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I , . ,
1 position m
R L. SlACk, formerly with the Globe
ill Grain Willing company of Ball Lake
Mj ritv, is now affiliated with 'he AH
bers BrOB Milling I'nmp.iny of this;
fity, and will have charse of the grain
I jjijl department.
Mr. Slat -k ir nn expert in hi? Lino,
II having had a number of years expc-r- i
11 ience. and will be a valuable arquisi-
tion 10 the Albert Bros Co.
III To Ladies
j Who are Stout
I, ' Fat is fatal to health and beaut
i Reduce weight sensibly and casi) ; im
I prove your health ami figure Avoid
heart trouble wrinkles, nervou8njss,
LI. weaknesses, etc., besides personal em
! I barrassment, due to ob
3 Txok and feel younger Walk sprlght
;i ly. Let your eyes sparkle wiih a aw
ifi fprvor. Surprise ami deiigh' y air
)$lf. friends. Be a girl Again.
' Go to the druggist, gel a mall I' OX
I Of oil of korein (capsules) and follow
direr Hons of ihe korein system Re
duce in to GO pounds under guarantee,
i J! Kat all you need in hiding some an
ly dv. if desired) while reducing,
y Dor. t bother about going through
! tiresome exercises 01 tolhwine rules of
starvation diet. Why not become s'en
drr without drastic- drugr, worr and
!j self-denial" Here's your chance! Ad
ji lertiaement.
Kp..,! th" i 1 . - i ..-.1 Ad.-
WV find vou can bring out the bi au
iv of your hair to its very besi adyan
tage b washing it with canthrox It
makes a very simple, inexpensive
shampoo, which cleanses the hair
and scalp thoroughly "f ?11 lh
dandruff, dirt and excess all, leaving a
wonderfully dean, wholesome feeling
After its use you will find that the
hair dries quickly and evenly, is never
Streaked in appearance and is always
hiight. soft and fluff ; so fluffy in j
(act, that it looks more abundrnt han j
ii is. and so soli that arranging it be
comes n pleasure. .lust use a teaspi on
tul of canthrox. which you can ger
from any good druggist's, dissolve It in
a cup of hot water; this makes a full !
nup ol Bhampoo liquid, enough so it
is aay to appb it to all the hair in 1
btead ol Jusi th Km of the head Ad-,
House Passes
Bill to Bar Out
i The Undesirables
WASHINGTON Oct. 16. By an ov
erwhelming majority, the hons today
; nssed the bill extending lnv one year
wartime passtjon restrictions so as to
keep radicals and undesirable aliens
out of ti e United States.
Tc End Si:cl Inquiry.
WASHl'NjGrTON Oct. 16. The sen
ate labor committee today decided to
end its investigation of the steel
Strike as quickly as possible, proh
ablj after hearing few more wit
nesses, but without further visits m
Is i like zones.
j The season for lemon never rnd?
II Broken Blossom'
It is a thinp; almost too beautiful, too sublime for
wurds. The high art nf the screen must remain as
i , a closed book to those who do not sec and know
I D. W Griffith's
I Blossoms'
t No 'ne had ever seen a rose before today Can
you Imagine how the beauties oi this new wonder
jj would be flashed around the world?
Imagine if for the first time art airplane flew over
di I s;rlcn no one had ever heard of the possibility be-
j fore, and vou saw it ior the first time today.
Europe say. America never will be a great nation
I until she develops beauty, art. Our tae plays, the
jt say. go not farther than America; oui books are read
1 only by Americans; only une American art ii
H H' supreme around the world
This art, this new budding rose that cnttr , liter
HH S ary. dramatic and of the arts have so proclaimed, is
fl ,;j "Broken Blossoms," in the presentation of which are
H i - . welded together painting, photography, the dramatic
I Li Stage and music.
Beginning Sunday
Ba ii!
Main Floor Balcony Loges
30c 50c
Mm ffl m Home of Blg Features - 1
1.1 .
