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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, November 11, 1918, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 6

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ill I Send Christmas Cards Cream Cocoanut Pie mX m&m L Us Flower Bulbs Here Felt Slippers . j
II t Christmas Cards arc rcadv. Better select Rich, creamy, tasty body-top of whipped JLC$ XLm ei FJmvcr bHlbs arc Soin& out at a "rcaL Felt Slippers the ideal gift always. 2
I I Hem now And mailed carl v. cream-covered with sprinkling of coca- W rate-betted come in and Kct yours soon Stocks arc a ready now for every member
I I I You know how poor is the assortment at nut. browned to a turn. This is just one -A GOODVPLACfe TO TRAPS " as possible. Wc have not as many as of the am.ly. Its a good idea to get o 1
II the las" hour ' - of our delicious deserts. I usual. They come from Holland. them while sir.es arc complete. J
I f Our drive against the high cost of livfrig is progressing fa
I forcessupplied them with plenty of low price ammunit:
given their November objectives they mtist double their
I j will make up for the lowered prices. Mr. H. C. Living has
II j Here Are Nine Sale Coats Jh- -
j Nine Smart Coats Picked For
I if Tuesday $22,50
I I Out of this great stock of five hundred coats we have picked nine beauties that
K are to he sold . j Tuesday at $22.50. In each case the size is given
Hj ' is your size here,?
HI , 5 Coat of Green Egyptian Plush. Oxford grav mllltarv coat; strict- Cat- of blue navy Melton cloth,
Hj i I large fur collar, full length lining ly tailored in smart military lines; ' with new high buitonlng co.Lir of
Ml j V of mnu serge; size 3G. A real. patch pockets, belt. For "little sclf "lush; large pntknis, for
fl X 'new $.10 value. $00 PA women." New $35 ?0 0 l!fl small women; new rtjftrt r
jj H Offered at $&i,DJ value, for tpZZ.OU 530 value .DU
K Black plush coat, Biaverette trim- Coat of tan Scotch twoeri i r.-.ii-
C! c med pockets, collar and cuffs; T aupe velvet coat, full lined ; self tary model; unllnd, a utili'v coat
IBB ' Ik all-around belt. ' A stunning coat; collar and cuffs; Taney back; nov- f0r now un1 nu vedr mnerll?;
0 size 3S, "New $32.50 ftr&o olty buttons; size 9 Efh size CS ; new S35 ' rt?00 C f
, value &i.D) 40; now ?35 value $.OU va,UR Z.5U
I I Burgundy red, Egyptian plush, Coat of brown Melton cloth; largo Coat of all black plush; full
( h with large black plush collar, Sal plush collar; plush trimmed poqk- lined; largo collar; beltod model
j V satin lining; full belt; novelty ots; novcltv buttons; size 42; new a wonderful value;, sh.o 4 !, now
I m'S.Srfl.T $22.50 : $22.50 tiki" $22.50
ft Blw Bath robes for women, roady-
M I I In "j I " made of good heavy materials, in
5 nm i mKm n sn'eniild assortment of colors
Is frt" ""j sizes These are our regular
1 lai iljS Turkish hand towels, made of
I 5- PL good, clean cotton; there are our
regular 30c values. -i ff
; Special,. 4 for tj 1 .JLJ
1 VTN "I "HI (Basement)
i len bnoe Specials , ,
P rr -w smer r Rag rugS( slze 27xo4. in assorted
colors. These are splendid to
-j have In the bed rooms and bath
i or luesday ssss,.,:": $1.25
H (Basement)
I Read these ten items five from the 1st floor fivq from the FIBER RUGS
A basement. Specially priced for 1 -Tuesday. Fibre rugs In assorted colors;
I ' size 2754. These are good rugs
f Women's slices, in black kid, 'but- Misses shoes In black kid or pat- eacn - ODC
5 ton styles; welt or turn sole: ent; 11 1-2 to 2; lace style; cloth (Basement)
1 leather Louis heels; nr or matt tops; a good shoe for POPPIA nnOR MATQ
I I ' 56.00 values P4.00 dress or school vcar; (t 0C n V UA U ,h ''
i r vniiiov in nn ifi B r4 O Coca door mats, size 14x2 . You
I (First Floor, allies to $.1 00 P JL .OJ w,u neC(, Q mnL at thc frQuL dQop
9 . (Basement) for stormv weather. tf -a rf
! j CHILDREN'S SHOES uniiQc qi-ippcrq Each ..$1.00
1 Childron's shoes, in gun metal or nUUOt iLirrtrlb (Basement
X vlcl kid; button stvlo; good - Women's house slippers, Juliet Q 1 RIDRnM
A soles: sizes S 1-2 rto or- style; turn soles; sizes rh o O C on, i , ,
S -J.0 11.... $2.25 2 1,2 to S ; 50.25 J no rC lrr,bbon' 5 aiul 0 nchca
rv iJ- wide; black, navy, green, brown
9 (First Floors (Basement) and purple. For hair bows, etc.
