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NEW YORK Iron and lead unchanged. Spelter, ft 11 BT B 3 I B I R Xj U XB 5 B sM h Weather indications for Ogden and vicinity
qu'et; East St. Louis delivery cpot, 6.106.22Sc; m J III T HI I 7 H A B 1 1 I I Cloudy, with local rain in north portion tonight or ' .TV'
March, 6.1226.22!;C. t l " J VW V W mght'' "' SatUrday nd in n0rth Portlon I
Forty-ninth Year-No. 93 Price Five Cent. OGDEN CITY, UTAHFRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 18, 1919. ' LASTEDlf ION 3:30 PTlVL I
Italy Demands Decision
I on Fiume and
1 Dalmatia.
Germans Will Not Be
Permitted to Discuss
COPENHAGEN April 18 German
and Baltic - German troops have forci-1
bly seized Libr.u and overthrown the
Letfsh provisional government, ac
cording to advices received by the Let
tish press bureau here.
(By the Associated Pres)
Conflicting claims to the city r'
Flume and the Dalmatian coast which
have boon laid before the peace con-,
ference in Pasis bv Italy and Jugo
slavia probably ill be brought to n
decision soon.
This controvert has aroused pub
lic sentiment in Italy and when the
Italian parliament meets April 24 it
is probable Premier Orlando will be j
asked for a "report on the subject.!
I Hence, he is said especially to desire
a settlement before that date
Conversations on the Adriatic prob
lem have been going on in Paris for
some time, but n is indicated thai a
, settlement has not been reached
The Allied terms of peace probably!
will not be laid before the Germans'
until Saturday of nexl week and it
ma not be until the following Monday
thai the enemy delegate learn the
I details of the treaty. This will delay
I proceedings to some extent, it is be
lieved, and it is not expected that the
German delegation can go to Weimar,
receive instructions and return to Par
is before May 8. ,
According to present plans. the Ger
man delegates will be permitted to
ask questions to elucidate obscure
poini.v but nolhinq approaching a dis- j
cuBSlon of the terms will be permit-'
ted. Only President Wilson and the
Allied premiere will be present when
ihe terms are p resented to the Ger
mans. It is expected the league of
nation? will have the place ot honor in'
the terms to be presented. 1
Japan to Frcsent Question
lapan will bring before the council
if four on Saturda;. ih object of Kiao
Chau, the German fortress in the Far
Premier Clomcnccau, who refused on
Wednesday to join in the conditional
agreement to feed Russia through neu
tral nations, has at last attached his
name to the undertaking. Letters ex-
hanged between the council of lour
and the committee in charge of send
ing supplies to the Russians indicate
that conditions in Russia are critical.
Libau Seized by Germans
Libau has been .seized by German
and Baltic-German iroops. according
to advices received aft. Copenhagen.
The Lettish provisions! government
has been ousted, according to tbe re
port, and some ot the ministers im
prisoned. A British mission is at Li
bau and British warships are in the
harbor and it may be that some action
will be taken against the Germans.
Telegraphic communication between
Berliu and Munich has been severed
nnd Hamburg.. Bavaria, also is cul off
I irom the German capital Dispatches
'lo not give the reason lor the inter-
I upt ion. but German government and
Bavarian soviet troops have been
lighting at Munich for the lasl few
I days.
German Succecs Described
WASHINGTON, April IS State de
l. Partment advices from Libau today by
Way of Copenhagen described ihu Ger
man Buccesa in overthrowing the p'
visional government of Letvia Wed
nesday, when officials of the govern
mont were imprisoned. The Germans,
'he dispatch reported, seized tbe
treasury note;? of the provisional gov
ernment and now are In absolute con
"ol of the situation. The coup was
! ld to have been carried out under
mk 'Up guise ol suppression ol the Bolshc
' "ki.
jH oo
11 cm" queer Uiot no intelligence ot-
hie should supply stupid civants.
Has First Glimpse of U. S.
Marines Patrolling the
Rhine River.