Statinr that a six hour day is rtdlCU
lous and that inereafied production,
and close eo-operation on the part of
Sail is necessary to eliminate the United
StatP" war debt and I bus brinp; an end
to the- inflation nf prices, Joseph
Vounp: or Poeatello, district povernor
or Idaho, addressed Hotarians ol
dpden. Sail l-ake -und Lopan at a
meeting held last night in the Webei
!uh rooms He aid:
' The present unresl needs the ealni
of Rotary in rinding a solution of the
high eosi of iivlng and the desire to
st rike.
"The solution of these problem
will be found in ihe Individual rather
than in govemmeni action. Congress i
111.1. (in ,uv lit " r ,,o.-i. .', ... .
legal phrases will not reduce our war;
debt nor produce new wealth to re
place that Which was destroyed during
t lie w .ir
"Fundamentally. Ihe high price
level is the effect of two caust B nida
tion and scarcity.
"Credits due largely to 'be tise of
Liberty bondr as collateral have ex
panded si a terrific rate. We hae
had the experience of money being
very plentiful and good- verv scarce.
When the war ended, (he shelves of
the world wen bare, the product ie
energies of almost every nation hav
ing been devoted for more than four
years to the manufacture of war ma
lerial: therefore, we now have the
Spectacle- of people with plentv of
paper money I hiding against each oth
er foi the necessities and luxuries of
i Where will il end is the question
heard from every quarter.
"Naiurally. (here is n peak to even
the Highest mountain, and it Is equal
ly certain there will be a peak to ihi
pii p level This peak will b reached
ihe sooner and prices will start down
ward ih' more certainly In proportion
to Ihe desreo we all apply ourselves i
the problem of reducing inflation and
; inercasmg cur production of goods.
There is woik for everj able-bodied
person In the work! We. ncd a full
i day's work for rj one, six days a
, week.
"Not until more goods come on 'he
market Will prices begin to star:
"In the meantime, dally strike ar
sinTpiy ppgravaUng the er thing
icainFt wh-eh they are directed Ta'k
of a six-hour day Is ridiculous at a
time when the world is barely abb?
to feed and clothe itself
"As for inflation, that can only be
overcome by Individual saving Waste
ful expenditure is criminal in a lime
I like the present The more quickly
j we can pay off our net war debt of
J twenty thousand millions, ihe better it
I will be for us.
in us nor lorgei mat 'nes
; bonds must be paid off with work
productive work, honest sweat.
"Few of us realize how great a share
of our energy went Into var during
J i he last two years, and li is not until
We translate this twenty thousand mil
lions info labor that we can compre
hend It. Look at it this way: Tn
payroll of (46,000, Ave dollars a day
men working Hon days a year for 3u
'.ears, would be approximately twenty'
thousand millions Contrast this with
the population of the United states
and 'line adjust to your own city.
j Measured in money, this k the con-(
trlbutlon we made to winning the '
'During the war, those of us at home
frequently were told that the war
would be won in th-' workshops Re
gardless of where it was won. we all
knew where ii w ill be paid off and the
big problem i.-, for each of us, as in
dividuals. to realize our responsibilli
"Produce! Troduce': Produce!!!
shoubl be ihe cry every minute the
sun shines on our part of the globe
for only b increasing production m
decreasing consumption can we cre.iie
a surplus large enough to liquidate
Hie war debt and al the same time
bring price.- down to somewhere n;.i
the former peace-lime prices.
I Rotarian. let us apply ouiRelv"s
nnd encourage olhcrs in this greaj
i task "
Congress to Be
Urged to Aid
Foreign Exchange
NEW ORLEANS. La. Oet 16. A
proposal b American members ot ihe
financial group ihni congress be urged
to place a billion dollars at the dis
posal of the war finance corporation
to be used in stabilizing foreign ex
ehange. was referred today to the gen
I era committet ol the world's cotton
j conference here with predic tions tha:
it would be approved. The plan calls
Ifoi 'he purchase or foreign securities
I against debenlures to be sold in this
No Need To Be
Scrawny or Sallow
If you are thin and warn to be plump,
if you have wrinkles in vour face ;hai
you are not proud of; if the sk n is sal
low or subject to pimpl. s or black
hi .ids take Mi-o-na stomach lablets for
. two week- anr notice the change.
