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f WASHINGTON, Aug 4 The house
. interstate committer voted today 6 to
u id report out the Cummins railroad1
1,1 which restorer, to the interstate l
K commrrrr committee the right to makr I
ra'rs during the remaining period of
f federal r ontrol. The bill was amend -f
cd io provide that there shall be no
I chance in transit rates until they have!
I been approved by the state commis-
pti-rtri :cinM to M.it. Fortun
By Trading Upm Reputation of Well
Known Tonic Strength. Tissue and;
Blood Builder Imitation Did Not
Contain Strength Giving Properties
I of Genuine Product
PHOEXTX. ARIZ. The arrest of a
pnarmncii-t of this rii revealed a Ki
; frantic plot to violate the state and
; r-rlf 1 a 1 -it i:ter by polling a cheap, in
S if. -mr sub i.m'e irprc-mtod to be ccnu -
jrK bitto-r-hnspbate
r The authorities tound thousands rf
I counterfeit labels and materials indicating'
elaborate plans for ili na I ion -wide r -ploitation
of the fpurifius ioni Th I
ft Is unique in the criminal records ef I
I Arizona and serves a r,-,irnlnz to th
K puhlle .-"onM 'worthier imitations ie-
sinned to sell upon the reputation of hiph
I- prad. r 1 f 1' aeiou s pi pa r.'i t ion..
For man vo.nr? Fiitro-Phosphat haa
Benjoycd the confldene. ., i million.' i f
Hffi ; and tin t that reputable physi
u cians prescribe and i commend It In ca?;
I E Of n r on.-nc: . o. . smyo (liinrn .-m and
general weakness makes it the natural
R tarcet for the unscrupulous substitutoi .
Frederick Kollc M p . Editor of New
I York 'Pis sir liins Who'a Who." says
I Bltro-Tho M haU I hould be prescribed by
r-r r' pi -i- i. m and used in every hos-
I pitil to in. 1 1 isc the strength and enrich
the blood of weak, tu in. nervous o.
anaemic people.
The genuin- hitro-phosphate I? sold
by all lirst d ruggis 1 i under a
I ddiniie KMiarantco of tut t isfat tion or I
K wene. ba ) and .ase.-. rf attempted sub
. Stl tut I on . the sal. of an imitation
i thoiild ! 'pu.i.,1 to ARROW IIC.M-
ICAI, i'H . sri. -an i fa. tur.-i :i
I'n ion .--.v VrL i I- Advi i -
H tis;nr..:ni
I Canadian Shopmen
Are Issuing Call
For Strike Vote
t MONTREAL. Que . Aug. 4 The
executive commit tee of the Federate !
I Shop Trader of Panada will send out
a rail for a strike vole of ihe 35,000
I railwav -hop employes of Canada, il
f w;t- announced here today. The vote
will be returnable ai midnight August
I 24
Thr- demands are for a 44 hour
r week, a minimum of 85 cenis hour,
Tor mechanics, a minimum of 60 cents
an hour for helpers, and an increase
I of i en cents an hour lor apprentices. I
J or heaviness after meals are
I I most annoying manifestations
I of acid-dysDepsia.
pleasant to lake, neutralize
acidity and help restore
normal digestion.
10-7 A
$50, $100. $1000, bought and sold
? t the best market prices. We pay
accrued interest to date of sale on
. the Iu6t coupon.
J. A. Hogle & Co.
f Eccles Bldg. 169 Mafn 3L
Ogden Salt Lake
. Park
Every Evening.
Every Sunday.
A Blade has moved to 432 Twenty-fifth
Ogden and Evanston will soon be
connected wiih a much belter highway
ihan exists at present, as plans of the
officials of Davis, Weber and Morgan
counties to have the, Weber canyon
road in excellent condition for the ar
rival of the army motor transport con
arc being put into effect.