Inspects First American Ar
tillery Unit Ever Fully
Equipped With Motors.
COBLENZ, Thursday, April 17 (By
the Associated Press) From a para-'
j pet of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. j
more than lour hundred feet above the
Junction of the Moselle and Rhine.
Secretary .Tosephus Daniels of Ihe
United States navy, had his first
glimpse this afternoon ot American
marines on duly Patrol boats were
darting back and forth among the
barges and tugs on the river, ihe
American flag streaming from the
stern mast of each little boat.
At the point where the Moselle joins
the Rhine stands a heroic statue of
ESmperor William I, said to be the larg
est of its kind in Germany;. Beyond
I the statue ihere are great piles of
lumber which aroused Secretary Dan
iels curiosity as he looked down upon
the activity of Coblenz which has been
increased two -fold by the American j
occupation of the tin. It was ex
plained to him that tjje lumber was
intended tor new buildings which will
serve as recreation centers and bar
racks for the American soldiers of the
'army of occupation.
I Mr. Daniels was taken through the
underground passages ot the Bbren
breitstein fortress Which were built
partly by labor paid for by tWentj
million francs which the Germans, ex-;
acted front France, and was shown the
accommodations of American artil
lerymen where but a few month ago
thousands of German soldiers had been
quartered. He also inspected the rao- i
lorized equipment of the 17th artillery
regiment which under Colonel L Y
l i able, former cavalry officer and
coqfhander of Ehrenbreitstein, It said
to be first American artillery unit
tull.j Equipped w ith motors.
.Mr I anieis w ill v- ie tomorrow i
morning the Second division, which in
cludes a brigade of marines He will
so lo Wefsbaden on Saturday and will I
return to Coblenz by way of the Rhine j
Submits Demands of Tele
phone Workers to General
Manager of Company.
BOSTON; pril 18. -Leaders of the
i striking telephone workers conferred
today regarding Postmaster-General
Burleson's plan tor breaking the dead-
(lock that has arisen in connection with
their demands for wage increases and
the privilege of collective bargaining.
Mr. Burleson yesterday sent word to
the operators' committee that at thej
I had failed to adopt his suggestion that
(they place their proposed w-age scalo
before the general manager of the
I company, William R. Driver, Jr., h
i (Mr Burleson) had decided to t ak the
I Initiative in their behalt and had sub
mitted their demand to Mr. Driver.
Members of the operators' commit'
'lees asserted that as the strike of
young women which started Tuesday
(had spread until it involved about 12.
000 male employes in addition 'o tbe
8,000 operators, and conferences now
' must be with a committee of the New
i England joint council ot electrical
: workers. The council was to make a
definite announcement ot its. position
during the day.
In transmitting the statement of the
postmaster-general to the union lead
ers, Mr. Driver asked that the st.ijk
ers representatives meet him at ai
earij hour for a preliminary discus
sion. Officials of the company claimed
some improvement in the service to
day, but little effort was made in this
city to care Jf or more than emer' em
calls. In some of the outside ex
changes it was possible to make local
calls and occasionally to get a toll call
. through.
Piehard Crane to
j Be First Minister
to New Republic
WASHINGTON, April 18 Selection
of Richard Crane, private secretary to
Secretary Lansing since 1915. to be
nr. i American minister to the new rc
nubllc of Csecho-Siovakia was an
nounced at the state department today
by Actinu Secretary Polk.
Mr. Crane, whose father is Charles
Pi. Crane of Chicago, is 37 years old
and was born at Denver, Colo
H M Waite was a city man
ager In Dayton. O . before he en
tered the army as a colonel of en
gineers. Now he's mapager of a
score of German cities - in the
American zone of oecuption
Waite finds the German city gov
ernments are efficient and that
the mayors are able lo give him
data the day it is asked for that
he and his staff expected would
require weeks to eompile "Be
yond doubt. ..the German mayur
knows his job." says Waite. "but
the whole democratic spirit of
OUT manager cities is missing
Irish Delegation From U. S.
