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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, November 11, 1918, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 7

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if clothes, lowest prices; latest styles,
routs, suits, tlrcMefl. waists, skirts.
Fashion shop. 2470 Washington are
. nue. hW2
Hay. grain, potatoes, apple oox ma-
' tcrlal. Grout's Grain store. 332 24th St.
mI'S !' 3033
Ec CLEAN RAGS wanted at the Stan
W dard office
Grelner Chill Is the best. 7783
"Jl If Read the Classified Ads,
It Read the Classified Ads
f J Jicad the Classified Ada.
. PJ. ,
All the bands In the city have been
roquostcd to meet at the Clty Hnllf
square at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon
to Join In a gigantic Peace and Liber-1
ty parade which Is to mark the official
city colobratlon of the ending of the
war. A commltteo of citizens have.
. taken up the matter of arranging bur-"
rledly lor a parade In which the
Eight calls for nurses were sent It
to the Red Cross yesterday, and al
were filled In a short time. Mrs Ralph
Bristol went personally to three housei
with teachers to ascertain the condi
tion before they took the cases, anc!
Mr. Carver found places for Ave more
The teachers are enthusiastic In help
ing to combat the disease at all limes
he said.
About twelve nurses will be needed
today to help In needy cases, It Is esti
mated. Teachers, clerks or any othei
person who can give their srvices will
be greatly appreciated. The conditions
seem to be for the better In practical
ly even home whore tho members ol
the Red Cross have visited.
j 1 " Coke keeps the heat concentrated Iff H
j j . 2 If in the firebox instead of sending it fg I
! i fl TP V1 Kft JKM up the chimney in flames. And it ; Bj
j ' JL JK wHlSv produces no smoke, no soot, no fgl I
) means ower ue' exPense and less trouble "B
(l ' ' . Telephone your order 655-856 or get a re- B
B duction in price by calling at the gas plant B
j: 11 Telephone 6556 8
i J could secure fireworks but those estab
I llshments had sold out oh Saturday
i But some of the powder that had been
i conserved for the use of the army was
used In celebrating the Joyous event.
I As The Standard went to press, tho
. Indications pointed to the starting of
"some celebration."
(Continued from Page 1) j
as poisoning or polluting of springs J
wells, etc.) under penalty of reprisals.
3 The fight of Yoqulsltlon shall bo
exercised by the allies and the United
States armies in all occupied territory.
The upkeep of the troops of occupa
tlon in the Rhineland (excluding Alsace-Lorraine)
shall be charged to the
German government.
10 An Immediate reparation with
out reciprocity, according to detailed
conditions -which shall be fixed, of all
allied and United States prisoners of
war. The allied powers and the United
Statos shall be able to disposo of theso
prisoners as they wish.
11 Sick and wounded who cannot
bo removed from evacuated territory
will be cared for by German person
nel who will be left on the spot with
the medical material required.
11 Disposition relative to tho east
ern frontiers of Germany:
12 All German troops at present in
any territory which before the war
belonged to Russia, Rumania or Tur
key shall withdraw within the fron
tiers of Germany as they existed on
August 1, 1914.
13 Evacuation by German troops to
begin at once and all German instruc
tors, prisoners and civilian as well as
military agents now on territory of
Russia (as defined before 1014) to be
14 German troops to cease at once
all requisitions and seizures and any
other undertaking -with a view to ob
taining supplies intended for Germany
in Rumania and Russia (as defined In
August 1, 1914).
15. Abandonment of the treaties or
Bucharest and Brest-Litovsk and of
the supplementary treaties.
16. The Allies shall have free ac
cess to the territories evacuated by
the Germans on their eastern frontier
either through Danzig or by the Vis
tula in order to convey supplies to the
populations of those territories or for
any other purpose.
III. Clause concerning East Africa:
17. Unconditional capitulation of
all German forces operating in East
Africa within one month.
IV. General clauses:
18. Repatriation, without reciproci
ty, within a maximum period of one
month, in accordance with detailed
conditions hereafter to be fixed, after
I lea shall be empowered to occupv all
German forts, fortifications, batteries
and dofense works of all klnda In nil
tho entrances from the Categat into
the Baltic and to sweep up all mine
and obstructions within and without
German territorial waters without any
question of neutrality being raised and
the positions of all .such mines and
obstructions are to bo Indlcatod.
Tho existing blockade sot up bj
'the allies and their associated power
I are to remain unchanged nnd all Ger
, man merchant ships found at sea are
to remain liable to capture.
J 27 All naval aircraft are to bo con
centrated and Immediately interned in
German bases to be specified by tho
allies and the United Statos af Amer
ica. 2S In evacuating the Belgian coasts
and ports, Gormany Hh'all abandon all
merchant ships, tugs, lighters, cranes
and all other harbor materials, all ma
terials for Inland navigation a.ll air
craft and all materials and stores, all
arms and armaments, and nil stores
and apparatus of all kinds.
29. All Black Sea ports are to be
evacuated by Germany; all Russian
war vessels of all descriptions seized
by Germany In the Black sea are to
be handed over to the Allies and the
United States of America; all neutral
vessels seized are to be released; all
warlike and other materials of all
kinds seized in those ports are to bo
returned and Gorman materials as
specified in clause twenty-eight nro to
be abandoned. ' ,
30. All merchant vessels In German
hands belonging to the Allied and as
sociated powers are to be restored in
ports to be specified by the Allies nnd
the United States of America without
31 No destruction of ships or of
materials to be permitted' before evac
uation, surrender or restoration.
