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l lil l l l l I IT! AN2DT?M9pTW l
1 Will IILVI NIOHTSa ,nd 3 c Tta
X iTiMrrcnAJi v 22c and 3c lax jp
? r,- 0fTlEET 10 10c for children j
a Prices 22c and 3c Tax Kiddies 10c j
0 Dolores' fight for her life and honor and the life of sfcfeVv I
Q her wounded husband on the frozen &
l Alaskan barrens 0
I l! 0 ($7& ffi3 ffi Champion Fight Between the Two Cubs.
mm Dolores' Desperate Swim Down the Mountain Rapids. a
A fJeas Stoma Greatest Dog Sledge Race and Dog Fight Ever! X
I A Tale of Love and Viilainy Unique! Beautiful! Daring! j
II j Follow Wapi The Killer's Tracks to the Orpheum. j
All residents Of Weber county, who
jjl look part in the construction of the
Hft Utah Central railroad fifty years ago
Hi are urged to get in touch with the
Hp Utah Central Railway Jubilee ccmmit-
HI at the capitol, Salt Lake.
The committee is desirous or pay-
HI in? the railroad pioneers proper recog
H nition at the jubliee to be held in Salt
Hf Lake January 10
Hgj I). V. I'arral t. secretary of lh- jubi-
I lee, lias asked the aid of The Stand-
Hl ard in getting in touch with these plo-
1 necrs. He writes:
n "A jubilee celebration of the com
Hju pletion of the Utah Central railway
lll rifty yean ago is to be held in Salt
I Lake City on January 10, 1920. We are
I : nxious to get in touch with all those
I v. ho took part in the construction of
j ihe railway so as, to give them proper
cognition in connection with the
HJ kbrotion. We would, therefore, np-
f preciatc your calling attention to this
I1'. in your paper, asking all who were
1 thus engaged to send their names, ad
H Most wonderful. I have never seen
H Clara Kimball Young perform such won-
H dcrful acting before, was the expressions
H remarked as people passed out after the
M "The Eyes of Youth" received the hlgi
H Qralie and appladse of any picture ever
H (greened at the Utah theatre Man p -,-
H pie were turned away, unable to got
H Standing room, three times the lxx office
H had to stop selling tickets and Manager
I J, Phyn claims the crows who went aWay
. ?J unable to get in were big enough to fill
JH n theatre In thv city.
It Is, perhaps the beat thing Clara Klin-
H hall Y'oung haa dune, and as a whole, tho
H picture Is, perhaps, the best that has
H ever adorned the screen. In transferring
' I "Eyes of Youth" to the screen, the pro?
H diners appear to have expended money,
H kill and intelligence ungrudgingly, ami
H (In- reward of their labors Is a production
H pictorial mkgnlTtcancc. The p!ctiir
fl and fncsso.
H Miss Young's pei Tonnancc is aurprls-
H ingly fine in a role that requires the ex-
H pression of particularly all of the omo-
H lions. Before the play has been complet
cd, Mi. is Young haa appeared as a youn .
fl woman apprehensively standing upon the
fl Hueshold of mature womanhood, a seif-
H Mcrlflolng drudge to the whims of weak
H i! lathes, a courtesan, and lastly, the
woman who marrie3 wealth and thereby
H dlvorpea herself from happiness. And
H through all this Mi.- Young moves sue
H cessfuiiy, at times g-iving n performance
H of eKpeldcrable imptesslvcneae -She hat
H her fct opportunity in the second epi-
! dresses, and information as to just
where they worked, what they did, and
i the like to. our office at a very early
The members of the committee in
charge of arrangements for the Jubilee
General committee Gocrnor Simon
Bamberger, Mayor Mont Ferry, Mayor-
I elect E. A. Bock, 0. W. Penrose. C
P. Stillman, Andrew Jensen, 1 S
Spencer, John A. Widtsoe, D. W. Par-
I rati, Emma Lindsay, B H. Roberts. H.
V Piatt, J E. Galligher, A. C. Reese
'Elizabeth Hayward, General Richard
W. Young. J- S. Early, Jrrrold R.
Letcher, Joseph Decker. Lily Wol
slenholme, George D. Pyper, Early Jay
I Glade, Col. Wlllard Young.
Executive committee Mayor-elect E
A. Bock, chairman, ndrew Jensen,
vice chairman, C. F. Stillman, D. S.
i Spencer, A. C. Reese.
