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E V.. H , firm Bl9flllHI
CRICAOd, April 4 "Recreation
hut"" to replace 'he saloon as a sath
erlng place will be established sofln
by the Salvation Army In the large
rltles of ONI western states, according
to an announcement by Thomas Es
till, commander of the organization In
the western district.
Before July 1. when prohibition be
comes effect I ve, a dozen or more of
the "hut.H" patterned after those oper
ated in the war zone, will be opened
in Chicago and If t h prove success
ful the string will be extended to St.
Louis Milwaukee, St Paul, Omaha.
! Kansas City, Denver and other west
' em cities. Commander Estill said.
The places will be equipped with
libraries, musical in-truments. various
kinds of games, gvmnaplums and
shower baths. Trained attendants
will be in charge. The "huts" will
be open to women a well as m n
Ice cream, soda water, doughnuts,
and coffee will be sold at cost.
Social welfare organizations
throughout the country will watch
I with interest the Salvation Anm
t salooD, Commander K-t ill said.
I oo
Catarrhal Deafness
I and Head Noises
If you have ratarrh. catarrhal deaf
WW j ness or head noises rau.sed by catarrh.
or If phlegm drops in your throa' and
Hj has caused catarrh of the stomach or
j bowels you will be glad to know that
Ht these distressing symptoms may b- ft
H' tlrely overcome in many instances bj
the following treatment which you can
! easily prepnre In your own home at lit
Bj lie cost. Secure from your druggist
1 ounce of Parmlnt (Double Strength )
j Take this home and add to it 't pint
H.j of hot water and a little granulated
sugar. Take one tablespoonful four
BmI times a dav An ImpfOTelueOI is some
H tinted noted after thv first day's treat
V ment. Breathing -hould bc om .-ao
H while the distressing head noises.
1 headaches, dullness, cloudy thinking, i
BB ttC, should gradually disappear und r
WM the tonic action of tin treatment .
of smell. tftStt, defectlTC hearing and
mucus dropping in the back Of the j
Hl throat are other symptoms which sug
i gest the presence of ,-ntarrh and which
Hfl may often be overcome by this rffn.i
W clous treatment. It I- said thai nenrlj
Hj ninety per cent of all ear t rouble
j oavaad by catarrh and then
Hl therefor-, be man) people whose bear
Hi Ing may be restored by this simple.
larmless, borne treatment. Advertise
Hg ment
II General Blanquet
I Famous in the I
i Madero Revolution
NEW YORK, April 3 The Diaz !
j forces are officially known as the na-j
tional re-organlzi.tion army of Mexico.!
Mr. Gajroa atatei 'hat they now con
trol three small pori, lono'a. Ti
I pam and Nautia. tM latter being cap
I tured about a month ago
I General nianquvt during the Ma-1
I dero revolution took a pruinim ni pari
I In nearly all the actions, ol the fed
I eral army in the states of Puebia.1
I Guerrero, Morelos. Chihuahua, Duran-j
go and Coa nulla, achieving tune for
himself and the 2LMli battalion which
ho commanded.
After the ' coup " of G. neral Felix
Diaz and Mondragon. (Jeneral Blau
quet. b command of Cien-ral Huerta.
arrested Franc, co 1 Madera j.nd his'
cabinet nt the national paiaot in M.
lco City, and Huerta boamt provls-
lonsi president Blanquet bemme min
uter of war In the Huerta cabinet. In
July. lfH, he became v Ice president 1
I nf Mexico.
I The success of the constitutionalist'
I forces under Carransa In UM4 resulted i
I In Huerta and Bln.i i. : I em,-. .
I into exile After a few we..K sojourn'
I In Jamaica they went to England and
I then made ihejr way o Spate
I In Spain Huertn and Blanqi; t we r
I reported to have bad po;ltlcal clfTcr
I once which ciu- I u severance of'
I their relations Rlanquit. Mr i . . u
I said, took no pnn Im the revolutionary
I uprising planned by Huerta after the
I latter's exile Blancfuoi subat uoently
I returned to New YorV where he has
1 since made hi home
I oo
Washington never rode on a rail
Wi road train, yet It is not recorded that
Wl Senator Flora h ever refused hi ft
cents mileage t'harh ston New a and
I Courier
, Bk I
For Colds, Grip
mnd Influenza
H Take
I "Laxative
I Bromo
I Tablets"
Be sure you get the Genuine
Look for this signature
od the box. 30c.
