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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, April 17, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 6

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' BH ( i H t ) ) -4 ) B ( IH ( ) 4B ( ) HBt1 ( 1 HBBt I 1 B ( B I I B" ( ' MB" ( I BB ( ) B BB I 1 ' I ) BQ ( J y3Be-I 1 BB ' KMI ( i 4TK ( l ( i BBB? I ' ' 1 -OIB-( ) BP ( ) KJr" ( ) I I - ) I -P- 'IIB)H(IBIIBIIB()B(IB(IB()BHBHl. AC
RV -ii?sVi fi I Easter Petticoats ,Sale $ Easter Blouses, Sale $ gf Shop Early in the Day I j
Jtt JLmJPi JETHs CsV 4of All jerseys taffetas with jersey tops, novelty Tjfc One hundred georgette and crepe etc chine blouse--T"TI You know what crowds these Dollar Days bring out es !
a r AnnV di irt m td a no flouncing straight line effects. New $6 values all light and airy colors all new spring styles. Allr pecially in the afternoons. You will find it much better to I
J A UyUU(lAt 1U JAAUB Friday and Saturday $5. sizes $6.50 values $5. shop in the mornings.
YsZZm A Double Dollar Day gal l
Candy Bars A Double Dollar Day - which means two days instead of one. It was almost im- J J
j 29c a pound possible to wait upon all who came last Saturday - and give good service. Also j-y
For the week-end another big
there were those living in the County who did not get their papers in time to take f (fi I j
I sale of homemade candies. Choice 1 f 1 1 I " A H 1 1 H 11 I ilk
J ?JSS?rSm c4!fm' cmT.! advantage of the sale - for these reasons, we give you this week A Double Dollar Jn X ' ,r-
I ' 1; Day: All of these items will be on sale ALL DAY FRIDAY AND ALL DAY 4Li)fi ! '
j "'""VwHrtV s.'.rVon.y, ' SATURDAY. A glance at the items offered tells the rest of the story. gpWl '
f-1 Ti TS rfl 10 FOR $1 SPECIAL $1 3 YARDS $1 WmSEB$Mi
4 II BL 9 Thln blown, clear glass, S-oz. Wo nun'-; Hmsalow Aprons made Odds and ends of Wash Goods up wSBriSHfmil.
I B E BfV Water rumbl rs, 1 2 c (t -j "f llL'ht nn'l dark percalo, trim- up to 75c values; from ?, to 40 2 yBklmA
1 m j I L P tfl - value; 10 ffr J 1 JJ '"'-d y" !l hi;-s ''raid, wide belt and inches wide; 3 yards t - ff 1 BKWtiffk
j Ge A -H- J (WRIGHTS Daeemcu: ) pockets; values to A for .. J) 1 .UU 1 -r TttMMZj& v
Friday and Saturday are closing days of the April 10-QUART KETTLE ''Wfe 2ni ffioV rrf0 CrOOCl JN CWS
Silk Sale. For these days you will find practically SPECIAL $1 WOMEN'S APRONS oISm J -fiY-IVT. sHI W
all of the good silks and patterns that were offered Giy graaite. lq-quaxt cover pt- 9rnRt1 J YARDS $1 1UI 1 XCll '' I
? -i i i. ,iUn OB oc.-"-,n " w,,h ball; $1 ZS t I AA rUn o I 40r Prrralen, inrhs wide, in OTi I I o j
t in the original assortment. Silks tOl every OCCaaiOn ?aJue 5I.UU Women's Waist Aprons toade of llgnt, dark and medium colors, Dollar a rnmino-PvPTit in thp C I
a wonderful assortment of the new plaids as well (Wright s Basement net and dark percale, trimmed new patterns; nn iy 7 " s eveub , jsyv
I i plain sUks. AH of them wort-- SPRINKLING CANS -:;T,,J ;00 ?tltXXZtl ST
I; lSa:fc.--I.45 HXEU.a 'W0 HUCK TOWELS Sfi.
