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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, July 17, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 11

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Red Estate j
L 1
146 ACRE ranch s.-entj miles from
j Salt I.ak. fin-- water right and im
I prov m ii S, -nine Cattle And sheep gfl
I WJUl place For terms and particulars,
write J L. Hollada. Box 1122
Lake City. '"''
d ROOM frnru modern except Deal
f Close in on paved street, lot 50x13
Will sell on small rash payment, bal
ancem omhly. Only $2700.
4 R M b r i k house, summer k 1
f barn. 1 3-10 acres and all in bearing
fruit and garden, wafer right 1 3rd
Kib, balance to suit. $3150.
II 4 ROOM brick, close In, lot, 50x138.
Will warn $800 cash. $20 monthly on
tL balance $1800.
r J- A. MeGulloch, under Firsl National
bank. Phone 301. 5007
H 10 ACRES pood land, house, poultry
Ik houses, barn, water ri-lu, apple and
prune orchard, other fruits, I acres
alfalfa, ideal fruit, garden and chicken
ranch, close to Ogden on good road,
f I close to electric line. Price $5500.
Easv terras. R. G. Agce, phone 683
k or 69. 5022
i A 3 ACRE fruit farm for sale. 570 B,
7th St., City, 2 blocks from street car
I f lino 5030
u PROPERTY for sale, at 2187-21S3 I n
y ion Ave. Inq 652 21st St. ,Vi2S
o RooM hnuM' with l epinc porch,
.' modern lnqulr 157 26tfa 31 4986
5 ROOM modern bunglao with Bleep
ing porch, all built-in features, lot 50
130 call evenings. 1635 Grant. 1990
A 9 ROOM house in good condition on
23rd strei t, between Lincoln and Grant
) avenues, lot 59 by 165 leot. This Is
I semi - business property, is a good rev -
t-nut producer and will bring ou a
good revenue on your money while 1U
become?, business proper! v. j j
BrumroitL Phone 59. 4608
f i I
A GOOD 5-room modern home, locat
ed within two blocks of the postoffke,
building on Grant avenue, for only
$2600 dollars. Seven hundred ($700)
dollars down, the balance on terms; a
sp.e.ndld opportunity to kc-I a home for
erj much les than the building would
I cost, with a aluable lot thrown in as 1
a bouuti. J. J. lirummltt, 2417 Hud-
W Bon Ave. 4608 1
A PERFECT dream of a bungalow 00 '
a paved street, in the most exclusive
residence part of the citj on the bench.!
This is the kind of a home that the
H modern housewife has demanded; ev- '
- erything complete and 111 good shape, j
all special tuxes paid This for the
I next 10 days can be bought lor about'
one half of what other homes not so
favorably located are bein;," sold for.
J. J. Brummitt. Phone 59, 4608
2422 Hudson Ave., Ogden, Utah.
Phone 236.
1160 ACRE ranch in Og
d'.n Valley, 200 acres in
peas, hay and grain; 100
acres more can be culti
vated and irrigated; bal
auce first class grazing
land good in all seasons.
Thtre are 4 houses, barns
aud out buildings, all
kinds of machinery, from
small implements to
(hrc'hing machine, also
25 horses, 14 cows, 11
calves, 10 pig:, chickens.
Can take possession at
once. We can sell on lib
eral terms A (joou buy at
I . 4339 j
A GOOD 8 room toute, well located!
within two blocks ul the Union depot,
large iul and good revenue producer.!
Only $2000 dollars. Great snap as an
inve6tmenL J. J. Lrummitt, 2417, Hud - j
bon Ave. 4608
LIVE ROOM house. Price $3,000. '4S
23rd St. 4149 j
FOR SALE My cement brick house,
eeven rooms, corner 25th street and ,
Harnsou. F. N. Bletcher, 1203 25th. I
3697 j
1 ACRE lot, aliso 5-room home. 3G77 I
Adams. iVrms. Esther E Smith 164 ,
FROM owner, lo'. large enough for two,
houses, 66x140 !t on Ogden and 8th Si
$550. 3 acres on 7th und Adamj.l
k 3,500 Phono 1619 N R. Call 750
1 Wash Ave. ',43
rHE most elegant lot on 25th street,
105 fel front and 139 feet deep to
in alley. This lot has all special taxes
paid, is in the most exclusive residence
district, h?s all kinds of shade, fruit j
and ornamental trees and a great va-
rieiy of small fruit. These trees and 1
lruits were selected by a nursery man1
and are all choice varieties This is
the most elegant lot on 25th street.