In1 i
Says gists of hot water with
phosphate before breakfast
washes out poisona.
If you are accustomed to wake up
with a coated tongue, foul breath or
a dull, dizry headache; or. If your
meals sour and turn into gas and
acids, you have a real surprise await
ling you.
Tomorrow morning. immediately
upon arising, drink a glass of hot
jw-iter wtlh a teaspo"nful of limestone
phosphate in it. ThJ.t is Intended to
first neutralize and then wash ou' of
jronr stomach, luer. kidneys and thir
y fcrt of intestln-s ; ll the indiesr
IMa waste, poisons. ;o.r bile and tox
ics. Cms cleansing, awlet ling aud puri
fying the entire allraentar)' canal.
Those subject to sics heada.he.,
bac':.ohe, bilious attacks. OOMtlpetlon
ut try form of itomach trouble, ere
urgi d to get a quarrer pound of lime
stone phospha.i ft im ho dr j.: store
land begin enjoyin; tbi morning lr
laldc-hath. It is laid that men and
Iwoaen who try this h icrme entbaias
:ic and keep It up ddil.'.
Just as hot water and soap cleanse,
purify and freshen the skin, so jot
. t r and a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate act on the stomach. liver,
kidneys and bowels. Limestone, phos
phate is an inexpensive white powder
and almost tasteless. Advertisement.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind . April 3 Am )
I ertcafl miners will stand "shoulder to;
shoulder" with the miners of Crreat
i Britain on the question of vagal and
working conditions, according toj
I Frank Farrington. president of th
' Illinois district of the United Mim
Workers of America
Mr Farrington made the .statement
in explaining the objects of the three'
principal recommefldaUoni recently
i-mbodieil In lh report of 'hr u. ru ral
policy committee ol the Uned Mine,
Workers., which call for increased
wages, .shorter hours and nationaliza
tion of mines. The recommendations,
which wi-re made by Frank J. Hayes.
International president, serve as no
tloa to the I nited States government
as well as the British goernment that'
h attitude of Great Britain miners Is
reflected in America. Mr Farrington
He added that only through nation
alism of mines could a six-hour day. a
fv daj week and Increased wages be:
brought about.
OKLAHOMA CITY, April 3 Oil pro
ducUon In Oklahoma in 19 1 S averaged
:! BSQ barrels a day with a dally com
mercial value of f 500.000 based on I
prerent prices, according to the report
Of the state oil and gas conservation
commission The report gives the first
oil production total announced by any
tatt for 191h The Tulsa district still I
leads in oil production, with a daily !
average for the year of 66.000 barrels, j
the report states.
The report says the state also pro !
duced for commercial purposes 56.- '
377.64fi.n61 cubic feet of natural gas
in 1918 and "muddled in" or conserved
fOt future use, 32,780,536,000 cubic)
feet. In natural gas production, the
Blackwell Carber district led with a to
tal of more than 27.OOO.O0O.O00 feet In
There are now 23.561 wells in Okla
homa producing oil or gas. the commis
sion reported.
Relief Ship Has
Arrived at One '
of Russian Ports
I '
K ' N O M 1 A . Russia. Tuesday. April'1
1 (By The Associated Preas) One '
of the most herculean tasks In thejt
supply of the north Russian exp.di '
1 m r :on . i!h mu h m eded wa:
material was accomplished today with
the arrival at Eeonomla.Vhich is the
winter port of Archangel, of the larg ;
est vessel which ever passed success
ful! through the thick ice floes of the 1
White sea
BMartad b three ice breakers, a'
five-thousand ton British freight ves I
sel has arrived, only slightly damaged i 1
after a difficult three neeks voyage',
from Murmansk. Several times th
maw I wa hemmed In where the let
drifts piled high At one spot It was
tuck In the ice floew for nearly a week'
but h ic- breakers finally succeeded
in smashing a path ahead for It
In addition to war material the ship
carried a considerable gargo of Amer
ican Red Cross supplies.
WASHINGTON, Apnl 3- Plans for.
uHhna prepared by the l S houa -!