i 1 fe X J s-nu.rt sus; x.n ( i MUSLIN CHEMISE 3 FOR $1 You will find this Men's Shop a good place to know. I
f s v,""wr:11!irrs BiS. 2 FOR SI wSTJSS.'aS'JM MEN'S SILK SOX MEN'S COTTON SOX i
I Mini. Pkiaikii-n ni A-rro Damon's Stralghl Chemise made Fleur de Lis pattern . f r-v , . . , .... Men's sox. a pood wearing nuali- I
yV yl 1 CHINA DINNER PLATES of spirndid .maiity muslin, trim- special, 3 for 3)1.00 JJen.s holeproof sox, sllk-faeed; ty. medium weight, black and Un 1
r 1 One-Cent Sale sifor,e $tS8 'crash towels ' ;rr- $1-00 $100 i
1 This ever popular event that brought such crowds 2?5 6..$1 .00 ' J""-J 5 FOR $1 MEN'S SOFT COLLARS .."gW JgJCSW j
2 vesterdav, Will be continued tomorrow and Saturday (WRIGHT'S Basemm. . WOMEN'S CORSETS Bleached Ciah Towels with linen One line of men's soft collars; colors; 25c values. nn
I with practically all of the items as originally adver- CUT GLASS JUGS SPECIAL $1 a ""4: Tl"nn fin,l 'U "SS JfU I
' tii?pdF SPECIAL SI Womon-s Rustproof Corsets, elas- 5 for $1.00 Inr ' $1.00 MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS !
Many of our customers look forward to these cJ L, llrupters-TS:!: 7? fttm1SS I
I events to supply their Toilet Goods needs for many cmi7 ,gnAn StJS ,2 00' $100 TURKISH TOWELS MEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS $1 0Q !
5 weeks. This will probably be the last One Cent Sale vaiu 01.UU (wnfoHrs rnd Fiorr 5 FOR $1 Men's fine white camhric hand- MfwVmSThF I
we wiU be able to hold before fall. Come in and see f SAUCBRS WOMEN'S BRASSIERS - TO ' to! ! 3.- whiS 5gSi?L.
1. f) what your pennies will buy. uur aimu Auuthb SPECIAL $1 foodahsorbent quail- qq pricC( 5 for 31.00 Upavyajj llght woigbt' 51 25 xal-
j ' ; WniteJapanteCh.nwideshap,. VZt Sfosnkd fel.t hoor.) MEN'S DRESS GLOVES EtSiilS9
! ( " 1 NEW CRETONNES te. cup. and saucers. i 0n nslln JrlmSi w! Salnty le BLEACHED SHEETING Men's fabH. dr. r, ,i m MN S SEALED HAND'KS
I flTftri ? YD FDR SI 4 for &1.UU and embroidery; values to 13.00, o VARnc ill JliS tit? Klv ' Beft,e Pgk handkerchiefs.
I VJldlQCll TUi. run 5l (WRIGHTS Basemcut. i .special a. aa O YAnUb $1 brown color, $1.25 d - regular 25c per pkp; r,x H
Cretonne. 36 inches wide, in dark .... A n.r.r-no i acb J) 1 .UO BIoached Sheeting for medium values, tale price P A .UU sale price, 5 pkg .... J) 1 UU
Acp colors, this Is a beautiful pattern blHLS WHIIh DLOUMtHS (WRiGHT'S nd Floor ) sizcd bcds; rc'Cular 60c values.
