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:. J
H Senator Johnson
Hf Cheered by Women
H Of San Francisco
I SAN FRANCISCO. Oct- 2 United
8tatcs Senator Hiram W. JbhD9on at
a luncheon hero today told more than
1000 of San Francisco's most promi
nent women that the peace treaty
with Its Shantung provision Is a blot
on American honor and thai 'ho
I league or nations as now constituted
'1 would make America a part to
poruaUnR this and other wrongs
The women were an enthusiastic au
I dience. and time after ume thry In
terrupted the speaker with applause
I and cheers. The audience represented
the women leaders in trm professional,
businesr; and social1 life ot ih- city.
Senator John-on was introduce! h
pjl ; Mrs. Alfred McLaughlin, president of
the San Francisco Center, who said
it her club had been fortunate in having
to bad an opportunity t hear both PreS"
ident Wilson and Senator Johnson on
It opposing sides of the treaty discus
IT sion.
This was Senator Johnson's tit i rd
. and final spot-cb in San Francisco "n
his present spakinc tour against the
treaty and learup a.s now constituted
I President Wilson, here two weeks ig
I spoke in sup)ort of the league. The
president spoke also to three audi
ences In Senator Johnson's home city i
and at one, to the women of the Sanl
Francisco Center Many of his aud,
tj ence came to henr Senator Johnson to
day. Both speakers had cordial recep
C linns
I Tonight Senator Johnson leaves for
I08 Angeles to continue his fi rii t
From California he goes to Oregon,
Wa5hln;:ton Utah and Colorado
The senator declared the league to
be "a league of cri at powers Ol th3
rarih to presrv' power and existing
I governments."
The great question, but one which
has been denied, said Senator John
son, was civinn power over U I led
Mates resources and military forces
fl I, to the len;rue instead of keeping this
power in the hands of congresi and
the American people, where it be
longed," he declared
This has been one of Senator John
son's main themes In all hi: San Fran
rlseo addresses. In each ho attack l
I -.article ten of the league covenanl and
has sought to refute statements made
i -
II For Sour Stomach
Bloating. Gas, Coated Tongue,
Sick Headache, Bad Breath, Bilious
neia, Indijeuon or Conitipation take
I They cleanse the bowel. weetea the
tomach and invigorate the liver. Do
ot gripe or sicken.
P. 8. Meehan. Elm St.. Uncork. MVh.i "I
kirr liren Foley Cttiirric Tibleti thorerotfh
trid and cam potitiTcly (tate ihM they ire tha
but jutjve."
m And the Worst Is Yet to Come
-S I
by President Wilson In Salt Lake and
Pueblo that proposed reservations to
the article Is "a knife at the heart of
ihe covenant and virtually rejection
of the pact "
W ithout these reservations, Senator
Johnson declared, at the will of a
n i o 1 1 body of men, American military
and naval forces could be ordered io
war in any part of the world without
action by congress or the people
Rioting in Arkansas
Kept Down by
Presence of Troops
HELENA, Ark, Oct 2 With fod
eral troops patrolling the village o!
Blaine, detachments on duty at Mel
wood and other (owds in the southern
part of Phillips county and a company
of soldiers stationed in Helena a.s a
precautionary measure, the situation
due to race rioting in the vicinity of
Elaine, whlie Intensified today by the
killing of O. R Lilly, a member of
the board of aldermen of this ejty.
was believed to be well in hand to
night poth Governor Brough of Ail ansa
at whose request 500 soldiers of the
Third division, stationed at Camp
Pike, were sent to the scene of h
disorder and Colonel I. C. Jen1, in
command of the soldiers, expressed
confidence earh tonight that the force'
on hand would be ample to reaton
normal conditions. Gov. Brough ac
companied the troops from I amp Pike
I this morning.
