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sqRiiON TUES. wed. tsiur frl &ff ffl
mm 6 7 8 9M nm
I" WASHINGTON'. Qjst. 3 Reports
from the bedside of President Will in, I
whos ((indnlon during the Ihi 36
, hour.-; h.is ben SS favorable, indCS'
I ed no (lunge today and .'gain the
president wan kpl in bod with pliyru-
clans in ronstPiii attendance upon
L Rear Admiral C;iry T Givson, his
p personal physician, b ( the announre
K ment that the presidsul was "a very
sick .nan,'' stand t hroii&houi the day,
Issuing onl brirt buletn saying Ms
eondllioti tida "urn bunged"
There S7SJ riHoib' r CQMUltatfOfl ";
physicians, and immediate menibers of
J the president'.- f.imilv ;irne to the
White Mouse to be B8SI bin
Although reticent .-thorn oi.nis ol
the condltien ol tbs Brseidept, Lhost
, who attended him Indicated that his
?lment had nm yet clearly revealed
i1 the extent of its inroads upon his sys
tem and that some days might be re
h quired to disclose its full effects
j Nervous exhaustion of which he lf
suffering, complicated with his long
standing weakness ih dlg use or
i; gins, and a lingering touch of last
1 spring's attack of influenza, the doc
j tors say, hae considerably weakened
U the president's powers of resistance.
FOf I man of bifl Ifears, however,
Mr. fyiiapn's general physical system
!s said to be in Rood condition to with
btand the combined .ni.ni, sgalnsi
which he Is now fighting. There have
been no intimations ol depleted heart
Jj iction, and the president's mind Is n
rlan-d b) his physicians to I" BO alert
Lfaski Ibei have had eaaalderahl
llcuit lp k aping his attention divert?
- id Ironi the affairs of his offlei
Tli- prohibition against official acts
am kind, modified several days ago,
h-nt, ninjich to permit him to npn a
t v. hills ami nominations has been
d Imneeed again by r gray son,
lio ic prepared to be insistent thn'
Kiee business .-hull come he
rn Mi. president until be baa vhovn
m rkod Iniprm assent.
fp - pfpircing thei. rest prescript ion
i!i phvsieians a 1 1 eridint; the president
particularly conesrned about hi?,
sleeplessness This is understood '.o
lbs ' innecled with after-effects of th"
1 1111 iuenza attack.
j Since the president came home ill
! there have been many reports that .1
Simple operation nn; hi In performed
to w.rd off compilations, but his
physicians have either discredited or
fleet ined to discuss such a possibility
saylpg they could not go into details
Sa to what measures they might Lake.
Secluded in his room in th'1 White
House, the president is permitted to
see only numbers of his family, and
virtually the only sources of public In
formation regarding his illness lias
been tin brlei official bulletins Issued
by Dr. (Jraysou
Today a flood of messages of sym
patic reaebed lh Whit House and
q ni prominent officials, diplomats
and other.- tall'd to express thei;
solicrmle. Former i'resideni I aft v.a.
one of those who made such a tall
ivjuainin lor a hall hour with Secre
turv Tumult) and expressing his earn
est hope for a quick recovery
I libs) .lusllce While also paid a call
oi courtesy. Among other callers none
of whom was pi rmmim to .- th
president, was WiJIjjui i". .Mi Adoo. Mr.
Vispa' son-in-law, prmerly secre
tary of the tr u.mr , Samuel (Jompers
and secral members 01 the diplomatic
CablneJ members kept in clofe touch
with the president's eondltlon and
throughout official Washington Hie
! 1 lui;-' of concern continued. The
White House telephone was kept busy
answerng inquiries eopeerping ihe
president's condition
00 ;
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I PAIUS. fot. I Georcc Trhl; h-rin.
1 Russian bol?hevil: foreien minister, in
a messsge sept broadcast by " in ! .s
anri 1, r-fivt-d here yesterday, says:
"Our intentions regarding peace re
muin tjje -' in' as when the P.uliift mis
sion arrived We are ready to mage
peace at nny moment provifed null
tpr operations ar stopped immediate
ly and the blockade is jlft'd We have
! not imposed, and we do not wish to
(Impose, (ommunism op anybodj."