Heard in Behalf of Ire
land's Demands.
Former Chairman Arranges
for Hearing Before Premiers
of Big Powers.
PARIS. April 18. With the return;
of David Lloyd George, the British pre
mler, from his visi' home, for his i
house of commons address, the coun
cil of four, comprising the British, I
French and Italian premiers and Pres-1
ideut Wilson, resumed its deliberations
tqday. The "big four" met in the Par
is "White House "
Frank P Walsh, former chairman of
the national war labor board. ex-Goy-
ernor Edward F Dunne of Illinois, and L
Michael j. Ryan of Philadelphia, ihe
delegation sent by Irish societies in
America to plead the cause of Ireland
before the peace conference, had a J
long conference at the Paris "White
House" this morning. The conference J
'was an outgroMh of the interview Mr.
Walsh had yesterday with President
w llson.
The American delegation to (hej
peace conference has, up to this time,
refused to receive Sean O'Cellalgh and
George (j Duffy, the delegates of the ,
Irish provisional government here.
Kansas Wheat Crop
Largest and Best
!n State History
TOPEKA. Kas.. April IS The first
Kansas wheat crop report of the ye'Sr,
issued today by the secretary of the!
state board of agriculture, shows that
the condition and .-acreage of wheat in I
Kansas this year is the best and larg
est in tbe history of any 6tate at this 1
time of year.
The report, places the acreage at
10,758,009 acres and the condition is J
estimated at 99.32.
If the ordinary method of figuring,
the yield is used, the forecast Is that
the state will produce more than 215,-1
000000 bushels of wheat from this
I'nder guaranteed prices the value
or fhe crop would be f 475,000000, or
nearly a half billion dollars. This
(Would average about $45 per capita
I for the entire sut
Driving Storm
Stops Activities
of the Aviators
ST. JOHN'S, N F . April 18 A driv
ing snov. ftorm, winch had covered th?
ground with a sivlnch mantle and was
still in progress at mid-forenoon effec
tually put a stop today to activities
of the aviators waiting here for a lav
orable opportunity to attempt a trans
Atlantic flight
When Harrj Hawker, Australian
pilot of the Sopwith biplane team, and
Captain Frederick P. Raynbam, Brit
ish driver of the Martinsyde, wem. to
ibeir hangars a hall gale was blow
Utm fi'jui the sea, ,
Directs Industrial Board to
Re-open Discussion of
Price Stabilization.
Retiring Senate Chairman I
Congratulated for Cheering j
WASHINGTON, April IS President I
Wilson has directed the industrial'
board of th' department of commerce
and the railroad administration to re
open discussion of irice stabilization
and endeavor to find a common ground
upon which they can agree.
Chairman Peek announced today
that the board would take up the
question with the railroad adminis
tration immediately, bui any action
prababh will have to wait the return
of Director-General Hines next week
from an inspection trip in the west.
President. Wilson cabled Senator
Hitchcock, retiring chairman of tbe
senate foreign relations committee, to
day bis thanks Tor the senator's re
cent message asuring him thai the
entire country was in favor of the
league o nations Senator Hitch -cock's
message was said after the re
ision of do- league covenant contain
ing reference to ihe Monroe doctrine.
' I am warmly obliged for your mes
sage," the president said "it cheers
and encourages me, and I am delight
ed to know what we have done has
been so brightened by the prospects
of the league."'
The president's cablegram was ari
dressed to Secretary Redfield and ia
his absence the text of it was ""'
made public. Mr Redfield cabled h
president last Fnda. ssking Whethei
the board should c'n oul ol existence
because of the '.vfusal of the railroad
administration to accept a new seheu
Ule of steel prices arranged with the
industry, or should continue o,uie.--jcenl
until the president returned and
la new plan of action should be worked
I out.
The president's action is accepted
generally as mean.iug that the polic
.of stabilizing prices bj agreement will
j be recognized
I oo
Entire Personnel of 83rd That
Fought With Italians j
Against Austria Landed.
