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saDifcv; ,..ih
There is avin a well a ati'faction in the
BSC of good ink. It lasts longer, les is wasted.
In eliminating minor annoyances, it saves
time and trouble. Freedom from sediment,
non-corro-iii;. eay flow, an unquestioned
iM-rmanrncv of record, an- benefits injured
if your choice is
If vou want a clear, &L
snappy lluc that
flows freelv from
your pen, that MmMk.
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i j bottle of Carter Inx Sifej
l- uniform in j
strength. The in- IITINCij
tensity of the Carter !Vf"Vj
Blue is an indica- j .isJ i '!
tion of the Carter j gyj - y;
Quality- fFHE
BALT LAKE, Oct. 4. following op
F position by Representative D. D. Mc
Kay of Weber county and Represen-
latlve J. E. Holmes of Carbon county,
the house of representatives yesterday
qfternonn passed, by a bate constitu-t
tinnal majority, tbe measure authoriz-
I Ing the public utilities commission to
srant certificates of convenience and 1
I necessity to railroads. The vote was ;
-I to 9, there being a large number of
absentees when the roll was called.'
I nnd an expressed unwillingness by j
Representative McK.iy to withhold an-
nouncemcnt of the roll call until some'
t of the absent ' members who were!
Economy says: "Pay
enough for tea to get the
most cups to the pound."
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enough to get the real tea
flavor." Economy and Luxury
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4 J
n TnB 'I
!lp r
Pianos, Phonographs, Violins
and other Instruments
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Terms Without Interest
I Twenty-nmth and Hudson
knows to favor the measure could be
summoned from other parts of the!
The bill, which. It is considered like- j
ly. will get favorable action In the sen
ate today, would allow the public utili
ties commission to give a railroad cor
poration the sole right to operate in a
given territory, so long as the service:
it rendered was deemed satisfactory
and sufficient. Supporters of the mea
sure said that for many years tbe pro
ject of building a railroad into Uintah
basin had been blocked because when
one railroad announced its intention of
building into the territory, threats
were made by others also to build,
when both knew th.it the basin's busi
ness would not support two lines.
Representative McKay said the mea
sure was special legislation designed to
favor special interests, and therefore
he was opposed to it Representative
Holmes made the same charge against
the bill.
Senate Bills Passed.
The house also disposed of several
measures yesterday. At the morning I
session it passed the two senate bills
as amended, increasing the penalty!
for stealing automobiles and permit- I
ting juvenile courts to hold minors to I
the district court for this offense It !
also approved the two senate bills re
quiring quarterly reports to the bank1
commissioner by banks in the state,'
and prescribing fees for the filing of
the reports.
At the afternoon session, in addi
tion to passing the bill authorizing
certificates of necessity for railroads,;
the house also passed the senate bill
authorizing county commissioners to
make appropriations for water storage
and reclamation surveys, Representa
tive 1 H. Masters of Utah county vot
ing against the measure. The bill em
powering the state land board to sell j
the Piute project to the i-ettlers, the
house bill authorizing Salt Lake couu- :
ty to increase Its annual appropriations
ton widowa' and orphans' aid from
$20,000 to $50,000, and a bill intro-
duced by Representative Charles M. I
Croft, changing the deer-hunting -.i-
son from November l to 10 to October'
15 to 25, also were approved and sent
to the senate.
Emergency Clause Fails.
Representative Croft's bill carried
an emergency clausp which would have
mad it effective this year, but the!
bill I. tiled to get B two-thirds major- j
Ity required for an emergency clause
to be effective, and theretore will not
go into effect until 60 days after exec
utive approval. Consequently it will
not become a law in time to affect the
deer season this year. Objection to
making it effective this year was
raised upon the admission by R. H.
Siddoway. deputy fish and game com
missioner, that some licenses for deer
hunting this year already had been
The young lady across the way say
she suppose we're likely to have sonic
warm weather yet. but the air already
feels decidedly fallacious.
before It POISONS itoi tlartt inittKjK tl BONE
lliu' '. .tikes' J",,pUn?J WLi
pains until lax t stage PgJjWBWJPyvm
moalaia. frlHUaatfai'
if- llinrQ andalwaripolsonideepsnn.
One woman In every 7 uicsof cancer U.S. report
Wo zefuoo many who wait too long A must die
; Poor cured at h' price if cancer Is Yt small
Write Dr. & Mrs. Chamley Co. fir thi Bnk
3 Great Cancer Socialists 4fl Tears JJ
Offices 57 Sixth St., San Fronclsco, Cal.
