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111 J
Ijf Daily JSarkct Report j
I tH NEW VORK, Oct. 16 Motors "'I
' ih'r specialties together with oils,
i wpre the for mool issues at the op n-
,! !nc of today's slock market shipping
and food fharcs also ficurlns n lliC
lczegular advance Bethlehom Moloi
'! iu 'hp most conspicuous feature, its
initial transaction ronpisttns of 10,000
shnro? a' R sain of points. Moxl
ran Petroleum rose almost H points
anil Marine preferred and.-Amerlt m
In'ern.tional gained 1 and 1'. points
il respectively Steels and equipments,
also rails were variable at the outsel
but th genedal ll-t fended higher
;J within thp first halt liour.
Standard sharps wer neglected in
M1 ihe movements oi speculative issued
during the first hour The automobile
ill sroup and oils continued to monopc
Jlj lize the attention of pools at further
substantial catns and several new rec
' "l ords. Later seasoned industrlala
movpd forward under lead of Bethle
hem Republic and Cnited S '
Steels, Paldv in Locomotive and New
'HI York Airbrake American Woolen fea
tured the stronc sperinltH's and South
prn Pacific furnished the only activity
C in rails at a fractional cam. Renc;lons
I J of 1 to 3 poinls set in at noon When
all money opened at 10 per ' ent, the
highest initial rate of many month
i CHICAGO, Oct 16. Corn declined
today because of developments tend
ing to restore condition-; favorabl for
the crop movement BesideSj bftarish
sentiment was emphasized l weak-
pess of foreign exchange and by lower
quotation1 on hogs Opening coin
prices, which ranged from $4c off lo
'ic advance, with December 1 22'
to 1 22 h. and May $1 21 to 1 Jl1-..
were followed by a slight cam all
around and then a cener.il -Oats
were governed by the action
of corn, and kept v. ithin narrow lira
us After opening unchanged to '
higher including December a: 7r.
TOic to 70c. the market underwent a
little setback.
Irrovisions seoren an upiurn oespue
weakness in value of hogs and con).
I The strength shown was ascribed to
opinions that the semi -monthly report
n warehouse stocks appeared bullish.
Later the corn market rallied owing
to covering by shorts and no light
ness of rural offerings. The dost
firm, Ji to V4c net higher, with De
cember to 1.22 and May
Subsequently, further gains in r.: 3
visions resulted from strength lii cot
tonseed oil.
ip CHICAGO. Oct. 16
I Open High Low Close
Dec. $1.22 1 1.22 122J
Mas 1.213. 1.21 jj j i 1,215
tJ Oats
Dec lO' TO7 'ft3, -TOVs
h Ma .7C"s -73 -" 73!g 73' j
i- Oct 38.10 38 00 3S.M
ill Jan 2135
Mj Lard
i NOV. 27.15 27 3" 27 in 27 30
(j Jan. 24.10 24. 10 24.05 24.35
'M Ribs
W "":'
it..- IT '.i'i 17.fi7 17. '0 17 ti.i
CHICAGO, Oct 1C. Corn No. !
EQiXed ?1 37: N"o. 2 yellow $1 . 38 'i 1 .
Oats No. 2 white 71 Vi 72 'ic ; No
3 white GSQ 71 c.
Rvo No. 2 $1 . 3G:
Harley $1.201.34.
Timothy f8.60 11.25.
( lover nominal
Pork nominal
Lard $2"). 75.
Ribs $18. 26019. DO.
CHICAGO, Oct. 16. Butter firm:
i ieani' r. M1i 64c.
ESggS higher; receipts 2566 cases;
firsts 58 59c; ordinary firsts .1 "a
i-2r . at mark, rases included, 5158c
lorage parked firsts 59,2'T60c
"oultrj ;tlhe higher; springs 23Mo,
fowls 20? 27e.
OMAHA. Neb., net 16. (United
States Bui can of Markets) Hozs
Reeelpts 3800; market 1025c lower;
top $14.90; bulk 113.60014.00; heavj
weight $12.7514.50, medium weigh;
1J j AA 1 I . ... A I . tl I All..?.
