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IjH iSec. Burleson
II Gives Account
Of Administration
.ji Postmaster General Burleson today
fcavo the National Hardware as
tlon and thS American Hardware Man
rufacturors' association. In joint sos
! ;lon here, the first public account of
i jjJj his administration, which lie has made
jjf .since he entered the cabinet.
Policies which have made him the
T-M rhject of perhaps the most bitter
lacks directed aeainst any of Presi
dent Wilson's advisers, were explained
, Jj And the difficulties of his administra
tlon under war conditions were dc
Jft scribed to the bu.in men forming
I IH tnr audience
IJD "Record has been made of what I
!', stand for," Mr Burleson declared,
1 smashing his fist into his open pn'm,
I ill "and it is not coins to be changed
if' Chief among his critics Mr Burle-
ill son listed the express companies,
1 m which, he said, were ang red by his
'development ot the parcel post; the
I railroads, opposed to changing ihe ba i
H owner? f pneumatic tubt Bystew
-J which, he declared, had been nothing
; l short of "-I il : :e - paper.- and in .
I m azines which I-.': been forced to pa;
I iff JiiRher second ibis r.i'i s. and i h
I American Federal inn of Labor o'imh,
lut v n's stand against public em
ploves affiliating with an organization
usin the strike to enforce denands
H He declared he had been confronted
with powerful opposition e--r'"d
. through congress by ihese Interests,
aaal IP Mr Burleson particularly defended
I jfi Ills enforcement of the espionage act
"which, he said, earned him epithets
jfjfl of the disloyal because he excluded Be-1
Jj lltionist newspapers Inun the mails,
i Turning to current political ques-I
Ji tlons, the postmaster eneiil o r lar d
! h the welfare of the country waited on
ill ratification of th i treat) b)
A congress and the passage of Important
1 -'f legislation urged by President Wilson
j many months ago.
iilj "Now they are talking about a re-
II 'cess 'n November," he said, "with
many things left undone If the party
in power undertakes any such Step,
the attention of the American people
will be brought to the facts."
Mynn a fisherman waits with baited
Uneasy sits the tooth that wears a mliS-
fit crown.
I l Honest Advertising
HIS is a topic we all hear now-a-days because so mary people are in
clined to exaggerate. Yet has aay physician told you that we claimed
unreasonable remedial properties for Fletcher's Castoria? Just ask
them. We won't answer it ourselves, we know what the answer will be.
That it has all the virtues to-day that was claimed for it in its early days
is to be found in its increased use, the recommendation by prominent physicians,
and our assurance that its standard will be maintained.
Imitations are to be found in some stores and only because of the Cas
toria that Mr. Fletcher created. But it is not the genuine Castoria that Mr.
Fletcher Honestly advertised, Honestly placed before the public, and from
which he Honestly expects to receive his reward, sf -Genuine
Castoria always bears the Mgnuturr of
Forest Rangers Are
Seeking Man Lost in
Sawtooth Mountains
HAILEY, Idaho. Oct la. Forest I
i angers in this district have been sent
out In an endeavor to locate Joseph
Unger, prominent athlete and hotel;
man of Pittsburg, Pa., who has been
lost in ihe Sawtooth mountains. 13d
miles north of here, since October 'J.
n. r became separated from his com- j
' .anions on a hunting trip on Float
Creek and despite efforts to locate!
him, no trace has been found. It la
understood that he had no provisions!
at the time he beenme separated.
Weakening of the
Forces of the I
Russ Bolshevik
LONDON. Oct. 15. The military sit -1
uation in Russia is developing remark-
Of Severe Breaking Out
On Face and Head.
"My be try ulster had a nevere
! breaking out on her face nd head.
; It ctr.'tfd with little pimp.e-s on her
face and it kept spreading until it
was ol! over her head. The pimples
festered first, ond the turned hard,
and wrr- in blotcbea The-y Jtched
and she v.ia cross and Imtabie.
''Then I sen for a free sample of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment We
bough, more, and in two wwka the
'.vao healed." (Signed Miss T"hel
ma Blanton, Brooks, Oregon, Mar
19, 1919.
