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1 Forty.nith YearNo. 185. Price Five cent. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 5, 1919! LAST EDITION 3:30 P. M. !
I Rumanians March Into Budapest; I
I Chaotic Conditions Prevailing In I
i Hungary and Allies Interceding I
Rumanians Enter Buda
g pest and Start Looting
S at Once.
u i Mount Machine Guns
and Demobilize
Local Police.
BUDAPEST, Monday, Aug. 4. (By,
I The Associated Press.) Thirty thou
2 I sand Rumanian troops, including in-
1 I fantry, cavalry and artillery, entered
1 the city today, with a blare of trum-'
i I pets. The Rumanian forces, led uy
2 I General Marghaseu: passed through
W Andrassy and other streets.
2 PARIS, Aug .r Telegrams from
j 'American officials at Budapest state
thai Rumanian iroop3 upon entering
I Budapest yesterdaj started plunder -
r 1 inc in iho .-uburb- Fifteen or twen- i
m ty civilians were killed bj the Jin -
2 manians during the day, it Is added.
The American reports said the Ru-
Pl I manian- were demanding hostages
and threatened io kill live hostages
nl for each Rumanian soldier injured in
I Budaptst.
jj Some member- . l the now Hunger
j"! T ian ministry, the telegrams stale, have
l l) . n arrested by the Rumanians who
p have mounted guns in various parts of i
Hfee city and demobilized the o al po
ll lice The it ,, absolutely under mil
M liar-' '".urol.
5 Allies Trying to Aid.
Ad ices from various sources on the
j Hungarian -nuation indicate chaotic
re l:'i ' .1 ' in i I.. i ;,ii . I I
H m Is apparent, however, thai the allied1
9 1 PO'.ver.; ;i re bending all eftorts to a..1-'
I I Jilslmenl of affair'- ;i5 speedllj as pos
i Kis;. r-, . i-n i Tii n l. iK dangers BxisUtlg
nV ,p 'he ilivcr-c national interests DOW
being Liven pla;.
aji The advance toward Budapest of
oops oi the Ssegndin government, re-1
ported today, K.dirat the intention
m of the anti-Bolshevik elements main-1
ly bourgeoi8e and peasant to have a
jj r hand in the setting up of the perm..
rent new go eminent for Hungary,
Rumania's lnteie.-t is mainly to make j
sure thai the Hungarians are rend' ; d
a militarily impolenL
j I The reported advance of the Ju::o
I Slavs toward Budapest Is a new ele
tnent. in the situation. One explana
l! ,iun n''-'l b- that the Jugo-Shv
I authorities consider their territorial
aims would be better safeguarded I
I were their lines established nearer the!
Hungarian c apital.
3 r Some advices have reported the
.SjJ temporary rabinct formed under
Bulius Jules Pedill, already out, to be
ffifll supphniied by .. neV ministry with1
II communistic representation eliminated1
iM I and with all elements of th" popula
3l t!n represented. There have been
gdt some indications that Szcgedin and
It Budape.-; leaders might be willing to
(jtj cooperate in the formation of such al
Iff- tninistrv
Hungarian Forces Advance
BERLIN, Monday. Aug 1. (By the
Associated Press) Troop.- of the
Siegedin government ol Hungary have
rat advanced to within 25 miles ofBuda-'
B pest and expect to reach that city to-j
I night and Jugo-Slav forces are also
I advancing upon Budapest, according to I
91 a Vienna dispatch. It Is stated that
3 I the Rumanians have captured many
I Communist leaders at (he Hungarian
' -J capital.
Only Officers in City Proper.
I BUDAPEST, Monday, Aug. 4 (By
I The Associated Press.) One regiment
t of Rumanian cavalry is quoted In
l Kobanya, a suburb three miles from
jflj the center of the cit and overlooking
i R Only Rumanian officers are actual
IB I l.v inside the city proper. Oeneral
't nd .sUff. are guests or Lieutenan
UK Colonel Romanelli. chief of the Italian
J mission here. The latter has prevented
0 . nc occupaUon of Budapest hitherto
9 I 'bi reoreEeminc to the Rumanians that
NEW YORK. Levi P. Morton,
rice president of the United States
when Benjamin Harrison was
president, is seriously ill at his
home, Rhinecliffe-on-the-Hudeon.
He is 96 years old.
BUch action would have a depressing
political effect for the new cabinet.
