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Bk!-ll,-IB,l '
Mrs. Forsythe Was Almost
a Nervous and Physical
I Wreck Until Restored
by Tanlac.
Htj "Before I look Tnnlac not a WMkl
passed in the List ten enrs ilia. 1
wasn't confined to niv be.l pan of I no!
HI lime," was the st;i m-iu mmV !m Mis
H I I.
street. Los Ar.pelo Cal , : Tanlac!
Hf n proH-niativ . r c nil)
HT "I am a well and happy woman nr. v. 1
l and I'm glad I can give you this 'es
timonial for 1 believe Tanlac is 'hp j
H most wonderful thing in th world I've
calned fourteen pounds md I f"el ,
n -tronser than I n;ve in !en verrs.
cOnl Inued Mrs
9 "1 had an acid etomach and BUf-1
1 fcrcd with sour g.i.- rt times so bad (
that I thoughl 1 would suffocate. Sick I
headaches would come on me and I
I would have ;tch nr. fi;l fluttcrinc
I ahout my hearl l ouid almost fa nl
f My nerves went to pirn's, .m l I b
J came so terribly nervous that een fhi
B vine of the door hell would upset m
I For the past five y ars I have n-,i been
I able to eat hardly anything thai would
slay on ni !inii.i''i, r:id ev n mill;
fj and water at times would upset i.i
stomach, and cause me to have to co
H to bed. 1 lived on a strict diet of r-re
WM and milk for ovi year anrl at th
I Taj same time I tried ill kind? of treat-
H ments but none save me a particle of
H relief, tint e n b ii poraryt ind finally
I l was in such, a bail condition I had to!
B stay in bed most ol the time. 8o my
I husband and I decided to rive up cur
H home and sell ir. ?- I couldn't look aft-
H er it By this time I was dOH n o
B 98 pounds In weight ;.:id was almoi
ft complete nervous and physical wreck.
R "I hated to rive up my home, md
on the advice of a friend who had list d
Tanlac I decided to try it first. With
H the first bottle I began to improve,
and I hadn't finished my second boMle
before I was ferlinft like a different
I woman, and my troubles of ten yecra
H standing have entirely cone ne- .r
I ha e a sick headache or spll with my I
I stomach. My appetite has come back
and I am Rainin-; in weight and
f strength every day. Nothlnp ever lis-
M turbs my nerves now for the were,
R never beiter. and 1 can sleep fine all
night lonp. All my neiphhors are re-1
I joieing with m over my recovery, and '
B I feel that it's my duty to cive a public !
Lj statement and tell of the wonderful
pood Tanlac has done me No. n e :
B didn't sell our hou-e because we found
B this medicine in time."
Tanlac is sold in Opd. ;i by A. R
I Mclntyre DruK Co. Two bust
II Governor-Elect
I Against Prohibition
I In New Jersey
fc ,
bj Jersey City. X J., Nov. 6. Gover-
nor-elect Edward I. Edwards an
I nounced today that he would use all
H lawful methods to prevent prohibition
in New Jersey.
' "For its enforcement by the federal
I government I shall not be responsible,
m he said. "I construe my election as an
Indication of the feelings of thi ;
pie of this state eoneernln? national
prohibition. They are unqualifi. dl
a opposed to it "
B oo
II Don't Spoil a Good MeaS
I With a Bad Stomach
ij If a physician, a i.pecialist in stem-
ach disease, came to yCu and said. "1
will fi- up that miserable, worn u1
stomach for you or money hat k
iTj W'1I make t as good r.s new go
you will not suffei- from any di-trss
H and can eat what you want - ith.-ut
fear or sufferinp. or money back would
Qj you turn down his offer?
r And when you ro offered Ml-o-na
stomach tablet, made from a pp
tion better than many ol the stomach
I specialists know bow to wriii ire
B you going to be narrow minded -nd
eontinue to suffer ,rom indigestion, or
are you going to be lair to .om j
I and try Mi o na on Hi" money bu k
Mi-o-na stomach tablets are offered
to you on this basis, that if they do not
nut your stomach into BQCp pood Bhape
I that there is no ii.zlr.es.. our stom
ach, biliousness, sick headache .,nd
stomach distress, i.ur money will be
returned For sal. by CuHey Drug o.
and all leading druggigti Advertlke-
RENO. Nov., Nov. 5. Louis Brazot
U, known In Pacific cbaal cities as
"DagO Iouie." was arrested in 8 pnm
bling hall here last nishl b J M
Kirkley, hicf of police. Bracottl Is
Wl nted at Alameda. Cal where he
caped from the county jail laa Janu
ary after assaulting one of H e tu.n-
kc s.