The sheriff of Morgan county tele
phoned this morning to J. S. Lewis,
president of the Merchants of Ogdrn,
owms ua. every enort is Demj: maae
to cet tho road in shape and asking
)i ihere is anything further that could
be BUggested in which the Uiree coun
uTes n)ight join for mutual assistance,
"his was in the nature of an official
. communication from that countv. and
'was the result of the fact thai the
I Merchants of Ogden drew (he officials
jof the three counties together some
(time ago for a discussion of ilv nr
cessary repairs to ihe highway,
H is believed that the cooperation
of the three counties will be fruitful
I in pelting conbideration of that roule
as a section of the Lincoln iranscon
jtinental highway.
. oo
Western Union to
j Make Improvements
SALT LAKE, Aug. 4--:?dical chang
es in the service of Hie Western Un
ion Telegraph compan in tho eecond
division of ihe mountain district, of
which Utah is a part, are not expected
as a result of returns the wire ser
vice to privale control, according to
I- . Life, manager o the second di
vision of -the mountain district. Mr.
Life has just returned from a tour of
inspection of the service in Montana
and British Columbia and will leave
for Denver at noon today to confer
with A. B. Cowan, general manager of
the mountain division, and other of
ficials of the company. Reorganisa
tion plans win be discussed at the
Mr. Life said last night that it is
proposed to open ten or fifteen new I
Offices in Utah, Idaho and Montana.
Some ofiices which are now beinu run
;in conjunction with 'he railroad dll
be made independent
Reorganisation plan- for the Sail
Lake dj-irici announced by Mr Life
, include the appointment of H. W He
neke superintendent o-; me Sail Lake
office and H. W. McLoo office man
jajjer at Sail Lake. Lnler fedora1 COD
j'roi Mr. Deneke was m nuger md Mr..
'McLeod assistant manager of the Salt
i Lake office.
Mr Deneke has bee" t ih the Wes
tern Union company for toimeen
years He was forme-(y employed as
Mr kifes chief clerk and 1,-icr WAS
put on ihe road as co nmercial man
ager for Mr. Life.
Mr McLeod has been with the icle
craph company lot th:rtj yean
I .Mr. Life said the companj la now
employing persona In aii Lake!
ami pointed out as an indication of'
th- growth of the servu hore Ihe fact I
:that in October. 1910, here w-r. just
forty-one persons on ihe payroll. The I
monthh pavroll in Sail Lake at pros-'
ent is $16,000.
Mr. Life has been manager of the j
second division of (he noumaln dts
trict since 1910
Mrs. Bass Found
I Women Stirred on
Cost of Living
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 - Mrs
ieorge Bass of Chicago, head of h.
women's bureau of the Democratic na
tional committee who re(ent made
a lour of 16 western states, told Prcsi
dent Wilson today thai she had found
a strong feeling amonc the women in
those states because of the hich cost
i of living.
Mrs. Bass also said she had found
an overwhelming sentiment among th
women for the league of naiion and
expressed the belief thai Women vo.
era would oppose any candidate for
president In 1920 who was not in
lavor of the league.
oo .
Captain Roosevelt
Moved to Hospital
I For French Fever
CHICAGO, Aug. 4 Captain Axclitl
bald Roosevelt was removed from his!
! room in a downiown hole to the Pre
Ibyterlan hospital today, suffering from i
an attack of trench lever and th- after
effects ol pobon gas, due to hard-hip
experienced in fighting with ihe Amer
ican annv in France. H arrived in
'Chicago yesterday from Oyster Bay,
N. Y , to enter the employ of the Sin-
I clair Refining company.
The attending physician said hja
condition was nol serkous and thai ho
would be able io leave the hospital
iiu a few days.
Thousands Are on
Strike in Silk
j Mills of Paterson;
I PATERSON. N. J.. Aug. 4. Bc-
Jtween 15,000 and 17,000 silk workers
are estimated to have struck today in
answer to a strike call involving all
the silk mills of Peterson The total
j number employed bv the mills is be
tween 25,000 and 28,000. Later in the
day the strikers were reinforced by
some thousands of workers who were
locked out when they reported for
work 40 minutes later Ihan usual in an
effort to put Into effect a 44-hour
Tho question of a -14 hour week ll
the principal contention between 'he
workers and the mill ownerB.
