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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, October 29, 1919, LAST EDITION - 3:30 P.M., Image 3

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V r ,
J iQ That's the Trouble
Hfcjfcj Hot Biscuits
lip' lM 'Ists' i w ' ' k :::w
II W - WB;
HTHEY go hand-in-hand with indigestion, and
the Doctor only a step behind.
Whydo mothers persist-in serving hot breads?
A child's digestion is as undeveloped as its body.
It should be given nutritious food, that is easily
digested. Hot biscuits are not easily digested
Ask your doctor.
solves the problem. It is easily digested. It is
J a wholesome, dainty, appetizing food. Builds
bone and muscle. It will make a man of that
boy, and he will love every crumb of it.
i By Invitation of tho Fortinnd Ce
ment association, engineers of ihe
ll'tah state road commission, t i'y ol
I ogepn. nnd the cement produr-.ng cum
ipanies of the state, assembled in thr
leffice of the Utah alrs company. 515
tEccles buildin:. w-Mordaj afternoon,
i ( io nif-' t I'm: I mil A. Abrani of i be
II Lewis institute, hicago, III
i Professor Abrams nddr- spa the en
H I rinee-rs on the ubjeit of concrete
B roads and in. : mat.-fa I- 'lis rr-
marks, and di'-i; n l'oiiov. inu wno
luf mom than passing interest to 'he
taxpayers of the r and si te, bi
Icause of th' fact thai a waj was point
led out and methods described b
which the state as ,r v hole could n-ake
nore general use i the immense
I quart ii.- min l- i ia!
Ithat now IU don tant in the state and
' jet b 1 1 r r i'r in d-"-posit? being
.used, than are now poner1ly ob
Professor Abrams has devoted Ins
life to research work in concrete :'nd
j especially concrete highways and na
Iterials. He is a man of international
reputation and his '.::scoveries are i-pv .
I olutionizing the methods of toncrtej
construction generar.
Utah abounds in suitable material i
j for everlasting, cheap constructed con- i
jcreto highways and, with th idea of;
Ideveloping these immenB deposits In
ihe state, th- Portland ( rnu ni associ
ation asked Professor Abrams to come
i i o Oden to address the engineers of
1 1 he state.
Attending tlie mee lng v.-ere: Jaries
iPineree, secretary and treasurer Un
ion Portland Omen' Co.. r. . Day.,
president Ogden Portland Cement o. .
r. E. Bristol, president Utah Sties
i?o. ; II. C. Day, ice president and ?en
Ural manager, Ogden Portland Cement
Co.; O. C. Hart, superintends Ogden
Portland Cement Co.; J. M. Tracy, city
engineer, Ogden, Utah.: W. A R'ch
mond, assistant state highway engi
neer; C. S Fisher, state bridge cr.p;i
n'fffr; J. O. Burson, staff road com
mission; L II Groesbeck. stale oad
commission; R. N. Miller, distriet enci
nerr state highway; Georre Soffo,
chemist Portland Cement ro of Utah,
F. A. Sutton, state testing laboratoiy;
G. B. Stone, Portlanu Cerient ?ssoein
tion inspector; W. Cr. Glleon cre Utah
Sales companp, Wm. F Long, district
I ngineer Portland Omem aSSOCiatiOL
I - . i Muir, district engineer s .te highway.
All stationary engineers and fire
men. Special meeting of L U. of S
V i E. at Moose hall at 8 p. m. to
nicht Second Vice President Mac
Kenzle Is to speak
Come one and all.
NEW YORK, Oct JD Steels shar
ed with oils and motors in the stronc
tone at the opening of today's stock
market, being favorably influenced by
the quarterly statement of the United
Statec steei corporation United
States Steel rose nnlj a point, but ad
yancea in allied stocks, notably Re
public Lackawanna and Bethlehem
were more extensive. General Motors
the recent feature, pained four points
at the outset, affiliated issues lislns
1 to 2, while loading equipments ad
vanced two or three points. Food,
shipping and tobacco shares also par
licipated substantially in the advance
The more extensive gains of the
earh trading Included Crucible and
Republic Steels al 5 and 6 3-4 noint
respectively, Mexican Petroleum 4 1-4,
American Sugar 8, Cubn-American
i 14 and Worthington Pump 12
Profll Lakina caused the usual reac
tions of 1 to 3 points, the setback in
several issues exceeding fhat range
Trading became dull on tho reversal
buj quickened again when buying ol
high priced oils was resumed. Texas
J company advanced 11 points to a new
thigh of 320 and steels strengthened
asain. Call money opened at 9 pei
Trading became apathetic at mid
day, leaders Hesitating probably as a
I result of uncertain money conditions.
There were several noteworthy .excep
tions, however, Texas companv and
I the sugar group making material addi
tions io the gains of the morninc
Bethlehem and United States Steel
also reflected steadv accumulation.