32 The German government will
notify the neutral governments of tho
world, and particular tho governments
of Norway, Sweden. Denmark and Hoi-,
land, that all restrictions placed on tho
trading of their vessels with tho allied
and associated countries, whether by
the German government or by private
German interests and whether in re
turn for specific conceptions such as
the export of shipbqilding materials,
or not are Immediately cancelled.,.'
33 No transfers of German shrwpfdg.
0 fany description to any ncumljflaj
aro to take place after signature' of ttif,
VI Duration of armistice:
34 The duration of tho armistico
1 sto be thirty days, with option to ex
tend. During this period on failure of
execution of any of tho above clauses,
the armistice may bo brought tp an
end by ono of the contesting-partles
on 48 hours' previous notice.'.''
VII Time limit for reph'i-
35 This armistice to bo accepted or
refunded by Germany within 72 hours
of notification.
Among the-finnaclal terms included
are restitution for damage done by the
German armies; distribution of money-
Kum and rt'jrn o o' l ken from E
Russia nnd Rumuii G
The mlli'an tfrrji inrna.i. the ear
render of 5i" gun, h.ili f . d nd half
light artdh-r? . Su.mki nuichim- gun, I
3000 flame throwers and 2000 air
planes. Tho surrender of 6000 locomotive.
60.000 wagons. 10.000 jnotor lorries
the railway of Alsaoa-Lorralne for uh
by the allies and stores of coal and ,
iron also are included.
The immediate repatriation of nil 1
Allied and American prisoner with- 1
out reciprocal action by the Allies also 1
ia included. ,
In connection with tho evacuation
of tho left bank of tho Rhine U is
provided that the Allies shall hold the
crossings of the river at Coblena. Co-
logno and Mayone together Trith
bridgeheads in a thirty kilometer rad- i
lus. j ..' , (
German troops are to rotlre from all
territory held in Russia, Rumania and '
Turkey before the war. i
Tho ight bank of tho Rhlnolarjd. ;
that occupied by the Allies Is to be- 1
como a neutral zone and tho bank held 1
by the Germans is to be evacuated in,
ten days. Tho armistice ia for thirty
days, but the president spoko of tho
war as "coming to an end."
The allied forces are to JiavoaciJee
to tho evacuated territory " either
through Dantzlg or by the river Vis
tula. The unconditional capitulation of
all Gorman forces in East Africa with
in one month is provided,
Petitions for Review
of Mooney Case Before
Supreme Court
WASHINGTON. Nov. 11 Petitions
asking for a review of tho case of
Thomas J. Mooney, California labor
leader, convicted of murder in connec
tion with a bomb plot in San Francis
co and sentenced to death, were for
mally presented today to the supremo
c'Ourt. The California state authori
ties filqd, a brief contending Mooney
4iad been granted a fair trial denying
his charge of perjured testimony and
assorting that no federal questions are
involved which would permit the case
being appealed to tho supreme court.
. , .
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 Orders
stopping alL overtime and Sunday work
on government yar contracts were
authorized today after a conference of
Secretaries Bakor and w Daniels and
Chairman Hurley of a the shipping
nn :
NEV YORK. Nov. 11 With Wall
street- riotously colobrating the dawn
of pdj'ice, tho board oT governors of
tho New York Stock Exchange decided
not to? open that market, today.
1 C INi ffi I
SALT LAKE, Nov. 11. The Amerl- jH
san Red Cross needs men of business, iH
executive, store, office and vocational
.mining for military camps in the
United States. The call for such rep-
roeenta an opportunity for rendering 11
i fine, patriotic service, whoro the best 11
san bo made of business training and
Such -an announcement has been
nsde at local headquarters of the Red 11
oross. upon ordora from natlonnl head- 11
luarters In Washington. These orders 11
my "Good proaitlon aro available 11
now. In Washington. D. C.. a( division-
al headquarter of tho Rod Cross in ftl
other largo cltlea and In military iH
camps throughout the country. Theso 11
nositlpna call for men and women or 11
tho highest diameter." . 11
In addition the announcement says v 11
salaries pOHltlona pay in accordance 11
wiUi oxporionce. nnd that workers who
enlist their services and aro 3ont to
Washington, aro assured of a good
homo at reasonable prices. 11
lncrooso of work and still Increasing NH
calls upon the facilities of tho Red llH
Cross have made this demand for help H
Imperative. Tho requirements Include IH
capable accountants and accounting H
clerks, qualified buyers or drugs, medl - IH
cine, surgical instruments and hospl- H
tal supplies: alsq men to servo as hos- IH
pital supply clerks, trained and pro IH
fesaional newspaper men and women. IH
and directors for publicity work, com- IH
petent stenographers, secretaries and IH
clerical workors In all departments. IH
For camp work tho qualifications H
demand high-grade men who know H
younger men and how to deal with H
them; men who aro well acquainted H
with business procedure and who have IH
tho ability- to deal tactfully with other H
responsible men of affairs. Theso arc H
needed to render emeugency relief of H
every kind upon request and with the H
co-operation of military .authorities; to H
help holdjers "vho are; worried about H
their families and . family affairs, by
communicating with their homes I
through local Red Cross organizations
in every part of. the" country; to visit,
cheer up and encourage tho men in
base hospitals by communicating with
families of patients and, if necessary. H
furnishing emergency supplies when. I
called upon; to suDervism tbn distrlbu-
tion in camps and. cantonments of all I
Red Cross supplies, such as comfort I
kits, sweaters, socks and tho like; to I
supervise sanitation In towns that aro I
near military camps. In this work IH
women, who have thejiroper training, H
oo III
Read tho Classified Ads.
Read tho Classified Ads.
Kond the Classified Ads. , :
. ; Read tho. Classified Ada. ( y ,

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