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In continuation of the custom of the
past sixteen years, Easter Sunday
will bo observed in First Presbyter
inn church with three praise services.
I or these services tho church will be
richly decorated with lilies and flow
ers. The sermon themes will be "The
Fersonal Message of the Risen I
"The Day of Victory"' and "The First
Easter Night." The Sir Knichts of El
Monte "ommand ry will attend the af
ternoon service.
Musical Program
.Morning music at 11:
Prelude "Fantasie impromptu1 1 bopin
Miss Melba Brookshler
Mezzo soprano solo, "Day of Resur
rection" . .Hammond
Mrs. ( II Slovens
Anthem, "Fear Thou Not" ..Maynard
The Choir
Offertory, "Berceuse" Chopin
Miss Melba Brookshfer
Soprano solo, "Hosannah" ...Granfer
Mr.-. Anes Warner
! Trayer response Greenough
I The Choir
Contralto solo, "He Was Despised"
i ' From Messiah
Hope Thou Today" . Pncarn
Miss Evelyn A. Buehler
J rostiudr. Mnrchc" ... Mendelssohn
II The Orchestra of the church.
Afternoon music at 4 oclock. El
Turks Threaten
r To Destroy an
1 1 English Church
LONDON. March 24 (Correspon
dence of the Associated Press)
Warning that the Turks had threaten-
I. . ed to destroy tlie Church of St. So
phia in Constantinople, if any move
ment was undertaken to restore that
(hurch to the Christians has been re
ceived by gorrnment officials of
Great Britain.
The subject was brought up in the
house of commons the other dav when
Arfnur J. Bailout-, the foreign minis
ter, was asked if he had received a
. I communication lrom Constantinople
.1 Mating that the Turks Intended to
blow up the Church of M. Kuidn.i "i:
any public expression of opinion took
place in the Fniled Kingdom in fa
vor of the restitution to Christendom
Monte Commandery attending:
Prelude "serenade" Schubert
The orchestra of the church.
Anthem, "Twelfth Mass" .... Mozart
The Choir
Tenor solo. "Rejoice Ye Saints"....
Mr. F. C. Graham
Contralto solo. "The Lord is Risen"
Miss Evelyn A. Buehler
Trio. "Hear Our Prayer" bbott'
Mrs. Warren Clark Binford. Mrs C. H.i
Stevens, Mr. It. W. Thomas
Mezzo soprano solo, "Consider the
Lilies" . Topliff
Mrs. ' H. Stevens
Offertory, "Serenade" Gounod
Miss Melba Brookshicr
Soprano solo, "Christ is Risen"
Mrs Warren Clark Binford
Duel. "The ictory is Won". ..Durst
Miss Evelyn A. Buehler. Mr. F. C.
Anihem, "O Lord Most Merciful"..
The Choir
Postlude "Andante Religioso". Thome
The orchestra of the church.
Evening service at S:
Prelude. "Hearts and Flowers" . Tobani
The orchestra of the church.
Anthem, "N ow the Shades of Night"
j 'The Crucifixion," Music to Be Sung at
I j : First Congregational Church This Evening
When Stainer's oratorio. "The Cruci
fixion," is rendered tonight at the
First Congregational church, there will
be interpolated into the rendition
Handel's great contralto solo from
"The Messiah." "He Was De
and Rejected." which will be 9UUg
i Miss Grace Matthews-, alreadv v.. li
known to Ogden music lovers as a
lj contralto possessing a fine voice and
1 equally gifted as an interpreter ol
great music.
P The solo work in the "Crucifixion"
music will be sung by Miss vine
Shields. Rev Godfrey Matthews and
Peter Fcrnelius.
Th.; quartette, "God So Loved the'
World," will be rendered by the above
named artists and Miss Grace Mat
thews. The rendition will commence
promptly at S o'clock, when it Is ex
pected there will be a crowded con-!
gregation. There will be no charge'
of admission, nor will any collection be!
taken at this service.
of one of the oldest Christian churches
in Europe."
Mr Balfour replied that no official
communication to that el feet had been
received but that such information had
been conveyed by interested parties.
He announced that Admiral Calthorp.
British commander in Constantinople!
had been instructed to take measures
to protect the building and that he
would see that these instructions were
carried out
Despite the warning there is a def- '
lnite movement looking to the restora- J
tion of the great cathedral church of'
ancient Constantinople to the use of
the Christian religion. Erected at first1
in 360 A. D. and rebuilt in 537 as aj
Christian cathedral. St. Sophia was
appropriated by the Turks as a Moslem
house of worship and is now the priii- 1
cipal mosque of Stamboul.
