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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, October 29, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 13

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1 t FOR SALE 1
I Rod Eftta
I j guvEN-ROOM furnished; on $
I Lom furnished with piano, Grant Ave
Ifc I m! "Gin $8000 each; ood Iprms. i)nn
I I I ,.". lol 66x310 Jeff, and 26t
I 56 io pa i mrnt and all
I fecials pn'd 4 room modern, full
I has.-riK-nt; nil built-in features; close
I (n on Mndlson Ave. Now vacant
I -,,. Phone 913, 2256 -W. 491
just completing n beautiful five
rooro mottled brick and stucco bun
,.3l,,w on Qulncy avenue; built-in
bookcn.se and cabinets, hardwood bor-i
AtTti cement s h 1 f basement, large,
ereencd-ln back porch, cement drive--aj
and walks. Applj H. B. Cook-,!
956 22nd St.
BUILDING Int 66x148 'i. corner Tin '
,rM? and 29th. By Ownfr. Phone
2638 J JJj
is ACRES first class farm land With
water right, 2 miles south of Ogdcu
phone 1859-J. 313
FOR SALE by owner, acre or land IfitJl
rooin house, barn, chicken coop, fruil
tree- 3 blocks irora car line. Call 31b3
rail' Ave. Cheap; 1,800 129
IT ILL pay you to see us about good
farm1-. Loans, city residences and lot,
phone 1876, Porter Ilealtj .., 237 1
Wash Ave., basement. iJst vith us
5-ROOM stucco bouse; water in bitch
en; screened in porches; full base
meat; big barn and chicken hoi6e.-.
u lots loth aud Madiaon 1 hone
fc-J-3, J
tTfwVBLE lot on bench; line loca- (
dun. Lot 6 by 13-. Two frame
houses on lot. Reasonable for cash,
phone 2746R. 38
SI-ACRE farm, 3 miles west of Ogden ,
I room frame house, West 20th Si.
Tanas. Phone ooi-R. u. T. Terry '
I 30 1
NEARLY uoiv arm stucco bungalow
iwo large lots. For quick sale $3200.00 j
! one half caso. Good terms on bal.
J0u ith Ct, Ph. 3107-NBL 992i
ACRES, about one hundred acres
7 guinvated, balana meado and pas-1
I lure- This is located In best section
' I ol Ogden valley, has plenty of irn- 1
I gatiag water, good house and oihei 1
; I improvements, i'rice, including horses
If aud all necessary Implements, $3i,ooo.
i u can com nice you thai ihls is i ae
I of the best ranches in the statu foi
geueiai farm, dalrj ur stock purposi
, Will sell for one-half cash, balar.ee!
long time. Jm. W. Cannady, 2127 Hud
mui Ave. L'863
FROM OWNER 3 large building Jots ' j
i; block from Wash. Ac Uest loca
tion north el bri'lf. also l, 2 and o
i acre tract of best larming Land,
fhone 1619-NR evenings or sund aya.
1 4 room house with largo lot. 9808 '
1 THREE rooms, sleeping porch and
2 bath, No i Jefferson Ave., $175C
, liiquird Volker Lumber Co. 9321
I FIVE-ROOM Lirietij mod. m
I furnace, nice lol with fruit trees, i rice
$4350.00. i'heuivj 01 call 7 J 1 d. 'J
I lion. 961..J
UP-TO-DATE modern rooming hojee, i
well located. csialicinc-ry tubs, furnace '
itc, disappearing Leds, Fnoue Jo.y
yj4i :
b-U'JO.Xl irauie. moUi:m, gaiagt d.U-1
bdbemenl, ou .vcams Ae., line loci i
ujn. Joto tdsii. inquire itcuw 12
tith anU Grani,. 66j i
I -23S ACRES al J4U per acre, in b x
', ilder county, 14to aer.-s unuer cuiu-
- vation, ii-OD acifcs tillable. Over K0u
acres wld Oc planie-d by the middlo I
October, 10 miles ol uiice- in good
I Londmou, divided iuio separate adjo.n-1
y ing Lields. Ali flat land. Also 1J. bead
I ol horses, harness and machinery, in
I eluding gas tractor. Smail houseo ac-!
I coiauiL'd..lmg two rainilie-s. Oeod barn3
I for HDlmal6. Term--, j.U,u'U dowu,
I balance in yearly payments at 7 pel
I ceni. Thomas Greaves, i'restuu, id.i !
