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. i
What do you get out
Taste and feeling".
Common tea you know
how it tastes; and the
tannin in it is bad for
nerves and digestion.
Good tea has the real
tea-flavor: rich, delightful,
exquisite. It is the cup
that cheers.
Schilling Tea is the
fine practical economical
tea of this country.
Ill u J
Tiiere arc fonr flavors of Schilling
Tea Jap11 Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakout. All one quality. In
par. h my n -lined moisture-proof packages. !
f At grocers everywhere.
. I Schilling & Co San Francisco 1
I ill I
., Abnormal Number
of Children Born
Blind in Poland
WARSAW. Poland, rune ti Th
abnormal numbcrof children bom in
thin country during th past three
ears despite the facl thai their par !
,j onts wan healthy Is due mainly to ;
the malnutrition of mothers, accor I
lj mg to a report ismd today by the
American Red Cross.
The increasing amount of blindness :
among children at birth was thought
)l at first to herald the advent of some
, new war disease. But investigation ;
tiy American experts proved ihat ih
famished condition of the mothers re
acted on the eyesight of their In- !
(i' inta.
I Vineyard Has Been
I Made Fruit Ranch
H ONTARIO, Pal . July 31 Wha't is
H '-laimr-d to be the largest vineyard In
!he world, owned by Segundl GaUBtl,
I e,f Los Angeles, and located a few
miles north of here, has been convert
ed into a fruit ranch. The lOOO-acre
tract of tand will be irrigated and Bet
LVfiH ut to walnut and fruit irer-s according
to Mr. Gausti who rr-crnth announced
the completion of the sinking ol four
H elln on the ranch and the construe
tion of a reservoir with a capacity of
1.; Q00r000 gallons.
More than a year ago. in anticipation
' of prohibition, trees were set out
among the wine grapes, on the land
Now these trapes .ire being taken out
: I ntin-1 .
; f oo
HONOLULU, T H , June 2J (By
Mail.) -The work of Americanising
i ho foreign women of Honolulu h
been undertaken by the V M
and classes in English, sewing an.l
domestic science are being organised
Filipino women are attending th?
classes in large numbers and Japan
ese, Chinese and Koreans are also tak
ing up Iho work. The V M A. for
some time pa.st has been doing simi
lar work for the foroign men.
I jij liberty bonds
$50, $100, $1000, bought and sold
at the beat market prl:e. We pay
accrued Interest to date of sale vn
the last coupon,
jj J. A. Hogle & Co.
Jcclcs Bldg. 169 Main St
Ogden Salt Lake
Every Evening.
Every Sunday.
Wpdt has moved to 432 Twenty.fifth
REXO. Nev., July 31 At the con
ic luslnn of the second hearing of the
'action for divorce brought by Countess
Margaret D. de Bernard against Count
Hern M rje Bi rnard of Taris. Dis
trict Judge E. F Lunsford ordered Lhe
CM submitted. The court Indicated
jtlini it would grant the divorce prayed
for in case the evidence relative to
the residence of the cocntess in Reno,
taken at the first hearing, proved suf
ficient The evidence on the merits of
the case, the issue being extreme
cruelty, was satisfactory, the court said
Countess de Bernard said her hus
band refused to work after their mar
e despite her solic.tations and
(hose of his and her mother. He drew
I all of her monthly allowances out of
the bank, the plaintiff said, leaving
I her nothing with which to pay bills
and this was a soured of continuous
! iolent quarrel?. Pur'ng those quar
rels i lie countess Bald, her husband Of
ten struck her. His actions, she said,
broke down her health and on the ad
I vice of specialists she left him. They
were married at New York ity, April
1 25, 1907. Countess de Bernard is a
member of the wealthy Could family
of New York. Count de Bernard did !
not contest the case.
Don't Hide Them With a Veil; Re
move Them With Othine
Double Strength.
Th.s preparation for the removal of
Ireckles is usually so successful in re
moving freckles and giving a clear,
beautiful complexion that it is sold un
der guarantee to refund the monej it"
it fails.
Don't hide your freckles under a
ell; get an ounce of othine and re
move them. Even the first few appli
cations should show a wonderful 1m
provemem. some of the lighter free
kles vanishing entln j
Be sure to ask the druggist for the
double strength Othine; it Is this that
Bold on the money-back guarantee. I
Hearings on Rate
Changes Are to
Be Held in Utah
SALT LAKE, July .11 The Salt
Lake district freight traffic commit
tee, J A Reeves, chairman, is giv
ing consideration to lhe several pro
posed changes in freight rates The
matter is assigned Cor hearing on
August '5.
