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CINCINNATI, O., Spt. 22--rho!
'of a coin today at the nicotine; of
Ui he natl'-mnl rommisplon ill dccMc
' I vh' T Hk opening came of the world's
eric will bc Played between the Tin-
' rlnnarl Reds, winners of the National
I leaprie pennant, and the Chicago
IH I "hlte Sox the likelv winners of 'Se
vmerican league pennant Arrange
f raeDt at the same time will be mid.-
f f0r the game? between the rievel nl 1
F Mxiericanp and the Cincinnati club, inj
jhe event the While Sox arc nosed out
I I iy the runner-up
The first two games will be
played in Cincinnati the next
,hr, , m ill'" merican league city
twinning the p'-nnnnt of that--!
I I . lcajru-. then two in Cincinnati if
i necessary, followed by one in
I the American league citv The
I 4. place lor the ninth game, if neces-
I ?ary. Is to be decided by lot.
The first game if scheduled for 1
I w rdn !. . 1 etob--r 1
The un.'pires who will judg
i the plays in the world serier, j
American league: R F. Nallin -f
I and William J p;van:
L National leacue Charles Ri- -f
!! 4. cr and Emmett Quiclev I
The commission was scheduled to
j meet at noon and in addition to set
tlins the place nad dates of the games,
. uato thrash out other matters rela
f tive to the schedule, tickets umpires
and time of starting the contests
October 1 was practically settled I
upon as the opening date It was llso
" said that the first two sanies would i
! be played in tht nn winning the toss, ,
j and the next three sanies would bo
flaved in the city of the other con
D tender The ne:t two. if necessary
i v-ould be played where the series start
1 I ej, and if neither club had yet wen
' I ftn ;,rnf' 'nr' remaining games
r would be played in the other city
It was further announced that the I
I drawing for the tickets for the games
here would be started by Presldei.ts
Heydler and Johnson. They were to
dra- the first hundred envelopes
J? Simple Way To j
Take Off Fat
There can be nothing simpler than'
li f taking a convenient little tablet four;
W times each day until your weight is 1
9 I reduced to normal That's ail just
purchase a case of Marmola Preserip-1
t ! tion Tablets from your druggist (or if!
you prefer, send $1 to Marmola Co.,
I 64 Woodward Ae. Detroit Mich.)
Mj and follow directions. No dieting, no
exercise Eat w,u you want be as
I lazy as you like and keep on getting j
1 I glimmer. And the best part of Mar-1
U mola Prescription Tablets is Iheir
It harmlessness. That is your absolute I
safeguard. Advertisement.
3 '. ;
15c matinee price until 7
f o'clock; after 7 o'clock, 25c,
t to see the great sensation,
"Wives of Men," at the Rex
ii today and tomorrow.
1 1 oo
WASHINGTON. Sept. 22 A mer
I chant marine policy contemplating
rX gradual relinquishment to private op
eration of the larger vessels of the gov-
frnment-built fleet and immediate sale
; of the smaller vessels, has been formu- j
lated by the executive committee ofi
I W the National Merchant Marine associa j
Hon It was announced today by Edward
B. Burling, chairman of the commit
I I tee. Recommendations or the commit-1
I tee, it was said, will be submitted to
0 ihe association's council of forty five I
members for adoption anO presentation
to congress as a proposed guide in ihe i
enactment of legislation.
Believing that the immediate sale ol
all ships to private operators ib "not'
only undesirable but impractical," the
committee recommends ihat the large?
Steel vessels be sold only as the de
velopment of private firms mlcht war
rant, with the sale of such ships con
fined to American firms and made at
current world market price?. Immedi-
ate disposal of the smaller vessel is
recommended, however, without re
I striction ap to purchasers.
If you would be happy let the other j
fellow do the worrying
Man knows nothing but
what he has learned in
the school of experience
emphasize years of expe
rience in the selection, age
ing and blending of tobac
co. Their richness, appeal
ing taste, fragrance and
. popularity are the result.
