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1 1 Woman's Page
I Ik-re is an idea with a genuine
touch il novelty to IL Thr hOStCSS
cent out h--r invitations on can!1? in
S the shape of a black fat the writing
f was done with red ink and she In
vited her guests to ' come and find
' soruothins to mew over " The data
was Oct. 31. but nothing was silld
. about Hallowe'en
The first scary episode was a huge
I black cat (made of black tlannei and
i stuffed), standing on a white drapel
pedestal in the middle of the front
walk, a huce Jack-o'-lantern BWUllg
from a post beside it with this placard
PL in larse letters Tin "Black cat s'aya
It's a sure sipn of a quarrel if two
f person? pas on oppositf sides of an
object without saying "Bread and but
I ter '' So take warning.
A ladder was raised over the from
li porch so the guests would hav o
pass under it and peiehed on the top
M round there was another black cat
Bwith "a lantern close by and Uiis w. u r
ine "Very bad luck to pass under
the ladder without first ? tapping to
whistle. Prepare to pucker or tak
1 the consequences."
In the dressing room a black cat
I on the mirror bore a reminder like
this: "Two people looking in the
same mirror must smile at each other
to avoid bad luck Smile, smile,
Ther was a "Cat" contest given
below and a Chesire cat smiling 1 on
lest, a prize bins awarded to ih-- one
whose smile measured the lai
Then3 was an official measurer with
his assistant who took down the fig
ures. Just before refreshments they play
ed "Pussy Wants a Corner" Th ta
ble centerpiece was a v. itchps' caldron
with wee black cats around it (firm,
the fa-v or counter). Sandwiches cut
"cat a corner" were served with
"redhotf," from n chafing dish A black!
cat and a chocolate mouse were TLX
each cover and Yr- tall yellow can
dies had black cats on the Bhades.
A "Cat" Contest..
Each question to be answered with
a word having "cat" for the first syl
lable Programs ornamented with
black cats
A waterfall and a disease Cataract
An instrument of tortuer and an an
imal Cat o' -nine -tails
A deluge Cataclysm.
A burial place Catacombs
Used sometimes at funerals Cata
falque. An unconscious state ratalops.
A list of names or articles ( ;-ta-logue.
A great oalamit Catastrophe.
A common disease Catarrh.
A boat rarely seen Catamaran.
A class or order of ideas Category.
One who provides for the inner man
, Caterer.
What becomes of a butterf ly-rCater-pillar
A religious edifice Cathedral.
Domestic quadrupeds Cattle.
A book of questions and answers
A beam at a ship's bow Cathead
The prize was a pen wiper with a
black cat on it.
Heat and perspiration lend to relax
the tissues ot the face, and when there
Is a little sagging you will look old r.
You need an astrinponi Ice water
will help to get the muscles bacK and
it will make the skin firm, but nothing
is better than a good quality ofwiteh
hazel. ou ran get it now, pleasantly
perfumed Dae it after 'you have
rubbed in plenty of cold cream, which,
of course, you have allowed to remain
awhile. After you have wiped this
off. use the witch hazel.
Buttermilk is an old fashioned
bleach, so is lemon juice, which yof
must dilute. LTse it twice a day and lot
stay on the face awhile before wash
ing it off with cold water.
A simple way to dispose of a super
fluous hair is to cover it with paraf
fin and the hair will come with It,
though here again it is well to lei 'he
oil remain till the skin is softened
Your hair is doscournging after the
summer when dust and the sun have
mad'1 it dry and lifeless. Perhaps,
something different has happened and
perspiration and heat have overstimu
lated i he oil elands. In one case you
will nepd a rich, fat, oily tonic in the!
' I
' 1 A Woiiins' 1
I Warning 1
i Why will women continue to drag around in
I misery, suffering with the ailments peculiar to their
sex, that drag them down to misery and despair,
I with backache, nervousness, the blues, derange
ments and irregularities, when there is a proved
. remedy for just such conditions? I
A if For more than forty years Lydia E. Pinkham's !
Ill J Vegetable Compound has been overcoming these
ailments untll it s now recognized everywhere J
I ii kyV V C SanarC remec'- or woman s j
If J For Twenty Years the Frienc
L) flp This Woman j
fr el ,My2 Akron, Ohio, "I am fifty-one years
Mr llxft ad ging through the Change
III ll K. 1 tRv I Life, and Lydia E. Pinkham's j
Bill ' Alfxi' W J V egetable Compound is doing me E
II I ( JI Jlfl I lots of good. I felt run-down and I
F If lllli I weak but since taking the Vege- !
