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iss HEH
CHICAGO Oct 27 - Charges of t in)
pering wiili a witness for th govern
mpnt were made today in the trial of
jJ" officials of the Pan Motor company,
mII under Indictment for using n mails
j, 10 defraud in the sale of the corpora-
lion's stock to the public Mr. Saiab
E. Clark, who put. has. d $20 I Ml.
,Jj of the company's stock, testified nai
t ' after she had been subpoen ied as a
- witness for the government M s Pit r
I.' J once Coleman visited her al h r home
l' ) at Belen N. M . and gave her 60 tDl
' 1 use i n buying a railroad tickcl to en-;
;,bl nor u 1,1 mpany'a planl
U t St Cloud. Minn., before Toing to
" Urtfc Chicago to testify al the tTl : of the
' ,i r defendants Mrs Clark la-er returned
1 " , the money and refused to ojak't Ihe
pj'iji. After listening to the woman s stcry.i
1 1 Judge Landis asked.:
1 -Did any of these defendants s-nd '
'HlM this woman lo isii this witness?"
PlW. Counsel for the defendanU denied
Ilk any knowledge of trie allege I plot to i
' I-; .it, tamper with the government's witness.
Later Judge l.andis oruered a sub-
1 jjf 1 poena issued tor MI08 Colemai
v , "It was on October 6, 9 few hours
ISiflni' n!,P1 1 natl brpn serVfHl wi,t ;1 s,lh'
' It ; poena that a woman w ho u ve her
1 ' rame as Miss Florenci ColemhU, visit
vlt' cd," said Mrs. Clark 'She asked me
1 hjip if I had bought stock in the Pur MoTOl
, , company and 1 replied I had purchased)
' 11 jB' of l Sne Raid sn har' boushl
I I i T200 worth of the stock and :hat we J
'!i!f should bo interested In having ihe
' It , ompans But cced. Inn pi to 1
j am tlons I told her 1 had been summoned,
t lluj as a governni'-m wirneas
' lli "She said 1 oughl to go to SI Cloud,
1 !J Minn., and see with my own eyes the
i eompany's big plant before rCPtifyingj
i V In court. 1 said I would like 10 go but
f " ccfiild not afford to She said Mr. Tan-!
I '"Hi dolfo was very influential and miaht
1 help me start a rooming house in St i
, !LI Cloud. Then she gave me $60 to en I
"i j able me to go to St. 'loud, sh stayed
1 jijji''' at my house two lays, goins to the (Je 1
WL?:LU Th" "oy" Of
TOA Perfect Skin Jj
J t jn-j1 r" Jkj Kno-.v the joy and
ll i Efifir JH happiness that comes P
BHfto onc ,nru iossess,nP b
lki Kl a s'un cl purity ad J
I I V f il beauty. The soft, dis-P
I . Vtinguishcd appearance it
MA, Venders brings out your r
D, J y natural beauiy to its full- r
SSTS my Goat 1 I Tjon't rjecieviE THey k nouJ
' ' ' ' ; p
- Yoty've TOLTj yA cl : A
pot several times, but returning, lay
ing she had missed li r train
After thinking the matter over I
returned the money to her in toe pres
pnee of several witnesses."
Mrs Clark was cross-examined at
eng h bj counsel ior the defendants
but her story was not materially I
Army Air Service
Investigation !s
Again Opened
NEW YOItK. Ot'. 27 Further In
vestigation of irregularities in the
i.rmy air service, reported on :,t Presi
dent Wilson's request Bj Charles Ell
Hughes, was begun here todev by n
special congressional BUD-COT. mil lee.
It is a division if the omirittee on
investigation 01 war departraenl ex
penditures and consists of Penresei'ta
lives FVear, Wisconsin: Mane. New
York, and I-ea, California.
Members of the sub-coinmli iee raid
1 he chief topics on which tctimony
would be taken, were th'1 exoneration
by Secretary Baker of Colon I E A
Deeds of Dayton, Ohio. Whom Mr
Hughes recommended be couit mar
tialed, and the construction ul a $1.
000,000 railroad in Washington to haul
pnice for aircraft productior.
Among the witnesses summoned are
John I Ryan, formerly head of the
aircraft board; Plin. F'isk . of Harvey
Fiskc Sons, officials 01 the Chicaco,
Milwaukee ft St. Paul railroad, and
Bl her?
LONDON. Oct 27. -The British .v .:
office in a communique issued this
evening setting torth the military ail
nation in Russia up lo 6 p. m. Sunday,
admits thai the Bolshevlkl defending
Petrograd have recaptured Krasm
Selo and PavlOVSk
W ASHINGTON, Oct. 27. Action of 1
the war departmcni 111 .line toj
France 22,000,000 pounds o; .-'laar 'entl
overseas for the American expedition I
ary force was rrltlci7ed in the house j
today by Representative Bland, He-
public, Indian 1
Mr. Bland said that since Mils sugar 1
was sold, the department had crJledj
on the sugar equalization board Joi
twelve million poun'is of su-.ir for "he
army for the present quarter.
