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VR 1111111.1. j in.-, u'irorisiii whs urecu-u
against not only indh Iduals liul
j i ngainst nations, against not onl. ho.s
J 'Ho nations, but those with which
J ' Genua ny was officially nt peace. Its
i system of espionage, corruption and
H!L violence, extended over the world. K,
HJf 'aS exemplified by I lie plots carried
Hf' nut in this country under direction of
( the government for the destruction of
! munition plants and ships before the
United States entered the war, and by
H1 jL the efforts of the German government
Hl' to embroil this country, then neutral in
war with Japan and Mexico. No capi-
' tal of Europe was free from German
'j secret agents in the years preceding
i the War, and the nations lived In grow
Jng dread of the huge military machine
" which Germany was building up, to the
i accompaniment of the emperor's boast-
! ings of the "shining sword" and Ger-
'. man toasts to "der tag' in voices
, I 1 which echoed around the world.
I ,' End of The War.
, , The virtual ending of this greatest
nf conflicts has come with dramatic
; , pwlftness. Four months eo today the
f German military power apparentlv was
t, ' at its height. The unchecked forces of
I the enemy had battered thoir way
" through the French and British lines
J ' unt11 Paris was in danger and the
British were fighting with their backs
to the wall to prevent themselves from
r 1 being forced to the sea. Late in July
tho world was thrilled with the news
' of an allied counter-attack between
the Aisne and the Marnc. The Ger-
'ans were hurled back along" tho
whole sector and since that dav the
ti I victorious progress of the allies 1ms
' , Dccn maintained.
i,l Various causes have contributed to
j , ,h,s reversal. The entrance of Amer
ica into the, struggle, with her vast
jj' resources of men and materials, Is
Hf conceded by the allies to have turned
HL l"e scale. One of the most important
HL'i effects of this country's act was the
.H heartening to an enormous extent of
: 'he wearied allied nations and a cor-
Hii I responding deterioration of 'German
n f morale. Exhaustion of German raw
L I material and years of semi-starvation
,r J assisted in the process of beating down
j ! the enemy to a submissive frame of
C( mind. It is also significant that the
tw establishment of unquestioned allied
ij supremacy In the field almost svneh-
'j! ronized with the unification of'mili-
Oj tary control and the appointment of
P general, now marshal, Foch to the
Hfrf poat of supreme command. Military
Hjiju commentators without exception lav
HrjJ ' stress upon the importance of single
HfI 1 leadership and the genius of Foch in
f' stemming ajid finally turning the tide.
3 1ft I Great Leaders in War.
J . Among the individual leaders, aside
i ''om Foch whose names stand out
N uost prominently, are Marshal Joffre,
Jl h? saved France In her darkest davs
Il f the summer of 1914; Field' Marshal
W Halg. the British commander; General
if detain, at the head of the French
m iorccs; General Diaz, who on the Ital
jj front beat back last summer's
jij I treat Austrian offensive, and later
m tore the Austrian armies to pieces in
JfjJ R few weeks, and General Pershing.
k On the German side are Field Mar
In shal .von HIndenburg, a comparative
I '
v, -
Hi '
JJysden lies about midway between
Liege and Maastricht, on the Dutch
People's Governments Established
Peoples' governments have been cs-
tablished in the greater part of ticrlin
and in other cities of the kingdom
I ami empire. Leipsic, Stuttgart, Co
logne, Kssenvand Frankfort have join
Jed the revolution. In Berlin there ha?
! been some fighting betAveen the revo
; lutionists and reactionaries in which
j several persons wore killed or wound
; ed. The palace of the crown prince
has been taken over by the revolu
: tionists. "Long live the republic," and
I the, singing of the Marseillaise have
been heard In the streets of Berlin.
I Fricderich Iibert, the socialist lcad
oa, has been appointed imperial chan
cellor and has Issued a proclamation
saying that it is his purpose to form a
j peoples' government which will cn
, de'avor to bring about a speedy peace.
; Meanwhile the terms of the allies, by.
j which Germany may have an armistice
I reached German headquarters by cour
On the battle, front yesterday the
Germans everywhere continued to suf
fer defeat at the hands of the British,
French and American forces.
In the north Marshal Haig's forces
had driven the enemy beyond the
Franco -Belgian frontier south of the
j Sambre canal and now arc almost
within gun range of Brussels: The
! Germans were showing stiffcr resis-
tance with rear guards, but neverthe
less the British were overcoming these
efforts and pushing forward. Large
quantities of supplies, including much
rolling stock, havo fallen into the
hands of the British.
I Likewise the French were still In
'pursuit of the enemy, but before them
the German retreat seemed to be
somewhat disorganized. The enemy
was abandoning guns and supplies of
all descriptions, and in some instances
entire railroad trains were left behind.
! All the enemy's lines of communica
! tion now have been captured, except
I the road leading northward from Me
I zleres.
I General Pershing's troops continuet?
j to make progress on both sides of the
: Meus'e river, and the American second
I army launched an attack west of the
! Moselle river and gained Its objec
J tives. On the Meuse the town of Ste
inay has been captured by the Amerl
j cans after violent opposition. In the
J Moselle sector several woods and
heights he been cleared of the ene
, my by the Americans, including the
Bois de AVakille, from the northern
fringes of which the German fortress
of Mctz is only ten miles distant.
PARIS, Nov. 11. (Haras) During
' revolutionary disorders at Cologne a
crowd tried to demolish with machine
gun fire a statue of William II, but
' finally contented Itself by muffling up
the statue and placing upon it a card
inscribed "a good Journey." It is re
ported that Prince Henry of Prussia
has fled to Denmark.
ead the Classified Ads, ,
I job ot tiie Umtea war womers win
come with it.
And the nearer it comes, the MORE
YOU MUST GIVE to support the ef
forts of these seven societies, (Red
Cross not included.)
When the whistles blow, announcing
the war finished and won by the Allies,
don't expect Bill and Jim to be home
for breakfast the next morning. It took
Uncle Sam a long time to get his boys
"over there," and it will take many
months to bring them back.
We must make the period of demob
ilization just as fine, as helpful and as
safe as good American dollars can
I ' ... .w - ...
ilegeone we should be proud to avail j
ourselves of. m
The very thought of our boys "over 1
there," covered with glory and honor, 1
being blessed with the joys, comforts j
and benefits of the next thing to HOME I
the United War Workers' huts and 1
attention-will start the red blood from 1
the heart , of every American, and he 1
will not be satisfied until he has signed 1
a pledge to support the beneficent work I
of these seven great organizations m
SPARE. v 1
Is yours an American heart? . I

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