Mayor T B. Browning is In rtcalffX
of a letter from Major H O. Womack.
quartermaster corps. V. S. A., station
ed at Denver In which a price list
Of foodstuffs and other materials for
laale by the government Is inelo: el.
The poods will he placed in the BUdl
tonum at Denver and will be fold by
mall order to the general public.
Money order for such materials
should be made payable to the -Zone
Surplus Properu Officer.' The list
of goods, together wlUl prices, fol
low :
10 lbs. apples, evaporated. 13c per
10 lbs. bacon, (in crates). 31c per lb.
12 lbs bacon (in cans, 12 lbs to a
can). $4.15 per tin.
l ran baking powder. 1 lb can, 9c
per can.
1 can baking powder. 5-lb. can. '.5c
per can.
G aens beans, baked. 2 lb. can. 4c
per can.
6 cans beans, baked. 2-lb. can. 6c
per can.
6 cans beans baked. 3 1b. can. 9c
per can.
1 tans beef, corned, 1Tb. can, 20c
per can.
4 cans beef, corned, 2 lb. can. 55c
per can.
2 can? beef, corned, 6 lb tin, 11.75
per can .
4 cans beef, roast, lib can, 29c
per can.
4 cans beef, 2-lb- can. roast, (33c
per can.
2 cans beef roast, 6 lb cna Jl 90 pel
2 cans cinnamon. 1-1 lb. tan, 7c per
2 cans cloves, 1-4 lb. can. 14c per
2 cans cocoa, bkfst . 1-2 lb can. 13c
per can.
1 i ins corn, swet, 2 lb. i an, 9c per
2 pkps. cornstarch, pkgs , 4c per
.'n ihs cornmeal, white, ic per lb
1 Una crackers ginger, l-ib. canon,
t. per pkc.
2 bottles flavoring extract, lemon, 2
oz. bot.. 10c per bottle.
1 bottle flavorinc extract, ranilla,
8-oz. bottle, 33c per bottle.
j i ,ids ginger, 1-4 lb can, 7c per crn.
b cans hash, cornbecf, 1 lb . 22c per
4 cans hash, cornbeef. 2 lb., 37c per
4 cartons hominy, fine, 2Tb. carton,
4c per carton
4 lbs. macaroni, bulk, Sc per !b.
2 bottles mustard, prepared 8-oz.
bot He, 5r per bottle
6 '-rtons oats, rolled. 2-lb. carlon
L2i per arton
10 lbs peaches, evaporated, 13c pfr
2 cans pepper, blnek, 1-4 lb , 9" per
4 cans potatoes, sweet. 3-1 b . 16c
per can.
10 lbs. prunes, lie per lb.
4 cans peas, green, 2 lb.. 0c per can
1 can syrup, 10-Ib . 40 per can
12 bars soap, issue, Sc per bar.
4 cans soup, ehirken, tic per c;in
4 cans soup, clam c howder, 1-lb .
6c per can.
4 cans rup, mock turtle, 1 lb 6
per can
4 r.mf poup, ox tail, l ib , 6c per can.
2 cartons tapioca, lib. carton. 12c
per carton.
2 lbs tea. black, Ooolong 54c P'-r lb.
2 lbs tea, green, oung Hyson, 59c
per lb
4 cans tomatoes, 2-lb. can, 9c per
4 cans tomatoes, 2 1 --1 b. can, 9' per
4 cans tomatoes. Z lb. can, 11c per
DON'T MISS THIS. Tut cut 'his
slip, enclose with 5c and mail it to
Foley A- Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave Chi
cago, 111 , writing your name and ad
dress clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound for couchs.
colds and croup. Foley Kidney Pills
lor pain In sides and back; rheuma
tism, backache, kidney and bladder ail
ments; and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a
wholesome and thoroughly cleansing
cathartic, for constipation, biliousness,
headache, and sluggish bowels A R.
Mclntyre Drug Co. Advertisement.
SALT LAKE Oe1 i NVarl 10.000
people will take part in th Columbu
day parade to be h" lii In Salt Lake, Oc-
toher 13. in the opinion of F Anselmo
Italian consul in Utah nd Homlnc. who
i chairman of th- eutive committee
which is making arrangements for the
i abration
Plans are beinc made to have all
f-rhool children above ihe fourth rrade j
T'lrtielpate, Mr Anselmo aald He an
ticipates that 10,000 Mtidentn will take
j part.