IbIbt i r s ta'e Compound 1 am much
HI 111 w' y 11 vL stronger and better, I can eat
ffifllllifeV k lift V m sleep, am gaining flesh and
BnlBI'l V! r 1 1 V can do more work than I have for
ilkiiiiill 1 11 mm W somelime.l ventyyearsagoyour
Bi IS 18 III V i II je Vegetable Compound helped me
Si In 8 ill 111 h ' iV TfT ! during childbirth, i wish you
Br nnBullllkA A V ' i ll ) would print this in your paper
Hi uBl HlliBi . v W 1 1 1 1 so iat otner women mav reac
!llSlSlfflffi v w A I f There is nothing better for the
II llfill 118 relief of suffering womanhood 9
I 1 I II HB8HlL " J' tnan Lydia E. Pinkham s V ege-
I 8 ll MfflBnffllr -fll tae Compound. It does away
I ll ll8Hyr7PllfflP v,lt slc':-ness anc nervousness
1 1 111 wSKIIIrl 7 1 wmcn is very often responsible
I llll IlBly b ' 'D 0 I iVI for the lack of perfect harmony
I 1 II lirif ' Q l Wi m Mrs??.. FRIEDLANDER,
I llll ' 'l j ' lr ne a niedicine of
ess Beecklln tod Beeckllnson
presently will become Miss Ger
trude Borwind once more She
has forsaken her husband, who
was a captain in the Prussian
Kuards, and after she obtains a
divorce will recover her American
other a light, stimulating, cleansing
innir Ynu can help thr thin, dry hair,
back into bcautv if vou brush it a Rood,
A beauty expert says that once ini
three weeks la often enough f.r n
thorough shampoo, .mil that bohv'fn
times you may use a dry shampoo, for
which she recommends a coarse corn
meal, which will carry off dust and oil :
The visit of the prince of Wales to
this country brings to mind the motto,
"I Serve." Centuries ago a very wise
man said this: "If any man would b"
Kreit among you, let him be your ser
vant." How very different our attitude has
crown with the passing of the years.
We seem to be afraid that we shall
lose our dignity, that vague thing, uur
'standing, if we allow others to call:
on us for little services. We in
trench ourselves in a cool reserve toi
Irepel any attempt on the part of our
jassociates. Sometimes we even cun
ningly plan to evade doing for oth
ers We pride ourselves on on our
,abiliiy to steer away from obligations
of that variety, never thinking that by
I so doing we plainly indicate our own,
selfishness Why act as if personal
ease was the greatest attainment in
the whole woi ill '
We women have been erecting false;
standards in the last generation; we
are reaping the harvest now; we have
failed- to teacb our children the joy,
of service We have deprecated some
varieties of honest labor that we can
not get others to serve us in our
homes. It Is not as great to be min
istered unto as it is to minister to
Nothing can demean service, but its
unfaithful performance. Our gibe-,
our lack of consideration and under
standing, have led to a forgetting of
'li- truth The evil has spread all
over our country, to every branch ot
labor. When we can once more real
ize the trui- greatness of the motto,
"I serve." then shall we be at least
exerting our own Influence to make
this world safe for democracy and for
each other.
If you are in the market for
hay, corn, oats or potatoes in
carload lots get in touch with
G. C. McPeek, 513 National
Bank Building. Phones, day,
442 night, 1654.
LONDON'. Kngland (Correspon
dence of the Associated Press.) Lon
don girls are graceful and generally
walk better than their brothers, be
cause they are fond of dancing, ac
cording to the medical officer of the
London county council.
"Teaching of dancing in the public
schools has no doubt creatly helped, if
It has not saved the situation in re
gard to the physical development of
London girls," said the medical offi
cer. "Particularly noticeable is the
I much better arched instep of the girls
I in comparison with their own broihcrs
.and with country children generally.
"The relative absence of flat "foot
thus brought about is the foundation
of that grace of carriage which the
typical London girl of the elementary
schools exhibits In the country
schools no dancing Is taught, nor do
the children there enjoy those outside
stimuli to an interest in dancing
which are characteristic of London
t "creaks and their products are iu
general the cheapest sources of en
ergy in food, although they differ
greatly in cost among themselves,
says a bulletin from the state college
of agriculture.
There Is little difference in fuel
value between whole cereal products
and refined products, but the whole
cereal Is superior as a source of sev
eral important food substances.
I erealfl, however, are not as cood a
source of protein as their composition
woud indicate. Tor this reason cereals
should in supplemented In the diet by
the more available proteins furnished
by Mich foods as milk, eggs and meat
When it comes to sources of ash,
containing lime, phosphorus and Iron,
the whole cereals are probably twice
as valuable as the refined cereali. As
a source of iron, rolled oats compares
favorably with (he whole wheat prod
uct! The whole grains and their products
are important sources of rough'K and
of one of the important growth Induc
ing substances.