Interests desiring to submit Iheir
views in writing are invited to do so
nol later than the date mentioned
Articles affected are: Iron and
steel Siructural, fabricated, or unfao
ricated, consisting of angles, bars, in
eluding corrugated and twisted bars: !
beams brackets; bridge railing, chan
nels, circular frames, columns, gird
en .'oist hanger... nuts and bolts (not'
including carriage, wagon, machine'
and lag bolts i. piling plate (No 11
and heavier, punched or not puncfled, I
bent or not benti, post caps and
bases; pulleys (tank and reservoir),!
rails, riveted and cast shoes, rlvetf
(not less than 3-S inch in diameter); j
rods, sidewallc and floor plates, witn
out glass); ices, truss bars, trusses;
tubing, pier turnbucklo8; washers,
weights, zees.
Rates per hundredweight from M;d
vale Utah, to:
Pres- Pro
Miles cnt. posed.
Ogden 48 B 10 10
Pocatello .. .182 R 11 U 1." j
Mnckay ... .291 b so " 30
Oakley 2M C 74 30
Declo 271 C 69 30
Buhl 314 B 60 30
Rogerson . . .328 C 82 Vfc 30
Ketchum .. .339 C G9 30
Hill City 3G3 C 69 30
Wendell . .810 C 65 30
Nampa . . .420 B 60 30
Bolte 446 B 50 CO
Lakeport . ..556 C 95 40
Welser .. ..486 A 60 40
Victor 329 C 84 30
! Newdlle . 273 C 61 V4 30
Ashton . ..2S3 C 72 V 30
B 56V4
Montana Butee 4 4 4 B 50 30
Helena . ..517 B 50 35
Great Falls 615 B 8H4 4'J
Black Eagle 620 B 82' to
, Havre 738 B 99 50
Shelby . . . ,714 B 93 50
Falls . .859 B 112U 50 I
Billings ...680 B 67v 45
Garison 4 S3 B 50 35
Missoula .551 B 85 40 '
Paradise . G21.2 B 95 50
Minimum weight (at Iron and steel
articles covering all items in com-,
'modify rates requested minimum
weight. S0.00O pounds. bi Same is
(a) except minimum weight, 40,000 1
pounds. (ci Iron and steel articles1
I a named In western classification
taking fifth-class rate, minimum
weight. 36.000 pounds.
Minimum weight requested, 5000 1
Nam.' of petitioner. Utah Iron & '
Steel company, Salt Lake.
Argument for change ' Applicants '
pr :ent rates and minlmums arc
out of line with rates and minlmums
in effect from eastern points to same
HONOLULU. T H. June 26 (By
Mail.) If private, shipping lines fail
( to provide accommodations for 125
school tciehera who are to come from
the mainland within the next two
, months to take positions in Hawaii.
Governor C J McCarthy will appeal to
itht- wur department to have thm
brought on an army transport Paa
; senger steamers are booked full fur
'months ahead, but last reports wre
that arrangements would be made to
accommodate the teacher?, whose ser
vice r- greatly needed bv the Q
panmrnt of public education.
SAX FRANCISCO. Juiy 31 Not the
J least interesting feature of the new
Pacific fleet is its fourteen inch jrun.
twelve of which are mounted on Ad
miral Hugh Rodman's flagship, the
New Mexico and several other ships
of the fleet.
Design ind construction of the 11
inch naval gun on railway mountings
on the western front was one of the
great accomplishments of the Ameri
ican navy during the war. The guns
I hurled 1400 pound projectiles far be
hind the German line?, and were a
strong factor in reducing the St. Mi
hie) salient.
The gun was designed, built and de
livered In less than four months On
December 26, 1917. according to Sec
retary Daniels' offichl report not a
drawing had been started. On April
25, 19lx, a completed gun was rolled
on Its own wheels to Sandv Hook prov
ing ground for long range tests.
The gunc. Secretary Daniels said,
Originally were intended for the new
battle cruisers, but n change in design
of the vessels made the guns available
for other use and it war ecommended
they be mounted for land service.
The guns were mounted on carriages
which could be moved fteely over the
French railroads. With them went
1111-11 imi incut' ears w rrc
required for each gun machine shop
can armored ammunition cars, kitch
en, berthing, crane and wireless cars.
The batteries were sufficiently mo
bile that if an order came to move
while in action they cou'd he op their
way in an hour.
