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f urph eum (OriloKi
L Curtain at 8:15
L Prices 0c to $2.00
rt Months 'n Chlcaco rt Months!
in Philadelphia
5 ! SS2S52aa
Stocks Unexcelled
J Purine lh m lfi of ln f
. 1 vestment service, we have de- BJj
u 1 I veloped unexcelled facilltlai for Yn
I thi- prompt execution of orders
j and for i he protection oi ihc Jn- 14
J tipv.i of our I lent J. gj
c are members of loading cx- WU
chanres and our intensive wir? WM
M aysteni keepa ui constantly In aa
J Intmnte tmir h with iiiHortnnt Lfl
I sjoearity murkets throughout S-fl
I country-
1 Wf ria!l be glnd to c've you Iw
1 information regarding any 6?- M
J curltes In which you are In- kr.JS
1 tereated.
J 1 xx t ivt wom ID?! Bv
Jilt ro u 0i 322
J-fl-Hoile & Co t
jtaAiasaasjaaftj j j LiaJi
fti ' Editor Opiirn Standard: H might in
Wi ' i ' .'Ii Vmini: i" Know th.it I tun
I I bettei poftccl on the subject of the smoke
;. . nuisance than he is willing to ndmlt.
I have been deeply lnt rested in the sub-
Jet for tho past two yenrs nnd am not
jpeaklnp upon the subject without some
m W know I' !.-
' if I understand mipiit. even fireman
B on th railroads, whether stationary or
locomotive, has Instruction how to firo
. v.lihout producing smoke, so that he will
produce more heat out of the coal cou
H I sumcd, and positions to higher offices
are made on eondition that the firemen
' produce no finolic, and thus securing
. hirhfi efficiency Now. Mr. Young-, am
I right or wrong?
J I Do:s Mr, Young forget that the rnil
rond companies arc spending vast sums j
LONDON Lady BathurBt Is the
Only English woman owning a
newspaper. She takes an actlvo
part in the management of the
London Post, which she Inherited
from her father.
i Moses Amendment
! Peace Treaty is
I Rejected in Senate
I WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. The
M.-,-. ;,r ndinent to ihe peace treaty,
last of those proposed by the for. lun
relations committee, was r. Jcted to
daj by the senate Like the Johnson
amendment, defeated last we.-k, it
dealt with oting power In the league
f'f nations.
I of money In salaries for lnsr-tora who
I I travel ov the entire country giving
1 1 their special attention to the smoke
" nulsftnce',
, Mi oimi; might lie lnl-r. -te-i to know
that such authorltcs as William Kent,
Francis Pen body of the Bureau of Min ,
University of Pennsylvsunta and otherb.
stHto deflnaltely, with acutia khowledgs
of the subject that a fireman who pro
duces volumes of Mack smoke is an
efficient worker. There are some bu '
nessnun In this city who will acknowl
edge thnt their eonl bills have been ri
dueed fifty per rent bj emplo Inp fire
men who fire their furnaces Intelligently .
When Mr "'iung asks what does :i
newspaper man know about smoke, ques
tions his right to ritlze inilroad authori
ties and then suggests there are evils in
noMltlon to the smoke nuisance that neen
attention, he is only beggaring- the
The fact remains that Ogden Citv
has a smoke ordinance that for some
reason has not been enforced That
ordinance has framed upon expert infor
mation that furnace"! can be fired In such
a manner as to produce little or no
smoke. There ;ire some smoke stacxs
In thlo city that arc a credit to the men
In charge of the furnaces, there u
Others that arc a positive, disgrace. The
fault really lies with the city commis
sioners and this and other evils will
continue to exist until the eit'z.-ns arouse
themselvei and elect to office men who
arc endowed with sufficient moral cour
age to enable them to perform their
I our streets are In a deplorable condition
but would lemind hllll thnt upon evciy
occasion when the city authorities sug
gest paving improvements loud protests
come from property owners who can
swear a blue streak because of the fact
that ther shoes and pants are soiled
during wintry weather. How incon
sistent. Mr Young J entirely wiong if he
thinks u newspaperman is an ignoramous
and knows nothing apart from handing
out papers to boys for distribution. Any
many who hns discharged the duties of j
a reporter for nny length of time, will
become well Informed upon almost any
subject. To be a keen observer Is one
of his qualifications. In fact news
paper men arc educators and it Is by
reading what they write that the people
at large. Mr. Young Included, arc re
ceiving a liberal education,
Here is the latest prescription for
physical exercise:
Take one automobile fill it with
gae and take a long, fast ride every
That motoring is one of the flnesl
forms oi exercise for the average man
and woman of today is a somewhat
j Startling hypothesis. Most persons do
not consider the driving of a molor
car in the lifehi of exercise at all. But
now the theory of the automobile- as
a healthful form of exercise is being
advanced by physic ians
It is the muscles of the arui, to
gcther with those of the chett and ab
domen, that pre-eminently and ha
bitually suffer Upre n. found undevel
opment and flabbiness And it is pre-j
elsely here that the steering wheel
of the automobile may come to the
The handling of Hie steering wheel!
