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Sag flljBHIH
KHjlu ' ii-ilttMiWHIIII ia
l i
Tho Kind You ITnvo Always Bought lias borne the ifprxia.
ture of Chas. II Fletcher, and has boon made under bis
personal supervision for over i0 years. Allow no ono
to deceive you in this. Counterfoils, Iiuitationn and
Mnt-as-jro'od" are but experiments, and endanger tbo
'hj health of Children Experionoo against lixperlmcut.
' M What is CASTORIA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paro
I gorie. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It contains neither
Opium, lUorphinc nor other nareoth" substance. For
I more than thirty years it has been In constant use fortho
ij l rellei of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and
DiaiThoea; nllnvinez PeverlshneSS arising therefrom,
. I an;: by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the as-
W " ! MJiidation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
;lu Tin Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
I i J' i
The Kind You Have Always Bought
H Bears the Signature of
in Use For ves- 30 Years
'. i w. - - -, -i:iKjinum-
m In ihe drive which ihe Ked 'ross is
Hi jHm!!' lo make lr ih n-? . v.-il
I jMi i rl - ud which began to.i.n seme ry un
HH i usual features will ho on the progvam
HHi ' of events, among them brinp ihr I i ins
HHl k,, models whom Mis Carrie Knapp and
I ' II Mips Lophella Runyon of 'he art de-
1 i partment of i h- city schools, have
. 1 - promised as their aid in :he drive for
1 i it i membership. One department store
HH . I each week v ill furnish their most at-
filil W '-raC,,ve window for the models.
J ( This year's drive Is expected 'o be
jjt ll successful from eerv standpoint and
p jt f ,he local workers under the i'snn-
j I j v of Rev. John Edward Carver are
'I'll' -TuiMns forth everj effort in the fur
H ' .i therance of the welfare of the Red
I I ' '
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out 'his slip,
enclose with 5c and mail it to Foley
o.. 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chi tgo III.
i.di writing our n.mv and :ioi - ) . 1 1 1
V irl lU ou w'" rf,cpiv- in return a trial pack
fige containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound for couchs, colds and croup
Foley Kidney Pills for pain in side
tnd back, rheumatism, backache, kid
'ilf. ney and bladder ailments; and Polej
j( Cathartic Tablets, a wholesome and
' ' thoroughly cleansing cathartic, for con
I' stipation. biliousness headache an1
sluggish bowels. A. R. Mclutyre Lrug
Co Advertisement,
"li! iilfiw" oo
II'1 t, ' Applications for positions as census
enumerators are being received at the
district offices in the federal bulldlnpr,
I . according to George Romney, Jr., and1
nnly eonstderable response from outhln;
' ifd i districts u th. result of recent eam
1 ': paigns to this end is noticeable,
i ifcj . i. Examinations for the enumerator
i jiijl'. lobs were scheduled to be held today
i t. t Jl J but because of siic-li t p ,-pon . r
' 1ll,hi4i rangamenta for an exten Ion or time
d ij were mnd' II anticipated that the
! lj examinations will be held durin the
ll Mbu early part of this week and during the
ijjjjl j, ,1 lirsi pai ' of n- .t v '
' (j3 Mr. Romney stated this morning
MU k that plan6 at first considered were to
ill' fl,i. hold the examinations in court rooms.
Because or lack of desk space, this
Idea waf deemed Inadvisable and an
effort to secure school rooms for ex
amination purposes was made with
'Unit iflllt satisfactory results. In some of the
outlying districts the examination will
i m
With no deliverv of the qood or
dered from the war department, con
siderable romment on the sale of gov
ernment foodstuffs sale is prevalent
1 about the city
Attention to the fact thai since the
quotations on the army fnorlstufts
given here, and since ihe orders have
been placed for the material, prices on
several of the commodities in the lo
jcal markets have fallen, thus makinc
I stood s purchased here materially
cheaper than the coods ordered from
I the war department
It wan commented upon by several
that at the time of the government
sale, bacon was quoted at ?.Cc a
pound First class bacon is now being
: offered for sale in local market.-, for
'but thirty cents per pound, it is stated.