N H Jl.', MfcUl "I'lklH "V"V
14.60; heavy packing sows, smooth,
' SLkTiO 13 7", paekinc sows, ruuoi,
$13 00ffl3 60; pigs $14.0016.00
Cattle Receipts 870O; all clauses
fully 2."e highrr beef sleers, medium
and heavy weight, choice and prime,
$15 007)17.50; medium and pood S10..
25015.00; common $9.00(5 10. 2-t,
light weichf Rood and choice, $11.50
'flTS.OO; common and medium $9.50 7
11.50; butcher cattle, heifers, $7.0Qw
11. 25; cows ?6.50'r io.75: cannors
. .md cutters $5.006.60; veal calves
j light and handy weicht $10.50013 00;
feeder steers $7.7513.00; Btockcr
, steers $7.00C 10.50.
Sheep Receipts 9000: killers
I stronc. feedprs steady lambs, N4
I pounds down. $13 25014. 75; culLs and
common $7.60013.50; yearling weth
ers $9.00011.00; ewes, common and
I choice, ?fi 25 7.25; culls and com
mon $2.506.25.
j KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Oct 16 I'nit
ed States Bureau of Markets ) Hoc
Receipts 7000; market 15 to 25c
lower; bulk $18.50016.40; heavy
$13.75 14.40; medium $13 75 14 . 60;
illghts $13 50"; 14.50; ligh' lights $13.
40014.25; packing bows $12.00
13.00; pigs, $12.5014.50.
Cattle Receipts 10,000; market
steady to 25c lower heavy beef steers
ichoice and prime $16.1518.35; me
dium and pood $12.257 16.00; com
,mon $10,15012.15; linhi weight, good
jand choice $12.30017.25; common
jand medium $8 25 13 . 25; butcher
rattle, heifers, $G 30014 25. cows $6.
35012 00; can:njrs and cutters $5 00
h?6.50, veal calves $12 ,25(g 16. 00;
feedr-r steers $8. 40 13 .25; stock i r
jsteers $5.759.60.
Sheep Receipts 8000; market Ir
regular; lambs $12. 75 ft 14 .75: lambs.
;culls and common, $6.00012.00; year
ling wethers $9. 25 10.25; ewes 55.75
07 36; ewes, culls and common, $3 0(j
05.60; breeding ewes $7.0014.00,
feeder lambs $10. 50 11. 25.
I CHICAGO. Oct. 16 Horb Receipts
30,000, market mostly 25 to 40c lower;
i Where substitution ;doesn,t goM
HERE IS no necessity or room for
argument with any one who comes
into a store and makes the statement that
a Charter Oak Stove or Range is wanted.
Charter Oak's are recommended to each suc
ceeding generation by grand-mothers and mothers,
and this fact creates a demand which cannot
be diverted and which accounts for their ever
increasing sale. '
Only genuine merit can maintain, as the Charter
Oak has, for seventy-one years, the popularity
and prestige it has today.
For Ceal, Wood or Gas siiSl
, Or Combination Of All
'j 3300 Dealers in United
j If your dealer triei to talk you into buying another kind, writ to u.
Wm Also Makm Warm-Air Fa-mac.
i 11 J-
I 1 Friday - Saturday j
B I j Beavers - S6.00 and $7.00 I
Trimmed Hats-$3.50 and $5.00
i Untrimmed Shapes - $1.00
This is an opportunity to secure desirable Millinery at ?,
price murh lower than has been offered by anyone this season.
K Stafford Millinery Co. j
i iinw ilMimiaMINGTQN AVENUS I
ktf 'r- ' , ' flUKk ! LAST TIMESTODAY 1
k BHhk ' Kfr MlI T extensive booktngs" we can show this 1
l'M wjm Katherine Calvert I
f Sffiv 'v mi$StlB&i TN THE GREAT paramount-artcraft special. j
lPII" 'The Career of KaSleriIleBush, j
arL 9 She eeemed to hear his voice If you dare to touch me I -will and you chance my being dls-
fijj C 9 and feel hl kl88es- until the kill you. You are only a beast graced and sent away for your !i '
I a B K ngon of longing for reality grew after all. nhamelcss, selfish ends.
