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,4 1 Sweets
rr ;? j
'k ill Fust prie N, y
at the 7 A
?t box OF
Sweets xl
I?!5; 1 S n i
limn i " tci 1,111 trA'"
' i washinotin". Oct. 28. General
! ' Pershing announced today he was
iljil lilnnnine a lour of inspection of the
Iflflll war industries built up durip.z his ib-
i, tMI'T, sonce In Franco lor the purpose ol
it ,i!r" formulating recommendations lo Se-
jj rlPjl retarv Rakr as to what portion shotiM
r I If 1 13 he maintained asainsi anolher natlon-
J- iI i aI pmerpeney His trip will take hitn
ili i us far as the Pacific coast, anil while
1, Jfl" away be will mhi Ins lnune in V.
It! I" ' souri
1IIIMH r.o
Ripe Olives Cause
; (l Death of Five
Persons at Dinner
I Va f DETROIT, Oct. 27 - Seizure of all
,,1 rljle olives in the stocks of local retail
' stores was bejrun today because of th-
I IP lrths of letsuns who intended
111 a filnnpr last wppk at which thp fruit
H k was served. Chemical analysis showed
I f the olives contained poisonous bacill.
I V Nine thousands bottles of the rip"
fruit were taken in early seizures and
u 11 wholesalers were ordered to discon
tinue sale of both ripe and preen olives.
!' while hotels were adised to strike
p 1 1 II olives from their menus
Departtnent of hejith physicians I
day decided to ask a ban on the sale
oi olives throughout Michigan.
INDIANAPOLIS, t 27. Governor
James P. Goodrich of Indiana, who was
asked i Governor Harding ol Iowa'
to attend a conference here Wednes
day of executives of the soft coal pro
ducing states, today pledged to Presi
! nt Wilson the support of Indiana In
the president's effort to avert the coal
WASHINGTON, Oct 27 Heirs of
the late 'James Hill of Minnesota lost
their ficht acainst a transfer tax im
posed in New Jersey on stock in R
317,000 when the supreme court today
upheld the ratio provision of the New
Jersey inheritance tax law.
Death only a matter of short time.
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incurable diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
The woild's etr.ndard remedy for Icidne,
liver, bladder ond uric acid troubles the
National Remedy cf Holland Einco.1696.
Guaranteed. Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for th nunc Gold Mrdl on vrry bax
cd accept co imitation
1 1 n im ill l ii mill pnMMTMM
P.OSTON, Oct 2S. No citizens of !
the United stales are lo be removed
from their jobs at navj yards becauso
oi i.iek of work or lack of funds for
n n ill Cdn8tnll lion, until all aliens I i
been discharged. This la the substance
of an order bj Secretary Daniels, :
ceived at the first naval district head-1
quarters here loday.
Five Men Indicted I
For Plot to Defraud
U. S. Government
PHOENIX, Ariz., Oct. 27. Five mn j
were Indicted by the federal grand
jury here today, charged with con
spiracy to defraud the government if
the sale of hay for army use They
are Alfred J. Peters, wealthy Tampa
hay and grain merchant; Vernon
Peters, his son; Joseph N. Japcers.
former inspector for the Sail River
Valley Hay association; Paul B. SepD
and Cllmmdrd Smith, former employes
of Peiers.
The defendants are charged with
agreeing to induce the government by
false representations to ::ccept nnd
pay for low grades ol hay on Ihe basis
of higher grades specified In contracts.
The conspiracy is alleged to have be n
I In effeci from December 1, 191S, to
' Ma- 13, 1?19.
The indictments were returned aft f r j
.i length) investigation in which it was.
aid army officers from El Paso, TexOJ
appeared as witnesses.
Alfred J. Peters and Jaggers, who
had been under arrest some montha,
!were held to answer to the federal
grand jury several weeks ao.
. i i. .. ii set en tl ft hns discovered .n
Organic iliosphnle which should be n
verj effecuv remody for weak nerves.
