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(By ibc Associated Pres.)
Premier CHemenceau, president of
the peace conference, yesterday pre
sided over a meeting of tbe rcprescn
tatives of the various powers at war
with Germany and gave them fomc of
the details concerning the coming Ver
sailles congress on April 25 when the
1 '-i-nian cmoys will be present. It
has not hern disclosed whether the yi
J itation to the Germans will be Issued
(n the name of the council of five or
'f all the powers represented at the
peace conference.
The foreign minister?, who had un-
der consideration certain provisions of
tho peace treaty, have reported to thej
council of ten that somQ of the articles
have been referred back to tbr drnft
'nc committee, and it it understood
that the remaining articles will be dls
posed of at theory earliea! date',
. The British prime minister. David
Lloyd George, has presented the Bit
ualion at Paris .before the bOUSO of
commons. In a iengthy speech be con
tented himself with diBCUBStng general
aspects, rather than details of what
the peace conference has done He
oppoicd Intervention in Russia, de
clared that bolshevism wan gradually
waning breaking down under th- re
lentless force of economic acts, de
precated attempts to sow dissen Ion
among the delegate?, and declared that
the whole peace of the world bangs on j
the society of nations.
Food relief for Russia, under neutral i
control, has virtually been decided '
upon by the allied and associated DOW- '
ers. Reservations by the French ap-
parently are the only obstacle sin the I
way of immediate action, and these,
according to Paris advlce6. are cxpe. i-
ed speedily to be surmounted. The
agreement to feed the Russians antici
pates that the bolsljeviki must cease
With rioting still reported to be,
lanipanl m Munich and strikes contin-'
utng in numerous other parts of Qer
many. tbe workmen at Bremen, Ger- j
many's big port on the Weser, have i
I I railed a general walkout which is af '
fecting most of the big industrial
' works and the street railways. Unof
Hdlai advices are that soldiers and j
non-commissioned officers of the Ger-:
man army also have threatened to ,
nrike if an order reducing their pay to j
a peace time basis is not rescinded.
Tbe financial section of the allied .
and associated governments in confer
i . enec with financiers of Holland. Den-;
mark, Norway. Sweden and Switzer-
land, have concluded an arrangement
to permit Germany to obtain food and
raw materials and also for an adjust
Dent of maturing credits of Germany
in neutral i tatos.
Albania is the latest state to re
guest the peace conference lor coin
I plete independence, rectification of ,
its frontiers and the appointment of a
mandatory to supervise tbe govern
II inent.
! Helgoland, Germany's extensively
fortified inland in the North Sea; is to '
be dismantled and virtually destroyed,
bj order of the council of four, ac-'
cording to unofficial advices.
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Martial Law Has
Been Declared in
Parts of India
SIMLA. India. Monday April H
Martial law ha - been declared In tho
districts of Lahore and Amrltsar, ac
cording to announcement made here
today. It is stated in thr nnnouncj
mont. that the governor-genSl al ii-
''satisfied that a Btate of opop rebel -lion
against authority cxlslo iu those
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Major Wood Ready
to Fly Across
Atlantic Ocean
EAST CI-irrirH. Eneland pril 17.
Major J. P. C. Wood, the British
aviator who is to attempt a trans -Atlantic
flight from Ireland, announced
bis intention tbis morning of flying to
Limerick this afternoon. If the pres
ent improved weather conditions con
tinue, he said, he would start his flight
across the Atlantic tomorrow.
: -oo
A full man and an empty pocket
book often go hand in hand.
purchased and are cutting the best and
J choicest beef ever exhibited at Salt Lake
j e City - the PRIZE WINNING BEEF.
I All cuts Shop early.
! Fresh Vegetables Meats Dakery Goods .
IT I Washington Market I
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I . i
PARIS. April 16. (Havas.) Tho
allied government?, according to tho
Temps, apparently have decided not
; to wait beyond May 15 for a definite
answer from Germany a? to whe'her
: she will sign or refuse to sign tho
' peace treaty.
PARIS. April 16. An agreement
jwas reached today by tho associated
powers to send food to Russia under
neutral control, hui thp French repre
sentatives mad several reservation!
which will be considered tomorrow.
It Beeins likely, however, that the ob
1 lections will be overcome and thai ihe
relief work will be pressed rapidly.
i The agreement Stipulates that the
BplsoeyjJkl must cease hostilities.
