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" 1.
1HL CJUJr.N blANUAKD CX,LhN. UTAH. I Hi K5DAY. DhCLMBLK 4, 1919, 5. j
Woman's Page
fc the noted author
! Idah MSGlone Gibson
1 i 1
mEn a husband needs a
I -ngrrlaif slater. I'11 evorylhin
... tn lif." Alice continued. In mn-
i H k rir ol rnmpr,''m anr1 r,,n;
I 5cvil "ril compromise with you this
, ri wire 'ohn ,hl morning thnt
His mjosrto for me to return with
I 7 ..ii rKVi h.tve vnur own way, and
9 I hSerer ou lo, 1"1 tand n you.
tkm -use I admire your pluck Hut oh. raj
I tm Mrry I an't "po J,,f" whv 1
I tooU lake r,d" of lwel'v no,,rs in
.motor with a woman rho will, as
S I rM " i b,",u m ' 111 ."'pr,rk'
I T.h wav. then av pe.-hap? twelve
?" Wth John and make a pJsjbt
2?M on the train hack to mother,
I Jit for (be of owin3 on" lo
I kink that ho is having hl own way:
I And bv the way. Alice, hecano
inhn expected me ;o home with
I " j think is the reason bo did not
I "nd n nK,n"' 1 sha" al" W,r
I -pon t do that. Kate. I ve pot plercy.
Ro much do you waal?"
I -About two hundred dollar
I without a wi rd Mice tool: out her
I I ock'-'took and handed roe -:i the
I Lon,r fbe hi d px i ' 1 ' dollar
. you sun i "" not u king
I Biurh" I Rfli
; I 'Oh. if ' nf rd an-v nio,,'' 1 " oorrow
t of Be-C,' "ho answered
I I smiled Inwardlv. ae 1 thought with
I thai joy Elizabeth fllorelan-.l would
I nrob.'.blv'oll m husband tht' ho bad
I tojti' hi.- sister some monej because
I her slsior had loaned his wife 11 tfll
I hid I hoped nhf would'
I "Don'l vou hlnk 'hat you could
I nianaRo to return with u." asked
I cr "if wp stayed two i i thret
(I --po vou think that Mis Moreland
would be satisfied to do hvl' par j
She will he perfectly con'ont as
ton cs Mr Goodwin dances r.ttend-J
nce upon her." laughed Al'ce.
-Charles won t have much time loo
I iisncc attendance upon nor, as he v ,;i
I be busy arranging thinj: for mother.
I Acd. Alice. I ant quite sure ou will (
I fr-r: c n; if I say that hoih vou and
I Bess Moreland would b nijre of a!
I hindninrr than a help to toe now."
I Alic followed me reluctantly to the
I library hep I wrote our my r. !
pi ol Impossible lo return v. j'r
I Aii" Do not know how lore moth
.r affairs will keep mo here. Will
Alice read the copy v.iihout r.ny
Fresh Eggs Retail
1 1 At Dollar Dozen
1 1 Today in Chicago
f. CHICAGO, Dec. 3. Fresh eggs sold
I at re'all for $1 ;i dozi n oda: n Chi
I ctjo. The receipts were only 138
I cases, about one-tenth 'hr- normal rup-
ly at this season f the year. Butter
j r"ai!ed at 90c a pound wilh leceipls'
only 2500 tubs, about one half the nor
! mai day'a receipt
"I had a severe attack of Kidney
I trouble and for three weeks could not
I get out of doors and scarcely oui ol
bd" writes C E Brewer, Villas"
,j Springs, Ua "f'ould not bend over a
I Ml without ih" most excrueir.tin I
m I pains. I purchased .1 bottle Ol I'olcy
rt Udney Pills. Was relieved atier fis'
jj i few doses and continued t h i r use nr.
j I til completely cured. I conuider Foley
Kidney rills the best kidney : unedy
H I ia the world. No recurrence of nr
! ! 'rouble. " A R Mclntyre ln-.- ( o,
" i oo
Quen Marie of Itumania, during i
T t recent visit in Paris when she attended
I IMslons of the Provisional Council of
I u V W i A for work in Frpnr.
