi ter at Ostmoor and fought down a
cujst artillery division which offered
in German harbors for Che latest turn
of events.
Crowds singing the "Marseillaise"
are marching through the streets ol
autocratic Berlin and a soldiers' and
workmen's council has taken over the
government of the empire.
Wurttemburg, Schleswig-Holstein
and Hesse-Darmstadt have declared
themselves independent republics, fol
lowing the action taken by - Bavaria
last Friday. Wilhelm II of Wurttem
burg Is reported lo have abdicated.
Saxony is said to be near a like dec
laration and the revolutionists are
said to be in control or Dresden.
The republic of Poland has served
ofilcial notice on Austria that Poland
has annexed the crowniand of Galicia.
As the last hours of tho mighty com
bat drew near, French, British, Belgian
and American forces were rapidly
pushing (he last German iroops from
France and Belgium. General Persh
ing's army attacked yesterday over a
front of 71 miles from the Mouse."
southeastward into Lorraine.
It is suggested that William Hohen
zollern is not safe from the conse
quences of his deeds, oven though lie
has fled to Holland. After the sinking
of the Lusitania and during the early
days of aerial raids on London he was
three times indicted for murder In
England. Under international law. it is!
said, requisition ror his extradition
may be made by England undpr the!
indictments still standing against him j
People of U. S. Asked to!
Raise $170,500,000 to Aid j
American Fighters in
France. j
NEW YORK. Nov. 10 One more big'
drive in the United States to help win!
ihe war in Europe starts tomorrow. It!
Is the great campaign of united war!
work in which seven great agencies!
ask the people of the United States for'
$170,500,000 to aid American fighters!
and war workers in France.
With such slogans as "Morale Is j
winning the war" and "United we'
serve." thousands of men, women and!
children throughout the country begin'
todny to urge the poople at home to i
provide the big fund required to help
sustain the morale of the American '
army in trenches, dugouts and camps i
of France. The drivp will contiuue
eight days ending November IS.
The seven agencies whose needs are
thus consolidated in one big camp are
the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion. Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation, Nnlionai Catholic War Coun
cil of the Knight of Columbus, War
Camp Community Service, Jewish
Wolfnre Board, American Library As
sociation and Salvation Army.
Some of the appeals to coax the dol
lars from those who have no other
chance to help beat the Hun are: ;
Trimmed Hats I I
; $2.50 to $8.00 I
I SPORT HATS Misses' and Girls' Hats TAILORED HATS I
: j $2.00 to $6.00 $1,50 to $3.50 $2.00 to $6.00 I
Untrimmed Hats I
$1.25 to $5.00 H
: I Ohio and becoming Hats 'suitable for street and dress wear; new- I
i I est shapes; best materials and smartest styles black and newest I
Fall shades. B
j Important v I
: jj Here you will find what you seek in the way of Holiday H
II Presents. The things you want at the prices you want ' H
I to pay Come and let us show you!
Ready! I
This is a war year and the government says Holiday Shopping I H
should be done early the people are 100 per cent with the gov- I I
! "Help Sis help the hoys;" "Keep em
smiling," "For your boy," "For Salva
tion Army lassie; keep her on the
Job;" "Back our girls over there" and
"For every fighter a woman worker."
.The drive, approved by President
Wilson, presents the consolidated en
ergy of seven distinct drives which
would have extended over a period of
three months, compressed into one
week. Directors of the campaign laid
emphasis on Ihe fact that the conser
vation of time, energy and money of
the American public as well as ihe
needs of the vastly-enlarged American
fighting force justified tin appeal for
so large a sum as $170,500,000. The
immensity of the project brings to
gether all creeds, Jew and Christian.
Protestant and Catholic, shoulder-to-
! shoulder behind our fighters.
1 Leading men and women of America
'are directing the campaign which has!
as its sole object tho interests, mnn-
tal, spiritual and physical, of the
American soldiers, sailors and marines.
The Director-General is Dr John R.
Mot, chief executive of the Young
Men's. Christian Association.
