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I This Pretty
Makes g
you feel JJ)
well dressed
Of black glaze kid, smart
plain toe, soft pliable sole
and covered Louis heel. All
sizes and widths.
Wear them for
I WatM
I In the third game of the class Berii t
of baseball the seniors of the Ogd.n
hih school yesterday defeated ify
lUQiors by the score of 22 to IS. Asid? j
from the large score, the errors end;
tumbles were the main feature of the j
game. The frednneii and s-ophomor-
Feamfl wjli clash for the championship'
Ioi tne school nevt Monday afternoon
;il the deaf and blind school diamond.
Following ia the lineup tor yesterday's
Seniors, Juniors
Hub Griffin p Gussls
L. Vi allace c Gof!Jarl
G. Bolstead lb L. Richards
Fronberg.. 2b .......... Jackaqji
G. Meyers ;:b Skeep
A. Thomas S3 TNloton
L. Rur.hmcr li Fronberg
P. llirt el Stanfleld
A. Ilus? rf Chez
The knife grinder i happlcsi when
things Hi- dull jn his lnc of nibbles
Many protests are belns made to
the city officials over the unexplained
fl( laj m beginning the work of paving
north Washington avenue from 'ho
Ogden river io the north city limits.
Property owners of the district and
those who travel on the street in that
-cction arc wondering what is the
trouble and are asking the city offi
cials about it,
Although it iras announced about
two weeks ago by city officials that
the paying was to start immediately
on north Wu-hinzton no work has
been done. The steam shovel taken
to the north side of the bridge dipped
up a few shovels of dirt from the
street, leaving a hole that makes the
street look like a section of a batle
field whev hie shells have lallcn
and then the shovel entered upon a
period of rest from Its laborious ef
forts. When the steam shovel stopped
working, it was announced at the city
hall that it was being repaired. But
B trip made to the scene b n Stan
dard representative, showed the shoi -cl
to be In a healthy state of repair,
and all steamed up. The dirst that
was taken from the street had been
removed and i was learned that this
had been put In R floor of a barn
owned by Contractor J. P. Moran.
And now for two weeks the publie
has been wondering when the work
was to actually start aud just why the
contractor was permitted to tear a
gaping hole In the street and leave
a huge Obstacle ar the north approach
to the bridge An investigation would
probably show that the delay was
caused by the lacl that contract had
not been signed by Mr. Moran
Man Has Miraculous
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SALT LAKE. April 18. -In answer
i to allegations of W. G. McAdoo. lor
mer secretary of the treasury and for
! raer director jreneral of the United
SUt. railroad adniinisti all'm. denial
was mnd yesterday by United States
Senator Reed Smoof that he had op
posed the original draft of the league
of nations because It was the concep
tion of a Democratic president.
Mr. McAdoo stopped Wednesday for!
;i lew moments in Ogdrn while 6U
i route to New York to speak in the in
Iterests of the Victory loan.
I When told that Senator Sinoot t u i
said to have joined Senator Cummina
of Iowa in announcing his approval ot '
I the league, the former secretary '
I the treasury is quoted ns having said'
"They were never against it In the j
; first place, fer the league plan is still
essentially the same as when th y
voiced disapproval. I had hoard that
Senator Cummins bar! turned o t, but 1
! this is the first knowledge that has j
Ironic to me that Senator Smoot has
seen the light. However. I am slad to
i know that the two senators have felt j
the lash of publie opinion and gotten(
(into line. The league question no'
a partisan matter and should not be
thought of in a partisan spirit. It Is a
.world question affecting the destiny of
i mankind, and stands as the only
1 moans of preserving ihc peace of tho '
world "
Opposed Original Draft
"The :-tatement that Senator Cum
' mins and I were never against the
i league in the rirst place, because the,
league plan ia still essentially th
Jsame as when we voiced disapproval,
I is untrue' Senator Smoot Raid. Sen
ator Cummins and I both were op
posed to the draft of the league as first '
submitted by . President Wilson.
"I have always favored a league of
nationr- but not the league as original
ly reported by President Wilson I
have lime and time again suggested
amendments to it. and am giad to
learn through the press that the rug.
geslions have been finally adopted.
"If the lash of public opinion has
done anything, ii hat compelled the or
iginal draft to be amended, and as
soon as it was amended both Senator
Cummins and I announced that if the
amendments were as reported through !
the public press we would support the
' amended covenant,
j "The principal amendments report
ed are: A guarantee that the Monroe
doctrine will not be abridge!: an
amendment providing for a withdrawal
! from the league on a two years' no
jtiee; that nations are not to be com
ipellerj to serve y mandatories against
, their will; nations are not to be .b
prhed of the right to say tfhat troop
they will furnish for foreign expedi
tions: nations are not to guarantee the
territorial and political Integrity of for
eign countries, each nation to have
the right to regulate its own Internal
"If these amendments are found in
the covenant when returning for ac
t'on by the senate, both Senator Cum
mine and I will voto for the league.