S96u J
I1 UY OWNER Lot 40x140 to alley bo j
tween Jinh and 3Ulh SL on Adams ave
But front Phone 925-J. y 7 J
BY OWNER-Modern apartment house,'
of G apartments Close In. Libert
bonds taken Phone 1008-J. 8865
ROOM modern hou?i with Bumraei
kitchen, bath; rry large porcii and
pantry; closets; furnace, as. electric
.lights. Tine location, excellent negb
orhood. riose- to car line, all scho i
and churches. Call 2570 Grammerc
iavenue. Owner. ?&S J
; 12 -ROOM brick strictly modern, fur
nace. with 22 1-2 acres of 1st class1
soil, good young orchard, with first
yatcr richt. thoroughbred stock, and'
i machinery, furniture, all gn with place.
Seasonable terms, inquire 2731 Mad.
hvenue. Phone i:ii29. 385
w-ROOM brick, strictly modern, fur-,
nace with 22 acres of 1st class soil.
first water right, machinery, cattle
and furniture goes with place. Roaa
"onahle price, good terms U731 Madi-I
faon. phone 2029 292
plXTEEN acres of land about one-
third of it in fruil with a frontage of.
1325 fe ., on East 'ih stix-vl, v,;!h a
tood 6-room bouse, plenty of chicken
runs, barns and out-buildings; Tor1
vni $4800, worth about $10,000. Can
: be bundled with $1500. This can be
subdKided and $8000 to $10,000 clear '
.ed during the uext year J. J Brum-'
jbW mitt. Phone- r.'.. 387 '
Doktd j
I ONE oi th,. best larnis in noitlnrn
t I. , of l'-1 acres; is located n at
"P'l.-n. on . Lei trie car line, has paved
ireci runnim- ihiouLh ,i . ,:,- plent) I
rt W - oi water riKi,t lor 60 acn -. wati r can
l ne developed for the rest f the land i
I inis tarm Is reasonablj worlh $25,000: i
v ' MM buy it $7000 down, bal-'
1 r:: r- v yeais' time- at 6 per ceni
JL Lesl Ho" '-s "PP-.tuni-. to'
W niake $LT,.on within the next thr
AsdJS J ' llruillllntC 2117 Hue i
"" i 387
) C)M modern. sleeping pTrTh t
jl t-mrs U44 26th St 349 1
Real Kstato. Inuranre
5- ROOM modern cottage In cholep lo
cation, rloe in; houp hn.i remrnt
baaemenl and aU-epins porch. This
is an excellent buy .t $:i"io on easy
NETV strictly modern bungalow in
Ideal location on bench; has hardwood
floors, furnace, open air b'd room and
basement with laundry room, coal
room and fruit room Immediate pns
seseion Price $6500 on reasonable
i term?.
GOOD 5 -room modern brick located
close in on paved street. The lot (a
worth $2500. Erlce 4000.
E. W. CANNADY' 2427 Hudson Ave.
6- ROOlfl modern frame on Upper 25th
Street) Lot 50x135: basement, gar
age; hardwood borders; front rooms
built-in features, "'iil sell oj good
terms, only $2,700.
6 -ROOM brick modern except heat,
close in. Lot 44x135- Specials In and
paid. Will require $600.00 cash Terms
on balance. Positive snap at $3000.00
5-ROuM modern brick on bench, be
tween L5th nnd 2Gth streets. Built le..-
than one year. Furnace heat, ail
huiltiu features, strictly up CO date.
Will sell on good terms, $6,000.
4- ROOM modern frame, lot 37x132.
li basement , south central part of
city; close to Washington avenue.
Terms; ?2750 ,T. A McCullOCh 495
Phone 1096. 2?76 Hudson.
8 ROOM brick, nearly new, good loca
tion, fine lot. rraned lor three- apart
ments, two sleeping porches, two nath
rooins, large front porch, a double
brick garage. Thi is a good nlace to
make money. Located on bench.
5- Koo.M bricl- and stucco, new, mod
ern, large lot full basement, on oench
I'rice 81250. 464
SMALL place, fruit trees, chicken
house and garage. Good water, near
school. Phone 29 -J-2. , 482
7 ROOM modern brick house Ms block
from paved street on car line, imme
diate possession. Price $5500.