The relief work will bo in chnrce of
la commission headed by Pr. F. Nan
Sen, tbe Norwegian explorer. The v!,
r member will be citizens of Sc.in-
jdinavia and Switzerland.
The negotiations between ihe repre
sentatives of the allied and associated
governments virtually were completed
i Tuesday, tho Echo do Paris says it
Icarnb from nn authoritative source.
Satisfied With Wilson.
The newspaper adds that at no time
; has the understanding between Franco
i and the I'niled States been closer,'
i and that the French government Is
completely satisfied with the attitude
of President Wilson.
The Caulois says that the :iu.-l
agreement on the frontiers between
Ijugo-Siavta and Italy will be incor
porated in the preliminary pe;1ri.
treaty with Germany '.
The council of four decided definite
ly yesterday that military occupition
of the left, bank of the Rhine shall
continue for fifteen years, the new;,,
papers say.' At first interallied f6rces
would be used, hut they would b with
drawn progressively in proportion r
Germany met her financial obi Ipation.s
and be replaced by French and Ucl
gian soldiers.
I The Journal says that the central
'terri'orial commission of the peace
conference has decided the Tesehen
problem in favor of Bohemia as
against Poland
Great Problems.
The council of four yesterday dis
cussed questions relative to Schles-wlg-Holsteln,
Helgoland and the Adri
atic. While the council was in ses
sion the foreign ministers met and
considered claims which have been
made by Germany to holdings in i--lands
in the Antarctic ocean
The foreicn ministers also took up
the draft of article- for the peace I
treaty providing for the recognition by j
Germany of the British position ..ml ,
the passing over of the sultan's rights
Under the Suez canal convention; the
acceptance by Germany of allied pnrc
court decision?, and likewise au article
ilealing with tho future statU3 ofi
President Wilson finished the day1
by a series of calls at the American
headquarter.-, isitins General Taskeri
II. Bliss and Colonel B. M. House.)
among others, discussing with :hr in ,
phases of the situation in which they j
are particularly interested.
The Petit Parisicn. commenting up
Oh the settlement of the question r?'a !
tlvo to the left bank of the Rhine by
the council of four, says:
"Not the least interesting feature
of the prolonsed discussion was to tee1
President Wilson apply himself pas
sionately to the task of solving the
problem and still not injuring thoj
rights of France. He uttered aj
phrase one day which France ouylit to .
know. He declared with an accent
coming from the heart "It would be '
the sorrow of my life if tho great
peace we arc making should be iec-,
pardized by any difficulty between,
France and America.'
"The man who threw his country in-;
to the war for France remains our t
great friend."
The chamber of deputies today, by
a vote of 334 to 166. expressed its con
fldence in the government on a qiK'S-j
tion whether Franco' conditions of
peace should be made known to par-
liament after Foreign Minister Picuon
had declined to outline the details of
!the peace preliminaries until the
treaty had been signed.
The usual calm marking the morn
iii? sittings of the chamber, where
electoral reform was under discussion,!
was broken by Deputy Andre Lebey. j
who. seeing that M. Picbon, the for
eign minister, was present, asked the,
minister when he. would accept an in
terpellation on tho conditions on which
the government would make known
the terms of peace to parliament.
M. PJchon replied that he was will-!
Ing to bo Interpellated immediately.'
but ihat he refused to give any details:
of tbe peace preliminaries. These,
the minister added, would be submit
:. in .iiifi.-...:..n b;. parliament a ;
soon as signed. lie then asked ihatj
the matter he dropped, making it a
question of confidence, 1n the govern
ment. The house, after some heated
bpoech, supported M. Plchon by a
vote of 334 to 166.
Secret Sitting Rejected.
M riehon. in his address, pointed
out that to submit the peace preiimin-j
avle to parliament before tbe signa-i
ture of tb treaty would be unconstT-l
tutional, that it would be substituting
legislative for executive power.
M. Riehon reminded the houso be-i
fore voting that the government de J
i-rr?d well of the country. Ho re
called that M. Clcraenceau had given
warning that France would have to
make concessions. The foreign Oihv
later added that If more extended dec
larations were made in an allied par
liament the chamber of deputies might
jask for further explanations on FA
i day.
A demand for a 6ert sitting of the
i chamher was rejected by a vote or 3 51
! to 158.
