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IBerthana Is Scene of Pagean t
I and Dancing Party Given
I by Daughters of Pioneers
whilom h- ' ' radon
IBm us! evening's pageanl ; nd daneinn
111 vi ' . ii -n b ilv W bi i "mini
lln 1 'aughtors of Pioneers, was ttm linosi
IB -vent of its kind o or Riven in this
II Ity," ?aid a prominent lady of Og
111 !m to Tim Standard thi mnrniric
111 Berlhr.na was uuiv tm loH a scl
III il ng for the largest, most attractive
II i d thoronRiiiy enjoyable parties of the
III eason bo far advanced and no detail
JHivhich might add w ihe pleasure ol
ijh-sp who attended was overlooked.
II! The Irdies rnmprisinR the various
II :-ommlttees in r barge of the pageant
II :nd dance which followed, are worth
I if considerable praise for the splendid
II manner in which everyihm:. i '. dn!-d
I a the program was carried out Mrs
II nolle K Ross, whose efficiency as a
Wm I j rector of p :lit- am! da'i
II Ing, is so well kno wn to ail Ogd nites,
I cave her time ami effort to the perfect
II 'aging nf tin histi ric features of i be
I program and 10 the dancing numbers
lHst"iv of Un! , from lln i me the
Iparliest pioneer: arrived m ivtT down
II i o the present, was perfectly set before
III: he eye." of th. i onlock rs
llnho crowded th
WLM The first number on th'"- piou,
lH.a? a depict i a of Utah's Indians and
11 he moment Miss Lillian Thatcher's or
BLhestra sounded the fir.-t notes of a
l'Vopiiia: sundance, 1 members oi
thc Daughters or Pii.r.ii- and two
IDf ounj: men, nil rl in
If he garb of the name li .i-ercd
Br he hall and gave a chriv.ctcristic
lUani e ThOBC wJ k pari Ln I bis
II i .r.m'o: r wen- Mrs. Mir;, a Shaw, Mr.-.
Blr'"- Kershaw. Mrs. Virginia
i Mrs Mini rva S ia . Ji ck Bi n
Blind Chester x.-ison. At the completion
If'f the dance the Indian- formed a Line
i II Li th right of the hall.
Many P.onccrc Present.
III Following this, a number of the old
WM n'i-neer' of "17 entered the hal!. Amid
III ' 'hcers ol the audu.-ncv Anne l-V-i
I II) m, nearly years of age, danced an
HI dd lime jig. i husi- w ho - in
H eluded in the group i , Am., r,
1 Bingham Pre.-. 1. Y Shurtliff, Mm:
jll H Thomas, Ratio Haueoff, Luc Han
off Gilbert Belnap, Mrs Ingebor Hal
il Person, Mar Poulter, Aaron Jackson,
IjU . -ii ii'-i r:. Mi- 1 1 c Biei a Chris
H bine Thompson and o. Efinchclifl
Ij'j Following ih:s, P.riu'nam Yi uriR i-
Mm .-ented by Hyruni A Belnap, walked
o the renter of the floor and was
'Haheered heartily by the audience Gap
Hp in J. A Howell linn followed and
nade his appeal for the Mormon hat
Hi "i -1- m- " 1 i' n. To this ap
Iftna. Brighnm Voung hi
W.nov.-n i epl i ball I trn h you
Hwith 500 men. If we f.in't get 5ou
1 1- ii.-. v ii or, 500 old pen,!
Inml if v. e i an I gi o i old rm
I ki vo you our women " To ihe strains
h)e Ynieneas national anthem. The
Ih1 a i Spangled Banner," young men
.Represent ins the Mormon battalion
marched in. The flag was borne by j
Lysle Larkin.
Afier these had joined the croups'
o the right of the hall, the scene br-
ween Goodyear (Muriel Stone i and
apt Brown, represented by Captain
'rovn'.- Willi Bro
1 Old Story Given.
H The Hand (art company which has
een one ol ihe most featured st.un.
lln Pa"f's f history, was represent
. li d and two ol the handcarts ol hi -..
orieal alue were used Those who
mn clCi in anflcart company were
'jlai'en Jackson, Owen Y Halverson,
Williams Wright. Mr' Aaron Jackson
; ml Mrs Ingf boi Halverson The old
''jk lan"cart song was sung:
. 1 V. saints that dwell on Europe's
I Prepare yourselves with many more
To leae brhinrl your natie 'land,
I Foi sure God't Jud cm nts are at hand,
T'repare to cross the stormy main
Before you do the valleys gain.