GOOD income warehouse property,
prd e only $1200. Will take auto as
part pay. Property now leased. R A.
Norris, 1650 Wash. 484
6 'ROOM modern brick close In on
Adam-. A good buy and Immediate
possession. I'rice $3000.00. $500 cash
:ind balance monthly. See us before
you buy city or farm property. Smith
and Flinders Co., over Commercial
Natl. Bank 460
5-ROOM house, basement, city water
and light, barn, chicken runs, etc. 2
acres for garden and fruit. By Own
Br, 704 7th SL 419
V G 'D six -room modern house with
large lot, within a block of the Union
depot, a great bargain; only $2600 00;
$600.00 down; balance same as paving
rent. J. J. Brummitt, 2417 Hudson
Ave. 387
$3200 ROOMING house. 36 rooms,
best location in city, earning capacity
per mo. $400 00.
112509 ROOM on 25th St.
S1600 9 APARTMENTS, 2 rooms!
$350039 ACRES, 4 room house, 9;
Shares water, 6 miles from Ogden
$850030 ACRES, 6-room house and'
good out buildings, 29 shares water in!
Hooper canal; 2 flowing v. ells; 19
acres beets
$550 ELECTRIC plaer piano, cost'
$950, in the best of condition Phone
131 -M W P. Loiik. 2779 Washington!
Ave. 380
A GOOD well-built substantial 3-room '
brick house, with one acre of land, lo- j
cated nep" .he . ' shops, only'
$2250. $3ui7 down, uice same as
paying rent. J J Brummitt, Phone'
59. 387 !
5-ROOM fully modern, nearly new. i
brick bungalow, large sleeping porch, j
furnace heat; hardwood floors; buil;
In features East front; best residence
district on bench. J,j block from car
line. Lot 50x140 to alley. Electric !
fixtures; linoleum; ihadc-p, and win
ter's supply of coal All go with place.
l'i i -ii.ii by Nov. 1st. Will require1
half cash; time on balance; $5,400 J
A. McC'ullocb. 151 1
5 ROOM, modem brick, large lot.
basement arranged for furnace, lawns,,
flowers, vines, hedge. Some fruit trees, I
close to good school. Handy to car
lines. $3500.00. $1400 00 cash. Easy
terms. Immediate possession Owner,
1139 Oak St. Phone 2619-J. 365
A GOOD 9 -room house and lot YJ by
165 feet, located within a block ol the
Postofflce building, only $3500; a
great bargain. J. J. Brummitt, 2417
Hudson Ave. obT
LIGHT-room modern home. Party
Leaving tosn. 2135 Adams. 9362
GOOD farm, 63 acres; 40 shades of
water Good land, lucerne and sugar
beets. Also 4. 5 and 6-room modem
houses. 302 35th St. 11 I
DESIRABLE residence and business
property for sale. Pol" information ad
dress box 298. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 427
f PK30i-cAL J
TWENTY' years' experience card and
characti i reading. Call 457 26th 9985
EX PRESSMAN You w ho hauled
goods away on 2726 Madison, call 1 1 6
or 2094-W. 9601
Read the Classified Art
Read the Classified Acis
I - ,,... Mjuu-rq-n-- -
HOLTON C B. B. A. Comet almost
nw; barcain for parly with cash. See
Mr. Nye at Standard office betwpen
8:80 and 5:00 afternoons. 527
WILL lease or 9cll any part or all of
ten sections, located in the oil district
ol Carbon county. Wyoming, call 210
Eccles Bldg.. Phone 73S. 517
COW for sale. 2012-M. 528
(GOOD piano $165.00; range $10 00.
iher furniture cheap; leaving Walker
1 mile west Harrisville brick yard. 519
LEW Dundee tailored suits uncalled
! for. also some army H. S cadet and
j Boy Scout serge uniforms. Dundee
Woolen Mills, bv the Alhnmbra the
, atre. 530
5-ROOM brick and furniture; close in;
terms I'hone 333 or 86 511
3 COMING fresh milch COWS, it Id
lers fresh In spring; also few Chester
White pigs. Phone (7-J 3. S03
JEWELL range and two-hole pas
plate. 2533 Adams 524
RON bed and sprint? 12 Phone
2155-W. 499
OW. 2 tons hav. 397 Harrisville Rd
LARGE heating Btove, good as r.ew.
i'rice $20.0ii. Call !325 Harrison Ave.
