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SATURDAY. OCTOBER 4. 1919. 1 faM5gg
U . !
SALT LAKE, Oct. 4 The appear
ince Of S(5O0 railroad employes, peu
lioninp againet the repeal of the pick
et ins law was a feature at the legis
lative Besslos thia morning at Salt
Lake. The crowd of workers wow id
dressed from the sieps of the capiiol
ImilrilnK by Governor Bamberger nd
wore then admitted to the galleries
Ol the house of representatives
Following the romplrtion of the
regular order of business, R E Cll?
i -v, labor representative of Salt Lake
county, took the floor on personal
orivllese. He called attention to the
Eafcl thai two uniformed policemen
yrio on th" floor of the house and de
manded an explanation He s'afed
Jiat several days aco when a crowd
jiarehed 10 the capitol to urge thi n -neal
of the pieketinc law that no DOr
Ice protection was thought necessary,
Representative CutTey said: When
ihe white collared I W W.'a came
here there was no call for police pro
tection "
He stated that he had no knowledge
of who asked for police but said th;r
none of the O. S. L. or D & R. G
employes who were present had Ufced
for protection of the police
This utterance was greeted with in
lense applause from the galleries.
Representative W W SeegmlUer
lumped to his feet and requested that
the serReant-at-arms be Instrutced to
keep order, even though he had to
clear the galleries Among the num
ber of representatives who jumped to
r 1
r r
The sons of H L White have pur
-haed from O E Savage the south
west corner of Washington avenue
ind Twenty-second street, paying
(9,000 for the ground
On this property will be erected a
-nodern garage with a frontage of 10
ct on Washington avenue and ha
n: a depth of 132 feet
I Marie Osborne in "Baby
Marie's Roundup;" "A Vill
age Venus;" "Perils of Thun
der Mountain" and latest Cur
rents Events at the COZY be
ginning tomorrow.
II Why Clyde Shupe
I Was Allowed to
I Go Without Bail
,'lyde Shupe, aged 23, who was ar
-sird some time ago charged with ih
,heft of an auto belonging to C. C.
Thtlds and later with a charge of
drunkenness, was released, according
0 County Attorno Bates, from the
uto charges after Child?, had refused
0 prosecute
It was also stated that Shupe was
jrvder the influence of liquor when he
,0k the machine. When arrested his
mother was seriously ill and it was on I
account of that fact that he was al-,
lowed to go without bail until callec to
brlali 1
Information given the Standprd yes
terday was that two charges, one of
the theft of an automobile and the
other of drunkenness were lodged
against him. However, it was learned
today that but one charge was placed
against Shupe that of being drunk
On failing to appear for trial yester
day a bench warrant for his arrest
! was issued by Judge D. R Roberts
1 1 1 00 I
II Expert Here to
I Carry on Work
I In Tuberculosis
Dr. W L. Cm-on, reprenMng the I
bureau of animal industry department'
Of agriculture, has arrived In Ogden
; nd will make his headquarters in the
QQttnty farm bureau offices In the fed
traj building while working in this
ity. Mr Parson viil take up the work
of tuberculosis eradication left by Dr.
Nleison, who was recently transferred
to Nevada.
The plan of operation was worked
out last winter by the livestock com
mittee. S S Jensen of the Ocrin
Packinc & Provision company and the
rmreau of animal industry'.
Figures eollected while the work was
I in progress showed that 1ft per cent
of the hogs In Weber county were af
tected with tuberculosis. Organization
to promote care is expected to haTc
tonsiderable effect In eradicating the
i 00
I Elevators Are to
I Open for Grain
I About Oct. 15
tfforgr R. Flak. general manager of
the Sperry Flour company ha retum
1 f-d to Ogdeu from Kansas- City where
J I he was on business. Mr. Flack stated
I that Hie work od ihe plant was going
in first cIhss shape and that grain
would be plated In the elevators about
their feet in an effort to second the
motion. Wilford Day of iron county
was successful The motion carried
by a large majority I
Representative Currey ihen stated
that he rould handle the situation and
addressed the galleries as follows:
"Boys, vou are here on a peaceful
mission The rules of the house pro
hibit applause or noise of any kind
from the galleries. I will ask you not
to applaud anv statement 1 make."
Silence followed, which was net
broken until Representative Currey
again demanded to know by what au
thority the uniformed officers had
been given seats on the floor The;
speaker of the house said that the
sergeant at-arms was responsible Cur-I
re however stated that he had over
heard a telephone con resa 1 ion in
which the arrangement for police
protection were discussed.