I held an audtenre with Y W C A see
yjg e retarif there. Thf audience was a re-
I Wit of the queen's request for cooper
, y ''ion from i he Y. W C A for relief
'ork in her country
.3 t AlthotiKh no plans are perfected as
jflj I Jet for the organization's work in Ru
I u"1!!' work vrobably begin then
- I ihc ne;ir funlre.
JJ French girls play fox and
.fiik hounds
I rnd of American Games and Outings
4 Krrnr' ,,lr,'r "treats are admlrablj
J ""P'fd to Die Amerknn unnif ot fox
M hound. v a, , ordinc I o MlM V I
mi!,,-, 0, ! I;I,IM 1;
I ; i!'M Hns If In clmi-tre of n sumne r
I JP which the Y. AV r. A ha opened
I eL.lt"lu,Ut!l1 airln nt Qnlheron. Frnn-
I camp l. FtmtUi to tlioae which flie
H I wr 0,iOn h i-,:,hiR,'f-'1 In thi conn
mm I " 'r Kin who want nn outdoor vaca-
comment and said ' I ihlnk P. s und
I will start homo directly aft. r lunoh
eon. It is moonlight and we r. Ill r.r
rlvo abour midnight anwa Better
change your mind and OODia a'onp."
and she sppped her arm about my
I w a ist.
Her reiteration or th.-- '.nvla'icn
I made me feel that Fho vps mm John
w ould bo r ry angry, and this was erm
I firmed by an answer to tho telegram
which I roeohrd In the aftWm'iOH ft
j or they had gone.
"Can't understand wht .mportant
affairs can ke-p you with your motb
;er. Bring her with you and IV. settle
ithom hero. A motor ride will do h r
'good. John."
Thi waB the llr.st tel"prain I had N
eelved from my husband ih?.t he hid
not signed: "With love."
I didn't waste I thottfht on what
John would say when his ?l.-.ter and
Elizabeth arrived home, for there w. s
lone thing I had determined to no dur
ing tho remainder of my married life
I should not cross a bridge until I
'came to It.
I knew from the way that Chailofl
kept silent aboul the visit that no hr.d
some very dltinct Ideas on O-e sub
ject, especially as he said:
"I am glad. Mate, you have decided
to stay with jour mother for a While."
We worked that afternoon and ;i!i
Itho next day packing the ihin-'s tha
'were to be stmt to my house ai-d I
, was so very tired the second nisbt
that I slept soundly until about 9 in
the morning, nhenl was awakened t
the nrrial of another iele;.ratu which
read: "I wake up this mornlnc to i Dd
mystdf Involved in dlaagTeenblP scan
dal which will Inevitably rosult In a
certain amount ol publicity. UthoUgu
I was not myself last blghl I cannot
think the affair is as seriotlfl as it
seems. I think it is an attempt o get
money Irom me. My chief leyri I
the grief and jusi anrer th.tl you will j
feel over my foolishness. But you
must understand th;t .-hen I am my-'
self I love you and yen only Can
you not return to me ir.i.iieui.velj 1
need you more than any one rise In
the world. l.olnc only you : nd ..i
ways. John."
Another slip of piper fell from ihe
envelope that if I would call nt the of
fice I should find a remlttauca cf fl
hundred dollars!
I dressed hfsiily and (VOnt down t"
breakfast, whore I found t Ibrlen, who
looked very anxious rtB he thiusl a
telegram addressed to him into my
(Continued tomorrow.)
. ,;o:i wiiii plenty of sports and good tlme,
.1 who winnot afford to pay much for
II i only one of three established In
utirc by tho Amciic.ui Y V. C. A.