Will be S' ld Cheap, any kind of terms
given, low rate of interest. Here is
your opportunity to own the most ele
gant resident lot in the city. J. J
Brummitt, 2117 Hudson Ave. 4608
THESE were built beforo labor and
ur&'.erial doubled in value
i 4 ROOM brick, pantry, closet, city
water, electric lights. R. R. district,
bargain at $1250 Easy terms.
5 ROOM modern frame, lot 50x135 to
alley, all special taxes paid in full,
choice location, southwest, easy pay
ments. $2500.
4 ROOM modern brick bungalow, base
ment and largo lot. choice location on
bench, close to car line.
17 Eccles Bldg. Phone i960. 4547
DO you need a small amount of money
for 30. 60 or ill day s ?
ASK 11 Dix, 402 Hudson Bldg. He
will lend to you if you are working or
have furniture, piano or bonds, lor se
curity. 5073
RALPH P. fctUNTSB. Luubiished
1889. Mortgage Loans, Real Estato
Insurance, 'JUL, Idaho lands, farm
and cuy property. Persons desiring to
loan money on good lust Luortgage
security will do well to coiuiu; me.
Good applications always uu hand.
431 241 h Si.. Ogden. Utah. 3310
MONEY to loan on impioved real os-
Ute- Klly & Herrlck. 771
Monk i to Luc on real eitnte secur
ity. J, Brummltt S-21-u
9 ROOM bn'ck house, furnnro, lawn,
shad trees. Trms to suit purchaser
Sot owner. 1335 wash. 6004 ,
CASH. 5 room brick, modem Phone
H4)-W 6059
(ROOM brick bouse, $::."oo. on large
! lot . barn, garage and large brick set
In r. Applv 1728 Wash Phone 1470
48S5 j
8 OR 7 mom brick. Chone 2SS9 R.
GOOD modern home?, easv terms. 302
35th 4663,
320 ACRE dry farm in southern Idiho
for sale, or trade for small acreage
near Ogden, or would accept g".od
modern home in city; 275 acres ul! r
I cultivation, good buildings, all tea
chinery necessary for the place. ThU
'is one of the best of dry farms Foi
particulars write Box 129 Logan, Dtsh
j 4122 1
5 ROOM modern with sleeping porch. I
Call 160-W. Patterson. 5045
MODERN six room brick, near 21st'
nun Quincy Ave. Half acre lot with 1
fruit trees, garage, chicken runs and
stable. All special faxs paid. 8600.
Only $800 ash and $20 per month. O. ,
A Kennedy, Ftah Natl. Bldg 5037
Male Help
... ...... nltl- -
EXPERIENCED first-class ook want-,
ed. Citv Cafe, 110 25th St. Phon ;
24-W. ' 6008
B)YS to pick beans, lCMh and Wash-
Ington Phone 2174 .1
GOOD positions ror men With automo-1
biles. Address A C H care standard.'
EXPERIENCED marker and sorter
and linen clerks. N. P. Laundry. 4563
BEFORE selling Liberty bonds get.
prices from J. A. Hogle & Co. 2451 1
To Buy
WANTED to buy 5000 shares of Fargo
Oil Stock. State price. Address P. O.I
Box 31 4980
SECOND hothouse and frames. 223
9th St. 479S !
WANTED to buy a 7 or 8 room house,
frame or brick, six or seven blocks
from center of town. Writo box 266,
Ogden, 4358
I BUY Liberty bonds J. J. Brummltt,
2417 Hudson Ave. 2638
j ACCRUED Int. plus market price for
! liberty ponds paid by J. A- Hogle ft Co
WANTED Cattle, one t aad or one
carload. Call uo ana our buyer w"l
come out and price your stok. We
tern Live Stock Com. Co., J. A. Lee
Mgr. Phone day 730, night 2918.
