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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, October 29, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 12

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i missed his rliave
Sfcj ships to lead them boldly over a treacherous
BAH Mississippi River bar and fight the great
Ij, j battle of New Orleans, he worked without ceasing for
ten nights and days, eating and sleeping when and
where he could.
His shaving had to be postponed. Yet no amount of physical oi
i mentaJ work could dull the fighting edge of the man who said
V "Damn the torpedoes go ahead f" and the razor that he used
was like him time-tested in principle keen-tempered, depend
able perfectly balanced. If Farragut's razor lacked any modem
feature, it was simply the extra convenience and safety of the
guarded and two-edged
II i A Real Rayof made Sale
jjjl ij'V evteiy time-proven shaving princi- keenest, best-tempered blade on
pie, the same as the razor Farragrit earth. Don't discard it when dulled,
and your own father U3cd, with the You can strop it you can hone it.
addition of a guard to save your face Don't throw good steel away. Go to
nnd a two-edged blade to give you your dealer today and you'll see why
double shaving mileage. This blade, seven million men hav echanged from
I jJ ' furthermore, is the longest, stronneat, other razors to this real razor made safe
mk -
Ijjj . C E. - ..-nstronrj . Co., 206 2tth St. A. R. MctrUyrr Drurj Co.
;j Jl; Brownlno Erothcrs Co.. Hudson Ave. 24th 0'.. ond Wash. Ave.
!;,. . ! j! Boyle Hardware Co.. 350 24th St. 2S?h Und Wa.h. Ave.
Cri Drug Store 25th St. and Grant. McBrfde Dru0 Co,. 2463 Wash. Ave.
M ii "i mr Jui,c W. Clark Drug Store, 274 25th St. MaJor Drug Co 173 25t st
' Geo. F Cave Drug Co.. 2301 Wash Av. Ocden Barber Supply Co.. 3iS 25th St.
it j f.'h i C E. Driver Drug Store, 2340 WjsD. Sullivan Drug Co. 2600 Wash. Ave.
i ' . Depot Drug Store, 103 25th St. Sorenson Jewelry . Sporting
i, j Znslgn Drug Co. :3S 24th St. Goods Co., 22 3 25th St
liJ!S Fulton Pharmacy 201 25th St. Tabernacle Pnarmacy. 2201 Wash Av.
George A. Lowe Co., 2326 Was,) Ave "
II IiIHr Cullcy Drug, 2479 Wash. Ave. Watson - Flygare Hdw. Co., 2440 Wash.
Bt jf "Vi. Frank F Ulrlch Morgan, Utah Glglc-r's Pharmacy Rcxburg. Idaho
., ' -I 1 Thompson . Scott Tromonton, Utah Rexburg Drug Co Rcxburg, Idaho
I Ljn Davis Drug Co. Trcmonton. Utah Modern Drug Co. Montpelier, Idaho
1 1 ll u fi El Red Devil Store, Devil's Slide. Utah Malad Drug Co Malad. Idaho
I 4 1 ftik " Rampton Dru'i Co. Farm Ington, Ui.ih City Drug Store Malad, Idaho
(I tlj D Layton Drug Co. Layton, Utah Hoinej . Moore Downey, Idaho
d Pi L Hyrum Drug Co. Hyrum, Ut.m C G. Cunnell Evanston, Wyo.
iljli F ilifi li Eddv Drug Co. Brlgham Cay, Utah Greene's Pharmacy. McCammon, Idaho
, E, 1 D Briohim City Pharmacy Evanston Drug Co. Evanston, Wyo.