A memorial sinned u u,,. archbish
op uf Canterbury and York and olh-'
ers has been sent to Premier Lloyd
George urging that, while the great im-j
perial mosques of Constantinople
-huuld remain in the hands of islam,
justice requires that the Christians ol
that city, who form a large majority I
of its inhabitants should have their
Swifts' Hams 38c
v j Swifts' Breakfast Bacon 56c
Mountain Brand Hams.
Mountain Brand Breakfast Bacon.
, Sego Brand Bacon.
Fresh Creamrey Butter 63c
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Finest Cream Cheese 35c
Y. A. Cheese 35c
I Fancy Brick Cheese 45c
Fine Utah Spinach, 2 for 25c i
Green Onions, 3 for 10c
California Lettuce 10c
Oranges, per doz 35c, 45c and 60c
Tangerine Oranges, doz 25c
Delivery on orders of $2.00 or more without charge.
Von Weber
The Choir
Tenor solo, "Rejoice Ye Sons of Cod
Today" Surdo
.Mr. V. '. Ctaham
Contralto solo. "Lord to Thee Each
Night and Lay" Handel
"He Comes in Triumph Now". . Pinsutl
Miss Evelyn A. Buehler
Trio. "We Will Ever Praise Thy
Name" Abbott
Mrs. Warren ( lark Dinford. Mr?. C. H.I
Steyens, Mr. R W. Thomas
Mezzo soprano solo, "Day is Ended"
Mrs, C. H. Stevens
Violin obligate, Mr. Herman Fetschcr
Luet. "Hol Night When From the
Crave" Barnby
Miss Evelyn A. Buehler, Mr. C. G.
Offertory, "Valley and Mountain". .
The orchestra of I he church.
Soprano solo. "F Know That My Re
deemer Liveth"
Mrs. Warren Clark Ilinford
Anthem. "Abide With Mee" ..Lysberg
The Choir
Postlude. "Shades of Night"
The orchestra of the church
Miss Melba Bcookahier will be the
accompanist at these services.
The ladies will kindly remove their
hata after the first praise number.
priceless building (St Sophia) restor-'
ed to them. It has no special sacred -ness
for Moslems. Its value in their,
eyes is merely political.
The great church is now In a ser-'
ious condition and must Inevitably col -
lapse if it is not placed In capable
hi niN Mtfl tlit. tit Ams-i wi i 1 "Tl. 1 '
...... v.. -, oojo -.in; iuvilKMI.il lilt" fclUl -
ious mosaics, a precious heritage
among the artistic treasures of the
world, should be uncovered from the
defacement which is necessarily im
posed so long as the building, con
structed and decorated for one faith,
is alienated and devoted to another."
P M. Parry, manager of the Ogdn
division of the Utah Power & Light
company, has been promoted to be
come commercial manager, of the corn-1
pany, with headquarters in Salt Luke.'
according to an announcement made
last evening by S. It. Inch, vice presi-
dent and general manager of the torn
pany The new appointment takes ef-l
feet May
Mr. Parry succeeds to the position'
made vacant by W. R. Putnam, who
has been made ire president and on-
era) manager of the Idaho Power com-;
pany with headquarters in Boise. Mr. j
Parry's successor has not been decided
. Mr. Putnam succeeds W T. Wallace'
as vice president and general manager
and the latter goes to New York 'o!
take an important position with a large ;
industrial concern.
Mr. Putnam's appointment lo the
. eucuure position or vice president
i and general manager of the l.laho
i ' Power company will interest inier '
mountain business circles in general,
and the electrical industry throughout
tins region in particular. He came o
Ball Lake a little over five years ago
as sales manager of the Utah Power,
& Light company, and a year or so
latei was made manager of the Salt
I ake division of the company's prop
arty. He held the two positions of,
Bales manager and manager ot the
sail Lake division until Januar I,
1919, when he was promoted to be
ommcrclal manager of the company
His selection as vice president and
general manager of the Idaho Power
.company, one of ihe largest and most
'important electric service properties
m the intermountain country, comfs'
as 'he reward tor Mr. Putnam s abll-
ity in the sales end of electric service1
work together with his success as an'
operating official and the development
of recognized executive ability.
Starting as an accountant with the
old Utah Light & Railway companv i
some ten years ago. Mr. Parry's rise
has been rapid and his promotion to!
jthe office of commercial manager of,
the Utah Power & Light company I
! comes as a result of the success he
has made of his work as manager ofj
!the Ogden division.