The fourteen-inches had greater
range than any gun ever before placed
jon mobile mounting:- The German
guns which fired on Paris were
freak:-" They were built on perma
nent steel and concrete foundation
Their projectile was small and Bpt
; cially built for long flight. Tin- r
iduced their efficiency and while the)
! had moral effect their militars ;'!'!
was small. Because of their perma '
nent position their location was dls-I
covered by allied aviators and the guns'
silenced. The German 15-incfa gun in
Flanders also became tamous for its
long range bombardment of Dunkirk
and other allied base-, but neither
could be shifted from base to bast
without delay of weeks The Amer
ican fourteen inch gun could move
from one end of France to another and
had a range of thirty miles At a
range of 22,000 yards i pierces armor
successful! .
High Cost Living
Under Consideration
j By the Government
WASHINGTON, July 31. Attorney
General Palmer today summoned the
hi adi of important government depart- '
ments to confer with him immediately
on the high cost of living and to con
sider appropriate measures to reduce
prices to the average citizen.
Those present in the attorney gener
als' office were Secretaries Class,
Houston, Redfleld and Wilson. Direc
tor General Hines, ssistant Secretary
Of the Treasury Leffingwell and Chair
man Mui clock and W. B. Colver of the
federal trade commission
Villa Followers
Are Killed in a
Fight at Las Vegas
GALVESTON, Texas. Julv 31 -For
ty Villa followers were killed and elev
en captured yesterday in a fight be
tween bandits and federal troops near!
Las egas on the Durango-Chihuahua
state line, Meade Fierro, Mexican con j
sul here, announced today The eon
BUl said an official report received by
him stated that the federals had sur- 1
rounded Ias Vegas in the hope of cap-
'urlng Francisco Villa, but if Villa was
In the town he made his escape. (
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to te
genuine must be marked with the si.'e
1 Bayer Cros: ." Always buy an un
broken Bayer package which contains
proper directions to safely relieve
Headache. Toothache. Earache. N'.:u
talgia. Cols and oain Handy tio
boxes of 12 tablets cost but a few
Cent! at drug stores larger packages j
also. Aspirin is the trade mark of
Bayer Manufacture of Monoai.eUca 1
tester of Ballcj licacid.
Rules Observed by
the Boy Scouts in j
I heir 1 raining
Mun applications are now being
made for admission to the " tender
BBOt" ranks of the Boy Scout-s of this
city and within the next two weeks
five new troop- will be formed, accord - j
lng to a statement made by Scout Ex
ecutive G. A. Goates
"Sine the parents bnv begun to
learn what the scout movement ij do
ing for the bo alread in ibe ranks
and what it will do for those who
Join, we are finding that our ranks are
swelling very rapidly, said Mr. Coates
The public is beginnl,; to learn that
the scout moTement has an aim far
higher than the mer entertainment of
oung boys, that the real aim i tfl
advance the interests of cmUxauon
Hidden beauties of music
in the Vicbr Record catalog j
Just because people arc not familiar with them, many
records which possess real musical beauty remain rather
obscurely hidden within the pages of the Victor Record
It is to be expected that the music which is familiar
should be generally selected by record purchasers. The
" great masterpieces,, will ever retain their hold upon the
affections of music-lovers. But there are many other num
bers also distinguished by musical merit as well as by age
with which the public is all too little acquainted. Music
that once heard will forever charm you with its beauty.
Browse again through the pages of your Victor Record
catalog with these less-familiar selections in mind. Mark
any which may appeal to you. Or drop in at your Victor
dealer's and ask him to play some of the "not so well
known" though beautiful numbers. We feel sure you
will be rewarded by some real gems of music and enter
tainment. Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N J. I
Important Notice. Victor Records and Victor Machine are scien
tifically coordinated and synchronised in the processes of manufacture,
and should be used together to secure a perfect reproduction.
New Victor Rceorde demonstrated at all dealer) oa the lt of each month
"VlCtroia" it the Reglsrcred Trademark of the Victor Tcllin Machine Ccmpmy
dcjlgnatlog the proUucu of this Compaay only,
more rapidly than can be done in any
oth-r manner, simply by buildinc citi
zenship character Into tne boy so that
the next generation will have higher
ideals than any generation in the
world's history. And in doing this wc
who are here now will pop a great
change in the conduct of the world's
"In order that It may be known how
we go about teaching the lessons of
high character, no matter what the r.
ligious leanings of the parents may be
-for the movement is non-sectarian
I quote the scout law as follows:
The Scout Law
1 A Scout is trustworthy.
A Scout's honor Is to be trusted If
he were to violate his honor b telling
a lie. or by cheating, or by not doinc
exactly a given ta5k. when truMed on
his honor he may be directed to hand
over his scout badge.