Call on J. J. Brummitt at
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
st. louis. Mo. net 1(5 -a tele
gram received here today by Major;
A. B. Lambert, from ( ape Hun! in
Lake Huron, states that the body of i
a man found floating in the iake near
'lure, has been Identified as that ofj
Lieutenant Edward J. Veerheyden of
this city aide to Captain "arl W. Dam'
mann, who piloted the ill fatpd bal
loon Wichita, which was found wreck
ed In the lake last week.
The identification of Verheyden's
body proves conclusively, in the view-,
point of Major T.nmhert, that the two,
aeronauts dropped into Lake Huron
iih then ba,g, which as an entry in
tne national balloon race
Rub lumbago, pain, soreness,
stiffness right out vith
"St. Jacobs Liniment."
When your hack Is sore and lame
or lumbago, sciatica or neuritis has
you vtiff.ned up. don't suffer' Gel a
small trial bottle of old honest S1
Jacobs Liniment" at any drug stc-re,
pour a little in your hand anr rub it
right into the pain or ache, and by ,ln
time you count fifty, the soreness and
lameness is gone.
Don't stay crippled! This soothing,
penetrating liniment takes the ache
and pain ri-ht out and ends the mis
ery. It is magical, yet absolutely harm
less and doesn't burn or discolor the
Nothing else stops lumbago, scia'.ica
and lame back misery -o promptly and
surely. It never disappoints! Advertisement.
I MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Wednes-
day, Oct. 15. The Uruguayan Labor j
j Federation has refused the invitation:
I from the government labor bureau to1
Idesignate a labor delegate as a mem- 1
I ber of the Uruguayan delegation to
the international labor conference at ;
I Washington this month. This action
was taken on the ground of resen -
ment against the attitude of the au
thorities during the recent labor trou-I
ibles. The Maritime Workers' Feder
ation similarly refused an invitation
to be represented on the delegation.
Foley Kidney Pills invieoi.te,
and heal inactive, weak and ciseased
kidneys and bladder. Mrs C J. Ellis,
.05 bth Ave., Sioux Fails, S, D writes:
"I suffered with kidney trouble; 06ed
to have severe pains across my back
and felt miserable and all tired out.
: but after taking Folev Kidney Pills I
am well. I have not been bcthered with
i kidney trouble since." They relieve
headache, rheumatic pains, swollen or
I stiff joints, pufLness und'-r th eyes,
lloating specks. A. R He intyre Drug
Co. Advertisement.
PAYSON. Oct. 14. The body of Li
onel Ivlns Johnson, the 14-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs, Hebcr Johnson,
who left home September 20. was
found today at the mouth of Pay;;on
canyon, one mile southeast of Paysoh.
Death had resulted from a gunshot
The body was discovered by La Sal
Curtis, who woth other boys, was
roaming in the canyon. The marsn;-!
was notified and the body brought to
the city. A coroner's Jury, consisting
B f?j TN escalloped with cheese la favorit lj H I I
I W ''JjtTfffk hundreds of home. H
M Jrffi&izJ&M Tt ,i'xp'ps ,,s hustling
of A. P. Smith. E, C. Toombs and
Seth Longabaugh, rendered a verdict
of death by the accidental discharge
of a .22-caliber "snap-shot" rifle,
about September 22
Lionel Jvins Johnson was born No
vember 22. 1905. at Guadelupe, Chi
huahua. Mexico, and left there with
his parents about three years ago.
coming to Payson one year ago.
He left his home Saturday. Septum
ber 20. taking a gun with him, and
when he did not return a search was
made. His parents sought Ihe aid of
officers in Salt Lake. Provo and Pay -son
to assist in finding him. but no
clue was found until his body was
.discovered. He is survived by his !
parents, four Bistt rs and two brothers.
BUENOS AIRES. Oct. 15. Official
forecasts of Argentina's 1920 grain 1
crop, not including corn, show tint
compared to the area planted last year
approximately 1.113,500 hectares les
land was sown to wheat, flaxseed and
oats, Reports of areas sown to wheal
show an aggregate of 6.053.000 hec
tares; flaxseed 1.125,000, and oals
931,000. yjfl
Shantung seht 150.000 coolies to hH
France. IHH
- tfsf ' j 3JNTAIN I
W&M,- KETTLE jjjfcOBJ, I
I 'iJi'''- :RED lakh
jH I
';' Pure, white ar.d Tea.Tk
Where shortening is needed,
"MOUNTAIN" T.ARD wi! de-
I light you. So flhe and smooth
M of texture that the "even bake M
j j and lightness" enable the food W
IJI flavor to spread uniformly. Digests a
. -""-x eaPiiy; assimilates readily.
fejrfjjj -iJ8 ard Pure Lard. High grade. JH
Notice to Advertisers On and after April I, 1919, business director
advertising In The Standard will be $1 per line per month. J
ANYTHING A to Z new or old
bought, bold or traded. 1'uune iZ'S.