and the operation of the gear shifts
and biake levers give v. mild but per
sistent action which Involves practi
cally all the muscles of the arms, chest
and ibdomen. By driving a car 40
or 50 miles over average American
roads the arms and torso receh 8 a
course of purposeful calisthenics that
strengthen the muscles, arteries, heart
digestive apparatus and nervous sys
tem. Combine this with the fact that tho f
motorist has been out in the open air,
and you have a form of medicine that
it hard to equal.
If you are in the market fcr
hay, corn, oats, flour or po
tatoes get in touch with Mit-chel-
McPeek Produce Co.,
Room 503 Eccies Bldg. Phones
day. 176; night. 1654 or
1349. 218.
CINCINNATI, O. Oct 29. Relati ,v
to the prot.-ct filed by the Detroit
American league club on the payment
of third place prize money of the
world's championship baseball Berlea
to the New York Americans, the na
tional baseball commission ruled today
to withhold the money
i Nasty Colds
I Ease at Once
First dose of 'Tape's Cold Compound' relieves dis
tress Three dosc9 break up colds No quinine!
5 l f';ay stuffed up: Quit blowing :;cse running relieve headache, dull
had snuffling! A dose of "Papa's Cold lies8- feverlshness, sneezing, Rorenoss,
i mpound- taken every two h'.urs un- 8t!"ne8,) n n n
HI 'd ihr.-e . ,,. Tape 8 Cold Compound la Ihe
lir.-Hl. , r 0 Kon usually quickest, surest relief known and costs
a ' luiVerv " P U ' 01,1 ; r'' 1 " i:' "' ,;rii'i' only a few centn at drug sores. It acts
Mt Th i without assistance rastcs ni e, t on-
MM trlh ' ".,,,.UOM' "lKI1, '-l.f:ged-up nos lalna no quinine. Ins'.nr. or Tape's
ana air passnges of hed stps 1 Advertisement.
Tho vote was 56 to 47
Of those supporting the Mbsos
'amendment, threo were Democrat
Gore, Shields and Walsh, Massachus
etts. Nine Republicans -Colt. Bdge,
! Hale, Ke llogg, Keyes, Lenroot, Me
I Narj'. Nelson and Sterling voted with
I the Democrats In opposition.
With the time for examination rap
idly drawing nearer, no applications
for positions as census enumerators
I have been received in the following
districts, according to George RomneyJ
Jr., in charge of this district : Plain!
City, Slatervllle, Taylor, West Weber.
Warren. We-: Warren, Marriott, Wll
SOU and the district which Includes
Burch Creek. Kanesville, Riverdale,
Roy and Uinl a
Applications from Box Elder cm n:
are awaited in the following places:
Bear River, Idalad, Bear River Citv,
Booth Valley, Curlew, Howell, Prom
ontory, Minnidoka, Clear Creek, St in
rod and Yost. A number of oth r p ct
are also np"n In tlii. county The ave
rage salary for the month's work was
$100 in isio and Will be materially In
creased this year.
' Society
From the La Junta (Colo ) Tribune
is taken the following concerning a
former Ogden editor and attorney
Judge Elmer Willis McDaniel and
Miss Mildred Aun Field -urptised
their friends b slipping off lo I'ueblo
last Saturday morning and being mar
ried at the home of an old time friend,
Judge Frank G Mirick, the latter him
self performing the ceremony.
