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': hi i ji j (ill 'UlftliOI
h . m
f 'j You cannot think of one
without the suggesting of $
j t"5;' ":. the ether You will not 5jj
find cnc wihout th. otaer $25 to $500
I . i ou do noi inoA the real pleasure and enjoyment ol a
T ' Victiola, this is the ideal time to buy one. Long winter
yt Hl f-vcn ngc w.il he hapoily spent and the men-folks will have
ij KSf-'Slfc no desire to soend heir evenings any place but home.
i M
i plis
! First Aerial Derby
Around World to
I Start July 4, 1920
j LOS ANGELES, Oct 27 The first
j aerial derby around the world, tor
prizes totaling ?1,000,000, is scheduled
I I to start Juh I. I'.i2'i, and ml on r
I before January 3, 1921, according to
announcement, made here tonight by
Man r , pri ident ot th Aero
15lj" 1 .i.. a id mbi r of the
rouii1, lennnipHon which is making a tour of
11 rnl tn i. i control station tbi
thisi lD,:' ran ' xpe ted to pat ticipate In
juK the derhv The commission, headed by
.fjftC Commodore Louis D. Beaumom, at
rived 1 todn .
Mr. Hawley also made public rub B
I Sovcrnin? the proposed contest, which
style plus fit plus fine tailor
I ing, added to good, pure
wool fabrics and the result
is good clothes clothes
that give service and hold
their shape from start to
let us show you what we
mean by good clothes.
$35.00 to $75.00
05 Twenty-fourth at Hudson.
I Is to be held by the International Aoro
Inautic Federation, under the aspic s ;
lot the Aero Club of America and tfco
I Aerial League of America.
The zone of travel will be confined
to the area between sixty degrees
north latitude and 15 degrees south
latitude. Within this zone, the con-
testants may select their own route
and waj of travel, provided they re
port to at least one control on the
American. European. Asiatic and Afri
can continents, and cross the Atlan'tc
and Tacific oceans. The contest com
1 mittee believes, Mr. Hawley said, that
in allowing the contestants to choose
their own route, rhe advantages of dif
ferent routes will be developed.
High School
Threatens to
Go on Strike
mands that a "hich school soviet" be
established here an- made? in a memo
i rial to the high school board by stu
dents of the Belleville township high
school The memorial states that if
demands are not met by November 1.
the students will "go on strike."
The students demand a sis-hour
school day, Friday afternoon holiday, a
minimum passing grado of 50 rather
than 75, teachers under the age of 35
years, pool tables and phonographs in
the recreation rooms, free lunch to
! senior students and that all regula I
tions originate with the students'!
Fifteen Stars Have
Entered Big Classic
Here on November 11
Fifteen of the best long distance
runners in the west have entered the
big six-mile cross country champion
ship run which will be held an one of
the features of the armistic day pro
gram here No ember 11. Some of 'he
best stars in the west have already
'entered and others nave signified their
intntion of doing so.
Yeaman DeBusk and Tete Vog'ar,
both stars of the first order will r p
resent the .Salt Lake high school weBt
in the games Both fit-Busk and Voge
' lar are flve-milers and are BXpe'ited
to show plenty of class.
I W E Towns, a veteran ot scores
I of marathons in various parts of the
I country and reputed 'o be one of i lie
classiest Indian runners since the
I days of Tom Longboat, has entered
land will represenl Cheyenne in he
big classic. Towns has been In the
nnmm mma shims snnnnMg
Denver iace several times and should
be a hard man to defeat. He in now in
training here.
Fraukie Smith of Denver wired I te
yesterday to the effect that h would J
be on hand He will represent tle East
Denver high school in the bit.' classic I
With the event but two weeks avayj
it Is expected that at least lorty of
the best long distance stars in the j
w'est will be on the line when Sta.ten
Freeman Bassett sends the men on
I their way.
J. J. Brummitt, 2417 Hud
son avenue, pays highest
prices for Liberty bonds.
, i
-p&E R I S C O P I N,
with "
Our Office Boy.
' I
My friend, have you heard
Of the town of Yawn,
On the banks
I Of the river Slow,
Where blooms the Waitawhile
Flower fair,
And the Some Time-Or Other
Scents the air,
And the soft
Go-Easy s grow?