Representative Grace Strattonj
Airey said:
I don't understand that these men
are on Ihe witness stand
D D. MKay Ihen recommended
that the house resume the regular or-;
der of business and was informer) that
S.1 business hail been cleaned Up I
jir Masters then moved that ihe es
Ision be adjourned, which motion car
ried by a unanimous vote The occii-l
pant-' of the galleries then left quick
ly and wilh very little noire
It is rumored that the anti-pleket
ing law will be brought up again 'n
the session this afternoon, with one
of the state senators as its sponsor.
Complete plans for the entertain
ment of the members" of the local
American Legion post were made to-1
day. The program will be given at the
Unlversltj rinh. Mondaj evening AH
ex-service nu n of Weber county are
urcred to attend
Musical numbers by Mis.- Helen
Ware. Mrs Arthur Woollev, Miss Hel-'
en Hunter, Miss Mary Fisher and Les
ter Hmchcliff v. ill be fea ures of .he
A special invitation has been ex
tended to all nurses who took part in
the world war to be pYeaonl Mem
bershlp is also open and it is expect
ed thai .1 number of local women who
served will join the legion The meet
ing is scheduled for 8 o'clock Monday
evening. 00
Chas. Murray, the funniest
man in the world and Lila Lee
in a four-reel comedy and 'The
Devil's Trail." Alhambra to
night. 6-15-20.
, nn
West Ogden Celebrates
Soldiers, sailors and marine.-, of WV-st
Ogden were entertained at a reception
and dance last night in tho amusement
hall. Eighteen former service men
were present Bishop Dana presided
land the opening number was "Amer
I ica."
A. C, Tall gave the address of wel
come. An address was also c,iven by
Judge Dan Sullivan. The musical num
bers were by Esther Fife, Earl Ross.
'Farley Leishman, Bert Irishman. Eth
.el Stanford, Letha Yeaman and Mathel
' Allen
V . J
Sempre Musical Society
Today (he Sempre Musical society
Is meeting at the home of Mrs J. E.
Fenaro A program of musical selec
tions and ihe presenting of a paper
by Lester Hincbcliffe constitutes the
program for the afternoon.
W. A. to R. M. A.
Mr. Frank Price was hostess to the
ladies of the W. A to R M. A lal
Wednesday afternoon at her home,
1256 Twenty -fourth street There were
a large number of the members pres
ent and the afternono was spent in a
delightful manner The hostess served
light refreshments.
Sego Lily Thimble Club.
The ladies ol Sego Lily Thimble club
met last Wednesday afternoon with
Mrs Frances Coppock, 658 Washing
ton avenue and spent a very pleasan1.
time at their needlework About 5
0 cloelc Mrs. Coppock serv ed a light
L. A. to O. R. C.
The Ladies' Auxiliary to the Order
of Railway conductors met In the
lodg hall last Thursday afternoon and
conducted a business meeting fol
lowed by i social hour, when refresh
ments were served.
Mrs. Bdna Gale entertained a number
o; friend? at a reception at her horn:.
SI Thin if th street, laut Friday ovenln
In honor of her on. Fred Gale, and his
I bride, formerly Mt-. Oertel Innes. who
married in the Salt Lake temple
lam Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gale re
ceived some vrry pretty jrlft. The evo
nlnp v.-a u pleasant one, fxcfllfnt musical
selections ht-in given Sixty cuta wre
rntortalned The home was SSpadally
prity -with autumn leaves and bright
dtihllHa. At a late hour a finely ap
pointed luD'hf.n was aerved.
Mis loroihv Shaw and f-;rrol Collin?
j wer- married in s;lt JjKe Oft) la. -
Contracts for the erection of one of
the most up-to-date serum plan:? 111
the state was let by the Utah Serum
company today to the Whltmeyer &
Sons construction company. Tht
plant will be erected in Wilson Lane
on the old James property and cost
about $75,000.
Wdnepday and are to return to this
ety, where they will make their homr
Mr. I'ollins Is the son of Mr? Alice Col
lins :nd is an employe of the Wrsl Na
tional ba His bride is the daughter n 1
Mr and Mrs. Francis Shaw oi this city.
I Brigbam City Society
.nr. .irin mm A i Stout entertained
Tuesday evening In honoi of Mr. niiil Mi.-,
.lohn C Wright Music wns the feature
of the evaiiincT! an orchestra composed o(
Misa iretta Roylance, Miss Crystal Jepp.
sen and Mr. Klniri RellatTOm played 1
numbci of eieetion.-' Vocal .oio.s arere
rendered bj Mr. .1 C Wright, Mia?
