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i jjWomaiTs Pagej
I Dorothy Dix Talks j
What Qualities Women Most Admire In Men
I iv D0K0T1IY DIX, the World's Highest Paid Woman Writer j
She Siyot asking his honor's
I Kuinc" 'in aVitlwr a husband Rhr
' ' "oem very critical about the
di nualificaUons as a life partner
""'"n one particular. She naid
I lerful ! man. and one who would boss
I h" rll; ,he primeval womhjl
ft L warns Who reverted back to her
V r'cth and who worshipped the lov-
1 : :::0 draped her by her lovely red
I F (mm her own cave t0 his, where
r ' KJ,rmrd ever after in fearful happl
r nf hi' big stick with knobs on it
Kit this woman who wanted a bus
d Lnrt who would boss her is onl ajlt
i K mori frank than he, sisters. Prac
,' " , rv woman has the ,ame de
fr;' (or women are still at heart care
l:,ro,n and they s.dl love best the
r" wh0 conquer them
C1Th one quality through all the
1.1, .with nirn bave becn able
J conjure women ha.s been strength.
, thla is true whether the Strength
Ctcieriri-l or phyfilenl. or used for good
rvower ihat mysterious something
L , man which makes htm superior to
K; occasion, able to fight with fate
' A t0 rost his won from the world,
g E;() hold and keep it there's some
ling Godlike In that that simply hyp
I iflMrP; a woman's imagination.
That is wh refined and gently born
i ,nd reared ladies hac eloped with
m double fis-ed. bull necked prize fight
- and husl-.v stable men, and chauf
f,r-' and vh fWH-i innocent, pious
leaf, g'ida-. school t.achers fall in love
v triih lb" criminals the are trying to
., reiorm . , i
tiff fhese men have done somc'hing
7; , hid thP strength and ourage to,
L after 'he thine they wanted, and.
ke cave woman Instinct lu ihe
thw fo-Jif.-'i'c fspunded to r.
' Th qi!nli; Hiat ' oman admires i n j
Hn above all others is Btrength, the
bjlitv to do thing,. .Ml women are'
l nature hero worshippers, and (hat
thy , dc,i- in surress Is not the re
I bit but the grit, the determination ,
V the enerp that carried rh man o
Zfl (jjrrcfS
f Wcwn ;idriii; men who know how!
W to do things from the biggest to the
j j j 1 -- - who aie adequate to c nr.',
n jujstinn men who ran conduct a big'
iU5inc.'-" 01 ordn a goo.l dinner, men j
T;-,, ihii.n i a woman from dan-I
?(.- v ' li :h r own good light arm or
picn .nit ih" right senis at the the j
int is this instim ;ne admiration thai
I vomer, have for ihe man whr,.;e
Isii'insth and superior knowledge vhey
htn rely on that make ihem easy vie-
IJ I'm:- for the t-o railed "man of thc
irnrld" rho hanpiv to be a vll'ain ?nd
' that keeps a good woman infatuated
jrith .1 man who-e morals revolt iter.
A woman can forgive ? strong man
am sort of a past for the rake of his
. ... length
U On the other hand, there is no o:h-i
I nlftj in a man that a woman de
vil ip'sps is s h 1 dors weakness A man
1 bicbt rcmmii every crime on th cal
T fndar and no: 1,-e loathsome in a
j soman's eves a he i wiien he is ?ira-
m no account and inefficient. To be
i Teakling without :he stamina to
vcn put up a fight with life is the sin
Of 6lns to a woman
I If ou could look Into a woman's
toff! eart yo:i would see that she would
k 10 rmther be married to a successful bur
UVI lir ihan an honept man who cant
iWl ttke a living, and this is not because
if Hi j the loot or what she would gain,
tid-1 lit herause she would have more re
in W pert for the man who risked his life
lid If br-rt e-.f-n In a dishonest calling
rver.S M she would have for one who was
I Hut 0 hz-, and shiftless, and towardlv
gatbe) bi' he made no effort al all.
lUH I'.Tn' measure of a happy home h
ios much the vlfr. looks up 10 the
olu:l msband If ehe is satisfied and happy
nist;l ''man must be her superior physical
ftM ' An mentally, a man on whom she j
yj, an lean, on whose judgment she can'
Ifpnd. whose strength ran stand be
een her and -he world When, von
If' & a Wlf" b,'cin ycrv sentence vith
I I 'John Fajs" it is a certificate of mat
I jmoniel bliss strong enough to draw
I n "Mey on at the bank.