Improve your skin by daily U6e of
CutiaimSoap, Ointment and Talcum
Snap SBc, Omtroaot 25 &nl 50c. Ttlcain
25c. Sold throufftioui Uae world. Por
uiniple each free at) drew "Cirtcirr L-aK-orMorira,
Dv vl H. MWn, Mtu."
I BH CulKUrt Sop iIutm ollkil mag.
able activity The approaching fall of i
both Peiroerad and Moscow has been j
man) limes predicted with an air of
j confidence, but always hitherto the
red" forces have succeeded in re
pelling the menace.
Today s news, although it comes
I largely from anti-Bolshevik sources
si ema to bring the capture of Petro
grad and perhaps Moscow also, within
measurable distance and the fall of
Petrograd is expected the beginning of
General Yudenltch's forces have
been stirred into activity by the Get -man
attack on Riga and, working in
close co-operation with Admiral Kol- j
chak and General Denlkine have made !
a meritorious advance and reached
the big railway junction of Gatehina.
2 miles south of Petrograd.
General Yudenltch, who is in com
mand of the Russian northwestern
army is reported as finding Bolshevik 1 '
resistance continually weakening as r
he advances. General Denlkine also 1
has made a great stride and has ;,
When yoo only remore hair
from Ihe aurfaee of fhr akin fbe
rrtult la the iinr u ahnvlnn The
only commoa-wnic wij to remove
hair la to attack It onder the akin.
DcMlrncle, the original aaoltjiry
liquid, doea tbta hj ahaorptlon.
Only RfnolDi DeVtrncle ha a
ra unr 7 -back cnaraatee In eneb
packigp. At toilet counters In Oo,
91 and 93 sIim, or by mall from
urn In plain wrapper on receipt of
KBKE book malted la plain
aealcd envelope on reqnent.
Mlraete, 120th St. sad Park At,
Ne-rr York.
J i
! C Ano IT ".3 without thc "RSKOTeT
To 'Retvjce. Your FevcR. no MAH
Can tal.k ServJts iajHcsn HiS YsxerM
reached Orel, a point nearer Moscow
than ever reached before
This news is confirmed b the Brit -i
ish war office report which charac
terizes Orel as a great prize. Ore la
.an important railwav junction where
ilu main line between Moscow and
Kharkov crosses the line between
I Riga. Smolensk and Tsaritsyn.
According to advices from Ilelsing
fors, General Deniklne'a advance has
caused mich apprehension that the
1 whole population of Tula. 100 miles
from Moscow, has been mobilized for
, the defense of the city and precautions
have been taken against possible air
Nevada Company j
Is Making Alum
ELY, Nev., Oct 13 n Industry,
which means much for Nevada and!
which seems destined to be the great
est factor In helping the dye indusir
of the I'niterl States, has just been
started by western chemists and busi
ness men, backed by a number of Ne
vada men
The new industry Is the mining and
marketing ol alum in the vicinity of
Silver Peak, where forty acres of pat
ented land located seven miles south
east of Rlair Junction has been under
process of development since Febru
ary 1. While sufficient ore had been
developed prior to that lime to keep a
lj 3 the forehead
and temples with JfK. '
KWOW WHRT m " T00T5-c-50 W 1-BoT CfASPtrj' I i KNOW T, BOTl I tKJOUH- Hfc 5 HH A 1
SAY POP! " " "
. f rV m KlaisS L H "s UtlZJ ---- J J
H M l---r-J 1 J r a ' 7 r-r-afiv almost as much pan a do: r ,
1 J i j 1 J t
Real -Fruit
Jiffy-Jell is flavored wiG
fruit juice essences in
liquid form, in vials.
A wealth of fruit juice
is condensed to flavor
each 'dessert. So it brings
you true - fruit dainties,
healthful and delicious, at
a trifling cost.
Simply add boiling
Compare it with the
old-style gelatine desserts.
It will be a delightful rev
elation. Get the right kind
10 Flavor, at Your Grocer's
2 Packages for 25 Cents
I 1 1 i
; 150-tOD plant, such as is at present he.