"The home was decorated for the oc
casion with autumn flowers and the
trying of the matrimonial knot was
witnessed by a few very intimate
friends. Miss Sadie Detwlller of this
city, a near friend of the bride, acted
as bridesmaid.
"Judge McDaniel has been a resident
of La Junta for nearly twentj years,
having been an honored member of
the bar since coming here, and has
served as county judge for three!
terms, with Miss Held as his efficient1
rlcrtr f rtr Il-r rvict nin-. i . . . u
is a lawyer of high standing, progres
sive, and alert to the needs of the
community, and one of La Junta's
for. -most citizens.
"During the recept war. Judge Mc
Daniel had charge of the Four Minute
speakers, and made many addresses
in La Junta and other towns in the
county in the interest of the govern
ment He has superior ability as a
platform speaker and takes an active
and prominent part in all civic af
fairs. He has Avon for his bride one
of La Junta's most splendid young
women one who is loved anil ad
imired by all who know her Intimately,
and one who is in every way worthy
, of her distinguished husband
"Judge and Mrs McDaniel will be
at home for the present at 721 San
j Juan avenue. May countless bless
ings and abundant prosperity L- theirs
until the end of time, is (lie sincere
wish of The Tribune."
The Ladles' Aid society of be F'.rst
Methodist Episcopal church Will meet
I with Mrs. W. P. Long, 2779 Washing
ton avenue Thursday for an all day
session. Every lady who is a member
and also all friends are most cordially
invited. The request is made that all
I who come will bring a light lunch.
Daughters of the King of the Epis
copal church of the Good Sbepl erd
will give a Hallowe'en party at ihft
Prout home, 2916 Porter avenue. :hiB
evening and all girls of the church are
KiSnifaRr'm. ISS
vi TfmkV JBt9JJ
Van Norman, author of a book on
Poland and widely acquainted
among tho leading clasa of the
new republic, has been made first
trade commissioner to that land.
He believes that Poland with her
thirty million people will become
one of the important economic
factors of oasttrn Kuropo. For
several months Dr. Van Norman
has been connected with the War
Trade HoarcL
Red Cross Canteen Workers !l
invited to be present. A jolly lime is,
Thursday evening in the first ward
ihe Mutual Improvement associations
of the ward hav planned a H-dlowe'en
part) and no small feature wh'th will
add merriment oi an expected large
number of young people, Sas oeen o
erlooked. The hall has been most
r-laborately decorated and mysterious
booths have been arranged Ghosts
will prevail and the fortune:' of all
present will be told.
Refreshments will b served.
The ladies of Queen Esther chanter.
No. 4, Ordei of the Eastern S'ar. will
give a Hallowe'en party in tho Mason
ic temple tomorrow evejiing to which
they invite all local chap'.er members
and visiting members A program Will
t" givn and a good time is assured.
Mrs. D A. Creamer and sister. Mrs
Lisle Lander, have gone io California
where they will meet Mr. Creamer and
will spend several weeks.
Ex ilted Ruler P P. Kirkendall ind
the Officers Oi the local branch of the
Elks today entertained at dinner in
the Weber club. Grand Exalted Ruler
Frank L. Rain and hiH wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Rain hae been spend
ing the p'' month on a trip from
their borne at Falrbury, Neb., and Mr.
Rain has come lntimatel) into ouch
!with local leaders In the Elks' club:.
I at every place they have visited.
There were present at the dinnor
Mr. and Mrs. Rain, Mr. and Mrs. P. P.
Kirkendall, Mr. and Mrs Harold Pack
et . Hugh Miller, exalted ruler of tho
Salt Lake Elks; Arthur and -vr.f.
Wooley; George Huss and daughter,
Myrtle; Mr and Mrs Roy EuchmiL'r,
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bristol, Mr. Helen
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Richard
son and Walter Herrick.
t " N
Miss Florence Bohn and
Dr. F. J. Drake Married
At High Noon Today.
I A quiet jet very impressive wedding
ceremony and one of Interest to u
large number of Utahns as well as
friends in the slate of Nevada, oc
curred today at high noon, when Bliss
Florence Bohn of this city became the
bride of Dr Francis Joseph Drake,
formerly of Ogden but for some time
past a resident of San Jacinto, Nevada,
where he has hi.-, headquarters as man
agei of ihe Utah Construction company
I ranches of Nevada.