"The amendments are the ones sug
gested by tin- leading Republicans of
the nation."
To Relie ve Catarrh,
Catarrhal Deafness
And Head Noises
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deafness, or who are growing hard of
Rearing and have head noise? w )f.
gla dto know that this distressing af
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treated at home by an internal medi
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cd complete relief after other treat
ments have failed. Sufferers who eould
! scarcely hear have had their hearing
restored to such an extent that the
jtick of a watch was plainly audible
jseve nor eight inches away from eith
fcr ear. Therefore, if you know of
some one who is troubled with head
noises or catarrhal deafness, cut out
I this formula and hand it to them and
you may have been the means of sav
ing some poor sufferer perhaps from
total deafness. The prescription can
be prepared at home and is made a3
I fol lows :
Secure from your druggist l oz Par
Imint (doubb strength.) Take this
-home and add to It pint of ho
,er and a little granulated sugar- Btlr
until dissolved. Take one tablespoon-'
lul four time? a -day.
: Parmint is used In this way not only
i to reduce by tonic action the inflam
mation and swelling in tho Eustachian
Tubes, and thus to equalize the air
I pressure on the drum, but to Correct
;any excess of secretions in the middle,
! car and the results it gives are near-i
, uia.Ks quicK and effective
! Every person who bar, catarrh in anv
form or distressing rumbling, bissin"
! rounds in (heir ears, should give ths
I recipe a trial Advertisement
Office Team Meets
1 Defeat at Hands
of S,R Apprentices
The baseball team lrom the offices
oi the Southern Pacific railroad suf
fered its firsl defeat i the railroad
league yesterday afternoon wh; n de-1
feated by the S P shop apprentices
by the score . 4 tfi 2 The game as
very interesting and close until the
ninth frame the acore being to 1
Then Pitcher Checkt Us lost control
and was swatted f0r three runs bv the
apprentices, making the score I to Z
The clerks were unable to scor- in I
their half of the frame
WASHINGTON'. April 17. All sur
plus t. N. T. and other exploslvi beld
by the war department will be turned
over to the department of the interior,
it was announced tonight, to be u.i d
In road building and oth.-r publie . on
tructlon work as a substitute for the
. ordinary commercial dynamite.
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372 24th St. 0gden
EM '
"Ogden, the Pioneer's Hridc." will
be represented in the Golden Spike
Celebration parade and a contest for
the three most popular young ladss
in the ity to represent the allegorical
group of the bride and her bridesmaids
will be conducted, according to an an
nouncement made last evening by the
parade committee.
-The contest in the selection of the
most popular young ladies in the city
will start at 8 o'clock on Saturday
morning. April 19. nominations closing
at 6 o'clock Thursday evening. April
24, and the contest closing at 6 o'clock
on Saturday eening May 3, Just one
week before ihc event. Nomination
coupons will be good for 500 votes
and these as well as other coupons,
will be Issued in the daily newspaper?
Of Ogden. The voles are to be depoa
Ited in ballot boxes in the offices of
tho two newspapers.
At the close of the contest, the three
leading candidates will be voted upon
by the allied celebration committees
and the winner announced, to repre
sent "Ogden" in the parade, the othex
two to act as brides of honor.
The float will be provided by the
committee and it will be" in keeping
with the beauty of the successful can
didates. Tho floats In the parade will be fur
nished and made by the industries and
wholesale houses, while the retail
merchants will be assigned to con
struetion of one of the general floats,
as also will tho automobile dealers
and the bankers, according to a com
mittee statement.
Regarding the float building plans,
the committee has sent the iollowing
notice to a number of the industries
and business houses of Ogden.
Golden Spike Celebration
"You know about this to be held In'
Ogden, May 10. 1919.
"The street parade will be along the j
lines of transportation of the past,!
leading up to the present.
"The industries and business inter
ests of Ogden are asked to participate
I in the parade.
"The parade committee has in mind
j their representation by floats which
'should carry out the same idea that
Of del elopment.
1 "You are asked to arrange for a float
in lino with the above.
Those in charge of arranging pa
rade, ask jou that you act at once and
advise R. If. Wells, care of Ogden
Packing ft Provision Co, of your In
tention, so proper assignment in pa
rade may be had.
"There will be a large attendance!
from outside points and it will be up,
to you, io uphold the reputation of
Ogden, as well a show the 'pull to
gether' spirit.