D. W. Parratt, secretary and treas
urer, Room 121 State Capitol, Salt
Lake City, Utah.
sode. when she appears as the opera
star This cpirode. by the way, Is by
far the best in the Ftory,
Many fine examples of acting are dis
played by the cast 1n support of Mi.39
Young. Ralph Lewis. Milton Sills. Sam
Sothren, Gareth Hughes. Paulino Starke,
Edmund Iowr anti Yincent Serrano are
seen in the p!u . And a magnificent bit
of child acting is seen This infant artist
is wonderful and "ateala" all the school
room BCenca for himself.
The picture will run all this week at
I the Utah theatre.
Genera! Pershing to
Be Here Hour, Jan. 16
General John Pershing, while on his
western tour, is expected to spend an
hour in Ogden, according to announce
ments made last eening by C R
Ward, chairman of the legion com
milter extending Ogden's Invitation f'1
the geueral The announcement was
made al ilie meeting of Hen tan Baker
post No. 9.
No definite word has b n received,
although General Pershing iia3 indi
cated that he will endeavor to Btop
over in Ogden. He is expected shortly
before noon, January lfi
Bond of Suspected
Robber Fixed at $1000
George Wilson, arrested by mem
bers of the police department lasl Ss
urday on a charge of second degree
burglary, waived his preliminary heai
ing i the city co;irt this morniu and
1 wan bound over to ihe district court.
Wilson is alleged to have stolen
'; goods from guests in several hotels
1 Of Ogden Bail was fixed in the sum
.of $1000.
jH at Sist to sunMve the ravares
IH & WImi "f Tuberculosis, he began
?NnWM 1 OSKL, "aV-ftBaW 'Primentim? on himself
Kl bkv. . . 6&BMunBBm u,- n
'COPoL-ads laapcun.ft Liit nm 'Treatment, known as Al-
1 DIL1NE. with
BBBaH . t.. 1 . , eoufjha showing tubercular
H uddroaa to lculoaU. may uae It under plal . dlrcctlona. Send your name and
gllH AODILINE .. 185 Arcade Dulldlng Columbui. Ohio
Items bin
ninety days
D. It, DuMont, arrested last week in
connection with the murder of George
Lowes, pleaded guilty to a charge of
petit larceny in the city court this
morning and was sentenced to spend
90 days in the city Jail by Judge D.
R. Roberts.
DuMont when arrested had a large
amount of money and as he was in
destitute circumstances a few days
prior to the murder, he was held as a
suspect. He later confessed he ob
tained the money by robbing a guest
at the Marion hotel.
DuMont is married. He was em
ployed by the American Railway E
press company
Three above zero. That is the marie
at which the mercury stood at S:3h
o'clock this morning During the past
three days the mercury has dropped
from 7 degrees above to 8 above but
, now the weather man comes forth
with the news that it will be warmer
'Tis Ideal weather for coasting, skat
ing, and general winter sports but
with the dial of the thermometer re
ported rising the snow that now cov
ers Ogden is due to depart, unless
more comes.
The weather prediction for tonigh'.
end Wednesday is :
Partly cloudy and warmer tonight
and Wednesday, possibly snow in
northwest portion.
Wiliiam Duncan in "Smash
ing Barriers," Baby Marie Os
, borne in "Miss Gingersnap,'
latest news and a dandy com
edy at Cozy today last times
Coming tomorrow Doug Fair
banks in "Arizona."
Boilermakers' Union to
I Install New Officers
The Boilermaker?, Iron Shlpbulldera
and Helpers' Union held a rousing mast
ing lsl Friday evening when election of
officer.! for the coming year look plac-.
, The union has nearl J'iO members in
I good standing. Following1 Is the result of
j tho election
President, E. A. Gunn. Vice presiden'.
Clans Gruman; Recording Secretary, Clar.
encf G Dabb: Corresponding Secretary,
F. L. Ackley; Financial Secretary. Jonn
G Gunu: Treasurer, Phillip K. Smith;
Guards. D C Critchlow and H. Shinney;
Inspector, C. L. Pettlt: Trustees. W. F.
Keating: Chairmen Rkh l'orter and L'!a.
At the firwt meeting in January lherx
will be inatallatlon ceremonlfea, a amok
er and at the second meeting In tho
month an entertainment will f. affor 1 1
I to Which the ladies will In- Invited, This
J affair will h- without charge to all mem
bers in pood xtanding
1 t
SALT LAKE, Dee. 30. "Utah ha6
one of the best educational system;
in the union, but there is still much
room for improvement," according i"
George N. Child, state superintendent'
fl instruction, in an address yesterday
in true members of (he various busi
ness and civic organizations of Salt '
Lake it the Commercial club, the pur
p se 01 the meeting being to outline
plans for the state-wide educational
publicitj canipaign, to be carried on '
hy ihe business men of Utah.
