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The Modern Medical Idea
Sickness Prevention
Back in 1-96, hcn he developed die VSCdM treatment to
S .mtllpox, K.I. -I Jennet help, d to t r.rt the trend
,,, Ml o medical thought in the hew direcuon ol Sukn ' Trnt,
uMi -Today tnti-toxini. serums, acanr and .an.tat.on all
P , : h ck dLeu. bet6re i. en I hold. But "".up
T -If, I ion t.ll remain.- one f the most del -.arm, ot .11 plague ,
KeaoS by reducing the body'i pmcf o remtanceH mal
1 1 " it n easy victim of every and any duorder.
7 'j L tadinc medical anthoritiei agree that 90 of dieae hasita
tlV f,ngin in the mtfstinal tract-m constipation,
li. ' J . Yam physician will tell you that pi Is, l , castor oil,
:,jf ,! l. .Vmeral waters, etc., limtfv the system ami weaken
j. ' .f the intestinal muscles
' if t Nnjol i entirely differn :
j 'l Njo1 prevents constipat. on because U softenithe food waste
)- j xnd encourages the intestinal muscles to lei Heturmify.
Nujol help. Nature eitabliah easy, thorough bowel evacua
i.ilM Son at regular intemds -the healthiest habit .n the w irid.
. mjl Gel . bott e from your druggist to.lv.
TfrvmluabU h,ahh bnhet "Thirty Feet oi i Dnei -VMl?
Sw, nvrie Nnjol Laboratories StanJar ! ! to. (New
'iijfUI Tenevi ;" Broadway, New York
Warning: cm"fc
"as Nujoi
r; LONDON. Oct. 29. The program
inn before the house of oommana called for
l itllt 111 in,'ductitin this .iftorncon by Aus-
j ' Sten Chamberlain, chancellor of the ex.
I.'jiil' "I h' qur. of the official resolution ;
l Jf -drawn by the cabinet at Monday's
' ..',1 ' meetin The motion declare" that
M;, "this house, realizing its serious ef-
i 1 v Tocts upon the trade and Industry of
ibe nation, of the enormous financial
burdens resulting from the war prom
j .Jl ' ises its hcart support to thp covcrn-
noenl in all reasonable proposals, how-
1l ' over drastle, for the reduction of ex- 1
penditnres and the diminution or
j, ' This is accounted as equal to a de
mand for a vote of confidence Don
ald MacLean. for the independen' I,ib-
II l! rata and W. C Adamson. for tho La-
1 rfp I ' bor pr.rty, havp tabled amendments
m which virtually are equivalent to votes
j ill ? of censure.
Both Premier Lloyd Georgi and Mr
Donar Law. the government leader.
Will spnak in the jo prnmorit'- c
lnsr Winston Churchill, th. waj
I I'l llrl seereiar, will defr-nd the war office,
;:painst which some of the stronoM
'harper of extraapancp have been
launcheci. others of ti " minis era
probably will offer defenses of their,
respect I vp depart men t
NotwithstandinL' the intense antl- ;
governmeni feeling in a largo section
of both the house and electorate, prPS
ent opinion in political quarters is
that the defeat of the government is
, UJ unlikely.
ill MORE THAN 200
' CHICAGO. Oct. 29 Government
witnesses continued testifying today in
i he trial of S C. Pandolfo. president,
ind twelve other officials of the Pan
, Motor company of Pt. Cloud, Minn.,
charged with using the mails to de
fraud. More than 200 wiineswes for
'the prosecution were aummoned and
so far there has been no indication of
ROCK ISLAND 111 . Oct 29 Blow
ing the door off the safety deposit
vault and breaking open the individu
al deposit boxes, robbeis today made
a haul of $35,000 in Liberty bonds from
tho State Bank of Sherrard, III., near,
Because of the aiml arity of tho,
Sh rraru robbery to the one at Mason
City. la., the night before, in which
$lo.oiiii in Liberty bonds was taken
the authorities are mini to link them
up in an attempt to run down th
robbers. on
fcr sale by P. W. Uggla. Every pen
cil will dehorn 50 head for $1 A
forfeit of $500 for any ralf i falis to
dehorn. Call and get one 2260
i hi
K : " ' ' t,,,r j
! ,f 3;;' 1 :
11 i "
; Tliey Thoroughly Cleanse Liver and Bowels Without
: Griping; or Shaking You Up Ideal Phvsic'
Li L. ' :,
Cascarets end biliousness headache,!
colds, and const ipaUon so gently you
J li .re never even Inconvenienced. There
, 1 ' is no griping and none of the explo-
' ia Rive atter-effects of cathartics like!