The majorltj of thin people are thin
because ihe stomach does not perform
its duties properly. It is not secreting
sufficient of the natural digestivi
juices and n consequence does not ex
tract from the food enough nutritive
mailer to nourish evcr part of the
Ml-o-na stomach t.iblcts htp intended
- to build up the stomach so thai It will
net properly and extract from the food
the elements Decessarj lo torm flesh
If you are thin try two weeks treat
menl of Ml o-na stomach tablets they
are small, easily swallowed and are
sold on the guarantee of money back
If they do not overcome chronic indi
gestion. aCUle or chronic., stop stomach
disturbance, belching, heartburn, sour
s'ornach and any after dinner distress.
For sale by Cullcy Drug Co.. and ali
leading druggists Advertisement.
j ' -
j e. m
Heres Your
MS Satisfies! I
WfPlBi Try ExelsoToda J
Jkifflil Hamm Exelso Co., St. Paul, Minn. fl
Ogden Commission Co, ogden, i ah
country avoiding short term banking j
British members of the financial
group did not ote on the recoirimen
1 dation as it was a matter in which the
congress of the United States was in
vohed They heartily endorsed the
plan, however
Recommendations of cotton growers
were presented in a resolution, includ
dng the following points.
I i ersification of c rops and a twelve
months marketing system: American
export financing corporation en
dorsed; all gambling in cotton and
other necessities of life condemned;
price-fixing by goernmen'. opposed;
embargoes and restrictions on cotton
In lime of peace opposed
A. price for cotton that will cover
production and leave a reasonable
profit also was demanded.
Manchester, England, probably will
!be chosen as the meeting place of the
j convention in 192 1
' Sir A. Herbert Dixon, head of ihe
British delegation, was apparently
without opposition as first president
Simple glycerine; buckthorn br.rk,
itc, as mixed in Adler-i-ka relieves j
ANY CASE gas on stomach or sour j
stomach. It acts on both upper nd j
lower bowel and removes all foul mat
ter w hich poisoned stomach. Oftt n
CURES constipation. Prevents appen
dicitis The INSTANT pleasant action '
of Adler-i-ka surprises both doctors ;
and patients. One man who suffered
five years from indigestion and conti-:
pation was helped by ONE dose A.
R Mclntyre Drug Co.- Advertisement ,
I. V i
Salaries Increased
In Brigham City
crease was made In the salaries of the
iii officials at the last meeting of j
the tily council, for the ensuing two
years, and are BS follows Mayor. $3"(i.
an increase or $300 per annum co'un
cilmen, $300. an increase of $J50; re
corder, $600, an increase of $300;
treasurer, $300, an increase of $150
The following judges ' of ejection
were named bv the council to act at'
Ihe coming election. November I
Poll 1 - Jonah Mathlas, L. W. And" r
son, F. W- Earl. Toll 2 T II Black-'
burn, John 11 Horaley, Carl Isaacson j
Poll 3. W. L. Anderson. J. Francis
Sheffield. E J Sorensen. Poll l
Nepbi Wood, LeRo Roskeiley, David
ihe Republicans of this city met in
muss convention at the court house
Miis evening and placed the follow::,
lickei in ihe field for the city elec
! tion. November 4
Mayor Roland A Uadsen
Councilman (4 -year-term) O,
j Bargeron.
Council men (2-year-term) w. l.
Hoist. J F. iSrdmaun, Man L. Reedei
Kei order -S (' Wixoni
Treasurer Trieste Box
Tlie Ixinl will provide that is. H will
provide us with the ablllt to 'provide for
a moi alwayj thinks wiih it.i ymp&thy,
' never with III reason.