, ale plcx.nii?.s. thinness nnd Ittck tf
FtrftiBtli. i ncrsy and vlcor.
Its suits! fine' i.t li si tili. il liv specl'tl-
ists as Identical composition with i
j tain vitiii elements neulrallj found 'H
liialn an., nerv e cells and one which
when mken Into the human system t'
quickly converted into healthy living
This phosphate Is .niready widely
' knowti among druggists in this country
s BItro-Phospha'te nnrl some physlclaos
. Intra Hint through Its n.e .trenKlh. !
er; . vigor uml nere force are ireum-ni-
l ITirrrn.el In tWO weeks' time.
! Dr. Frederick Kollc. Kdltor of New
York rh . ii ;ians' "Who's Who " sayo it
should be prescribed by ever) ooctor an,l
I used in every hospital in the United
I States. As there are a prreat variety ol
i so-i-mIIo1 phosphates, those who wish to
tet this subi tarn e should be .sure ;o
Ret the genuine Bltro-Phosphate Adv.
The appointment of Reuben Evans
of Ogden as secretary of the Farm
Loan bank at Berkeley. al.. was an
nounced in advice-., from Washington
this afternoon. The appointment was
secured through ihe recommendation
of Senator W. H. King and will gi
Ogden two members on the board. The
Other member is Willard I). Ellis,
! treasurer. I'tah is the only state hav
ing two members on the board. The
salary for Evans is $5000 a year.
hi? I Beautiful LOIS WILSON in
1 1 ALH AMBRA Thursday, Friday
f"tk fsr 1 Kr Oftr IT IS A GRIPPING
jlil II! bl
The crack Twenty first infantry
band of Fort Douglas will in ill pmh-'
ability be one of the four hands on-'
gaged to play here on Armistice day
during the celebration which has been
arranged by the American Legion
i i'i i 'or Benton of the Twenty -first
is now in Ogden with his band and sev
ernl eoneerls were held at various
parts of the city today, They are on;
recruiting duty and are expected to'
return here or ihe gala celebration,
OO i
Buttermilk Creates
Beauty Overnight
D-iiqhtful New Vanishing Cream Con
taming True Buttermilk Makes You
Look Years Younger or Money Back.
The first applleatinn of Howard's But
termilk Cream will astonish von It
creates beauty almost liko marrle, but
the most Wonderful thing, about It !a
lh" fart ,iif whilst It turns the 1ul,est
and most lifeless bomplexlon to radiant
beauty nnfl makes red or rough .irni
snowy white yet there is not the siiqht-
SSt sl(m e;f Its Use lifter applieation. It
actually vanishes fiom sl.'li anil Ihe most
heated atmosphere will not produce lie?
least shlniness or greaslneaa of the skin.
Th( re Is no seen ahout It nor : 1 1 1 pi
any doubt aboid the result it's Jn't
mon ordinary Buttermilk in the form
ol a wonderful en-am cenll niassaR-vl
with the finger tips around the sorncfs
of ihe eyes ;'iid mouth.
To prove this lo vour complete satis
faction ohlnln a small quantity of
Howard's r.uttermllk Cream at W. It.
Wright and Bons Co., on the monej back
Lf dissatisfied plan The directions, are
simple and it coats so little that any girl
ii woman can afloid it.--.dv
Portugal Has Not
Granted Naval Base
In Azores to U. S.
LISBON', Oct. 27. The premier of
Portugal, Sonor Cardoso, informed the
Associated Press today that there was
no truth in the report tnat Portugal
had granted to the United states a
naval base in the Azores. The pre
mier said:
"Portugal went to war to conserve
the Integrity of her colonies, and she
will never part with any of them
' Should the I'nited States apply for
a naV) base in the Azores, it would be
ImpOBSihle for the government to srranl
it as it would cue the I'niled States
preponderance in the archipelago"
MADRID, Monday. Oct. 27. -Objections
by a i bird power, led to the re
fusal of Portugal to grant the United
States a naval base in the Azores, ac
cording lo informal ion received hre
I in well-informed circles.