ALfJjC Pillow tops or for draperies: O DA I DC COR t1 3 5'ards (f1 rf r I 1 a "I
Bwt noiitv of rubber 1. 50- special today only. Jl QQ Children's Whe Muslin Blodm- INFANTS' DRESSES forfWPIrH VT.-rT 1 '00 I HP SlTlt I P '
1 ?n?t lencthJ, .11 ready fittr.1 7Jm 322 nt 1 ers made of good quality material. SPECIAL $1 (WRIGHT S 1st Floor.) X 1 L W kJ till kJOLlW
I with couplings ready to h.mv elastic knee and waist, usual 65c Infanfi White Dresses in Ion- MUSLIN HFFTINn Tf -..t -n ,3
! North sLr ei 9 7 CURTAIN MARQUISETTE I-y $1 00 wi?S 2 YARDS ? yo,u ??i,ng t0 Uy an Eter Smt tllls week I
I SSBtSr2 2 YARDS $1 pa7wRTGHT;s "2nd Floor nainsook trimmed wth dainty 8.4 and oVffih! sheeting, take a look at these sae suits that are here from last
I 50 St .$10.75 Marquisette m the cream color pun nDCM'c dhudcdc i?V& ?22J0 $100 8c quality, 1 nn year and which are selling at prices much below the
to winTroot - IiA7r only; this is the real hemyy ma- CHILDREN S ROMPERS ,17 Vricot's inTr . - yard, for 3 1 .UU pre-war mark. Don't take it for granted that vou 2
I tA , , ' blU. terial UBed for fancy work; spe- O D A I DC CflR 51 I WRIGHT S 2nd Floor.) (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor.) x j j . i " s u . . .
f 50 feet ep iy ciai today oniv. m rAino rUn l PDAcu muci imp . cannot find a sie and style to suit come in and look I
I ft ar;wPC; $ 7.50 i $1.00 caphg; Romper .made of dark CRASH TOWELING BLEACHED MUSLIN them over. i
I 50 ply. 60 feet... P i .kJJ (WMOHT S Baser-em ) and H&bt asbablo KmRham; 3 YARDS SI fiYADncCI
1. J L ; rnTTM RATTQ iSSal $ 'iV' Oc Bleach CrkT$olel,nff. all 25c Purttf lll.n r,n Valll0S $U'75 Values $15.75
I RnY' nnn PANTS C017?nDBcrAiTTS 2 $1.00 u t Ti";",'"; Values $19.75 $35 Values $22-75 J
I ! B0I? rue dmp FOR $1 (WRlGHW2nd-fI,r lowels, etc; 3 yards glQO wide; yard. fcinO 1 -J ! J
i $1 THE PAIR Cotton Batts of the 12-oz. size In niD. 0, nroor0 for vt; iphtx i t ,T for M .UU 1 1
a. Uh.lri Pant in sizes 8 to Pure white cotton; the.e are very GIRLS' DRESSES (WRIGHT S 1st Moor ( WRIGHT'S 1st Floor.)
I the boy to work in thj garden; Tto? $1.00 Girls' Dresses and Apron, made PER PAIR $1 3 YARDTl 5 YARDS $1 . 3 PAIRS $1 I
I fecial today onl5. J1 QQ (WRIGHT'S Basement.) of good quality gingham and per- 1 .25 Piquot Pillow Cases best 0c dress SnrW, Tn bleached outing flannel, Infants fibre silk hose, black only, !