JL Ji. ket?Ur O unbearable, and she fell forward . . . . jj
and lay thero on the rug beaMru: If the basis of your argument I have loved one man in ray life i
m . a -m the floor with her hand. with nine women out of ten hap- with the kind of lovo which you
Lj 11 lfiTPm mm C pen9 to be that tho BCa E"l1t desire. I know exactly what It
'O l-l JLlvJli wli m vl rhey will rcplv that on the con- means?
I could commit anv crime to be . .. ' , , , , . . .
' trary the moon is made of ireen 9
TV W a- 1 r 0U" rhoo-.o Wo ve had enough hell in these
l3liriS - - I jQ , . . few month?, Bob Every bit of
X JLu. (i.X.J.4 V- vJ She was the most damnably at- The Bummlt. nf her ambition love I ever had for you is gone.
tractive creature he thought ho wap reached and not ambition I'm off to make my fortune, so I
iror? iiritr iTi1 na ever met. She v, p.3 like some alone, but what now seemed to tell you flat.
j n lil "" Lw dangerous, lazy HonesB matter more, the realization of . .
& ... true love The unknown jroal of all her
This is positively the lowest price at If he is a weakling he must pay ... , " ... . striving was revealed at last The j
yvon.! u K 'I love you' I love you'. she position of this mans wife would
which this great picture has been 1 ... went on wildly. "Kias me hold be tho greatest to be achieved In
me let me feel what it i6 like to England, for prestige and in
shown. Fierce emotion ehook him, and be there next your heart." fluene And it 6houla be hor3!
passion became lord. Then he ex- ...
i tingulshod the lights and aoftly I am a dependent in your aunt's He cursed civilization, he pro-
j crept up th- stairs bou?o hero, earning my living foundJy cur-od beautiful ladle.
bulk S l.'l.l Fi 1 11.73; top $11 .35: lieavj
l14.25H 75; medium $14 2o 14 ;S5.
right $14.00l4.75; Uuht light S13 50
' 14 25j heavy packing BOWB, smooth,
?13 50Tj 14.00; packing sows, rough.
($13.0013.5f. p'?s $13 Coll 00.
I Cattle Receipts 18,000; market
; steady; beef steers, medium and
'heavy, choice and prime. 51 7 . On 19
1 25; medium and good $11.004316.75;
common $8. 2511 .00; light, good and
choice. $14.50 Ti 10. on; common and
medium $7 75'5T4.25. butcher ciul".
(heifers. $6.2511 25; cows $6 00 V
12.50; canners and cutters $3 . OOf? 6. -jOO;
veal calvea $10.751?T7.75; feeder
I steers $7.0013.00; stocker steers
G ) Hi. 00; western range, stetra.
$7.7515.50; cow3 and heifers $5.73
f! 12.00.
Sheep Receipts 3500; market
firm; lambs $12. 50 tfi 15.50; culls and
common 181506312 2"; ewes, medium,
ood and choice $6 ?.v-i 7 . 50; ctllls
and common $3. 00 ft 6 .00; brce i'n.
$6 76 13. 00.
Cattle Receipts 63; choice heavy
Istecrs $89; good steers $7 S . , f; l r
'steers $57: choice feeder Bteers SO
"7; choice cows and heifers $0 7.60;
i fair to good cows and heifers 856;
cutters i5', canners $34. choice
feeder cows $56: fat bulls $5';;
bologna bulls Ji'" . eal calves $ln
Hoes Receipts 210; choice fat hogfl
175 to 250 lbs., $13.2514.00; bulk
?13.50 13 75.
Sheep Receipt 2001; choice l?mbs
? 10 f? 11.50; wethers $6 507.50; fat
ewes $56: feeder lambs C-'JIO.