Farms jlj
8 1-2 ACRE chicken farm, all equipped,
six room house, big barn, 2 large chick
c houses. Cheap. 1050 7th St. 4584
DRESSMAKlNt;. 256 SStS St. 412
DRESSMAKING, rear 2830 Adams
Phone 1551 - . 5017
A OAS range, L'ood 1 i new Also wash
ing machine. 574 Cross St, Phone
2893-M. 6000
OVERLAND 7 pass Sell cheap or trade
for farm tractor. Phone 1979 5015
LILLR'1 Loads buigm. J. J. Brum
mitt Phone 69. 2539
CLEAN RAGS wanted at the Stan, j
dard office.
-.-in -1-1 -1 -1-1 n 1
OHIO vacuum cleaner for rent. $1.00
pel daj l'hone 2097. 5091
1 :
n i.iju 11 11 irinm'i'ii ' n -1 i n 2
BLAl iv handbag containing 20 bill,
two $10 bills, and some change, bet.
Ogden and Hooper Liberal reward for
its return to this office 5086
2 1-2 yds dark blue Uulard, Wrights
slip for $4 75. Phone 50-JJ Reward I
A NEW Ford tire, Saturday afternoon,
t all 8123 M. Reward. 5054 j
SIGNET ring engraved DeWit, valued
SS keepsake. Reward Return to Dewlt!
Urn.- i o 5019
LOST- -Brovvn panama hat between
hospital and Cheesman garage. Return
221 Eccles Bldg 5026?
iBLaCK leather pocket book on So.
I Fork road. Return lo Star Restaurant,
174 25th St. Reward. 4978
SMALL blacg pin, seal coin purse, be
tween Lewis Jewelry Co. and 521 Ec
j cles Bldg., containing small change,
Cent's sardonyx ring and other things.
Return to Lewis Jewelr). Reward.
: 4924
'l'AKTV who took ihe black leather
bag from the Utah theatre Sunday
night is known and unless returned
J immediately, prosecution will follow.
Return to Utah theatre. 480G
GOLD-RIMMED glasses, June 14. P.t
turn 2832 Nye Reward. .40
LADY'S striped Silk bag, containing
money Kinder left al Utab Rational
I hajiU. 5000
mm c
Female Help
GIRL wanted at the Wistaria. bOll
RELIABLE wnman or girl as house
keeper Two in famllv No washing
Phone 725. 5082
EXPERIENCED tfrl for steady work
1. reenwell C-onfer.tionery 50S7
fOUNG ITOman, married preferred,
taking tickets and filing, must be
experienced in money changing Call
m person I'tah Theatre
EXPERT chpcolate dipper wanted, $3
pr day. steadv position Wistaria.
(.ILLS wanted to sew on overalls. We
pay while you larn Only those who
want steady Jobs need apply Scowcroft
Manufacturing. 5014
EXPERIENCED woman or jdr! for
general housework. Call in 'he morn
ings. 2540 Eccles Ave. Phone 1175
GIRL for housework; no cooking .on
washing. Apply 2404 Madison. 4889
EXPERIENCED and ineiperienctd
help, $9 to $18 per week, eight hours
a dav. Union Pacific railroad laundry.
Concrete Ornamental
j Works
CEMETERY concrete coping Wheel
wright, 20th and Douglas. Phone
2G2SW 4284
BURNISHED house. 2560 Cole's Court.
60 T 3
LARGE furnished room, suitable for
one or two. 529 23rd St. Phone
2181-Jt. t015
STRICTLY modern 7 room hou.-e. 837
2. ".rd Street 5087
STRICTLY modern five room cottage
fully furnished. On cool part of bench
and dose In, Large sleeping porch.
Tenant muM have references Avail
able August 1st to Oct. 1st, at $50
month Phone 2?.96 J 5096
LARGE rool sleeping room'for gentle
man, 1-2 block from 85th on Lincoln.
