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I , -
I 1 ""
HKi in order that Tit". -day. November lii
Hi will bo observed ' holldHj In Ogden.
Hfj Iht American Legion ot Ogden Km start
Bf ed! petition circulating in this city, ask
BH Ing thai the m rch n 1 n
ii,, daya Her-
i . , i . i the imarlcan
Hi , ., ,:, . I Me ' I
B)h i i" ippolnu i
B .1 S l.. a i N..:
HI Herrick and .'oc Gos. The petition wan
Bl started tod n.i n Ii cxpecb I that lh
Bl merchant! oi the cntln cit will observe
Acting Governoi llardln Bennlon
H-3 . ..i
i -i
B day, and with on ol lh
H .
landed, the membi
B i- -ion ask (he nipporl ol ! merchants
B nnd cltliena In making Ihe day daj
Hfl John Lewis, prealdent of the Merchant a
I inc hi the Store, nl In regard to the
closing made the following siatcmen.:
B" " The executive committee of the Mer-
Bj aiding the member! of the American -pion
In their undertakings In iIih
The plan which they hav outlined :.r
Bl the celebration here on November n is
BB Just one. an.l l believe that everj mer
Hf chant in Ogden should observe the daj
celebrate with the aho were miles
HT and, all
nu ke it n ilav nf Inn
Htj Sol J. Kaplan oi ih-' Buchmlller
B Kaplan company regard to Hie cloa
Hl inc. made the following statement: I
I COLDS breed and Snjjk
Standard cold remedy for 20 years
k in tablet form safe. ure, no
TCae. opiates brrjlct up a cold in 24
hours relieves grip in 3 dtv.
yW Money biCK if it fail- The
iHAAISBaaV cmuine box has a Frl
VjJjji gs At All Drag Stores
I fiis MSIElT
NEW YORK. Nov. 6 Trading m
HI stocks at tin opening ol tud.r. s ses
Hl slon resolved Itsplf Into a coni bi
Bl tween opposing factions, declines sue
H; ij ccediag advances. Steels and oquip
BL ments were the objects of bearish
I pressure at reactions extending from
large fractions to two points. Moiors,
Bl oils and several mi.-. Cllaneous -i"
B; cialties also fell back moderately Off"
II Betting features included the rubber
Bi issues, American Sugar and high grade
B rails at gains of. 1 to 2 points. Firmer
B tendencies developed within the first
HQ hah hour
Bi The market became comparatively
B dull before tho end of the first hour,
dealings tailing far below recenl aver
B 1 agrs. Further irregularity soon set In
as a result ol renewed pressure, lead
Bll .is lor ihc most pan iiKfi;i-in- ilnn
Bl early losses. The strength of rails
Bl served to bring about temporary mi
Bl proveraent, but another and more vio
HI lent, reversal occurred before noon.
B Steels and equipments were the chief
H fi . tures of the reaction. Crucible drop
ping five points between sales at an
HI extreme loss of IS points. Related
HU shares were 3 to 10 points under yes
terday's final quotations. Call money
HI opened at 12 per cent.
Rails weru the only 6tock3 to with
Bl stand pressure, their declines being
nominal Selling seemed to originatc
Bh largeb with the shorts, whose activi
B ties were materially assisted by tiKht
Bi' ' mni i'i nihil ami s.-veral olher
B leaders rallied substantially, but the
HH undertone reflected further unsetlle-
B i ""
CHICAGO, Nov. 6 Although selling
orders predominated in the corn mar
Qi ki i ai. ihi- nprnin ixday, the weak
I J m BS which ensued did not prove to be
Hj of a lasting character. Most of the
Bl selling was based on opinions that a
Bl reaction was likely after a 15 cent ad
B ance within a wek Bulls, however,
ME were confident that the market for
the future deliveries, would be rlae
mm as long aa corn available for immtd-,
HJ late delivery was valued at the present
bis premiums over the nearest future
delivery. Opening prices, which
H ranged from ; to 2c lower, with Ue
Bu cember ?i 38 to i .:. ami Maj $1.30
BJH io 1 ?A, v.eiv followed by a rally thai
Bk in some cases carried the market well
Bj above yesterday's finish
Oats, like corn, suffered an iuitial
rush of selling. The start, which was
Bag - 'o h down, includinc December at
72 'o 72LC was followed by .. Blight
BJ further sag, and then u nearly com
HH plete recovery.