"Pe.n i lay ibis aside, but see and in
sist thzi it be given immediate atten
'(Th person In charge of the float
detail will be pleased to offer sugges
tions as to flqat building it" you desire)"
WASHINGTON, April 18. Import-1
era and exporters who heretofore hde
bfcn denied licenses for proposed
shipments, were notified by the war
trade board today that the many re-!
laxations of restrictions sinco the!
armistice now made it possible to
grand many applications rejected in .
the pat. I
in order to bring as much benefit
as possible to the loeal charities to
Whom the proceeds will go. the Ladies
of the Literary club are planning on I
a large attendant b .ng attraeted to
the Easter tea and Fashion Show lo
be held 4 to 7 o'clock in Derthana hall,
next Monday afternoon.
The entertainment to be offered the
patrons will consist of dancing, ca
baret, fashion show and several num
bers by members Of the Camp Lewi
players, who are here for their en
gagement at the Orpheum. Sergeant
A. VY Hartford of the organization
Mas here in the capacity of advance
mnn last evening and accepted the In
vocation to be guests of the commit
too at the function.
Plans (or the fashion show feature"
Indicate that this will he one of the!
most interesting displays of the latest I
styles in wearing appcaral that hasj
ever been arranged. Living models
will show styles from Wrights'!
Burts', Last & Thomas and Wol tors'
stores, a number of the society young
ladies participating in this show.
Merchants of Ogden have been
very liberal in their assistance in the i
event, the committee announced yes
terday and this, together with the gen
era interest In the event, has assured
the complete success of the event. At
the previous Fashion show given by
the organization, the attendance was I
very large but the anticipation is that
the event of this year will even at
tract a larger number of people.
Not only will the Camp Lewis
players, who are to be at the Or
pheum on Monday evening, he guc?ts j
of the Ladies' Literary club and take
part in the program but the Omaha'
boosters who visit tho city on Monday
and Tuesday have also been extended j
an invitation to attend. The invit:i
tfon to Ogden people la general, every
one is invited.
"The Ladies' Literary club has ar
ranged the anual Easter tea and '
fashion show to raise money tor the!
benefit of local charities," said Mrt
Getting Too Fat?
Try This Reduce
People who don't grow too fat are 1
the fortunate exceptio. But if you I
find the fat accumulating or already j
cumbersome, you Avill be wise to fol- j
lev,- this suggestion, which Is endorsed
by thousands of people who know a. k
your druggist (or if you prefer write to I
tb Marmbla -'o. Sti-i Woodward Ave.,
Detroit. Micb.) for a large case of Mir
mola Prescription Tablets. 75c is the
price the world oa cr. By doing this
you will be safe from harmful drugs
and be able to reduce two, three or '
exercise. Advertisement,
David C. Eccles last evening. "The
kindness and assistance of the mer
chants of Ogden in assuring the suc
cess of the event is thoroughly ap
preciated. They have been very lib
eral. The club has decided upon the
hours lrom A to 7 o'eloek so that not
only the women of Ogden but also the
men ean attend the event and there
have been many assurances that this
aitendance will be general."
The party is Informal and everyone
is invited. Tickets may be secured at
the door.
Captain John C. Hey wood was the I
guest of honor at a Weber club lunch
eon yesterday. Captain Hey wood re
lated a number of his experiences
while in France. Belgium and Ger
many, having been with the American
expeditionary forces and with the
army of occupation.
Captain Hey wood was with the 91st
division while it was being organize!
in Camp Lewi? and went across seal
and loughi in rhe battle of the Ar
gonne. Alter this battle he was trans
ferred to take command of a detail of
100 picked horsemen, with this force
he fOUghl the linn north of Yerdun
and followed him in his retreat Into
Germany Captain Hewood was not
released from the army to return home
until be had occupied a position on
the Rhine
Many interesting and uniqu features I
regarding his experiences with th" j
French and Belgian people as well as u
the Germans in the occupied territory J
were narrated by the captain.
MILWAUKEE. April 17 Helen
Thompson, swimming under the colors j
of the Milwaukee A. C, established a
new record of 1:32 15 for women in j
the 100 yard breast stroke event of
card of mixed championships under
the auspices of the Central assocla- j
tion A. A. U. tonight The former ret- 1
ord was 1:34.
Service is our motto.
Come in and see the new Apex Washing Machine.
Bids on Wiring Cheerfully Furnished.
2454 Washington Ave. ;J
Phone 581 I
416 25th St. Opposite ReecfHotel
Ogden Automobile Brokerage Co.
We also fix 'em up by washing, polishing and repairing them. Good Garage
M. B. WILSON. Manager I
239 Twentv-fiftli Street Telephone 41 J

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