The killing of Mr. Lilly, who was
shot to death by one of four negroes :
, who bad been taken prisoner and
whom he was guarding in an automo '
bile en route to Helena, Increased the
number of white (h ad as a result of
the disorder, to four. Eleven negroes
are known to have been killed and
Several others are reported to have:
lost their lives but their bodies hae
not been located. The four negl'OCS
were in the automobile when one cf 1
ihem seized Lilly's pistol and -hot
him. Other posse men then fired on
the negroes, killing all of them. Other
incidents of the day were the finding
Of a negro woman fatally wounded
near Elaine and the mounding of two
of the soldiers. Sergeani Earl Gay, of
the headquarters company, and Corpo
ra Luther Earl of company H Fourth
infantry The latter was shot in ihe
face and seriously wounded. Sergeant
.a was not badly hurt.
Governor Brough and Chaplain E !
C. Sliney, of Boston, narrowly es
taped injury when three bullets
Thizzed over the automobile in n iier
they were accompanying? a detach
ment of so'diors beating 'ho raue
hrake near Elaine for hiding negroi -Tley
abandoned the car and followed
the troops afoot.
While the killing of W. D, Adkir.s
. .
Usc Schilling Tea once
and you'll keep right on.
Try the tea. If you are
not satisfied your grocer
pays your money back.
We pay him. You keep
the tea.
Schilling Tea is the fine
practical economical tea of
this countrv-
Thert are four flavor of Schilling
Tea Japan, C eylon - India, Golong,
English Breakfast A 11 one c; nality . Ir.
parciiniyn-lined moisture proof packages
At grocer. e-Ci rwhere.
A Schilling & Co San Franciscc
Tuesda) nicht and the wounding of
two oihcr men deputized to tnVi itl
pate alleged disorderly conduct on the
part of a white man in the Elrlne
neighborhood, precipitated the out
break, propaganda circulated by wl', r
and netrro agitators tending to create
rebellious action on the part of nere
tenanl farmers, ta said to hae formed
the basis for th disorder, which had
been brewing for two weeks or more
W h I was a millionaire! iuan a lime
I've said it.
Ownin' stocks an' bonds an' lands an
(Old an- endlefS credit,
cf th stomach has trpaet mmny m I I
nishl'irctL H your stomach it ncid- T
diit-jrbed, disolvo two or three
on the tonfue before retains and erw jjk
joy rcreshnp aleep. Tha punty and P ,'
sjeodnest of Kintmdt fuaxwitre-d by M
Scott a roa,r;
MJCJt3 OP SC"rr fUL!,jB
AHev). e;oies
ujuaS 2 Hggr tuSOOM of th ce s;
I L'qr e'I KNOUJ(2
'ish I w.is a millionaire' Then 1
hance to see one
An I change rny v.ifh a-iin I don't
want to be one.
Cot one cornered yesterdaj Lord, but
he was funnj '
Acted like he was afraid I w.'is aftr
Talked a lit'le 'bout the kin, romping
round us cladso:ne,
T'lon h- sighed an' .ook?d awny an'
said h : wished he huJ some
Showed him round the yard bit, wiib
the roses growin".
L:!r id he wished that now r:n hcn he
could work at '..lein';
"lired men do this for me. .,:' h?v do
it badly."
Sctnied to mr wk!i all his Wealth he
was talking sadh .
TLen I took him Is the house to iwt a
look at mo-'.er.
T.owed to hr an' hook her ban I like
he w a her : other,
"let me hold the baoy now tried, but I
couldu'l stop him.
Mother almost Beared to de,r t he was
;:oin' to drop him.
V. h I was a millionaire! N ver r.-.ore
I'll say it'
There's a price men pay for wealth,
an' I'll neve;- pay it,
Can't do things like common folks.
have no kids to race vtth,
Toor am I hut I don'i know a rich
man I d than fe plac with.
n To reduc the itch- jEjg?
jn&p ing, US soothing fSMk j
applicauons of 'le?)
"YOUR BODYGUARD" -30?. 6oU5o
J. J. Brummitt, 2417 Hud
son avenue, pay3 hiheit :
prices for Liberty bonda.
- ' . ' JJ&yJrt& M'-WStcp S NUJ GOtoC- ) WWWI Jk ? o HfXT.T.MD TH PEACOCK.
I ' (vt'0Tl jfc Rb a fRETTY BLU OoOTtMe '
I !
Was Eventually Cured bv
Lydia E. PinkhanVs Vege
table Corr ound.