10 for 13c
The John Boll man Co. Branch
Here's Our Best September Adv. j m
I .,!(... likc this sald a t,,J SEGO MILK ' CRISCO PORK & BEANSl ' GLOVE SALE 1 I ?J H
1 tomer Saturday. 8 Cans 50c Pound Can 35c 4 Cans 50c Hcre is a snap ft
chamoisette gloves, 12 and il(" I
5 dozens Of WOmn expressed delight With JIllk ia milk these days No need to tell you about Of course we cannot let you 16-button lengths. Many
2 the splendid Specials we gave them Sat- u3, Fresh' stok, Sego Cnsco-everyoue uses it. haveavoucantl!!eibutthis women buy them and cut I v
UrdaV and Friday. Milk, baby size. Limit, 8 to We wish to supply each eus- them off for short gloves All j I
a customer. Eight cans tomer with two cans of the inc wie and the bc8t $1 75
I so we decided to ive you the same good -50 50c sizc at- Per can 35 b,lls th'3 wwk Van Camp'5 value. One pair to a cus- ZL
items again ana tO add tO them a feW 1 (Basement, I (Basement) l11 g fer- 50, 1 tomer , I
better iicm, NLWS TOR HOUSLWIVLS 1 1 j
also there were some of you who could Ever been in our Basement Store1? Come li'il
I not be served last week. Good help is down and look around. Good as a matinee v2r K. I
9 hard to get, and so we offer again this list for the housewife. Lots of little trinkets she rflTlm1!! Ill II B If I
for Monday and week. needs. ' yffjl I ' I III ' VlliMl'' I I
j this is easily the best ad. we have given O'CEDAR MOPS FRUIT JARS jff l 1 i 1 1 ilbMifAj 1
n .i . " O'Ccdar mops, a full cotton head. Fruit Jars, Economy quart Jars AB 111 III I n v xrJlll 7
V ynil tniS mOntU. made of the rery best 6-ply twlrn comploto with caps and clamps. ff l I G I I I i R I NAvN I '
securely fastened to pressed steol rpul&r SI 50 Talues. i ftp if H II II I sT I I
I and there are some more good ones to f$TI?aiueScotiplote wlth 'c' Spc1dam BbnrrijfA lJu I M 1 M v5
pnmo o Jt i 7 rf BALL rnUI I J ARS llfl It I ' I I I I
COme. Bpedml J90 Ball jars, the all.glaa Ideal, half- VUl I II ry I I
FURNITURE POLISH gallon Jar, complete with glass Afl ' I III "twl I I
ifWflmpam .SM J 4fc Furnltur polish This Is tho cac- caps and heavy rubber rings. lMl i 1 ' ifTnTtunl
' W r-r-i "m i Jty Ha. 4tt tUB Polish, contains no grease Jl 40 values t 1 1 Q fi 1 ' 01 IE U lU I I
TT mm mm . Splendid for dnstins and OQ Special 1 . 1 V AMI J ' 1 i 1 Hfl U ffi W 1 I I
VA bA. JP Aft. C3P c FLOWERPOTS ( 1 IJj ' IHmU I
A Cnfin Dl ATiM TO TRAPF UIoM rAIJo Flower pots, wo have just received ' -7( pBMHI m v3
WWU nVW 1 J I rVUt pans, first quality gray a large shipment of pots In all V
' enamelwaro In the large 21-quart 8jEee from 4-lnch to 12-lnch, good
0 I size. Jl S5 value. ! i j-q U( not expensive. ,
1 4 f spiai 0)1. OV STONE CROCKS 1)
-1 JjKVv- Stone crocks, made of a very hard Ji ())
9 rnn7 37FTQ joT baked light stoneware The five- ' j (r) I
JL tllllj' Lltt T VllJ gallon size, completo J -l oq f V M
r Karetta, to aid Jtfon . .25c 9v " with cover Jl.Oi7 9
Hot!r3'. Buttermilk Cream, 71 ' T KnitlVeaT Tl rt lllT't' 4 A7 Q
6 Dora Faoe Powder, 6 Go size 45c
' V ySSNS Women's Union Suits JLFJ.C9 kJ'lLJLl 1 11 v TV 3 ?
1 Qowrauda' Oriental Craam, $1.50 l fwh,' B Women's light -weight union suits, i H
I SS.''Atiiim'J Jfirft ?lJLJm I JA SSfSSJST "d u,h! . . 50c We made a mistake in our last ad. These !