Ltrazotti is ciiarged with robbery al
leged to have been committed at Oak
land. Cal. He is ieing held in the cl.y
jail here awaitiup .r.e arrival of C-.ll-iornia
Tourists See Home
Pictures in Small
Towns in Brazil
IUO GRANDE no SUL, Braill, Nov.
fi. (By The Associated Tress ) -An
American visiting small towns in Bra-
il can easily gratify his desire for
home scenery Whatever the place, '
larpc or small, he is sure fo find on j
ine main suerr m ipasi on'- uinvinu
picture thealre and never fails to see
there an American production, in fact,
seldom anything else-
The Associated Press correspondent
had occasion to make a trip on a Bra
zlhan coastwise steamer which made
stops at the ports of Paranapua, San
Francisco do SUl, Klorianopolis and
Rio Grande, the latter belnp the larp
est with about H.ooo inhabitants. In
these typical towns, as in the smaller
communities of the I'nited States, the
movinp picture seems to be the chief
source of eveninp entertainment.
Adorninp the foyers of the theatres
are always fo be soon posters and pho
tographl of well known American
movinp picture s'ars. sent from the
United States with the film and with
the captions still In English- These
are usually supplemented, however, by
a brilliant poster done in hand by a
local artist wbh Portuguese text, em
phsaizing the thrilling features of the
The North American isitor may!
discover that he has seen the film at
home two or three years apo. but evpn
so. he wiil find something new In th
manner in which a film is presented
in Brazil. Here, instead of a continu
ous picture, the film is cut at critical
junctures of the plot and there fol
lows a flash on the screen of "dos
minUtOa CIO intprvalln " Thn licrKfe rrn l
. "."id
Up and thus for en interval of two
minutes the rudlence is held in sus
i" M wondering what will happen
Always the theatres are filled to
capacity and the Brazilians discuss j
'he merits rf American actors and ac
tresses of the screen as familiarly as
.any moving picture enthusiast In the
United States. The comedians are in
tensely popular and there is one, dls-j
mnguished for being extraordlnarilv ;
fnt, to whom the Brazilians hae giv
,en the name of "Cnico-Boia." meaning
Little Bull."
The advent of a film showing,
"Chico-Boia" combined with that of a
Spanish ventriloquist was tuade the,
j occasion of a er-la night af the mo ;
ling picture theatre in the little town!
of Paranagua.
nn ,
Lifting of Wartime
i Prohibition is to
Be Prevented
WASHINGTON. Nov. 6. An effort
to prevent the lilting of wartime prohi
bition before the constitutional amend
ment becomes effective is to be made
:by some "dry" leaders in congress, but
doubt is expressed whether the dm hs
Vary legislation can be enacted before
the ned of the special session late this
j month
Repr Milan.,, Randall, prohibition
ist. California, said tcda that, when
the house took up ihe bill to extendi
Che food control act for six months
ftr the proclamation of peace, he
would offer an amendment continuing
wartime liquor act until January
jlG. 1920, When the countr "goes dr.-.""
bj constitutional amendment.
opponenis of such a move and some
Of the drys" admitted that such a
proposal would be subject ,0 defeat on1
j parliament ary grounds.
I An authentic report has ben received
of the drowning of a full grown rhlno
rcrnn by alligators in the Tana Rive?
Thai the pa-d month was exception
ally hcay In :he number of cases dis ,
posed Of in the juvenile court was the j
, statement made yesterday by Proha
tion Officer Shreeves, who yesterdav
forwarded the report for the month
to slate authorities.
J The report shows that 62 cases were
disposed of in court, 20 cases being j
settled out of coun Four adult.s were
brought into court for contributing to
the delinquency ol minors, and one
of court.
Disposition of ihe cases concominp
minors was as follows! Dismissed be
cause of insufficient evldeilCOi 2; dis
missed with admonition. 17. placed on
probation, 17: Under suspended sen
tence. 16: committed to state indir
trial school, 4; fined, 6 One adult
was fined, two admonished, and one
placed on probation.