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Sacramento Woman Says Im
provement on Tanlac
Was Wonderful.
' Every time I meet any of m
friends now, they hae something to'
sa about how well I am looking ol 1
late, aud it just does my heart good to s
tell them how cumpleiely Tanlac has
overcome mj troubles," said J. G. j
Taria, who IIvcb at 1105 O street, Sac-1
ramento, Cal.. the other day.
"My kidneys went back on me about
a year ago," he continued, "and al-1
though 1 have been taking medicine
and treatment ever since. I gradually
i got worse right along until 1 got hold
jof this Tanlac. For the past few
months, my condition has been much
j worse than il e ver was, and 1 had aj
dull heav pain in the small of mv I
I back all ihe ume 1 had no appeliiej
to 3peak of, aud when 1 did get a litlJe
hungry occasionally, I would cat Just;
a bile or two and lha! would satisfj
me 1 work at night, and often when I
I would finish my work I would be so
completely worn oul .md nervous 1
icculdn't sleep more than a Couple Ol
'hours during the day. 1 was badly
constipated all the time, and suffered'
a lot troru headaches.
"1 heard about ihis Tanlac and made
up my miud to gi' it a trial, and it
' rtainly has done (bo work for me. I
Why, 1 honestly never felt better in
all mv life than I do now. I have com- j
iplelelv regained my health. That aw
ful pain in the small ot my back is a'
thing ul the past, and my ner i are in
such good condition that I sire)) like a
llog from the lime I go to bed until
time for me to get up and go to work !
il have such a good appeiilc that 1 just
want lo eat all the time nearly, and my
Iood i- agreeing-wit h me lux 1 have1
Sgained a good deal in weight, and all J
my strength has come back to me. I I
haven t had one ot those terrible head
aches since 1 finished my first bottle I
of Tanlac, and am entirely free from
constipation. Yes. sir, Tanlac is a!
mighty tine medicine, and you will
have to go a long way to find its
Tanlac is sold in Ogden by A. R.
Mclntyre Drug Co. Tvo busy Btores.
Boys and Girls to
Have an Outing !
Next Saturday
At a meeting of the leaders of the
bov s and glrC clqbs of this county
held in the lederal building last Sat-1
urdf.v afternoon, it was decided to hold j
the annual ouiing ai thl Hermitage
grove in Ogden canvon. next Baturaa)
Approximate! 700 boys and girls In
this county are enrolled in the clubs ,
An excellent program, that will pro
vidc a good time for all lollows:
Forenoon- Arrive at Hermitage 10:
a. m.; get acquainted exercises; big i
break - ih-ice pig race, prize $1.
Lunch Everybody bring their own i
Six inning ball game. Huntsville -Pleasant
View. Hooper plays winner.
Big six -inning volley ball game'
(girls). Three teams entered.
Chicken race, 10 enlrlcs, prize $1.
Potalo race, (boys), 100 yards, 10
entries, prize $
'Potato race, (girls), 100 yards, 10,
entries, prize $1.
Girls' nail driving contest, prize 1. j
Doughnut race, prize $1.
N edle threading obstacle race. pri:e
Water sports
Boat race. 100 yards, prize $1
' Swimming rae. j yards, prize 11.
Free dancing for all.
Poslam is persistency itself when its
I healing powers are directed against
: E zemr. or any stubborn skin troubh
Its continued urge brings unmistak
able improvements as the raw places
; thai iteheti and burned no longer har
j rass. You can safely and confidently
I lea v e all your skin I roubles to PoslS m .
pimples, rashes, scalp-scale, abrasions,
thafings. inllammation, an;- itching de
j feet.
Sold ever where. For free sample
write to Emergency Laboratories, 213
'West 47th St.. New York it v.