I And with the faithful make a start
J To crossthe plains, with our hand
Botiic must push and some must pull
"Ar we go marching up the hill
Vl merrily on the way we go
l mil we rach the valley, ho.
jW'1'-" BOme V l11 say it is too bad
''jMrhf Saints upon their feet to pad
'MNnc1 niorr ,han tnat to push a load
' jH v ,llP Bo marching up the road.
H. e say is -hovah's plan
Ly0 gather out the best men,
I 3 1 to have Dad and the Boys
E say "Ma, that's sure
J SOME bread you baked
Kj today' And they will al-
Wfli ways say it when you bake
KB bread from
Milled right from wheal
Be that's hard to beat. At
your Grocers.
H Distributors
I And w omen too, for none but they
Will ever gather in this wa.
h'-n we get there amongst the r. st
i Industrious be and we'll be bleesed,
And in oui chambers be shut in
While Judgment cleanse the earth
from in.
For well we know it will be BO
God's servants Bfjoke it long ago
And tfell US it's bigh time to start
To cross the plains with our hand
Crickets and Gulls.
The story of the criekets and the
'gulls was well told by the children,
then one of Utah's first children. Kate
Toponce, was escorted into the hall
by a stork and several little flower
girls Joined by a number of the other
pioneers of later years the whole com
pany marched around the hall under
1 1 he direction of Mr? Ross. A beehive
! representing (he state of Utah was
formed. As a conclusion ' to the pro
gram, "Come, ( ome Ye Falfctr." was
sung by the entire company.
The remainder of the evening was;
enjoyed in daneing. Refreshments
won nerved.
There will be a special meeting of
all members of Sogct Lily circle,
Neighbors of Woodcraft, this eve j
nlng, December 30, at 8 o'clock in this
It. U O. F hall. Initiation of new
members will be the business and all
are asked to be present.
In the Bertbann this evening
Mr. and Mrs II C. Wcods will enter :
tain at a danc'ng party,for which the
have extended invitations to 25u
The Ladies' Literary club of the
city will meet Wednesday, January 7,:
with Mrs . N Fulton at her home on j
Lincoln avenue.
Mrs. Jake Moss left O.gden Saturday
for Cincinnati, Ohio, where she has1
been called by the serious illness of.
her mother, who Was quite badly burn
ed when hei home caught fire several !
days ago.
Last Saturday evening Mrs Ray
Qlakely and Mrs. Harold Trine were
honored at a party which came entire
ly as a surprise to them. The party
was, given at the hom of Mr. and
Mrs Dlakcly. 915 Twenty-third street,
and was delightful The guests enjoy
r a jolly evening of games. dar. ing
and social chat, and at a" late hour re
freshments were Served. Those who'
enjoyed the eening were: Mr and
Mr Raj Rlakely Mr and Mrs. Tribe.'
Mr ami Mrs. Byrob Fee, Mr. and Mr
Frank McGregor, Mr. and Mrs .T.imes
Purrlngton Misses Gladys Smith. Dol
ly Reeder, Loraine McConnell, May
Soule; Messrs Weedon, Ed Alien.
Charles Erb, Bowman Reeve and Mr
pe Laney.
Mrs. Blakely and Mrs Tribe ate to
leave Ogden today for California,
points of interest where they will
spend Eeveral months.
Phe T.Vh Quorum Of Seventies ot the,
Huntsville and Middleton wards will
(rive a banquet and program in the
Relief BOCiet) hall .it. Huntsville this
evening The banquet will he given
at 12 noon to be followed b the pro
gram and dance. The dancing will be
gin at 8 o clock in the Peterson hall
md ;ill ,'n- irr it ed to be present. The
proceeds derived from the partj will
be given to missionaries
Mrs. Vgnee Shields an.) daughters,'
Ivine. Laurene and Hattiebell, haie re-i
turned from Salt Lake City where the? ;
spent the Christmas holidays witn rela
tives and friends
Two former employes of the local:
forestry offices were married In Row
lands, Colo. December 13. and th-'
nrws has been received In Ogden by
ifriends. The bride was Miss Ruth'
Goodrich, daughter of Mr ami Mrs s
F. Goodrich, of Rowlands, and the
groom, Alvin Harrison John on. Mi
(Johnson was a mail ckrk in the local
offices and his bndo a stenogruphcr
The couple will be at home to their
friends after Februarv 1 in Rowlands.