Srli limine is taught every afternoon
I e'r thoic who wish to team it nt Qtil.
i e on. but lh; wtnthor Ia almost too cool
I to i!!ki this sport popular. Miss Haln -j
Writes. The rlrls are nnxious to lear.1
American games ao they have been pfcy
ing (ox and 'bounds through the streets of
the -. illfipe in the afternoons and becom-
Inij acquainted with "bacon rats" on tho
beach and long hikes onfires aro next
io impossible in arranging becatt ie of tho
lacarclti of ll the essentials wood wlen
lerwursts and marshmallows.
Call on J. J. Brummitt r.t
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
Switching Crews
Refuse to Move
Volunteer Trains
I PITTSBURG, Kan.. Dec 3. A
Santa Fe switching crew at Fronte
nac today refused to move triin ol
volunteer miners and soldiers to two
steam shovel mines, according :o a tr
I port to Colonel Lewis of tin tegular
Baron Von Lersner
Gives Ultimata to
' Peace Conference
PARIS, Dec. 8. When the GfTIUU
plenipotentiaries was shown the staio
ment given out this morniniT that on
! Monday he had informed f'aul DutaS
!ta, secretary of the peac" conference,
that Germany bad decided not o ilgn
I the protocol. Baron von L.er
"1 have full power to sisn the nrn
Itocol and am ready to gign it :tt any
i moment when the que.itio'i ol 9capa
j Flow Is eliminated and referred to
The Hague, and when there are ..lso
A Message to Mothers
V.V lmow the real human doctors right around in your neighborhood : I
the doctors made of flesh and blood just like you; the doctors with
. 5ouls and hearts : those men who are reaponding to your call in tho
ta? i n8h' readily as in the broad day light ; thev are ready
will a VfU the goo1 tnat Pitcher's Castoria has done, ia doing and
QOs from their experence and their love for children.
trv letchr's Caatona is nothing new We are not asking you to
7 an txperimont, We just want to impress upon you the importance
!. buving Fletcher's.
. Your physician will tell you this, as he knows there are a num
th 01 'outation- on tho market, and he is particularly interested in
w welfare of your baby.
Gnulnr eas(r(M t;vaT- i-,lrfc ,Ur llUurr . f (24
COLDS breed and TtS
k bromide
' Sti?rJ cold retneT for XO 74r
k in tablet form vaff. ire. no
Bk ;,- ttei brek up roM in
V ou:', relievei er.p in J dart.
OTv Money back if it fi1v Tb
k renuine box ha a Red
with Mr. Hill'a
k. At All Dree SItbm
do natod th. paragraph relatli
'to evacuation of Lithuania, which We
I consider already settled and fln-1. and
t he paragraph which would permr
the invasion of our coun'ry by armed
force in times of peace on any trivial
Ve have represented to the BU
promo council." he coniir.ued, "What
we consider ample proof that be Gcr
man government is not responsible
for the sinking of the ships at Scapa
Flow and yet in order not to delay the
final conclusion of peace we will sub
mit the matter to The Hagrue trlbu
Tho German plenipotentiary polnte 1
out that the paragraphs of the pro
tocol to which his goernmcut object
ed were additions to the protocol as
pro ided for In the peac ITQSU7
Don't Spoil a Good Meal
. Willi a Bad Stomach
If a physician, a r.pecidlist 'n st om
ach disease, came to y-u "ind fi.id: "1
Will tlx up that miserable, worn cut
stomach for ou or money hack
"I will make it as good as new so
I yon will not suffer Irom any distr.ss
and can eat what you want VithJnt
fear of suffering, or money back would
you turn down his j for"
And when- you .tre oflored Ml-o na
! stomach tablets, mtde from a prescrip
tion better than uviny of the elotnach
specialists know tov to wme. are
jyou going to be narrow mtntied 'nd
continue to suffer nm ind: '.est.'on, -r
'are you going to ce fair to .our -elf
and try Mi-ona on in? money biw'll
Mf-ona stomach 'nbletr, are offered
I to you on this basis, that ,f they do not
'put your stomach into sucti eocd shjpe
that there is no iizziness, -.our st un
ach. biliousneao, sck headac'.e, -ud
stomach distress, your money will be
returned. For sale oy Cul'.ey I '.'rug '. o.
and all lsading drugcyst?. Advertifte
ment. on
Contempt of Court
Proceedings In
the Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind . Dec. 3 Cou
I tempt of court proceedings were To be
Instituted ap.-iinst nil the general officers
, of the United Mine Workers of America.
oii whom the temporary injunction issued
j hy Jti'U A H Anderson of the 1'nltcd
States disttlct court, wns served, no
I fore the end of Lhe, day, according o
j in.'orin.ition obtained ftom an niitlnei i-
tlve fource.