Idaho Enthusiastic
Over Victory Loan
Special With Relics
POCATELLO, Idaho, April 16 Poc
i jtojio wap jammpd tonisht v . ith one
j of ihe biggest crowds Mn its history
to view the war relics carried on the
victory special. A confcci ativC esti
mate places the number who M&itsd
MEN! Do you know that in the Lost River Valley there
is a wonderful opportunity for the man with a little I
cash? If you have $1000, come to 1
LOST RIVER. Enough Said I
After April 15th will be located in Arco, Idaho, and will
be associated with the ARCO REALTY CO.
Ecclcs Bldg.
j ii Ji
I Ihe train in the Gate city at 'Jo.OOO.
AU day today the special baa played
to Immense throngs.
Hcburn turned out a big crod ai
7 a, m. to greet the speeial, and Ku
pei t staged ; demonstration that taxed
'the capacity of the .station ground1 to
accommodate County Chairman Hla
;npy of Minidoka county, hacked by
ithe mas ot patrtot1c,citisena gathered
at the station at Rupert, pledged hi.
county to go across In tho Victory
loau in record rim. 1 if. planned to
lhave Minidoka's quota ready to report
the Instant the drive opena next Mon
day, Advance arrangements arc already
bclHK made to this rud.
quia showed up with the school
Children leading a beautiful parade,
each pupil carrying, an American flaC
Rfinldoks turned out a solid wedge !
humanlt that packed the station
grounds. American Falls put on a
demonstration I bat was elaborate and
beautiful. The local choral society
furnished patriotic music. Prominent
citizens from the Falls met the train
at Minidoka.
Chairman Greenwood r,f Power
county assured State Chairman GWlnh
bin county would make its quota on,
the first day. Governor Davis was)
elven an ovation vhen he spoke In;
American Falls, his homo town.
PoCftello ripped Ihe roof otf vlien
the Vfctory ppecial reached here. EJv
ery engine whistle In the yards and
shops broke loose, cannon were Hred, I
sirens shrieked and the overseas men
with the train were mado to feel as I
much at borne, ?o far as nolso wasi
concerned, as possible.
Speakers today were Governor Da
vis, State Chairman Monto It. Gwlnn,
Senator Llod Adam. YVillsie Mar'in
Captain Edgar T. Hawley and Prhato,
Bates. Mr. Martin joined tbe train!
;t Minidoka.
Chairman Gwinn received a wire at j
Pocatello from Assistant Chairman
Home, statins that San Francisco had
adised that all recruit inc officer.
throughout the L'nlted States will de
tall soldiers as Victory loan -pcakcrs
through the drive.
"Last sprinq I bad a terrible cold
and crippe and was afraid I was goin
to have Influenza." writes A. A. Mc
Neese. High Point. Ga. "I tried many
kinds of medicine, but remained clog-1
ged with cold. I then look Foley's
Honey und Tar Compound, feeling re-'
lief Iroiu the first I used sccn &mnll 1
bottles. It was a eight to see the j
phlegm I coughed up. I am convinced
Foley's Honey and Tar saved me rrom
Influenza'" Checks coughs, colds,
croup and whooping cough. A. Ii. Mc
Intyrc Drug Co. Advertisement
Ogden Placed on
Pershing Highway
As an After Thought
LIXCOLN". Neb.. April 15. Half a
hundred delegates ropresenting states
from the Atlantic to ihe Pacific met
here today and organized the " Persu
ing Highway," that will extend from
New York to San Francisco.
As officially adopted today, the
highway passes through the citiea and
towns Where General Pershing Bpent
his boyhood days, where he reccned
his edueatiou, and later bla early mili
tary experience. It is also one of the
shortest, if not the shortest, high ayi
in mileage from coast to coast.
E. A. George of Lincoln was elect
ed president of tbe highway aBSOi lo
tion. Cther olticers are Clinton Cowan
of the Ohio stale highway commis
sion, first vice president, and L. A.
Nares of Sau Francisco, second ice
president. W. S. Wbitten of Lincoln
will be tbe secretary-treasurer.
With these men comprising ihe na
tional executive committee boards ap
pointed for tho different states
thioucb WOlcb the road is to pass will
co-operate. The president of each si ite
board will be a member of the general
board of directors.