4 93
JONATHAN apples, Rome Beauties.
Arkansas Blacks. Black Twigs, Y'ork
Emperlal, Ganos, Missouri i'ipoins
; Phone 8 R-3. 485
TWO tons of hav 397 Harrisville Rd
SECOND- HAND goods bought and
sold. Iverson. 1640 Wash Ph 6S6-W.
6 WEEK-OLD pigs for sale. J. P.
O'Neil Fnrm. 34th and Pacific. 469
PIANO in first class shape. Inquire
923 Blnford Ave. 438
3 GOOD horses cheap. 980 Monroe.
1000 SHARES Fargo Oil stock. Make
jbid. Phone 2529 J. 406
GOOD saddle, almost new. 1080 Oak
HAND crocheted bed spread, very
classy. 1918 Jackson Ave. 426
A STAPLE National heater for sale;
almost new Applv 3023 Jefferson Ave.
CHINA closet couch, bed, library ta
ble, lamp, sideboard, dining room table
and chairs, one rmc 9x12. 2135 Adams.
Rhone 355 -W. 476
1 VERS JOHNSON bicycle. dining
(hairs, rocker, babys bed, porch
swum, and small ice-box. Reasonable
Appl 2 169 Van Buren Ave. 376
LEDGE chairs, tables for cafes. 338
25th ol 382
NEW White sewing machine cheap.
Call 2201 Monroe. 384
1917 Bi It K roadster A-l mechanical
condition Pacific Nash Motor Co.,
2331 Hudson avenue 378
APPLES for sale. Peter Ipson, quar
tor mile west of Uintah station. Fnone
02 R-5. 300
ties, globes and fixtures. M. J. Stone,
2869 Grant. Ogden. Z'Jo
WINTER apples, go get them cheaper.
Kelly -Berga, Orchard Phones 8-R 6 or
76 287
SAXON roadster tor sale cheap. Ap
ply ;06 28th St. 237
APPLES for sale. Leslie Ballantyne,
Rlverdale. JL.'1.'
ONE milk can separater Also Dur
ham bull. 3l'3 35th St. 173
HOUSEHOLD goods 1640 Wash Ae
WE positively pay the highest cash
price toi used lurniture and btoes.
Phone w-1 1 4 . Furniture Exchange, -53
25in St.
EXCELLENT bargains in fine violins,
new or oiu. Rantoue, 29th and Hud
sou. yyuG
HEAVY work icaiu 70c West 24lh.
PRACTICALLY new biugei ucving
machine; also portable vhi:o ma
chine. No 3214 Grant. y
JERSEY belfer for sale or would trade
lor goou kitchen ranBc. 1421 24th St.
4000 SHARES Ogden Petrcleum slock
cJid. jjoa 111 cam Standard. 9677
SECOND-HAND goods bought ane.
sold. lverson, it4o Wasn. Phom
Oio-W. 96 j2
i'lUS lor aalu. bluto industrial behool.
30 L0 KRAIG JORGENSfe&l army mode,
carbine, first eias condition, i.tei
ieli Llxl-M Waii. 9-
b'500 SHAilhifi Cub Oil, 4c. .vluai ralcso
money, hox V, 8uindad. bJci
.-iiuw new n niiu Sewmg Macnir.e
AdUSl oeJi al uDce. 622 27 Lb SU &9'jO
NEW aa euporia, 5.50. 644 6lh St.
i nonti 2260. 1640
1 UK bale, ont hand plow, vioud or
cicl-i h. ... . uuu gQ Uui', OOe v. agon
Hall ai 2812 oraait Ave. o4l
CAN Alt Y biiOb. li20 Lincoln. SJ3i
ShiCONDHAND gralu ana potuio
lauSA Pnuns 210, ogoen juuk. luuuse.
iliGH gradt! line ol paints ana brushes
tOl Bale al lusI. l&CU vashiutlou Ave.
1 none 606 J . 2621
isECOND-HAaND goods bought, bold
aud exchanged. 16 yu u atbinyion Ave
1 none 686-J. 36-o
I Read tho Clasalfied Ads. ,
J A. HOGLE CO. pav highest pr,. ei
In Ogden fo. Lib rU bonds. 2450
UNCALLED for suits, tailor made, h.c
reduction cJordon s. J115 25Lh St.
Rhone 419. 2157
FOXTERRIER puppies. Tel 1448-J.
