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Tanned Counter
Choke Seam Welt sewed in wfth Leather Welt. mkeav
the shoe as waterproof as it is possible to ct it
Dry Feet on Wet Days
FOR wet weather wear, these specially constructed shoes
are unexcelled. They are as waterproof as leather shoes
S can be made, right up to the minute in style and strictly
; high grade in every detail thoroughly comfortable and
i possessing unusual wearing qualities. You cannot find bet
1 ler shoe value anywhere. If your dealer cannot supply you
tmte u sdirect.
H0NQR8M7 J WrLir
I Look for name BT WW
,n 1 DrT-Sx ond JTMtr Sr
lt'A Mrr Trade- WS
kit Mark on oleu
3- -
it. F. MAYER BOOT & SHOE CO., Milwaukee, Wis.
dta m in M linn 1 I1H IMMI lll
"W jg"
Howell to Address
University Club Men
: -
. ! Lieutenani Cow J. A Howell. I
f i bresident of the University club, will
lS iddress member; of the club next Sat
I WVf evening a? a smoker. Th"
poker i.c being given by the ocn
elected officer of the club for those
thosp applications for m nibr-n-iiip
tore not yet b--rn neted upon, and oth
tr ramibi- rs
Plans for the coming year will b'-,
Bade and an-v.un' -lo-.r "ini
les to ac during the coming year will
I be made. Refreshments will b
: served.
John Culley. retiring president, gave
la dinner at the Weber club last eve-1
1 ning to old and new officers. Tho
present included Wade M. Johnson,'
David Stine, W. H. Loos. Harrv Irv.-in,
H. C. Errett. W. Rice Kimball, R Q
! Williams. Don Beason, W. Hal Farr,
Dr. R. Kanzkr. Arch R Moycs and S.l
P. Dobbs.
They get lazy quite often your
bowels then you feel punk nil o er
Hollisters Rocky Mouniain Tea fi'ls
them with new life and i-nrciy. .Mr
Intyre Drug Co. Advert iaeneui.
Rend the Classified Ads-
Come and learn a trade in our Overall factory Not only will
you have a steady position, but it is a lasting experience. A
14-hour week and good pay to the capable. Are you one? Ap
ply John Scowcroft & Sons Company, Department "M."
TOKIO, Dec. 2 Whether the Anclo
Japanese alliance which expires next
year will bo renewed is a subject of j
considerable speculation in Tokio dip
lomatlc circles. It is pointed out here
that the world conditions have so
ehancoij since the alliance was inau
gurated that both parties, particular
England, may no longer seo the neces
sity of such an agreement The ic
tory over Germany, for instance,
makes it possible for Great Britain to
maintain ;i far larger naval force in'
the waters of the Tacific without fur-
ther dependence on Japan
Viscount Kato. who was Japanese
ambassador when the alliance orlgi -nated,
recommends the continuance of
the alliance. In the Jljt Shimpo he!
i ' In mv opinion there seems to be a!
'similarity in the object of the Anglo-
.lapanrse alliance and the league of'
inations, but dissimilarity in form and!
the methods of attaining the object.
"The form of the existing alliance, j
as weil as ils substance, are Incompal
iioie uin tnose 01 tnc covenant 01 tne
j league of nations
"But there can be no doubt that the
alliance ha for some 20 years had a
' croat influence both direet and indi
rect, on the relations between the two
I nations and it is not advisable that
the alliance, which has this great his
I tory, -hould be abolished as a mere
, relic of the past. It is practicable to
i continue the alliance if both contract
I ing parties desire it Even it becomes
I merely an agreement or a mutual dec
laration, it would be better than noth-
"I believe it is pf vital necessity and
opportune that our government should
I lay great stress on this question and
at once exchange views with the Brit
I ish government. Not only I, but the
I whole nation, desires to know what
! the government intends to do.
"For myself, I should d Bite contln-
nance of the alliance if Great Britain
is of the same opinion."
BacR-flehe 1
Umber Up With Penetrating
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
A harmless and effective prepara
tion to relieve the pains of Rheuma-
1 tism, Sciatica, Lame Back and Lum
bago is Hamlin's W izard Oil. It pen
etrates quickly, 'drives out soreness,
; and limbers up stiff aching j'oints anJ
You have no idea how useful it will
be found in cases of every day ail
ment or mishap, when there is need of
an immediate healing, antiseptic ap-
Elication, as in cases of sprains,
ruise?, cuts, burns, bites and stings.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
, get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick head
ache? Just try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, JO ccts.