Amlei HamSOtl and Mrs Terrs I' Peti rfl
fine hot dinner was srni-'d th" k'U'
ineiudinc Messrs and Mesdanies John C
Wright, le. Hunn. Clnier Kellatrom
l'crr D. l'oterf. Honry Frogley . Ken
neth C. bright a H Stayner, Mr-.
Emma Crawford. Misses Iretta Roylance
Amber Homson, Crystol Jepp-en, Anna
Jensen, Messrs P. D. Dal ton oi Salt
Iapc, and Km vis Koloid.
Mrs Maltha Harper entertained en Tri
aay cenm in honor of Granda Slay, II
lieinc: h' 1 SOtfa birthda annivcrsarj
sumptuous dinner wa.3 served, and two
little jrrand-ehlldren Marcer and Vo m 1
Barnard; entertained ith fan' v dancing
A larce birthday cake was the center
piece x( the tabic, dceoruted with eighty :
'andles. and was made b Mias OlOOfs I
Smith 01 Garland. Some thirt-3lx enie5t5
parti Ipaled.
Mr. and Mrs l.ee Wright have re
moved to Brlgham City front Hollrook J
Mies Alice F.ddy left on Sunday for
California to resume her studies at th
Stanford university.
Tuesday evening, the Seagull camp of
lh- Daughters of the Pioneer.-' held their
regular meet inf.' .K the home of Mrs.
Krina Carter. A fine program was ten
dered aftei which dainty rcfreshmcn'.s
were nrved
Mr and Mr' C. W. Merrell annmin
the engagement of their daughter, Doris,
to Mr I. O Fridal of Tremonton T!
marriage will take place early in Oc
tober On Thursday eAe-mng the Sego Lily
camp of the Daughter of the Plone.-, ;
held their monthly meeting 'it the born"
of Mrs. LeRoy C. Nelson. After listening
lo a nic-a interesting program th.' lad I
partook of refreshment.'
Mrs. Klia Jensen l spending th
with relatives in Smithllcld.
The ladies of the Civic Improvemen
I lub met at the horn" of Mrs. Orson Hud
son Thursday afternoon and elected the
following' officers to serve for the en- ,
suing year tin W J. Kowe president;
Miss Olive fenson. secretary i Mrs S ' -Idemar
A. Call, treasurer: Miss Trieste
I Box. corresponding secretary Mrs Joh'i
I Peters, musical director During th
afternoon, soelal ehat was indulged In
I and dainty ret re.hments served
The employes of ihe Ogden Portland
Icemenl plant gave u most pleasant dan -
ing party at the First ward amusement
;hall Friday evening Ln -which about 125
participated A masquerade ball will be
'given by the rf m'nl employes on the evo
1 of Hallowe'en
I Mr and Mr; O'lo Kofoed Mi and Mrs. '
I George Spencer and Mrs. Minnie J. Lund
j attended a birthday party in Ogden on
Sunday evening at the home of Mrs Vn-
On Thursday ccning a number of the
- f 1 lends of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hansen
I motored put to their farm, north of town,
(and spent the evening with them The
I eVenlhg whs pleasantly spent ln music
and game.. The party took refresh-
ments with them, which were served at
B htc hour Those part ir ipa ting were
Messrs and Moadames Isaac Hansen,
lohn R Rampton. Orson Korth. Walla e
' Johnson Mrs. P.uth Conine, Mrs. W. C
Walker. Misses Ruth O'Melveney. Maud
Forsgren. Amber Hamson. Alto I.rse'1.
Miss Bradhury. Messrs. June Hansen,
j Maboml icephson. John Hansen. Blu
est Hansen. Charles Chapman
Miss Oral Groo of Montpeller. Ida.o
spent a few days of the week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs Will R. Holmes.
Mrs Annie L Cottman was th- gurs:
of honor at a pleasant party Frida eve
nlng. given by Mrs. Willlaju Sorenson
; The evening was devoted to sewing and
social chaf and a dainty tray luncheon
I was served The guests were Mrs Ann t
L. Cottam. Mrs Wi R. Dredge Miss
Mabel Harris and Miss Rllla Hoist
Rev and Mrs Adam G Frank wer
givt-n a farewell party at the Manse
j by the Ladies' Aid and Missionary so
ciety. A d"Helous eold supper was served,
ihrf bi'ing hboiit thirty-six pr-ople pr--ent-
Mr. and Mrs Frank are remex
from this city to Kaysrille.