Weaknt ss in hog and grain had a
depressing effect on provisions. Sell
B ng, however, was not aggressive
Later the corn market weakened
BJ ataln owinx chiefly to assertions that
HJ ear Shortage was being alleviated. Re
Bides, it as reported that as a result
ol offerings from Manchuria, the Pa
Bj cific coast Avas cancelling orders for
HI corn shipments from Minneapolis The
H close was heavy. 2 to 3c net lower
v.jth December $1?,7'2 to 137"; and
HI May $1.29... lo 1.293;.
Some prOViBiOn rallies which sub
Hl Btantlally look place failed In la.-1 .
, CHICAGO, Nov C Corn No 2
HH mi:;ed. $1.61 1.63; No. 2 yellow. $1 64
Oats No. 2 white, 7374c; No
HHp 3 white. lOMtft !ZiC.
I Ki ; Rye: .No 2. nominal; No. 3, $1 371;
I B'v 1
Hi Barley, ?1.281.35.
BH Timothy, SS.OO 11,25.
v Clover, nominal,
BJ Pork, nominal
fl &
"Xovemher 11 in the heart of the sol
iii ra, sailors ami marines, is day whii h
ihe ).o.h oi e:,ienla will never forget.
Those of us who were at home aldinp
Iht boys over there had most glorloi'fl
time last ear in fact the celebration
v is pronounced the greatest that hs
eer lnen held in Opden and one that
will forever live In memory here. But
on the otlier hand, the majority of our
hoys were oveiseas some were ready to
go others were on the high seas aiding
Uncle Sam In his vork of transporting
the troops. Is It not befitting for the
Merchants of Ogden and for other orap
la 1 1 Inns to Join hands with the hoys who
upheld the freedom of the world and
mnoe the world safe for democracy.
"Their Joy and smiles of November 11,
191$ were missing, but mothers, wives,
sweethearts sisters, brothers and psis
were made happy when the Germans
were forced to defeat when the big gur
eased I i nc ami when the biggest of s'l
wars nded t, for one. will close In
honor of the bo s of America the boys
who upheld Old Glory and tho boys who
Will be the future Instlllers of pep In
k.Ii n nnd other parts nf the country. "
Other merchants of Ogden also signi
fied their intention of throwing their
huts In the ring and Joining hands with
the American Legion stars in making the
-day futinr In every sense of the word.
From the early dawn of tfoi I ,nler K
until the wee small hours of Novcmher
12 the soldiers of yesterday will hold
sway with the citizens of Ogden and
other cities iheir guests. The program
will start earl) and end late with a grer.t
variation of stunts.
Lard. $2I 7".
Ribs, $18.75 j 19.75.
Chicago, Nov. 6.
' Open Hich Low Close
Dec. . . $1.38 $1.4n $1.371" $1.37'2
jan. . . 132'j 1.S5 IM 1.31s
'Mas .. 1.80$ 1.32 1.294 1.29
I Dec. . . .72'- .72"R .71 .71",
May . 75Vj .75T8 .75 .75
i Pork
Jan. . . 35.00 35.tn 34.25 34 90
'.Nov 26.65 26.4 7 26 60
Jan. . . 25.00 25 12 24.95 25.00
'Jan . . IK. 6u 1X7" ism 18.60
May . . 18.65 18.75 18.45 18 62
CHICAGO, Nov. 6 Butler, higher,
creamery, 5 1 f M
1 Eggs, higher; receipts, 1.788 cases;
firsts. ."! , 60 : ordinary firsts. 53
55( at mark, rases included, 53 59c;
Btorage packed firsts, 61'rT61,,ic.
Poultry, alive, unsettled; springs,
84C fowls, 13225c
OMAHA. Neb. Nov. 6 Hops; Re
ceipts. 1,000; market, 10 to 15c lower;
top, 14.80; bulk. 14.257 1 1. 6it; heavy
weicht, 11.50 14 75; medium weight
14. 60Q 14. So; light weight. 14.60
14.80; heavy packing sows, smooth.