"Wouldn't General Perching know
something about Ihe disposition of I
American sugar In France?" asked
Representative Mays. Democrat, Utah;
"If General Persuing didn't ktiow j
more about disposition of BUgar than
he did about the Iront." Bland re
plied, "it would be useless to ssk him.'
! "I found him 2f''J mile fi un ,thei
front on July 19, 191S. when the baMb-j
of Chateau Thierry was a, it? height,"
Labor Leaders of
' Many Nations Open
U. S Conference
WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 Labor
leaders of many nations, practically
all of (hem accredited delegates t. the
International hibor conference which
will convene today, were gathered ,
here today when Ihe International
Federation of Trade Unions opened its
first session at Amsterdam last July
out of the ruins of the old "interns
lional "
Delegates from both Germany and
Austria were among those here to at
tend the conference the -,un me ccun
cil having approved their coming fol-
terfiuous Hair
DfMtrnrliv the orlclnnl aanKary
liquid, oprrtf on on rnfln ly dlf
terrot prlnr!rl from any otber
rnriliotL It rnh linlr nf f Hnl
Ht 17 nltnrklni; It andcr tbr nUln.
Only KnuJnt DrMlrncle has
mon"-tork Caarontef In each
prlm(. At tollrt coartf" In llOr,
jl nnd t2 mimt$ or ly ranlt from
i In ilata r:ipprr on receipt of
p r I re .
FREE not rtth trtlmnnliil of
hlcbf ni Bnthorittca ex.
plain irlint enosen hair on fnce,
neck nnd ormi, rrhy It Inrrmin
iiml how De.Mlrnelo tier I In I Ire It,
moiled In plain aeoled enyelope on
reqneat. He M Irn C le , lurk Ave. nnd
!29h St., NeTT York.
And The Worst Is Yet to Come j
1 1 Mini 'i f noin 1 ' .
, OF THE LAf i
cfrwllincj-fo f.m 1
1 ij.. 1
lowing a protest by the Amsterdam
'conference against their detention
Whether they will participate in the
deliberations of the conferences de
pendfl upon the vote of the credited
j delegates of the conference after they
j convene. Labor leaders said they ex
pecteel the Austrian and German deie
, at B would be invited to participate.
Leon Kouhaux. general secretary of
I the French Federation of Labor, was
I expected to be chosen presiding offi
icer of the federation conference.
Miners Will Not
Force to Interfere
With Coal Strike
facing his announcement with the
i.i.ment that he had received no
communication from government I
sources as to President Wilson's stan 1
. L.un.-i ihe threatened November 1
strike of soft roal miners, John L.
Lewis, ac'.n president of the Uni'M
Mine Workers Of America, today de
dared "the widely heralded Iritlmation
thai force may be resorted to, will not
serve to allay the crisis."
"The threats to prosecute and incar
cerate myself and associates vt.I
neither prevent the strike nor terrain
ate If. if it occur?. Mr. Lewis said.
Visited at his home here, where tie
came last night seeking rest, Lewis
stated there were no new develop
ments in the strike situation. He ws
keeping in touch with international
headquarters at Indianapolis by long
distance telephone.
"There Is even yet a way in which
this strike may be aoided." Mr. Lewis
said. "The government should assem
ble the coal operators and use its pow
er and influence to get from them for
the mluers a just consideration of their
demand.' An agreement could be
reached within three days if the co.t!
operators would approach the question
Head or chest l 1
are best trcateJ 9 I
' externally" with J
7 ? &:
Vicsi's Vaporubs'
Y0'JR BODYGUARD" - ZOf. 60..2Q
ft i' L
iu.'ii .! tB i-y ! i ir-r, to TEai . Jk?' -t 1
' " " " ',i . DOING OF THE DUFFS
. ,
j ill H TR6,TUATCHAtQ. LocS UMevM- 1 ll flL LEAV& IT ET RIGHT HFCE M WUSXV I Vq M. 1 Voi AOTJCE THE. ) 11 t J ,
IWeEEM AFTtR-TDMlbPAiuT IT ofc fj The 0IOooki Ar eE if -f f CKAC- I Pawtcd TcdaV ? M0 ' n TSL W7$35&
lATWO MONTHS-TftaottLV WAV TO f om will notice IT vjHEM HE MJ TXEM'T IT ioo- r I 1 T M ) v, '- ( USrm
GET AMWTWtNC; OOME l To Do IT ffl s MoE (NHh K X HCC ? 1 T-miV Rrf WRE. iff ff I J
Don't Suffer With Eczema
Cuticura Soothes At Once
First ItaUie the affected pan witti
Cuticura Soap and hot water. Lry m
and cntly rub on Cuticura Oint- T
ment. This treatment not only f
sooUics. but in most cases liealj
distressing eczemas, rashes, irrita- i
tions, etc. 1 1
Soap 25c. Ointment 23 and 50c Talcm
25c. Sold throughout th wo-ld ?Z WL
I Mmplr ear h free addrc 'CutlcuvL.fcl
oratgriea, Dept. 16F. Mn,, rd, " J
Cuticura Soop tha- ithonl tnng. L
n th- 10th da;, of November, 1913 I
at 2 o'clock p ni of said day, 'at thr V
plarp of business of the Osdcn Motor J
company, at 23 1 7 Hudson avenue, la ' I
Ogden City, Wober county, Utah I
(will sell at public auction, arrordint
I to law. to the highest bidder for rash
the following described autoraobilej
One liuick automobile, 5 passenger
Wyoming license No. 8550.
