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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, October 04, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 7

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i a ooob KW to T
I Jardinieres
NmB I Jardiniere, s inch hIzp. aborted
I i p n't SQr
: pi. i -I'd : Ow
th WRIGHTS Biement
I, Stamped Night Robes
Women's ptnk nifbf gown, stamp
I'd on ttrvod quMin pink naln.orV
"dainty dejOgt $1 48
' r w Ri 'i Fin : lot I
Pillow Cases
pillow ckv. 12 Inches wide. tamp-
ed, nomr ?-rallopd and Fome hem
J St,trh .1 f ' ' 0
$1 ,-,. $1 75 and J
; WHlfiHTS Fir1 Moor
Dresser Scarfs
I. a new asorfnunt of filet late
j dre.T scarfs, assorted Itylfl f0
Price- f'r fn V' J
WRIGHTS F;r-' Floor
New Madena
Now Madrla includiDJ Dapklns,
IB umall ovals, centers, scarfs, etc.
Moderately priced
: WRIGHTS First Floor
Velvet Hand Bags
Velvel hand bg finished with
Dj mrtal frame- and chain handles,
also fitted Mh mirror- d i or
nr, value Special ul.JJ
j WRIGHTS First Floor
Cameo Pins
Cameo pins, in a beautiful Maori
ment of colors and styles They
J Inr.k Ilk 16 Q
Verj special UvC
g?J WRIGHTS First Floor
Silk Jersey
Women's nlk Jersev pettibockers,
ank e length nil colors, heavy qual- I
jers 9 J r a r
E pei lal J)).v7J
1 WRIGHTS Second Floor
f! Women's Gowns
S Women's outinc flannel night
M powns, made of splendid qut'ity out
tm Inar. plain white pink and blue
s'rlpe. $2.50 valuei rf 1 Qf
Dressing Sacques
Women's cotton flannel dn ,M:nc
sacques, mad. of ood quality flan
pel, light and dark colors. Just the
M thine for cool morning i or
,5 I" rial pl.L.U
WRIGHTS Second F'.oor
Warner Corsets
Warner's nisi proof corsets made of
ft a Rood quality coutil, all sir.es, Rood
model-. $2 v aim - t 1 A r
Special . pl.4J
WRIGHTS Becond Floor
Pantie Waists
Children's muslin pantie waist,
made of cood quality muslin, taped
B seams, hone buttons. 75c val o i
1 ue? Special. 'J for J) 1
WRIGHTS Second Fluor !
KILO. T H . Oct. 4, (B The Asso- :
l clatrd Frews ) A crack half a milt
south of the Bummlt crater of Vol- ,
, cano MauDK Ixa ae reported today
by Profetsor Thomas A Jagger. United
II States volcanologlM, who returned to I
a Hilo from the scene of the eruption,
j Lava ! filling the crack two miles
I above the cone- caused by the 1916
eruption, nrcordlng to the professor,
and lava spouted from the cone 200
1 feet into the air when the disturbancs
was at Its height. Professor Jagger
a said 'hit In Lava lake on the summit
B he found a huge fountain of molten
K lava and that the gas pressure was
Reports from the peak indicate that I
th. flow is Increasing and Hawailans
t fear another tidal wave, such as en- j I
F dangred the lives of canoeraen and I
M Others Thursday.
A bright glow cauaed when the hot I
Blim comes from tho volcano is re- I
I ported by observers.
No loss of life Is believed to have re- I
m suited from the ei-upUon and property I
f damage has been alight, the flow for j
I the most part being through desolate j
I country.
j Henry S. Dennison
j To Succeed Gay at !
Industrial Meeting
Jk WASHINGTON, Oct 4 - Henry S.
U Dennison of Frauiingham, Mass , was
I named loday bv the department, of lo
i bor hb rpprsentaLl vo of tho general
public at the Industrial conference
ehtch oppns here Monday. Ho Lakes'
tie nlacr. of Kdwln F. 6ay of 'am-'
I bridge Mass . who Is in Europe.