Figlsi on Reckless
Speculation Waged
Care in finance Is urged in circular
j letters to federal reserve banks of the
Twelfth federal reserve district which
have been received by a number oL
'Ogden banks. Tin- letter reads as fol
"To all banks:
"Contraction is urgently .needed
and should be realized wherever pos-j
sible without interference with ossen-l
tial business. It is the plain duty of
every banker at this time to do all ,
that he can by precept and example
to discourage and decrease wasteful
spending, teckless speculation and
further credit inflation."
oo ;
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 17. Tho ,
coal operators' scale committee of th !
central competitive field met here to-:!
day (o adjust complications resulting j
from the wage incn aso of 14 per centi
to the miners Central field, which j
embraces Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and
western 1'ennsylvania acts ns a unit ln,
wage matters. '
PARIS. Dec. 17. Aftor further eon ' i ;
sideration today of Austria's require- !; !
ments for the relief of her distressing !
fcod conditions, the supreme council !
decided that it would be necessary to jl 'M
furnish relief to tho amount of "$70,- i
noo.ono at least to go forward at the!; I '
rate of $8,500,000 monthly !
Belief was expressed by the Austrian !'
delegation that the total sum necessary j j!
would reach $100,000,000, which is the!;!
amount Chancellor Renner yesterday
asked the council to loan to Austria.
The council taday heard a report j
from the French minister of recon-';! I
:itruction with regard to Austrian
needs. It was staled that measures ;
had been aqreed upon for the remedy- i
Ing of the situation The execution oflj!
these measures, it was added, entailed 1 1!
the participation ol the United States,;';
whose adherence to the agreement was1!;
awaited. ;
Ambassador Wallace was unable to ;
enter Into any undertaking for the
United States without instructions!;; j
from his rnvernmr-nt, but he has j
; cabled to Washington Betting forth !;
i urgently the need of taking measures ','
in Austria's aid j j!
PARIS, Dec 17. Dr Karl Renner.!!;
the Austrian chancellor, received a let
ter from the supreme council this
morning, signed by Preniii r Clemen-
ceau, confirming st-nlny rlr-riion
of the BUpreme council to maintain j!
integrally the territory of the Austrian ::
,rrpublic as defined In the treaty of ! j
j St. Germaine
The letter refers to tho movements !
tending toward the separation from
the Austrian republic of VorartbergJ;
Salzberg, Tyrol and western Hungary j!
and declared the success of such
movements in any of these territories ! I
'C)uld involve complete dislntrgratlon !
of Austria and destroy th equilibrium
of central Europe. m
The supreme council consequently, j!
I the letter says, wishes to leave no '!
I doubt regarding its will to maintain !j
vithout change all clauses of the ! ;
treaty affecting territories. j!)
PARIS. Dec. 17. German claims!!
in connection with settlement of peace I
terms detail.-, were again before the;!;
supreme council today. In dealing with !;
these the council reached a unanimous ;!
agreement to permit the Germqns to ;! i
collect their customs duties in gold
In further discussion of the question !;
'of compensation for the sinking of j!; 1
I the German warships at Scapa Flow I J 1
!a discrepancy was developed between j!
the estimates of the reparations com-l;!
Imlttee and these German experts re-!
gardlng the total of mercantile ton- !;
Inage and floating docks available for!;'
reparation purposes at German ports. ;! I
I This discrepancy amounted to aboui i
100.000 tons.
! Tho allied and the German naval p Bmm
perls will meet again this afternoon
io discuss the Seapa Flow question.'
The Germans are seml-oflicially re-J
ported as haing first asked a reduc- J
tlon in the quantity of the dock ma-'
ferial demanded by the allies and to,
havo made a second proposition to
the effect that they should deliver xto
the allies unit of shipping construe-
tlon now under way instead of the
material referred to in tho protocol.
!; If you have Catarrhal Deal- !j
ji ness or are even Just a little !
! hard of hearing or have head ;
! noises go to your druggist and ;
! got 1 ounce of Parmint (double ;
! strength), and add to it pint !
; of hot water and a little granu- !
t lated sugar. Take 1 tablespoon-
ful four times a day j
! This will often bring quick re
! lief from the distressing head ;!
! noises. Clogged nostrils should !
; open, breathing become oasy !