CHICAGO, Oct. 16 Potatoes
steady; arrivals 79 cars; northern
whiles. packed. $2.157 2.35; bulk
$2. 005 2.25: early Uhios $2.75.
NEW YORK, ct. 16. Bar silver
$1 lStf.
Mexican dollars 92 VC
NEW YORK. Oct. IB. Liberty bond
prices at 11:30 a. in. todoy were:
3s 100 40. first 4r. 95.20; secend
Is 93.80; first ils 95.32; second 4 Us
93 88; third 95.34. fourth 4'4s
93.68. Victory 3s 99.72; Victory
iB 99.72.
Liberty bond prices at 2:55 p. m.
today were:
3 l-2s 101. first 4s 95.20; second 4r
93.74. first 4 l-4s 95.40; second 41
l-4s 93.88; third 4 l-4s 95. 3S; fourth
1 l-4s 93 .70: Victory 3 3 -4s 99 . 72;
Victory 4 3 -4s 99.71.
NEW YORK. Oct. 16. Mercantile
paper unchanged
Sterling: Demand $4-16; cable?
$4 17 1-4.
Francs. Demand S.75; cables 8.73
Guilders: Tnehanced.
Li e; Demand 10.16; cables 10.14. '
Marks unchanged
Time loans strong; 60 days, 90 days
and six months 7 per cnt
Call loanr. stronc; , high 10 per cent;
LOW 1" r' r cenl nilinc rate 10 perl
cent, closing bid 9 per cent; offered!
at 10 per cenl ; last loan 10 pei cent.
1 will not be responsible for in
debts contracted by any person other
than myself. H A FARRELL
Supt. Hinckley of
Industrial School
! Speaks to Rotarians
I W. Karl Hopkins, supci intendem of;
( gd n b booli addn - sed the stud nt
of Weber Normal college yesterdn.
.His them "Edurallon is earned, nor
: boueht," was well received. He Bald
. in part
Don't foul unnecessarily, don't
Shirk, but hit the line hard," said Pu-
. ,.
HorMck'S the Originaf
Malted Milk. Avoid
1 Imitations and Substitutes j
pTintendeni Hopkins, uslnq the words
of Roosevelt. He pointed out that
educated men were necessary to the
' business firms of the vurld, and he
'stated that only the educated man
ft ached the goal called success. "De
j not a little person, sandpapered and
polished but be a serviceable man.
Skilled and efficient."
"The casle. in his hours of leisure,
soars among the clouds, but the bog
wallows in the mire," said Superin
tendent Hopkins, and he pointed out
to the students that it was theii own
choice entirely, which they desired to
make themselves.
"Freshmen are pig iron; sopho-
mores are steel, juniors ar.- thin rolled
steel, but the seniors aro the fin; ed
product." He again pointed out tnat it
I was left to the free choice of the pu
pil what kind of a product would be
!he result of the hours pcnt In the
I gChool and in the class room. "Your
! education is measured by amount of
service you can render to your fellow
; beings."
At the conclusion of Superintendent
Hopkins' address. Loring Nichols,
Mkis Dorothv Nichols. Adris Christen
sen and Llewellyn .McKay, members of
the Weber college stringed orchestra,
played "Loving. I Think of Thee."
Professor Dixon and William Manning
sang "Peace to Thy Spirit."
Special meeting Weber lodge No. 6
P. & A M., Thursdiy, October 16. 8 p.
m Work will be undr direction of
grand lecturer, and Acacia lodge of
Salt Lake City. Refreshments served
after ceremony.
Bv order of tho w. M.
151 Secretary,
bet.- ofth BlanW 1234 1284 il'34
; Torpedo Exhibited
The local naval recruiting station
has Jusi received a large torpedo of
the type used in the war one on de
stroyers. The wenpon has been placed
on exhibition by T. C. PugTi ol thel
Ogden rerruitinc: station, at Twent -1
fifth street and Washington avenue,
ilt is valued at $10,000
Tragedy Turns to Wealth of
Humor With Mary Pick
ford as Hoodlum.