NEW YORK, April IS.- With (b
arrival on the sfeamsjyp Dtfete Alig-,
hiere from Marseilles todaj of 28 otTi-i
cers and 687 men of the ni'.jnd ngl-
uiont of infantry, b3rd division, com
posed of national army troops from
I Ohio and western Pennsylvania, the
entire personnel of that infantry or
ganization, which fought with the Dal
i ians against Austria, has been landed
land sent to training camps prcparn
tory for demobilization. The stcam-l
hip brought a total of 2,09,8 troopc
The units on board included a casual
company from T a
The steamer Otsego arrived here to
dnj irom Bordeaux with 1,036 troops,
the majority comprising the 19th. 20th,
i 30th. 35th. 3Clh and 40th balloon com
panies. Two ofticcrs and 72 men were
: convalesi. iim irom illness or wounds.
The hospital ship Mercy from St
Nazaire, brought ten officers and 37"i
men who have been sick or wounded,
j The majority of these came home bed
CAMP MILLS. X. V.. April IS. Sev
eral detachments of the 15yth infantry,
ot the loth division, composed of na
jtional guard troops Irom the far west
ern states, left here today for i'ort
Bliss and ''amps Bowie, Dodge. Pike,
Shelby. Jackson and Gordon, where
they will be demobilized. Sinail de
tachments of the 79th and Smb infan
try brigade and Fortieth division Head
quarters were sent to Camp Keainy,
California, together with a small de
tachment from the Hath hospital
Small detachments of the 115th sani
tary train and base hospital 13 were
Sent 'o Camps Dodge and Jackson re
j spec! is ely.
Former Spartacan
I Chief of Police in
Berlin Arrested
LONDON. April 18. Heir Lichhorn.
former Spartacan cbiet of police in
Berlin, has been arrested by German
government troops at Brunswick, m
Exchange Telegraph dispatch from
Copenhagen says. When the troops
took Brunswick, Eichhorn tried to
.escape by airplane, but the machine
'was forced to land and the fugitive
iwae captured by the eoldierB.
LEONARD v V ' ) 1
wood cfe
This pirture of General Wood
was snapped just after he was
decorated with a Distinguished
i Service medal. Though the gen
eral was not permitted to go over
seas, his wartime service at homo
has been recognized.
Mit'll ;i:'. Thursday. April 17
J (By the Associated Press) The Bol
jshevik) have evacuated ihe town of
Bolshie Ozerki. according to peasants
I who fled to the Allied lines yesterday
'The enemy evidently was driven out
by the constant shelling to which ihe
JKussio-Allied artillery has been sub
Meeting the town during the last two
weeks. The Bolshevlkl are reported to
ii . . . ; : ., , c. . I. .-.
KHYe '.'smunsiKu yuoiuuua in iuc
woods nearby.
This bombardniepj together with a
shortage of supplies, due io the thaw-'
ing roads is seriously impairing the'
morale of the Bolsheviki. who are re-,,
ported to be without reserve provis
ion. The peasants reported that the1
troops desired to leave the front but:
that the communist officers were
holding them in place .with machine
guns posted along the road in their
Tlo enemy -, un- hel!ed ihe Bus-!
so Allied positions last evening for,
twenty minutes without causing any
casualties. The other sectors are gen
erally quiet.
Frank Jay Gould
Obtains Divorce
From Wife in Paris
PARIS. April 18 A decision dis
solving the marriage of Frank Jay
Gould and Mrs. Ldlth Kelly Gould was
handed dow n Thursday in the civil I
court at Versailles. Mrs. Gould failed
to appear in court, although she en-
tered a claim for about one-half of
Mr. Gould's fortune.
The Paris edition of the New York i
Herald --ays it learns Irom Mr Gould's
lawyer that the divorce decree will be
come absolute in a few months unless i
Mrs. Gould appeals.