Just One Trial Convinces You Sloan's
Liniment Helps Drive Away
Rheumatic Twinges.
WHY endure pain when you know
Sloan's Liniment will relieve It
promptly? It couldn't remain the
world'-, liniment for 38 years if i'
wasn't highly beneficial in relieving
rheumatic aches, stif.' Joints, sere mus
tks. lumbago neuralgia, strains,
bruises, exposute to weather results.
Penetrates without rubbing, leaving
no stained skin, clogged pores, mussi
ness. A pain and ache liniment that
Stands alone in doing what it is m'ant
tc do. Get a bottle today and keep it
1 andy All druggists. Three sizes 35c,
70c, '$1.40.
Boys Are Sent To
Industrial School
SALT LAKE. Dec 3 Albert Jon
son, 19. and Walter Piper. IT,, were ar
rested by the police yesterday and re
turned to the State Industrial school
at Ogden, from which institution Uey
had been paroled, say the polito Th
; two boys are alleged to have robbed
j the home of W. F. Jensen, 1203 Third
1 4- -tj .. 4
f operators from all parts of the
country gathered here today to
work out details of the II per
cent wage increase suggested by
the government for bituminous
coal miners
It was said that the findings of
:he central field committee prob-
;ibl would be submitted to Fn 1
f Administrator Garfield for rati'i
cation, but that several days
would bo needed to work out
problems presented
Continued optimism in official
circles was marked, although pio-
4- duct ion figures available showed
no Increase in dally tonnage This
is now estimated semi officially
f at belter than 40 per cent of nor-
' In the central district, however,
hardly a pound of coai is being
4- produced, except by wagon mines
and a strip pit or two, operators 4
4 said. 4
i isiiboiibii. iii JB aXL aJr JkWm Wm Qa VaiaP ' " s".iio bw-.xm.mm -o
I Two Hundred New Hats j I
j On Sale Saturday $Q,)S I
I One Day Only jflLj
jj i In our Washington Ave. window you may ::'f j
BBBrx now see a very large number of the hats
jj j tHat are to be sold in this Great Mid-Winter j
. sale. Please note that these are NOT hats j
I that have been seen in the store before; but BaJ I
an entirely fresh lot of mid-winter styles ,e4 I
7 that have come to us within the past twen-
l .'vVk, ' ( ty-f our hours from the smartest millinery j H
; ; center in the east. j H
y N x r It is just the best chance of the year to buy j I
s just the hat you want to tide you over until j H
spring. To have a right smart, fresh hat j H
for the holidays, and at a price that is really j H
Jp insignificant. i H
Txv SL1Sest iat you see the window. Decide
I ii upon the hat you like best. Come early Saturday
I ( - jf, and buy it. Select carefully, as there will be no j
JrS&0k exchanges no approvals every sale must be
rtf final, for there are real $15 values and we fj
H AS cannot, therefore, allow exchanges to be fe Sij (
I made when sold at $3.95 nr nx -
1 X
, j.tw 1 1 z . i e.-tb-i -csst 1 1 gi i ' rx 1 1 wii i tmii nim i -grir tott utrw wtm arrn 1 1 a- 1 ui ni tBBSVt WKWM) a-o-n-i i4aatisk 'mam-u 4BSBfMHBt( MSHBI
avenue, about a week ago. i
Albert Jensen Is reported U; be au
adopted son of the man whose home
ho is said tq have robbed. Soni '
months ago he and the Piper boy wer-;
released from the reform r.chool.
