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Normal Conditions Can Come
Only When Definite Set
tlement la Made.
Treaty Not Perfect, But Only
Constructive Suggestion for
Dealing With World War.
NH WORLEAN8, La . Sept. 22- Nor
mal industrial conditions can come
only when definite pericr terms have
been agreed to by 'he leading nations
of the world. Samuel Gompers, jr
dent of the American Federation of I.a
hor. staled today to the annua! session
of the Associated Advertising Clone 01
(he World, meeting here. Mr Gompi I
address W8S read t the convention as
he could not be present.
I rglng prompt ratification of the
ireaty as an absolute necessity, Mr. j
iompers said:
"That treaty is not perfect; but it la
H our only constructive suggestion for
II dealing with some of the things w hich j
H ; ise wars.."
Mr. Qompors' sddresfl was read in
connection with a triangular discus
Blon which marked the opening Hcssion
of the convention. Festui J. Wade ol
St Louis will present iht Bide of capi
lal, and Representative Champ Clark
of Missouri, will speak from the view
of the consumer.
Co-opr-r.ition for production depends
fundamentally." Mr. Gompen' paper s-i.-j,
upon good will Good will mu.st bo
rned The only waj In which Worker!
may exprc and defend their right"; rnJ
interests Is through orfrnnlzitlon and i -sponiiiie
I Two fallacl'-a have been .- free, tl '
repeated as to be accepted by cacunl r. n 1
ere and hearers It Is said that requesla
for Increases for wntre.s necessitate in-
i rensed prii e? which Increase cost ol h
inK and In roturn result in more wage J -hands
vicious circle which leads to no
progress. High wages have Invariably
I resulted In constructive changes, bene-
I fielal to workers and have resulted in in-
I creased production.
I The second misstatement used to the
discredit of wage earners Is that output
is deliberately restricted by the organW-
d labor movement and b) limitation of
hours of work in many industries pro
duction Is below pre-war volume Tbls
la not dpe .o labor, but to unsettled trade
conditions, manaerlal policies "nd h I
vests of raw materials. Wage earners os
well us employers are anxious to end this
Tater the convention adopted a resolu
tion urging :peod ratification of ill
peace treaty and the league of nations'
covenant "without amendment or rcserva- ,
tion "
NEW YORK, Sept 22.--Industrials
were among the strongest issues ai
the irregular opening of today's stock
market dealings reflecting only to
moderate degree the ushering in of
J the stoel strike. United States Steel
opened with running sales of 500 to
3000 shares at a maximum pain of 1-2
i point, but this was soon cancelled.
Bethlehem Heel advanced one point
and Crucible Steel three point, the
latter immediately adding two more,
followed b a four point reaction
shares closely related to the st' I
i.roup notably American and Bald
win Locomotives, advanced 1 to 2
points and tobaccos and oils also re
corded substantial pains.
Advices retarding strike conditions
received during th- morning were fa
vorably interpreted and ihe market
hardened, though showing Increased
dullness. United States Steel rallied i
rrom 100 3-4 to 101 3-4 and allied!
shares also improved Crucible recov I
a Pad much of its reversal. The'
strength of tobacco was supplemented
by a moderate demand for motors and
oil6, Mexican Petroleum gaining six
points. Equipments extending their
early paint and shiprne m averaged
n' point advances, but rails cept
ing Southern Facilic, scarcely moved.
Call money opened at f 1-2 per cent,
'the firmer tone resulting from last
Saturday' adverse bank statt menl
The sustained Strength of oil, tobac
co and food shares carried the market
leaders to higher prices .u midday
United States Steel advanced to 102,
other slocks of the same class also
showing marked improvement with
standard rails and shippings.