The college women's Pan-Hellenic As- !
I pociatlon etlloypd a co-operative Chii.sc
mos party on Saturday, Dec mher 2'r'i
' at tho home of Mrs. Barber on Twenty
fifth street
The house was bright with Christina?
decorations and a beautifully decorat-d :
tree stood In the front parlor on which
each gue.st hung on Inexpensive gift. The ;
afternoon was begun with a luncheon
Which was both appetizing and aatlftf) -I
inS- Games, music and the opening of
"he gifts from the tree many of Which
; were children's toys, occupied a merry
, afternoon
j Several beautiful vocal solos were given
, by Mra. Stewart Uohbs and Miss Zoa i
Klrkpatrick. Programs for next year's
, social events were given out. which In- i
j eludes among other things a tea for all I
I college women In the city regardl-,s
i of whether or not they are fair Greeks
Those present at the happy affair were
! the Misses Dona Dtx. Kvclyn Dobbs.
ivathryn Fitzgerald. Vra Hasscnflus
Xlna Jonc3, Zoa Klrkpatrick. Ilazel Llch
lenstlger and Margaret Long. Mesdames
i Janica Abbott, Jr.. A. D Barber, J. J.
Carver, Stewart Uobl.s. CS C. Hetzcl. B. j
H. HutsenpHlar, R K. Bverty and Mrs
Gaddis. ,
The Twelfth ward Mutual Improvement
Association will give a dancing party In
the Twelfth ward amusement ball thij
( eenlng at S o'clock Mue Thatcher j
. orchestra will furnish the music. Ail
f'riendfl -i-.: n "'era of tlv .tlJ r. e
cordially Invited,
Miss Norma Nichols, daughter of Mr
snd Mr E. W. Nichols of Ogden. was
married to Willis Smith of Salt I,aU
yeBterday. The young couple will
make their home in Snlt Lake
Tomorrow afternoon, December 1,
thp Promoters of the League of Sacred
Hen it will meet ni the home of Mrs.
James Kennev, 26lu Monroe avenue.
Mr, and Mrs. F. E. Nichols havr 1 e
: turned Irom the Pacific coast whore
they .pent the Christmas holidays with
Mr and Mrs. F, YY Herrlngton at
Palo Alto. I uring Christmas week
the party motored down to Del Monte
whore they Bpeni two days befon Mr.
land Mrs. Nichols returned home.
In expressing their thanks for the
Splendid manner in which the Mormon
.Battalion p:n t of the pageant program
at the Daughters rf Pioneers' party
last evening the ladies of the Mormon
Battalion organization of the city give
the following:
"Tho Ogden Chapter of the Daugh
tors of the Mormon Battalion wish to
extend their thanks to Mr. Jack Lit
tlefield and Ihe members of the Ameri
can Legion, to Colonel Howell and to
HyrUm A. Belnap for the splendid
portrayal of the famous Mormon Bat
taliou a: the Pioneer ball Monday eve
MRS. ROSE SMITH, 1st vice regent.
MRS. VIL'ATE SMITH. 2nd vice regent.
Tomorrow evening. December 31,
New Year's eve, in the Light ward ball
there vill be a line dancing party to
which all members of the ward and
their friends are invited Oh. yes'
Ihe New Year will ho duly ushered in
beforo the party breaks up.
Has America forgot 1 en"
Thai was a question asked today
when three California officers passed
through Ogden en route to their homes
in California.
The men, Captains "Happy" .lack
West and Franklin Homestead and
Major Willis Miller enlisted in the
army earl in lfl7 and after more
than two years of service oversea.- are
returning home.
'The boys who returned home during
the early part of 1910 received a real
welcome, we are lold. when the big
boats arrived, but v hen we returned
recently in New York we missed the
spirit of welcome," said Captain West
this mornintr.