"A sad condition prevailing at pres
ent is the r.iet that many of the best
teachers In Ihe state are leaving the
schools to enter other fields of en
deavor where they will receive greater 1
compensation for their efforts, " Mr.
Child continued.
The National Educational associa
tion will hold Its national convention
in Salt Lake July 4 to July 10, 1920,
according to a telegram received yes-,
terday by Superintendent Child. lie
tlmates that about lo.OOO teachers
rrom all parts of the United States will
attend. The telegram was rOftd at the
luncheon yesterday.
Outlining the aims of the educational
program ror the coming year, Mr. Child
stated that the board of education has
three big objectives, namely, health
I education, the teaching of good citizen
ship and practical education. 'These,'
he added, ' can not be attained unit a
I we receive the whole-hearted co-opera-1
lion of the people of the state in sup-1
' port of this program,"
Following a di-eusinn as 1o what
Immediate action should be taken, it
was moved by Nephi L .Morris that a
committee of five be elected to in
augurate the campaign, and appoint a
general committee to handle the de
tails in each locality The general com-1
mittee will consist of representatives
of the Kiwanis, Commercial and Ro
tary clubs, the Utah Federation of La
bor, Utah Associated Industries, Utah
Manufacturers' association, the Weber
club ol Ogden, the Woman's clubs of,
the state and representatives from Og
d a, Price, Provo, Logan and Kiel
field. This committee will receive the'
co-operation of the educators of the
tate in any way desired. Those elect-'
iod to the executive committee are:
Frank B. Stephens. Nephi L. Morris,
Herbert an Dam. Jr., Frank Dngg of
: Ogden and Curtis B Ilawley. This 1
'committee will meet today at the Com
mercial club and outline in detail the ,
plans for the campaign, including the
naming of the general committee. M
nn 1
William Duncan in "Smash
ing Barriers," Baby Marie Os
borne in 4Miss Gingersnap,"
latest news and a dandy com
edy at Cozy today last times.
Coming tomorrow Doug Fair
banks in "Arizona."
I B A Finch, district engineer, has
announced that eight road projects!
for Utah highway construction, with
federal Md. at the estimated cost of a
I million dollars, are included in thei
1320 road program for ihe bureau ofj
I public roads officer, of this city A;
'list of the projects has been submit
led to the state road commission. Thei
! projects proposed follow
' Cedar-Long Valley (Iron county sec '
(ion) Total estimated cost $15S,550,
with present federal allotment 1133,000
and state allotment $75,000 additional I
! federal allotment $3375.
Kphiaim-Oiangcvllle Total eslimai
jed cos! J'M.L'.v with federal allot
;ment $51,570, and state $75,000. with!
additional federal allotment $23,070
;and state nothing.
Logan Garden City Total estimated,
cost $181,250 with federal allotment
$50,000, additional $15,625; state same.1
Modena-St George Estimated cost'
$117,450, federal allotment $61,518. ad-1
ditlonal $5599; state $23,880 and addi
tional $3410.
Salina-Emery Total estimated cost
of construction $118,000. no present al
otments either bj state 01 federal bu ,
!reau, additional federal allotment 359, 1
!000, state allotment $3500 and federal
Sevier-Cove Fort Total estimated
cost $75,626, federal allotment $25,
1625 and additional $12,788. state same.
Escalante-Winder Total $20 000; nol
pn 1 l1 allotments, additional allot
ments, federal and state each $10,000. :
The total estimated cost of the ten-!
1 tative program for 1920 is $915,956.
I The total present allotments are: fed
Icral $276,611. state $809,065
The alternate surveys are Cedar
Long Valley (Kane county section),
1 Panguitr h Tropic . oodl uff-Hunls-1
1 tli-. and Brighton-Tyhg. Any one of I
these may be substituted for one of
the above proposed projects
Hindus Fail in Plan
to Break up Romance
Spurned by a pretty Spanish senor
Ita, v.ho had become betrothed to one
j of their countrymen, three Hindus,
jTom Singh, Amer Singh and Puna
; Singh, endeavored to prevent the
i marriage of Galmiria Lopez to Dick In
der Singh of Tremonton.
The couple set out yesterday to get
a marriage license but wbile'en route
to Ogden, the rivals for the hand of
Calmlrla reported to the sheriff at
Garland that Dick had another
wife somewhere The sheriff reported
this to County Cleric W. N'. Farr.