f) the pair ;;--- Vvv rale, light and dark color?, new quality made, in ulzes 12x36 and rL, .Th . ! largo assort- inches wide, for night dresses. sizes 4 to 6 ; linen finish heel and 2
(WRIGHT'S Basement.) TURKISH TOWELS models with pockets. 00 45x36; special tfjl AA ?n 1 1" 5 1 OO 1 Vl AH 9
RHYQ' NFW WAISTS C CflD 1 ?1-60 voluos 1UU p0r pair 1 .UU J - V h T 11 OO for 1UU for j)l.(jU S
8 2 FOR $1 Turkish niKio sue 17x WRIGHT'S "lst" Floor, T ( WRKMHT 1st fToo! (WRIGHTS l8t Flr WRICH 1- ) j
Boy. Blnchambry Waists in WrrT OOIT CHAUJE SERPENTINE CREPE P, "ffifS86
I I sizes 6 to 14 years; these are well slze for hand toweg. BpecSlal. 3 PAIRS FOR $1 5 YARDS $1 3 YARDS $1 SPECIAL $1 5 PAIRS $1 I
5 rnade and of splendid niateriai. today, Women's and Misses' Summer 3 6-Inch Cotton Challles fcr kimo- 40c BenanUna Grans . with -n't damask. 72 inches wide, extra Women's cotton hose in black, 5
j I fecial toaay only, QQ 6 or ) 1 .UU Drawers made of good qualitv nos. quilt coverings, etc . beautl- llnwrfewSlah In nlato shades heavy weight with a bright mercer- "bite and fancy: heavy heel and a
I 2 fwSSSm Bailment) (WRIGHT'S Basetncnc) mnsUn trimmed with lac. and ful Dresden patterns, good assort- MnebYrd pattern etc for nighi jed finish, a Bood line of patterns toe, elastic top, 26c 1 I
g (WRIGHT S Basement. CIRPR CI fiHR RIIPQ embroidery; 60c val- d ff mcnt; 5 yards (1 aa dresses, etc.. 3 yards 0 AA S Ptmi ; big 11 AA y.Swfor .i.XJU J
MFN'5 WORK HIRT rlbtn FLOOR HUbS ncs, 3 for $ 1 .UU for $1.UU for 3)1.00 , 1W ralue;, for yd... ipl.UU (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor.) a
VFRY QPFHAI Tl 2 FOR $1 (WRIGHT'S 2nd Floor ) (WRIGHT S 1st Floor.) (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor.) (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor ) DRESSER SCARFS
VbHY brtLIAL I Fiber Rngs in assorted colors and FLAXON 2 YARDS Si ODCH I A T SV, I
l Men's Work Shirts in colors blue in size 27xG4 inches; these nro riHAUIJ, C IMnUOI SPECIAL $1 J
B and kbakJ, we have them in sizes splendid extra rugs for in front of Flaxon. 38 inches wide, an extra Dresser scarfs, trimmed with filet 1
5 15 to 17; a splendid work Bhlrt the stove or kitchen cabinet; spe- ?N TAT 1 ftimM flne quallty wlth a beautiful fin- inserts and edges; sizes are 18 by I
h for sprlnp; special t. -i rial today, M rf f WppL" HHI lsh- a lon wearing fabric; white 54. $1. 50 values. tf -i r s ?
today onlv, each $1.UU 2 for t 1 .OU A. f 7 IV z&tHKm&M only; 60c value; 2 n Special.... 3 1 .00 f
(WRIGHT'S Basemenl i (WRIGHTS Basement Iff T? 1 aHHBBBBBaSSSsm yards for f L .JJ (WRIGHT'S lst Floor ) 9
fi it AX fT TUfi (WRIGHT'S lst Floor.) i
j 6 PAIRS $1 SPECIAL $1 XTV SliriP afflP wriAltl 2F0RS1 !
I 1 Men's Sox in color? black and tnn Fiber suit cases in the brown color Tf- . LillUL jSBSSSSSZr orcoiHL qil V rmcn s summer weight union- i
5 In assorted Fixes, this is a splen- only In slzr- 14-ineh. made on a Jfc yBau-' 1 n,,in" kwKSHsrTef Van Raalta "'gara Maid" lon suits, lace trimmed and tight D
e did. rofton sock; spe- t -i fC ste' trame with catch and lock f I C tfHHM7 JT silk gloves, extra heavy qualit . knee; 60c values; 2 rf f c
1 clal today nnl 6 pr J 1 .UU nn I special today (J 1 a-y j' kJul V J tjlffw SBBftgr Ssti can be cuL down; black and white for ............... 1 .UU fj
6 (WRIGHT'S Basemonr.) each .' $1 .UU niai H only; $1.60 values t (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor )
, (j Men's Leather-faced Canvas Gloves WiL 1 , covered Louis heel. &n CA welt soles, sizes & A fC taoo $4QC 9PFPIAI C1 women s vests and pants, summer A
i J either with or without the gaunt- G,rl GlnEhara Dresses in sizes all sizes ; 8 50 vals... 0 .OU i-" to 7 3)4. "5 ' MlTWaJ 5r'tUIAL5l weight; vests are high necks, short H
lot; these are splendid to use while - to 6 curs. in plaid and plain uinrirm'o oamiao Ql"k moire and poplin hand bags; peeves; 35c values; a-. J
I twe.w-'bs?.J;00 sSbS8t&r m, :!:1";; w'EEL tsri 1-7' $1.00 women-s gloves I
Sa4 S toilet paper r,".T1.WmT nn SSM'm saSrtS&W-5SS .. special $1
! I special 15 rolls $1 ' 00 $1-00 : $5 65 .SSt $1.00 sweet grass baskets WtStJSi I
i ! ssffSsaa; g-$i.oo ome 01 xne Basemenx aaies sssarssrfi s ess M 't's ist f f I
3 ty mu.lln; pocial to- . 1 n (W RIGHT s Basement.) without, splendid for spwlns has- NEW VOILES 4 YARDS $1 !