I The same is said to be true in sev
i era! other instances
Thought Man Vas Crazy
"I have suffered from stomach and
liver trouble for jears; the last .wo
years people have been calling me
'crazy. The doctors could not do any
I thing for me. The awful Moating of
! gas seemed lo press against mv brain
and I could not think clearly. Three
months ago a friend advised taking
.Mayr':- Wonderful Remedy and it has
worked wonders In my case. All my
bloating and suffering is gone and I
feel as though newly born" It is a
simple-, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucur. from 'he
intestinal tract and allays the inflpm
mation which causes practically all
stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments,
including appendicitis One dose will
convince or money refunded. A R.
Mclntyre Drug Co., and druggists ev
j erywhere Advertisement
VV. A. to R M. A
Members of the W. A. to R. M. A.
are to give their annual October so
cial at the home of Mrs Frank Tribe,
1256 Twenty-fourth street, next Thurs
day evening, October 30, at 8 o'clock
The entertainment, as is the usual cus
tom, will be- i- Hallowe'en mask atfuir
and all members of the order are re
quested to attend the party eomplct'
;ly disguised. The committee in e hurse
iof the affair IS planning an elaborate
party, which It is expected will out
j class anv previous event.
I Dr. Ambrose P. Hibbs left Ogden
this ffiernoon on a i-hort trip to the
! Pacilic coast.
bi held in the postmaster .- office
(if seven hundred application blank?
1 1 1 out, but 70 have been returned to
Billed as an attraction equalled only j
by sue h shows as Zlegfield'8 Follies
anl the New York Winter Garden
show, A. H. Mareu s production of
"Oh Baby'' at the Orpheum theatre
last nlcht played itself to a crowded
audience who fouml It very much to
their liking.
The two acts of the show eover some
seventeen elistjnet scenes crammed
full of fun. good music and most ex
cellenl dancing. The simple method
adopted by the authors of the book is
that of "never allow a plot to spoil a
play, lei xour fun be the brightest,
c leanest cut and witty that you e an
make, your musie liliinp. and not to be
forgotten, your dancing a elelipht to
the eyes, and the costuming and scen
ery enough to make even the most
fastidious loud in their praise and you
will have a show that will pack the
house and keep the audiones interest
ed, amused, delighted and certain to
appear at the next production you
place befc ) them." "O Baby" is Just
that kind of a show and proved It by,
the loud laughter, keen interest and
spontaneous applause last night.
Mike Sacks is the principal come
dian of "the show and worked with vim
and energy that caused the audience
i to wonder if It is possible ever for him
I to take a night off anel "simply walk
lihrought his part.' His fun is of the
I inspirational kind that makes all his
'team work with him to the beat of
! their ability. He will be remembered,
j for a long time as "Izzy." Charles
Abbate as "Seminary' proved himself,
'.iimi her gifted mirth provoker, while
Miss Richey Covey as "April MaV'i
hone as the leading comeelienne of
ih company.
In the cast are Bob Alexander. Joe
Baker. Frank Du Tiel, Jimmie Hen
dershon, George Casey and Billy Dale;
Monsieur Armand Zermain, Ruth Bl
, more, Flo Wlnkonson. Mile. Marie'
Gergard, Mile. Anna Calla, Miss May I
;Thater, the Morette sisters.
Mile Anna Valla and Monsieur Zer- '
main gave some wonderful interpreta
tion of dunelng in duo. Mile. Gerard be j
1 Ing the ehief solo dancer. However,
ithat there is other dancing talent of
considerable ability in the company
was shown by the "dance of all na
tions," in which members of the cho
TUB assisted in presentation of the
; dances of Ft ane.- Italy, Holland, Scot
land, Ireland, Spain. Russia, England
and America. Bob A!evandr portray
ed President Wilson and also George
; Washington in the tableaux of this
latter dance.