; and the mucus stop dropping !;
i Into the throat. It is easy to pre- j
! pare, costs little and is pleasant !
to take. Anyone losing hearing
! or who has Catarrhal Deafness i
or head noises should give this i
; prescription a trial. Advertise- !;
; ment. !;
gifts for Men I
a men's store for women
- every year we hear the same old story about
! the wife who bought her husband a many-
!; colored tie for a present and then expected him
to wear it and hare a merry Christmas. ji
evidently that woman didn't live in this com
!; munity. it's been our experiene" that it's the
( women who make the best selections. that's
one of the reasons we've turned this men's store
into a store for women this Christmas.
wp havo an unusually fine stock of high grade
elothes and furnishings for men. there are
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes for men and
young men; stylish, all-wool; silk shirts, hosiery,
;! neckwear; hats. i
these are just a few of the sugges
tions we have to make. the services
of this store are at your disposal,
just bring us in your shopping list.
n-ir)EN UTf H i
thr home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes f
Prohibition of
Imports Declared
Illegal Ruling
LONDON. Dec. 17 The" government
, was ueciarea dv justice sir John San
key, of tho king's bench division to
day, to possess no power to prohibit
the importation of certain goods, and
that therefore its proclamation to this
effect was Invalid and illegal. The
moat important evor rendered against
the government,
The ease in which the decision was
given concerned the importation of
pyrogallc acid from the United States,
which was seized on its arrival.
American Goods to Be Released.
"WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. Great
; Dritain is prepared now to release
Ann rican owned noods seized durinr
jthc war upon the establishment oi
iheii American ownership at the time
the goods were shipped, the state de
partment was advised today by the
British foreign office.
The goods affected include those
'taken from neutral ships during the
enforcement of the British blockade
gainst the Central powers before the
l ulled Slates entered the war. It is
i understood to Include goods shipped
;bolh from the United States to Ger
manv and from Germany to this coun
j try.
"The British note." said the state de
partment's announcement, "is of widej
i interest to a large number of Ameri-j
'can citizens and business concerns. It
is in response to an American note of
AugUHt 28, last, which pointed out
that, as the economic blockade ci the
Central powers had been raised, .'.mer-
(-an irnndu A at 1 no1 hv tins P.H t i c h rrv. I
ernment under the provisions of thej
J Order in Council of Marc h 11, 1015.
I should be released to the American
owners upon the production of docu
I ments establishing: their title to goods
j at time of detention. The Ameflcau
note stated that proceeds of the sale
I of American-owned goods, disposed of
I by the British authorities because of
j their perishable character, should be
' released to the American owners. It
I also stated that where Americans,
whose goods had been detained by the
British authorities, had deposited the
I invoice value of their goods with the
! British prize court in order to effect
the release of the property for use inj
the manufacture of war materials, the
British should take steps to pay over
I the Invoice value of the goods released
1 upon establishment of American own
. rr.-diip at time of detention of the
: goods.
"American claimants must submit
directly to the British procurator-gen-,
era at London documentary proof of
their ownership at the time the goods
were shipped. It is understood that
' these documents should include an af
fidavit executed by the claimant set
ting forth the contract for the pur
chase of the goods, insurance policy,
if any, in respect to them together
with checks or drafts establishing the
facl thai the property was paid for
a1 i!"- time of shipment.
"Claimants for proceeds of goods
already sold or British invoice values
deposited with the British authorities
will be dealt with in the same spirit
as in the case of goods held upon sub
mission of similar documents"
Chicago Theatres
Charge Enormous
Price for Tickets
CHICAGO. Dec. 17. Two leading
Chicago theatres today announced an
D( use In the price of tickets for tho
Mew Year's eve performances from
$3.30 to $11 00 including war tax. Two
nthers will raise admissions from
(3 80 to $6.60.
Prohibitive absence of wine suppers
at cafes and restaurants on the last
day of the year with the consequence
of amusement seekers turninc to the
theatres was the reason ascribed for
the changed prices.
pssExi 3037 MILES IN 50 HOURS ipl
I As Far as From New York to San Francisco I
World's Greatest Endurance Record
Made by a stock chassis on Cincinnati Speedway under American I
J Automobile Assn. observation, finishing December 1 2. Traveling at an I
1 average rate of more than a mile a minute for 50 continuous hours,
the ESSEX reveals qualities never expected in a light-weight car. j
L i

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