The expense of building and main
taining the highway win lie . lo
that of any that could be planned
Entering Wyoming cast of Chey
enne, th highway as designated g"ea
west through Laramie, Rawlins, Rock
Springs and Evanston, lhcnc down
w rJh -: y
Cuticura Cares For
Both Their Skins
Th? nuritv of Cuticura Sean recen
mends it for both m"ther and bab"
It keeps the skin soft, clear and
healthv if used for everv-day toilet i
purposes. For Ijttle ikin troubles
that distress and dihrur, bathe vuh
the Soap, dn, and apply touches of
Cuticura Ointment as needed.
; ISWB wire (o tt Ao fajMnriut frt
j craoce of Cotjcma TaJcuio oo tba iltlo.
Echo can? on to Echo From Echo
.the road n U) ,,,.,,,. ;jni, nn
there to Salt Lake. From Salt Lake
the highway take a turn directly west
Via Wendover and to Wells, Elko.
Winnemuccaj lieno and finally to Bail
I ,SaU fak a"'J L-tah were represent
eii at the conference bv w. h. Rome
I and W. 1 Rlschel. Ogden had been
at first overlooked In plimnln? the
I highway, but the ciahns demonstrat
ed thai tht route through (gdrU vas
tbe be.st.
' ....
boston", April 16. Leaders of the
striking telephone operators In New
England expresfed unwillingness to
night to accept, pian for settlement
of their grievances proposed by Post
master General Burleson and Secre
tary Tumulty.
Secretary Tumulty, in a telecrain to
day io mi julls s O'Connor, presl
dent of the telephone operator-' d"
partmeot of Ihe International Erolh
erbood of Electrical Workers, urged
the strikers to return to work and to
file their wage demands wiih W. R.
Driver. Jr.. general manager of tho
New England Telephone and Tele
graph company. He nald Mr. Hii.er
was authorized lo recommend to th
government operating board am
agreement "just and fair to all par
ties concerned."
Jicplyiug tonight, Miss O'Connor1
?cnt the following telegram to Mr.
"Your proposition contained in to
da 's iclc'juini is not tundauicn h
different from the proposal of Mr.
Dmieson. It States that we may dis
cuss with Mr. Driver, our contentk ii"?.
SuhSequently; he reaches a conchn-'on
upon which he will advise up. theucol
to be submitted to the operating:
board. At no step of this proceedure J
could the methods you recommend Lei
construed as collective harfraininT. I
We insist upon our rieht to reach a!
conclusion with Mr. Driver mutually
agreeable to the unions and tho com
pany and do not recognize the right
of any other agency or individual toi
hold the power to repudiate ihiS
oo '
Pershing Highway
To Pass Through
I Salt Lake City
LINCOLN. Neb.. April 16. The j
"Pershing historic highway" was sc-i
i leetcd as a name for the route which!
I will have New York City and Sanl
I Francisco as its termini, and pass
through Baltimore. WaehinEion, D C,
'Indianapolis. Springfield, Ills., Hanr.:-1
bal. Mo., Laclede, Mo., where General'
Pershing was born; St Joseph, Mo.,!
Lincoln, Neb., Cheyenne, Wo., Salti
'Lake City and Reno, Nev.
The association. It was announced,!
will be incorporated under the laws I
'of Nebraska and a suitable marker to
i distinguish the highway from other
roads will be chosen by a committee,
members of which were appointed today.
Policeman (to suspicious stranger
at midnight) What are you doing In'
I thi3 store ?
Burglar Can't yer see T'm takin' 1
Liig Pine Mining company , location
of principal place of business, 2449
Washington. Ogden City, Utah.
Notice is hereby given that at (bo
meeting of tho directors held ou the
Agency for Morse's Candy.
2463 Washington Ave.
The Drug Store of Quality.
C .
: Automobile Supplies-
, Oarage, Repairs. Studobaker Aener.
i Mack-Robinson Co., 2440 Grant Ay&
I Phono 891.
Accident Insurance
Aetna Accident & Liability Co,
Auto and Liability Insurance. H. A.
j Purdy, 1S77 Hudson Avo. Phone 481
Acetylene Welders
ANYTHING new or old
I ANYTHING A to Z new or old
bought, sold or traded. Tbonc 333. "
Books and Stationery
BramweU Look and Stationery, 2362
Washington Ave. Lhon 36u. 205S
; Utah National Bank, soulbeaet car
ner Twenty fourth and Washington,
j fhono CI.
Bicycles and Repairing
U. C. Hansen i.'u. bicycles. Accesor
ic, Kt-'puniug. Viialic Tircst 2468
:iiudaou avenue. 2168
j iry our Maid o' Clover buttermilk.