In corporation for building homes in
contested industrial center during the
war. are to be made available for gen j
ral public ue The department ofi
labor announced today that type of
homes would be given to "Osrn Your
j Own Home" committees, promoting
building activities In forty cities. I
In the department s effort to expand
I thf home ownership campaign, letter'
wre seat toda to municipal officials
labor leaders and club organ list ton
im MM sMeav unm the beginnag ofi
local camps i ma.
N'KW YORK'. April 3 Prompt reliofj
for the people of Montenegro who arcl
! officially reported to be dying from
I starvation is urged in a letter written
by Alexander Devine, an English
' friend of Montenegro, to ReTfjerl C,
Hoover, the food administrator in!
Paris, a copy of which has been re-'
cetved here, in his letter Mr. Devine
charged that there had been "very
gross unfairnesr to Montenegro in the
endless delays and obstacle-; which
had been placed In my way" In efforts
to obtain relief for the Montenegrins.
Mr '!ein' wrote that he first ap
pealed to the British authorities in be
half of the Montenegrins In 1 9 1 6 but
that up to the signing of the armis
tice, "not as much as a grain of rhc
ever wa permitted to enter Montene
gro." After the armistice he renew
ed his effort and tlnally was referred
to Mr. Hoover in Paris but for two
months was unable to obtain a pass-
port to go to Paris and tee him and
I Colonel Anderson of the American
Red Cross. Finally, Mr levino wrote
he had arrived In Paris to find Mr.
Hoover absent Meanwhile, he de-l
I clared. American relief ships had ar
I rived at Cattaro but "the relief fell
info the hands of the Serbians and aid
ed them in the political purposes'
'against king and country." These de-j
1 lays and obstacles. Mr. Devine told
Mr. Hoover, demonstrated unfairness
to Montenegro and, he added I have
no senae of having obtained justice
during these long weary months of
waltlnc "
Since Mr. Devlne's letter was writ
ten. a commission has been sent to
Montenegro by the American peace
delegation in France nnd has reported
that the situation In Montenegro is
desperate and th" people actually dy
ing from starvation. The American
Red CrOBfl has been trying to supply
them with food.
Dr. King's New Discovery
helps to bring the desired
quick relief
It holds a record of fifty continuous
years of relieving promptly and
pleasantly tho usual winter colds.
If holds a following of armies of
regular users in whose family medicine
cabinets Dr. King's New Discovery is
the watchword for cold and cough cor
rection. Sold by druggists everywhere. 60c, 1
n io.
The Boon of Regular Bowels
the health-promoting propettles of
active bowels, these, are yours when
you occasionally take Dr. King"s New
Life pills keep tho stomach sweet, !
the breath untainted, the system I
rleansed. Gentle but positive in
action Sold everywhere. 2le Advcr-
South America
Buys Furniture
I More than a million dollars worth
I of furniture is Imported annually by
1 the West Coast countries of South Am
ericaChile, Peru. Ecuador, and Bo-
Ihia and there is to be an increase
I as soon as normal conditions are re
stored. A report Issued today by the
I bureau of foreign and domestic com
' inerce, department of commerce states
, that a great many of the inhabitants
! have aorumulated money during the
war and that they will buy high-grade,
very ornate furniture as soon as they
' can get it
I (Jnfortunataly only medium-priced
land cheap furniture has ber-n imported
j from the I'nlted States In the past,
i all of the high grade product coming
from EQ rOpe, ThlB has created the im
pression that American furniture Is
inferior and It Is urged that itepi be
taken to Improve this Impression as
quickly as possible. Th- hirh grad'
market la well worth trying for a the
wealthy people pay very high prices
for what they want, it Is not unusual
for newly married couples to put off
buying furniture until they get to Eu
rope on their honeymoon, when they
go In for the beet to be had.
Chile is the best market fcr furni
J ture on the west coast, and the styles
demanded range from th llmplegl
patterns to highly ornate Louis XVI
designs, which are most admired. Tin
: best grades of Louis XVI furniture
I sell for 11.500 to $2,000 per suite. Mar
bb- tops are Insisted upon for many
SIDNEY. N. S. W., April 8. (Via
Montreal) Owing to a serious recur
rence of influenza, the new Smh
Wales government has again ordered ;
he wearing of masks in public places
We would probably find our crosses
lust as hard to bear were we permit -
led to select them ourselves
Honest Opinion Doctor Gave
His Fatient
Bedford. Ohio. "I was in a pitiful
condition, weak, nervous ind run
down so I could not do my housework.