Miss Elmore's singing of "The great -.est
Nation on Earth" was the hit of
the evening, althouch it vied with "Oh
Baby'" by Miss Elmore and Sacks,
I "Oh, Harry," by Miss f'ovey, and "In
Honolulu," by William Dale for the
j place.
' poo yi s
Supt. Karl Hopkins of the Ogden
school systems, is in receipt e.t a iet
ter from State Hea.th Director E. G.
Gowans in which Dr Gowans urses
.that all students take every prc.iu
lion against coids.
The letter follow s
"The cold was born in an overheat
; ed. airtight room, where nearly all
colds have their origin The ge im very
carefully selected ihe man who had
invited it and prepared the way in Ills
I own body. The man nourshed it and
kept it alive by .'hutting out all the
fresh air from his bleeping zoom at
night and gave it prolonged life by
feeding it on a patent medicine 'cold
1 cure." Really it was a wonderful time
! and place for the germ to begin Its
life. In the morning ihe rua-i str.ned
for his place of business and mt be'ng
tthe klnrl of man v. ho has coneern for
I the health and welfare ot others, he
I was not careful to cover his nr nth And
nose with a handkerchief whtn muph
; tng and sneezing." So as he Wnl about
he was a walking center for luc uls
jtribution of disease and Infection
The common cold is not s serious
in itself, but it is serious beeause of
what ft paves the way for pm umonla,
: grippe, influenza, tuberculosis. I. is
'eontraeted ae a result of indoor expo
sure and can be prevented bv spend-
""" &
Let the Great White Way Fr ? mg I
come to you! 1 1
Bioadway runs by your door if ycu have a , ' A
Victrola. New York turns out in throngs to j Ifj M
hear the stars of musical comedy and vaudeville
and the great luminaries of opera, violin, orches- jPt ' H
tra, and piano. But those crowds are small com- flf T'lillVl' ;
pared with the hosts who enjoy them on the 'ill! 'I vf Hn
Victrola. Get a Victrola and hear the greatest j j j S j !
singers, instrumentalists, orchestras, bands and ft',
comedians in the world! j ! ;v! j Bj
N'tctors and Victrolas 512 to Victor dealers everywhere. I
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N, j. j'y;
T'c- i-tcr Rr.,.rHi drraonntrated r Important Notice Victor Record and Vic- j j . I J I , ,' "t'
all dealer on the lit of ech mooih tor Mochine arc scientlncally coordinated aad i' iV
"Victrola" In the Registered Trademark ot tynchronlrcd in the proceasen of manufacture. V V ,;
the Victor Talkinc Mochine Compar.y deslf- Dd ahould be used tooetrrr to aecure a pr- I I '.' Fi'fJ
oatlnc the products of thia Companj onlj. tect reprcxJuct.ou ) i I Jr
; ing enough time In the open air and
sleeping with the bedroom windows
I wide open. A sure prescrlpeiton to uhc
! a man. woman, or child a "common
cold" Is Get in a "draught" of f )od
and shut out the irsh a!i The best
j treatment is .prevention right Iiing
vrhieh means plenty of fresh mr day
'and night, proper tood, bodks sensi
I bly clothed, daily exercise, e nd 'he
avoidance of overwork: overeating,
I late hours and conslipati n
i In the interest of health anH happi
ness in home and school let us carry
this message into v ry home In the
j state of Utah.
CHILI to n
BKRKi;LEV, Cal.. Oct 21 Ratifica
tion by the government of Chile anel tJv
Universlt) of Chile of plans for the nc
ehuife Ot professor.' .Tncl instructors be
iwfrn the United stutea and the South
Amerlean republic has been effccte.1 by
offlelal decree of the Chilean govern
ment necordlnK to recent arlvleos to the
j University of California.