! Poslam Soap is the tonic soap for
the skin and will freshen and beautifs
i.vour complexion Advertisement.
SPOKANE, W ash , Aug. 4--Foresl
fires in the Pend Oreille, tairtsu, i
Coeur d'AIene and St. Jo. forests in'
northern Idaho were practically ex
tinguished hv .;. rain which fell last
uit:hi and today, according to reports!
ri i slved here.
No rain had fallen in the Selway,
Clearwater and Nez Perces forests, in
th southern end ol the Idaho panhan
dle, and fires there were described
as dangerous. More men were being
sent to light them.
Hair Removed
Thin method for rentorlnjr mu
pevflnoaa hair 1 totally different
from all ether heeaaae It attack
hair nridcr the akin m well on
the akin. It doea tela by abeorp
tlon. Only Krnnlnc DrMlraehs haa a
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packnee. At toilet counters In
fiOc, SI and S3 alaea Ox by mall
from mm fa plain wrapper an re
ceipt of price.
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blffheat nntkorltle. ex
plains what raufa hair on face,
ne-ck and urm, why It larrraeea
aad bow UeMlrncle devltallsea It,
mailed la plain aealrd envelope on
Ireaoeat. UeSflraele, Park Are. and
120th t-, Hew York
WASHINGTON, Aug L Organized
labor came out today with the un
equivocal, formal demand that private,
( annal he retired from the railro,-ii.
A in partite control composed of the
public, ihe operating management and
th emploes is demanded instead.
Addressed to the American puhlle!
and signed by the engineers, the fire -I
m n, conductors arc the American !
Federation of Labor, a forma) state -
ment was issued announcing 'his pro
posal which will be carried before con
grcss Wednesday,
"It marks," says the statement, "the
step by which organized labor passes
from demands for wage increases to
demands that the system of p ofits in
industry be overhauled."
This .-tentence suras up In a few
words, the proposal of which there
have been hints and indica' ions, but J
which is now laid before the country
for the first time. Everywhere in of
iicial Washington it Is recocnized as
the most serious and far-reaching prop
'ositiou the country will be called on to
i face.
I Characterizing the proposal as "la
bor's bill ' it is put forth as a remedv
for the high cost of living, because the
'railroads are the key industry tf ohe
natibtf It demands the 'genuine co
j operation and partnership based on a
(real community of interest and partlei
pation In eontrol" of which President
j Wilson spoke to congress and w hich
i the statement Bays has been Ignored
( by labor -md the private owners of
the railroads.
"We ask." it 6ays. "that the rail
roads of the United States ne vested
;in the public; that those actually en
gaged in conducting that industry, not
jfroin Wall street but from the railroad
Offices and yards and out on thr. rail
road lines, shall take charge of this
service for the public."
Briefly, labor's plan demands:
That private capital be eliminated
from the railroads
That the private owners receive lor
them government bonds "with a fixed
Interest return for every honest dollar
I 'hat they have invested."
That the tripartite control, hereto
"ore referred to, be established in cor
poratioua which shall leas, the roads
and m which the iiuMh. the operating
managements anO labor shall be rep
rcsented equally.
That the public, the operators and
the wage earners share equal. y all rev
enue in excess of the guarantee to pri
vate capital, by granting to the opera!
jors and the employes one-half the sav
lings which are expected to be made
!by such a perfected organization and
I to the public the other half as con
sumers, either by increasing service
w ithout adding costs or by reducing
i costs.
"This .'ole originates with labor,"
says the statement, 'because labor
.happens to have firm organizations
through which it may become arlicu
jlatc." , The trainmen are not represented in
jtpe statement because W. &. Lee. pres
ident 01 .he brotherhood was out of
the cii. but it was said that they join
j in it.
The statement follows:
j "The innuendoes In telegraphed dis
ipatehes from Washington, appearing
also in Ihe speech of Reprcsentaliv e
Planton of Texas, that the railroad
unions are holding up congress and
the government, may as well cease.
