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H BOSTON. April 1 7 Adoption of .1
H definite national policy Of developing
H ine resources of the United Slates eo
that the country would become as
nearly economical! independent of
hr svorld as possible was advocated
by Secretary RedtieUl tonight in an
H address before the Executive Aasocia-j
H Hon of Wholesale Grocers of New Bng
H "The United States can never r-Nuh
full economic independence of the
world, because no on nation ifl r
H Riven all tbeb liessings or providence,"
Mr. Rcdfjelii Stated, "but wc ctii L
exfine far more independent than we!
"Public opinion." lie salt "should
H not only support but urge th. govt HIV
mr-Dt to make and carry out a definite
policy, with the requisite funds for car-1
lying it out. where under the national!
H domain, whether in the United States,
H Alaska. Hawaii, or Porto Rico. Should
have its possible resource ascertained
H and steps taken to their development
"This should include our transport'
tion systems, our cable facilities unde-
seas, our waterways, our mines and '
H supplies of oil. our timber reserves,
our coast surveys, the resources of our1
H fisheries, the reclamation of waste
H lands, the cheeking of Industrial
waste, in short, a forward policy lf
develop America.'"
I Company Proves
I Druggists Not Guilty
I erf Profiteering
H Wc wihh to state to the public, that j
the druggists of the count rj arc not 1
Our goods were put on tho inarket 1
H In 1914 arid told to the public in pack
H ages at 50fi and $1 00.
The good; cost the druggists more ;
than other preparations r,t tho Bam
I price, but their sales are larse on this!
remedy and they are satisfied with a
email profit. You can still purchase
our goods from San Francisco to New ,
York at the same price as always
50c and ?1 00 a package, and any drug-
gist will gladly refund your money if!
you are not satisfied. This is the best 1
prescription on the market for GAS
1 ry It.
Cave's Stomach Powder
Earth Tremors Are
I Recorded at U,
WASHINGTON, April 17.- An earth-j
quake of unusual severity was record
sd late today by the scisniotrraph atj
Georgetown University. The earth
tremors were first recorded at t . ".0
and lasted until 610. reaching the;
point 0:" lrgbsi Intensity at 5:10. It!
was estimated at the university thai
the center of the disturbance was lo
cated approximately 2.000 miles iron
Washington and probably in Central
or South America '
I Germans Are to
Arrive on Friday
At Versailles
PARIS, April 17. The actual ar
rival of the Cermans at Ver
sailles', U was stnted, is sched
uled for Friday night. April 25. but
ine meeting with thj preslden. and
premiers will not be held until fcavur-j
day and may een be deterred until
After the treaty is actually deliver
ed, it is intended to allow adequate
I ume tor tne German? to make in
quiries concerning the various deiailb
before returning 10 Weimar. Th: Is
expected to take about two days, the !
first day being devoted by the Ger
mans to tamiliarizins tbemsehi-- -a i b
ihe terms and the recond day to an
swering questions they may make. !
There is no purpose to have this!
assume the character of a discussion 1
but merely the elucidation of any!
points which may assist In obtaining 1
Diompt and favorable action when the)
plenipotentiaries return to Weimar. 1
It is believed the slay of the pleni
potentiarics at Weimar will cover a
week, thus bringing them back to
Versailles about May S to 10. This,
however, is conjectural, for it Is de
pendent npon the rapidity of the de
cisions reached at Weimar.
Premier Lloyd George's declaration
in the British parliament that i t ince
had been given full guarantees agunst
a renewal of German attacks Is the
TirEt authoritative statement tha1 ui b
guarantees have been given and
arouses tbe keenest discussion re
garding the nature of ihe guarantees
: affecting the United States and
Great Britain. The lrench reporLs
any that the guarantee? amount to an
- '"" "
Did You Read About The Farmer
Who Became A Millionaire in
Less Than 6 Months?
Did you read about the man who rose from the position of restaurant cook
to one of big wealth? Did you read about a poor minister who became the
administrator of great wealth, and the broker's clerk who made a mil!
j! ion out of oil? " j
Astounding Wealth made so quickly it positively makes you dizzy. The Holiday Oil Company has issued a
publication. "Interesting Information on the Oil Discoveries of Texas." It will tell you some facts that will
stagger you. Send for it, wc will mail il to you free. Better yet, send your order in today for shares in The
Holiday Oil Company, capital 100,000 shares, $1.00 each. The company owns a lease in the great Burkburnett
field and a lease on over 4000 acres in Parker County, Texas; 40 acres in Erath County, and a drilling site in
Eastland County great acreage, giving a possibility of rmkmg every stockholder rich. We .tic drilling our
well now. Two others will start soon.