Since Judge D B. Sullivan tooU of 1
flee on April 10, last, a total of 549 j
casei have been handled Most of the,
offense:; charped In October related
to truancy and use of tobacco.
The followine new books are now
iTcndy for circulation at the Carnegie
I library:
i "Steam. Its Generation and UssJ
"Marine Steam.' Babcock.
Plasters' Handbook,
"Imacination In Business," Deiand
"Twelve Principles of Efficiency,"
j Emerson
"The Executive and His Control of
Men." Gowln.
"The Selection and Training of the
Business Executive," Gowin.
"The Blast Furnace." Harbison.
"The Open Hearth," Harbison.
"A Few Secrets of the Metallurgist
Simply Told." Hinckley.
"The Efficient Secretary," Spencer.
"Heating and Ventilation," Stum
"Mechanical Draft." Sturtevant
"History of Die r s .." Thompson.
"Brains and Personality' Thomp
" Poilu.' a Hog of Iloubaix." Atkin
"Hnen of Troy. and Rose," Dot
tome. "The Clinch of ircumpances. '
"The American." Dillon.
"The Hills of Refuse." "erben.
I "The House of Whispers." Johnston
"The Source." Kelland.
"Twenty three and a Half Hours
Leave," Bin- ha ri .
"Burned Bridges." Sinclair.
"The Close l"p," Tin nbull.
' The Marno." Wharton.
Stereographic Viev3.
Te following new sets of stereo
graphic views, which are so much en j
joyed bv children and adults alike in
Ihe reading rooms, have been pur-;
chased and are now ready for use: I
Bitds and Nests.
Morrison Cave.
New York.
South America.
Wild Animals.
j "They should be in every traveling
man's grip." wiite3 George Jenner, 416
Labor street. Sad Antonio, 'ex. of
Foley Cathartic Ttablets. "They are
the best laxative I have taken and I
cheerfully recommend them to anyoni
Lauffering with constipation or bilious-1
ness." They thoroughly ck-arse the i
bowels, sweeten the stomach ard bene-!
fit the liver. They correct indfgos
Ition. bad breath, olo.iting, ga. coated I
tongue and other results of sluggish j
bowels. No griping, r.o nausea. A. R. j
Mclntyre Drug Co.--Advertisement.
Two Million Bales
Of Cotton May Be
Taken From Market
COLUMBIA. S. r , Nov. fi. a move-i
ment to retirement ,,f 2 Oun.O'iCi nk-s
from 'he market in an effort to force1
prut's to advance has been launched!
by the American Cotton association,
a growers' orpanizatlon. aerordinp to
a statement issued here by its prepj-:
dent, J. 5. Wannaraayer. who last !
23, YfOU R!G"T: '" : hlinl the bie new
P6nta8 f good acts playmg t the Orpheum today, Friday and Saturday.
Typical of buttJt-fiy life la the !al
oorge Choos musical comedy uc-
cess. "Perhaps You're Rirht," the fa-
Hired attraction af Pantagea for the
week hccinnlns Wltn this afternoon's
U tnwlnea at 2-43 p u
Breety melodies and .iright lines
f D-edominaie in the action of the tunc
H ful offering and a large nst of clever
, "J nrihcipale includes Herbert Brooke.
IB Lobert Capron, Evelyn Ddckacn and
., 1 tbe famoue and beautiful Roof Garden
H Scenes irom grand operas are hip-
j pily blended in the offering by the
Imprl.il Quintet one of vaudeville's
standard attractions. Florence Ray
i field, the little sumihlne girl, whose
sohkr and personalis have marie au
diencea happier In many cities, brings
I her sparkling self tut another Bpec'al
real ure.
"Leave Mr- Alone, Ham Yt," is a
hilarious comedy, in -vhich Rnv and
Emma Dean appear wltb great sue
cess. The plot is laid In a rural dis
trict and thr. fun nev re ceas s fr)m
rise to fall of curtain.
Ray Conlln. the a-'rae of BUbvocal
comedy, is one of Oie nest ot vaude-
die's nmn ventriloQuistc He keepa
his hearers in a gale of laughter with
his clever manipulations
Aesthetic and acrobatic dances are
included in the cyclonic offering; of
the Romanos Sisters These three
pretty girls keep tru- stae in a whirl
of color and grace from the very open
ing of their production, which Is
staged in an exceptional manner.