Phone 1520-J, or 1730. 5063
FRONT room, well ventilated, cool,
close in. reasonable, 650 24th St , up-
... f ZfkCO
Man:-. ovuo
LARGE modem housekeeping room,
-336 21st street. 5069
3 ROOM furnished apartment. 2538
Quincy. 5036
4 ROOM house, bath and pantry. 2338
Madison. 5047
LARGE cool sleeping rooms. 600 24th
SL Phone 610. 5051
MODERN room for rent, gentleman
only. 411 Herrick Ave. 5011
ACCRUED int. phs market price for
liberty bond paid by J. A. Hogle & Co.
COMPLETELY furnished for light
housekeeping. Elevator, amusement
hall, phone, light, heat and gas. Maid
8crice if desired. Raies 120 to $37.50
ONE 5-room modern house with hot
water heating plant and gas. 2530
Monroe Ave. Call 2067 R. 6006
5 ROOM modern bungalow, south on
Adams Ave. $27.50 per month Room
813 Eccles Bldg 5089
evvN r i -i-g i y 1 1 .r -j y-
1916 FORD touring car, in good shape,
newly painted Price $350 Call after
noons 2 to 5 2617 Monroe Ave.
LET me sell our car for you. C E
Yorgason, used car dealer. 1 ha th
fr Mowing cars for sale at 2308 Wash.:
Studebaker 4, 1915; Dodge 5-pass.,
1916; 5-pass. Ford 6009
GOOD Saxon roadster. 2843 Wash
CUT-down Ford, 1st class condition.
Phone 1864-W. 5021
FORD, Buiek, Oakland and Dodge pas
senger cars. Burrows Auto Co, 432
25th St 5016
fori roadster, $275, Coll 2270 Mof
fat. 5013
BFICK light 6 roadster for sale. Bar
gain, owner leaving town. Phone 23
LIBERTY motor mechanic, 2 12 years
1st class mechanic C S. aviation ser
vice expert. Cadillac. Packard, other
fine ars. 2206 NN ashington Ave,
t i a uklin agency. 4964
FORD coupelet, full equipped i'hon
2446. 4872
CAJt tor sale, excellent running condi
lion. Inq. 2213 Lincoln. 4G85
MODERN 0 cylinder 7-pab4enger Jeff
rey. In good condition. See Ray Shurt
llff, 2150 Washington Ave. 4965
LIGHT Buick truck cheap. Ray Shuit
.hi, 2150 W ashington. 4935
NOTICE Ws make a spbcialty of
Ford work, sell cars on commission,
also arc- agents for the Dayton L'niver-
al For J i.uu ter. Ford Garage, Twen
1 fourth and Grant Aenue. Phone:
252 -W. 2726
AUTO for sale. Call 794. 25-2
3C CHALMERS InquJ- Mi. Harp3ver
k, . 'lit 'oujuu Auto Co. 77kt
ON'i. S passenger automobile. Inquire
Che? - .n't Auto Shop, foreman. 712
Read The Classified Ads
Head The Classified Acis.
Read the Clasrified Ada.
;ood jersey cow for sale chenp 180
Harris Ave after 6 p. ra. 601 1
BaiE PantonC for barjeains in planer
anil phonograph? No interest 614
APRICOTS for sale, 877 12th St Phone
; 2124 - R. 5080
SECOND-HAND grain and potato
sacks Phone 210 Ogden Junk House.
GOOD milk cow 3182 Jackson 5095
STEGER piano, pood condition, ( all
;u P.42 Bernard Ave , after 5 p. m. or
'call at 2126 Washington Ave. 5075
ONE Stewart range, almost new In
'quire 2812 Grant. 5071
A PIANO for sale cheap Phone 223!
JEWEL gas range and gas heater for
sale. 2818 Pingree. 5064
FURNITURE for sale, 599 12th St.
Now Round Oak range new cabinet,
etc. 5066
! CHICKENS for sale. Call 1931 Park
Ave., or telephone 2157 M. 5057
; i
LOT 50x143, 5 room house, pantrys.