,10c a galliju. Mutual Cieamery Co.,
fwcutj. third and Wall, .2671
T. H. u'Counolly, Ogden, Utah. Legal
iadviLO by mail. Write uie th lacia.
x'huuu W4.
Carpet Ckaning
K. Van Kampen for upoolsterlng;
carptla cleaned, altered and laid. K
! maKin ut ujaureosea. Phone 882.
Mspert carpet cleaning, mattres
reuovatin. upholstering, and cpnnj
reeiretched. Call li. J. Haxnptoa ck
I'hon 2J86-W.
Owen W. Haiverbou. D. C. Res.
il'hon-. 1086W. 7ul-7yj ccles 131dg.
Chimney Sw2eping
Itesident 8toi and chltum y sw eep
and repair man. Call 2617-K. 2216
Chili and Tamales
Lcol In town, served tho jea
around, b. M. Chill Parlor. 219$
City Scavenger
McCarthy t Co., 2734 Orant aYenti
houo 201S-W.
The New Mothod LentlstB are epe- j
.cialisis in all brauchea or Dentistry'.
246U WashiuglOL. 22U3 '
Madame Capiau Gown Shop. Fancy
buitou. . hriu&i iu bing, pkoi at 10c prr '
yard. Third Hour W. H. Wright i '
bona. ihb'J
By dsy or pie e. Mrs. LuIIy, rear
663 Tv.tuiy nub. 1'houo 1962. 2207!
Drain Tile For Sale
Lntarmountaln Concrete Co. Ttren j
tlcth and Lincoln aenue, Ugdcn, Utah. )
' Fhouej 2U08 and 1S7. 2310 '
electrical Work
Wiring, repairing, fixtures. Alham
bra Electric bbop, Phone 281. 2i7J
Ogden BngraTlng Service Co., mak
ers of lino cuts In one or more colors.
416 Twenty-fourtb street. Phone 463.
Puneral designs. 2249 Vashington.
avenue. Johu Norton. Phone 768-W.
Fire Insurance
Charles Eisenbcrg Phone 1859-J
Caledonian and Michigan Commercial ;
Standard Insurance. 1675
Furs, Hides, Wools
Utah Wool & Hido Co., 2358-62 !
Wall avenue. Phone 2S6. Give U3 a
trial. 2180
4th day of March, 1919. an assessment
of one-half cent (Vc) per share was
levied on the capital stock ot tbe cor-
poration, payable r t once to F. J.
I Vicks, secretary and treasurer, at Se
curity Stat bank, Ogden City, Utah,
i Any toek upun which ihe assess
ment i-ball remain unpaid on the lith
'day of April. 1919. will bo delinquent
and advertised for sale at public auc
tion, and, unless payment is made be
fore, will be sold on tho 5th day of
May, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.. to pay
delinquent assessment, together with,
the cost of advertising and expenses
of sale.
F. J. VICKS. !
Secretary and Treasurer,
Address: Security State hank, Ogden,
Ccntult Ccunty Cterk or tr.9 Rti?
tlvs Signers for Further
j The estate of Pedro Ancbordoquy.
I deceased.
j Creditor? will present claims with
, vouchers to the uudcrsigned at the of
fice of A. G. Horn, Utah National bank
building, udn. Utah, on or before
August 18. 1919.
A. G. Horn, attorney for said estate.
i l-
$50, $100, $1000, bought and sold
at the beat market prices. We pay
accrued interest to date of sale on
the last coupon.
J. A. Hogle & Co.
2409 Hudson Ave. 163 Main St
Ogden Salt Lake
Hats blocked. Owens, i.tj c x. M
408 TwcntyWUL Phone 2162-il! . lJj - '
Hav and Grain
Hay grain and poultry frc,i Rhi
Bros., 371 Twenty third. Phone 2845 ji
Hides Wools Furs
O. M. Hunyan. 2269 Wall avenu
pays top prices. Thone 781-W. igjjj
Insurance and Real Estate
R. G. Agfi. real estate and loaiu
Basement of Broom hotel. 2115
Junk and Hides .
Western Hide & Junk Co, 222
I Washington Avo. Phone 861,
Ogden Junk House, 2059 Waablnxtn
Ave. Phono 210. auuxio
I ,
Kl Ksrd - and Loa,s
U4wl"arduKa- rcal s'aro and loans.