L" r - 1
As Influenza I
s an exaggerated fern oi Crip. LA K A
should be taken in larger doses rhan
is prescribed for ordinary Grip. A
good plan ia not to wait :intil vou are
rick, but PREVENT IT by inking LAX ,
I alomel, Salts, sickening oil or cramp
ing Pills. Tomuiil tike Cascnrets and'
get rid of the bowel and liver poison
which is keeping you miserable ind '
sick. Cascarets cost little and work
w hile ou sleep Advert i empnt.
bOW Innq it will lake to complete (heir
testimony. Fewer than a dozen had
been heard when court opened toda
An objection to testimony relating
to buin(j or subscribing for slock of
the Pan company from agents, on the
ground that connection between all
d ft ndants and the personn selling the
-t'"l: had not been shown was over
ruled yesterday by Judre I.andis, who
b i.l that Pandolfo acted as fiscal
agent and his repreaentatives went to
the witnesses with Mock which subse
quentlv was delivered "That eonati
tutea sufficient ground to admit the
evidence at rnPt as w. defendant Pan
dolfo, ' the judge said
Tobacco Habit
fay: Doctor Connor, trmarly of .lohtu
Ifopklni hospital Thousands of men
Miff'-rlnc from fat-1 die sea would EM
n PJ i feet h. Uth '.-.-.in v.,.,,. h not ror
th.. deadly dms? Mcotlnc .stop the hal.lt
nLlWr K" t0r' 11 lmpo
proceps to rid yourself of tho tobacco
l' iblt In any form. Jut Ko to anv up to-
?hf-! irUS'lo!T :inU ! someMcotol
tablets; i"'." thrni u directed nnd '..
the pernicious hnbit quickly vanlahoa!
UnurlstM rciund tho nwn.v if thev fall
i..- jure to raad lars int.T?8tinf
nouncernent by Doctor Connor soon o
aprxar in this paper. It tcllR of tho flait
fr..i,? i.niCOTtlne. Po'"onlnK and how to
ajold it In tho meantime try Moot., I
euit AdvU surprised at the
Now that we've seen the typewrit
ten Literary Digest, we can't help but
wonder why it was bo long delayed
St. Patrick was a pikei a a snake
i chaser along side the prohibit ionis:
The German workingman may be
Staging a come back but German" cur
rency isn't
II Girls Ladies Women
(L Mill; ' HOLLISTER'S ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA a greal I.Rxativomih' phna
li llP' ",,a!n M) ihr.roly eleiilnc and purKving .hat CONSTIPATION 111
appears, and when your CONSTIPATION goes vour COMPLEXION im
proves you work o.'tter eat betterfeel better.
L. Qiv if boro trial and you will r .mmend it to all your women friends
re Drug
Alexandria, figypt, Saturda
Oct 25. - Two rioters were killed and
ten others injured and 27 policemen
were hurt in n seriottH nationalist dem
onstration yesterday The t rouble
arOBi when the police attempted '."
suppress i peaceable demonstration
BUOh us have recently bfen a weekly
feature of political activities in Alex
andria. Sticks, sir.neh, bottles and
police batons were first used.
The arrival of the Kovenmr of Alex
andria reofored order for a time. Thn
two mOtOI lorries with troops appeared
on the BCene and eventuallv shots were
fired at tho erend
Today there was some recurrence
of trouble, at the harbor side, but it
was of a comparatively minor char
Students Under Arrest
CAIRO, Egypt. Saturday, Oct. 25.
Shouts o," "Wo don want ihe Miln. i
commission" Interrupted a band pi
inc "Ood Save the Klne" at the public
gardens yesterday, giving tho signal
for a nationalist demonstration.
The trouble was quelled b the au
thorities, who placed a numbei ol
ctudens under arrest.
It was announced in London some
time ago that the government was con
sider im; sendinc to Egypt a special
commission headed by Viscount Mi!
ner, 8ecreiarv for the colonies, in OS
der to ascertain what changes were
nee?sary In the constitution of the
Recipe for a Mild
Laxative Cough Syrup
Made with Simple Sugar Svup
and Mentho-Laxene in Aboui
Five Minutes
Make a syrup witn a pint nf sugar
and a half pint of boiling water, cool
and pour into a bo-tie or jar Then
udd the contents o( .' -' v. bottle of
Mentho La.vene four to ci.rht 'imes a
day for head or chest colds cou.ns
bronchitis, whooping cough or catnrrh
Of head and throat.