But when the woman is the first
111(1 l?scr 111 family there's neither
Ml WPiness nor contentment in it be
lli tiir woman has m.ssed her ideal'
'!' t husband, and the hunband is filled
jwilh futile jealousy, because he was
I not big enough and strong enough to
j hold his place a? head of the house.
J Of course women do fall in love with
, weak men and marry them, hut the
love that such women give such men
is not the real love of a woman for
I her mate It is the pitying, tender
j protective love that a mother gives her
l sickh child for whose shortcoming,
'she must forever be making excuse
j even to hersHf The women who mar
ry weak men are invariably the
(women with whom the maternal in-
stinct Is overpowcringly strong.
These marriages turn out very well
if the man is amiable enough not to
I object to being henpecked, and told
I what he should eat and what he -should
(Wear, and how he shall conduct his
lousiness, and particular if he is meek
spirited enough to be able to take the,
little boy attitude toward-, hh wife
and thing that bis Maria is the great
est and wisest woman in the world
Unfortunately, however, weakness
and humility seldom go hand in band
and the man who amounts lo nothing
away from home generally fels called
upon 10 asspvt himself by being tusn
nieal at home, go ihe woman who mar
ries the man because she la sorry for
him is very apt to end up bv being
son v for herself.
Those marriages turn out best In
which the women bein every sen
tence with "John says " N
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1 00
Grand Duchess of i
Luxenburg to Wed
The Prince Felix
LUXEMBURG, Tuesday. Oct. 28. !
Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxem
burg and Prince Felix of Bourbon - i
Parma will be married here on No-
'.ember 6 by Bishop Micotra, papal
Trmce Felix was born in Schwarzau.)
September 29. 1S93. Unlike his broth -
or?, SixitiB and Xavier, who served in I
the Belgian nrniv, he entered ihe Aus- '
trian service, although he declared at
the beginning of hostilities he would
refuse to light against the French.
Owing lo Prince Felix's war service
there was some hostility to his mar
triage lo Grand Duchess Charlotte, but!
the latter declared It vas a love
i match, and that she would wed no oth
r. The people of Luxemburg subse
I juently acquiesced In 1'nis rlew
Nover before in the history of
j! this Ftore have we. offered h
! one-half price sale of ladiea' jj
! suits In October. The early i
i ! rush of Winter has prompted
ub to offer the women of Og- j
den an unheard of suit sale
Our eale includes the entire i
j ! stock of ladles suit Positively i
one-half off erery cult In the
1 j house There w;ll bo an extra
! ! chargo for alteration These
;! suits coruo in all colors and
j! sites, he very latest thing In
! style Vou cannot afford to
'i miss looking at them come !
I1 early.
$45 to $100 !
We include In this wonderful '
suit sale the very newcot Inter- I
pretatibn of stylo Exclusive
modola achieving au lndlvidu- J
allty that will appeal to women )
t who want something different.
I fomo early and choose leisure-
I ly. Wo have an exceptionally !
J large stock and It will take
some time to go through It to
S satisfy yourself of the diversity !
of choice You miy never get ! !
another chance llki this. Ac-
cept the challenge.
Outfitting Co.
! Manager j!
2840 Washington Ave., Ogden
! HAGERSTOWN M1 . Oct 2 Stead
; fast support to the ldern1 government
I in combatting attempts of -'certain rad
i ical elements lo vitiate and destroy
American Institutions." was pledged in n
I resolution adopted at the opening session
! here today of the 39th annual meetflnfe
I of the Farmers' National congress.