The national Industrial board aa
flounced its delegates as follows;
jM Frederick P. Fish and Edward
STarnhsm Greene, Boston: "J M
OM.eary. rhlrago; nnd C. Pemberton '
II Hutchinson. Philadelphia.
I on
!j Women are Being j
I Discharged From j
1 Railroad Service
-WASHINGTON. Oct. 4 The num-!
Bp1' of women employed by railroads I
Bin heavy war work while the war ws I
on and v hen men could not bo oh
(Alued is being reduced, steadily, LK
jjctor General Hines annoiiorcd.
Women employed in all occupations
federal controlled roads Jaly 1
m-ert. 4 j per cent fewor than on April j
j bv those working in roundhocje I
had lw jdwrcd 23.4 per cent and ( I
u .ihop xrork IS per cent. i
Now The Busy Sales Of October 1
r r ! Crisco Dinner Sets Laundry Soap Dinner Sets l I I
I LsOnterenCe ViSltOrS fl 'VUt otVpi. The good Pearl WbUi B. Om of player pianos ,re i I
I ( w wtwv, the co1 of lmng. Jjon- This get i, uw epough to dry ,nSp. in th, full 7 OUbre invitS to the music eetion I f
j this year again there is an increasing num- iZmiAC Bervc pfopK A11 luwful hars Thw i a fipc qqalit in th Downttain store to ' I
her of customers who go to conference, and limit6d , t0 ,.us,OM,',r at lh pifew, no Bli butter . hv fine white u-.m.irv sold b7,r ap' a11 ,,f lh- ntfJ
Stop in Ogden to buy. 3 pound cans, etc Deeoratetl witlT jridt in the Basement (5 barn to rigour Snow I
taph yl gold band. Set $7.fk customer ' 3 for . . . .2 mailing lift f
1 many people having no other business in - j I
Ogden have gone to the trouble and some- Pongee Silk Taffeta Ribbons Huck Toweling iiLi.jlift 2 mrw I
1 , roncee silk. G.1 inches nide. real Taffeta and Faille ribbon 4 to K ,. . Lflfcrl I Bh Eve SsHZk. f I
rimes expense to stop over long enougn in Jap quaiitv natnr!li color. nr inches wide, plain and ranc values ,oc 1,nn nuck oweiin8 for guest fyp JSA'JH I
j Ogden to do their shopping at this store ""' oh'V m f.oo, C le"' a" ?.n . 60c JMgjgjKa j
Silk & Wool Ponlin A r l c wrightr MHviwrilKBl al
it is true that many of them are customers of ,,, , poplin , n , !:" ". rs ' ' . 1 ' Turkish Towels BSpBSUl' i:
S our mail order department, and have in this :;;;ht; ckio cheSI So" toweu, bleached, tor R5a i f
way become familiar with the class of mer- value for. C3Qc: special, on bnds and fce. pood ir y BWlfflK3B3I03si I I
, , . 1 I I 11 J.yj yard ZC values. Each lJC 7 JfflT ,
chandise and the alues to be had here. wriohts First Floor wrights First Floor TT , , , NJ jLm - I
- Bath Mats Dark Outings nbleacned Towels uSGHfflDflT f
j we deliver, free to destination, purchases w j bath .- v. :,. ;, ,! :. . :. u .....iV-s ,,. ",f unbl,h4'd TurAi:h ,OWfl5- NZSfSt ) ft I
i , r. i . iood fast, color? 1 1A ering quilt?, underskirt, etc nr large size, pood quality. OA vr1 Uj 2JN L
2 made here by out or town buyers. special 51.18 Fa?, color Yard ZjC Ea vC ; t
WRIGHTS First Floor WRIGHTS First Floor WRIGHTS First Floor Lovers Ot fine table linen I
2 y have learned to ask not J
TIT jP ICsKB- CS MStmjm, ryvale Linens." There is so !