Actually, the very first dose will
Show you the wonderful virtues In
Blentho-Laxene. It is penetrating,
healing soothing and curat'V" to a
greater extent than anything ever dis
covered. Children like and adults
use it from Maine to Caluorn'a. Phvsl-
lane prescribe it. bospltala use it, and
whj should not you nj.y the bene,
fits of cheap. nonie made rem d
free from narcotics, sickening drugs.
Ask your druggist for Me ntho Lax ne
and Insists on getting It, for It is guar
aniecel to please every purchaser oj
iimn. h..ck I.v The Blackburn Prod
ucts Co., Dayton, Ohio. Advertise
Austrian Generals
Criticized Severely
For Stopping Fighting
VIENNA. Tuesday, Oct. 28. Cerer
Bl on Arz and WaldBtaeten of :he
Austrian army whr have b.-. n sub
jected to severe censure for ordering
the cessation of hostilities on Nov m
ber 3, 1918. thirty hours be lore ihe
srmistlce with itair became effective,
were heard today at a secret BSSiriOn
of a commission appointed to Investi
gate the allegations made aga nst
It is claimed that the ftalll i.s con
cluded thejr offensive and raptured
more than UpmiOu prisoners during
the period mentioned, ill Austrian
popts having been ordered to stop firing
. I
! i
Indigestion, Acidity, Sourness j
and Gases ended with
Pape's Diapepsm"
Millions of people know that it is
needless to be bothered with indlges
tlbn dyspepsia or a disordered s, mi
ach. A fw tablets of Pape'r Olapep
sin neutralize acidity and give r let
at once.
When jour meals don't fit and you
feel uncomfortable, when you belch
gases, acids or raise sour, urdigestcd
food. When you (eel lumps of Indigea
tlon pain, heartburn or backacne, ft mi
3Cidlty, just eat a tablet of Pipe's Iia
pepsin and the stomach d'stress is
The cost ia so little. The benefits so
great You, too, will be a Dinpepsin
enthusiast afterwards. Adver..se-
men I
I no
Farmers Combine
With Manufacturers
Against Radicalism
CHICAGO, Oct. 28 Representative
farnu rb and manufacturers have com
bined under tho leadership or M, H.
Campbell, chairman of the national
board of farm organizations and presi
dent of the National Milk froducers,
to combat radicalism of all kinds and
to help bring the nation back to a
firm industrial bitifis by means of an
educational campaign designed to
eliminate claan suspicion and distrust
Vn effort is to be made til include la
bor leaders In ihe committee's work
"I am Working, Bald Mr. . nropbell.
It Neutralizes Stomach Acidity
Prevents Food Fermentation,
Gassy Stomach and Acid
j Doubtless If vou are a sufferer from
indigestion, you hae aireadv tried
pepsin, bismuth, soda charcoa1, drugs
and various digestive aids and you
iknow those things will not cure your
I trouble In some cases do not ever.
jgive relief.
But before giving tip hope and do
elding you are a '"hronir dyspeptic
just try the effect of a little bisurated
1 magnesia not the ordinarx cbmmer
clal carbonate, citrate, oxide or milk,
but the pure bisurated marnesia which
lou can obtain from prrctlrplly anj
Idruggisl in cither powdered or tabic:
, Take a teaspoonful of the piwaer nr
two compressed tablets rith a little
water after vour next meal, and see
what o difference it makes it win in
stantly neutralize t.v dano-in"T harm
! fill acid In the stomach which mw
j causes your food to ferment ar.et sour,
making ga, wind, Hatule.ice, heart
turn and the- bloated o. h'avy, lumpy
feeling that seems to follow mosl e,
jirythlng you eat.
Vou will find that provided you tike
i a Pule bisurated magnesia imineJi-
latbly after a meal, you can eat aiUlO I
anything and enjoy it without any dan
I f,tr of pain or ellacomfn.-t to follow
rti'J tnoreovor, tlie continued ue o. th
1 lst.1 ited macnesla cannot inlu:- the
stomach in any way so long as there
I arc t ny symptoms of acid indigestion.
j Advt rtisement.
"on tho selection of a committee
which Is to bo composed of represen
tative farm organization bonds, rep
resentative manufacturers and conser
vatio labor men Radicalism, tbe 1.
V W. and its Ideas, are to be fought
lo a finish, and the 12.000,000 farmers
of the country, I believe, are actively
behind such a flht."