That .in appropriation of $12 000 (or
the coming year has been provided under
the decree signed by President Sir
tuetrtes of Chile Is announced in the
I communication the University, which
further Ktutes that both the president of
the University of Chile and minister ot
Instruction FVihlo Ramirez have announc
ed their readiness to receive as the first
exchange professor from the United
States Charles F Chapman, associate
professor of Hispanic-American history
ut the University of California
Chill's Official rntlfirnllon of the ix-
iiunc piofe.xsoi project marks the1 fir"
definite result of plans of tho late Pro
fessor Henry Morse Stephens whereby
the University of California was to be
come the center of exchanges of profes-.ors-
and students With the leading HlS
panlc countries of the world, and for the
study of the history nnd oop tempo rarj
problems of Spain and Portugal, and more
particularly the Hispunic republics in the
two continents of the Americas. Profe
ssor Stephen had also been Instrumental
in opening discussion with a view to a
series of exchansps between the Univer
sity ot California and the National Un
iversity of Mexico
A committee of distinguished educa
tors from the Chilean republic, headed by
Dr. Don Pedro Aguirre. arrived in
Berkeley early this year and proposed a
series of permanent exchanges not only
Of professors of universities, but also I
of teachers of high schools and technical 1
schools, Including women as well as men.
Senor Aqulrre's committee fU'.'ther pro
posed to make u.s of the University of j
California as a clearing-house whereby i
the University should arrange for all ox- j
changes in this country Approval of th
plan was announced by President Den
jamln Ido Wheeler of tho University ot
California and the regents of the unl- i
verslty voted to accept it
It Is this arrangement which has he- '
come effective by the recent degree of
President Bantuertes of Chile
The exchanges arc not bo be limited
to professors of the University of Call- '
tomla or even leachors in the schools of
the stale.
In each year there arc to be not loai
than to or more than four ex'.hanc
professors or Instructors from each
country, of whom one at the most Is to ,
exchange with a, professor of the Uni
versity of Chile, however, the egchange ai
the outset will e limited to two from 1
Chile and the Cnltcd States repectivi !
While Professor Chapman of th Uni- i
verslty of California will be the first
United States exchange professor, it is I
said the first exchange Instructor vi:l
bo E. M. Gregory of the San Francisco
Polytechnic nigh Behoof. His appoint
ment. It is stated. WOuld be pocnllarlv
flttiiiK because of Ills thorough know!-!
I edge of Spanish arid beeause of his re
jlalioishop to a distinguished Spanish
Callfomlan family. His grandfather.
William Ilarlnell. one of the distinguished
men In California during Mexican era,
resided in Chile prior to coming to Altai
allfornts In 122. He was related by
marriage to the famous. De la Gucrra
Ieuvc of absence has been granted 10
Professor Chapman as exchange pro
lessor from January 1520 to Janu.-. j
1521. 1 ,
' uu
To Be Reimbursed.
HAN FORD, Cal.. Oct. 27. A tele
gram from Representative Edwin L.
Davis of Tennessee, saying that V o
Jenkins. American consular ace at .
I captured and liberated for a ?15iV of Am
ransom bv Mexican bandits would Jnmiss,0n
fully reimbursed by -be .-'ate deK 0rld (
ment for all losses suffered throJ aircraft
Isach capture, was received oda derby.
John W. .enklns the termers - , Jjaodoro
Tt onessee is Jenkin's native- state. hPre (
00 " li&wl
A Quinine That Does Not Affect
Because d its iohm' and j'''"'
feci LAXATIVE dROMO Q p.p.
fTabletS) can be taken b) an j
wlth0Ui causing nervousness "J IJU
Ing in the head There s
"Bromo Quinine." I GR0 JiJjD
nature on the box. 1 '
' : " inS add
F. O. E, No. 118
Club Dance .
Invitations Can Be Obtained From Any of the f
Lodge Members "
Admission 50c. Extra Lady-2 " ty-fo
j Including War Tax. ) -.

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