1 I 3i 'i 1 ' 50, packing sows, rough,
1 l.lofi 14.30; pigs. 1 1 tio ; i - on
Cattle Receipts. i'.OiiO; killers. In
to 15c higher; feeders, steady; beef
steers medium and heavy weljrht
Ct and prime. 16 J50 18.25; med
lum and good, 1" TV'; 15.50; common,
9.0010.75; lipht weight- good and
choice. 15 7.".? 15. 5u; common and med
ium. B.5015.75; butcher cattle heir
ers, 7.50tJ 13.25; cows. 6 75f 12.25; can '
ners and cutlers. 5 75 6 75. veal,
calves light and handy weight. 13 00'
; 1125; feeder steers. 7 .00 Q 13.00 ; '
storkr-r steers, 6.50 S 10 50
Sheep: Receipts, 4.000; killing
grade, 15 to 25c higher; feeders,1
Strong; lambs: S4 pounds down, 13 75
14 50; culls and common. 8 OO'f?
i 12.00 ; yearling wethers, 9 75fJ 11.25:
ewes medium and choice, 7.6008.25;
j culls and common, S.'S '.SO.
Cattle: Receipts. 834; choice heavy
steers. 8.00 9.00, good steers, 7.00 !
B.OO fair steers, 5.00 7 00; choice,
'feeder steers. 7.008.00, choice cows!
and heifers 6.90 7.00; fair to good
rows and heifers. 5.006.00; cutters,
l.005.00; canners. 2.0004.00; choice
feeder cows, 5.0006.00; fat bulls. 5.00
?6.00; bologna bulls. 100 5 00; eal
calves, 1 (i.OO -Tr 11.00.
Hogs: Receipts, 158; choice fat
hogs, 175 to 250 pounds. 13 5(iT; l 1.25
bulk. 13.75T 14 00
Sheep Receipts. 2.752; choice
lambs. 10.00011.50; wethers, 6 50 g
7.50; fat ewes, 5.0006.00; feeder
lambs. 9 001 10.00.
CHICAGO Nov. 6 -Hogs: Receipts.
43,000 market steady to 10c lower;
bulk 14.50014.90; top, 15 00; heavy,
14.50015.00; medium, 14.60015.00;
light. 14.50014.90; light light, 14.00T'
14.05, heavy packing sow smooth.
14.00014.60; packing sows, rough
13 754J it 00; pigs. 18.75j 1 1 50
Cattle Receipts, 14.000, market,
higher; beef steers, medium and heavy
Weight, Choice and prime, 17.50019.85;
medium and good. 10.50017.40 com
mon, 8.50 10.50; light weight, good
and choice. 14.00019.76; common and
medium, 7.50013.86; butcher cattle
heifers, 6.50014.60; cows 6.35013.00'
cauners and cutters, 5.26 06.35; veal
calves, 17.50 . 18.60 feeder steers, 6 7"
M2 75, gtocker .steers, 6.75012.75;
western range, steers. 7.5015 25
cows and heifers. 6 5u12.50.
Sheep: Receipts, 34.000; 'market
firm, lambs. 12 25615.00; culls and
common, 8 5012 00. ewo. medium
good and choice 6:760 8.00; culls ami
common, 3 00 6 50; breeding 6.76(2
12 00. b
KANSAS CITY, Mo, Nov 6. Hogs
Receipts, 7. nuii. markei. in higher'
pigfl 25c lower; bulk, 1 4.7iKi 1 5 00 :
heavies 14.60 15.00; medium: 14 65
"1 10; lights, 14.40J3 15.10, light
lights M.00014.90; packing sows,
13 506 14.25. pigs, 12 50fj 14 35
Cattle: Receipts, 10,000; market,
Steady to weak; heavy beef steers,
Choice and prime. 16.60018.25; med-
lium and good. 11.76015.60; common.
9.50011.50; light weight, good and
hoice, 12.66018.00; common and med
lum, 8.00012.65; butcher cattle, hclt
ers, C. 35-5 13.50; cows, 6.86011.50; can-
tucra and cutters, 5.00 06.30; veal
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IS NpJiS m e Spark Plug. It has eliminated Spark Plug
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jWKBftstBtswwwBWsBssBBIM fffrKPSliWMHKBsW!'-5jJ
cslves, 13.00 lfi.T5; feeder steer.;, 9.25
'a 13.50; stockr steers. 5 75 s ;.u
Sheep: Receipts, 6.000; market,
uneven, mostly ptady, lambs, 12.75
14.75; culls and common, 2 50 ' 11 75;
yearling wethers. 9 25 10 75; ewes.