CHICAGO, SepT 22 Corn prices
moved upward today as a result of
covering by shorts who took the DOSl-l
lion that the bearish effects of the
steel strike had been discounted h.
tore hand. Strength of prices in the
hog market and Wall street tended
slso to lift corn values. Trade was
not large. Openlntr figures, which
ranged from the same as Saturday s
close to 1 l-8c higher with December
$1 22 3-8 to 1 23 and May $l.;i to
I. SI 1-2, were followed by a slight re
action and then b a substantial up
turn all around
Oats ascended with corn After
opening unchanged to 1 2c higher in
l ludlns December at 69c, the market
sagged a little and then rose higher
than at first.
Provisions were governed bv the ac
tion of grain and hogs. Initial prices,
though, showed weakness owing to
considerable scattered selling.
CHICAGO. Sept. 22 -Corn No 2
I vFuvViV V21 9: N 2 flUm
, ('-"s No 2 h!tC 1)07 l k; Xo. 3
Jf I tf I"',D raXa'ClS
r sniBBYw?i:ririisTSFTmnFPj
Wn 97CC Alcoholic Blues (one side) or
11191' Kan8aS CitV BK,eS (revcrcc sidc )
RhhS (Instrumental)
Nn ?7fi7 In the Heart of a Focl (one side) QZn
Wtm IVe Uved' IVe LVed Vm Satisfied Reverse) OdQ
Iff Hi Nil ?7fifi Breeze' Blow My BabvBack to Me (one side) QCfi
M UM Take Me to the Land of Jazz (reverse side)
IfllS: (Song)
No 276S And He'd Say o La La! Wee Wee! (one side) 8Sr
un. un. un. tnose Lanaioras: reverse siae ;
Slgfl (Song)
XafiSH Wrt 97fi Merci BeBucoup! (Thank You) ( one side) OC
11U. UV1 My Love (reverse side) OdC
white 66 1 1 9 67 1 2r.
live No 2 $1.43.
Barley 1.2091.80.
Timothy $S..ri0Ti 11 j",
Clover nominal
F'orlc nominal.
Lard 24.46.
Ribs $lS 25f19.50.
CHICAGO. Sept. 22.
Opr-n High Low Close
Dec. $122 1.264 122',ii 125
May 1.21 1.23 120 1.23
Dee. .69 .70 .68 Va .70
Maj ,70 .72 12 .T0'-i .72
Oct. 23.75 84.80 33.75 34 SO
Oct. 23.45 23.50 22 70 28,50
Jan 21 l" 21.92 21.10 21 90
Oct. 1S.50 18 SO 18 47 IS. SO
Jan. 17 40 17.80 17 id 17.80
CHICAGO, Sept. 22 Potatoes
weaker; arrivals S6 car.: Minnesota
bulk and lacked round whites 2 4f
02 " bulk and .".icked early Ohio?
50 w 2 6"V W isconsin bulk round
Whites 2 tr. fpl '5; sacked round
whites U S No 1,12.5092.60: Idaho
sacked rtirala $2.8092 fo. Minnesota
Irish sacked cobblers $2.75.
CHICAGO s. pi 22 Duttor higher;
creamery 47rfi57c.
Kz"r- higher; receipts 5S53 cases;
fir.--- 16 ; 17c. ordinary firsts ?.91 2 r
41 1 2c. .it m.'ir'i.. cssps includen". H r
46c; ftoriFr packed firsts 17'7 4Sc
Poultry alive lowr; springs 25c;
fov. I 23-if 30 l-2c.
NKv YORK, Sept. 22 Raw sugar
steady; centrifugal 128c; refined
Steady; cut loaf 10.50c; crushed 10.
25c. mould A 9.50c; cubes 9 75c;
XXXX powdered 9.20c; standard pow
dered 9.15c; fine granulated and dia
mond A 9.00c; confectioners' A 8. 90c;
No. 1 soft sugar 8.85c.