I had doctored for years and tried j
everything under the sun. A friend
told me about Vinol. I asked my
doctor about it. and he replied, 'It
certainly is the best medicine that can I
be had today. I couldn't give you
any better.' I took it, and today I
am ?s well and strong as any woman
could wish to be. and it was Vinol
that saved me." Mrs. Frank A. Hor
kev. Ash St., Bedford, Ohio
We guarantee this famous cod liver
and iron tonic for ell such conditions.
Culley Drug Co. and dVuggists everywhereAdvertisement.
WASHINGTON, April 3-Comment-j
Ing on what h- termed ' the very In
temperate speech'' of Senator Cham
berlain, retiring chairman or the sen
ate military' committor delivered last I
night at Natchei, Miaa., 10 connection N
witn tin- Anseii -Crov.der court mar
tial controversy. Secretary Baker said
today that in three years as secretary
of war he could not recall a single
Instance In which he had cceived a
helpful suggestion from Senator
Chamberlain or one which seemed In
tended to be helpful
"I am perfectly willing.'' the secre
I tnry added, "to let the people of the
county decide between what the war
department has done in three years
and what Senator Chamberlain has
said In three years."
Baker Calls for Specific Details
LINCOLN, , b . April 3. Gov. Sam
uel R. McKelvIe who recenMy ent a1
letter to Secretary of War Baker
charging that mentally deranged sol
diers discharged from military service
were apturnod to Nebraska hospital?
that contain ordinary insane, today
i was requested by the secretary to fur
nish specific details, following receipt
of which Mr Baker said an lnvesti-1
gallon would be made
Tho secretary's request was made
In a telegram In which he said-
'Il is the policy of the war depart
ment to retain soldiers who hne be
come Insane as a result of military
service in military hospitals as long
as Institutional treatment is necessary
or until they can he discharged into
the custody of the bureau of war risk
Following receipt of tho secret.ir'
telegram Gov. McKelvIe said he would
furnish the ipedflt Information re
quested. In his recent letter to the
secretary the governor said it was his
Impression that mentally deranged sol
diers would be cared for at hospitals
especially doalgned by military author
ities. He had added that he was ad
vised of "deplorable circumstances
i that have developed through the re
' lease of Insan-- soldiers who are now
in hospitals for the insane in this
All Fat People
! Should Know This
The world owes a dbt of gratitude
to the author of the now famous Mar
mola Prescription, and Is still nor"
indebted for the reduction of this
; harmless, effective obesity .emedy to
tablet form. Marmola Prescription
Tablets can now be obtained at all
drug stores, or by writing direct to I
Marmola Co. R64 Woodward Ave., De-j
troif. Mich., and their reasonable prioe
j 75 cents for a large case) leaves no
jexcuse for dieting cr violent exercise
jfor the reduction of the overfaf body
I to normal proportions Advertise- j
j ment.
Notorious Gunman
Returns From France
With Enviable Record
CAMP CPTON. N. V.. April 2.
"Monk" Eastman, gunman, notorlouo
leader of gangsters who once terrified
New York's East Side, now is Private
William Delaney. veteran, back from
France with an enviable war record
He was honorably discharged from the
lUbth infantry toduy and within a few
days there will be forwarded to Cover
nor Smith a petition signed by his
commanding officers, asking that be
be restored to citizenship.
"Monk s" life history is the story
of a "comeback." In the old days he
was an opium addict, burglar, creature
of the slums with ever "a gun on his
hip " in 1917 he finished a term for
burglsry and In October of that year
f7 '
' fr
f ' "LI
Clean Up Week
April 7th to 12th East of Washington Ave. o South City Limits.
April 14th to 19th Weat of Washington Ave. to South City Limits.
April 21 st to 26th East and West of Wash. Ave. to North City Limits.
All rubbish must be placed on the outside of the property.
Wagons will not go into the yards to collect rubbish.
Wagons will go over the districts to collect but once.
Have your rubbish ready on the days appointed for collection.
Don't put rubbish in the gutters.
GEORGE SHORTEN, Sanitary Inspector.
enlisted, no questions asked.
Into war. which has made heroes out
of cowards, strung men out of weak,
went "Monk." When tho 27th division
took its place in Flanders "Monk." was
.there When the gallant New York
era swept forward aguin.-a the Himh n
burg line and cracked it- "Monk"
was In the first wave.