Many organ iiat ions hav announced
their Intention of being In the parade,
land indication point to one of the larger :
demonstrations ever held In the city,
Mr An.e!mo rstd
Among the organizations which hav-1
signified their intention to take part ar J
the Knights of Oolumbua, Loyal Order M
tho Knifrhts of Columbus, Loyal Order jl
Moose the Brlta.nnle association, the po-I"'-
and fire Hepartm'-n:., the local Ital
ian lodges and members of the Greek
colony In Salt Lake. It is expected, also,
that the national guard will man-h
through the business district The parade
will be headed by state, city and coun
ty officials.
Misery dumps a lot of stones on the
road to success.
Honesty is the best policy, but playlni,
policy often leads to dishonesty
Tact Is getting what you want without I
letting others know j ou want it.
"Checkers." the famous racing melo
drama has been made into a motion
picture by William Fox and will b
jseen at the Ogden theatre, starting to
morrow. The picture, directed by
Richard Stanton. i a mammoth spe! -tacle
with mo-t realistic scene.
Checkers is the main character In
the play He Is a reformed race-track'
tout who falls In love with a southern
beanty and gets into the most thrill
ing adventures. How the horse R'
morse wins the big stakes, how Check
ers risks his life many times, and how1
he finally overcomes all obstacles, is'
jtold, It Is said, with an elaboration of
I detail which makes "Checkers" one,
I Of the most absorbing photoplays pre
sented this sea-son.
Robert Warwick in
New Picture After
Service in France
The new Faramuont Artcraft pic
Iture, "Told in the Hills," which will
jbe shown at the Alhambra theatre to
I morrow, features Major Robert War
wick, who recently returned to Amer
ica after sereral months' service on
General Pershing's staff in France.
Major Warwick was among the first
to volunteer when America entered,
the war and served overseas as a cap-'
tain. He was actively engaged on Bel
eral battle lronts His f.rsi picture
upon resuming his screen career was
"Secret Service," a Paramount Art
eraft special production of William
Cillette's famous play In it Major
Warwick proved decisively that he
possesses the same fire and sincerity
that, characterized his work before tbr
war. "Told in the Hills" presents I. no
in an heroic western role that is ex
pected to further enhance his reputa
tion as a dramatic actor of the first
An unusually powerful cast has!
been assembled to support Major Wsr
I wick, including Ann Little, Wanda!
Hawley, Eileen Percy, Tom Forman
iand Monte Blue. George Melford di
rected the picture.
I A forced decision between two bit
ter evils is a situation that confronts j
Joan Gray, daughter of a Canadian fur
trapper, after she has been lured from
her home to the distant town of Daw-j
soil City, Klondike, by Cold Dust Bar
ker, owner of a hell hole of miquity
1 Barker, on a visit io Canada, was at-,
jlracted by her beauty. He offered hei
po-ninn as a nurse and told her,
father an expert fur buyer was needed ;
in the community. Her father died
during the Ions journey, but Joan, im
I mediately disillusioned as to why she
jhad been sent to Dawson City was
; forced by Barker to choose between
Ihimself and the crowd which frequent
t'u nis uive.
I Dorothy Phillips is cast, as Joan
Gray, and her portrayal of the part of
the girl who is forced to offer herseh
I at auction to the highest bidder and
is won by a drunken miner, known a-
'the Cur. is superb The picture war.
adapted by Allen J. Holubar, the di-
rector, from a story of the Canadian
Northwest and Klondike, written by!
I James Oliver Curwood, famous for his,
I narratives of that region
J Priscilla Dean, a Universal star. Is
iOne of the many notable players who
have been cast in support of Miss
Phillips. Others are Joseph Gerard,
Lon Chaney, William Stowell, Frank
Brownlee and Bill Buress Mr. Sto-
at The Duplex method of lighting is new. It embodies the merits of I
t both the direct and the indirect systems and at the same time is 1
K free from certain disadvantages to he found in both. j
S Duplex light is glareless il illuminates ceilings and walls, and J I
C penetrates into every corner of the room. j
Duplex lighting and its advantages can be obtained only with 1 j
a Duplexalites. No other fixtures you can buy will give similar j
9 lighting serv ice. fc-
j The Etlen Washer fiffflM 1 I
2 cled and finished ff Mft
plain how easy it is to get one on our special , S f I a
VL plan of long-time small payments really just 'r cS' 'l-72- m
m a matter of applying for awhile the very mnnc ,- B
m the Eden begins to save for you right from C"--' jL
I The Royal Suction Cleaner I
w rfvM Cleans by air alone. Simply run the Royal across your jf
B jnAi niga and they are cleaned clear through. No dirt, no Tk
M fwjJ dust remains; all ground in dirt, threads, hair and but- m
f uMmF1 a e ter aro removed. The rushing stream of air M
S Irr pTR I pieks up the rug, spreads the nap and cleans thorough- 29
yWjl I ly and leaves no dust to he cleaned off the furniture. 8l
m 'url ID e weighs hut trn pounds. A child ran run it.