I William ' Bullett, a member c;f the
Aimriian piace dclj;ution. n testl
mony given rerently before the senate
ton i"n railattnaa rnmmillnr nul h
had been Bepl to Russia in Februarv
of this year to learn the terms upon
which the soviet oernrneni would
agree to stop fighting and make peace.
The I.enine peace proposals, 7. 1 r . Bul
litt testified, included, among other
things, an armistice for two weeks,
subject to extension, raisinc of the
economic bloel-ade, immediate w.(th
f'rawal from Russian territorj ot all
I IJJed troops, no fyrther mfljtar) aid
to bp Riven to anti-soviet government
t.nd recognition of the r sporsibility
I for Russia's foreign debts
HELENA Ark., Oct 3. Investiga
tion of the disorders which originated
near Elaine, IS mils south of 1 1 i i.a
on Tuesday iiiphi and ha'.c sim dis
t'irbed various nesro centers through
out Phillips rount, was started here
today by a bod of prominent citizens
known ae the "committee of seven,"
1 appointed by the civil authorities ' ;Mi
I the sanction of Governor Charles
1 Brough
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LOS angeles. Oct. 3 Addresateg
an audit QQp ot severaj bnndsted per
son? here today at a luncheon ten
dercd him by the Los Ansele laeie
for preservation of American inde
pendence, United States Senator Hi
ram W Johnson atlacked tlo- peaei
treaty and the lea.gue of nations C0Te-
nant and declared that th Ural d
States now stands at the Drops rp lf
of ft destiny. Senator Johnson 'S to
make another address tonlrht
The people must decide, he lid,
whether the United States sha'l enter
into a partnership with "melodorotis
European and Asiatic diplomncy," or
pursm the ptraiglit paih of pur Amer
icanism Senator .lohnson was pivpn a demon
hira'i reception and hi? addretSB l hp
Interrupted man times when his ut
t' lames brought the big crowd to Us
ffet licering and waving nandKer
chiets The senator spoke in the ball
room of a hotel, Brfcere two Seeke igo
President Wilson defended the treaty
and ih league of nattonr and urged its
arl ratification.
At the senator's tabic were .ath -ied
many of his friends who w ere act : 1-in
the raily days of the progressive par
ty, wbldl swept Hiram Y Tohnson
into officp ns governor of ( alifrnia.
"We saw the high principles of
F'r-it!ii Wilson discarded," ssid s n
ator Johnson. ' We saw altruism gonc
. n. idealism buried and w :-rw ooen
covenants openly arrived at accom
plished behind barred floor W e
looked to scp the removal of e onornic
barriers, we looked to see 'ational
armnmnts reduced bu we never
1 11I ihe semblance of an accompt.sh
nont We saw arbitrary power have
its will in the adjustment of wor'd 1 f
!a.irs and we pjw a defensive an ; of I en
rive alliance brought aboui inrtea l of
a desired understanding fo v. oi Id
Senator lohnson declared ihat the
irc;iiy represents, Ubc understanding of
the United States' co-belligerents be
tore this country entered the war. is-
imping the Shantung prorsipni ot thn
treaty Senator Johnson spsejIiBd that
Mmru - aeceptani Oi 'he uuiul'i
of t'hinese ppvarejaptl nt tfcl Shan'
lung p ninsula to Japan was r shame,
tul blot on America ? bonor
The United States government, the
enalor ponlljtupd. ipWted Chloa to
participate in the world war on pi m
lag tbgl I blM would be taken care of
;.i thf peace table Si.e was tuhen 're
ni in the pg(eni thai the i sited 81Xea
became a party to her desp ;lavnt,
Senator Johnson asserted
The h-ague of nations was de
nounced b the senator as tantamount
to cont' rrlpg on loreje.n posers 'he ox
if:. 1 q America's participation in
(ore-lgn altairs Light men, sitting in
fjenevaj all foreigners, he said, could
.nd would determine the SOUrf e 0 Ihe
t mt J States in world quatrels in
vlin h this country would be dragged
111 i.i aBSjgj in Mi. seitlnuent of mat
ters in which she could hve no con-
Senator Johnson said the threat the
United States would he Isolated if 'he
senate refused to ratify th peace
treaty aad ihe covenant XVfiS ridicu
I lous. So long as tbe AHant ic and Pa
cific oceans remain, said Senator
John.-on. the United Slates could not
in an sense remain isola'd Horn any
.part of the world And President Wii?
son cannot dry up these oceans, he
I said.