This appeal Is made to the American
people direct H invokes the Judgment
and common sense of public sentiment
of all the public which earns a Wage
or a stipend. We recognize that the
only way in which we can exist under
the present system is to demand fur
ther increases in wages. Hut wc agree
with Representative Planton that this
al fords but temporarv relief. It does
nol offer a remedy.
Labor's bill, on the other hand,
provides a remedy and we ask merely
ilhat its terms be scrutinized. Our full
;arsrumenl in support of ihcse terms
I will be presented on W ednesday be
fore the house committee on inter
1 state commerce. In this we are sound
ing the nole o( our basic principle.
To Benefit Public
"That this role oiiginates with labor
lis merely because labor happens to
have film organizations through which
jit may become articulate. It is not
to benefit labor as labor alone, n Is
i to benefit the consuming public, of
i which labor at present is the audible
jpart. In labor's bill providing that
the public take over tht railroads and
I establish a tripartite (.ontrol between
jthe public , the railwa) operating man
agement and (he employes, the labor
organizations of America have estab
lished this new policy which envlsagt
their condition no only as producers,
i but also as consumers.
"It marks the step by which organ
ized labor passes from demands for
wage increases to demands that the
: lystetn of profits in Industry be over
hauled. Hitherto, during successive
wage negotiations and arbitration
awards. W liav, i.ilJed for oroviincil
settlements oni. of Questions arising
ui in uiiiviwva rt lu wa'-;e,s, nrnir..
and conditions of labor. Thai people
of 'genuine co-operation and partner.-,
ba ad upon a real community of Inter
est and participation in control' ol
v, huh President Wilson ha- Bpoken io
congress, has been ignored both by la
bor and bv the private owners of Ihe
" hat wage increases have been re
ceived during the past few years re
sulted only in immediately being fol
lowed by more than proportionate in
creases in the coal of living Bach
rise in wages has turned out to mean
only temporary relief for the affected
workers. When the increases have
gone around the circle, labor as pro
ducor loses the advantage of the new
wages through the additional cosl It!
pays as consumer. Moreover, through
compounded profits taken on it;.
wage increases each cycle beconn n
upward spiral of costs which the oji
sunilng public vainly reaches to con
trol. "As the major part of the consuming
public labor is entitled to representa
tion on the directorate of the public
railroads As a producer of capital It
is entitled to representation on the di
rectorate Of the railroads. Capital
which is the fruit of yesterday's labor
we now propose to discharge every
just obligation. We demand that ihe
owners of capital, who represent only
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financial interest as distinguished from
operating brains and energy, be re
' tired from management, receiving gov
ernment bonds with a iied Interest
return for every honest dollar that
'they have invested in the railway in-j
dustry. We ask that the railroads of
the United Stales be ested in the pub
lie; that those actually engaged in,
conducting that industry, nol from I
I Wall street; but lroni the railroad of-1
J 1 ices and yards and out on the rail-;
road lines, shall take charge of this!
service for the public.
"These represent all the brains, skill
and energy that is in the business.
They are entitled to thai measure of,
'control which is equal lo their abilitv
and their responsibility for operating
the transportation properties Then,
and then only, will the service be pn-1
marlly for the public, not primarily,
for profits to speculators and inflators
of capital. As a means for accom
plishing this end, we ask that a lease
'be granted io a corporation created
not for profit, but lor publh Bervice.
, Wc ask that this corporation be con
trolled in Its management by an equal
representation of the three fundamen
tal interests upon which industry Is
! based The public, operating man
...I r apd wage earners w-iii then guar
jantee both the integrity of the inv. -t-ment
required for the conduct of (ho
I industry a"d that return which in
I duces li . b; mv ei ting, to enter the pub
I lie service.
ihe pubhe aa consumers and Iho
i operating manager., and wage earner.!
Is producers having Joined in that
guarantee, will thn share equally all
earnings in excess of the amounts re
quired to meet the guarantee.