-A.V t-n x nt dgjaniKSB tftafe much substitution these j c
j j GOODXTO TRADfi J W 1 days in linen cloths, so many j H
Special Laces Good Percales , r.J v difference. j
A ?plendld assortment of laces for Good percales, light and dark QC rf-CL " v-fVhr 'V "FL 1 D J '
I underwear and collar?. aiue -j r 86 inches wide. Yard .... -jDC YtlWlltftttlwX VsA ' p1 1 ne Uerryvale Brand means I
to 5-e rard IDC wrights Firsi Floor ' f (HJ L, ' T that the fabric is pure linen I
WRIGHTS Firat Floor Turkish Towels J ' V a -that is absolutely guaran- j
Scarf S and Collars rancy Turkish towel for A' AS '7V U A teed to be. More than that, I
Scarfs and collars and caps, vol- Christmas Rifts, etc., large di 1A ( 7f J Hv V ninU littM. ara 2
9 vei and fur doth for the school sis e. beautlftil designs .. I.1U Z1! vl i7 7 i iv Uerryvale linens are guaran-
J g;JJ Valuest. $3.50 jq Men's Work Shirts fJh VWrV teed to pve satisfactory ser-
,1 WRIGHTS i irs' FIoo?' Honrs blue ohambray work sHirts. fMiL vice. The makers tell us j
,2 with plain collars in assorted sizes ( f . j VT- ' W A 1 Vfl f SiL t'iat in case anv Plcce "
ChlldS Sleepers hr,c are the regular $1.50 t i yr f '(1 A CJuPV ' 'SlfSv Dcrryvalc fails to give the ft f
( hildren's sleeping garments, natur- value special, each , 1 A1 FS.r. b, WlTVU. i , vi f
ft al color, dotih all sires WRIGHTS Basemen, If' , Vi v s 11 ft fl3lllllHll service that the customers !
! :' V,;,";';1"V'',: , Men's Work SOX t 7 V i mJL ii'm expect, we are to replace the J
i n j tt ''; : ?o.ks in assorted a.zeS ,1 ) , I 7 ! Il 'hi 111 ( lM Pe cheerfully Without
Children 8 U SUllS and in colors black tan andwhlte; 'i A 'ft T V H 5 I I !fflulll( Rl IftW charge.
Children's part wool union suits, these are the usual 30c value. A i i V V l ' J , Vj ujQlM Bill !lU AimH
fl natural, innc sleeves high necks, Special. 5 pair tor D 1 I I I -J--r ' Ui4iiL Ullliwi Derryvale Linens are made 1
I r;7;,;1' b0S Uml $1.65 NVK,r,",TS B '. 'MlBgMWWWj 1, W m in Ireland and are sold in j
WRIGHTS First Floor ' Men's Shirts !. ivvVy I TTYxTT" r - - : syWlTlMil 1 11 Ogden only at this store. i j
9 rt'lJ I ttjo i. Men? flannelette shirts in assorted ' V A v III vSv fTfTl ll M 1 '' ll ill 1 ill ' i
J Children S L bUltS sises with plain collars; these are l( KV f 1 ' J II fl II f l''' 1 ' j
children's lisht weight union suits. in the dark gray color, splendid UkV J 'l J C 'i I 'Ifll (I I Ollet ClOOCfS 1
i vhite only, light fleece, sizes 2 to shirt for winter. t i Qr v V ' ',' A 1 111 fj j' l I
12. 75c value? ro Each M.jD IA' '7' t l f A 1 II H iH Hind's Honey and Almond io 1
Special DOC WRIGHTS Basement I ', , t I 1 ! F " 1 " !' ! I B ! Cream. 60 value 48C I
r WRIGHTS First Floor , . I 1 ' U ill fU II fffi Hind's Honev and Almond dl in !