"When w departed willi the Rain
bow division early in 1919, minions
wished us godspeed and a happy re
turn. That, was the yesterday of war.
A few days ago we returned to New
York, after more than two years of
service overseas The glad hand, the
smile we expected, the greetings were
missing', and our reception was not in
any way comparable to that accorded
the depatting soldiers who loYi Ger
many a few weeks aco "
P oreoran, Wyoming oil man.
wtn arrived in Ogden Christmas day i
to identify the iod of George Lowes,
who was murdered here, will return to
Rawlins. Win, this evening. Corcoran
stated this morning after the funeral
of blr. friend that he believed the
slayers would be captured
"A murderer always carries the fear
it detection with him." said Corcoran.
In mj experience I hae seen many)
meq give themselves up, after years
of worry, fear, and thoughts of the
crime the tad committed
In the case of Lowes I am sure that
the man or men will be captured It
was a cold blooded murder, but one
in which some one will confess to.'
Lowes haves more than 20,000
sharer, of Wyoming oil stock, and
other valuables which will be sent to
his sister at Lindsay, Canada.
. oo
Fanners of Taylor to
Hold Water Meeting
Formers of T.-ilor -will tr.oet tomorrow
at 1 o'clock with representatives of the;
oericnltural department, regarding th.
question of water allotmehttia and thf ,
filling of nucptionnalrcs.
At j. Windsor, J, l Rhcnd rind Brvco
McBridc. government engineers who ore
biking an ;ictie part in the work eon. j
ncclc-d with the proposed Irrigation dls- j
trict. will be the speakers at the meeting; I
W. r. Thomns. connty farm agent,
itated this morning that the towns of
the county, as a general rule, are favor- i
abl Inclined towards the idea of the Irri
gallon district. While some small opposi
tion is anticipated, it is expected that
there will be little difficulty ln carryirr; !
through the proposed district.
Socialists Fighting
Against All-Russians;
PARIS. Dec. 30. The latest ad
vices received in French offieal circles
from Siberia Indicate that the forces
operating agianst Admiral Kolchak In
the region of Irkutsk are not soviet
troops, but revolutionary Socialists and
deserters from the Kolchak armies.
The Japanese are sending reinforce
ments to Irkutsk, In preparation for
the eventual advance of the Bolshevikl,
thought to bw still a considerable dis
tance west of there.
! Eight Years Trouble Gone and
Feels Fine Every Day Since
Taking Tanlac
"Since I commenced taking Tanlac
all m troubles have left and 1 feel
; better than I hac in eight years," said
J. Curry, a well known flagman for the
Key Route Systeni, who lives at 577
West Eleventh streel Oakland Cal
I "I had been troubled with a bad case
j of indigestion so long that it had be
Icomp chronic." continued Mr Currv,
i' and I had little or no nppetite for I
Iknew if I ate anj thing I would be
troubled for hours afterwards. I could
hardly retain a thing I had eaten and
about an hour after I had taken a t
bites belching 'spells would come on
ime and I would feel nauseated and
would have a bad taste in my mouth. I
was trohled with constipation and had
jto take a laxative almost every day.
-and one time had such a bad spell of
lumbago iba.t I had to lay off from
work a whole week. At night I could
never ulnnii f-nrirl hnf u-rmlil roll rt
tumble from one. side of the bed to
the other and when morning came I
felt so tired I had to drag myself off to
"I started aking Tanlac as I had
read so much in the papers about it
land I will say right here it certainly
measures up to everything the people
say it will for after eight years oi
troubles it has put me back on my feet
in fine health I can eat anything set
before me with no fear at all for my
! digestion Is perfect and I have no trou
ible retaining ever;, thing I have eaten,
nnd the bad taste has left my mouth.
My constipated condition has been
greatl) relieved and I haven't had an
attack of lumbago since I started tak
ing Tanlac I sleep like a log eight
or nine hours every night. I can do
as bard a day's work as any man and
; I hac more strength and energy about
;me than I have had in years I give
all the credit for my fine condition to
Tanlac and say it is the most depend
able medicine I have ever heard of."
Taniac is sold in Ogden by A. K.
Mclntyre Drug Co Two busy stores.