"Thi.1 i- provided bj granting to the
wage earners and management one-
half of the sav ings which they, through
their perfected organizations can make
and by securing to the public ihe oth-
er half lo be enjoyed by the consuui-i
rs. either b charges or by reducing
the cost of the service which the ma
chinery then in existence can render.
Thus the cost of transportation is au
tomatically reduced exactly in propor
tion as benefits accrue to the pro
ducers of transportation. Increase in
earning power of producers under this
system cannot be reflected in increas
ed costs, it must be balanced by de
creased costs.
"The railroads are the key industry
of the nation. They affeel al once the
price of every necessity. As Inert B
ed transportation costs are reflected
Avoid lD.it. lion. & Sub. t, tut..
in the increased price of all commodi
ties, so a reduction in lho.se cosls must
be reflected by reduced prices.
"We say this tier tuse nf labors in
terest as consumer as part of an over
burdened public. This fundamental
statement of principle we respect fully
submit to the American people."
Chairman Cummins of the- senate in
terstate commerce committee toda
called a committee meeting for toinor
row to discuss railroad problems and
determine whether hearings shall be
re -opened.
DENVEB, Aug 5 - Denver export er
are rapidly pushing open the gates rf
commercial South America by giving
greater attention to the needs of Latin
American countries, by more sympa
thetic deference lo business customs
prevalent belovi the equator h mose
careful packing and by refraining from
hurrying the South American mer
chants to pay their bills
Lessons derived from Ihe exper
iences of Denver manufacturers maj
be a benefit to those of any section'
Of tho country. Business circulars arc
tiring issued in Spanish and COIT
spondentS familiar with that language
r.ra Lcir.g GKSC'Joyod zz &t to n-?roc-.-'i
the customer in his own language.
Realizing that much of their mer
chandise must be transported by mui.-
over the Andean passes, the Denver
men are limiting the weight of pack
it a of machiner) to about 250 pounds
and are packing I hem in cases com
posed Of heavy planks reinforced with'
steel bands. ,
Extension of credit is being arranged
through the assistance of certain New
York banks
Denver exporters find that it is best
not to introduce inovations with pain
ful Buddenness,
There Is scarcely a South American
country with which some Denver
manufacturer haa not established
commercial relations. The Andean
mines of ihe west are reached by Way
of the west coast or smith America
are the best customers for Ihe t li
of machinery which Denver has to
offer. j
t Ine local exporter of mining machin
erv reports thai he has received more
'inquiries from Latin America in tho
past six month.-, than ever before dur- (
ing a corresponding period.
PATERSON, N. J., Aug 5. Sup
porting the demands of silk workers
foi an Immediate 14-hour week and a
l'J per cent increase in pay. 1,S00 dyers
employed by ihe Wirdman Silk Dyeing
company v ent on strike here today, it
is estimated that ir.000 are idle.
oo H
Is a Merry Widow :
"Soon after my husband's death nim
yeSTC ago I was taken with typhoid fe
ver. Since 'hen have suffered from
i stomach and liver trouble and consti
pation 1 have doctored a great deal
without benefit. Since taking Ma.vr'"
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my bowels have moved regularly and
I am feeling well again. I am now a
oapp woman." It is a simple, harm
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pendicitis t ne dose will convince or
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Co., and druggists every where. Adver- JH
OKLAHOMA CITY. Okla., Aug. 4.
Governor Robertson today sent tele
grams to all county attorneys in the
state, asking them to meet at Okla
homa Oitj next Friday to conside:
steps toward reducing the high cost
of living in t klahoina.
oo IJH
SAN DIEGO, Cal., Aug. 4. Making
faster time than had been scheduled,
the Pacific fleet will anchor off the
CoronadO islands, Wednesday, at G
O'clock, according to a wireless raes
sage received here this afternoon from
Admiral I Di gh Rodman.
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It I compoi'd of tba best tontra known, com
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Ik Hermitage Park is open for all kinds of outings. See us at the Park I
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