Tho Episcopal Church of the Good
Shepherd altar was but simply decor
ated for the wedding ceremony and
only tho family and a very few inti
mate friends were present. Reverend
John W Hyslop, rector of the Eplseo
I pal church, performed the ceremony
I Squire Coop presided at the organ
The bide was attractive iu a travel
ing suit of silver-point in blue and
wrore a chic bat and beautiful furs.
Her bouquet was of orchids. Immedi
ately followwiK the ceremony a daintily
appointed wedding 'luncheon was
served at the hbme of Mr. and Mis.
Conrad Bohn, 2169 Jefferson avenue.
Only members of the lamily in Ogd D
and the brothers and sisters of the
bride from Salt Lake Citv with a few
close friends were present. From Sail
Lake City were Mr. and Mrs. H. R.
MacMillan, Mr. and Mrs. George E
Forrester, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Snow.
This afternoon Dr. and Mr. Drak
left on the Los Angeles Limited for
coast points, where they will spend
theil honeymoon. Thev will bo i't
home, after December 1, at San Ja
cinto, Nevada.
Football Equipment
Soars in Price
SEATTLE. Wash . Oct. 29. Varsity
football equipment has soared in ptlce
during the past few years but ticttets
have remained almost the same, ac
cording to estimates made at the Uni
versity of Washington here In ihe
old days of 1914 it cost the student
body $14.88 to outfit a player. lhls
yea; the uniform of the varsity players
co3t $29.48 oaoh.
Shoes show tho smallest percenlpgo
of advance, having Kone up only 27 po;
rent Delta display the higheBt, 200
pci- cent, Headgear bag jurorcd no
per com, hose 129 per cent, .lerscyp
3 00 per cent and trouaen 02 per cent.
Five yearn ago the studfiiit b-dy
paid 8:i,7C.for n football, This year the
plgukta cost tho organization $6.
Head tho Classified Adr
Read ;ho Clauilflod Ad.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28. District
Attorney Charles M Fickert and May
or James Rolph are carrying forward
campaigns which they hope will re
sult in their re-election at the gen
eral municipal election here Novem
ber 4.
All the county supervisors, two po
lice judges and other citv officials are
also standing for re election
Matthew Brady, who has been en
dorF'd by the San Francisco Labor
Council and the county Democratic
committee, was said to be the leading
candidate against Fickert for district
attorney. Milton T. U'Ren withdrew
from the race after it was too late
to take his name from the official bal
lot. The other candidates are Daniel
O'Connell, who yvas convicted in con
nection with alleged violation of war
time laws, Gilbert D. Boalt and Arthur
1 . Ue an.
Fickert has been the center of a
bitter controversy here ever since his i
office handled the prosecution of ,
Thomas J. Mooney, Warren Billin.es.i
and others for complicity in the pre
paredness day bomb explosion h ?r In
1916. Recently he underwent a serious
operation but this did nnt prevent him,
from entering the race fcr re-election.
He has the endorsement of the Repub
lican county committee and the civic
Eugene E. Schmitz, former mayor of
San Francisco, who was convicted in
the municipal graft case of 1907, is
considered to be the leading candi
date against Rolph for mayor Schmitz,
now a supervisor, stood out asralnst a
raise In the county tax rate aid he'
advocated a liberal policy loward
Mayor Rolph Is completing his sec
ond four-year term as mayor of San
Francisco. He was a candidate, for
governor in the last states wide pri
mary election In California. Because
his name has been mentioned as a
candidate for the United States sen
ate to succeed Senator James D. Phe
lan next year, some political writers
here have held that the result of the
1919 mayoralty race may be of more
NEW YORK The family ot
tho beautiful Mrs. Beatrice M.
Bojamln Pratt, a woalty divorcee,
tiro objecting to her announced
cngagernont to Proston Gibson,
Washington society man and
playwright. Gibson has been twice
married und divorced. Both have
beou prominent in socloty and
come from families of old standing.
than usual importance. Rolph has the
endorsement of the San Francisco la
bor council.