, Advertisement.
Th road salesmen of all departnie its
' of ihe firm of John Sobwcroft & Son1'
Ifompany. numbering (2 n nil. were I !
1 guests of the firm at luncheon at the
j Weber club t noon todav. With the
SalesrAen were 12 heads of department
and members of the firm.
The compnny whs represented hv Jos
eph Scowcroft president And general
. manager; Eieber Scowcroft. vice presr
I dent: Wlllard Scowcroft. secretary and
i treasurer, and IxmjIs II Peery, director ot
The salesmen are in the city for the
annual conference and to outline the pol
kies for the next ycat They represent
the firm In Utah. Idaho. Wyoming. Mai'
tana, Oregon. California Nevada and
One feature of the conference will he
outlining f the policies for the Scow
eroft brand of manufactured articles ot
clothing, which will he added to the list
of articles already turned out by the
clothing factory. The new factory of
seven Stories, Will increase the output of
all classes of shirts overalls, pant., coii--,
underwear and workmen a clothing Tlv
factory will be opened about February 1,
. The men of the road were commended
by the heads of the company for the
splendid work during the year elosln
with record 6ales of more than six million
dollars worth of goods In the year The
salesmen Will leave Ogden for their re
spective districts on Saturda) an 1
Sund.n ,
Arc Light Requested
Opposite Fire Station
At the meeting of the city commls- '
slon this morning, the request of resi
dents for an arc light at Lake street
and Grant avenue, which is about op
posite the fire station, was referred
to the department of streets loi a rec
The commission passed a few spe
cial claims in connection with the clos
ing of the ear's business affairs
Annual reports of the heads of de-!
partments are to be presented to the
administration this week, it Is expect-
G. A. R. Installation
Ceremonies Are i
Next Saturday
Saturday evening. January 3, at
seven o'clock sharp, the local Dix Lo
gan Post of the G. A. K. will hold its
annual installation of officers The
meeting is to be held In the I. O. O. F.
hall on Washington avenue. On this
occasion the ladlps of the Relief Corps,
auxiliary to the G. A R . and all ladies
of Lincoln Circle are invited to join
ln the meeting, as the guests o! the
G- A. R Follow ing the installation
ceremonies there will be- a luncheon .
sei v ed for all.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Representative
F. H. La Guardla announced today thaT.
he had sent his resignation as a member
01 the legislature to Governor Smith and
that he would be sworn in New Y- m
day as president of the board of al-l i -men
HORNBLU N Y.. Dec 30. Theodore '
Cobb, president of the New York and
Pennsylvania rallroud. died last night
after two weeks' illness.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. The uncer
tain monej situation continued tr
weigh upon the stock market at ih
irregular opening of today's session
Gains of 1 to 3 points In the bottei
known oll8, coppers, rails and loca
utilities were offset by declines of 1 tt
2 points jn steels, shippings, leather:
and kindred -fecial ties. Amei leal
Woolen, the market'ji conspicuously
strong feature yesterday, lost almos
1 four points at the outset, hut Immedl
ately lillieii The tone became heav
ier within the first half hour, Genera
Moton reacting three points,
stocks became more subservient t(
I monetary conditions during the morn
ing, all other developments being Ig
nored. Representative oils, coppi n
and a few specialties escaped the pies
sure shown elsewhere, espeeiall)
among steel and equipments. Moxi
can Petroleum, Shell Trading and Roy
al Dutch were 2 to ?l2 points highei
and several of the motor specialties
gained 1 to 3 points with Endlcott
Johnson. American Woolen extended
its early rally and sugars developer
sudden Btrength- Trading quickened
when call money opened at lf pet
cenl .
j v ;
CHICAGO. Dee. go Corn took a de
eided upward swing In price today
largely as a result of brisk export de
mund for oats, rye and wheat. Rural
complaints of car scarcity tended also
' to strengthen the corn market. In
ithls connection the smallness or re
ceipts here had a small bullish influ-
fence. Opening prices, which ranged
fiom to 2 Me higher, with January
M$1.8iV4 to ?1.32 1-4 and Mav $1 304
1 ' lo LSI I I. w ere followed by tome
additional gains,
Talk of big export sales lifted the
' oats market. Trade was unusually ac
tive. After opening 1-4 to Vjc higher,
including May at 82 to 83c, prices
reacted a little but then scored a fresh
1 ad ance.