Ii lies in the valley
Of What's-the-Use,
In the province
Of Let-Her-Slide;
That old Tired Feeling
Is a native there
It's the home of the Listless
1 Don't -Care
Where the ""ut-It-Offs abide.
Success is the greatest tonic for
courage and always has been.
Rents are no soarer than the tenants
these days.
There's no greater inspiration for
eloquent oratory than the sale of a
used car.
Those ctcht Mexicans who were ar
rested by the Los Angeles county au
thorities for shooting a Chinaman in
an argument over a piece of pie now
have some idea of the high cost of liv
ing In the United States.
Now that a French scientist h:s dis
covered ihat monkey glands will pro
long human life, police will probablv
be swamped with complaints of zoo
Inland lighthouses wouldn't be a bad
thing to keep transcontinental lllers
from bumpidg into hills and moun
tains. If it wasn't for Italy, we might be
abb- to find out if the Paris treaty is in
effect or not-
The woodcutters' union wouldn't
admit Bill Hohenzollern, and as he
didn't want to be a scab in addition to
everything else, he's given up his first
attempt to enter business.
An eastern fancier says a super-hen
is being de eloped. One whose eggs
won't spoil, we presume?
Without energy intelligence is better
off in exile.
If the experts who declare the flu
'won't be with us again this winter are
as good as those who claimed the
Whin Sox would win the world's se
ries, we'll not bother saving our pri
vate stock.
There's nothing like a mild autumn
to instill (he fear Of an awful disap
pointment in the hearts of the coal
The twenty -fifth anniversary of
moving pictures was celebrated re
cently. My! How that child has
grown '
We hope that Chicago's reeont base
ball sorrow will drive it to "turn on"
Mayor Thompson.
j It's one thing ti race with an avi
ator, and another to try the same thin
with a "sky pilot "
We entertain grave fears that Rus
sia is under the dictate of the Ouiga
j ' Forte to the utmost" was a dandy
slogan for war and it's just as good
j for riots.
"What was he pinched for?"
"His father lei him use the auto for
an hour."
"He tried to ride an hour in fifteen
minutes. Houston Post.
Now if Doctor Grayson can only ap
pral e u-' of some improvement In the
Ogden Hich school gridders will do,
battle with the fast East Hich school
gridiron warriors of Salt Lake at Lo
rin Farr park here Saturday in the
championship game of the interscol
astlc section for the 1919 season Both
aggregations are fast and it Is ex
pected that one of the largest crowds
of the season will be on hand to root
for the teams
Two thousand spectators are expect
ed In Ogden from Salt Lake for the
came and locally three thousand or
more are expee'ed to carry the colors
of the Ogden Tigers over the top.
Neither team has been defeated and,
while the East high has a wonderful
record as a scoring machine, they will
be hampered in their championship
fight bv the loss of Captain "Brick"
Whitney Lost From Team.
Whitney broke his arm in the game
aeainst the fast Utah Aggie team at
Loan last weok and will be unable to
take part His loss is sure to hamper
the chances of the Leopards. On the
other hand Coach Romney has one
of the fastest teams in harness that
ever represented the Fas' hlch and
ean seo nothing but vlctorj
Tauffer, Henderson. Smith. Mitchell
president's relations with the senate
With Ihe passing of the ' Blues let 1
us remark that nothinc will make a
Cirl bluer than 10 reject a suitor who;
won't wepp
Fellows who hanc onto a dollar 1 1 k r
it was the last one they'd ever make,
seldom make anv more
Down in Cuba they boast that they
can raise seven crops of hay a year !
Well they probably nerd that much to
supplv the demand for Havana smokes i
in this count r .
Some of the steel workers who are
returning to their jobs must b in need
of a new car.
The old family knocw-er on the
door, not on the Inside
The Boston Transcript sa b that;
while a gun can newr be made to
shoot around a corner the sight of a i
and others are expected to carrv tin
bulk of atta k for the Leopards. In
their games to date they have rojiled
up tremendous scores
Their record follows:
Fast Higb 148. L D. S. (j
East Hlch 118. Davis 0.
East High 6fi Jordan 0.
East High 9 Utah Acai Fresh
men 0.
In the three games of the season I
the Tigers have made the following
Ogden 9, Granite 0.
Ogden IT Havls 0.
Ogden 13. Went Hich 13.