6.0097.75; culls and common. 3 OOtff
5.75; brfedlnu ewes. 7.5013.00; feed
ing lambs, 1 1 00 g 13 00.
NEW ORK. Nov. 6. Copper, spot,
dull; electrolytic, spot and fourth
quarter. 21 21 :,' Small lots, second
hand. 20 g 21C
Iron, firm nnd unchanged.
Antimony. $8.87e.
Lead, quiet; spot, 6 70c bid; C:85c
asked; December, 6.75'. bid; 6 90c
Speller, easy spot, 7.55c bid; 7-70c
At Ixmdon: Spot copper, 102 17s
6d. tin, 276 2a H.I. had. 33 3d;
spelter. 4 1 10s.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6 - Liberty bond
prices at 2:55 p m were "i'. 100
first 4s. 95.00; second 4s. 93. mi; lirst
4's. 95 02, second 4'4s. 93 20; third
41. 95.10; fourth 4, 93.20. Victory
3s, 99.50; Victory 48. 99.11
CHICAOO. Nov. 6 - Pota oi
steady, arrivals, 65 cars; northern
whites, sacked nnd bulk, $2.502-60;
early Dhlos, $3 00, western russets,
$3 OOfy 3 15, rurals. 2JOi :: mi
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. Bar silver.
5) 23H-
Mexican dollars 96
NEW YORK, Nov. 6 Prices on
Liberty bonds at 11:30 a. in today
were: 3 Vis. 100-72; Hrst Is, 95.00;
s.-cr.n-i 4s 93:01; first 4s, 95.10; set
ond 4'4s. 93.20; thud 4U. 95.12;
fourth 4'48, 93.26, Victory 3 ft 8, 99 44;
I Victory 4?4s, 99.4 1
Appeals Made to
United States
By Albanians
TIRANA, Albania. Oct 6. (By The
.Associated Press.) Continued np
Ipe-als are being made by the Alban
J ians for Ihe 1'nited States to assume
a mandate for Albania. The Alban
ian has an amaxl&g confidence In
America. Scarcely a week goes by In
which some local Albanian society or
group of patriots does not present a
petition addresse to the Americans ap
pealing to President Wilson to inter
cede on behalf of their country.
When The Associated Press corre
spondenl was passing through a small
town south of here on horseback, he
was slopped by the mayor and local
officials who presented to him an ap
peal seeking the protection of the
United States because the (".reeks
i' np"i't'l ti hae taken posses-
1 sion of the city of Koritza, in South
ern Albania.
The Italian protectorate is in opera
tion, but most Albanians profess a
i distinct dislike for the Italians, saying
their desire Is merely to exploit the
! country and to retain a strategic foot
hold in the Balkan!. Some of them
say thev fared better and the country
proxies M-d more under the Austrians.
American observers say the Italians
have brought great material nnd moral
I good to the country and have siabi
lised things in an effectual way
I The country Js extremely primitive
and there are 'ontinual interna! dis
orders. Railroads or telegraphs do not
exist, many of ihe most, ordinary con
veniences of life are wanting, sanita
tion is almost unknown, schools md
churches are few in number, and al
together the countrv seems extremely
backward. Except for the southern
part which la fairly fertile", It is a bar
ren wasto of docks and woodless hills
and mountains.
Albania produces scarcr-lj enough
I crops f support its inhabitants. The
l inil.it ion 1 upward of two millions,
divided about evenly between Chris
tians and Mohammedans (inly about
" per cent of this number is able to
read or write.
The women do all the work. They
are veritable beasts of burden. Is-j
d( '1 they compete with the ponies and i
donkeys Hfl pack earners, but an- not
considered bv the men as valuable be-
: cause they cannot bear up under suc h
i heavy loads. In the frequent sale Ol
'young women for wives, the price
When the body begins to stiffen
and movement becomes painful it
is usually an indication that tho
kidneys are out of order. Keep
these oran3 healthy by taking
The world's Btandard remedy for kidi y,
livor, bladder nd uric acid troubUs.
Famous 6lnce 1696. Take regularly and
keep in good health. In tbreo oizea, all
druggists. Guaranteed as represented.