DSci v ii-." .' ' : W W r'rSM 'Fff Children's Union Suits shirts were described as having soft collars i
WyoUr-c Saga and Sulphur, I Ui WtTf U r4l ' lif A LjIlS LI Children I medium weight union that S WTOIlg, tlieV haVC IIO COllarS. 1 Ue $
NwrHorpe,..aa4t! WSS C'cS loni T' printer should have made it read "soft I
i Ctex Cutloie Item. 35c aire 3Sc IjSSf 1 - , ( if I Special DOC ruffe"
Pebeco Tooth Parte, 50c clze 45c ) V 'T hm9ftl Wnmpn'Q Vpts 1 ;"B
5 Pepodent Tocth Paata, 50c I 4STrV WvT Omen S V eSIS . . f J
Si 4Bc SiPsr -'Jrf f women's light weight vests. "W Fine looking shirts, beautifully printed
iKfiSTirfS KL?'' I Saill:irhX fabrics, well made. In fact, such shirts as ; ,1
Woodbury. Facial soap, 26c f' f SVt" ; t are selling about town at $2 to $2.50. These 2 . M
J 1 wrt, are three hundred of them -f -B
TnWM Pnccin gSrarSSSrr'SLM still here. And your size is .17
Lrdi. P.nkh'. cmp.Und. XUWIl 'LjrUi3bIJ Children's Sox here. Better hike a hall 1
B'!bn,'.Baio',.M:2l3c Have you noticed how every woman has suddently bo- 21 dozen. Each , S
5 V - A come possessed of a desire to "dress up"? Since we TaJues- ver sp11 I ;B
I ave 1een 8eHinS to the women of Ogdcu their wear- Knit 3 Sweater VOttOIl OmCT
rvNwd! ableBj we have seen no time when good clothes were "llAl d OWCdlC! .. . , ra ,
I flTT3 in such demand. MINERVA YARNS S3 Itu cottona ard kindred v 9 7 i Jkl
.7 I Minerva yarns, Just received, beau- lines , . IUc, , jav.
I Yes, there's a reason for it. For the past five vears, gJ orinS.. including turouots JgJ ight 17! S I V II
I AW1 A this desire to dress well has been pent u-we've heard TSLlTSSi A?5S Large Cotton Batts yard' lC j
I T,1,,th1 b SaVe' SaVe' 7 ' UDtf 1 ?W WP "wn Z?pWriheUandaFo.s:V- White OutillgS I
li (r free, there s a joy in spending to be able to spend tiedcW saxony and Angora Ths forte- ;lc wr:lc na for nch' dr3e- un" I
h L' Mt Without feeling a bit guiltv. We C2m Scarcely get new chic French sweater calls for Q" ' h ' P 'OC derweaf. etc.. good heavy OA f j
1 " X :4 t 4. v. rrn i " i i. i i eight balls When finished It ia Special, -acn ,uv weight. Special, yard .... ZUC 9 1
! "Tn enough. Tlie handsomest blouses are the worth $15 to m. start one now
t ) I oues to 5? first- Silk 'lIld ser&e dresses are going out GIRLS' STAMPED DRESSES Double Width Challie Bleached Sheetings
A' in a perfect Stream. Children's ready made dresses In 80c bleached sheeting 2 yards '!,,
JQf artistic packagea, Htamped and Doable width ch&llios for qnllU, wide, wide enough for wide beds.