I i lil , i1 ' ' V Brlgham City U'-i'i Uc.an Drug Co. Shelley. Idaho
v ' M D CHy Drug Store Logan, Utah A. G. Deuel Rock Springs, Wyo.
a ' 'fTl' 5 R- D;nlels Garland. Utah Central Drug Co Idaho Falls, Idaho
'jtol Edward Thoreson Blackfoot, Idaho Preston Co.oper Drug Co., Preston,
I' lIlllVH . rUl Powers Pharmacy Blackfoot, Idaho Idaho
y i VjKJ Arniitrong Drug Co. Burlcy. Idaho Caledonian Pharmacy Rupert. Idaho
Prescription Oruo Store, Lonan. Utah Bookstore Pharmacy Pocatello. Idaho
tp- 1 PI '' - Larson Hardware Co.. Logan, Utah Piatt-Wl'liams Drug, Pocatello, Idaho
ft, , "Wl r RHor Bros. Drug Co.. Logan, Utah Carlson Hardware, Pocatello. Idaho
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Temple Pharmacy Pocatello, Idaho Farmers' Cash Union Hardware,
..'li , Cook Drug Store, ' Pocatello, IdaM-j Brlgham, Utah
J'li, U H H. Whittlesey Drug Store, People's Drug Co, Brlgham Utah
Pocatello, Idaho Merrell Hardware Co , Brlgham, Utah
l:iiiil'j: p If you ro a Durham-Duplex rlr.-tW find wish fn have your nnmo .irr--i to the
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ilil'ii Many Robberies
I II j Occur in City
ij nhtt Of Salt Lake
IL" SALT LAKE. Oct. 29 Thieves In
' M8- Salt Lake haM' robbed eleven stores
( J' i, in the downtown district and six
homes In the residence district with
s! ! success during the last three days.
I 'i 1 1:0 obtaining approximately J4000 in
money and goods. Nearly a score of
W lesser burglaries have been reported
to the police lrom the residence dis
trict in the same period.
Thieves punched a hole through the
plate clait: window oJ tti Eroafl of the
Anderson Jewelrv compan . . 2'".T outh
: ' , ,
Main street, early yesterday morning
and obtained $610 in Jewelry inly the
most valuable articles were takon by
the robbers.
A hole of the same dimensions and
similar to that in the Anderson Jewel
. ry company's window was found by I
the police in the window of the Salt
Lake Loan office at 76 East Scond
Boutq street yesterday morning A
pair of valuable field glasses and six'
revolvers were taken.
On going upstairs last night at 7:30
! o'clock, members of the family of M
L. Gordon. 274 South Twelfth East
8treet, found that $22 in currency had
been taken from a dresser drawer. A
I purse containing $7 owned by Miss
Edith Austin, lining in the (lordon
home, was also missing.
The thief gained entrance by sc aline;
the porch to the second story Jew-
elry on dresFera had been left un-
Safe fiflHFAHTSllJlTO
P' Jpl ForInlsnr,ItrmSdjnd Qi owing Ctaldre-a j Eocfa mfflr, malttx! gtada trsirzcl in PowcVr i
Tb Original Food-Dxmk far A3 Agra No Coakinj Nouihing DccSiUo
touched b the thief in his hurry tO
leave undetected. Plain-clothe men
P. B Tripp and Walter Griffin inves
tigated the case
By smashing a glass In the front
door of the Deseret Sunday School
L'nion book store, 14 East South Tern :
pie, yesterday morning, burglars gain-
ed entrance to the store and obtained
?2.7r in money a brief, ease valued at
$12 and eighteen pocket knive9.
The lock on the Swyers Electric,
Supply store. 143 T-nth East street,
was forced open yesterday, but The
prowlers were evident) frightened
away, as nothing was taken.
While returning from the downtown
district last night at 8:30 o'clockH
Dean Dinwoodey. of Idaho Tails, Idaho,
a student at the University of Utah,
who resides at 60 Gordon place, was
hrld up bj three robbers at the cor
ner of Gordon placr- and Main street j
and robbed of $25 and a gold watch.
Covered with a revolver held in the I
hands of one of the bandit trio. Din- J
woodey was forced to march into an
alley near by for a distance of thirty
Jet, where he was locked in a carac
tQri leaving ihrir victim in the para-H,
the robbers warned him not to leave
the place, and then placed a chain over
the door.