-moo ihe boys returned lo Salt Lake,
the juvenile authorities have been sua
picious of their actions, but hd no di
rect evidence against th8DJ, ay
police. , ...
About a week aj;o nearly S100 in
money and a watch belonging to Mr.
Jensen were taken from the Jensen
residence. After the arrest (Jf the twoj
boys vesterday the watch and a con
siderable part Of the monoy were re
covered, say the authorities.
J. J. Brummitt, 2417 Hud
son avenue, pays highest
prices for Liberty bonds.
r 9 I
Fltl'lTLANI). Tex. Dec. 3 4-
Fifty-Biz persons were injured, 4
4 two' or three probably mortally. 4
4 when part of the third section 4-
of southbound Fort Worth and 4
4 Denver passenger train No. 8 left 4
4 the rails here today. Twelve 4
persons were seriously hurt.
nn I
MEXICO I 1TV, Tuesday, Dec. 4-
2. The solution of difficulties 4
4 arising out of international af-
4 fair? With the United States were
4 entrusted to President Carranza 4-
without It ci-dative instruction by 4
4 the senate at a secret session 4
here to. lay. Relations with the 4
United tatea were declared dur- 4
4 ing the Session as being "very 4
4 delicate " T
Over two hundred French girls have
been taken care of so far in Y. W. C.
"always fresh9'
Sold Everywhere
J lt4lwl Aak ;ar Drsnltt A
I ( iMl H-)-t -r . l.rril ,r"lV
UBJSV I'lUa Id !l4 it A oU ift:ilAV
Tv - fH t-".f. teak4 Hth Bfte a. V
wt n TWo ma olbrr. Bur if jenr
II If ,,rtt- ah tc m-ctfK-Tr.n
I Jg OlAlIoND IIKAND I'll I.., ( i i:i
A. summer camps -all of theni girls
who would not otherwise have had a
vacation in the mountains or by the
sea. Some are actresses, others milli
ners, ballet dancers, indusiri.il work
ers and teachers.
1 he American Y. W C. A. has in
Spasmodic croup is
usually relieved with Kg"
one application of
'YOUR BODYGUARD" - 30f. 60'7T20
operation three camps in Fiance. One
is at Cvenoble the second at Qulbe-
ion in Brittany and the third is
I'Olseau Bleu. The fourth such camp
, is at Boulogne-sur-mer and la for girls1
from the devastated regions of France,'
Lille, Roubaix and other places which1
are morally depressed as a result of
four years of German occupation
These girls need bo'h moral and phys-
' ical upbuilding and are allowed to re
main at the camp for six wepks instead
of the customary two noeks This, in
: the opi ion of the camp doctor, is the
least possible time in which they can
1 receive the proper benefit from camp
i life.
Read the Classified Ads.
Head the Classified Ads.
NEW YORK, Dec. 3 Prices of Lib
ertj bopd al 2 it p m today were: I
3 4s 99.76; first 4s 93.70; second
4s 91.60- f$rs1 t MS 94. On; -eron l
5 1 Is 92 08; third 4 lis 91. so. fourth
l is 92.16 Victory I 3-4s 99.00; I
tory 4 3 is 99.02.
Slade has moved to -132 Twenty-? if th
Notice to Advertisers On and after April 1, 1919, business directory
advertising in The Standard will be $1 per line per month.
ANYTHING New or Old Foot Specialist Physician and Surgeon
ANYTHING A to Z new or old Flat teet, corns, -jfc, corrcc cd. ySry Dr. A. FernJund, .fice hourj 1 to
bought sold or trade '.. Phjne ,'33. laboratory, 320 Huuicn Bldg -b6 4 p. m. New Peery Uloft., i:udwon Ave.
Res. PLono 646. Office phone I90o-W .
Books and Statio.ury Fire Insurance 0 . v TT
Bramwell Book an J btauon.; . 2a62 Charles Elsenbeig. Phone 18C-9-J. Cal tState and Loans
A'ashington Ave Phone 360 -05a Calendonlan and Michigan Coirmerual Millard Kay, reaJ esUfi and loins.