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j I.lNTuI.N. Neb. Oct 3 Speaking
ji tin (ity auditorium here tonight In
1 opposition to the league of nation.-.
St nator Jamep A Reed, Democrat, of
Missouri, said the league would breed
rather than prevent wars.
I For the United States to become n
; party to the league, he asserted, would
'mean the American. "would have to
pour out their blood fn controversies
j 9,000 miles from our shores'' Dfctar-
Ing that President Wilson had said
I that the assembl) of the league wan
only a "debating society," the Mls-ouri
'senator described the assembly as g
powerful part or the league sod d
clared thai H el.ctcd four of the nine
'members pf the league's council
As a member of the league, the
t'nitr,! Sihie-, nator Reed asserted.
would undertake to respect and pre
serve acain-t external attack th'
'sting political Independence of mem
I ers ol the league
This, he declared, would be an abso-
lu'e tontract, and the United States
would have to defend against attack
j member of the league whether
"they are right or wrong." If the pro -0
Shantung were given to Japan.
Shamung rebelled and China went to
I her aid tho I'nited States would be
bound by the contract to "use her blood
'In the quarrels of those yellow men,"
the speaker said
Hoover made his f trt public oDpcar
' ance in Son Francisco tonight when
bs presided at s meeting at ihe rjty
hall to arrange plana for .he welcome
to be extended to King Albert and.
Qu-en Kllt.ibeth of iiegiUm on heir
jgrrlval here October 14.
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WASHINGTON. Oct 3 Told by
Oeorco A. Zabriskie. president of the
Sugar Equalization board, it -,'.as prar -
UeaJly certain that, unless soma lagto
lative action was taken Immediately,
laugar prices would increaat aft r Jan
aary l. the senate committee investi-
sating the sugar shortage today rr
; quested W A. (ilasow. BOUase for
the food administration, to formulate
lecislalion desipnod to alJeviale th"
Situation and to make possible nego
tiations for purchasing the 1920 ruban
suar crop.
The committee made its request af
ter Mr Zabriskie had testified that,
despite urging by the sugar equaliza
tion board President Wilson had
failed to authorize purchase of the
Cuban crop and after he. at Chairman
McNaiy s insistence, had presented his
: correspondence with the president.
The Cuban government withdrew its
; offer of the sugar crop September 2?.,
Zabriskie said. He added, however,
thai moans nvsht yel be found to ob
tain the Cuban sugar, If legislat.lvt "
' tion could be had immediately It
would be necessary also, he said, to
make provision for continuation of tbe
Sugar etjualizat ion board, which auto
Lmaticall) goes out of existence Decem
ber 31
: The present sugar shortage, the
! board president Said, teas due to some
'extent to the recent marine strike,
but more largely to the unusual de
ni nd. the American p. opl having
consumed 340,OOO tons moie sugar up
I to October 1. than normally.
... 00
j Garland Society
(Special to Th- standard )
Mr. Lmma fjpover ratutB,ed on
Monday from Parmlpgtoa where jhe
Bpi n' two weeks Visiting relatives and
' triends
Mrs. Ben Clayton of Stone, Idaho,
lis a guest at the home (, Mr and
Mrs George Henry.
i Mi W L Wasa of Malad Cit, Ida
h 1 has returned to his home after a
.pleasant visit here wnh his daughter.
Mrs r. v Daniels
Mrs. Sarah E. Madsen ami children
jof Glenn's Ferry, Idaho, arm-d h re
Monday evening to isit Mrs Mad
Isens father, Mr. c. Johnson
Miss Bernice C,roer, who Is attend'
lag the B. Y college at Logan, left
Mond ly morning 10 .mend to her stud
ies after Bpendlng Saturday and Sun
jday here with her parent, Mr. and
jMr6, A Grover.