One Ruirk automobile, 5 pa-sr,?er
jUtah license No. 22522.
On- Jeffrey automobile, 5 passngtr
liah license No, 18640 ' I
Ono Overland automobile, $ rylia- wm
der : passenger, Utah license 'o '
m pet?:rson,
Sheriff nf Y. h r county, Utah, ti Tl ,
D put? Sheriff I
iri pood faith anrl with op-n rninrls." : am
Lewis declared Ihe rr-ful of the ojr 1
rators to negotiate a new wage asra- MW 1
mnt nnd their insistence that the ' dialed
pres. n t not 1 "rirp un,(i taselri
April 1, 1920, was the eruv of Ihe situ- wf
at ion . iras
-- in
Wilson Condemned, llo2
W'AHINHTiiN. net 27. The cc!
sink- was discussed briefly today j 4wlricl1
the senafi Senator Thuiiui-, ro- ifW!not1,
crnt. Colorado asked unanimous rov.
sen! for immediate adoption of Wfflltier,
olution ol full support of concrea mm r'ra
to th" administration in Its efforts;'? 'nnCftl
i : . . ml 1 p-i ::::;
law and order, but one objectinn :. D
Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, th- coat'i
measure went over Senator Dorti P""
was nol 1 ! 1 1 nc to commit hini" Ji? '
in advance to an unanimous pre- ?ai
ni "i tie administration In dealing BP
with the threatened Btrikc, c:?'
Senator Thomas announced that he m
1 would call up tin resolution again to1
I morrow :-A'!c
President Wilson's statement on thj Qj 5te
strike was condemned by both Sena- Sr'"0'
tors Thomas and Borah, bur the Idaho
n 1 tor said t! administration barf ,mf.menl
. nnounced no definite program, addii J0 ar-
thai if it was the purpose to use 'V' lmP
militia to "decimate people" hevrcj i one-'
oppo-- 11 'rid1nE
Senator Borah told the senate he Boney
ihoroucihlv opposed to the attitude of FLyw
rib. 11 II i,..r . chairman of tie rties
United s-;.i. . -!, , rornoration. zt! "em
h rev 11 re 1 11 -'in? to deal vriti -f!"11!'
laboi Senator Thomas also said b P1tl
IMiioved of ir Can's stand, feat it 1'
added thai con:; 1 . ss shoulJ act at once j. 0
to assure th,' administration of .p"c
support in 1 lv coal sink- ..' 2 'D
.' r-e, ii ei)Mis- .i rejie.tl of the jd" -
I tions from prosecution .v . "
"II is strange ' -.. 1! Mr Edce. "(W S.0
at 'he very lime le n labor ' ? 'g l;
j squaring off in some cases. I fe'" '
1.1 king ihe- law in its own hands-tf km'3
, 51 1 ati should pass h gisluion exempt; ted
ing it from pun shment if it viola'-'
thi anti-trust law." 1
Senator Kdge said labor w
realb employed lv. capital, but by ti I HI
public, which must pa;, the exorbr.- ' v"'
mragi demand now l.ein- niade ( V
Applause from both Democrats (TirArn
'Republicans greeted an announcem- tt(,-,,J
.in the Iv.a- l.s hepubliean bxt : '
Mondell that he "mosi ihurouphly" m, "ad
m.e heart. ly" .-ndor?ed rrwd-' corn
W 1 Icon's statement regarding r n
strike. The announcement - fcn,.01
' prompted bv an inquiry of Represent" d"1Q?
(live Aswell, Iiemoerai. Louisiana. nPejD . ,'
i Mondell sought to have the preside Pri,
it mem printed in the Concre.-si - ,tc
al Record, bur Mr. Aswell objected. H'-'V
The general industrial situation
the subject of the prayer in the now
b3 the chaplain, the Rei Henry-- o,
Couden. , nioe llrie
We are threaiened." said the
lain, with a crisis which defies
government and would overtbro v-
sacred institutions, inaugurated ot fe, ir
hundred thousand people and yn 'Uon1
about untold misery, sorrow.; p- g
,i.,,th to the cue hundred ano
millions involved in an unwanjw tAQo,
dispute between labor and capi Up
Interpose, we beseech TjMltft
all the strength of Thy holy 'ft 1 j'
and so movp the minds and VlAl U3
those engaged in the conte:-'. 1 jIV
and onler may obtain and pw ry
happiness reign in our nudJt n
Unle.. your food in MJ
out the nltermath of p.infu' .
the joy is taken out ot both e-nn 18.25
and living. "15
c .onderiul In !h" hK (1 , . "
f! srJ&V" Gil's j-
f iSpio'
Slade has moved to 432 Tse 0.
Street BO, n

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