1 nnwn, OMAro Regular 30c value, per -i r"
ii Women's shoes, brown or gray kid Boys' shoes, black calf uppers; DDLB"5n'cJt n no
I vamps, cloth tops to match; high s.ood b?aJ'y solcs' la5c 'les EMBROIDERY EDGES
0 or low heols; welt fr- qp s1zcs - 1"- CO Embroidery edges, in Swiss cam-
1 soIbb; $7.50 values.... nD.OO to C - HfJJ brie and batiste; for baby clothes,
1 (First Floor i (Basement) underwear, etc; 2 to G inches
2 1 wide. Special, pur 1
1 ehDM- 'C IS.. AO (Basomcnt) very usolul t!Us for X.a3. Iteg-
H1 I (First Floor) olar 35c. Special 1 -
- INFANTS' .SHOES ' PI riHCH,LDN,S SH0ES (nrstrioon li)C
H J Infants' shoes, in patent leather. giMi't11,10 AM0 kJS NARROW RIBBONS
I with black cloth, or colored kid ffi wear; buiton or Hce- Narrow ribbon, special for mak-
l topH; sizes 3 -i r- sizes S 1-' mn, '"K Xnias dainties, plain and
! A to S tPl.OO to X1 " J) yg fancy; In white, yellow, pink, blue,
J (First Roor, (Basement) clc- Specially priced, r-
B c per yard ut
v. ! : (First Floor-
.vorably.- We've 'thrown in fresh
ion. All departments have been
sales this month, and in so doing
s already signed tine armistice.
Ladies' neckwear, latest styles in "bJ
collars, and collar and ruTTs sets; I
georgette .satin and organdie.
Values to 75c, Q j D
each L, C A5terv XX
' (First Floor, lfei &H 1
Long cloth, 30 inches wide; an l?5 J U r )
extra good quality, with a soft cr -b
cliainois finish for the needle.
Our ?2.05 value for f(
(bolt of 10 yards) 4).UU
(First Floor) -w-jr flrv
Storm serge. 3C inches wide; a v
good heavy weight; all the most ipt, ,
wanted colors, a big o e li emonstration
$1.25 value for, ai(L OJt
(First Floor) Opening "jday. Expert,
TABLE DAMASK llcrc from thc fact-ory tel1
Mercerized Damask, CO Inches about Hot Point Electric Ap
wide. with a bright satin finish, piianccs. These make wonder
in a new line of patterns; CTV fully useful Xmas gifts... Come
75c value for, yard OHJC m learn all about the whole
(First Floor) jnc ancj make, selections for
TAFFETA SiLK your Christmas giving.