Write to us for full particulars. Order your shares without delay.
I Holiday Oil Co. !
CAPITAL, $100,000.00 PAR VALUE. $1.00 JOHN CRAWFORD, Vice President OCIE SPEER. Attorney. Counsel for Com-
Fully Paid and Non-Assessable Real Ectatc and Oil Operator pany !
J. W. CART, President, General Manager, Dublin. Texas fori Worth, Texas 1
, . x C A L T. SCOTT, Secretary ,
and Treasurer . , , r , Genera Officei u
Director in Several Brnks In Texas and I
Oil Operator and Real Estate Prominent Oil Man BASEMENT FORT WORTH CLUB BLDG, I
Fort Worth, Texas Millsap, Texas Tert Worth, Tcx.is
alliance, ami the mi-official Tmp--says:
"Premier Lloyd G-eorze's language
iidmit.s of only one nipninp. This is
that Great Britain and the I "nitod ;
laies engage to sustain France in
case she is again attacked by Ger
many Such' an alliance la legiUraste
and necessary. Mr Lloyd George!
would not pronounce such words light
ly, and his r.nnouncement is Blnguiar
ly instructive.
"The council of four which Framed
ihe ?pjarantccs as part of ibe Rhine
settlement, has thus far maintain d
rigid silence except for the general
declaration of Mr. Lloyd George.
viscount Chinda of the Japanese
delegation, arranged today for hb ap
pearance before the council of four
Saturday on the Klao-i'hau quesUon
with a view to an adjustment with
rhina which shall be Incorporated in
the pvace treaiy The American i 1
gates believe that an accord wijl be
reached whereby China will ultimate
ly control KiaoChan. with sui'ablc
recognition of Japan's efforts.
A plenary es!-ion of the peace con
ference Will be held two days next
week, Wednesday and Thursday, to
pass upon a large number of rcn
ing details before the meeting with
the Germans.
Procedure When
Germans Arrive j
Has Been Decided
PARIS. April 17 (By The Aasoclat-j
ed Press) The procedure on the ar
i rival of the Gt-nnan plenipotentiaries I
at Versailles has virtually been decicl-l
i ed upon. It will be President Wilson
and th premiers who will hold ihe I
first rnef tinir and deliver the treaty, as
it is not deemed feasible to have all
(the allied powers attend this initial
SALT LAKi; April IS Grant Brown,
,1Z years of age, son of Judse j Louis
Brown of the Third district court, was
painfully injured yesterday forenoon
when he was struck by an auto stage
near the Hillcrest his;h school in Mur
ray. The boy was ridinp south on a
bicycle and the auto stage was soim;
north. The boy and his wheel appear
to have ben obsetjred by a furnlmre
van. When the driver of the hiho saw
the rider he was unable to r-top his
machine in time to pwevent a collision
The boy suffered cuts about the
head and his body was painfully
bruised. The driver of the auto stage I
picked the boy up Immediately after j
the accident and took him to the of-1
ficc of Dr. Rothwell, where his injur
liei weie treated and where he re
Imained until his father arrived from
Salt Lak" and toek him heme. It was
announced last night lhat he was rest
ing quietly. .
Cadomene Tablets
Absolutely Restore
Vigor, Vitality. Strength to
Weak Men and Women.
Sold by All DrugglsL.
Advertisement, j
! oo
Body of English
I Nurse Will Be
tp i r l i
laKen to England
LONDON, April 17. (British Wire
less Service) The body of Edith Ca
vell, the Knglish nurse who was exe
( uti d bv the Germans in 191j, at Urns
sels, wlllb e brought to ?ngland May
15 and taken to Westminster bbev
where ceremonies will he held. The
body will be brought to Dover on a
warship and will he transported on a
gun carriage with military escoit to
Victoria station and thence to West
minster abbej Interment will h ;t
Norwich, the home town of the Ca-veils
U. S. Army Balloons
Make Safe Landings
! OMAHA Neh . April 17.--Both U.
S. army balloons, which started last
nicht on tie- flights at levels of 5. 000
and H ' . i for xpet iment.al pur
poses have reported safe landings to
authorities at Fort Omaha.
According to messages received iiere
from Lieutenant f'ol. W. s. Wuest, to
day his balloon landed at Cabot, Vrk
at 2:25 p. m. The start was made
last night at 10:J0 o'clock with the
intention ot maintaining an altitude ul
5.000 feet.
I The other balloon piloted by Cap
tain P. W Goodalo, landed at Areola,
plilss., at 1:25 p. m. It .started tast
night a1 1" 17 o'clock. Mes.xage indi
cate the trips were successful. 'Mfi
cials here had expected that the pilots
would be In the air at least forty-eight
1 hours.