Dick, to lind a way from this dif
fipulty, found J. A. Farnsworth of Gar
land, who was acquainted with tin
You have never seen Clara until you have seen her in this, the most I I
entrancing and potent role she has ever portrayed. I
JeP Bring Sadness and tears II
Remember Her First Big Special Cost Over One-Quarter Million Dolars
SHOW STARTS 1:55, 3:45, 5:35, 7:30, 9:30
Utah Theatre al! ihe Week
Matinee 10c-15c-25c. EVENINGS Children, 10c and 20c; Adults 30c.
tMnmercc--wr -r r.ngua.m - m-io.
facts When it was finally dcterm-i
ined that Dick had no other wife, the j
license was granted and the couple de
parted for Tremonton to be married.
Dick has been in the United States
for fourteen years and is farming 700,
acres of land near Tremonton. Not-1
withstanding the fact that he and hie
bride to be started from Tremonton in
his seen passenger car, the ihree,
rivals were first, and started trouble
by setting the sheriff on Qlck's trail.
In kind appreciation for the many'
acts of kindness shown us in bebnlt of
our dear mother, during her Illness
and death, we wish to extend our most
heartfelt thanks and trust you all may
receive the same expressions of love
and kindness as shown us during our,
time of sorrow,
Swedish Government
Denies Reports of
Action Against U. S.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. Reports,
that the Swedish government had in
stituted a control cf imports under!
which no cargo miehi bo loaded in i
Swedish ships In American ports un-j
less specially licensed were denied to
r.; by Minr tei Fkr-mind.
'The government's (inincial coun
cil," he said, ' has proposed a limita
t!on of imports of luxuries in order to
stabilize the rate of exchange, such as
is already being discussed in Den
raark and Norway. The Swedish gov
ernment, however, has so far taken no
steps to that effect '
Notice Is hereby pi n that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of thi ec.i n
tSench Cftnal & Water company wii: be
held at the city hall, on Monday. Januar)
12. 1920. at 8 p nr. f.r the purpose of
hearing the financial report of the seer -tury
and tresurer for the year 10U, and
for the election of r ven directors to serve
for the ensuing t'.vo year., and lor the
transaction of Mich other busings .-i.-mav
properlv oome before the meetinc
A. D CHAMBirnS S. .
Dated Oedett. L tah. Dec. 27, 1010
Kokhak Ministers -Killed
Vhen Train
Runs Down Slope
LONDON, Dec. CO. A wireless dis
patch from the Boviet government at
Moscow asserts that the ministers of
.Admiral Kolchuk. head of the all Rus
slan government were killed when the
train on which the departed from
Omsk left the rails and ran down a
Omsk has been in the hands of the
Bolshevik! since raid November. It
may be that Tomsk, which recently
was captured by the Reds, i. referred
j to in the foregoing. The whereabouts!
of at least two ministers of the Koll
chak government, however, has been!
reported since the fall of Tomsk
Senator Page Cuts
I Vacation to Confer
on Naval Awards
WASHINGTON, Dei 30. Becausjfl
of tho controversy over naval decora-J
I tions Chairman Page of the senate 1
naval committee curtailed hi vnca-'J
ticn and returned toda to Washington
to confer with other senators as to thoj
advisability of an invi ligation bj thei
senate committee. ?.teantime he vv illS
study the Knight boaid'- r.p.ur on V
naval awards and oilier data which I!
Secretary Daniels ha had prepared at d
Senator Page's requesr.
PARIS. Dec. 29 - iHa- i? ) Vtab-f
ian volunteers and French detach-
ments have clashed at Daalbek, Svna.f
accordng to a dispm.ii num euro.. I
Losses by both sid , are ,.m m Ii.-m-q I
been severe. L
But let's not be pessimistic andfl
note that a man can be just as cheer- jL
ful at Christmas time a; his pocket-W
book no more.
But then ::' r;:-i:- .! ire . .: ';t L,
1 not crazy eourli to put them where tlvyl
belong1. L
W. ' j j
iSPS TDlKE SHOCK QP Jrrojr ; " ky
tfjTy - j Ver
NEW YORK If the motorcycle isn't fast and risky enough for you on land, get this wiuged f1
machine which has just arrived from England. It weighs 220 pounds, can carry gas for a flight
of two hours over 125 miles, and costs from $1500 to $20nf U was designed by Frederick Kool- 1
hoven. a British engineer. I

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