1 Jnu, .rnV r. 6 FOR $1 Women', Btaclt KM Cords. Bo, V BasebaU Sbo,,. b,a, k oan- W. . Odd l d J.O. ' ""'aVKIGHTS lst fToo! , " 2512? J&'gSJ'
I I. WOMEN'S CAMISOLES Semi-poree.aln 6-,nch soup enpes; leather covered Louis dJO OC va" f. ltth stripes and 0. TaW.. all WM Tj jj WnMFM'Q !ll If UOCC H yapdi ,ftA
I IPFHAI "C1 white; fl.80 TOluw; i rtA beels. all sizes 5?O.ZO spiked solos; sizes QC ! ', ' SI OO WOMEN S SILK HOSE lor $1.00 f
1 fi SrtLIALJI set nt six (or 3)1.00 1 to 10; special HOC s"'6tlal - )W 2 PAIR! SI I WRIGHT'S '" t-or i 2
I ! nIE$?s j..-?rsfero- A suppers .n-rnrVosH s:srS --- "-s i
f e SI OO Porter Walton Flower Seeds, all 1 " A netr line of Misses and Wo- Thrill last 9V .OU pair for $1.00 """"els for Infanta' skirts, etc , I
I I WNwRTorrf-BW -Heties. too value.; $j $3.25 $3 75 Pu'mps SX't aed'SSr. "n INFANTS' KID SHOES (WRIGHT'S 1st Floor ) Special J QQ
I I WOMEN'S BLOUSES (wriW-s Wemen.., GIRLS' MARY JANES ""mSTtlfTZ or SSTlWrSWSf SB. M2 ""WgUJla Hnwri, I
I ? 2 FOR SI PLAYER PIANO ROLLS Patent Mary Janes, misses low "riwV -i.v BDeclal 3) 1 .4t5 I , 0 w r, r-.
Hi I Woiaeas Wliite Voile Waists in 4. FDR heel. 111-2 An .. Madras cloth. 36 inches wide, nice C. YARDS $1
! laW aire, only of good patterns Piano Player Rolls O R ? and t0 2 W.50 MEN'S WORK SHOES WOMEN'S HOUSE "jjjW. of a very fine qnallty Smartest of veilings for the Easter
1 j neatly trimmed; these are special Impil Children spring hoc,. y Men's Worlc Shoes ; all odds and SLIPPERS SSSSi. " Is e?! Sniffs doST' 5" !
i I alueg to be offered tf alues to $1 00. A Z n JJ " J ends of broken stock, values to V omen's House Slippers, one and ivear . whito only 4 Oc tf. 4 1 JwJ Si! IJjni?8 Mi 'Us;
I c today only, 2 for 1 .UU 4 for $1.00 f"8 8PrlC hee1' R 1 4 18.00, all sizes; fcOQC two straps, low heels. l) 0C valuos; 4 vards for $ 1 .00 foP ' 1 HO I
I (W1UGHT8 Basement.) (WRIGHTS Basement.) 5 tQ 8 Z-j 'PeCal 3Q.5 all sizes $2.25 j (WRIGBfrs l it FIoor.) (WRIGHTS ls't"por , J J
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