The Rumanians sent a message last
night that the would occupy the city
or bombard it, but later entered inlo
a parley with Joseph Haublrch. Hun
gartan minister of war. and agreed to
postpone action. The city is quiet.
American General Named.
pakis. ug. 5 Brigadier-General
Harrj H. Randyholtz, former chief of I
he I'liilippine constabulary, has been'
appointed American representatn e on
..Hied military commission which
will go to Budapest to arrange the
,terms of an armistice.
Hungarian Press Comment
PARIS. Aug 5. (Hayas)-r-Most of
!the newspapers here, commenting to
day on the Hungarian situation, ex
pressed the belief that it would be un
j wise not to take every advantage of
the present circumstances to establish
a stable government in Hungary
The Excelsior endorsed the sugges
' (ion that peace in central Europe de
pends upon thorough disarmament of
Hungarian troops and suggested thai
the victorious Rumanian army should
undertake this disarmament
If the Rumanians were to return to
I diplomacy, the Echo de Paris said, all
elements of Magyar resistance, ap
parent or concealed under the cloak
of Bolshevism, would be roused quick
Not In City Proper
C( (PENHAGEN, Aug I. (Bj the A
Isociated Press) When the Rumanian
troops arrived at the city boundary
of Budapest, where they were met byj
Io- ph H.iubrich, war minister in fhei
new Hungarian government and the
burgomaster, the Rumanian comman-'
'der, tieneral Buresctl informed thejp
i he had no instructions to occupy the!
city itself but only the country up toj
J the city 'boundary, according to Iiuda-j
I pest advices
Minister Haubrich placed twr cav
alry barracks in the outer confines of:
, the- city at t ho disposal ol the Rinnan
lans and issued an order enjoining the
inhabitants to maintain good beha
I lor towards the Rumanians.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 W illiam A
Wimbish of Atlanta, special counsel ,
for the Southern Traffic league, told I
the house interstate commerce com I
mlttee today it should all tight and
proceed with Investigation of the rail
road problem just as if organized labor
had not demanded trl-partite control
of the roads
"Unless you are working on a plan
which includes the return of the roads
to prhate management what 1 may say)
to you will be of no value whatev r."
Mr. W imbish said before taking up his
general statement "If you are gome
to adopt government ownership or ifj
congress is going to surrender to the j
demands made upon it which is un-
thinkable and lie down supinely and)
let one class dictate, then I am in(
no position to help. I don't believe
you will. I believe there is enough pa
triotism, enough ourage in this con
gress not to be stampeded and intimi
dated and forced to do things that
fail to meet its approval. I cannot be
lieve that these extremely radical
propositions represent even the
thought of intelligent workingmen."
Mr WMmbish in his brief said ht; had
not deemed it appropriate to submit
any plan "to be added to the multiude'
now before you."
"The situation." he added, "is entire
ly too serious, for suggesting new theo
ries and unlried experiments."
It was assumed, he told th commit
tee, that OVernmAfi$ gwne.rsJun U)d
May Be Break Between
I Argentina and Great
I Britain.
Government Hostile To
ward British Capital In
vested in Country.
BUENOS AIRES, Monday. Aug. 1
Diplomatic relations between Great
Britain and Argentina as a result of
the purehase by Argentina of the Ger
man steamship Bahta Blanca; are del
i-lcare," according" tn Ea Naclori.
In tomorrow's edition the newspaper
will say :
"Regarding rumors which from the
beginning have been founded on more
than supposition, we have received
versions, the gravity of which are self
evident and according to which the
return to London of Sir Reginald Tow
er, British minister to Argentina and
I the departure of Francisco Alvarez de1
Toledo Argentina minister to England,
from London are not disconnected. On
the contrary it appears the retirement
of both ministers is traceable to the
purchase by Argentina id the -.uamer
Bahia Blanca from the Germans, which
purchase the British government re
fused to recognize."
Another newspaper. Las Noticias.
says :
"The occasion for the present situa
tion .is the refusal of the British gov
ernment io recognize the purchase of
Bahjl Blanca, but the real .!:-- un
aerlying the crisis is the Argentine
j government's hostile attitude toward
British capital invested in Argentina"
When the great war broke out the
'Bahia Blanca, a ship owned by the
Hamburg-American Steamship com -l.tn.
was interned in the harbor of!