Miss Minerva Lunp was pleasantly su
i prised Tuesday aftrrnoon by a number
' of her lady friends, who took rufresh
I ments with them, the occasion being Miss
I Lund's birthday The afternoon was
I sprnt in sewing and social ehat. and a
dainty tray luncheon was srvr-d. Tho -'present
were Mesdames Annie J. Hansen.
I Joseph Larsen. H B. Jensen. Tohn Val-
berir. O. A Kofocd. M J Lund, Chrls
1 tena Hanren Kdlth Jensen and Miss
I Mlnerv a Lund.
Mr and Mrs Tilslphr announ- the
tngagemenl ot their daughter. Hazel. ;o
Josr-ph N" North The marriage will take
j place this month.
Mr. and Mrs. O. -F. Davis tnnoun"
the tugijjm(ni t their daughter. May.
With the completion of the new
structure, hogs will be treated with
serum to prevent, cholera.
Ground will be broken during: the
coming week
H W. Dunn is president of the Utah
Serum company.
to Mr. Arthur T. Smith. Th" marriage
will take place in Salt Lak" City. Oc
tobcr S
Tuesday afternoon Miss Gertrude '
Voungqulst and Mr Stanley Hamson ot
this eity wore united ln marriage Judce 1
H M Ftggina perfotmlng the ceremony I
Mr and Mr? P V. Pierre nf Panrbse
ere visiting friend! in JJrlgham Citv
on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs Hi K Iarse.n of Bert, are
spending a few days in this nty visiting
r"ia ; h es
Mr and Mr.--. Orson Poulson of Prom- J
ontory are vialting in Brlgham this week
with relatives and friend.
Preference to Be i
Given Soldiers
By Employers
Troop 13 Boy Scout? of America,
which for several vreeks has been can
vassins the territory belo Grant ave
nue, between Twenty 'bird and Twcd
ty-fourth streets, in an effort to de er
mine whether or not employe ur''
willing to fo-engage mn ho iefl th.eli
eniplo (o become soldiers sailors or
marines has made favorable proper' cs '
In practically ever) instance the.
scouts reehod word to the effect iiat
returned soldiers would be re-e,vjployei1
Lhduld thej desire new jobs an I would
i- iven jobs as vacahciet occurred in j
preference to men who did not serv in
the sreat war.
Class Day at Weber
Class day was observed fresterdaj at
Webci Normal college, and was mark
-d by exciting events, athletic stunts
and contests of various kinds. A has-'
ketball came between faculty mem
bers and boys from the student body,
Which v. as won bv th. former w-as
followed bj a boxinpt contest between
the largest faculty numnrr and Ihe!
smallest college student.
The women of the facility hen en
tered info a pie eatinc contest whhe
the junior and senior -Tirls plaved a re-!
lay basketball game, with honors car
ried off bj the juniors.
in thi evening a dance was helJ in
the school auditorium. Members of :
the entertainment committee who
planned the day's events were Btan
li Rhees, Amanda I 'namberla in. Orvel
i arstesen Acnes Stevens John Em
mell and Letilla Nicholas.
Liquor Causes the j
Distress of a
Family of Four
William Zack, 117 rwentyfirst
street, pleaded guilty to a charge of
drunkenness in the city court this
morning and was tined $50 wtlh the al
ternative sentence of 50 days, b- Judge
D. R. Roberts
Zack, when arrested, had a bottle of
homemade intoxicant which he nude
of fruit juice and vinegar, according to
his story. After being fined, he stated j
that his wife and two babies were help
less, that he was witho:i funds and
wlthoul work The bail money of $60
was put up by his wife, and, when he '
was sentenced this morning, he fa nt-,
ed. After being revived, she was re
moved to her home.
The case was then referred to Mayor
Browning and Zack was allowed to go
until Monday. His bail of $50 prob
ably will be returned to him after a
meeting of the city commission
The babies are without lothec, food
and need the falher's efforts, accord-:
ing to the wife L'p until the past tnrep
days, Zack had been employed b ;he,
Weber club as a cook.
Slight Accident
A delivery wagon, the property 0f
the J. s. Carver Grocery company and
driven by Robert McFarhnd. collided
with an auto driven b Hilma Moss.
-327 Adams The accident occurred
at the corner of Twentv-fifth st-ed
and Hudson avenue yesterdav after-:
noon. The horses swerved, tipping the
wagon over, and spilling groceries into
the street.