When comrades fell and Itralchai
bearers were Deeded, "Monk" volun
teered. When carried to n British hos
pltal wounded in the head while lead'
ing a bombing squad into tho face of
machine guns. "Monk" eacaped to
mount once more the firing .step.
These and many more are the facta
recounted in the petition signed bj
Colonel Frank W Ward, of the 106th,
by Major J. Scott Buxton and by Cap'
tain James M. Conroy and Lieutenant
Joseph A. Kerrigan. "Monk's" immedi
date superiors, who fought by his sido,
on foreign soil.
Stop Coughing!
The simplcit ond bct wny to gfop
couching is to take
Foley's HonltHar
In It, you get the curative influence
of the pine tor and other healing ingre
dient, together with the mollifvmg
laxative ciJcct of the honey, ft put a
toothing coating on the inflamed tickling
throct, allavs bronch:al irri!ation rnira
phlegm catily, itopi hord wearing cougha
nnd nervout hading.
W. S. Bailey. Liorcttcr. Ky . writn "My
"'"cicJ . irvrrc cold, which dcreloped
lolo . bronchial trm:Me. and ihe coufhed tttpo.t
1 contlnoilly. Ooc-h.ll bolilc ol Folcv't Hon,y
asSTsr alSStSaS up her eouah and the retted
much better at nlht. Sbe a:: ;-.ed kl uic
unt.l ctected a Cure."
A. R. Mclntyrc Drug Co. Two Busy
Stores. Advertisement.
SALT LAKE, April 3 Pointing a
M caliber reolver at her husband,
i Nick Ftuga. Vhlla he was discussing
preparations for an Italian funeral
procession with an assemblage of fel
low countrymen at his store. 277 West
Second SouMi street, yesterday. Mrs.
Valerea Ruga. 23 years of age, was
only prevented from carrying out her
alleged purpose of shooting to kill by
the quick action of her husband and
two of his friends, who succeeded tn
disarming the woman before the
weapon was discharged, according to
Julian Kiley, wagon sergeant, who
placed Mrs. Ruga under arrest.
The attack is said by the police to
be the outgrowth of dlvoree pro
ceedings started by Mrs. Ruga recent- i
ly. Ruga alleges he followed the
woman to Ogden. Tuesday niht. and
claims that, after discovering her ir,
a room with another man. he had the I
couple arrested by the Ogden offers.
ho subsequently released them on
$50 ball each. Mrs. Ruga, he said,
obtained a revolver and threatened
After the weapon was taken from '
her at the store, the police assert the
woman attempted to -l.i-h h. i hus
band with a banana kn.:e. In over
powering her sev.-ral persons In the
store are said by the officers to have
received numerous bites gnd cuts
complaint was issued by the county
attorney's office later In the day
charging Mrs Ruga with assault and.
battery She will be arraigned Fri
day. . oo .
The man who works himself to I
death trying to accumulate a fortune'
only acquires a funeral pile.
LONDON. March 12 t Correspond
ence of the Associated Press.) Fresh
troni Odessa, an Englishman whom the
j correspondent met at the British for
eign officr, has given to the Assoclat
ad Preoi the first complete acount
that has reached London of one of the
most remarkable developments of the
i struggle In Russia against bolshevipm
It is the story of the volunteer army.
organized by Oeneral Alexieff and now
commanded by General Denoklne,
which In a year has grown from a
handful of homeless men, devoid of
equipment nnd supplies. Into a mili
tary force which has reconquered a
I large portion of southern and south
.eastern Russia, suppressed the disrup
tive elements in the region occupied
and set up n working civil government.
"No one over here." said the travel '
er. "seems to realize that in the south J
of Russia there is a small force of men
which under the banner of the volun-1
leer army and in the cause of United
sYee Russia, has made against over
whelming numbers of the Red Terror'1
a most gallant stand."
The volunteer army, he continued,
has been recruited from several
1 ' iio irtini every part or Russia.
I Fighting against great odds, it has paid
!a big price. Twice it haa met defeat
in campaigns on the river Kuban, and
'its losses included Its lenders, Alex
jieff. Korniloff, and 30,oro volunteers
;and Cossacks.
"The army." he aid. "had whole
battalions formed of officers. The first
.Korniloff regiment, now reduced to
iless than 500 fighters, has bad passing
through its rank more than 500 men.