I Women's Vests and Boy s Pajamas W ( y tefyj V fli 1(1 rrea. urge nss r.iua 1.10 . j
f TUIIICll& dllU Boys' pajamas m size 6 and S. in ' (f f V ( ' a r llrfl Hfl (fll 1 1 1 1 flfl 1 Armand's Face Powder. 4r i
ft PantS splendid quality flannelette, these ft I j I H H W ' j lll''f' 5"ic value 4JC ! j
B . , .. , . . are what the bov needs for winter 1 1 H i , ' 1 llllinMii ll I lfuilf Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root, rr 2
f W omen s medium Weight veMs and ft IW IV I U MH .jlfj . vaIu, . DDC I
ft r S I":' " a,;f cial $1-25 W S A J -A MlMllm iH l W Kilmcr-S Swamp Root. CI m !
g!!S.l 58C WRIGHTS Basement ! 'A M Willi' ML n :-o value 31.10 j
j ' wrights Flrs; rioor Boy's Dress Hats UXmtl V&J Wt ti-Alt
5 Omen's U SllltS Boye dress hats for winter, in as EPV fU r7 Kl A Mercolized Wax, or j
i Women'i Richelieu union suit low sorted Bizes and styles; 'his is new J 7 V A JN5 $ T,?11JP V : ' '
I neck no sleeve ankle n 0r s,ork iuat arrived In the latest ft 4ZJ ' '! f 1 V T 7 J Horllck a Halted Milk. in - ,
! length, all sises. Special tl.Zj styles and colors. lfC 'T fl 1Jrt :.ucalue . I j
. WRIGHTS First nocS Each i 4i, Horlick s Malted Mi'k, qp I
t,. . r,.11 WFvKtHTS Basemen' i I V JlffX J0fr n valup WS ? ,
! r IgUred Sllkolme T T - J W V QouTaudQriontl Cream. i I
I Figured sUkolJnt .or covering Jap LUllCh Cloths ) JPffy I1.5Q valua Ol.OJ
quilts, ett S5 inches wide 09 Jap lunch cloths, white ground with J 7 I) Y j2 "fa Ltsterlne. Aftr ft
I Yard ZjC blue printed designs, Mze 60x60 &Ar -w ..0c value !Ot I
I WRIGHTS First Floor $2.75 values. tfo or ijZt' LIsterine, nr 3
t . n a Each. $Z.5 ' $1 value DC
WOOl BattS WRIGHTS F.rst FlooV . Wquid Soap, OO
ft wool hatts. good quality; t 1 in W ffa S HV flF 35c value JJt 3
WrshM?Mo?U8 , Silk Poplin A JfeCC Sm I ' 95c
I 3-Lb. wool Batts 5S Sffi iS SffiS aT. UIt LSlZOO hJU,t& SSJS??! Md.'. 68c 1
j 11.50 quality batts, weight 3 pounds, S?10" U25 value. Golden Glint Shampoo, or
I good fluffv battinc bIsg (hi or ard Tlyr 1 1 ll f ?1 50c value JJC t i-
! ;;wlllillT, Fir,Lil vraiGHTs im n,o, Monday brings a most unexpected sale or women s dresses. Zephyr Yarns I
n , q r j r Kumfy Cloth y. l l r 1 1 r 11 1 1 Golden Fleece Persian xephyr yan, J j
,l Spreads :..:;.:;, r,rtsl; With the prices, ot woolens and ot silks constantly advanc- r';;:.; 19c I
SSi! fJm SSrJM5 ing, it was not expected that a really good dress couM be , JHf,, ! I
1 I f 1 1 ' with hood made of stricMv rainproof i ,
rmwr- had ror anywhere near this price. matanai. siZe, 6 0 u I !