Asserting that the causes underlying
i present Industrial unrest have liroun'
the country to the verge of "a crisis."
j the resolution declared the "conservatism
fo the American farmer must be eter
nally on guard to prevent the develou
inent and spread o( radical theories
which would subvert the fundamental
I principles of the American f.-o ernnienr
More than 1O0O delegates from all sec
tions of the country were present.'
Thoughtful conservatism and a firm
love of American Institutions must be tho
guide of the American farmer in the pres- ,
nt crisis speakers told the congress
In welcoming the congress, Governor
Harrington of Maryland declared the
farmer i u.it make himself benrd in all j
ouneils whieh seek settlement of th
present dlfferenees between eapltal and
Piboi These dlfferenees. lie 5nld. n.-rl
brought ihe nation to the threshold of in
ternal strife in which tin comfort, happi
ness and ver lies of our people arc at
Pleading for "unadulterated American
ism among fill classes," the governor ie-
tared 1 both, capital and labor must be
taught that they cannot Jeopardise the
sovereignty of the nation.'' The men
v.ho are teaching "foreign doctrines" In
this country today, the anarchist r.nd the
bolshcvlst who have assumed our citl
tenshlp without sympathy for our form
of government, must be put down," he
E, r CoglJI, president of the Marylnn i
Agricultural society, advocated affilia
tion of all farmer' organizations so that
"the afe and sane" opinion of the farm
er might be heard with ' greater defer
! encc "
WASHINGTON. Oct- 28 Strike of
trainmen in the Chicago switching dis
trict, called by local union leaders for
Thursday unless certain wage demands
are granted "in full" would be "wholly
unauthorized and without the ;tlc -tlon
of the Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen." It vas said here tonight
by W 1. Lee, president of the brotherhood
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i i
iaj, the noted ' author
i Idah MGlone Gibson
My Husband Seems Changed.
John took his hand from tho wheel
and pulled me close to him. And. rap
turously, we said to each other what
lovers have said from ihe beginning
or time. We said, amidst embraces
land kisses, that it was sufficient that
we loved each other, that neither of
: us was marrying the other's famllv ;
land that in all the world there was no
lone at this moment but Just we two.
Then I explained: "1 am an onh
child, my dear, and I have the dearest
little mother in all the world I am
sure she will love you as the son she
uever had, when she knows you My
father has boon confined to a vheelj
chair for many years. A fall from his
horse when he was nearly as young asl
you are made him an Invalid, lie was
not married to my mother when the
! accident occurred, but as soon as she
knev. that he would be more or less
I Of a cripple, she insisted upon fulfill
ing the engagement immediately.
"For the first few years of their
'married life, during which 1 was lorn.
they travelled constantly, searching
for the recover which they did not
find. He grew steadily worse and nov.
tor many years has been almost help
I 'They are Ideally happy, and my j
(mother has demonstrated thai love Is!
Then for the first time I saw the
I cynical look come over John's face.
I that I ha e seen o often since, and
!he said' "Mj family history is a little
different. Marriage has meant some
thing else to my mother. I never
I km w my lather. My mother was mar
ried very oung to a man much older'
(than herself and after I was born my I
jalstei is two years older than I am
l she iiloiced him. 1 have never asked
v. iv . and she has never spolcen of him
e.ccept in the most dignified and reti
I cent manner He died soon after the
divorce. I gather, however, that my
imolhM from her short marriage decid- '
cd that lo-. e is not all. Her whole
lambitlon has been that my Bister and
myself should make either financially
or socially brilliant marriages. My
Bister fulfilled her ambition to the full
est Her husband is one of the most
sui 1 1 asful men on 'Qhange, but I know
that v.lvii the ma-cr" ' - m " rl she
will consider my marriage quite a. :
satisfactory "
My heart ank over this description
for I could not agree with him. I . was
neither an heiress nor a social light,,
although in the small town in which I
lived my famllv were among th9 plcct
I wanted to ask if his mother was a
wealth v woman, but I fell that U tfould
seem mercenary, and so I led up to the
subject bv saying I am afraid, ill
monev is an objective dear hear', that,
ur mother will not feel that you
bave done so well as you might. While
a,h..r i.nd moth' t have an income
large enough to provide for the family
vei'j comfortably, yet, like most Am ,
encan girls, I have no dot. j
i presume that my small income,
however, which barely suffices for,
spending money, will be settled upon
me " ,
John brushed all this aside in a very,
lordly manner
I shall sk no man to take care of
my wife ' lie said. ' Mother has an In
come which Bhould keep her comfort!