The -Regiment of Jieath' has lost 6o0
over a similar period.
"To me, an observer, it has bfaJH a
miracle how the volunteer army ever
I got any recruits. There was no ro
ercion. The recruits came voluntarily.
, knowing that their lot was most likely
to be a wooded cross or the life of a
"Today the volunteer army has
cleared the 'Great Belt' of Russia by
ilts own efforts and the help of its
neighbors, the Don Cossacks, and holds
h- territory stretching from the Blsck J
sea to the Caspian"
Quinine That Doea Not Affect Head
Because of its tonic and laxative
effect, laxative BROMO QUININ1
(Tablets) can be taken by anyono
without causing nervousness or ring
Ing in the head. There Is only one
"Bromo Quinine." e. W. GROVES
signature on the box. 30c.
New England Steam
Trawlers Have a
Successful Year
BOSTON. April 2 Raids of Ger
man submarles. Influeoia snd s twevle
week strike of fishermen on steam
trawlers did not prevent 1918 from the
most successful season experienced in
years by Boston fishing companies, ac
cording to the annual report of ihe
Boston fish bureau msde public today !
Arrivals in till numbered Mtt,'
bringing UT ITO.-U ,,m.l- ,.f ground I
fish and 12.850.987 pounds ( othtsfl
fish, principally mackerel ami sword 1
fish Th- report snys this catch eafl
tabllshes Boston as the world's leading-J
fishing port.
Fishermen earned high wages, thai
rt port says, the schooner Frances S. 1
Grueby with a gross stock or $130.- I
00 leading th. fleet. Each member of
the crew earned about $3500.
OO i
Now Is the Time to Get Rid of i
These Ugly Spots
There's no longer the slightest ne.I 1
of l. ehng ashamed ..i vour lr- kles, 1
M nthlnc -double strength- is guar-1
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;md apply a little of n. night and
double -irenrth from :.nv druggist 'I
and apply a little of it night and
morning and you should soon see thalrj
even the worst freckles have begun to I
disappear, while the lighter ones have J
a anlshed enlir. h li i seldom that 1
more than an ounce Is needed to convl
pletely clear the skin and gain a benu9
tlful. clear complexion
Be aure to ask for the doublo Jj
strength Othlne n this is sold und. r j
guarantee of money bark if it fails tojjfl
remove freckles Advertisement. I
PROVO. April Professor Alice I
Reynolds has lust returned from st 1
I LUlM. MO. Wh. re : lie .VtemJ.-d til A jj
j Jubilee Suffrage convention and ad- j'
dressed tho gathering MisM j..ynods
i pons ih.,t the . .invf.it ion was in J
every way a Jubilee and that the worn- I
en delegates were active and enthus- ;
iaatlc over the progress being made. Jj
While the convention w.n in session j1
presidential suffrage campaigns were Si
in progress In Maine, Minnesota snd 1
Missouri and the delegates did sll J j
they could to further the cause or jj
Miff rage n those states I
Endicott- Johnson Has j
i Capital of $36,000,000
And Employs 12.000
NEW YORK. April 3. Coincident!
with news of refinan. ing by Wall
.(n et bankers of the shoe manufsctur-Jfll
Ing firm of Endicott. Johnson and com ll
pany. came the announcement todayifljl
j that hereafter workers in the cotnfl
pany's various factories would dlvidefl
with the stockholders all profit abo 1
is certain percentage reserved for theflfl
stocks. 9
Th.- i.i.iii.ip nKn' l to net ald j
seven per n-nt of earnings for 'he pre- 1
to. k. t i, p, , ..n. f,-,r the com- 3
men and the remahid r is to be appor- ,J
tloned equally between i-mploer afldjj
common share owners. I
The business of the rompany bagH
been tsken over h a new . uacern '9
the h - rpor II
tlon. with a $36.ooo.(hK cspltsliiatiOavHI
It Is said that the firm, started lofl
Roton forty-five years ago with a caahH
capital of I2SO0. will be the largeatfl
hoe making concern In 1 and, jH
tho next to the largest tanning eopvj
pany It will own plant in Pndlcottfl
nnd Johnson City. N Y . ' rnplo) mg ; sh
twohra thousand hands, with so svfl
proxlmstn dally output of 75. 0 palraH
Of hoes
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