1 Buenos Aires to prevent her capture
by allied warships. In June, 1 rJ 1 s . it
was announced at Buenos Aires that
I LI rli I )t LF' ' II I ' UCivm u j -it k nulla,
I Later it was learned the ship had been
bought by the Argentine government.
The ship, however, never went to sea
because the allies and the United
States refused to recognize the trans
fer of her flag
BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 5 Sir Regi
nald Tower, British minister to Ar
gentina, denies rumors relative to hio
return to Ixmdon which Is said to in
dicate a rupture of relations between
Great Britain and this country. He
dei I res he is going to London merely
for a rest.
Switzerland Stops
Strike by Taking
Energetic Action
GENEVA. Aug. 4 (By The Asso j
riated Press.) The threatened gen- j
eral strike in Switzerland has failed
owing to the energetic steps taken by
the government to prevent It and the
dei Ision of the Swiss workmen's
union not to support such a move
men! .
This, coming on top of the downfall
Of the Bela Kun government in Hun
gary has proved a great blow to Swiss
and foreign Bolshevists who had ex
pectd to bring about revolution and
civil war in Switzerland up to the
Trench and Italian frontiers with ihe
hope of spreading the trouble to these
operation was not an immediate sub-
Ject ot consideration and that it was
I understood the roads soon would be
I returned
"The practical question, " he said.'
"concerns the character and extent of
legislation necessary, to safeguard and
promote the well-being of the public
and of the carriers ude!"r private oper
ation and controL" j
4- ganizerj labor was before 'he na- 1
tion toda with a demand that
l private capital be retired from
4- railroad operation and that there
be substituted a tri-parlite control
f of the railroad properties by the
. public, the operating management
and the employes.
4- The demand of organized labor,
presented in a Btatemenl signed j
' 4- b the engineers, firemen, con- t
4- ductors and the American Eedera- 4-1
4- tion of Labor, was recognized to- 4- !
; 4- day in Washington as the most 4-!
4- far-reaching proposal yet placed 4- j
4- before the nation during Its re- 4-4-
construction period Officials r 4
(4- fused to predict its outcome. To- 4-1
4- morrow it will be formally laid 4 ,
4 before the house interstate com- 4-1
4- mercecommittee by Warren S. 4-!
4- Stone, grand chief of the Brother- 4-1
4 hood of Locomotive Engineers. 4
Kmnk Morrison, secretary of the
American Eederation of Labor, 4,
1 4- and Glenn E Plumb, general
4- counsel for the organized railway 4
4- employes of America
The proposal in the words of
4 its authors "marks the : t .-p by
4- which organized labor passes 4
from the demands for wage in- 4
4- creases to demands that the sys- 4-'
4 tem of profits in industry be over- 4
4 hauled." 4
-L-AN3LES, Cal., Aug. 5- State
authorities joined federal, county and
t ci ty officials today in an effort to ap-
prebend those responsible for the ex
plosion that fired the home of Oscar
Lawler, former assistant United States
attorney general, early yesterday and
from which Mr. Lawler and his wife
received burns and other injuries
which may prove fatal
Gov. Stephens sent a personal tele
gram to Mr. Lawler offering the state's
aid and an additional $1,000 reward
for the apprehension of the perpetra
tors of the outrage, which, with pre
vious offers brought the toial amount
of the reward offered to $25,500.
Explosive experts have determined
'the explosion was caused by two dynamite-filled
pieces of oil well casing
which, in exploding, set fire to ten gal
lons of oil which was placed beside
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Aug. 5 Offi
cers seeking the perpetrators of the
bomb explosion Sunday which practi
cally destroyed the residence here of
Oscar Lawler, formerly assistant Uni
ted States attorney-general, have aban
doned the theory, it w&a announced
today, that the explosion and resultant
fire were caused by any person hold
ing merely a petty grudge against the
attorney. They expressed the conduc
tion that the crime was part of a ter
rorlsl plot with national ramifica
t ions
Lawler and Mrs Lawler were se
verely burned and otherwise injured
In escaping from their blazing home.
Their condition Is still serious, but at
tending physicians were hopeful today
of their ultimate n eowry. Oscar, the
five y ar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Law
ler, who was Bleeping in another part
of the house with a nurse girl was
rescued by neighbors a minutes
after the explosion. Two other chil
dren were away from home
in connection with t L -i r announce
ment that Ihe explosion undoubtedly
was part of a terrorist plot, count) au
thorities called attention to the prom
inent part pluyed by Mr. J aw!' r a I'ev.
years ago In the prosecution of de
fendants in the Indianapolis dynamit
ing cases. They let it be known that
Officers had been sent to a town in!
the Imperial valley, California, in
Bearcb of two persons Implicated In I
these eases. No arrests have yet been I
oo .