Standard Insurance. S75 2474 Washington. Puone 409. 174
iTtatTflaUonal Bank, southeast cor- Hay and Grain Scavenger
uer Twenty-fourth aid Wvhlngtoh, Hay. grain and poultry feed Bell Garbage and ruooish nauljd, -:eas
Phohe 61 Bros. 371 Twenty third. Phone 2StO. pools and toilets cleaned, John CLipp
lu u ' . iioo i -'o. Phone 828. 231.'. Hursoc avenue.
Counselor-at-Law "
T. R. O'Connolly, Ogden. Utih. La) hides, Wools, rUTS onitarv Work
advice by mail, A'nt3 mi'D t.'ie fat is. o. M. Kuryan, 22C9 Wall averjuo. "'""J "ulIkK
Phone 393. pays top Pilces.Pbo 7,1 W 1,28 ZtZ '
Carpet Qeaning Jobbing Machines
K. Van Kampen .or uphestenng, Jobbing, brick cement and plaster Wc f repair. ..arry needles and
carpets cleaned, all .red aud laid. Re- tag. Phone., 0. 1885 Wash. 1243 tL for a mak,,3 jf maf .,mtc. Whlt
making of ma treats. 1 uom .o-J. sewing. Machine Co., 22'1 Washington
i !rn' anrl Hides avtuu'.. Phone 2844
Expert carpet e'eaning. altres JUDA a
renoating, upholst.-'ring, ano spr'.igj Western Hide &. Junk Co;, 2223 f . .
rest-etched. Call E. J. Hamp'on I o., Washington Ave. Piv.no 861. 1 ents and Awningi
Feather Renovatiug. Phooe .'o6-.'. Ogden Tent and Awning Co, ma)U
Ogden Junk Hoase, 2059 A'ashingfon acturera of high g.ade StOrv, o.'ilce
pa. . Ae. Phone 210. and resident awnings. Waerp.oof wt
Lhiropractor erSi bags ctc Anything in canvas.
Owen W. Halverson, D. L. uca. . f :26S Washington a euue. Phone 26.
phone 1086-W. 701.(2 Eccico Bldg. Key hitting lWi
Kev fitting and lo a reprJrins. hud -
City Scavenger- eon Kalr yacimm Qeaners-
McCarthy A: Co., 2 ? 34 Gran ivenue, , phone 2582-J for -acuum clee.ner $1
Phone 2018 w. te Insurance cr 24 hour3i iltrljz?a Uu.t bog.
W. C. Stewart, .-pciai reprcscula ",';4
Dentists tive ot e ew Yo;k Lhe Iusutjuco
The New Method Dentists eie -pe Co. 44 Lewis Bldg. Phono 7k 7. 9163 jnJ0W$ Cleaned
cialisls in all branches of Dtntis iy Expert window an 1 wall papr clean-
2109 Washington. 2208 Painting lng anywhere. An or lom Window
tm ci Paper cleaning and ntlcg. ?icw V1l Cleaning. Phono 663. 2370 Washington.
Drain Tile for Sal2 kinson. Address rear 7S8 Twenty-sLxtii fTTT, v CYruiWrF
intermountain 3on:rote Co Tw.n- street. Phono 1520-J. 467 xEW YORK Dor 3 Mercantile pa-
tloth and Lincoln avenue, Ogd. n, I ah.
Phones 206S and 4S7. J310 Brass beds, chandeliers, office fix per unchanged ,
. turee tef Ushed. T. Harlan O'Neil, 657 sterling: Demand 3. S7 3-4, cables i
Lngraving Twetleth street :2?3 3 882.
Ogden Eugraiug 4-jrvice Co., rr.k PVSm i: Demand 10.28; cables P'.-6
ere of fine cuts in jue or more coicrs. ltead the Classified Ads- Guilders: Demand 3i's, :ablea
416 Twent)-feairth street. Pbonc 46J. Read he Classified Ada. .37 3 4.

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