According to Sergeant A. B Jen -en
who witnessed Ihe accident, Ihe auto
slackened speed and the d"li cry team,
i loe behind, was unable to stop. The
tongue of the wagon damaged the :op '
of the car as the vehicles col'ided.
The automobile was occupied by j
Miss Hole, Mrs. J. E. Ho'den of salt
Lake, Mlna Jones and Elizabeth Ferri"
No injuries resulted.
Wealthy Cattleman !
Here From Wyoming
Mr. and Mrs Frank McBride cf
Jackson flole, Wyoming, are visit in;
with relatives and friendsl n Ogden.
Mr McBride is well known as a
wealthy cattle owner and will prob-
ably make his future home here. He
reports the stock market in an un-i
ettled state The price of hay ad
soaring and this fact, together With
! the low price on calile, is causing
(owners to sell
0 R Fi t J Monday - TuesdaT
and Extraordinary 'All Star Cast in
pms wonderful epic of the frozen North, Screen Time Sunday
JL written by James Oliver Lurwood, gives D , J
Dorothy Phillips, brilliant star of "The Heart 5, 7 , 9 r. M.
of Humanity," the opportunity for the 1 Prices: Adults 30c. '
greatest dramatic effort of her career. A pic- pi ., -
ture that enps and thrills, laid amone marvel- Children iUc.
ous scenery. '
WITH 10,1 IN
SALT LAKK Oct. K. Declaring tint
he Is firmly In favor of the leasriic of na-
lions, President Heber J- Grant, at the
opening v:sslon of tho ninetieth semi- I
anmmi conference of the Latter-day I
Saint? church, In the tabcrnarle yester
day morning, asked the 10, 00" church i
members present to refer to his speech
made two weeks ago in the tabernacle,
In which be said that tho standard works 1
ol th church do not controvert the prin
ciples laid down in the treaty covenant.
President Grunt Faid thai, in a ninnl- 1
festo cnt to the United States senate,
he strong!: urged the ratification of I ho
peace treaty and the league of nations !
without reservations, as. he said, they !
could not he changed without again sub
mitting them to Germany and that, 10
his mind, would be a calamity. Trcsl
dent Grant urged all to read his recent 1
address and stated It would also bo pub- '
llshed in the conference proceedings.
President Giant in his opening address
referred to the lawlessness spreading In I
tnc world, especially to the recent situi- I
lion ut Omaha. In discussing ihe stril
problem he said he was perfectly willing
for men to Join unions, lui thought the !
provision in lnbor unions that allows the
men to boycott or quit employment be-
cause an individual is nat a member is
unfair He said every Individual has an
absolute right to his free agency, and ;
that when unions deprive a man 01 thi
privilege 01" gaining a livelihood that man
Is being" deprived of his freedom. Prcsl
dent Grant said he hoped to see the da
when no member of the Latter-day Saints
church would Join a union unless the boy- :
eott and closed shop provision arc elim
President Grant referred to the illne:
of President Wilson He said In his re- !
cent meeting with the president when j
here, he was impressed with the presl- ,
dent's sincerity and the honesty of his ;
motives. i
Apostle Orson F Whitney offered !n
the benediction a prayer for the speedy j
recovery of the president of the fnit-d
States. The prayer was re-ochocd wlt;i j
fervent nmens by tlv vrre;it -i.-.-.-miil'
President Anthon m Lund, at me j
opining meeting, s-aid Ihe time is rap
idly approaching t hen peace will ! re
stored in the whole world
At th opening session President Grant
luted ho had decided lo have a treaties
he had Just received from Darwin P.
Klngsley. president of the New York 1
Life Insurance company, entered In tho
official conference minutes, as it la one 1
of th best arguments in favor of th '
league of nations he has read He said
lime would not permit Its reading in ih.
conference session.
President Charles W. Penrose spoke iu
favor of the league ot nations ;md also
eulogised President Wilson and his work.
He said he believed President Wilson was i
not only sincere in his motives, Ajut thai
his hftart is for the good of the w hoi
world and the t'nited Btatea in particu
lar. He re-echoed the Sentiment of Presi
dent Grant regarding President Wilson,
as well as his opinion on the league of
nation, and declared the council of the
twelve WU also in accord with Presldcn.
(Jrant's recently expressed sentiment.