: light and water, well lurni&hed. Goes
for $1150. Some terms if sold this
jweek. 2753 Park Ave 5034
NEW range cheap at 252 22nd St
I COLUMBIA graphophone and records,
I a brass bed, mattress springs, kitch
en range, and other household goods.
2336 Madison Ave 5050
! PET donkey, gentle. jusTthe thing for
children, $15. 827 26th St. Call 2037W.
5033 I
NEW kaki coat and divided skirt,:
cost $10 for $6. Rear 2330 Adams.
1 5018
2 GOOD Holstein milk cows. Call at
7th and Lincoln. 5024
CHOICE jersey bull for sale, coming
2 years old. Phone 42-R-4. 5023
YOUNG jersey cow, 2527 Iowa Phone
1 2997 -W 4982
DURHAM cow, fresh, 3rd calf 558
I 12th St. Phone 3294-R. 4800
GOOD Jersey jows cheap. 1423 2.ih.
4 7tO
1 5 GOOD Jersey cows cheap 302 35th
; Street 1664
'GOOD horse, at 281 W. 33rd St. 4647 j
JsPECIAL bargain. 9. h p Hercules st
tionary gas engine, cheap if taken at
once R. T. Mitchell Co., 2439 Hud.ion. 1
, r none ooi. 4oo0
I GOOD farm wagon, hand plow, grind-1
j stone; a bargain. Call at 446 17th St '
, j
HIGHEST prices paia lor secoud-hana
goods at Stowo'a New and Second-hand
Store. 1800 Washington. Phone 686-J.
. 2484
FOR SALE 4-ncrse power K. ft V.
gasoline engine, used 60 days; $140
; Cuulter-Adauaw beed Co. 2461
HIGH grade Line of paints and brushes
for sale at coat 180u Washington Ave.
Phone 686-J. 2621
SECOND HAND goods bought, sold
and exchange, 1S0U Washington, Ave.'
i Phone 08t-J. 2626
i J. A. HOGLE 4: Co. pay highest prices
j in Ogden for Liberty londs. 245u
UNCALLED for suits, tailor made, big
! reduction. Gordon's, 211-26 26th Su
1 Phone 419. 216
! TH-KEE good mdk cows. Phone 730.
1472 i
l 6 SACKS wood for $1.00. Phone 828.
j Wheelwright Wood Yard. 1417
I GROCERIES in retail quantities at
J wholesale prices. Ogden s Groceries,
. 181 24Ui St. i 0841 J
; THBEj gooo uilich cows. Phone 730. !
I WE furnish and install high grade ,
j electric or hand ele aiora, any capac-
ity. Write Wm. Watrjus, 249 Ediaon
iSL, Salt Lake Ch. We buy -nd hand
one i. 2366 ;
! EXPERIENCED clerk wishes position
jin either dry goods or grocery store.
.AUUn'S I'. J . DU.v lOO. uu.-
NURSE, reliable, very experienced, by
day or hour. Phone 2889-J. 6003'
A YOUNG marned man wants work'
from 6 to 12 evenings. Phone 1166.
PERMANENT by young man, age 21.1
Experienced in general office work.
Clerical work preferred. Call Box No.1
J P . Standard. 5020
BOOKKEEPER wants set of books to
keep evenings G D. W , Standard.
r 1 1 - - -iii- - -
To Rent
2 UNFURNISHED rooms for light I
housekeeping by lady with one child
Address Box 266. -,u7j
ABOUT August 15th, modern furnish
ed double (two bedrooms) apartment,
or housekeeping rooms Address Box
H. C. M., care Standard. 5005
2 OR 4 room furnished house Phone
-002 - R, 5yi-
BY YOUNG couple, small furnished or,
unfurnished houst ; must be clean; no!
children. E. J. C, care Standard.
WE take your old range as first pay-'
ment on an new range or will buy
your old range outright. Home Fur
niture Co. 4672
;Mii , !i elfien Ad.