, ,
V I 9
CHICAGO, OcJ 29. Higher quota
tions on corn today accompanied a now
upturn in hog values, the fact that re
ceipts of corn were meager tended also
to strengthen values. Commission
houses did most of the buying. Open
ing prices, which varied from the same1
as yesterday's finish to c higher
with December 26 to l 26 i. anJl
May SI. 23 io 1.23 1 4. were follow
bv a slijt downturn in some casen
and then a material advance all
Oats were dull but hardened with
corn. After opening unchanged to
,''il-4 off.. Including December ;w. 70"K
cc '
f I Price I
Here's a Wonderful Fitter I
Some men go for years needing such a simple I
shoe as a combination last without even knowing
that there is such a thing. The variety of Walk
Over shapes provides a perfect fit for everybody.
A combination last is simply one made two widths 9
narrower at the heel than at the tread. It fits
thin-heeled men like a silk sock; and it's a swagger
looking shoe, too now isn't it ?
: Boot Shop I
2481 Washington Avenue. m&
i m
Another Car Load of RANGES I
and HEATERS Just Received
Give Away Free ! I
mf a'lr' " ' ' r" ' nnlv'ri' rr f'iat t '''as3
Home Furniture S M
to 70rs'T0 3-1, the market made
j slight general gains
Provisions reflected the rise in the
hog market Offeiings were llgh:
Further upturns which took place
were ascribed in part to gossip abnut
la big loan to German Predictions
(of wet weatliet had an additional bull
fen effect, and so, too, did scarcity of
i ar The corn clo -;f was steady,
to L '-cnct higher, with receniber ?1 . -
I27n8 to 1 271 and May $1 226.
Increasing demand for lard and ribs
fcxvith n-poris of a half billion .iollar
Floan to Germany counted later against
jtho proision bears.
CHICAGO. Oct. 29
(pn Hic;h Low Close
j Corn
Dec. ?1 26 1 273 1 25T3 t!
May 12..', 121 a 1 2.i's 1.23-8
I Oats
(Dec. 70 71 la 70'., .71a
May .73 74 .73-'8 .74
Oct '. 42 00
'Jan :'A 2u 34.70 34 15 24.62
! No. 26 70 26.90 26.70 26 SO
Jan. 24 62 24.75 24 60 21 67
Oct. 19 25 19.25 19 00 19 00
Jan. 18 55 18 72 18-50 18.70
CHICAGO, Oct. 29 Corn No. 2
mixed 1.41)1.42; No. 2 yellow $1.42
1 .42 3-4.
I Oats No 2 white 71 3-4'T721ic; No.
3 white 69 l-4-o 73c.
Re No. 2 11.37137.
Barley $1.20$ 1.40.
Timothy $8.5011.25.
(Mover nominal.
Pork nominal.
Lard $27.60.
Ribs $18.50'?7lS .25.
I HICAGO, Ocl 29. Hogs Receipts
13.000, market 2 to 25. higher; bulk
513 5014 00: top $14.15; heavy $13 -60fi
14.00; medium $13.5011.15;
light $13. "014 . 10; light light $13.25
I I". 75, heavy packing sows, smooth,
(13 13 50; pai kinj sows, rouch,
I $12.757 13.00; pigs $12.5013.50.
Cattle Receipts 18,000 market
firm: beef steers, medium and heavy
weight, choice and prime S16.75j
l'1 medium and good $ln 75 - li.
50; common $8.2510.50; light
weight, good and choice, $11. i 1 9
25; common and medium $7.5013 -75;
butcher cattle, heifers, $6.75(g
'l4 50; cows $6.5ii-ol3.00; tanneis
'and cutlers $5 25 P6.50; veal calves
I $17 00(18.00; feeder steers $6. 75
13.00; stocker steers $6.0010.25;
vvestern range, steers, $7.75)15.50;
I cows and heifers $6.0013.00.
I Sheep -- Riccipl Jo.OtiO- market
'firm; lambs S1J 35(8)15.50; cull- and
common $8.5012 00; ewes, medium,
j k'xm and rhoice $1. 75fr S. 25- mils and
common 3.006.50; breeding $6-75
j 12.50.
Cattle Receipts 354; choice heavy
steers 899; good Bteers $7'i fair
B tee re $6)7 choice feeder steers $7
'7 8; r hoice cows and heifers $6 7. 50;
fair to good cows and heifers $56;
cutters M6; canners $37 4, choice
feedei rows $56; fat bulls $56
bolosna bulls $l.:., veal calves $10
911. 4
Iloe Receipts 700; choice fat hogs.
175 to 250 lbs , $12 50 T? 13 00; bulk
12 50$ 12.75
Sheep Receipts 7210; choice larubs
$1011.50; wethers $6 50 7 50; fat
ewes ?5Ti6, feeder lambs fOln
OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 29 (United
States Bureau of Markets. y Hogs
Receipts 3500; market 15fn25c higher;
top $14.10; bulk $13. 50 13 S5; heavj
weight $ir; 75011 00; medium weighl
$13.35014 10; light weight 113 75&
11.10. heavy packing sows, smooth,
j $13 5013 75: parking sows, rough..
I13.25fi-13.50; pigs $1G.0014.25.
f at 1 io Receipts 10,000; market fori
beef and butcher cattle steady, otOCk!
ers and feeders weak; beef steers. me-
dium and heavy weight, choice and
j prime, $15 75 '. 26 medium and j
I good $10 7515.75; common $0 :'
10 75; lir-'hi weight, good and choice.