Taffeta silk ,35 inches wide, in ...
a full range of plain colors. Our MEN'S WORK SHIRTS
best $'2.00 value for 1 o j- Men's work shirts, good weight
yard PAJaJ chambray; fast blue colors; full
(First Floor) cut; union made; -jj II C
JERSEY CLOTH S1-50 ra"7 -onl) 1 ' 1
Jersey cloth. 3C inches wido; all '
pure silk; a very popular fabric MEN'S CORD PANTS
this season; white only; 3-1.00 Men's cord pants, heavy grade
value for, 9Q corduroy .dark yellow color
ynrtl tyj.Su Scowcroft's Never nips; sizes 27
(First Floor to 42; $5.00 (j y
Ladies' light fleeced, medium (Lasement)
weight union suits; bleached; KIDDIES' HATS
sizes 34 to 44; elbow sleeves, Kiddies 'hats, weights suitable for
Dutch neck. wintor woar, dark colors; with or
Special .". 0!-?V without full down bands; cpfx
(First Floor, 50c values CC
Ladies' part wool vests and pants: MFN'S IFRSFY SWEATERS
white and natural; vests are long ' ?n T F ' VVLA 1
i . ., ' i. Jioys and men s Jersey sweaters
sleeve and hign necks, m -a
An unusual value . .. if? JL . J. rQ an n j
(F,rat I,oor $2.50 values 31.95
Ladles' part wool union suits, nat- DRCCITPI llr lCTTI C
ural and white; long sleeves, high rntoEn V IIMla ru II L
necks; sixes 31 to 4 4. rr o Preserving kettle, pure ware
Extra special ; . .Ib1 . gnaranteod aluminum kettle
(First Floor w,a ueriv' wlie hail, ebonhed
.' wood grip, complote with cov-
HOLEPROOF HOSE or; 10-nuaVt on oc
Hole-proof hos!er. for ladies and slzo y) 1 Oo
children; broken lots and sizes; (Basement)
black only. While they pu,
V,Vrc" vinnr Dlsli pan, a heavy rctined ware
ii si i ioor that-will never chip and not rend-
. L. D. S. GARMENTS' y rust; tn0 21-Quart
L. b. S garments, medium weight, slzo . wOL
fleeced .lined; unbleached; good ( Casement )
weight for men and &1.7Q FIRE SHOVEL
women. Regular $2 25 1 u J FIro shovel, a japaned Iroi. shovel
(Mrst Floor) with long, cool hanrlle. -a rj
' GIRLS' HATS one to person IZC
Girls' rookie hats, made of good v ( Basement )
qualVto,n1iel:,an colorsi 75c ' WASHBOARD
usual $2.00 values ... O U w h boarcl JTt,ie brflss k, boa;.(l
(Second Floor) ... . , .
frtiKir-f it-. iir-m-r-r - -v a t is the standard of perfection It a
WOMEN .S SWEATER COAT a time and soap rr
Ladies' coat sweaters, made of a saver v3c5C
heavy tjuallty jersey: just the (IjVsemeiit)""."
tiling for the cold weather; all
sizes and colors; (J Q QC f "
$15.00 vnlucs 40.tD
(Second Floor) 'X-S
Ladies' (batiste bloomers, made of V'-w
good riuallty material; elastic ffiy
waist and knee; $1.25 QP ff U A
values UJi J s,ii
(Second Floor) --rk.- ."' '.M
Children's winter scarf and ca'p ' " '
sets, made of brush and angora V
yarns, light and dark Wilfe CZ3
colors; $2.00 values vC I-
(Second Floor l -
Ladies brassiers and confiners. all il' I I A
sizes and qualities; P -i fi( W$$k tMjK
values to 75c, 2 for. P 1 v V .
(Second Floor) S V ' " '
Quaddy cloth on printed older- ; 1.
down, lined with silk and qnjlted 1 , ' .'.
for baby's quilts, kimonos, etc; t I '
full 3G inches wide; QO
$1.5S quality, yard iOC '
(First Floorj Jrj1 lJ s
f0c ticking for pillows, mattresses,
ticks, etc; good heavy weight. In
stripes or flowered pat- yj9 4T$
terns, yard T"0 C Hflfli m
(First Floors JP H B
?1.50 fancy ofnbrti.Idcrod and hem- KXX$ LW
stitched pillow cases, for Christ-
mas presents, etc; ex- (t 1 -fl Q i mi
tra Good quality; pair 3)1 .IS , . Tuesday well
(First Floor) make a special business ot
GUEST TOWELS showing to every man whe .