ARCHANGEL, April 16. (By the As
sociated Press) Seventeen persons
have been executed on charges of es-
pionige, conspiracy and treason as a
! result of the discovery late In March
of an organization in Archangel which
1 planned to deliver the town and gar-
rison to the Bolshevlki. it Is announced
in the official Russian newspaper pub
1 lished here.
Ask for Punishment of
Germans Who De
ported Women.
15,000 SIGNERS
Would Prevent Perpe
tration of Such Crimes
I Ever Again.
PARIS. April 15?. (French Wireless!
Service) A petition asking for the
punishment of the Germans responsi-i
ble for the deportation of women from!
Lille, Roubalv and Toureoing In the
spring of 1916 will soon be handed to,
the peace eonferenee. it is signed by;
1". "Mi women. Including Madame Gas
ton CalmettQ and Mrs Anna Roose
velt. The pel tion says :
"In spite of the most elementary
laws of humanity, thousands of wom
en glrll and children of every condl I
tion were systematically abducted
from their families and were forced to'
submit to the most odious treatment, i
We women ol France v,th bleeding
and broken hearts demand Justice from
the peace conference on behalf of our
mart red sisters.
"To prevent such crimes from ever
being perpetrated again we demand!
that those guilty of them be punished
like ordinary criminals. We trust you
will exact full justice from Germany
and her allies. We are nearlng the
anniversary of the da . April 23. 1916.
when that odious deed against which,
the women of all nations protest, was'
carried out and we firmly trust that
mother year will not . laps,, hefor.- the
KUilty are punished, both those who
issued the order from Berlin and those
who executed It in the most brutal
Bill Hart in "Between Men" ;
Eddie Polo in "Lure of the
Circus," and Alice Howell in
"Behind the Front" at the
COZY today and tomorrow.
A show the "kids" all like to
see. Admission 6c and 15c
The Southern Pacific officials
throughout the system are arranging
lor an extensive Victory Loan cam
paicn among their employes, in an
el fort to assist in putting the next!
War Loan over tho top." A thor-j
ouli canvass is bein made of all em
ployes of ihe company in an effort loj
have everj man in the service hold a
I Victory Loan bond. Literature is be
ins prepared and will he circulated
No quota has been set tor the rail-'
road, but officials slated this morning
that they were going to try to su.pass'
Hie amount subscribed to the last'
oo ,
"Babes in the Woods,"
Hausel and Gratel, Alhambra
tomorrow. Children's How
between pictures 3:30 till
4:30. "Maggie Pepper,"
Paramount's great feature pre
cedes and follows. Children
10c till 4 p. m. After 4 p. m.
6c; adults 15c matinee; even
ings 20c
More Mexicans Are
Afflicted With Tlu'
And Brought to Ogden
Two more Mexican Southern Pacific'
employes were broughl into Ogden1
last evening from Tech. I" tab suffer-1
ing of influenza. The patients were
taken to the Dee hospital for treat
ment It was stated by officials this morn
Ing that the men had become so sick
that it was inlfcossiblc for them to be
properly taken care of out on the line
Tech la just west of Ogden.
All Mix-day at the Lyceum.
Tom Mix in "Mr. Logan, U. S.
A." and also in the 2-reel
comedy, "Hearts and Sack
dies." Coming, next Sunday,
Charlie Chaplin in "Shoulder
Read the Classified Ads.
Read the Classified Ad3.
cwih most m
mm !
The women of Ogden are called up-'
on to meet a real emergency tomor
row About one week ago, wheu a
morning paper announced that th;
j N'lnety-first division would pass'
j through Ogden a generous supply of
provisions was secured to present
them. The Ninety-first did not ap
peal ihen. bin about fourteen hundred
l other hungry and welcomed soldier j
i and sailor bo.t s have during 'he past,
four days been given the bospitalltj
of the ed t'ross canteen and as a
result the larder is quite as bare ns
I the fabled cupboard that belonged to
l Old Mother llnhhnrd 1
Now The Standard announces tha'
the Ninety-first is rapidly approaching
the canteen, and there Is nothing t
give them li Ifl clearly a rase that I
Involves the reputation and honor of
Ogden and all the women are urce.J
to commence work on cookies and :
doughnuts, v'lndvv'iches an,j just any-
thine thai will add lo the pleasure of
several hundred hungry men
It musi be done ni once, for 'he
Definite news as lo the Ninety-first's
arrival has been received.
The women of California are plan
ning to surpass the local canteen if
possible, bin when the Ogden women
know that they have a real opportun
Ity for service they meet it. The au- n
prcmn opportunity is here. This is
the time and the antecn is ihe place.