SPOKANE Wash.. Aug. 1 Several i
hundred employes Of the Great North J
eru railroad voted tonight Indorsement
of the national sink, ol railroad ehop-j
men. but decided a referendum should;
be beld among (he members of the
different cralls involved i,, determine
whether the strike should be tailed
by the local shopmen
4 4
4 WASHINGTON, Aug. 5. 4
4 Whether congress should under- 4
4 take an investigation of the rail- 4
4- road employes' wage demands 4
4 was considered today by the sen- 4
4 ate interstate commerce commit- 4
4 tee. The whole question finally 4
4 was referred to a sub committee 4
4 consisting of Chairman Cummins 4
4 and Senator LaFollette, Wiscon-
4 sin. Republicans, and Wolcolt, 4
4 Democrat, Delaware
4 V
Will Submit Proposals
For Reducing Cost
of Living.
Wilson to Take Up Mat
ter of Free Wheat
W ASHINGTON. Aug. 5 Attorney
General Palmer expect? to be ready to
present a preliminarv report to Presi
dent Wilson today concerning possiuie
:-teps to be taken by government agen
cies in the effort to reduce living
Julius H. Barnes, president of the
United States grain corporation, has
been called to the White House for
late today and it is understood the
president will take up with him a pro
posal to restore wheat to a free mar
ket, with the government making good
the difference between the market
price aud the $2.26 guarantee to the
Conferences with Republican and
Democratic senators on the league of
nations have been definitely aban
doned by the president until the prob
lems of the high cost of living aie
solved. Secretary Tumulty announced.
The president, Mr. Tumulty said, "is
going to give his whole time to the
question of high cost of living."
Administration officials feel that
one way to decrease the cost of liv
ing Is to Increase production and Presi
dent Wilson Is understood to feel that
strikes now or threats of strikes will
interfere materially with any solution
of the problem sought by government
Whether the president will go be
fore congress to recommend slops de
Bigm d to relieve the situation in which
the country now finds itself, will de
pend, Mr. Tumulty said, on the na
ture of the report to be made bv Mr.
Members of the president's cabinet
went into conference early today with
Mr. Palmer to receive the report of
the special committee appointed last
week to tabulate the various sugges
tions thus far advanced. The confer
ence was expected to continue until
Just before the regular Tuesday cab
inet nieering al the White House.
Mr Palmers report was to be sub
mitted at ihe cabinet meeting and the
president then planned to diSCUSS a
free market for wheat with Mr.
PARIS, Aug. 5. Two laborers, one
of whom had (wo revolvers and the
other a large knife, were arrested to
day m ar Ui- residence ol Premier Cle
menceau by detectives who said Uicir
manner excited suspicion.
As they were being taken to the po
lice station, B detective said, the men
offered money for their release When
they were questioned, they gave their
names as Erne.st Vallee and Alexan
der Bonnard. They said they had an
engagement with friends and relatives
at a cafe in the street where M. CIc
menceau resides
The possession of weapons, they ex
plained by saying that some one whose
name they did not know, commissioned
them to sell the weapons for him The
men were held for trial on char:-' of
carrying concealed weapons and at
tempted bribor
Vallee. the police stated, is believed
to be a desertes
MEMPHIS This Is the Judge
who resented Editor E. T. Leoch s
re. narks on political corruption,
who decided that he was the man
that Leech was talking about, and
who caused the editor to be sen
tenced to tery days In Jail and flnj
of $50 for his fight on rotten gov
ernment in Memphis, Tenn Pere3
wasn't even mentioned in the edi
torial but Leech goes to Jail. If
this right? Is this Just? Is this
American? You are the Judge
CHICAGO. Aug. a-.Tohn D. Saun
ders, secretary of tho Chicago district
council of the Federated Railway
Shopmen's Union, said this morning
; that his organization had refused to'
take ihe strike vote ordeied by the
grand lodge officers.
"We will pay no attention to orders
I issued by the grand lodge," said Sec
I retary Saunders, "and we will not re
turn to work until our demand for in
creased wages have been granted. Fur
thermore, we will refuse to negotiate
I for a settlement through the grand
i lodge. If the government wants to
talk business with us it will have to
come to us direct as wo will not be
bound by any agreement made by the
grand lodge officials."