I SAUTIPUL Hawaiian steel guitar.
Hand made. in initial cost $100.00.
Will sell $35.00 or terms to responM
ble party. Box H. M. S , care Stan
idard. 257
SIX sacks wood for tl. Phone 828.,
Wheelwright Wood Yard- 1417
; DROP-HEAD sewing machine, wah-i
I ing machine, wringer and heating
Istove cheap 1554 Brfnker Ave, I'hone
'2915-M 2
TWO gooti heating stoves for salo
I cheap. 973 24th St. Si
Male Help
-i'ihi-w . -L- r -- - -
MAN or boy with auto or ntOtorcycH
and side car to deliver papers 1 hrs
.each evening Address Box P. H. care
Standard 4f'"
.MEN wanted to unload coal Lion Coal
I Co. yard. 31st and Washington. Phone
' G6G- 'n'Z
.LABORERS and teamsters 5500 per
day Board 91.25 per da , at Roger
'son. Idaho Rare advanced vpply
12468 Wall Ave. 377
MESSENGER boy. $9.00 per week.
Merchants' Dispatch. Rhone 502. 356
1 .
! BOY wanted to carry papers evenings
wreet ot sugar factory. Address P. 11,
care of Standard 378
BOY for Standard route, in VVilson
. Lane. 164
1 WANTED Laborers lor out-of-town
work Good pa. vpply 215 Eccles
1 Bldg. fcl
' GOOD man to take half interest m my
business lor $70o.oo cash or good
I note. Pays $20 00 to $5o.oo day. iuu
j musr work. 1 will guarantee your m
1 vestment at all tiOitt. Matthews, 2274
I Wa6h. Ave. 9763
BOYS to set pins. Must be 17 or over.
Good wages. Glasmann Bowling Al
leys, 2477 Wash. 9597
BEFORE selling Liberty bonds get
prices from J. A. iiogle Co. 451
j Male and Female j
I APPLE pickers on share or by bushel.
Good chance to lay in your winter ap
Iples. WedelL 2468 Washington. 31o
GOOD position open for energetic per
! son in this county. Can devote all or
I part of your time. Some experience in
' selling or soliciting preferred, but not
'essential, as training will be given you.
1 Write today: J. B. Bennett, Held man
! ager, Curtis Pub. Co.. Reed Hotel. Og-
den. 8523
I WE take your old rango as first pay-
j ment on any new range or will buy
I your old range outright. Home Fur-
I niture Co. 4672
j .
YOl NG horse, about 1000 lbs. Phone
llO-R-l. 478
WE pay the highest prices for old
! clothes. We do ladies and gents
cleaning, pressing and repairing al
I lowest prices. New Y'ork Clothing
Stdre, 269 1:0th St, near tho Lyceum.
TENT, shotgun. 22-rifle. lverson, 1640
Wash. Ave. 9420
jwANTED Side car in good repair.
Woodworth, 2316 Wash. Ave. 9093
SHOW case and cash register, ogden
i Welding -and Repair company. 2274
Washington. 9008
! 1 BuY Liberty bone's. J. J. Brummitt,
2417 Hudson Ave. &38
1 ACCRUED int plus market prlc! for
liberty pond" paia by J. A. Hcgle &. Co.
to order at Central Barber Shop, 228
25th St. 2
! WANTED Composers o. erse or
: music to write me at once Brilliant
opportunity for good talent. Address
I Bun ell Van Burcn, Grand Op.ua
I House, Chicago. 9145
'LIBERTY Louds ocHughc J. J. Brum
mitt. Phono 6$. 2Wj
I CLEAN RAGS wantwl at tne btan
j lard office.
- - 1- - - 1 it - -1 - - -1 1 n 1) j
SINGER Sewing Machines rented
$1.00 a week, $3.00 a month, needles
tand supplies for all makes. Singer
! Sevang Machine Co., 2338 Wash Ave.
j Wanted "1
Lwm -. hffR - . . u mJl
1 4 OR 5 ROOM modern bouse by young
'couple; no children; very best refer
lences Guv E Vaughn. 278 25th St.