1 Read the Classified Ad.
The Secretary of ihe Interior has issued the 1
Following invitation to the American people 1
to visit the National forks and National Monuments 1
American People: I
Uncle Sam asks you to be his guest. f
He has prepared for you the choice places I
of this continent places of grandeur, t
beauty and of wonder. He has built roads
through the deep - cut canyons and be-
side happy streams, which will carry you
into these places in comfort, and has pro-
vided lodgings and Food in the most distant and f
, inaccessible places that you might enjoy I
yourself and realise as little as possible !
the rigors of the pioneer travelers jife I
These are for you. They are the play-
grounds of the people. To see them is to
make more hearty your affection and I
admiration for America. f
Secretory of
Summer Excursion Fares
Ask for the booklets you want. They de- Ask the local ticket agent to help plan your trip, V
cnbe Yellowstone, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, or apply to nearest Consolidated Ticket Office, or
Ml Rainier, Crater Lake, Yosemite, Sequoia. address Travel Bureau, U .S. R. R. Administration , I
Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Zion, 646 Transportation Bldg , Chicago; 143 Liberty I
Mesa Verde and Hot Springs of Arkansas. St., New York; 602 Healey Bldg., Atlanta, Ga,
United States Railroad Administration H
shipping board Btssmshlp Scantk- was
Collided with r.irly today by a loaded
bargp and foropd aground. Tb Scan
tic with a cargo of coal ior Rotterdam
was anchored off Gloucestpr, N. J .
ready to sail when the barge, whoso
captain lost his bearings in the 'fog,
crashed into her side
The sailing of the Scantic will not
be interferTfd with The bow of the
barge was smashed.
Street Railway
Commission Hears
Company Evidence
WASHINGTON, July 17 Because
public utilities have outgrown, HlUlllcl
pal boundaries, municipal ownership of
them practically is a dead issue. Ihe
federal electric railways commission
was told today by Wiiliam J Clark, '
one of the pioneer street railway build
era of the Gountry. Mr. Clark said
the interurban idea was crowing rapid-,
ly and that Jealousy between town I
and rural communities would not per-'
mil .i big municipality to own an eloc-j
'Pic railway serving them all.
The value of rourtes in improving
relations between the public and treot
railway lines was emphasised by Mr
Clark, who said little acts of discourte
sy by company employes caused pass
er.gers lo hav personal grievances
again-1 I In- company.
WASHINGTON July 1 7 - W. D.
George, receiver of the Pittsburg
Traction properties, and M D Brush,
former president of the Boston ele
vated lines, were witnesses at today's
'session of the federal electric railway
commission) appointed by President
Wilson to inquire into conditions or
and to suggest relief for the Street
railway systems of the country Hear
ings were begun here several days ago.
Both witnesses testified that Increased.!
fars had been resorted to in their
respective cities In an effort to relieve
'.heir companies' financial embarrass
ment, but withour success.
Violent Decline -In
Exchange on
London Recorded
NEW yORK July 17 Exchange on
London underwent nnoiher violent de :
Cllne oday; dmand bills falling to,
I4.26H and cables lo $4.28, or 8 "j
4 cents under yesterday's figurec the
lowest ever recorded.
Franc also suffered further depre
ciation with demand at 7.20 and cables
al 7 IS The Italian rate was lower
and quotation? to Holland and other'
north European centers were again i
International bankers were of the,
opinion today thai a further break in
sterling would soon cause British'
bankers to ship gold tO this country
oo -
A sarship goe od a whaling voyage'
wben ii stAcis out to whin inmebody.
GENEVA, Switzerland, Wednesday.
July 16 James B. McCreary, an
American V. M C. A secretary, 25
vo.irs old has been killed at Prague
under unusual circumstances Mc
Creary, according to advices received
here, was standing in a boat on the
river at Prague when he was struck
hy a swerving Italian hydro-airplane
The American died soon afterwards
and was buried In Prague.