r.Oc all linen guest towels; size enters the Men's Store. tHcsc
15x22; beautiful, fine quality. $20 suits. Whether he
Plain or figured. 4-Qc comes to buy a suit or a
Eacn necktie we'll invite him to
(Flrt Floor, cCe our "Twenties "
WOOL BATTS 'cc 0 lwcntlcs-
53.00 wool batts, size 72x90; full. There'll be no obligation in
""I- $2.69 Poking - we merely want
(First' Floor, to show you that wc arc not
MfTMjQ ni nVP bluffing about th:s Low
Mcn-s glovol fine tan leather; Cost of Living Campaign."
wrist length; all lined; snap at Prop - , and nave a
wrist; $2,50 (Jl QC look the suits will be out.
values p L Z0 an(j ready,
(Basement") I s
r, " "I j I
Tomorrow Morning i
f!i CC stres twcvc yu may have I j
I ' 2) these items at these low "prices. Not t
v J'J
Vk? Ma Sld phonc' pavs t0 et UP early- J '
Ladies' Noveltv Handkerchiefs. Washing powder Gold Uust the
finest quality of Swiss and Lissuo; best of all washing powder, for I
attractive designs; vnlues Q cleaning cloths, china and glass- ?
remarkable; 6 for DOC ware, woodwork,. etc. thc iq
(First Floor) Inrgc 3-lb. pkg JL V C I
LACE FL0UNCINGS (Basement, v ;
Lace flouncing, IS to 36 inches , H0USEBR00MS V'
wido; beautirul patterns in Ori- Broom, made of the best northern 2 !
cntal, chantilly, filet and mechlin; broom corn; no stocks or brittle 0 i
used for drosses, blouses, ncg- COrn used; thc medium light- " '
ligees. etc.; values to -s A weight size; value r r- 5 ;
?3.50, per yard P 1 51.50 &DC i
(First Floor) (Basement) X
Corduroy. 27 inches wide; all the A cotton doTlobUmket; slzo 70x !
oSut'li 4or A 80 : thc largc aizc: in colors 'h i
coats, jaokols etc, 5J.-& QCf tan and grey. This Is a splendid i
value for. yard HJ shcct blankcl 0ur ?37- va, f
(1-irst 1'loor, uc. only a 0 0 r S ,
DRESS SATINS pair..;. 6.b J -
Satin, 35 inches wide; a beautiful (Basomont) c .
quality, with a bright, soft finish. PflTTniM RIAMlfCTQ 0
for dresses, waists, skirts, etc; 1 UIY DLMIM rC I o .
blade only; ?2.00 ' $ -a or Cotton comtort for the bed; size 9
value for t)l,0D 72xS0; In a splendid assortment 8 '
(First Floor) of colors and pattorns. These 9 ,
face "powder "1!:Z':,:$A25 5
Armand's Face Powder. The (Basement) V
perfume is "Bouquet of Paradise." 1ALI ITtr . in A rD A o '
Thc tints are natural: white, VVnl I t ' IVI AUnAo H .
cream, brunette. Regular y o '15( white madras, for night V ;
50c. Special 03C dresses, pajamas, middies, men's & ;
(First TT'oor ) :uul ljJ's' shirts, waists, O 1
oTiTin'mirrjv etc; 3G inches wide': yardC ? -
blAIIUIJbni (First Floor) Z
Stationery big, new shipment,, PAi nTr-n oi dtu U
just in; colors blue, pink, grey. ' uALA I LA ULU I h J
buff and white. Regulation size; Hyde grade Galatea cloth, the I
also new long envelopes. Ex- hest Galatea cloth made; "?o R ''
cellenl linen. Regular oa inches wide; for middies, dresses, I
4oc. Special . &iVC skirts, etc.; pink sy rf X
(First Floor, . only, yard &OC y
Infants' sweater suits, made of a uU I o onuto j
good quality white yarn 3-pieco Boys' shoes, in tan and black; lace '
sets legginftweater and cap. style; English lasts; welt sole, J
Our usual ?2.o9 qual- (t -a gjr slzea 111-2 to C; tf q a
ity. Morning special ... 4 I e3sJ values to 5.00 cpOoO X
(Second'Floor ) ' . t Basement) Is 1
Ladies' outing flannel, made of a "Women's shoes, in tan or bla k X i
heavy outing flannel, stripes and kid; lace style; high or low heels, a
check; all sizes. Our usual $1.75 kid or cloth tops; (J - a v
values. Morning -a values to $6.00 4)3qJ a
special V " (Basement) H .