I -167
Female Help
WANTED Girl to assist with cook-
Ing and house work. 2529 Eccles ave-
nue. 529
WOMAN to take washing home. Fam
ily of three. At once. Phone 2757 -W.
ilRL for general housework. Phone
2170-N-J. 2570 Tyler Ave. .'.-'(
EXPERIENCED cook tor private f;.m
ilv Appl' 2535 Madison or phone
2199-J. 473
GOOD girl for general house .vork
Small family. 1073 25th St 393 j
GOOD girl for housework, mall tarn- ;
ily. no washing, good wages. Ph. 1434,1
2500 Tyler Ate. 331
WANTED Competent woman or girl
for general housework. Two in fam- I
ily. Desirable position for reliable I
person Rhone iZo mornings. 174
DRESSMAKING taught to anyone)
willing to apply themselves. See M id
am Capiau, 3rd floor Wright's store.
GIRL to work part of day. 641 26ih
Rhone 1494 9S68
ELEVATOR girl wanted at The Reed.
6401 ;
CHAMBERMAID wanted at tho Reed
hotel. 919o
WANTED--A chamber maid Heal)
hotel. Apply in person. 9011
S ! ALL OChOOl gci to assist With child.
oZi Washington. s90o
i experienced or inexperienced girls
, in all depts. Good pay Ojjden Steam
j laundry. 437 26Lh St. 8i79
EXPERIENCED ironcrs lu dry clean
, ing department. Good wagtiS, Ogdeu
Sieam Laundry. 856J
I EXPERIENCED chocolve dipper.
iGood pay. 282 25th bt. 84J3
GIRLS wanted to sew on jyeralls. Wt
pay while you learn. Only those who
want steady Jobs need aiy. Scowcrott
Manufacturing. 6914
. .
J 1 e-1 ij.nv-OLO m. tie tor goou coa,
iHolsteln preferred White Leghorn
pullets for sale. Phone 43 J-5. 169
FOR sale of will loase or exchange
lor city property 7 acres improved
; land in city limits, 10 minutes wa-k
lrom car line, lull water rights, hr:ck
I house and other outbuildings. For
I Rarticulars call 2710 Lincoln, 212
1 FINE Oakland proper: for pioperty
( nore. Rhono 333. 6194
BY owner 5 room brick bungalow.
, strictly modern. 360 33rd. 884S
Concrete Ornamental j
i CEMETERY concrete coping. Wheel
i wright, Twentieth and Douglas. Phone
2628- W. 4284
Lsss m m i I
FASHIONABLE dressmaking, bead
1 ing, latest wool darn. Fitting and
'work guaranteed. Phone 2860-W. 509
PLEATING buttons, hemstitching,
picot ai loc per yard, third floor .
H. Wright & Sons. 501
FASHIONABLE dressmaking, braid
ing, couching and wool darn. 457 26lh
St South apartment. 327
DRESSMAKING Phone 1912 -J. 207
DRESSMAKING. 124 23rd St. 185
j FASHION ABLE dressmaking, braid
'lng, couching and wool darn 457 26th
1 St . south apt. 134
'HEMSTITCHING and picot, all work
guaranteed. Singer Sewing Machine
'Co., 2338 Wash- Ave. 33
- - ..rt ci - r. n -i i- n r,,-.i- M i-, .-i -i I -i-r -i- -I
A PAIR ot gold prayer beads, bei- 23rd
jand 24th on Wash. Ret. to Grill Mar
ket. Reward. 515
jGOLD pin set sapphire in-arls.
Return 3b26 Wash Phone 2l55-r. Re
jward. 498
FOREARM of shotgun near forks of
'north and south run. Return to Stan
dard. Liberal reward. 487
A STRING of amber and pearl beads.
I'hone 1834, Reward. 3J5
uNE S-moutu-old Airedale pup. PhoDe
1393-R. 8712
BLACK leather pockot book on So. I
; Fork road. Return to Star Restaurant,
174) 25th SL Reward. -.978
GOLD-RIMMED glasses, Jm-j 14 R.t
t jin 2832 Nye. Reward. -40
j LEARN piano in 12 lessons, beginners
'or advanced pupils Studio open VVeti
nesdays only. 426 22nd St. Waterman j
Riuno" system. Phone 2890-M. 9876'
CIGAR and candy store, established 20
years; doing good business; must sell.
.Make own terms. Reasonable. Good
I reason tot Bi lling. Box 118. 75'
WELL equipped restaurant; best lo-1
j cation in city. Hawkins & Evans, 206!
25th St- 9840;
Road the Classified Ad
1 Rea 1 the Classified Ads- '
R 11!