, biv of ourse 1 have been adding to
it ever since 1 have been In t-jsiness,
but l am Quite Bure she will under
stand, now that I have a family ol my
own. she mui I adapt herself to cir
cumstances Her in.-omr should be I
'ample for her necessities.
Besides my Blstei and hei husband
are perfectly able to help her out in
anj way without feeling it. Certainly
she musi hove understood that a timol
would come when I should find you
lit is the fate of all mothers."
Some way '.his explanation and dee-,
i. ration left me a little cold. I could
ool reel an jiarticular enthusIaBra in
m manifest destinj Neither was I
able to dismiss from my miml the sub - I
Jed of Johns mother so cavalierly.!
Bul my spirits rose again when John I
oni e more pulled me toward him and
said: "But v. hat have we to do with
mm hers and fathers, and Bisters?
Henceforth h Is just you and I and
daughters and sons "
strangely enough, the reference that
John made to children did not have
the effect upon me. that he evident 1
(wished it to have. Already he had fin
ished the first cycle he had corralled
his woman and was looking toward
the future, to the establishment of a
j famllv and a home of which he would;
be the head My imagination, on the
other hand, intrigued by what he had
said about his mother, leaned bennd
that, and I wondered how I should feel
I If In the years to come- my son should
say: "Now thai 1 have a family, she
must adapt herself to circumstances."!
Already, although 1 had been mar-1
Iried a bare two hours, I had met a new
John a man I did not know a man.
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(Continued Tomorrow)
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Large Receipts of
Wheat For Week
Ending October, 17
NEW YORK. Oct, 20 Receipts ot
wheat from farms In "tills tountry for!
tho week ending October 17 tolalli rl IQ -30S.
000 bushels .'is compared with 10.
145,000 bluehela the previous week, it wa
announced heo iod.iv by th United
State &rnin corporation. Flour prodm l
during I lie same week amounted lo 3.- '
301.000 barrels, n decrease of 100.000 bar- ;
iv Is as compared with the previous week,
Kxports of wheat from July 1 to Oc- ;
u:.n i; totalled 52.234, ooo bushels, The
exports of flour during the same period
totalled 5.175.000 barrels.
MANUFACT'jr.!.',G CCrvl P N Y.
Notice in hereby given, ihat a .special
meeting of the stockholders of the De
tachable Plowshare .'-.cge Manufaciur
Ing Company, vsill be held n the L'.j.in
cil Chamber, at the .'ity Hall "iOglen1
. Ity, Weber County, State of Prah, on'
the 8th day of November, A. D., 1J19,
at two (2) o'clock p. m. of said day.i
tor 'he purpose of Voting ipon the fol
towing amendments to the Article ,of I
Incorporation; to wit.
To change and amnd Ari rle Six
(6) thereof, by inserting and substi
tuting in lieu thereof the following
"The amount of toe Capital St jck
subscribed by each party to these Ar-!
tides of Incorporation is as lollcws,
H. I. Nordquist ... ... , "-",500 shnres
Hugh lloldawav 6,00o shades
Cle eland Redfield .. .. 40'.' sh.'esi
John M Gent a 1,000 sh&rea
c. D. McDoQold lo-.- r hares
It is expressly understood and
r greed, that ihe r2 500 sL.ies of
stock subsciibed by H, 1 NrrdQUisc,
nd the 5.000 shares of stork .sub-1
scribed by Hugh Holdawa, enall be;
known as Promotion Stock, and so
long as the same shjll be Held b -:ahl
H. I. NprdQUiat, and said Hug'1 Ho da
way or either of them the saice sall '
draw only forty (40) per cent of ihe i
profits accruing from the bus'nesa ol '
the said corporation said forty (40) I
per cent to be paid o said H. I :.' rd
ijuist and Hugh Hoi laway according to.