Philadelphia. Pa. ' I suffered ?o
Seven long years with lame back"
irregTjanti" - n j
j pain. I had on
BW'ls physician after an-
other but thev did
rnenopood. I r;ad
"K a'jout Lydie g,
y,jri r inkham'q Voge-
; S ) J able Compound and
vQlL PaVl? "ta trial and ir.
a short time I foil
i v Nlkh " k Denent,?d and - m
! NfyL . M now feeling f!n.(
'''S5wSi' I "wvl 'v,th",lf wak
M lH nessornain Many
M of my friends have 1
mlk V !M also taken Lydie K
7' I I ' Pinkham's V-gel I
ll' ble Compound I
' " ' 1 and been helped by i
it" Mrs. Margaret Ness. 18-16 E.
Haznard St. Philadelphia., Pa.
Women who suffer from displace
ments, irregularities, inflammation,
ulceration, backache, sideache, hoad- "
aches or ' the blues'" should not rest J
until they have given this famous root
and herb remedy Lydia E. Pinkham
Vegetnb'e Compound, trial It
complication? -xist, write Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co. , Lynn, Mass . foi i
special suggestions. The result ot
long experience is at vour service.
lion Chancy, whose avowed arabi- I
tion Is to bf the best pl.iver of "heaTy"
roles in the motion pi.-tur business,
has been cast for one of the villian'. j
parts in "Paid In Advance." the new j
Universal Jewel production, to tie
shown at the Orpheum theatre three j
days, starting Sunday. He is seen as 9
Bateese Le Blanc, a handsome, Jeal-
lous half breed, whose illieii longinrs
help to cause Joan Gray, played hy
Mtas Phillip?, to leave her home and j
i fro to the wicked mining town of Daw- I
json City, Klondike Advertisement.
Thought One Clean Shirt
All He Needed
"Ten years neo I v. as reduced to a 1
'mere shadow. 1 v. a yellow as a sold j
j piece and would often be doubled up
with most excruciating pains In my .j
' tomach Physicians could only re- I
lieve I le v. nh m-irphin- I ";. :ul I '
vised to try Mavr's Wonderful Rem 1 '
'd and ii h I p .J mo at nce. What
is more, I have been well ever since. A
fri end said he thought i ne more cK.-in It
all I would , , r I' is a Mi
simple, harmless preparation that J
i lh calarrlial min us fpm the
Intestinal tract and allays the Indani 1 1
mation which causes practically all 1
stomach, li er and intestinal ailments II
including appendicitis. One dose v.ill II
convince or money rcftinded. A. R J
Mclntyro lru,T 'o , and druggists ev- 1
-ry where -Advei l Isemeht. I
fmm . . w ,
I Rippling I
j Rhymes
If you're ,ir.-d u (.dim. or :. hi
' I i bOT H y.u h.r. in I i, ' ' i
I y million oth-i who arc Just o )
tiled ai you Soviet h.i- h- n .v H(
I ii b is a hins. and n;. : ' b
i 1 Sore, I marl- 1 -i '.a
in-: earnest flort - any ne v I'"' tk
: of my burl n. and m 'i Kij
eo'd as ice; and I f.l! to - ,'i.d-n j
i c nsider ,crth '- . . 'i i
ed r.f splitting kfndli. m I v M
rr ' ot oni king coal; all o - o,
1 a: are dwindlin,-. ami n lu
in the hole All !, . i 1 ,
I ' bes and I'm , : l ,,i I ;r
i of winding waicbe?. am tired of I H
o iylng ball." And i i . ,- -i :
pit) and I f t n ! to ni.. - ; rf. . -. t a i ' ' 1
whole immortal ,i 1 ftj
with wr-ar. guys Tli. . . . ,! ' 4r
nc 'taiers. nr.. ni I, ..c m : Hi" I H
police, Hrd of shoeing alKua
Of herdlns duck and - ?
wean er tlway - nr. . ' y r.- t
vorld provides; ih. 'I H
Ing galwa s, tired ol lannm , Irea
! hides. So I'm lired of orin weary I
when 1 hear the olh
'hp path of life b drar , I u n t..i-
' 1 with the mob. I .
oo "l
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oo t
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I 'K

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