Senhor Oardo. premier of t ortucal
has denied the (ruth of reports that
Portugal h;td granted the I'n'.ed
States the right to establish a naval
base in the Azores. He hinted that ihe
, United States had not asked lor s tch
1 ? concession.
Sage Tea and Sulphur
Turns Gray, Faded Hair
Dark and Glossy.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed. brings back Ihe natural color and'
huster to th hair when faded, streaKed
I or gray. Years ago the only way to
I ret this mixture was to make it at
hom, which is mussy and trouble
some Nowadays we simply ask at auy
drug store for "Wyeth's Sage ?nd Sul
plnir Compound You v. ill 'el a large
bottle of this old time recipe improved
by the addition of other ingredients,
nt very little cost. Everybody ises
Ins preparation now, because no one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as it doos it so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and dravl ihis
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hair becomes
beautifully dark, thick and glossy nnd
you look vears younger. Advertise
mi nt.
! oo
(Reprinted In itnswer (o many re
quests.) private soldier, by Ibe name of
Richard Lee, was taken before the
magistrate of Glasgow, Scotland, for!
playing cards during divine services
At Ihe church those who hail Bible?
took lelnn out, but this soldier had
aeither Bible nor common prayer hook
nnd. pulling out a pack of cards he
spread them before him He first
i looked at one card and then another
The Bergeanl of the company saw him
! and said
"Richard, pul up the cards; this is
no place for them"
'Never mind thai.' said Richard
When the service were over the
constable took Richard a prisoner and
brought him before the mayor.
"Well," said the mayor, "what have
you brought the soldier here for"""
ICr playing cards in church.'
"Well, soldier, what have you to say
for yourself?"
"Much, sir, I hope."
Veri uood; if not, I will Dunfsh vou
Beat the I
High Cost Living
The price is on every can 1
It is the same now
as before the war
and furthermore double
the price could not buy
a better baking powder J
2 Ounces for 25
The Government Uses It and Sent
Millions of Pounds Overseas
I severely. "
"I have been," said the soldier,
i "about six weeks on the march. I
have neither Bible nor common prayer
hook. I have nothing but a pack of I
cards, and I hope to satisfy your wor-
ship of the purity of my intention."!
Then spreading the cards befor- the
! mayor, he began with the ace.
"When I see the ace. it reminds me
that there is but one God. When i see j
the deuce, it reminds of the Father and
Son. When I sec the trey, It reminds
!me of the Father. Son and Holy GhOSt
When I see the I it reminds me of Ihe,
'four evangelists that preached Mat
thew. Mark. Luke and John. When
: I see the 5. it reminds me of the five
wise virgins that trimmed their lamps.
There were lfi but five were wise and
! five were foolish, and were shut out.
When I see the 6. It reminds me that
in six days the Lord made heaven and
earth When I sec the 7. i: reminds
me that on the seventh day God rest d
from the great work He had made, and
hallowed It. When I sec the 8, it re-
.I'l " I
i mlhds me of the eight righteous per-!
I sons that were saved when God de
stroyed the world. iz. : Noah and his
Wife, his three sons and iheir wives.
When I see the 9. it reminds me of the
!nine lepers that were Realised by our
Saviour. There were nine out oi ten
that never returned thanks When I
see the 10. It reminds me of th i ten
commandments which God handod
I down to Moses on the tables of stone.
'When I see the king, ie reminds me of
the great King of heaven which is God
Umighty When I see the queen, it
reminds me of the queen of Sheba,
who visited Solomon, for she wus as
wise a woman as he was a man. She
brought with her 5o boys and 50 girls,
all dressed in boys' apparel, for King
Solomon to tell which were boys and
which were girls. The king went for
water for them to wash The girls
washed to the elbows, the bovs to the
wrists; so King Solomon (old by that '
"Well." said the mayor, "you have
described every card in the pack ex
cept one." I
"What is that?," g
"The knave," said the mayor. .1
"I will cive vour honor 1 di-scrip'loil I
ih.'H, loo. ii you will not be an:ry."