Fncnk J. Gould is the youngest son
of the late Jay Gould, a member of
various New York clubs and a director;
in several railroads. Mr;.. Gould, for
merly an actress, well known on the
New York stage, is his second wife i
Mr. Gould's first wife, w ho was Miss '
Helen Margarel Kelly, obtained a di-
vorce in 1909. Mr. Gould and Miss j
Edith Kelly were married in 1910.
no J
Cairo Public Service j
Paralyzed by the
Spreading Strikes
CAIRO. Egypt, Thursday. April 18)
The dity was outwardly calm early j
today although a majority of the pub
lic services were paralyzed by 1 1. :
strikes which are extending rather
than abating.
The cabinet today issued a fresh
warning admonishing the strikers to
resume work Wednesday. The brev
ity of the warning and Its firm toue
seem to imply that the patience of the
authorities has reached its limit and
that other means will be resorted to
it the nationalists pursue their pies
ent opurse.
Meanwhile sympathizers with the
movement hold nightly meetings In the
mosques. The nationalists are sa'd to
be stronel.N in favor of an unyielding
attitude, 1
Employment Service Meets
With Little Success in
Country Efforts.
General Improvement in Un
employment Conditions
Seven Cities Show Labor
WASHINGTON, April IS Despite , t
the surplus of labor in many sections I
of the countr. efiorts ol the United P
States employment service to secure
labor for work on the tarms has met,
with little success, says a statement:
made public today b the department .
of labor. Concerning the labor situ;'
tion. the statement says reports for
the week ending April 12, trom 59 ci
ties indicate an improvement in un
emploMuent conditions Reports from
these rities show 38 having a surplus
of labor in representat i e Industries
aggregating 97.900 as eompp-red to a
surplus over the previous week of 123,
Seven cities shof a shortage aggre ,
rating 9750, or 8't" less than the pre
Ldua week, while IB show an equality
ol labor supply and demand. Of the
". cities report ins surpluses, it is no
ticeable, says the statement, that 1 1
howed decreases and none show a
material increase.
The report shows that the labor sup
ply and demand in Colorado is equal
.Nebraska reports conditions good with
labor supplj and demand equal, except
for a shortage of farm hr.nd.
"Improveiuen: in lapof supniy and
demand durin? the week have I "
; better on the Pacific coast than In
any other section ol 'he country." eon- j
'.eludes the statement.
net '
Veteran General
j of Four Wars Is
Shot and Killed
I i
Vladivostok, March 13. Gen'er-K
Etl Mifitchenko has been shot, accord-'
inc to a statement made to a member
of the British mission here by a Rus
sian aviator who deserted from the
Rrd army in January and flew Into
the lines of Admiral Kolrhak's army J
General Paul Invanovitcb Mistchen-I
ko was a veteran of four wars. Hei
fought through the Russo-Turkish war
of 1877-8. in the Boxer fight in china
in 1900-1. in the Russo-Japanee warj
and the world war of 1914
He distinguished himself in the Russo-Japanese
conflict by a series of
brilliant operations as commander of
a cavalry corps. Afterward he wasj
governor-general of Turkestan and
subsequently commander of the I'oni
Cossacks. For his services in the
world war he was decorated with the
Order of Alexander Nevsky.
MADRID, Thursday. April 17 The
government has begun the woik of re
establishing normal telegraph com
munication throughout Spain which
was interrupted by recent t.rikes. The
lafe.st news received here Indicates
that quiet prevails generally.
German Army Trucks
Shipped to America
For Mechanics' Study
COBLENZ. March 25 Twenty Ger
man army trucks of various types
were shipped recently from Coblena
to the war department at Washington
for observation by mechanics ot the I
motor transportation service ol ihe
army. The trucks w ere selected from '
a lot of 1250 turned over to the,
merlcan army of occupation by ih'
(Germans in accordanco with the ar-1
None of the trucks sent to the Uni
ted States have rubber tires, the Ger
mans being compelled to use various'
substitutes because of the shortage of
rubber goods. The tires on mo.-i of
the trucks are of steel on a wooden;
foundation, the wheel and spokes Rlso
being. ol wood.