hKjA j 'iffl t I ' ' WRIGHTS Second Floor
1 i3Xy',i:- In the offering which may now be seen in the corner win- ELK0"!6 ! I
U g Jj 1 111 llViTl tl garments in sizes 0 .to 6. years, us- I j
U -pXj , dows, and which go on sa le Monday morning, are more than gjygj fo ?125 95c I
1 I --Lfckl L 4 1 111 1 1 Tl ffi 1 WRIGHTS Second Fir., r
i "i two hundred handsome new dresses. 1 here are hrty wool Girrs Dresses
l f ySfyX )A 1 11 f il ' IT 1 1 1 (C Children's gingham dresses, made (
j ' . ? 2$, ' ' :J dresses all ot this season s style. 1 rimmed straight line ettect MJ.xX W,S j
I " 1 Y New lace trimmed round necks, all colors and all sizes. '7'' I
I rVi.lW'SS'' 1 ValiiPio25 Girl's Bloomers
a mCXTS If aiUW lUOy-. f Girls. satePn bloomets, made of ft
L 1 IV VvVtCL rp" 1 1 1 1 '11 1 f i! splendid quality sateen, a.l sires,
1 Srlle oC "BlrlTllcPf S 6 are mre ne ! re s dresses-some satins fPilu" Spial 65c B
j l r fwto -some georgettes. Dresses that have come to us within the House Dresses" ;
These are busy day in the Downstairs Store where the KT V 1 Cll J " 1 Women? gingham house dresses. ( '
blankets arc sold. Customers arc pleased to find that in DaSt ieW dayS irOm INeW I OrK. OllK dl'eSSCS in ValUeS tO XIkz
spite of rumors to the contrary, they may still buy blankets rKO CA All ' Tl 11 1 1 1 f els. Values to 5. T0 7C
a very modest prices. Here are mentioned a few of the $3Z. jlj. All SlZeS. 1 he Selling PegUlS With the Opening Ot SpeclIGHTs Second Floor
i ZT. n, - . m f the store Monday morning with choice of more than two lu,fs,fndpSac er!,r, j I
I Cotton Blankets Woolnap Blankets i J J l d? 1 C raadr of a bpautifuI bone white cbU '
3 Cotton double blankets, Size 60x Woolnap blankets in the plain col- hlinClrPn drPSSPS St tb I J na- decorated with attractive band
76. in colors gray and tan; thoae ors. Eray and tan; these are the ex- UlJLO Ut c 1 patterns of various widths, nr
I are splendid for shee' blankets, tra heavy cotton, the regular $5.75 L 51. 25 value I 3
I Our regular 2.2S value t on values. Special, the OC ' . 111 1 WRIGHTS Easement
special 3 1.037 pair vj.Zj Cuds and Saucers ! 1
Double Blankets Wnnl Rlnkpt Handkerchiefs Wool Shirting Colored Spreads ci-wd ucera. imt i.uty p.m
uuult utaimtid UUI OlttlllVtlh Women's and Misses' handkerchvfs 65c wool- shirt Ing. o.t ra tine qualu v. . , ,. , white senuporcejaln, medium heavy, I
Cotton doable sheet blanket. In site Wool blanket in plain gray or plaid of good quality Swiss and tisaue, unahrinkable. good fast colors, for -red bed spreads, in blue and r ' ,ar tea sbupc. Set AC '
66x80, in colors irr.iv and tan; these colors, size 66x80. a good medium embroidered in white and 01 men's shirts, pajamas, etc. jo P'uk large size, C4 of six $1.4D .
I ?re the full size, $3.50 nr weight blanket, th regn r nr color. Special. 5 for . .. 31 Yard 40C ood quality nfhi.W WRIGHTS Basement 1
values Special, pair . . SL.VJ lar $7.60 value. Special PU.IJ WRIOHTS FIrat Floor WRIGHTS First Floor WRIOHTS First Floor Toilpt PaDCr
Large Cotton Blankets Big Cotton Neck Rufflings Crash Toweling Toilet Goods Toilet paper has taken an other ad-
Cotton douhle blanket in size 70x Cotton double sheet, blanke in size Georgette ruffling for neck of Good bleached crash toweling for jerepn's Flder Flower r vance. We bare a limited stock at J
9 84, in colors gray and tan, these 70x80, a good full size blanket in blouses and dresses, straight edges hand or roller towels, worth far 5c the old price, so can offer the large j
are the extra size in good heavy color:?, gray, tan nnd white, the reg- or Vandyke points, regular AO more on today's market, good in P 8 ounce roll, til
f weight cotton, $4.50 qp ular $4 25 value tr 1.60 value A vard .... iOC and heavy Yard lfC Lydia Pinkbam's Compound. 01 10 for V 1
alue Od.UO Special tJJ.4D WRIGHTS First Floor WRIGHTS First floor $1.25 value J1 WRIGHTS Basement j

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