I will ' s; id i he mayor, ' if von J
do not term me to be the knave -
The greatest knave I know of Is the I I
constable that brought me here."
I do not knov " .u, -h- ;n.i- r, "if
lie i i he cn-a - I. h i bui 1 know
he s the greatest fool "
b n I pounl how many spot .
there are in a pack of cards, I find
365, as man) das as there are in a i i
year. When I mum the nunie'rol
cards i a pack. 1 lind o2 t ho num-
r of we.-ks in a year I find there
are 1- ih mr. tatd.- in a p'" k. r"p- 5
n. sent in;; the number ol mori'hs in ..
ear; nml on roun inc the trick.-. ! f III
find 13, the numbet of weeks in a J (Vl
quarter. So you see a pack of card. I H
Bible, an almanac and a I
common prayer book " fl
Read the Classined Ads- I j
Read the Classified Ads. I
Teeth Do Not Stain
It is Film that Clouds Their Whiteness ?
All Statements Approved by High Dental Authorities Jjjjj
Learn the Cause of Decay
L4 itsfs Dental science has now traced most tooth
A CC troubles to a film. To that slimy film which you lr
can feel. -ipltUy
A Ten-Day Tube of That is what discolors not the teeth. It is A
Pepsodent to show the basis of tartar. It holds food substance lf;J
you its effects. See which ferments and forms acid. It holds the acid iiawe
in contact with the teeth to cause decay. It
r Mill ions of germs breed in it. They, with
tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea. Jliev
The film is clinging. It enters crevices and ,J no
stays No ordinary tooth paste can dissolve it. crofc
A soapy tooth paste makes it more viscous. Tiie
So. despite your brushing, much film stays. 'Wge
jjlBZjjv Night and Jay it docs its damage. It is the great trick
IwttL Science now has found a way to combat that ,k s
HHk;" film. The fact has been proved by many clinical
HKjV;v tests The method is now advocated by leading
ffljy" 'r 'or daily use if. is embodied in a dentifrice jet
fF Sw&;4 called Pepsodent. And we are mailing 10-Day lts0f
,.fe Tubes so that every home may try it. Ntk,
f Do This and See
gjfffh We urge you for your own sake to write for rltKl
yfL this 10-Day Tube. See the results for yourself. JJJ 1,
A Pepsodent is based on pepsin, the digestant of ? jj
"If albumin. The film is albuminous matter. The L rf'
V' I& object of Pepsodent is to dissolve it, then to con- c
Y ; stantly combat it. SkfJ
i JL , Pepsin must be activated, and science has discovered l'
f A a harmless activating method. The usual method is ,ra
f an acid, harmful to the teeth, so pepsin long seemea Mr
impossible. Now everyone may apply it, morniny. M, nje
LI 1 1A T noon and night. And the evidence is that this mven-
OOK 111 1 U JUaVS lion brings a new dental era. JjUti 1
. , Send the coupon for a 10-Day Tube. Note how 2Uji p
Note how the teeth glisten. cican the teeth feel after using. Mark the bsencJ
You can see that the film is cone. of th shmV fllm- Sce how tccth whiten as the rLxe 'M
film disappears. 'v 8ta
Compare results with the methods you use now. y J W,
Then judge for yourself what is best. Cut out tne ,w n 8f,
coupon now.
PPSsOdRj I Ten-Day TubTftgl g
Deptm7MlMS.Wbh Ave-ChleU J
The New-Day Dentifrice Mail 10-Day Tube of PfiP
t dent to
A scientific film combatant, bated on activated pepain. .
Ita daily uae ia now urged by leading dentiata everywhere. . , . 1 1

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