Books and Stationery
Dramwell Book and Stationery, 2362
U iibhinuion Ave. iJLuno 260. 2068
Utah National Bank, southeast cor
ner Twenty-fourth and Washincton,
t'hono 61.
T. R. O'Connolly, Ogden, Utah, Legal
advico by mull. Write uie the lacts.
I'hone olio.
Carpet C'eaning
K. Van Kumpen lor upholstering,
caryettt cleaned, altered and laid, lie
making oi ruaurc-aeu. .fhone
Eipert carpot cleaning, mattress
renovating, upholstering, and prngj
rest-retched. Call E. J. Hampton Co.,
leatner Kcnovallng. I'hone 2686-W,
Owen W. Halveraon, D. C. Res,
Phuno 10&6-W. 7U1-7U2 Eccles Bldg,
City Scavenger
McCarthy & Co,, 2734 Grant avenue.
Phono 2GTS-W.
The New Method Dentists aro ape
cialisu in all branches of Dentistry.
2463 Washington. 2208
Orain Tile for Sale
Interruounlain Concrete Co. Twen
tieth and Lincoln avenue, Ogden, Utah.
Phones 2u68 and 48'. 2310
Ogden Engraving Service Co.. mak
ers of fine cuts in ono or more colors,
416 Twenty-fourth street. Phouo 463.
Foot Specialist
Plat feet, corns, etc., corrected. Fry
Laboratory. 3-U Hudson Ijldu. 8583
Fire Insurance
Charles laiiaenberg. Phone 1859-J.
Lajt-UQouiUU aiid MlcUijau Commercial
btaudaru luouiance. 1676
rlay and Grain
itay, grain and poultry leed. beiJ
FrOM., ol i s tuii liui u I'Liouo 184c.
Hk it, Wools, Fur
U. M. Kuuan, 265 'a-U avanue,
ayi top prices, rhoue 781-W. 1628
Junk and Hides
Western Hide t Junlr Co., 2223
' Vaalungion Ave. Phone 86L
Ugden Junk House-, -t'oS Washingtoa
Ave. 1'hono 210.
riey Fitting
Key tilting and iock repairing. Hud
sou Kepair bhop, 246'J Hudson. 3197
Life Insurance
W. C. Stewart, special representative
ot tho New York Liio Insurance Co.
ii Lewis bldg. Phone 727. 3463
Madame Capiau Gown Shop
Fancy buttons, hemstitching! pquol
JOc a yard. Third Hoor, W. H. nht
ft Sons. 9241
Money to Loan
Money lo loan on improved real es
tate. Ivelly & Herrlek. 2146
New and Second Hand Furniture
New and second hand oods Sought,
sold and exchanged. Highest prices
paid lor second hand furniture. Trunks
and suit cases a specialty. Sin Trunk
Ai Puruituro Store, Ml T-. imh
Street. Phone 1321.
paper cleaning and tinting. New Wll
Icinson. Address Rear 738 Twenty-sixth
street. Phone 1620-J. 2457
Head the Classified Ads.
1 1 rinting
All kinds of Job printing. Dee-Neute-boom
Printing Co Phone 1166. 2198
Piano Tuning
Repairing and hand polishing. Player
pianos a specialty . Guaranteed Aikiu
son. Phone 29-R -3. 9637
physician and Surgeon
Dr. A Pernluud. office hours 11 to
4 p. m. New Ptery Bldg., Hudson Ava.
Re. Phone. 0i6. Ottico phono iyou-W
Real Estate and Loam
VvUlUXU iva, leal u.u and loans.
24'H Washington. Phonu 409. 184
Trunk, bag and case repairing. Cai
lacUer's, around Horn Staudard. 4 7 iJ
Scavenger jjS
Garbage and rubbish hauled, cess
pools and toilets cleaned. John Chipp
ec to., Phone 828. 2348 Hudson avenue.
9 I OJ
janitary Work
Sanitary Garbage Co., all kinds of
rubbi&h hauled. Phone 620.
jewing Machines
Wo rent, re-pair, :arry needles anJ
parts lor all makes of machines. Whit
bewing Machine Co., 22721 ashingtoa
avenue. Phone 2884. I
lents and Awnings
Ogden Tent aud Awning Co., manj
taciurers ot high grade store, office
and resident SWningS. Waierprool cov
ers, bags. etc. Anything in canvas.
Washington avenue. Phone 264.
Vacuum Cleaners
Phone 2&bg"J ioi vacuum cleaner, SJ
tor 24 hours, sterilized dust bag.
indows Cleaned
Expert window and wall paper clean
Ing auywhere. American Window
Cleaning. Phone 563. 237u Washiuiou

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