Cattle -Receipts 923. choice hear
steers tOM; good steers $89: fair
steers ?6'd7; choice feeder steer? $7
?8; choice cows and heifers $6 SOfj
8; fair to good cows and heifers J5 Q
6; cutters flS; canners ?3fi4:
Choice feeder cows 6; fat bulls 5
f 6 bologna bull? $45; veal calves
no a 1 1
Hoes- Receipts 173; choice fat hoc
175 to 2F.0 lt ... $14.50fil5 25; bulk
of sales 11 .75tr 15.00.
Sheep Rcc ipt- P.r.ijfi; rhoice lambs
111' 12- wethers ?6..r.of7 so: fat
ewes I6Q6; fe.-der lambs $9ffK
ST. JOSLPH. Mo., Sept. 22. Hogs
Receipts 4000; market strong; top
217 . 75: bulk $17. 00i 17.65.
Cattle Receipt r000; market
lower: steprs $7.00fii7 oo, cows and
heifers 5. 00026.50; calves $7.00
17 "(i
Sheep Receipts 9000; market
lower; lambs $7 .5014 .00; ewes
95 007.25.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. Sept. 22
Hogs- Receipts 80Q0: market higher
bulk $17 1 M heavies $16 76
1? 50; medium $17.2517 65. Itght?1
$H". sr i 1 ; 7: hcht lights $i; -,v.,
17.25 h'av packing ows $15 oOn
16 25; pigs $14 00-& 17.35.
Cattle - Receipts 39.00o. mrke"
'rreeular: bei-f staeia, medium nn-i
heav Weight, choice and prime $15. '
75' 17 65; medium and good $12.007
16 65; common $; light
weight, good and choice. $12.7517.
00, common and medium $8.0O(g'12
90; butcher cattle .heifers S' S0g
13 40; cows $5 . 50ff 11 . 35 ; canners
and cutter- 1 wi 7 ".(, ales $7.30
17.00; feeder steers 8 '12.75;
stocker steers $6. 00 T? 9 .25.
Sheep Receipts 19,000; market
steady; lambs $10.40.; n 00; tulls
and common 97.2512 25; yearling
wethers 99.00010.00; ewes $6 25 1i
I 8. 25, ewes, culls and common $3 00
6.00. bleeding ewes $8.0014.50,
j feeder lambs $10.50 12 50.
CHICAGO, Sept. 22 Hogs Re
ceipts 33,000; market strong; heavy
$16. 75ft 18 .15; medium $17 0018.
30; light $17.2518.40; light light
$16. 0017. 75; heavy packing sows,
smooth, $16.00016.50 packing bows
rough, $15. 25ft 17.7.r.; pigs $15,00 6
Cattle Receipts 22,000; market
slow, beef steers: medium and heavy
I weight choice and prime $15.2511'
il7.5o; medium and good $10 75ft15.-
25; common $8. 25ft 10.75. light
Iweight. good and choice, $14.0001? '
!i.". common and medium $8. 00(13
,75; butcher cattle, heifers. $6. 50ft
ft 14.75; cows $6. 25 ft 13.50; canners
and cutters $6.8600.25; veal celves
$20 25ft 21. 50; feeder steers $7.00ft
11 25; stocker steers $6. 75ft 10. 00;
western range: steers $8.00(fi 15.00;
cows and heifers $6. 25ft'13.00.
Sheep Receipts 41,000; market
firm; lambs $12.25ftl5.00; culls and
I common $7 00OU 95; ewes, medium
good and choice $6. 00ft 7 25; culls
and common $2.0006.75; bre.dinc:
$6. 50 ft 12.25.
OMAHA, Neb.. Sept. 22 (United
States Bureau of Markets ) Hogs
Receipts 1200 market strong to 10c
higher ;top $17.50; bulk $16 50C
17.00; heavy weight $16. 85ft 17. 15;
medium weight $17.00. 17 50 light
wcicht $17. ouft 17.50; heavy packing
smooth, $16 finf 16 5; packing
sows, rough $16.85016.60; pigs $15.