Demonstitinp that poor people aro
mure susri pubi. in the efforts of Dan
f epld than l he wealthy, Mary Pick
ford, as Ani Burks in ' TLi'- Hood
lum. ' which will be seen starting Sun
day, at the Orpbeum theatre, finds
her husband in the tenements instead
of the society circle on Riverside Drive
where Bhe bad been living
How Times Change.
In the tenements, garbed in the
rather striking maner of the neighbor
hood girls, Amy finds that life with
its fun, hardships emotions and sen
timent is far more developed among
tbe poor than araonp; her wealthy set.
William Turner," Amy says to her
t enemeni -sweetheart, 'three months
aco 1 didn't loe anono but Cleo
patra (referring to the cat), but now
I love you I guess It's because lovo
comes easier to poor people Maybe
it's because love is the only luxiirv
that God provideb for people who
don't know a finger bowl from a cus
pidor." Advertisement
CHICAGO. Oct. 16 Federal Judpe
Alschuler today concluded the wage
hearing of stockyards employes which
lias been in progress ten weeks and
took the subject under adlsemenL
He said he expected to announce his
decision in a few weeks. The ruling
will alfect the wages of 120.000 pack
ing house employes in Chicago and
eleven western cities.
A dispatch from New ork says:
j To stimulate building, 41 unions in
'New York ity have organized and
will meet oon in the office of the City
and Suburban Homes company. 624
Madison avenue, to discuss plans for
the stabilization of wages and the en
couragement of building operations.
I At a preliminary meeting 41 unions
jwrre represented, all in the building
I trades except thf- bricklayers and
I mason-;. It was pointed out at the
' meeting that capital is hesitating in
its support or new construction be
cause of ihe constantly increased
wage demands and consideration wtc
given the suggestion of Major Warren
BlgelOW and Robert H. Brush, repre
senting the re-employment bureau "Ol
soldiers, sailors and marines, that a
definite wage scale be fixed.
Following the next conference, it r,
expected a mass meeting will be
called s-o that the proposition can be
laid before all the union men.
Neighbors of Woodcraft Ogden Cir
cle 581. Election of officers Saturday
evening, Oct. 18. A full attendanc3
Guarding Neighbor
De Valera May
Return to Ogden
Eamonn de Yalera. president of :he
Irish republic, will probably pay Og
den a second visit during the men:h
I i wn
of November He has announced 1
return trip to I'tah for November j
and ti
i i b expected I hat efforts will b j
made to have ilv distinguished m
tional visitor speak in Ogden.
oo "Ijj
Cats Are Being Killed ;
The old-time Baying, a cat has nine i g
lives, has been changed According to j j
Weslej M;inn, collector of dog tax ii-
cenai - and in charge of that depart- ft
ment for the city, nin" cats were killed
(luring tlx.' month oi September AvJ J-j
i iJ k his statement even better fa
each cat had but one life.
Collector Mann also reported to the I
commission that .?1 7.50 had been col-
Irrtc-d for taxes. Eleven dogs we.- GJ
killed during the mon'h i.
More than IV'.OCO.OOO tons of ice rs
manufactured annually in the United Ian
5tatefl h
The yellow-breasted chat is one of M.
the few birds which sign regulars at Jj
oighl J, ,
"Wear -Ever" I
Aluminum Tea Kettle I
OU will be proud of this beautiful, shining, silver
I like "Wear-Ever" Aluminum Tea Kettle and equally
pleased with its enduring service.
Because "Wear-Ever" take, the heat quickly and holds
it, the water is brought to the boiling point in a remark- JjS
ably short time and but little fuel is needed to maintain fe!
the temperature. Turn flame to usual height until water R: U
starts to boil; then turn it low. i Save fuel'
Replace utensils that wear out
with utensils that "Wear-Ever5'
Look for the " Wear-Ever" trade mark on the bottom of each utensil
The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co., Kensington, Pa. j e

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