Look for Use name Geld Medal on crerr box
and accept so latitat!
j often paid i; not as high as that given
for a good horse. This severe life
among the women shows itself In pre
mature old age and in many forms of
serious physical disability. Fifteen
I per cent of ihe mothers die in child
The men sit around coffee houses. I
discussing politics, or attend lo the ;
business of repelling by gun or sword
the frequent Serbian or Montenegrin
, invaders The hostility to the Serb
land Montenegrin never erases- Feuds
pistol duels and vendettas are of daily
I occurrence. The Albanian, once he
I believes himself or relatives wronged,
! never rcsu until complete and fierce
j vengeance is secured The American j
Red Cross hospitals throughout the j
countrv are constantly called upon to
treat the victims of these feuds and
The Italians have a force of bout
' 25.000 troops in Albania. The major
part of these are in the vicinity of
Yalona. The rest are used in police
and garrison duty in different parts of
the country. Their presence has tend-I
ed io tranquilise the country and)
keep down the troublesome elements
among the population There are re
curring sporadic clashes, however, be
tween the Albanians, Serbs and Mon
tenegrins, in which frequently the Ital
ians are forced to take part.
Men and women suffering from
backache, rheumatic pains, stif and
swollen joints, lameness and on ri ss
will be g'ad to read how one woman
found relief from kidr.ey an-l olafM r
trouble. Mrs. (L Hyde, Homestead,
Mich, writes 1 h.ne been troubled
With weak kidneys, and several times
in the last ten year-? I lad that terri
ble backache an 1 tit'ed out feeling,
Scarcely able to do my work Pole-,
Kidney Pills made mr fcl like a new
person." A. R. Mclntyre lung Co
Ad ertisemenL
Women's Congress
Not to Postpone
WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 The inter-1
national Working Women's Congress
ar its closing sessions here today, eh
elded to postpone discussion of the
whole question of permanent organiza
tion until next year. Efforts of the
British delegation to effect affiliation
with labor parties were defeated and
the temporary organization, with
headquarters in the L'nited States un
der a provisional committee composed I
of a president and four vice presidents I
will be continued. The next meeting I
will bo In conjunction with Ihe next
cession of the international labor con 1
hcritllc Vorld T'
y 7ui- as if J1
declared io be ' ' ; - ' i S
English baby at A. ' ; liifeb' '
a recent baby WUk . . .; k$ ' lb w
shorp in Lon- ;--v-; AmVW.: N 1J
don. She &as 5
born in Ollavta, j 6
Can., is tuo p?.'"' ' ' MjmtSk '' 2i '
years eld nnd ' JMB 8K0m&
pounds. " IJelH
The. baby rsas '
photographed on vfi''
her arrival from WmA v&f?$:
England aboard WaWa XtB
t h e steamship P Bj
ference organized under the treaty of
Versailli a
In urging affiliation with labor par
ties, Miss Mary MacArthur of the
British delegation, declared it was idle I
to claim non political status for tho 1
organization since every suectt,!fH
di cussion would require enactment oi
legislation in each country, making c I j
operation with labor parties essential- u
mwasBBBmwxrmmwsmtMOBBBmmmmMiwmmmBsmmMKKmW s
The Effects of Opiates.
TMIAT INFANTS are peculiarly Btisceptiblo to opium and its varioOl j
preparations, all of which are narcotic, is well known. Even in tn
M nmallest doses, if continued, these opiates cause changes in tho func
tions and growth of the cella winch are likely to become permanent, causing
imbecility, mental perversion, a craving for alcohol or narooth s in J;ltor 'H1; 1
Nervoua "diseases, euch as intmctable nervous dyspepsia ami lack of stay ) t
powers are a result of dosing with opiates or narcotics to keep children qui ,
in their infancy. The rule amoDg physicians is that children should ne i I itj
receive opiates in tbo smallest doses for more than a day at a time. w
only then if unavoidable. j i
The administration of Anodynes. Drops. Cordials. Soothing Syrups an
other narcotics to children by auy but a physician cannot be too Btr0 '
decried, and the druggist should not be a party to it. Children who ar
need tho attention of a physician, and it is nothing less than a crim M
doso them willfully with narcotics.
Castoria contains no narcotics if it bears tho rf
signature of Cbas. si. Fletcher, s s tJ''A
tlcnuine Castoria altrujs bears the signature of c? f-t

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