( log installed, running for sei ral f
years, in the intervening period of '
continuous operation more extei
'ore boilies have he.n k elop.-d ,-(m
firming the statements of J K SputT
in the United States geological s'lr'
vey, bulletin No 225. to the elfect that
the deposit is undoubtedly continuvJ
upw ard
I A corporation known as the Slher
Peak Chemical company, with ofi c
I at ?AH Slate Bank building, Tonopal)
has been organized to work the alum
The method of treating the material
ils simple, being a process of crushing
hot water leaching and crystallising
evaporation beint unnceessary, as Lh
material crystallizes with the cooling
of the water.
Crntals of pure alum can be ob-
tained in any size depending on ihi
'iiuiii in 1 1 1 1 1 mi' niHinnai ta Kepi in
the water. The company has acquired Ii
title to the Minnesota and adjoining '
spring, and is now Installing a pipe j
line to insure plenty alum propertv by J
Many prominent business men of
I Nevada are connected with the new
enterprise, and all are sanguine of the
success of the industry. The pure j
'potash alum is quoted at from $180
'" $ P'-i ton in li chemical trade
Journals, and. because the Silver Peak i
Chemical eonipany is in position to I
! produce the pure material by natural I
means, whereas otlo-r produr-is I
required to treat it by an expenslye L
process, it is, according to well In- II
formed chemists, in a position to dora- a;
inate the alum industry of the United '
.Slates, which has now been protected 7
against foreign competition 1
oo ' n
' Germans in the
! Fighting in Russia J
BERLIN, Tuesday. Oct. 14. (B the :'
Associated Press ) An army officer, j
formerl) on ;h.- siatt of f,e.n on d.r I3
Goltz who arrived in Berlin from Mi- l'
iau today, told the Associated Press I 11
; correspondent that Col. Avaloff Dcr 1
Imondt was not aiming at the capture I';
of Risa but was endeavorlnc; to safe- 1'
, mtmtmA Ik. T...C-.. r . ., . I
6uaiu mi- i-iiia iiuni m Hie rnrrf.
tion of Moscow The officer declared '
'that Col Avaloff Bermondt now con
trolled the Dvina bridgeheads, which,
however, were menaced by the fj lt
who were approaehinc; from the no t :;,
The officer declared the German ;"l J q
diers fighting umi.t .vaioff r. : ' 5jp
mondt's command were determined to
remain in the Ru.-i.in nvi iu
fight With the bourc oisic a:imt I, I (r
Bolshevik i lie ;-, ,;..-, i ,, ..m1 I
Ksthomans of being "simon puri Bol
sheviki." and charted that (in.i: lit-,
Britain was inciting them in a. '.en Jjjj
against A i ilui ; Bermondi Ii was Ins mtft
view that if Avaloff-Berniondt jj- 1'.
able to hold the Dvina fron' and .id- I
ranee eastward it would be a compar I
a ively simple matter to effect a junc I
non with General Henikine. Ifc
The officer declared the sentiment I
Of the former German troops who have 1
refused to return home miht be x- 1
pressed thus W4k
"W e are superfluous at home and,
therefore, ve propoM in s.tm e-r ff'"
country under the Russian colors un IrN
til the Bolshevik menace is overcone" I
Avaloff -Bermondt apparently is 1
well supplied -lVi!i war ma i. rial v ir' f$s,
officer reported Hi troops are Sbl 'r-"i,
lioned in Me- rrsimi aboui lizu .," ' ivX
arc prepared )n the office! "pinion,
to enter Riga should the Let'- al
tempt to take the offensive Mt
nn ! Flnl
V- s. It,, :! v l, , ., '. . , "... rv!
up bcr sloovos and learn the art of cook- I
Ing corned beef and cobbag-e the. honey j
moon hn set iii
, , .i; J
Us-d for 70 Years igSK
Thru its use Grandmother's TsT kg
youthful appearance has L- 1 '3
remained until youth has , .
become but a memory - . V. -A I
The soft, refi icd, pea: ly jKsKrlsmSsJ
white apDearance " tfrlttU&
renders leaves the joy rWfJsYt
of Beauty wiih N'-aajfHHI
man f0f0Klwtf
years. ajfgjBH
Slade has moved to 432 Twenty-f"
street Ne
aS i.dii Akjr0r,nty rn
04aM Chl-k-l-V7 ZSStfffi
ZAML i-ni. lu u.a OoU J-'W

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