.Jfrrn0?. , o WOMEN'S SHOES s J
MEN'S OVERALLS Women's shoes, in grey, field '
.Men's overalls, good weight den- mouse or brown kid; light weip'-t I -
ims; fast blue colors; full cut; all soles; 9 inch top; lace style; co- A .
sizes. Limit 2 to the -g r p ored heels; ?12.50 rf(TK ry p a '
customer; $2 values.. P JL oOO valjies t)J,ijQ '
(Basement) (First Jmoot ( A ,
Men's union suits, heavy weight Girls' -shoespatent leather; black (
cotton materials; ecru color; cloth top; button stvle; low heels. it
closed crotch; $1.50 Qf) sizes 2 1-2 to 7 ; -$3.50 rp -a gyt i
values ZtOC values tpl.O A '
(Basement) (Basement) ;j
Vegctablo dish, a covered oval ftjK 'S s J
.dish, made of good quality semi- WwU A .
porcelain, rose spra pva fpT 0
decoration d C V" C. 0
(Basement) VW
Women's Wool U'Suits
Ladles 'wool union suits, long w't&.' It I 6 '
sleeve, high- neck, ankle length, in I fe'Vl yd V
natural and white; all rfrj) nr JWvtiMy !
sizes. Special 4z,D . AW tif
(First Flobr,) bhr v
Women's Wool IT Wear .
Ladies' wool vests and pants; vests &'&rrrz' 9
are high necks, long sleoves; pants ---' 5
and anklo length. White M '
Sl,m": : $1.25 A Hundred '
(First Floor) . g
Women's Fleeced U'Suits 1R1nTCc A :
Ladies' medium weight, light JL JL 'U' IU. J V, O (j i
fleeced union suits; white; all c
sizes; Dutch necks, elbow A 1
sleeves. Specially q p Tuesday n fl
priced OOC , , , . , , s
(First Floor)"" hundred specially selected X
Women's Pants and VeStS Mouses arc tp be on sale on 0 ;
Ladies' part wool vests and pants; 2nd floor. Come in and have 2
a discontinued Muusing number y
at last year's prices; v;hitoQt a look. c
and natural , c?OC (
(First Floor) c , .... V .
nu-u 5 . ' Smart, new Fall and Winter J It
Children's U'Suits BI ' . . if
Children's medium weight light Blouses materials arc J
Sizesl tomi2n SUUS: - Frcnch voiIc' Georgette g
sTzesTrroTc crepc-and colors arc white,
OOC bisque, lavender, gray, mcd- A
Timirio.?1 Fl0r) ium blucS flcsh Pcach aVy I
3-lMH TOWELING and black
3oc Turkish toweling, by the yard; 9 '
good, wide width, double thread' I
for hand towcl3, bath towols rol- "slipon" and round ,
ler towels, etc.: 1 i u j 1 I
yard 29 C " styles beaded, em- I
(First Floor) " broidcrcd' and braided trim- n
BLEACHED MUSLIN mlngs. All new $6.50 and 5 ;
Good bleached muslin, 3G Inches $7.50 values. I '!
wide; for underwoar, skirts, sheets. IP
pillow cases, etc.; - o 3 i'
yard .' OC Tuesday A
(First Floor) I j
BABY FLANNEL ' tfT n r l
50c cream baby flannel, for baby'a rft JM V 3 '
skirts, etc.; extra good qualltv; v 4
27 inches wide; An' tL-Jru i
yard 4o C Hrr . ,
(First Floor) ffl 1
H M Jt I
- '?

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