L W. W. to Organize
j Marine Workers
Of the World
NEW YORK. July 17 A plan of
the Industrial Workers of the World
'in, organize the marine workers of sev-Ic-ral
European and South American
countries into 'one big union" was dls
j closed in letters seized In the raid on
'the headquarters of the organisation
I r. few weeks ago and submitted as evi
dence here today when the joint legis
llatlve committee resumed its Inquiry
I into radical and seditious activities in
1 New York state.
One of the documents read into the
I record, dated Chicago. June 10. wis
jntien bv James Scott, who had been
I made acting secretarv anil treasurer
of the union. It slated thai efforts
were under way to organize the trans
port workers of Argentina Chile, uba,
Mexico, Ireland Spain and Holland,
and thai operations would be extended
lo other countries as funds became
: available
Philippines to
Pass Prohibition
Law for Islands
MANILA. July 17 The Philippine
legislature purposes the enactment of
a prohibition measure or the Islands
In th- event it Is held I hat the national
prohibition amendment recently rati
fied in the United States does not ap
pl Co the Philippines. This announce
ment was made today by legislative
The proposed measure, it was said,
would be an exact copv of th- RC of
Ihe American government
500 Postmasters j
Are Nominated by
President Wilson
WASHINGTON. July 17 President
Wilson today sent to the senate nom
inations of about Goo postmasters)
They Included
Idaho Austen A. Lambert, Hailey,
Arizona Charles F HeiSSer, Flag
btaff. Cororado Lester T. Brltion Cripple
t lifnrnla--Ambrose E. Denerl. M er- j
ced: George E Kirbv. San Luh
Oblspfe- 1
NEW YORK. July 17 The trans- I
port President Wilson arrived today
from Marseilles with 1698 troops, mosi
1 casuals. The only units represent
ed by large detachments were the
jmh butchery company; 85th company !
of the transportation corps and the j
247th military police company. j)
Forty-seven casual companies were I
among the 1293 troops arriving here j
today from Marseilles on the steam-
ship Pesaro. They were organized
from men living In Colorado, Okla- j
i noma, California, Arkansas, New Meii-
co, Nevada, Washington and a number j
i of middle western states.
With SSS returning troops among her
passengers, the steamship Roma ar- j
n (l here today from Marseilles. They j
included D, 338th service battalion, the
9nth and 135th companies of the trans- I
Iporfation corps and scattered casuals. I
rui i
BRIGHAM CITY, July 16. C. D. j
I Brown & Son, plbneer shoe repairers
of Brlgham City, have commenced
I work on a large modern brick building j
to take care of their increasing palron- I
i age. The building will be erected im
mediately south of their present quar- I
h ra iU when completed will be equip
j ped throughout with modern inachin- ',
She may be a thing of beauty until t,
'you see her emerging from the surf.
oo ipa
ntice of special meeting of stock- '
holders of the Mount Hood Railroad j
company. II
A special meeting of the stockhold- I
ers Of the Mount Hood Railroad com
pahj will be held at the office of this
company in Room 621 Eccles building.
Ogden, Utah on Monday, the 4tb day of
! August, 1919. at 11 o'clock a. m , stan
dard time, for the following purposes,
j To authorize, approve and ratify (1)
'the execution and delivery of a con
trail, or contracts, between this com p
I pans aud the I'nited States or its rep-
resentatlves relating to the possession,
I use and control of the railroad and it 1
! appurtenances of this company, and to L
ithe operation of such properties, and
to any other matter connected with or
growing (.ut of the relationship be
tweeo said company and ihe director
general of railroads, or arising out of
the federal control act; and (2) any
action of the board of directors in re
spect thereto; to authorize the said f
board of directors (a) to alter, amend. 9
vr add to such contract, (b) and to. f
take all such oihor and further action
as the said board of directors shall L
lei m necessary in the premises; and
generally to consider and act upon any
and all questions and matters Inciden-" j
tal to th purposes aforesaid or grow j
ing out of federal contro' of properties
of this companv.
For the purposes of thf meeting. Ihe
books for the transfer of stock will b' j
closed at 10 o'clock a. m. on the 30th 1
day of July. 1919. and will be reopened I
at 10 o'clock a m. on the 6th day of ?
August. 1919. J
order of the board of directors.
L. R. ECCLES. President
1st Publication July 14th. t:
Last publication, August Ith. .

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