Half an hour after being placed in
the carnge. Dinwoodey reportr-d In the
police, he heard someone lift the chain
from its place; but. owing to the
Hhrr-ab of the thieves, he did not. ven
ture to the door. Shortly after the
owner of the garage opened the door
and allowedgjhim to go. No descrip-j
two Jin mis
. i
With th prospective establishment oi
1 two rtlr patrols In Idaho forests, over
the two mort hnzardous portions of ilic
forests, from .i fire standpoint consider
able Inquiry has been made at tho loc3i
forestry offices concerning the establish
ment of air patrols In T'tnb and Nevada,
The establishments of alrpa troll m
Utah is not anticipated, the fire menace
in uab forests beinc comparatively
Two fire patrols, each having three,
air craft, will be established In Irlaho
forests. Major Smith was recently, in
Boise, Idaho with a De Havilond plnn a
overlooking prospective, sites and tho
patrols will probably be established next
sprlrnr. Information as to the terminals
of the nir patrols has not yet been receiver
tion of ihe three men could be obtain
ed, the police say.
Several suspects have been arrest-
ed. but Chief of Detectives Joseph C.
Sharp said last night that as yei coth
tag definite had been learned to fix
the cuilt on any of those arrested. I
Weber Clashes With
Davis Stars Friday
I roach Malcolm Watson's fast Webr J
grldders will vie with the Dais Coup.- ,
ty warriors hero Friday afternoon in
Iwhai gives promise of being a first
class grid game. Both teams have a
number of stars in harness and it h
expected that the game will be a rrn
and -tuck affair. Lindsay, the sUr
hack for the Weberiles, is expert d
to carry the bulk of attack for the j
The Davis warriors are being
coached by Homer Warner, forme,
Ogdei) High school star, and are ex
pected to make a great showin .
Warner has a number of stars in ait
ness and expects his nun to romp
foi th With a uetorv
On the other hand, the Weber pit; -ers
have shown wonderful improvi
mem in every game m which they
played and are being backed to troUQCO
the invaders. The game will be plaj i d
lal Lot m Farr paik Friday afternoon.
The kickoff Is scheduled for .'. 10
Sheridan Forced
Out of Aerial
Race at Owegp
CHICAGO, Oct 2$ Better flying;
weather today was promised the five
aviators remaining in the army twice
transcontinental airplane race al
though none of them apparent I', would
be able to complete the 5402 mile
flight. All the contestants were in the
air yesterday for the first time in sev
eral days and added better distances )
than (hirinc any flying period sints the
unfavorable weathei Bel in
Lieutenant II W Sheridan suffered;
(a keen disappointment when he was I
fori ed out of the race at Oweo. X Y , I
163 miles from his goal after bat'ling I
cold, snowstorms and inds nearly I
across the continent. His place in the
van of the returning fliers and be
tween Lieutenant Colonel M. E. Hart
ney and Lieutenant R. M. Bagby who j
took off from Chicago this morning
Lieutenant L B dish spent ihe night i
at Des Moines, Iowa, and Captain F
Steinle last in the race at Rawlins,,
Lieutenant R S Worthington, the
only westbound flier today was at 1
Omaha. Neb.
Neither Lieutenant Sheridan nor his:
observer. Lieutenant Frederick Nel
son was injured when they made then
forced landing. A leaking radiator put
them down and the plane was damag- j
ed by lauding.
If you have roaring, buzzing !
! noises in oui ears, are gettinn J
! hard of hearing and fear I at.ir
i rhal Deafness go to your drug !
gist and get 1 ounce of Parmint
i (double strength) and add to it
'i pint of hot water and a little jf
!; "granulated sugar Take 1 table S
!j Bpoonful four times a day. I
j This will Often bring quick re
j! lut from the distressing head !
! noises Clogged nostrils should
i open, breathing becomes easv !
! and the mucus stops dropping
! into the throat. It is eas to pre-
! pare, costs little and is pleasan: !
j! to take. Anyone who has Cafar
j! rhal trouble of the ears, is hard j
j! of hearing or has head noises ij
j; should give this prescription a !
! trial. Advertisement.
There's a great deal of perfectly
good ballast for out-conit -hue be',
fng wasted by allowing the radicals to I
remain in the United States-
It'.s awful working in the weather
bureau on rainy days.
After-dinner speeches don t aid di
gestion. Wfl have an alarm clock that has a'
rhronir attack of insomnia.
Our wife is the food dictator of ourj
Head or chest 1
are best treated
"externally" with jfe
1 The Photoplay Wrih. An Amazing Soul 1 I
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