2474 Washington.. Phone -109 1874
Life Insurance "
j Mutual Life of N. T. J. P. Corrv
j Diet. Mgr. Ecclee Bldg , Phone 6ft 1
Motorcycles L
Iodian agency motorcyele and bl
cycle repairing, lndlao Motorcyclep
l ierco bicycles and accessories and
Millet auto urea. 2576 Washington
avenue. :o55
I Money to Loan
I ON city and larm property. J. C. Ny
; Agency, 602 Eccls BhJg. 2313 :
Mone "o loan on mnntbly pv.mcrii?
Carl C. Kacmuosen, 2428 Hudson avo
nue- 2167 F
Salaried people can get It without ' i
Becurity, utbers on furniture, pianoa
etc. 102 Hudson Bldg. Phone 871 J.
iloney to loau on improved real es
tate. Kelly it Herrick. 214i
New and Second Hand Goods
A. Siner, new and second hand for
nithre. clothing, etc.. bought and sold,
bun case3 cheap. 241-243 Twenty-filLh,
Phone 1321.
Pap t cleaning and tinting. Ned Wil
; kinson. Address Rear 73S Twenty.
nixthi street. I'hone 152U J. 245c
Paper Hangbg and Cieaning-r-
Iraper haugin. cleaning and tintins.
All work guaranteed. 906 Twenty
eighth street. Phone 2072-N- " 24S3
Piano Tuning
Also phonograph repairing, work
guaranteed. Oscar Atkinson. Phone
I 503. 2832
Cat Spencer's Popcorn Balls; one a
day keeps tho "doctor" away. Sold
! o er where. :22U
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. A i'ernJund, ofnee hours 11 to
4 p. m. New Peery Bldg., Hudson Are.
titb. lhono t,4b. Ultice phono 1900-W,
Printing . 1
All Uiads of Job printing. Dee-Neute-buuui
Printing Co. Phone 1166. 219
tor garden plowing, excavating and
gia.el uaUliug, ell 1696. 2568
Sanitary Work
Sanitary oaroago Co., all kinds of
. tit Dish hauled. Phone 62y.
jioiagc batteries
bioiugo batteriud icchaiged and re
paired. Service car. Phuue 316. wu- j
taid Service Station. 2056
iewini Machines
o icai. mfjtxtC, Carry needles and
pans for ail make ot machineb. N hu
ocwing Machine Co. 23(' Washington
awQut. Phone 2884.
Second Hand Stoves
We Lake your old range as first pa?-
1 ment on auy new range ox will buy
j your old rauge uutrignu ilouio Puj
uiture Co.
lenU and Awxllues
j Ufien 'lent and Awning Co., manu
lacturera oi high-grade btore, otlice
and resident awniUoS. S aterprool
1 covers, bogs. etc. Au thing in can
d66. 2266 ackingtuu Ave. Phone 264.
Tin Sheet
Newman L Stuart. Co. Phone 22S6.
I Furnace work; new ones inolallod; H
I old ones repaired. I
Typewriter Repairinc
expert typewriter repairing Kea-
sonablc prices C. A. Becrsft, 57S V
Twenty-lourth street. 2634 1
Viohn and Piano
I Teacher of Violin and Tiano, in Og yjl
I den Fridays only, at Fredric Moss Stu- t H
'dlo. Room 323 Hudson buildlDg. Wuj.
C. Cline. 2762 '
tVindows Cleaned j
Expert window and wall paper clean- II
in, auywhere. American Window
Cleaning. Phone 563. K
Wall Paper K
Wall paper, paints, paper hanging, pv
painting, tinting, wood finishing, etc I
yiullcr Decorating Co., 264 1 Wash. Are. fJ
; Phono 149 W. 2057
(',. R. Ens, expert wall paper clean- !
j ing. Jogalong Transfer. Phono 253. mi
Wail Paper Cleaning 1
Wall paper cleaning Good work. .
Pricco reasonable. Phone 2580-'. Mo'
LOWE & EVANS, expert wall pan?r
cleaners and tinted vall. Fhono 19". M'x
Vacuum Cleaners ff'
Tel. 2582 J lor VaeiTorm Cleaners. II
for 24 hours. Sterilized Dust Bag .
: zzzzzzz , m
j Notice to Advertisers On'dnd fter April 1, 10i9, business directory i:d i J B?
I 'ertislng In The Standard will be 51 per line pr month. I A
' r

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