A very urcent call, and in fact a real
plea, is made to all the women of lin
den to do their utmost, for the firs!
train will be in the depot at 10 o'clock
tomorrow, if it is on time. There will
bo six trains of huncry men, so the
quantity can be guessed as a generous
The Red Ooss also suseests thai
here is an opportunity for some of th
men to play a part. Call up a bakery
at once and jret an order in lor BOl
thing thi boys can eat Oon't forget
the other things for which a BOluli i
It is known that there are six sec
tions to the train This makes the
call for plosions one of sufficient
proportions to stir the men and wom
en alike to prompt action.
Rev Carver said this morning:
'It is known that part of the Nri
tir.-i will be here sometime within the
next forty-eight hours. We expect
them Saturday and I wish to maki B
Straight appeal to the men and women
of Ogden to assist the canteen by,
sending, or ordering sen', a generous
supp!y of tho things a soldier will ap
preciate. Cookies, doughdutS, Band
vrichea and other articles of refresh
ment are wanted. Those who c.tnn t
bake can erv in this stress by oi'l i
ing from their baker. We ask for
prompt actii n in order that our work
era maj havs sufficient supplies for
all needs."
Charley Ray in "The Sher
iff's Son" and "Fiendish Flan
nigan" comes Sunday to the
The city and county building was
last by a majority of 12G votes in th
combined vote of the city and count.
according to the semi-official figures,
which are the only figures that will
be available until next Monday when
the ballots are opened by the city
All other measures in the triple bond
election Wednesda were carried, with
the possible exception of the Loriu
Fair park bond issuf of $10,763
There are twelve districts in the
city that had not reported the number
of votes cast for and against the va-'
rious uv.-asures. Tin- jud'-.- of e ( tion
made no note of how the otes wnt,
but. sealed the envelopes and returned
them to the city recorder Results In I
these districts will not be definitely
known until the board of city commls-
sioners open these envelopes and I
makes the offiical canva a next Mon
day at their regular meeting.
After the checking of the votes had :
been completed yesterda the two
county measures, the joint building
and the new count Jail, stood as ol
lows ;
Yes No
Ogden city districts 9G5 738
Oountry precincts . .... 1-53 805
Totals 1118 3543 I
Majority against 125
County Jail proposal- -
Yes No
Ogden city districts 957 745 '
1 ounty precincts m 947
Totals 1101 1692
Majority against 591
The Washington avenue park im-1
provements has carried, unless theer la
la vote rolled up against it in the few
remaining districts
on the Lorln Farr park proposition :
there were 685 votes unfavorable and
j 632 favorable. As the remaining dis
tricts to be heard from are not far .
1 from the Lorin Farr park It is expect
led. that the measure will carry,
j The appropriation for the Washing '
Ion aenue park improvements will!
I mean that the children will have add
led playground improvements, new
equipment and swimming pools.
Commissioner Miles L. Jones, hea.1
of the department of parks and pub
lie property, states 1- n rh.-- Lorln Parr
Improvements will hi- made even it the
bonds have failed to carry, there bi
enough means to take care of the im
provements from tic- budget made for'
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., April 18
Fred Fullon. heavyweight purilis;. brj
filed a petition In bankruptcy in fed
eral court here, It was announced fo- j
dav. Fulton lists his assets at $7,360
and his liabilities at ?6.523. Hli lia
bilities are court judgments against
him and promisory notes.
Conflicting Argument I
The mouthpiece of what is left of the old grocery combination
makes some conflicting statements about our affairs. Only a
few days ago he was stating in his newspaper item that we were
making too much money, while he had been unable to declare
a dividend in ten years. At this time he is telling you how we
sell below cost and giving you figures as to what we pay for our
foods, to make it convincing. In all our experience we have
never had occasion to be so much embarrassed through the con
duct of a competitor. He tells you that we paid, not long ago,
$4.80 for Monogram flour and sold it for $4.70. Has the man
gone crazy? As a matter of fact our purchase of Monogram
flour at that time was enough flour to last him a year. Because
of the large purchase we were able to buy Monogram at $4.56
per 100 pounds. Our price of $4.70 showed us as much profit
1 as we ever make. Mr. Mouthpiece, you are a poor buyer. You
I pay too much for your supplies Don't expose your ignorance.