- - - - iri- I,,
To Rent
fO R, five or six room modern house,
)ench preferred. References Ad
ireas Bx R.carc Standard: 458
WANTED 2 or j tarnished house
keeping rooms for man and wife. 262
21st St. &702
RNISHED room, private family,
modern, by single man; close in; per
manent; rent reasonable, specify ratej
in answering Address Box 85 care
Standard. y687
1 HREE or 4 rooms unfurnished,
ground flonr. 2 In lamllj. Box i.GG
care Standard. 933a
li YOUNG couple, small furnished or
unfurnished house; must be clean; no
children. E. J. C, care Standard.
' WW I i 1 WW MMW i f w
ONE large unfurnished housekeeping
room. Call 2679-R. 383 ;
EXPERIENt ED bookkeeper, can give
references. Box 23 i 6 care Standard.
NOV. 1ST. a first class salesman will
be ready tor a change. No rOadvork.
Best of references. Ex-sold ler and of
ficer, Box G. D. M. care Standard
YOUNG colored man wishes position
as porter. Address Bx. D. D. care
Standard. 110
I WANTED A OOd elocution teacher
I to give lessous to a business girl eve
nlngs. Address lo39 ere Standard,
CAPABLE, energetic man expeiienced
as salesman and as dricctor ot laboi,
seeks employment with reliable local
' Iirm who can pay lor good service
j Address box H. E. t162
;LiY OWNER Oakland louring In per
fect condition. Call 770 before 6 p. m
, ?!f
LATE model 5-pass Overland in fine
condition. Tires almost new. A bar-i
gain. Call 34. 507 1
BARGAIN 1917 seven-passenger I
Chandler, first class condition. Mack,
Robinaon garage or call 891-J. 504
ONE five passenger Overland and one
five-pass. Ford. Both in good shape.
Call 2001 J. 49
eOADSTER auto top tor sale. Bur
rows Auto Co. 441
i 1 .
(FORD Sedan, self starting and lighting
system, practically new white-Rob-insou
Oarage, 2300 Wash. 429
LIGHT Ford. , '
BClCl. 3 4 ton.
G. M. C. 311 ton.
NEW 1-ton Republic, cheap. A snap.
NEW Express body
NEW 2-wheel trailer. Savage Motor
Co.. 2361 Hudson Ave. 4u3
1917 BL'ICK Six, Model D 45. Phone
2152-W or call 2762 Madison 406
FORD touring overhauled complete.
: Snap for uuick sale. Ray Shurtllff,
2150 Wash. Ave. 184
BARGAIN Buick Six, model D 15.
i'hone 2702. 996i
MAXWELL, 16 modtJ. tood revaJr.
V ery, Very cheap Rhone 2222. 9iU)
FIAT, Hupmobile, Chalmers, all in
good running order. Wasaich Garage
and Storage. Phone 726. 1 irsi-clusa
shop in connection. 9110
WE furnish and il all high grade
electric or hand elev v.rs, any capa
city. Write Wm. WatXvS, 21J Edison
,bireet, Salt Lake City. We buy second
Lund ones. 2366
MONEY to loan on improved real es
tate, no unnecessary deiaj. E. F.
BratS, 417 Eccles Bldg
MONEY advanced to salaried people
without security. Others on furniture
uud pianoB. Easy weekly or monthly
payments. DLx, 227 Col. Hudson Bldfe
i'hone 284. 8781
1S89. Mortgage Loana, Real Estai
Loauxauco, Utah, lat.ho lands, farina
and city property. Rersous uesiring to
loan money on good tlrst mortgage
security wili do well to consult me.
Goon app.lcat.ions always ou hanu
431 24ih St., Ogden, Utah. 2210
MONEY to loan on improved real cj
late. Eelly &: Herrick. 778
MONB't to lean on real eatat secur
Uy. i, J. HrununltL -21-U
OHIO vacuum cleaner for rent. Sati3
fac ion guaranteed. $1.00 per day,
Ph. 2097. 961
Latest reports show that married
men pay the bulk of the income tax.
But that doesn't mean a man saves
anv more after he's married.
The fact that the hog market is
down so far and hams still remain so
high confirms our suspicions that
there is very little pork in ham.
Looking for a train load of sugar
fl hi unsatisfactory means of sweet
ening your coffee.
1 Read the Classified .ids
FOR RENT 1 ' !