D ttffl If VOU are going OUt this fall and Winter, and Want, to with enuh floss to embroider. comfort, etc.. extra quality wool. Good sturdy weight. C7- 9
ffl feel comfortable, vouHl simplv have to have some smart Ha,f , urnii orTO "n,h soft for qolltlIl- 71 C 8 '
clothes-they're all doing it. PloLUSlSFi of Canton Flannels
a ti. iU mm xi- i i i j- oilcloth, colors are blue and Bleached ot unbleached canton nan- I
0 1TT-rl Pllttm& Off the purchase can Only bring disappoint- green. values, aCk ITlnwor atpriQ nele good welsht for diapem. no I ' l I
1 noVS SUIXS ment 8poci&1 - b"c lowerea saieens elc Special yard a 1 I
0 ' m m f Ay Flowered eateen for quilta. draper- XTw PpmalPS
and Such TWO STT K SAT T S Fancy Goods M'ZZ!ttmS? u5SS?m iM
U 1 If V.y ilJLlV l3lJ-JL-w3 Velvet Hand BagS Yard OUC in all the beat patterns, light and ,
! Rnvs' vrhool Suits We could sell these silks back it o their makers for women's velvet hand bags, each fit- wt'u wi RnUc tllS SpecLal 32c ' '
j JJTlSu more than w, are asking you. And that is not an ir1" Wnghfs Wool Batts J . I
1 years In the gray color, theae ar jjg DOaat, But We are merchants, not Speculators bro'wn M.50 values . . 5Z."0 Wright's Economy wool batts. put tSeU fepreaOS .1 I
X splendid for falL Special - . . , , 1 T j t ud In cartons , enough wool for a Oood beavr bed spreads, regular ?3 Q .H
j whUe they last, anit . . VdXd that's why we enjOV giving gOOd Values. Girls' Hand BagS a 5 one piece. di AQ SStTSta hem or scal-jo fir
Boys' Sweaters Blacks $1.98 Blacks $1.45 Miwydoiiild Stecial TTk l01 :h1
t Boy's jersey Bweatara in aiao 28 to Tiro thousand yards of these Yard-wide fancy silks In arery nd bl"k 8 nJJj TtiVM ' l IN XHEy UPSXAIRS STORL 2 I
5 84 In the dark oiford color, with black oi'.ke were originally of- one of the good color comblna- Special M1 uo j ,
high neck splendid for the boyB go- fercd. and only one thousand tlong of the Beaaon wm be Oi-lJ Cnntmn Rjlrc I" aL?y' Zrut Women's Smart
LI ,S1 tn n-hrjoi An ytrds remain showing how IjririS v dlllcCn OdglM floor can Kelp you greatly. Come up TT UlllCli a oinoi e H
X Social 98C e4Lgarly knowing women ara read tomorrow and Tneaday children's velvet canteen bags, with and look over the many tables of OrPlPfi I i. W?l
5 taking these extra values Just ready for you at a price that mirror fitted in lid, colors are gar- special offerings. iiwwto r , (
1 atvav WP5fpr from the looms Measallno, is a trifle more than one-half net, brown and turquale. or Women's dark and percale, and O ( f
JClaCy OWCdlClB Satlne. Poau do Sole, Taffetas. tho usual value plaidB, checka $1 75 values. Special . . Ml.Jt) ClotheS Dryer light and dark gingham and percale I
2 Boya' jersoy aweaters In size 28 to ami an cf them In values to and new color combinations In ",ki11.iM,ci Dnolo j dresses In new modola. straight line
I It, in tho maroon and navy color; 5550 on sale t J r q values to $2 60 Oq jr niiaren b ledUS Infant clothes dryer or stand Tor WfliBt values 9 Mr 9 !
9 these are what the boya all wear novr at P 1 ..70 sale now aL 3 1 .45 Children's beads In rose, green and the bath tub, usual 91 values rn tQ J6 Speclal ...... 4.40 I
5 to schooL Special, t yir V. j ambr. 22 Inch lengths, 5CC p Special
U each 31.4!) T" yalues. Special Z5C , . ' j
nndprWai KlTdSale T AfF S Pearl Necklace Girls' Skirts Women's Aprons I I
DUHpeilUCT YYtUaiO AX L4.gy kPClXW JLXMJMk 27 lncn graduated poarl necklaces, Gtrls" middy skirts made of ging- Womens eitra size aprons, made of X
0 Buspecder waist for the boys In fhe gold plated clasp regular nr ham ii plaid and plain colors, siats splendid quality percale, trimmed
h white oolor only; these are betlai KOOm SlZe RUgS On .M J rl 91.25. Special DC 5 to 10 years. 92 varues. dt with bias braid, our usual Qr I
Q than the abort oupporter. 7c , n.i dlia 3UCn Special v 93 values. Special . . 5
9 Special, each DC Sale DOWnStdirS T x , . a a n 4 II
fi T7" 1 Tk Thre cro My twent ,n th9 ,ot- X antrV IbtllCS Envelope Chemise Girls' Middies
Men s Khaki Pants UUVil Fancy Ribbons u JJJJu ZnTX rrrliM I :
S.f!-..$t50 Tapestry Rugs . T ? . . . . 59c 0PEK0 COFFEE "'4'T I I
1 171 TT" - Rlonkptfl Tapestry rugs in site 9xJ2 feet. In We consider this to be the best Redfem COrSeiS nirla' WPfltprfi 2 I
WOOl lUiap rjianKClH btiflll deslCU. With the Old rote Qotfn Pihhnrm coffee on the market, and are so ! , , - Pn,lfArTl r U1TIH WCttieiTf
ft Wool nap blankeU In the soUd fray. background, these are values to OdUIl JV1UUU11S sure that you will like it that w A smail asitortnie nt of Rcdf mes GlrlB. iW6alera made ot all wool I ' 1
6 tan and white oolom in Biae 6te80; X46. Specially dQO PA Satin taffeta ribbon, 4 Inches w!d, aranteo it to please, Tho usual acta, made of ren (xwtil.allpood VW.D8 ln dark and light cotors, slies J
5 tnese are splendid blankets for win- prlcod , JjZ.jU for making ribbon gifts for Christ- full pound package is 80r each. models, all slses. values to QP 4 12 yoarc, our usnal 94 ilC I I
I speciaf . . . . $525 Tapestry Rugs ?S etc; .T1! ?5?', . 17c 81c M ' , $i4b !