Officials declared that the effect of
the shopmen's strike is being felt by
every railway in the west and south.
I They say that all the roads in the dis
tricts affected axe greatly crippled and
are refusing to accept perishablOj
! freight. Reports received at union
headquarters were to the effect that
many locomotive engineers had refU8
led to take out trains because of the
bad condition of the rolling stock.
They predict that in a few more days
traffic on many of the roads will be
: tied up
Secretary Saunders said that the
strike is spreading daily. At noon ne
estimated that nearly 300,000 shopmen
Were out.
BERLIN, Monday, Aug 4.- (By The
Associated Press.) - "The Hungarian
people s republic." is the official title
of the new government at Budapest
n w e announced al Vienna yester
uay by members of the Hungarian
government after a conference with al
lied representatives there
A program of policies agreed upon
at the conference was given to the
correspondents by Dr. Peter Agoston.
the new Hungarian minister of tor
eign affairs lie announced the Buda
pe..t government would change from
the soviet system to Social I temocracy,
The new government, be said, guaran
teed the allies that a new constitution
would be created, a constitutional leg
islature elected, industries already
! socialized w ill remain In public ser
I Ice until the legislature meet and
laws and acts of the soviet will be
kept in force until changed by the new
i omplete amnesty for all political
offenders punished under soviet rule
l a- been cranted. it was announced
one of the things to be determined
by the legislature will be the degree
of socialization to be adopted
Food is reported to be scarce in
Supreme Council Must I
Act in Coal I
Production Below Nor- I
mal and U. S. Shipping I
Is Short. I
PARIS. Monday. Aug 4. (By the I
' 0( ated Press) Shipping and fuel
representatives of France, Belgium and
Italy conferred with Herbert Hoover,
head of the international relief organi- i
zation. here today and decided to urge J
the supreme council of the peace con
ference to appoint a European coal 11
commission to co-ordinate the distri
bution of European coal in an effort
to avert what threatens to be a disas
ter. Mr. Hoover has said that Eur
ope's coal production was 35 per cent
below normal and the United States
could not offer relief because of the
shortage of shipping
Mr Hoover declined to accept the
permanent direction of the proposed
European coal commission, stating he
believed the problem to be strictly
European and that the situation can
not be relieved materially by the slight
help which the United States can give.
Conference in Berlin
PARIS, Monday, Aug. 4 The su
preme inter allied council decided to
day that the heads of the allied mili
tary missions in Germany should at
tend a conference to be held in Ber
lin between Cicrman and Polish rep- Jfl
resentatlyes to consider matters re
lating to the transfer of territory ced
ed to Poland by the Germnn peace
The council also heard a Swedish
delegation, introduced by the Swedish
minister, on the disposition of the
Aland islands. Ill
oo i BJBJ
British and American 1 1
Delegates Oppose I
Union Resolution II
AMSTERDAM. Monday. Aug 4 At
the last .sitting of the International
Trad.-, Union Congress here today,
P.rltish and American delegates sough
to amend the last paragraph of the
resolution dealing with the conferenee
to be held in Washington. D. C, jii
October providing that the resolutions
RtlOUlA he bincjin?- ?i MS.ft5S T?-
r sented nt the present congress The
British and Americans, however, failed
In their effort to remove the obji c
tionab!e paragraph and the resolution
was adopted, 29 to 11 The British
(delegates left before the vote was
taken. j I
Vienna and only pari of the stores
Communists to Retire
BERLIN, Monday. Aug. B-The feel
ing is said to be growing in Budapest
that the ('ummunists considered cul
pable must be put on trial for certain
acts of the soviet regime.
The charge of confiscating private
property would lie against uianv.
The demand for the trial of the com
munists Is one of the principal rea
sons for the decision reached to effect
speedily a coalition of the Socialist
temporarily In power, with the bour
geosie, as it Is seen that an entirety
Socialistic government guided by So
cialistic principles, would not feel that
it OOUld take the responsibility of try -ing
the communists.
Budapest dispatches state that lie
Hungarian authorities today asked
permission of the entente to hold elet
Uon a for the constituent assembly on
some date in September in territories
now occupied by entente forces, but
belonging to Hungary,
-'-v".. . bSm LbbbbI

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