( Mrs. E. V. Schneider visited with
I fri nds in Tremonton Monday and
, Miss T.indquist of Logan returned to
j her home Monday after a two weeks
isit with Mr and Mrs. R T Sh'.w.
Miss La Von Capener entertained
on Thursday of la., v . -k in honor of
J Fawn Baxter. A delightful evening
Uraj spent in plaing games A pio
cram of music and reading and danc
ing on the lawn was given Grag
' watermelons and other refreshments
jwere served
Mr. and Mrs Henry P Swinyard left
on Saturday for Salt Lake to visit
their children
Mrs. H. B Hushes entertained Sat
urday evening in honor of her dnttgb
iter's blrthda1. About rwettt) tive play
! mates were presfnt and r njoe,l
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I Business
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jEjy cause of that pain and REMOVE it! jrgj
SSS 0scu W H alverson . IC. jSS
'games of arious kiadS dunnc th" eve- j
nlng. Refreaments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph II. Peteraon
and -on returned Mondav from Hun's
ille where they attended the funeral
jof Mr Peterson's sister.
Mr M Felsted has returned from
Salt Lake where he lsited his nifa,
I who is ill at tbe L. D S. hospital
Mis- Hazel Wass of Malad ( ity Ida
ho, is guest of ber sister, Mrs. R
V. Daniels.
Mr. and Mrs. H G Wright and chil
jdren of Rideedale. Idaho, have re
turned to their home after a day's
elsll here with Mrs Wright s parents,
Mr and Mrs H P Swinyard.
The Mutual association of the Bear
River stake save an excellent mimical
program last Sunday evening in ihe
Garland tabernacle President Clar
ence L Smith presided Selections
were rendered by the Carland Military
band, vocal solo by Miss Leah Rogers,
SI i Cted reading by little Miss Reah
Winters, trombone solos and claiinet
SOlOfl b) members of the band .A lare
audience attended the musicals
I mJi
(Special to Tne Standard )
Mrs J. Downing has returned from
a trip to cden where she ha been 1
visiting n few days
H jii of Willard i- -p- ndlnj
the we. k hen isiting and uttentling i
to business mat'er.-
Mi and Mrs. A N Robbins of Snow.
ill.- spent part of the week here vls 1
itinfL. She returned home Saturday, j
W K. klund of Smithfield was visits
ing here a few days of last week.
W. T Hudson has returned from j
Snowville where he visited his mother
part of last week-Mi-.-.
C Eldrige has gone to Woods 1
Cross to make her home I
Mr and Mrs. W. S. Stone and daughH
ter have returned from a few day' a
vlall In Salt Lake
Mr and Mrs. O T Ford and f.ijn- 1
lly w ill leave suon for Farmlngton to m
make theh futuie home.
Mr and Mrs Ezra Harris of Both.
well were visiting in Tremonton Mo I
Nils Anderson and sons of Bolhwel! M
were attending to hnsirie.., rnatfri 1
and visiting here last Monday.
oo a
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Registration Will Continue I
U. A. C.
(The Home of the Efficient Education)
Until Wednesday, Oct. 8
This extension of the registration period has been made in answer to many i
requests from all parts of Utah.
Motor Transport, Toast Artillery and Tnfantrv Units of the 1
R. O. T have leen established at the college. Students may elect
their unit. Two years' military work are required of those men
who have had no previous military experienee. Additional work is
optiortMi. Free uniforms, including overeoaN and shoe are fur
nished. Men with army or navy training or two years' college
military training are eligible to the advanced work. They will re
COT in addition to free uniforms, approximately 1125 a arhool
year. ' ' '
The Utah Agricultural College a
prepares men and women for sixty trades and professions in the S- hools of Agri
.ulture. Horn. Ecoapnics, Agricultural Engineering ( nm, ' L TuLnei
Adnumetratmu, Meehanie. Arts and (ic.ieral 1 Science UOmnMM an1 Blmesa
E funhif f111011,116111 Above the Greatest Previous Year
For further information add re The President's Office, CJtah Agricultural
I allege. Logfln. TTiah. I

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