nfiX. i Come in and see them or write or just call us up. J
U Jb. Tbyill We'll demonstrate any of the above articles vr y u j
ff St llBBKxki gladly without obligating you to anything al all Buy M
Jy JjMl electric goods from electric people and be assured of 1
C Agents for Edison Mazda Lamps S
Phone 2 2430 Washington Ave. Phone 23 S I
well, the leading man in Mlcs Phil
lips' previous successes inrludin."
"Destiny" and "The Heart of Human
ity," is east as Jim Blood, the Cur.
"Paid in Advance" will be seen at
the Orpbeum theatre three days star'
1 ing Sunday. Advertisement
OGDEN'S jjP?!Skk
We Give nA
Only The Lf
Best Dental
Service H 6 0
We aon't claim to be the only dentists in Ogden possessing a thor
ough knowledge of the profession, but we do claim to nive as good re
sults any dentist in this city.
Middle-aged or elderly people who need plates are given special at
tention at this office and all of their work is performed with a gentle
ness and skill that prevents an unusual disturbance to the nerves.
In all branches of dental work you can make no mistake if you en
trust us with your work.
All work guaranteed ten years. Free pain extractions with all plate
and bridge work.
Our prices are very reasonable.
Gold Crown, 22-K $5.00
Solid Gold or Porcelain Bridge Work $5 00
Best Plates $10 and up
New Method Dentists
2469 Washington Avenue
Office Hours. 8 30 a. m. to 6 p. m Phone 766-W
"Ten for Thror 1 th latest comedy by
Roi Cooprr fri;riir. which will be pro
)t:nted ni tho Orphnm theatre on
'Jn--sday, Qctobcr . Ia announced bj
its sponsors ns helnp an anj;l cn tho
triangle" Emphasis at the same tinif
Is placed on tho fart, that it is not un
anKl of th' triangle and attention is
.lled to the difference
The distinction is irell taken Myriads
ot plays ha e been written, each strlvliu,
to treAt the triangle In some way dlff:. -ent
from all the others. Occasionally,
one succeeds, most however, fall. But
whether they succeed or fall, the result
in one respe t Is always the same. They
all. In the telling of their story, involve
their characters, and base their situation'
on the snm- triangle.
In "Tea for Three," Mr Megcie has
succeeded in standing :part. as It wcr
ftom any triangular entanclemen I B.
Kather, he lias written as one on th-
outside who .views the triangle as a
whole In a decidedly humorous fashion
Scat sale begins Monday Adv.
Appointments of
The Governor
Are Confirmed
The state- senate has confirmed a
number of appointments made by Gov
ernor Bamberger, as follows:
To tho state board of equalization
B. H. Roberts of Salt Lake City, and
Henry Crwilliams of Ogden, trms to
expire In 1923; and J. T. Ham.uund of
Salt Lake City, and William Batle.v of
Nepbi, terms to expire in 1921.
To the board of directors, state fair
association S. T. Whitaker of Ogden,
term to expire in 1323.
To the board of regents, University
of Utah Mrs William M. Stewart of
bait Lake City, term to expire 'n 1923
There are still severa' recess ap-
poinlmenfs ma4e by the governor and I
i subject to confirmation by the slate
I senate which have not been presented
perhaps the most notable on the Ifcl
, being Dr. M R Stewart of Silt Lake
City, and Richard Jones of Heber, re
pectlvely, on the stale board of land
commissioners; and Walter P Mnoon
of Ogden. on the state induatilal om
mission. . .
Appointments if N T. Sorter of La
f county, as bank commissioner, and
of William E Evany, of Leni. as bmk
examiner, are also recess appoint-.
uo H
"My dear." said a husband, "pray dej
vote Just half a minute to repairing my
coat which a pointed nail has chanced to
It's 10 oviock '" said the droway mat'"
"Yes." said hubby. "It Is rather la" t
But. you know It is never too late t'
Read tho Classified Ads-
Repaired and Rebuilt.
Typewriter Supplies.
Royal and Corona.
H. C. CHAPIN, Prop.
2422 Hudson. Phone 236.
Any Kind Any Amount
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Automobile Insurance
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Basement Broom Hotel
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