In every manner the reasons Tor giv
ing generously to the war work fund
will be' placed before the American
public this week. A hundred repre
sentatives of the various organizations
on furlough from Ihe war zone, many
of them having been wounded or
gassed, will address hundreds of meet
ings telling how the morale and fight-1
Coughing Tires the Old
Elderly people, tired out nnd weak
ened with coughing, will find great help I
and comfort in J
Foley's IoneyTar
It relieves those chronic coughs, usually
bronchial in character, nnd puts n
toothing healing coating on n dry nnd
tickling throat. It raises phlegm easily.
Georc Perry Randall. Dayton, Ncvdo, In
87th ycor write: "I. tale I'oley't Honey
andTor lor coufhinfi and licfclio In ihe throat.
Sometimes tho ipcll of coufhinjl would lait
from tiro to ten minulei. I am very jlad to tell
you that Foley' Honey and Tar hot (topped
ill that, and alto tho tickllnC,"
A. U. Mclntyre Drug Co. Two JBusy
Stores, (l
ing power of American soldiers, sai
Iots and marines has been intensified
by the services of the seven agencies,
rrom hot drinks and chocolate bars
given to exhausted fighters in the heat
of the fray to the moving pictures,
vaudeville shows, religious' service?
and athletics provided in the fighting
men's leisure hours.
To prove that the appeals for funds
are well-founded Ihe campaign work
ers will show in dirrerent ways tho
general and special work each agency
does lo keep our fighters in the best
condition. Facts concerning the free
distribution of tons of handy edibles,
tobacco, writing paper and of thous
ands of gallons of hot drinks will be
stressed, the entertainment, athletic,
recreational, educational and religious
work, the canteen and Ihe hut features
which have brigtened the fighter's
Parades' and public meetings have
; been arranged for many communities.
I In addition to the written approval of
President Wilson the United War
Work campaign has the signed en
dorsements of every civilian head of
tho Entente nations and of the mili
tary and naval commanders of the
American and Allied forces.
- oo
Influenza May Cause
Rapid Rise in East
of Tuberculosis Cases
NEW YORK, Nov. 11. Fearing a
rapid rise in the death rate from tu
berculosis, as a result of the Influenza
epidemic, the National tuberculosis as
sociation has issued a special state
ment warning the public of the danger.
Experience in previous epidemics ljts
clearly Indicated. the association
points out, that the death rate from
tuberculosis may be expected to be
increased by at least 10 per cent with
in the next iwo years as a result of the
present epidemic, unless proper pre-,
cautions are taken. Influenza, it is
stated, greatly reduces one's physical1
vitality, and lowers one's resistance to
disease. This opens the way for tuber
culosis. The surest ways to prevent, tubercu
losis as a result of Influenza are sum
marized by the association as follows:
1. Stop working and go to bed Imme
diately. Do not resume work until (he
attack of influenza is all gone.
2. Havo nothing lo do with patent
medicines or drug store "treatment."
Put yourself under a doctor's core at
once, and continue under his care until H
3. Have your doctor examine you II
i thoroughly to see if any signs of tuber- H
culosis are present. You cannot tell H
, without an expert examination. H
I. ir freo rrom any traqe of tubercu- H
; losis, keep so by sufucienL rest during H
convalescence, and careful Jiving then
and afterwards. IH
5. If your "cold" -hangs on, or there nH
' are other indications of tuberculosis iH
begin medical treatment without a jH
moment's delay. IH
TIEBER CITY, Nov. 10. Funeral
services were held here yesterday H
' afternoon at 2 o'clock for Miss Colum- H
; bia Clegg. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.
; L. Clegg, who died of influenza several IH
; days ago. MJss Clegg was a graduate
of the Brigham Young college and had
been teachin school at Elkhorn pre-
ceding the time that she was stricken. H
. oo
j Read the Classified Ads. ItH
Read the Classified Ads, H
Repaired '" l
Third St. and Wash. Ave. Ogdcn, Utah I
Phone 2554-W
Members Denver Consolidated I
Stock Exchange.
Cankers 1st National bank. Derive;
Stockbrokers, H
:tO. 11-12 Empire Building, 16th St.
Stocks Bought and Sold on All Mar
kctc In U. S. A. and oanada. H
Prlcw Lists Mailed on Appllcatl. ., H
Denver, Colo,

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