$15.75018.50; common and medium
$s 75015 75; butchei cattle, heifers
$7.50T 13.25; cows $6 75 12 .50: j
canners and cutters $5 256.75: veal;
calves, light and handv weight, $12.75
14.00; feeder steers $7.00'5'13.25; )
stocker steers $6 50011. 00.
sher-p - Receipts 14,000; killlne
I grade mostly 25c higher; feeders,
strong; lambs, SI pounds down. $13.75
ft 15.00; culls and common $S 25" 12 -
'75. yearling wrthers $9.7511.50;!
lewes medium and choice, $7.25''d'8.
j00; culls and common $32507."25
KANSAS City, Mo., Oct. 29
(United States Bureau of Markets.)
Hogs Receipts 8000; market a-:tie
40 to 50c higher: hulk $13.50014 00;
heavies $13 50014.00; mediums $13.
75014.00; lights $13. 50'14 .00; light (
Slights $13. 2513. 75; packing sows, 1
$11.75012.75; pigs $12.5014 00.
Cattle Receipts 22.000; market!
steady to weak; heavy beef steers,
choice and prime $15 75 IS 35; me-1
dium and good $12. 00(Q 15.75; com-!
mon $9.75011 85. light beef steers,
i good and huice $13 mi'T? IS . 15; com
I mon and medium $8.25( 13.00; butch J
;er cattle, heifers. $6.50012.50; cows
1 $6. 5nf 10. 75; canners and r utters $5 - .
j no '06 50. eal ralves $12.5016.75,1
i feeder steers $8.OO013.5OJ stocker,
sleors $5.75(5'9-75.
Sher-p Receipts 7000; market gen - j
erally steady; lambs $13.0015 35;
culls and (ommon $S.'"0'ol2 25, year-j
ling wethers $9 500-10.76; ewes $6.
,ii0''';7 5n culls and r ommon $0 " 1 h
5.75; breeding ewes $7.50014.00;
feeder lambs $10.5012 25
CHICAGO, Oct 29 Butter unchang-'
ed. I
I Eggs higher- receipts 24!i8 cases:
firsts 57&058c; ordinary firsis 'Oft ,
l521ic; at mark, cases included. 52 ft; '
57c; storage packed firsts 59c.
1 MINNEAPOLIS Minn, Oct 29.
Flour unchanged.
Parlev $1.0801.32.
Rye No 2 $1.3101.31
j Bran $37 00.
, LONDON, Ocl. 29. Bar silver 66 d :
J per ounce
Money and disrount unchanged.
NEW YORK, Oct 29. Mercantile
, paper unchanged
Sterlinc: Demand $4.16; cables
$4 16 3-1
Francs: Demand 8.76; cables 8.74.
tJuilder: Demand .37 3-4; cables'
.38. I
Lire: Demand 10.66: cables 10 63
Marks: Demand 3.30; cables 3.35
Time loans strong, unchanged.
Sure j
i to- ' Ho water
Sure Relief
1 Bhfor indigestion
Call money strong, high 12 percent;
low 4 U per cent, ruling rate 9 per,
cent; closing bid P. per cent, oifered
at 5 per cent; last loan 5 per cent.
NEW YORK, Oct 29. Liberty bond1
prices at 2 55 p. m. today were:
8s 100.94; first -Is 95.04; spcond
4s 9316, first 1 l 1b 95.40; second
4 l-4s 93.24; third 4 l-4s 95.22; tourth
4 l-4s 93.34; Victory 3 3- Is 99 53;
Victory 4 3-Is 99.56.
A rainy day.
A gridiron slippery.
Still will tliej play
This g;ime means history.
The pigskin's v ei .
Time's Flying fasi
They cannot gain.-
1 !
They try a pass.
Th bali 1 pei ds 1 rue. li
The end la waiting.
He'll take a chance.
He s hesitating.
A solid thump "j I
li hits his chest. '
slips away.
I He did his hi Bl
The ball bounds high. !
it nestles downward.
Not to him but
The opposing forward. , I
A thrilling run
Through puddles swollen. H
j a score is made : J I
A game is "stolen." '
f !)' hn find lif3 an empty dr--m
frequent! make a howling uightirare ijh
,orothcr;: I
Read the Classified Ad iH
It Will Not Cost You a Penny H
to try Occident Flour, for the Russell-Miller Milling
Company will stand back of your investment with J
an iron-clad, money-back guarantee, which we will
cheerfully carry out for them.
Let your grocer send you a sack make as many
GurutM im bakings as you choose from it then if vou arc
Ertj Sack nfl a tiling to say it beats any other flour you
? have used, your money cornea back for ihe
Utah Grain & Elevator Co.
Jjist JlV Wholesale Distributors. j
161-463 25th St. I
Is Closing Out His Stock Of
$25,000.00 Worth of Shoes,
Ladie's & Gent's Furnishings,
Notions, Beddina and Millin
ery At Wholesale Factory
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y I
r?..- ? i -...1.. fife - ,V? &-te??M3&i

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