00 .,17 00
Cattle Receipts 1S:000; market
generally 15ft 25c higher; beef steers
medium and heavy welghl choice
and prime $14 . 75ft 16. 75 ; medium and
good $10.26014 76; common and
good $9. 00ft 10.25; light weight, good
and choice $11 50ft 17. 50; common
and medium $9 6014.60; butcher
cattle -heifera $6. 75ft 12.00; cows $6.
"""11 25; canners and cutters $5.00
ft 6. 50; veal calves light and handv
eichi $11 2.-''.ii3 75; feeder ateeit
$7.00-0 12.00; stocker steers $6.50
9 . 00.
Sheep Receipts 52.000; market
steady. 25c lower. UtinhS, 81 pounds
down. $12 .25 ft 14 . 50; culls and coni-i
mon $6.75ftll.75; yearling wethers
$8 25ft 9.50: ewes: medium and
LUy-l Hot water
- WL Sure Relief ,
choice $5.75ft7.00; culls and common
$2 00ft 5.75.
I NEW YORK, Sept 22 Liberty
bond prices at 11 30 a- m today were.
3 l-2s 99.96; first 4s 95.00; " second
4s 93.94. nr.-t 1 14s 95.16; second
I 1-4 94.20; third 1 l-4s 95. 76, fourth
I 4 l-4s 93.82; Victory 3 3 4s 99 94-
I Victory 1 3-4s 99.92.
, NEW YORK. Sept. 22. Bar silver
j $1.14 1-2
Mexican dollars 88 1 4c.
STEUBENVILLE, o. Sept. 22 Fol
lowing the lead of the LaBelle Iron
I works Saturday evening the Mingo
works and Steubenviiie blast furnaces
j of ihe Carnegie Steel company closed
; down tight at midnight Sunday",
To Settle Dalmatian Question.
PARIS, Sept 22 There were Indi
cations Lodaj that tin- supreme coun
cil might .-,-! upon settlement of
I the Dalmatian question on th basis
of a formula making Flume Italian but
neutral that is. not allowing Italy to
I keep troops there and Internationa
lizing the docks and railways, thus
safeguarding the Jugo-Slav and cen
tral European interests
This plan was submitted to P repi -dent
Wilson on September 27 and is
awaiting hi.- decision.
France and Great Britain have 1 p
proved of the plan and the Jugo-sias
are reported to be favorable to it. al
though awaiting the Ann rlcan deci
sion before giving their reply.
The Italian forces an- maintaining
the blockade of Fiume now in eftocl
H 1- learned, the allied navies merely
standing by as observers.
YOUNGSTOWN, . .sept 22. T. J.
Bray, president of the Republic Iron
v Steel company, at noon issued a
statement saying that the plant will
close down. Several men reported for
work this morning, he said, bu it was
found Impossible to keep the mill in
Operation, The company employe-,
11 bout. 6500 men.
W. A. Thomas, president of the Brier
Hill Steel company, in a statement is
sued at noon declared the mill had
been closed Ir employs about 700o
.men. In his statement substantially
many Ol the skilled and semi fki'led fa
j borers reported for wotk this morning,
lut not In sufficient numbers to man
tho mills.
CINCINNATI. O Sept 22 Cln-
f cinnatl won the toss lor he open-
ins game of the world's series at
the meeting of the national buse-
hall commission here today
. .-
unanimous voto of the six mem-
4 bera present, the senate Judiciary f
imlttM decided today that th
proposed treaty guaranteeing lm-
mediate asaistunce of this coun-
try to France in the event of an
i.nproioked aita.K l. ;.rman i
waa coaatltptiooaL Twelve mem"
b'rx were ahsenr and their vote e
were not cast. I
New October Numbers of I
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yMgSflB Jfi QyPy dances j.
j WltmmmmL S J Gypsy musicians started the dancing
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uBll MM ,1' v ir as r1' v '"vr 't- v 'n 'zet s
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,nuence tie cornPoscrs stU(y of
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H&ZfL LBi r,,t ,K r"W Co,umb" f'o'ehy Rword BooWUt. Ery
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