Do some real merchandising. Attend to your own affairs and
we will guarantee you will make dividends for 1919. Let the
past of the grocery trust remain in clic past. It's a poor skele
ton to drag out at any time. It's a subject most of the old timers
do not like to think of, much less attempt to defend. I
Lettuce can be found at all
R Skfiggs' stores tomorrow at . 10c C lct of m'ld curcd fancy
New ten'der cabbage. 1 pound 10c hams fcr Ezster Wc sell them by I
I 3 pounds for 25c the half or whole ham.
j Choice juicy oranges, dozen 45c Whole mild ham pound 37c
B Large juicy lemons, dozen . 28c '
Half milo nam, pound 33c
S CRISCO Choice sweet bacon, pound . 40c
Most stores charge a lot more ry Salt pork' pound ' 35c
1 than price quoted here. Carry your Smokcd shoulder hams, pound . 28c
H Crisco home and save. No. 10 pail Sego pure lard $2.89
3 '! ; pou"d ca" Crisco Kg; No. 10 pail Cudahy's pure lard 2 95
Q 3 pound can Cnsco $1.00 U
2 6 pound can Crisco $1-?? PIITTFR
I 9 pound can Crisco $2.90 "Ul ILK
1 Medium pail Cottolene . . . $1 15 -ru 3
I Large pail Cottolene 95 . Th bycott on the part of the I
H Medium pail Snowdnft ' $19 houscw,vcs had some effect al
3 rUClTCr ready and we look for further de- I
U -nLLOL dines later. At no time has our I
Cheaper than meat and very price on butter been as high as else- K
much relished at this time of the where. J
vcar Skaggs' fresh creamery butter, )
4 to 8 pound Y A cheese pound . . ... 63c
pound 33c Fresh ranch butter, pound . 53c
Mild cream cheese, pound ... 35c Fresh cocoanut butter, pound . 32c
New York bitey cheese, pound 38c Fresh ranch ecjgs, dozen .... 37c v
Can be found ?t either of our markets. Please do not think of
the quality a fimilar to the meats offered on rpecials, which are j
admitted to be railroad camp quality.
CI taPrfC I
Government License G32932
According Ul company officials tho
ogden Petroleum company will com
mence drilling operations by the first
I of May Two men are workinp uow
installing new storage tanks for water
and oil and getting things read iur
active work.
The company la in the best Financial
! shape of its career and expects to push'
drilling operations hard this summer.
"Babes in the Woods,"
Hausel and Gratel, Alhambra
tomorrow. Children's Hour
between pictures 3:30 till
4:30. "Maggie Pepper,"
Paramount's great feature pre
cedes and follows. Children
10c till 4 p. m. After 4 p. m.
6c; adults 15c matinee; even
ings 20c
1 oo
Attention, Loya! Order
of Moose
All members of the I.o;al Order )l
Moose, their wives and children are
cordially Invited to thf young people's
party to ho held Saturday evening
April 19, at the Moose hall.
El Monte Commandery
No. 2, Knights Templar
This commandery will attend Easter
services at First Presbyterian church,
Sunday attornoon, April L'ljth. Km
will meet at Temple at 3 p m n, , ,
prompt. Visiting Knights ctirdialh
By order the- E. C.
F. E. Nichols. Recorder 1
ill 53
Charley Ray in "The Sher
iff's Son" and "Fiendish Flan
nigan" comes Sunday lo the
-oo '
Read the Classified Ads.
SALT LAKE. April 18 Utah will
receive from the United States equip
ment for the construction of highways
costing practicalh $300,000. T1k- onij ;
cost to the state, however, will be the
freight This conclusion was reached
yesterday nfter a conference between
' hiof Engineer o. c. Merrill or th--
highway department of thr. govern- 1
ment and Ira R Browning, stale road I
engineer The machinery which has I
been requested from the government B
is as follows: M
Twelve light transits $ 2.400 I
Twelve levels ... 1,500
Thirty trucks, two to live ions 15o!uD0
Ninety trailers 6,000
Four tractoi TG horsepower 32,000
Tw nty-incb i oglne lathe .... 1,000
Twenty-five ton screw press.. 500
Light tractor paving mixers.. 20,iH'd
Four portable concrete mixers 2,00 1
Twelve mess e uipments,
thirty nu p eacb . 2,400
Ten thousand teet 2' and 3
inch pipe . .. 4.0-"1
Portable compressor for drills 5,600
Four revolving steam shovels. SO.O'iO
Total $287,400
.Most of this machinery was under
construction for the army when the
armistice was signed.
I'nder regulations of the federal
road act, the secretary of war is au
thorized in his discretion to transfer
to the secretary of agriculture all avail
able war material, equipment and sup
plies not needed for the purpose of
the war department but suitable lor
use In the improement of highways
This Is to be distributed among the
highway departments of ih states tor
use In road construction.
Bjjj Jvtst Received Ip-
H Also we have just received
25 other httc song hits.
I mm I
H "Where Everybody Goes"
1 Glen Bros. -Roberts K
I Piano Co. fei
j Tel. 181 2472 Hudson Ave. N Kj

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