At Weber Normal
j At the regular devotional exercises
'this morning. Professor Aldous Dixon
gave at talk on the standards of the
school. Two of the rules of the school
which arc strictly enforced are as fol
lows: A student must be a graduate
from the eighth grade before entering
Weber and, after entering, must abso
lutely refrain from using intoxicants
jor tobacco in any form, nor must they
! frequent pool halls or other places of
! Ul-repute.
( Yi -terday, Juvenile Office Reese
and Professor Dixon made the rounds
'of the pool halls, and among the sev
leral arrested, two were students o
(Weber. Trofessor Dixon declined to
i offer leniency and desired the boys to
receive the full extent of the law.
The state law provides that no bov
under 21 years of age be allowed to
enter a pool hall, while the city lav
sets the age at over 18. It is to ho
j decided shortly yvhether the boy3 of
! Ogden are to abide by the law of the
state or that of the city,
i Miss Ethel Rounds, a former student
of Weber, splendidly rendered two
I vocal solos, "A Message" and Sleep."
Also Miss Catharine Cannon, a present
i student ot" Weber and a promising mu
sician, played "Melody in P."
LONDON. Oct. 29. Austen Cham
berlain, chancellor of the exchequer,
speaking in the commons on the finan
cial situation, said that there was ev
ery reason for caution, economy and
wise husbandry of resources but none
fur panic He hoped the house would
not confuse byBteria with strength
and announced that the position jf the
government yvas distinctly belter than
had been anticipated In August
Taxes and revenue were coming in
extraordinarily well and he no longer
thought that neyv taxation would be
Chamberlain asserted that no
Bingle feature of the world situation
had placed heavier burdens upon Great
Britain then the fact that no trat.. of
peace yvith Turkey had been sicned
and no settlement in the east had been
reached For this, boyvever, the kov
ernmeht yvas in no way responsible.
H ntinued that it yvas not yvithln
the power of the British government
to remedy the Turkish situation, which
was an international affair. Every
body know that a settlement yvas being
delayed, pending a decision by the
United States whether she yvould un
dertake her part of the yvhite man's
burden, and the execution of the tute
lage of Turkey under the league of i
Mr. Chamberlain said that a general .
levy upon capital yvas out of the ques-
tion. A levy upon war profits stood
upon a different footing, but the dlffi- ' I
cultles of undertaking such a scheme H
Of taxation were immense and the dis- I; I
advantages outweighed the advan
tages, i
Wesley K Jacques, stellar distance I
runner of the Utah Agricultural col- 1,
lege at Logan, entered the six-milo I I
errBs country championship race from
North Ogden to Lorin Farr park on M
November 11 today. Jacques is rec- I
ognized as ono of the classiest distance j I
runners in the college class in the I
state and should be able to give the
many veterans already entered a bat- I'
tie for first honors. He is a mller, I
half miler and a flve-mller. In the six I
mile race he will be adding an addi- I ill
tlonal mile to his total but neverthe- f II
less he should be one of the determin- f II
inp factors In the big race.
Jacques won both the mile and the ( II
half mile runs in college competition ll
in the state meet at Provo last sprinir ll
and is rated as one of the greatest 1 pi
middle distance stars in the state
since the days of Nathan Tolman. His f ll
entry yvas received from Coach Loyvell ' II
Romney of the Aggies today. Jacques I
is now in training for the big classic. f II
oo I u
Read the Classified Ads.
Read the Classified Ads
' Jmr-W3W Bb
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 00. Miss Mary JI
. Scherrer has just been appoint
ed assistant trust officer of the j, jl
National Bank of Commerce in St.
Louis. She is the first weman to
hold such an office in a national II
bank. Hard work and determlna- (11
tion, through many months of en
deavor, won her this position.
4 1 11
The business of the
has been sold to the
On and aftei Noverr.Lcr 1, we will be located at
buying and selling
We wish to thark our many customers fcr their past patronage and
hope we may have the pleasure of serving you in our new location.
imiMiWM.,iPMlaaMSMM J
dggb 2532 Washington Avenue.
Have ji-rt received a shipment of heaters and I
$32- ranges. Now ir the time to make your selection. Can i
BBL also give a n-j Tiber of bargains in second hand hat-
OjBRSm We carry a complete line of furr.lture, rugs, lino- ;
WtfXl leum ind ma'.tresses.
a Our new store is ,ocated a few doors south of the
J OroheUTl The iter.

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