Thus a Just comparison of the two
teams can be given in the BCOrlng d
partment. On the other hand tne Easl
siders have met but one red team all
season and that was the 1'iah Aggie
freshmen last week. Against a pood
j team their scoring methods seem to bej
minus the pepper that hns character! '
ized their earl season play
Coach Clarence Douglas hns b".-Mi
sending his men through fast work
outs in preparation for the came and
expects his men to show a complete
revisal of form With Richards and'
other stars in the game the Tigers
stand an even chance at winning the
I came Saturday.
creditor often has that effect on a
There are men in the world who
can convince you or something without
knowing a thing about it themselves
It wouldn't do to arrest the profi
teers. They'd raise the price on ev
erything to pay their fines.
If it wasn't for jealous wives a
homely girl would neet have a chance
to make trouble for any man.
OO -
j Claude T. Moves
Oden. Utah. Oct. 25. 1919.
Editor Ogden Standard Dear Mr.
Editor Through the medium of ;.our
columns I desire to brine up for dis
cussion the matter of the office of out
city auditor, for which Arthur P. Lar
son and Claude T. Moyes arc nomi
nees. As an ex-service man I have dis-
Let This Spell O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y For YOU
Nothing Can Head Us Off. '
Our drills are rapidly apprc r'ching the deep sands and expec a
gusher at oil at any time. Our immense holdings of 20,000 acres of m ILI
proven oil lands in the heart ot Uinta Basm declared by many leading
geologists and the bcsL oil experts in America, as the greatest sil field i 111
in the world It has million!, or dollars cf other assets beside oil that t
will guarantee handsome dividends on its stock No other ofl company j
in America has so promising a-future. You can buy thisctock ir block
of 500 shares or more Wc will advance price of stock without notice.
The company has no debts Eery dollar received rom sale of stock
is used for development only Success is staring us in tne face, vve are
thoroughly satic' ed witn result', of our operations to date. Our stock ,
is now 15 cents a sha-e The Uinta Oil and Exploration Co., is in a
class by itself.
There is no other like ,t. W.itc, wire or call.
Oqrten, Utah
230 Eccles Building Pione 534
Come and learn a trade in cur Overall factory. Not only will
you have a 6teady position, but it is a lasting experience. A
44-hour week and good pay to the capable A.re you one? Ap
ply John Scowcroft & ons Company, Department "M "
mcMMimi -i mum tm n wi up n r s I llS S III
usse'd this matter with a number of
my former comrades and also with nu
merous business men of the city, the
majority of whom agree with nfe 'hat
each of the nominees to the office of
cm auditor are to be congratulated
upon their nomination. Mr. Iarson is
the be especiallv Tonqratulated for the
reason that the voting public Is gen
erally opposed to a third term, which
Mr. Larson has enjoyed as a public
official- and he not only wenl "over
the top" in his third campaign, bu" he
is now seeking his fourth term. Now
as to Mr. Moves, 1 find that he is qual
ified b fifteen years of practical c
periencc in accounting and 1 find fur
:ther thai Mr. Moyes may expect a
united veto from ex-service men for
I Ihe valuable assistance rendered them
; in the preparation and filing of 'Ques
tionnaires, during the mobilization of
the aiTiiy, and other services rendered
their families during the period of
their enlistment. However, as far as
patriotism Is concerned neither of the
nominees jn question have fallen
I short wiih the exception of the inci
, , , ., , . ,,. j. f 'HI
I dent which occurred in the office !of 1 !
i our present auditor during the de- ILa
mobilize ;,-in ' tlu ;utiv wire.- a for- ll
mer depu refused (lis position ij kI
'after being honorably discharged from 'J k
; the army and returning to his home A HI
: This is to be regrctfelT; for as far as r SI
the writer has been able to ascertain t H
the record ot" our business men and '1
local corporations is otherwise tiear il1!
in Hi iv respet I
it la ale regretted that Mr. miW
Moyes will br unable to make a per-
sonal canvas on account of the acti- J!
den' encountered b him in I90'J when
he sutiereu tne ioss oi a umo aurinc
the construction of our Twenty-fourth ffl I
street VladuCt, oni of our most needed I I
public improvements.
ah things considered, Moyes is THF
MAN for 'he office of cny auditor. r
Let's see tha he is elected
Yours very truly. v
W r COOK. , .
Sgl ' o. 3, Firel Dev. Rn.. Camo
Lewis. American Lake, Wash. : Ad v. l
oo ii II
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