ONE lisht housekeeping room, front, ;
nicely furnished. Phone 2551-NM, 1 H
1642 Washington Ave. 516 ( II
1 i 1 1
FURNISHED room with bath, suitable II
for one or two gentlemen. 343 28th ill
street. 510 I )
FURNISHED room 2363 Jefferson
Ave. 492 IM
FRONT room and kitchenette 2353 'H
Monroe. 480 1 111
PINE steam heated room with bath j
I Phone 129::. n:: I
ROOM for nr.'. 2"nt, Adorns Am- I
Rhone 3108 R or 91 137
MODERN room for gentleman, close
I in, $3.50 per week References 2341
j Adams Ave, 421 V n
1 MODERN steam beated bed room at Hi
l9 16 Crant i"" j : l
1000 SHARES Fargo oil stock. Make I,
bid. Rhone 2529-J. 406 I
Fl RNISHED room with bath suitable H I
for one or two gentlemen Call Staf-
toril Millinery, ask for Mrs. Allen. 381 1,1
NICELY furnished front room 528'- i, I
24th street. (West Court.). 3S6
ROOMS for gentlemen only. 114 1
24th St- 991.; 1H
Nil ELK furnished steam heated
rooms in modem borne. 2l0 23rd St tl I
9782 ,
ACCRUED int. pit marlet price for
liberty bond pala y J. A. Hoglo & Co. 1 I
Poult-? arid Eggs j yM
FEW Black Minorca cockerels. ;ill ". ' 1(1
o'clock or any time Sundays. 176 33rd ' Ll
SI 525
RHODE ISLAND RED pullets and ckl. II
Call 2124 Monroe. 502 j M
10 R. 1. RED pullets. 904 -J. 2843 j'l
Adams. 430 l
30 R I REDS for sale 3772 Wash- j l
ilngton Ave. Phone 938-R. 415 ,
GALjNian , Il
State Engineer's Office, Salt Lake
(City. Utah. Sept. 17. 1919
Notice Is hereby given that William H
J Hodson, of Plain t'n... I m'i. h.i- I
made application In accordance with
i tho requirement-; ol the Compiled Laws
of Utah, 1917, as amended by the Ses- III!
sion Laws of Utah. 1919, to appropri
ate three and five-sevenths (3 5-7) fill
second-feet of water from the A'eber si
'river, in Weber county Said water will
ibe diverted by means of a rumping 1
;plant .11 a point S 27 degrees E. 863 fi 1 I
I from l be northwest c oi ner of Sec ion
IS, Township 6 North, Range 2 West, ill
Salt Lake Base and Meridian, and con- l
veyed 2640 ft. in a canal and there used I
from May 1 to October 1 of each vear II I
a- a supplemental supply to irrigate 1 H
130 acres of land embracer! in the W. ' I
SW and SE NW Sec ", Ml
SE. !4 SE. K Sec. 6: NE. i NW. U ,
Sec. 7; N. NW Sec. 8, Town
Ship North, Range 2 West and N 1
NE 31, Township 7 North,
Range 2 West. This application is des
ienated in the state engineer's office
las No. 8177. ,
All protests against the granting of
said application stating the reasons
I therefor, must be made by affidavit
in duplicate, accompanied with a fee jlll
I of .52 .."!. and filed in this office within l
thirty (3n) days after the romp'etion ('
of the publication of this notice.
state Engineer. i I
Hale of first publication October S, Il
1 1919. Date of completion of publica
1 tion No ember 5, 1919.
If you are in the market for I I
hay, corn, oats, flour or po
I tatoes get in touch with Mit-Ichel-
McPeek Produce Co.: I
Room 503 Eccles Bldg. Phones LI
day, 176; night, 1654 or
1349. 218.
SAAAvrowo y 1
The latest Mexican outrage
against citizens of the United
States was committed far from
tho border where so many others
have occurred. The kidnaping of
William O Jenkins. U. 8. consular
agont at Puebla. and holding him
for $150,000 ransom, was done
by three masked bandits. Puebln
la hundreds of miles south of the
border and very near Mexico City.
inPl CLASS!F1ED ADVERTISEMENTS are payable in advance, if you cannot bring your ad in use the phone and we will collect the following day.
llillli We absolutely cannot afford to keep books on small amounts like these. Please do not ask us to.
-41 . , . , , , ' s I
ga HHl

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