2 A Scout is loyal
He Is loyal to all to whom loyalty
If du; his scout leader, his home, and,
parents and countrv
3. A Scout is helpful
He must be prepared at any time
to save life, help injured persons, and
share the home duties He must do
at least one good turn to somebody
every day.
4. A Scout Is friendly.
He is a friend to all and a brother to
every other scout.
5. A Scout is courteous.
He is polite to all. especially to wo
men, children, old people, and the weak
and helpless. Hp must not take pa
for being helpful or courteous.
6 A Scout Is kind.
He is a friend to animals. He will
not kill nor hurt any living creature
needlessly, but will strive- to save and
protect all harmless life.
7 A Scout Is obedien'
.He obeys bis parents, scoutmaster,
patrol leader, and all othr duly con
stituted authorltiH.o
8. A Scout Is cheerful.
He smiles wheneve he can. His!
obedience to orders is prompt and 1
cheery. He never shirks nor grum
bles at hardships
9 A Scout is thfift.
He does not wantoni) destroy prop J
erty. He works faithfully, wastes
nothing, and makes the best use of
his opportunities. He saves his money
so that he may pay his own wa. h
is generous to thoe in need, and help
ful to worthy objects. He may work
for pay. but must not 'ecelve Lips for
courtesies or good turns.
10. A Scout is brave.
He has the courage to face danger
In spite of fear and has to stand up
for the right against the coaxings of!
friends or the Jeers or threats of ene
mies, and defeat does not down him.
11. A Scout is clean.
He keeps clean in body and thought,
stands for clean speech, clean sport,'
clean habits, and travc-.s with a clean
12. A Scout is reverent.
He is reverent toward iod He is;
faithful in his religious duties and re 1
spects the conviction of others in mat-,
ters of custom and religion.
Ask Congress to
j Stop Profiteering
LINCOLN, fs'eb.. July 31. A reso
lution by States Represen'atlvr B. H
Gerhart of Newman Grove, Neb., was
Introduced in the house of the Ne
braska legislature today to "petition j
congress to immediately enact such
legislation as will stop profiteering
and reduce to a fair price at the earli
est possible date all food and necessi
ties of life " Another resolution ask
ing Governor Samuel R McKelvie to
call an extraordinary legislative
session "to take up the matter of
profiteering." was offer--I x sferday
Action on both measures went over I
until tomorrow.
The present session of the legisla
ture was called recently by the gov
ernor for action on the federal wo
man suffrage amendment
Massachusetto Acts.
WASHINGTON. July 81. A ren- 1
lution requesting the attorney general
to take immediate steps to stop spec u
latlon and gambling on stock ex- I
changes of the country In food prod
ucts and other necessities of life was
introduced today by Representati .
Fitzgerald, Democrat of Massachusetts
America Ready to
Assist Hungary
Out of Its Trouble
FARIS, July 31 The American
peace conference delegation is not rep
resented In the negotiations wht b
Colonel Cunningham and other tilled
officials are conducting at Budapest
with a view to the establishment of a
new government in Hungary- m
American delegate s, howt ver, are pre- 1
pared, it is stated, to assist In carHB
Inu; out an plan which the Hungarian 1
pv p! may advocate luoklng to ml
establishment of a truly popular gov- 1
ernment. 1
Soldier Who Loses a
Eyes and Hands Is
To Get $100 Month j
V- IgHINGTON. ,lul .11 -A .pecll 1
law to provide for a special ar rik jj
Insurance payment of Jion a month 1
for Henry liutc-r. Iiubuqu la , tb only jj
American soldier in the war who l0(9
both eyes and hands, wo passed today jj
by the senate and now goes to
president. 1
WASHINGTON. July 31 Alaskan j
Delegate Grlsby today introduced bill 11
;ippripprlatin 12"'" U-t ! epenlnf
and widt-nnii,' 'hi channel f I'rf 4fl
straits. Alaska, and fjOo.oou for con j
structiu a ("il.nl building at Fair a
A. R. Mclntyre Drug Co Two Storci.)
he Hermitage Park is open for all kinds of outings. See us at the Park I
before you plan your outing. Place to have a good time. yuwjcomry' 1

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