"A Tal!orMade Man. ' which will he
I seen at tho Orphcum tonight preaenla,
! in graphic form, a psycholenic.nl study
of the- effect of environment on charn. -ter
The central figirc in the play, Paul
Brrt. stines in the atmosphere of tho
! tailor fhop. lie desires hroader, more
; ;ensltl7.inE surroundinfcs. niul with noth
, Irs more than belief In destiny, he com
mnndoers a dress-suit which, in his
hands, or rnther on his hack proves m
open sesame to his ambition which ia to
. limb to the topmost height! of socloi
I and financial prominence. This coal he
I achieves St the end of the play, tho four
I acts of which are filled with wit. humor
and sound philosophy. On" of the Kr-st
i casts ever assembled for a straight com
1 edy production will he seen In "A Tnllor
Mn.le Man.' and the usual correct Poh.in
nnd Harris production will be In evidence, j
Harold Veimilvc plays the title role.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 The his-,
torlc American flag which flew over
the capitol during tho war sessions j
of congress, was sent to Oovernnr!
Holycombe of Conneeticutt today by
Secretary Glass as a reward for the
'state being flrsl in over-subscrlptionR
to tho Victory Llbertv loan Connect1-l
cut over-subscribed its quota 49.95 i1
cent. Alaska was second with 40 96,
per cent according to revised figures, j
!and the District of Columbia third wi'hj
1 39.60 per cent
Among the states, Michigan ranked
second with an over-subscription of
63 70 per cent.
oo I
First see that the tablets you
take are marked with the
"Bayer Cross."
The Payer Company, who inuodueed
Aspirin tell in their careful directions
in each package of genuine "Bayer
Tablets of Aspirin' that to get best re
sults one or two glasses of writer
chould be drank after taking tablets
"Bayer Tablets oi Aspirin 1 to be
-enuinc must be marked with te sr.fc
tv "Bayer Cross" Then you are get
ling the world famous Aspirin, pre
crlbed bv physicians for over eigh
teen years.
Each unbroken "Bayor" package
contains proper directions for Cc'ds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Xcu
ralgla, Lumbago Rheumatism, Neu
ritis, and for Pain generally.
Handy t in boxes of twelve tab'. tS
cost but a few cents Druggists also
fell larger "Bayer" packages. Asp rin
is the trade mark of Bayer Manutac
ture of Monoaceticacldcster of Sailcy
jlcacid. Advertisement
The difficulty in finding the straight!
and narrow path since the advent of
Yeggs who cart the safes away with
them to crack them at their leisure l
have developed tho w. k cash and cur -
Ty idea to perfection.
Telephone girls have more rings
than a Jeweler.
We suggest that a good way to ere
te a lot of noise on Hallowe'en at aj
nominal COBl is o try to rive your
?mall son a dose of castor oil.
HELSINGF0R8, Tuesday, Oct. 28.--(Dy
The Associated Press.) Lieuten
ant Colonel Lestrang Malone, a Lib-
ora member of the British house of
commons, hus returned after a darin.T
Unofficial visit to Petrograd. lie told
friends here that ho wns convicted
after an in .'-ligation of the. political
land military' situations of Russia, that
it is Improbable that Petrograd will
fall this winter.
Ho said fhat reports of disseisi in
among ihe Bolshwlk were untrue and
the Lonine and Trotzky appeared to
bo working in entire accord
He saw Trotzky review thousands Of
soldiers who enthusiastically bailed
him as "a divine leader." Colonel Ma
lone pnid that the Bolr-hevikl asserted
that General Denlklne had lost tho
confidence and support of the allies
and had reached an understanding w ith
General von der Goltz and Colonel
Avaloff Ttermonelt, heading the so
called west Russian army, composed
, largely of Germans, in the Baltic prov-
i im es
Colonel Malone e ntered Russia froi i
Reval. passing through the Esthonlan
PARIS, Oct. 29 Reports of the
'elections held in Fiume on Sunday forj
.-electing members of the new com
Imunal council, show that 66SS persons!
voled the .straight annexation ticket; j
1186 for the party led by Professor
Zanella, who came to an open break
with Captain Gabriel.- d'Annunzio, and
that 3189 of those registered did not I
I vole, according to advices reaching;
oo '
Pershing's Report as
Nearing Completion ,
WASHINGTON! Get. 28. -General
Pershing's report as commander in!
chief of the American cxpoditionar
force Is nearing completion. It will
be an official history of the war. tak
ing in not only all actual military op
erations and movement but the de
parture of General Pershing from,
Washington In April. 1917, to his re-1
! turn but also the hundred of inrer-
allied conferences and diplomatic ne-
got iat ions conducted overseas
The report will be very detailed as
to military information, General Per
shing said, includinK reports of regi
mental commanders
Sore Threat, Colds
Quickly Relieved By Hamlin's
Wizard Oil
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a simple and
effective treatment for sore throat 2nd
chest colds. Used as a gargle for sore
throat it brings quick relief. Rubbed
on the chest tt will often loosen up a
hard, deep seated cold in one night.