Prcnidchl Penrose said that he had
studied the league covenant thorough :
and could find nothing wrong In it.
ln fact, he stated, he could not find some
of the things in it upon which the oppo-
sition is based He said he has found that
many of those arguing against 11 have
mever even read it. He ette.j scriptural
passages in the Dook of Mormon and 1
Other church works favoring Ihe league. !
Argues for League.
George F Richards of the council ef
the twelve, who rrcentl returned from
presiding over the Kuropenn mission.
gave a picture of the horrors of war as 1
htr had seen them. He said that war had
cost tin; lives of seven and a half mil
lions, killed on the battlefields As an
illustration, he aaid this would be equiva
lent to 750 tabernacles ouch filled with
10,000 people He osknd therefore. If the
world wanted a recurrence of such a,
calamity He ad the league of nation? j
1 Is the only hope against such .1 recur
J rencc He declared he belie ved President
Wilon and the others who framed it
Were Inspired. He said he had reached
the conclusion that the league was a posi
tive step in the right direction, while
Us opponents, In spite of their hitter op- 1
position, had nothing better to substltutt
Rudgcr Clawson of the council of ths 1
twelve enndemned race suicide He sairl a
it was the duty of all parents to rai;e 1
their children properly.
flncrcascd Cost
p Because of increased drayagc charges we have heen com
I pelierj to change our plan. Formerly we paid the dray charge
I on $10 orders any distance up to ten blocks. We are now pay-
ing just twice as much drayage per order as formerly. To over
s zome this it was necessary to raise the amount of orders. We
I now pay the drayage on $20 orders as far out as ten blocks,
j or half the drayage on a $10 order the same distance.
This change has been in effect all of last week. Hundreds of
people have found they could pay half the dray charge on a $10
order and still save a lot. In many cases the saving on a sim
Dle item amounted to more ihan the dray charge. Visit any one
o: our stores for your big order.
TOMATOES, 25c AM stores will be stocked Monday I
... . . with a large 1 2 1 roll crepe toilet I
All stores have two large cans r. - , '
, ti paper. This wi be your last 1
tomatoes for 25c These tomatoes Zl.Z2 u u
j . . , t r ' 1 1 chance to buy it cheap
are red ripe stock and of unc fla- . ' 8c I
vor, though they arc not whole, be- 2 g ' 80c I
raus; of being Blightly overcooked ... oc . . oe- 9
2 cans -5c case 95 $125 UU brooms 8oc I
X u i ic 75c quality fiber brooms . ... 50c y
a 20c whole tomatoes, can 15c '
20c whole tomatoes, case . $3 35 rrnc cr.
?0c Early June peas 15c tAjlo 2)LAKLh I
20c Early June peas, case . 83.45 Loca, cggs are vcry ccarcc and I
25c quality Country Gentleman high in pncc Pncc fQf coming I
corn 20c week will be, dozen . 60c I
20c quality sugar corn ... 15c We navc secured thc ncw pr0Ct3S
Large cans sliced pineapple . 33c storage eggs, same as we have sold
Medium cans sliced pineapple . 25c the past two winters You can t
Small cans sliced pineapple . . 15c tell them from fresh eggs. At all
stores, dozen . . . . 55c
100 pounds potatoes $2.00 Butter has advanced again for
50 pounds potatoes $1.10 the present we can maintain our
10 pounds potatoes 25c present price.
Hubbard squash, pound ... 1c rresh creamery butter . 65c I
Large juicy lemons, dozen . . 38c Local ranch butter 60c I j
Sweet Sunkist oranges . . . 45c Use sweet cocoanut butter, lb. 35c jj
A Carload ol Old Master 1 1
We have a carload of Old Master coffee in transit now tor
our stores. This is perhaps the first full carload of coffee ever
shipped to Utah to a single retailer. Our saving in price h great
when buying it in this manner Our coffees arc all shipped in the
bean. They are packed in airtight, dust proof tins and cannot
deteriorate. It is said coffees will be much higher yet. We sug
gest that you lay in your supply soon. This car will not last
g longer than January 1.
65c 1 pound can Old Master 55c I
$1.95 3 pound can Old Master $1,65 5
$3.25 5 pound can Old Master $2.69
Ncxl Week
Hundreds of people who have looked around will make finpl
decision and buy their millinery requirements next week. We
have several hundred new hats which are the latest creations
for the coming week's selling. Our eastern buying connections
are unequalled. This accounts for the fact that our retail prices
are no more than most concerns pay for their supplies Don't
forget that our line of children's hats is complete and the prices
are such as you can afford to pay. Let us see you the coming
week at Room 423, fourth floor Hudson building.

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