the respective holdings of each of said;
par'.ies, and that r.txty (60) per ren of;
the profits accruing troni the business
of the said corporation shall be paid to
the holders ol stock of said corpora
tion issued to and he'd by parties otter
.ban said H. I. Nordquist ana Hugh
Holdaway." ,, , . .
nd said meeting will also te hold
tor tho purpose of transacting si,ch
rther business as may proper'y come
before the said meeting
Dn H. I NonlquiS'.
Presitlent ,
Sec car:
By Order of the Board of Directors
Notice is hereby given that a spc
ri.il meeting of the stockholders ol l e
Hansen Livestock & Feeding company,
a corporation organized under the laws
of 'he state of Utah, will be held at
Mercer block, 363 24th street (up
.-tairs) Osden Utah, on Saturday, the
15th day of Noernber. 1919. at 1:30
o'clock p. m , for the purpose of
amending the amended articles ot in
corporation of said company in the
Notice to Advertisers On and after April 1, 1919, DU6iness director
advertising In The Standard will be per line per month.
a k
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ity Scavenger
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Standard. esSt
g In order that j S I
X may receive a peusive kev.pie doll as a prize, 1 hcie-
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following particulars:
To amend ihe seventh article the
:of by increasing the capital tocfc or
'said corporation from 51,000 000 00 di
vided into 10,000 shares of the ' par
! va'ue of $100.00 each, common stock
to $1 500.000 00 divided into 15.000
shares of tho par value of $100.00
i each, of which 10,000 shares shall be
I common stock and 5000 shares shall I
be preferred stock, each share to b
entitled to one vote The preferred I
stock shall bo cumulative and shall
draw eight per cent dividends per an
num, and said preferred stock shall be
a first lien ou ihe net assets of the
company, and further expressly pro
viding That the company reserves th
right to redeem the said issue of pre
ferred stock on or after five years, a',
the price of $110 per share.
At said meeting such other business
shall bf considered and acted upon, as
mu come properly before the meet
Dated at Ojlrden, Utah, this 20th day
of October, 1919.
By order of the Board of Directors.
S. S JENSEN, Secretary.
Attorneys for corporation. 317
All kinds of job printing. Dee Neutc
bouui Printing Co. rhoue llfitj. 213a
Piano Tuning
Repairing aud hand polishing. Plavei
pianos a specialty. Guaranteed. Atkiu
son. Phone 29 K-3. y&,j(
, i ' I
. iiysiciau ana burgeon
Dr. A. Peruiuud, otiice hours 11 u
4 p. rn. iNew leery lilug., Hudson Ava
lies, fhone o-io. office pbone lyoo-w
Real Estate and Loans
kVilUliU lia;, IMi lui Und ludLA
iiaiuUo and rubbish hauled, ces6
pools auu tuneis cleaned. John Cbipi
u. Lu., ruone i-o. 2oi6 Hudson avenue
aaitary Work
Sanitary Gaiuage Co., all kindi oj
ruuuun Lauleo, PLone b20.
sewing Machines ' j. I
Wo rent, repair, .arry needlea anc
pal is lor ail mah.es ol muclnnes. Whu
v.'..cg .Uacnine Lo., 221V Uasmnioi.
ceuue. i'Uoue ZSbi.
: cnts and Awnings 8
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facturers ol high grade store, oflict
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ers, bags, etc. Anything in canvas.
.joo Uasmngioa avenue. Phone 264.
Vacuum Cleaners
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lor 24 bouis. eternized dust bag.
Windows Cleaned
Expert window and wall paper clean
ing an where. American Window
Cleaning, Phono 5t5'J. 2370 Washington.
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