Tapestry rug in bize 9x12 fett, m - - - Knickerbockers (lrfi Hata I I
I Girls' Hats brown back- Lace Flouncmgs 0PEK0 TEAS Women.B and giria intotabocta , r1:18 "w linr ! I
! Girls' hatT for winUr, colors ValUe8 l $28 "ounoing. U to 37 inche. whde. Many customers har. come to like mcr. SJ.'oI good mualin em- .'aaso i i I
i black and brown, very na trim- SPecla1.- Black. white and cream, chantllly. this tea so wall that no other will Droldery nbbon trimmed, usnal .VeaJs modelT sTaP I . ' M
I med and assorted styles, these are AxmHlSter RugS oriental, etc., values to 93. 7C do ln a r-tlght packages, a de- J 25 value8. -r t4 Leal $1.95 ? 1 I
5 special values to be of- t fiC Minster rugs, size 9x12 feel, in Yard IJC llclous blend, either green or J M DC ues to 94 SpechU . . FMU j
I fired speciaJ. Each . . 1.00 Oorta desagn with a brown bank- . . . . J nck Jho U6Ual 600 fil r A CXJpT? Cpf fTAT S 1
I ground, these are values to LareS f Or Art Work tlns- Tvo for D1C 4 jOUIl OrLlSLsD
I Women's Silk Dresses 9 special . ... 4. 4. a splendid assortment of chmy, tor- BAKING CHOCOLATE D . roaa 5hnP Growine Girls
$ Women's silk dresses in "die IS and Palisade Velvet cheons and crochet fillet laces for You will find that good chocolate tSOyS UTeSSOlluo rinr riri' !ho id brown or X i ll I
1 18 years; just a few to close out; p dfi vclvol ln eizo 9xl2 art work yokes, ate. OC Is selling at 35c a bar. We be- utUe boya' dreas ehos. patent W b j f !l J
A these are la the latest styles and ln f. VDlendW . iaa in w.ih d Yard..' ODC llovo this la a little better than vampa with boarakin uppers button PV .JTff ""V
1 navy blue color, value, to JQ . 23 xt 3t SM' Th fUl1 35 8tyl" lh TaiTT r' ?9 Slw. " . S6.65 5
912 60 Special .... Specially pneed . . . $4b NOVelty bar, special shoes 8tses 8 to t $2.95 '
if Bungalow Aprons Yonkers Axminster Handkerchiefs - ' ""m i V COFFEE wn' Grav Kid Girls' Dress Shoes
5 Womn'B humzalow aprons In a Yonkers axmin3ter rug, size Jxl2 J "i , W U 111 tilt a ,.tvi Mlases' shoaa In tray or brown. kW
rtESEZt &m a feet, in a splendid dark dnslfn with Novelty handkerchief, for women A coffee hat very many people Wp.'.W1 uppara. tSSSfSi I
! styles these are values to 91 CO; brown background, a splendid rug and girln. fast colors and effective UM exclusively Packed in vacuum welt 90lea. covered heels T up oo for the 7C 1 t
2 all new stock. Cl? for the front room, values tjfi patterns. C9f cans, tho usual 60o aq kid aper, a very dressy jy jj j
Special J1X3 to 76. Special pJ) Six tor UJl hUl fun pound i?t shoee $12 values . . . v .vw J

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