WASHINGTON. April 18.- The
treasury today announced the estab
lishment ol new credits for tbe all!
as follows: Great Britain, $100,000.
000. Rumania. $5,om.00i'. ,md Serh'i,
(269,000 This raised the total loans
of all the allies to $9.U;s..s29.. .f
which 14,236.000,000 has gone to Oreat
Britain- 130,000,000 to Rumania a.nd
927,268,000 to Serbia.
WASHINGTON, April 18. Colon 1 1
T P Kane, who has been in comraaivl
Of the marine auard of the Amerii in
legation ar Peking, has been detached
from that post and ordered back to 'be
United States.
German General Staff
Officers to Relieve
Bavarian People. H
Communist Bands Make M
Life Intolerable by H
Terrible Deeds. I
BERLIN. Wednesday, April 16 - (By
the Associated Press.) -The German
national government i-; considering
seriously the sending of government a
troops, or a least German general
stafl officers, to aid in the relief of IH
Munich from the r.ommunist forces, al- IfliLH
though neither the Bavarian nor the Ifl
tlerman governments wish to cause a
such an invasion of state rights if ll IjLI
can be avoided. il
The bulk of tbe Bavarian peasants, pH
it is reported, are still loyal to the go- ifil
ernment of Premier Hoffmann Tbe jt
peasants' association has issued a dec- Irl
laratlon asserting that the devastation !
ot" the countiv. ihe plundering of 'fljH
houses and barns and the murdering iH
Df peasants by the communist bands InLI
have become intolerable jl
Munich, it is said, is affected only
slightly as yet b the action of the
peasants in cutting off food supplies. ll
It is declared that there is enough
food In tbe city to feed the mhabltan -for
one week, but the communists ba e IH
seized all the supplies and can live 'TH
comfortabl for a long time if they d
not feed the non-communists.
Gandorfler. a leader of a small see
tion of the peasants which went over lH
to the commuulsts. has been arrested
by the Hoffurann government.
Anarchist in Centra!
BERLIN. Wednesday, April 16. (By
the Associated Press) The Bavarian (f
anarchist Zondheinier has succeeded u
in obtaining control of the new com- Jcjl
inunisf go ernment in Munich, ac
cording to advices received here from
the Bavarian capital 11
lolshevik Attempt Fails '
VIENNA. Thursday. April 17. (By
the Associated Press) -Bolshevik sym
pathlzers this morning attempted to
storm the Austrian parliament build
ing, but were soon dispersed with a jH
few wounded. The city generally Is
quiet- fM
The attempt caused no special ex- j
ritement In the city. It was tbe firs'
Bolsheik outbreak Jure since la:-t
November. !!
Statistics Show I
Big increase in U
American Trade H
WASHINGTON. April 18 Con- fH
tlnued increase in the foreign trad" fH
of the United States was shown In )'H
statistics mhde public today by the
bureau of foreign and domestic com
merce Exports in March were valued
(6051000,000, as compared with
00( In February this year itid
(523,000,000 in March of last year. For
the nine months of the fiscal year end
ing with March, the exports were
worth $4,991,000,000, approximated
f,i;iO iien nun more than tbe correspond
in': period ol last N ear.
imports for March totalled $268
000.000 as against $235,000.00 in Feb
ruary and $712,000,000 a year ago. In
rive months the imports hae been
worth $2,201,000,000 compared iriwi
2,083,000 000 last prear.
Y WKTON. S. D.. April 18. Lieu
tenant-Governor W. R. McMaster to
day announced his candidacy for gc PH
eriior of South Dakota, subject to tb
decision of the Republican convention
in Pierre next December.
00 llH
CAMP MERR1TT, N. J.. April 1S
Six officers and 217 men of tbe 'J63rd
regiment of infantry, part of the 91st
national army division organised from
selective service men of the far we ftdfl
tern states, entrained today for CatfD
Dodge, Iowa.

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