Albert Ericksoa'fl concept orchestra
has arranged a Jolly musical program
as another good feature of tne new
r F O O D
supplies the 4
day's work ahead. The reason? It contains the
germ, the vital part, the very life, of the wheat.
Aslk your rroccr f-r thi, Eggren Brother. &. Co. SPERRY FLOUR f 0
popular-sized package of Distributor., Salt Lake City OT"! r-VUH
Cjcrmca doubii -scaled, U. S. A. fl
airtight and dust-proof. (Nje) Ten mills and .orty-four distributinc points on the Pacific Coast
'!A Sperry Prodkict " j
- s
'night said a resolution had been rent
I to members of the association,
j The plans which have been adopted
(call upon the memberships of each
state to transfer voluntarily to desig)
jnated banks, warehouse receipts for
specified amounts of cotton to be held
'in trust until such time as the aS90Ciar
I tion decides that prices Justify the;
! cotton being placed on the market.
Stop suffering! Relief comes
the moment you apply old
"St. Jacobs Liniment."
Rheumatism is "pain onjy '
Not one case in fifty requires Inter
na treatment. Stop drurclnc' Rub
the misery right away! Apph sooth
ing, penetrating "3t Jacobs Lin-'meui"
directly upon the 'tender -por and .
lief comes instantly "St. Jacoos Lini
ment" conquers pain. It Ih harmless
rheumatism liniment which never dis
appoints and can not burn the skin.
Limber up! Stop complaining! Pet
a small trial bottle of "St. Jacobs I. in;
ment' at any drus: utore, and in jus, a
moment you will he free from rhou:
matie pain, soreness and stiffness
Don't sufier' Relief awaits you
Jacobs Liniment" is just as pood or
sciatica, neuflgla, lumbaco. baCkachi
sprains and swellings Advert Isera nt
BALTIMORE, Md, Nov. 5. Albert
C. Ritchie, Democrat, was elected gov
ernor over Harry W. Nice, Republican,
by a plurality of approximate!:. roo'
votes at yesterday's election n M.-i
land, according lo unofficial returns
and estimates received up to l o ( lock
this afternoon. If was the closest olec
tion ever held in Maryland
A pivm quantity of Moam coal irui i
mbVC 6 tons of frlftht and the yam.
quantity of fuel oil will move inn ion. j
-f WASHINGTON. Nov. 5.--rrcSi
dent Wilson today sel aside 4-4-
Thursday, November 27, as -f
- Thankspi ing Day in a proclama- -f
lion which said the country look-
f cd forward "with confidence to
the dawn of an era Where the sac-
rifices of thp nations will find
recompense in a world at peace " -
f ? T f T f T
or Tonsilitis, gargle a.z&
with warm salt ?Ta '
water then apply izjBfL
YOUR BODYGUARD - 3Qf,j60eJ'b20
llll I II n ! J
To Whom It May Concern:
Under authority of Section 278 ol
the Compiled Laws of Utah, 1907. "lid
as directed by Section 105G of the re
vised Ordinances of Ogden CRv Utah
The undersigned Treasurer of Og'en
t ity, Utah, hereby ;ives no'ice tha. a
Special Tax for the purpose of paying
the Crictc i.f 1 .1 1 1 1 , 1 , r, r- orvKn I .
, Fl.Uft
, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, culve.'ta
drainage and irrigation systems, e.c.
; In Paving District No. 129 in Og-.-ei
City, Utah, has been levied a:d con
firmed by an Ordinance of the Bonrt
of Commissioners of 'igden ( it v. U'ah
.adopted and passed October o". 13i9,
and published October 31, 1 9 1 r
Said Special Tax is levied upon all
property abutting on the following
I street, to-wit:
Doth sides of Twenty-fcj.rtb str?et
between Harrison and Uailaon ve
nues. and which is further dccribed
as follows, to-wit:' Lots 1 to 5 bl ck
1". plat B Lots 6 and 7. block 7, pla
B. Lots 1 and 2. block ", plat H. Lot.
6 to 10, bloc,k S. plat B. Lets 1 to 5.
I block 33, plat C. Lots 6 to 10. bl lck
Z2, plat C. Lots 1 and 2, block 31', plal
C. Lots 1 to 10, Riders subdivision o.
lots 5, 6, 7, block 31. plat C. Lot.- 8.