Internal Revenue
Tax Collections
To Be Thorough
SALT LAKE. Oct. IB. Victor G
CrOSSanf, assistant superintendent of
collectors and representfit ive ;f the
commissioner of intetnal nevenue of
Washington, D C, is in S.i'.t Lake as
eisting in organizing the internal rev
enue collector's offke for the rtate of
Utah, which Is bi Ing established in the
federal building Mr. Croasant is .ia
ng l C. rmnbar, collector of Internal
revenue lor i his dis1 net Mr rossam
is supervising director of Orccron,
Washington, Montana ami Idaho, and.
ince 'be revenue office was moved to
.salt Lake from Montana, he was sent
here to help inaugurate the new office
Mr. Crossant will co from here to
With the establishment of the new
offices on the fourth Poor in the fe.Jpr
al building, the internal revenue of fic-e 1
:i field force will be increased to for
ty clerks and deput collectors.
A zone system wdl divide the state
into various collectiion districts At.
the head of each zone will be s gener
al deputy with several dODUt) collec-j
tors under him The result of this trior-,
ii h organiz ition. it is hoped, w ill be .
In prevention of t.x dodging Be
cause of the large territory and insuf
i iit number of deputies, some of the- '
western states have been poorly can I
vassed in the past, Mr. Crossant snid 1
With the establishment of the new j
bureau, an active drive will be com-:
menced against illegal liquor 'rafu 1
According to Infonaatitin received j
from Washington he office collector
end Inspector of iu'ernal revenue will
Sid Hie district attorney in finding .ntl 1
prosecuting bootleggers.
A drive for delinquent income tax
payers in ihe ear 1318 wHl also be i
started, according to Mr. Dunbar, and!
lor next year's income taxes the office
will be evetj better rs'mized.
Official information just received by,
Ii Dunbar outlines the first drive as i
' A spet lal drive to locate merchants
:.nd manufacturers who h; ve followed
erroneous methods lending to reduce
tax liability is about to je n ade by
. . I
Sloan's Liniment, kept bandy, takes
the fight out of them.
SLOSHING around In the w-pt and,
then the dread rheumatic twinge!
But noi for Ions when Sloans t.ini- i
ment is kept hand
Pains, strains, sprains how son
this old family friend penetrates with
but rubbing and helps drive 'em aw i '
And how clearly, too. no muss, no!
bother, no strained skin or cjogged :
pores Muscles limber up. lumbago, I
BCiatlca, neuralgia, are promptly re
lieved, Keep a bottle handy all the j
lime. Get one todav if vou have runt
out of Sloan's Liniment.
AH druggists 35c, 70c, $1.40 '
he bureau of interna, revenue
"in cases of voluntary dr.cloure be
fore investigation of failure to m.'ke
return and raymen: the policy of the
bureau will be to forego penaifes, ex
cept where there is exter. ive evasion
of the tax Where discovery '.s made
by federal officers beay penalties will
In some cases inventories have
been found to be taken on a basis of
average costs, though it was possible
to identify the articles remaining on
hand at the inventory period an-1 BO de
ermine their exact cos. In others, be
caus of conservative accounting moth
ods, flat percentages ha-'e L-een de
ducted after determining inventory
alues Others use a fixed average
Lased upon costs of prior tears or fall
to include in their inventory all mer
chandise to which they have tides
"All of these me'hods. which h-ive
'he effect of reducing rax liability, t re
contrarv to the regulations of the hu
reau and are illustrative of numerous
irregularities which have beep tounii.
A warning issued by the bureau ad
vise? taxpayers who have followed
Mich methods to file correct return"
without notice and withoat inestiga
tion. 'Some taxpayers have voluntarily
notified the bureau ol the epiploment
of incorrect methods and are filing
..mended returns It is only fair to
these taxpayers that their competitors
vho have made similar errors be located."