How often sprains, bruises, cuts
and burns occur in every family, as
well as little troubles like earache,
toothache, cold sores, canker sores,
stiff neck, and tired aching feet
Soothing, healing Wizard Oil will al
ways bring quick relief.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick head
ache? Just try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, 30 cents.
Unfavorable Comment
j On United States
Made in Turkey
25. (By the Associated Press ) Un
favorable criticism has been caused
here by dispatcht B from English and
American sources to the effect thai
the United States will not accept
either the Armenian or Turkish man
dates. In commenting on the situation, the
newspaper Vakit says "President
Wilson's illness is a disaster for us, as
be la unable to carry out his plans. He
has been apprised of our wishes for
American help to maintain the integ
rity of our territory ."
H is pointed out that, so far. no
American statesman or business man
has been heard from relative to the
Turkish mandate.
British Deny
Passports to
Hun Delegates
LONDON. Oct. 29 Passports for
mot of the German and Austrian !el
egatei invited to confer here on No
vember 5 in an effort to reach a solu-
jj h men C Pi g s ' B la d der) J
Choke SeamWelt seved in with Leather Wei k. makes,
ihe shoo as waterproof as it is possible to $et jt
!in" '; ; ':: Dm
FOR wet weather wear, these specially con
structed shoes are unexcelled. They are as k
waterproof as leather shoes can be made, right ' 1
up to the minute in styls and strictly high grade in every
detail thoroughly comfortable and possessing unusual I
wearing qualities. You cannot hnd better shoe value any. j
where. If your dealer cannot supply you write us direct.
HOWORBdT sswiy
Dry-Sox and JW MUI I
M.ycr Trnd "V
Mrk on o!.
lies r.
F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co. MilwankecWis. I t
-- - r ' OMt
tion of the internal problems of the
central empires have been refused by
the British government Among those
who will not come for this reason are
ax Warburg, a Hamburg banker, and
Herr von Gwlnner, head of the
Deutsche bank of Berlin. It is an
nounced that only three German and
throe Austrian delegates are coming
for the conference.
Representatives of mother countries
including the United States, will at
tend the meeting which was called b
an association known as the "fight
the famine council," of which B-'ron
Parmoor, judicial member of the privy
council is president
WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 Armed
with tho drastic provisions of the pro
hibition with passage by the senate of
the measure over the president's veto,
agents of the bureau of internal reve
nue today took up the task of making
absolute the ban on the manufacture
and sale of liquor
The few remaining saloons in the
I'nned States were legally open todaj
for the sale only of beverages con
taining less than one-half of one per
cent alcohol Sale as well ai iiiav "-ads an
facture oi beverages of more than its tu'is, a
, -in. ..in ,. ai, ,. .!., . ,n ' rr I; '- "I Bore
saloonkeeper as well as the brewtror rasyen
1 -V.- i. ..'. p.-ru.P B:' qae 0f
: i j : t it. drasti" pro-, isions, Ih' U li out
could not touch the man wbohadstcr bich th
ed up a supply in lu own home ic eor? gei
his orn m . ,
Applv Zemo, Clean, Penetrat-
mg. Antiseptic Liquid
It is unnecessary for you to sdn I A
wiUiccema.blctches.'ing'.vonn.rasiM I W,
and similar skin troubles. Zan?, I Mm
obiained at any drug store for 35c or J m-
$1.00 forextra large bottle, and prompt
ly applied wdl usually give instant rtta
from itching torture. It cleinses in
snothes the skin and heals quicily ad
effectively most skin diseases.
Zemo is a wonderful, penetratms.
disappearing liquid and issoothwgw
the most delicate skin. It isnotgreasr.
is easily applied and costs little, w
tt coday and save all further distress.
The ti. W Rcje Co.. OerelasA vi-
Advert HM9
Two cats were about to have ad-Pf g
"Let's have an understanding i
fore we begin." said one.
"About what?" asked the olbt I
la i. to be a duel to the dea7
shall we make It the bst three"
out of five?" Bo s' Life. I
Verily, strikes are the foster par'
of invention I
Girls! Your hair needs a Httle that's all ' (
it becomes lifeless, thin or loses its lustre; when u;Jj ''j M
appears, or your hair falls out, a 35-cent bottle of de .l
dependable "Danderine" from any store, will save vour
also double it's beauty. You can h;fve nice, thick ba'r- J
Come and learn a trade in our Overall factory. Not.Jj J
you have a steady position, but it is a lasting expert"
4-hour week and good pay to tho capable Are yu,fLn,. I
ply John Scowcroft & Tons Company, Department ' M- Jm

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