1 9, 10, block 31, plat C. Lots 1 to 5.
block 35. plat C. and 1 ots 1 to 13, Cap
itol block subdivision of block 30, p:ai
' all in ( cden (i survey, to a depth
of 50 feet back from the sireet line
Said tax is payaple In ten install
The first installment become1: de In
quenl on the 2oth t'av of December,
The second Installment oecon.es de
linquent on the 31st day of October
I The third installment becoir'es'de
linquent on the 31s: dav of October
Tlie fourth installment becomes Hi
linquent on ihe 31st day o,' October
' 1922.
The fifth installment becomes de
j linquent on the 31st dav of October
! 1928
J The sixth Installment becomes It
linquent on the 31st day of Octojer.
! 1924.
I The seventh installment becomes de
linquent on the 31st day of October,
1 1925
The eighth installment becomes de
I : q ient on the 31st dav of October.
The ninth installment becomes de
linquent on the 31st day of October,
The tenth installment becomes de
linquent on the 31st day oi Octo'cer,
Each of said installments except fbe
first draws interest at the rat- of six
I per cent per annum irom 'he 31st da;
I of October, 1919, until delinquent, .inc'
if said tax or any installment thereot
shall remain unpaid after th. de'in
quency of the same; interest thereon
thereafter will be at the rate of eight i
per cent per annum until such assess j
ments are fully paid.
All special taxes are naable at the
Office of the City Ireaaurer in he
City Hall, at Ogden City, Utah.
City Treasurer.
By C. T. Koon'i, Depute.
First publication Nov. 4. 1919.
Latst publication Nov. 8. 1919.
Published in The Ogden Standard.
Interna! Dissensions
Sap Strength of
Bolshevik Ranks
jin Germany, Oct. 10. (Correspond
ence of Associated Press.) Sidelights I
on the trend of events in Soviet Rus 1
; B ia indicating that internal dissension
in the Bolshevik ranks is sapping the
, power of rhc soviet leaders, are con
tained in the report of a soldiers' and i
rrilors' conference, details of which
recently reached American headquar
tors. The conference was held in Per
lograd in the summer and much dis
satisfaction at conditions was dis
played by ihe soldiers who charged
that, officers enjoyed special prlv j
leges and that affairs generally were I
worse than they had ben under thej
rule of the former emperor
Portions of the report read:
"The convention of the supporters
of the 'Red' iruard and the sailors.!
I id In Petrograd, was attended by
'!al thousand from the army anil!
the fleet. The minutes show that;
the commanders and the war commis
Bioners still take advantage of their j
Office, and although members of the
communist party, are ever trying to
secure special privileges. The soldiers
and .sailors were indignant because of
the increase in pay of the commander-
and declared that conditions were
worse now than tho-e 'hat preaileK
under the regime of the ernpeWjB
The demanded that the pay be aquaV
lor all, whether the oldicr be a privatB
or a general B'l
"Complaints were made against tbSl
conditions of the barracks, because JB
repairs were made and the funds afltl
propriated for this purpose went intjj
the pockets of the high officials. TB
condition of the hospitals is still monfl.
deplorable There are no doctors QfB
medicen and those really sick oBM
woundi 1 have to -hift ihe best thsjRj
can for themsehe? The worst prob'fc:,
lem of all is to provide for the faai-ff
Hies of soldiers in the field. NotbingL.
is done for them and ihe money fH
i dis ppear? in the pockets B.i
the official thieves ." "Wv,
Hair la bennd to yrow Ifcr.
coarirr and etllTcr Trbrn mtrrtij Hfeb
rcnotrd from the anrfac of tS I '
akla. Tfc? oalr eonraoo-intM WVJT I
to rfmo'f hair la to " IUll
drr ihe akin. DcMlracle, the SMk
trial aaoltary Uqald, doe thJa Wf
aKa nrpt ion.
OnlT r-nHin E?eHlrael tW
loney-back jTaarnnteo f , I
pirkace. At toilet eontera I k
OOc. $1 curt SS ai.ru. or br MgP
ce-tpt wf price. t-aI
FREE book Baalled la "VI? I h v
aenled eBTelope on repeat. "lafl
Mlraclr. 12fltk St. aid Taxk I M
Hew York. 1 j
l B.I BJIIMgMlgMMUfjjggaMM '
Buy Goods I
S At McCready's Closing Out Sale If ,
I At Before the War Prices p
161 and 163 Twenty-Fifth Street. jS'
J aK

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