And Invigorates Old People
Any doctor vrlll tell you that the
, ingredients of Vinol as printed below
1 contain the elements needed to im
; pro e the health of delicate children.
and restore strength to old people.
J Od Liver r.d Berf Peptones, trn
l in J ManganesePeptonateB. Iron nd
Ammrtnlnm Citrate I.imA and Soda
Glycerophobpliates, Caacano
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children cr aged parents
1 may prove this t our expense.
Besides the good it does children
?r.d the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
to wejk, nervous women and over
worked run-down men.
Try it. If you are not entirely sat
isfied, we will return your money
without question; that proves our
fairness and your protection. Mil
, lions of people have been convinced
i this way.
i i"iillev Pnip Co . and druKGists eTOry
I where. Advei tlaement
1 Two hoards authorized by the last
i legislature were appointed by Hover
not Bamberger yesterday. One was
! the commission to commemorate the
j inauguration of irrigation by the An-
clo-Saxon race, and the other the state
j commission for the care of the adult
! blind.
I On the irrigation committee are .Mrs.
(Dora Pratt Snow, Mrs. Leonora Har
irington. Waller J. Sloan. W. C. A
Smoot and Dr. John A. W'idtsoc.
j On the commission for the care of
the adult blind, which has at Its dis
!po:al an appropriation of ?tOn, ih'
i governor i an ex -officio member. The
I others appointed on the board are Mr.-.
Aqullla Nebeker, Mrs. R. H. Bradford,
Mrs. M. K. Parsons and Mrs K. L.
I Bristol, the last of Ogden.
Christian Women and Children
; Are Freed From Harems in
Asia Minor.
NEW YORK. April 17 Dispatches
I from Constantinople received today by
the American committee for Armen
ian and Syrian relief reported that ihe
I problem presented by the release of j
Lthousarids of Christian women rndj
children1 from Turkish harems iu A.1 I I
. Minor la constantly growing. Man?
tivivo hnnn "knn vhnltoi- Kw 1 he patlo
workers, but there remain a larco i
number wandering about the count rv I
destitute, some of them crazed Irom j
huncer and exposure.
Telegrams have been received in
(onslantinojile from Grecorian bish-
ops. pastors and leading business men'
in varioud sections of Asia Minor ap-i
pealing for help for their women and I
children The Turks, the message
said, were casting adrift the Armenian;
girls they had taken into their boiues
and orphanages for tbo purpose ot J
bringing them up as Moslems. believ-
ing that by thus settinc them free,'
they themselves might be able to es-j
cape punishment.
The relief workers, the message
added, had dispatched a special .rain
of supplies an had set aside, a spe
cial appropriation to meet the eraer
Rencv, . I
VERA CRUZ. April 17. Comph te
identification of the head, ot Genera)
Blanquct was obtainea today when
I m;iir. persons viewed it at the bar
1 racks
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Aetna Accident & Liability Co,
auto and Liability Insurance. H. A.
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ANYTHING A to Z- new or old
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Lntermountain Concrete Co. 'Igiven
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trial. 2180
Big Pine Miuing cooipauj , location
ot principal place ot business, 244Dj
Washington, Ugden City, Utah.
Notice is hereby given that at tbel
meeting of the directors held on thej
4th day o: March, 1913, an assessment
ot one -half cent (lc) per share was'
levied on the capital slock of the cor-1
potation, payable ; t once to F. J. 1
Vicks, secretary and treasurer, at Se
CUrlty Stale bank, Ogden City, Utah.
Any sluek upon which tho assess- j
ment shall remain unpaid on tho 18tli
day of April, 191'J, will be dolinqucutj
aud advertised for sale at public auc
tion, aud, unless payment is made be- 1
fore, will be sold on tbo 5th day of;
Hay, 1013. at 10 o'clock a. m., to pay j
delinquent assessment, together with
the cost ot advertising and expenses
of gale.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Address: Security Slate bank, Ugden, i
Read the Classified Ads.
"xinn mnn hmht and cih
at the best market prices. We pay
accrued interest to date of sale or,
the last coupon.
J. A. Hogk & Co.
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Hay. grain and poultry foH
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U. M. Iliiujau. 2269 Wall
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R. G. Agee, real estate ana 1
Basement of Broom hotel
Junk and Hides
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Ave, Phono 210. waBhlaitog
1 Life insurance
Mutual Life of N. y j p r
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le rppairing. Indian "Motorcycle
Pierce blcjclea and accessories inn ,
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OH ' Itj ai .1 f.irui pvnpouy j r x va
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j Notice to Advertisers On and attcr Mprll I, 1919, business directory ad j

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