It Is easier to break up a eol' or
check a cough now than it will be la
in Persistent broncniul coughs tha'
hang on" all winter pave the way for
serious throat and lung diseases L
. Daj br. Campbell Ave., E. Detroit
Mich, writers: "Foley's Honey and
Tar relieves one of bronchitis very
quickly. I hope never to have it again "
This reliable family medi-ine for the
relief of coughs, co:d crmp, house
ness, etc., contains m cpi tea Children
iik' it. A. R. Mclntyre Drug Co. Ad
vertisement, M
Notice Sent to Nations
PARIS, Oct 15. (Haves) The su
preme council todaj approved th l
of a ratification to be addressed to the
neutral powers which will be asked to
join ihe league ol nations sfim,
forth ihe condition' under whiih 'h" j
may adhere to the covenant of the
The council also approved the draft
ot a note to be sent to German de
manding the surrender to the allied
and associated powers of Oruian
ships whieh were turned over during
tho war to companies In The Nethei
lands and which are at present in
The note declares tha' the sale- an
void because of their irregularis An
other draft note to Germany regarding
German representations on the sub
ject of the territory of Menie). on the
eastern Baltic frontier of Germany,
declares thai ihe allies decline to dis
cuss the destiny of Memel with Ger
man., which renounced Its rights over
this territory Ihe treat) Ver
sailles. The solution oi i h is question,
it is said, concerns only the allied and
associated powers.
You rnn't stretch your word very far 1
without breaking it. j
President Slowly
Gaining Ground (j
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16. President ' J
Wilson relieved front ihe gianduMt i
.swelling from which he suffered for J
I two days, had a good night's rest last i
night, said the bulletin issued toda i
by Im. phvHcians
The bulletin follows
"The White House. ll ',7 a ra., 0c- ' Ct
tobcr 16, 1910
"The discomfort whieh the prcsi- ll
den' -iii'icteii for t.-.o das ha bem I r!
relieved to a very great extent h'c Ifc,
I had a good night His temperature
pulse, respiration and kidneys func- j
:tion continue normal 1
(Signed) "GRAYSO.V, I ":-
The "hiie House has not conoid
ered cancelling the viit of the kmc mfm
and queen of ihe Belgians on Orooer KM
24, Dr Grayson indicated He .cnid
i that the visit was still some tini? oif i
land that the situation would be ia
when the time came. IH
J'he mayo: of ( arlislc, England, j
Where Mr Wilson-- father was Ivrr,. II
Benl the following cablegram to h-? WW
president today. if
Mayor and coi poration of Carlisle j
art rerj deepl) grieved 'to lean ol j
wiiii illness and earnesth hope ttin t i
you may soon be restored to usual 1
health to continue great and beneft
enl labours in the interests of j ,
manit (Sjgned) 111
VLT LKE. Oct 15 Three air
planes in the transcontinental air dec
by, westbound, left Rawlins, Wyo
early this afternoon and are due In I
this eitv bv 3 o'clock. Thev are ISO wmt
32, Roulett, pilot. .".S. Tornev. pilot j
and H, Kirby, pilot. I II
V grat many uncalled for remark M II
reach Ihe dead letter office. I II
Get at the Real CauseTak
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
That's what thousands ofJB
sufferers are doing now lrs'" a
taking tomes, or trymg to paten v m
poor digestion, they axe attaoan,
7.7 cause of the 2ilment-t-W
liver and disordered bowels. ft.
Dr Edwards' Olive rablets J BR
I liver in a soothing, hearn
When the liver and bowels are p
forming their natural ru"01'0"",'
goes indigestion and stomacn irw a
Have you a bad taste. JW
tongue, poor appeUte, a 'jy.
care feeling, no am bion or o
trouble with undigested jooa
Olive Tablets, the substitute (ot
Dr Edwards' Olive Tablets i
purel v v egc table corned, rruxea
olneoil Vou wl know thernb
olive color rhey do the work wn msj
griping, cramps or pain- fnraUicl: a
1 a!: on, or two at bedurne for ) U
relief. Eat what xu Eke. 10-"

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