Provisions we're higher with hops
and grain. Business was on a some
whai l.n -.1 r scale than lias been the
rul of late.
I CHICAGO, Dec. 30. Corn No. 2 mix
ed not quoted; No. 4 mixed $1.371.
38; No. 2 yellow $1.43.
Oats No. 2 white SS-mSSc; No. 3
white 8385V2C.
Rye No. 2 11.8001.81.
Barley SI. 8001. 57
Timothy seed S!) 0O12.25
Clover $30,00 48.00.
1 Pork nominal.
Lard ?23.55'n23.65.
Ribs $18.25 19.25.
I CHICAGO, Dec. 30
Open High Low close
Dec. ?l.3S 1 423 1 38!2 142-
Jan. 1.82 1 358 1.32' 1 34S
Mav 1.30 1 33 1.80 1.32 1 -,
, Ma; 82" 83-, 82r-s .83,
Jul- ii -767 76 .76 V
; Pork
Tan. 37.50 37 00 37.25
May 37.25 37.25 38 60 37 05
Jan 23.37 23 f.n 23.37 23 57
Mav 24.37 24-62 21.37 21 62
1 Ribs
Jan 10. lr. 18.90 19 11
May 19.35 19.85 19.35 19.S5
Cattle Receipts $9; choice hoay
steers $89; good steers HS;
fair steers $5'fr7, choice feeder steers
$S'9; choice cows and heifers 57'g;'
8; fair to good cov. s and heifers 1
0016.25; ewes medium and t.'Ood,:
$506; cutters $45; canners $304;
choice feeder cowa $506; fat bu'.!:. $51
-6. bologna bulls $405; veal calves
Hogs Receipts 28 choice fat hogs,'
175 to 250 lbs. $13 25T?14.00; bulk ;
$13.50013.75; feeder hogs ?9 500
Sheep Receipts none, choice Limbs
$11012 50; wethers $6 507 50; lat
ewes ?51 6; feeder lambs 9 o 10.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Dec. 30.
(United States Bureau of Markets) j
Hogs Receipts 12,000; market 25 to
10c hifiher, hulk $14.25014 15. heav-'
ies ?14.10f7l4 50; mediums $14.15
1 1 T; lights ?13 80(0 u 25; IIgh.1
lights $13.25013.90; packing sows
$13 00-0 13.75; pigs $12 . 75'o 13 . 35.
Cattle Receipts 800. m.'.rket
J steady to 25e higher; heavy beef,
Bteers, choice and prime. $16.85018.
7.". medium ami good $13.40016 85;!
common $10.75' 13 In- n-ht wugh',
Jgood and choice, $13.0017.00, com-!
mon and medium $8 .25' 13.00; butch
er rattle, heifers, $6 75014.35; cows
j $6 .65(5-12.35; canners and cutters $5.-j
2506.65; ve.nl calves $13.50'o 16.00;
'feeder steers $7.75013.15; siocker1
steers $6 oo 10.50.
Sheep Receipts 5000; market
steady lo higher: lambs $16. 10fv 17.-1
60, culls and common $9.757 16.00, I
. ai ling wethers $12 .85 15 . 10; ewes
: 85010 60; " u 1 1 s and common ;i 00
j 7 50; breeding ewes $8.00 il 50; j
Feeder lambs $11 . 7v7 15.00.
CHICAGO. Dec. 80. Hogs Receipts.
60,000: market mostly 20 to 25e high
er; bulk $14 15 14.35, top $14.40;!
heavy $14.10014.40; medium $14.20 1
014.40; iiht $14.15014.35; light
light $13.75j 14 25; heavy packing'
sows, smooth, $13.60514.00; packing
sows, rough, $12.75?13.50; pigs $13."
00? 1 ..00.
Cattle Receipts 17,000. market;
slow; beef steers, medium and heavy
weisht. choice and prime, $18 75 g
20 00, medium and good $10.75 15
75; common $S 757 10.75; light
weight, good and choice. $13.50.7 19.
25; common and medium $8.007 13.
50; butcher cattle, heifers, $6 40 14.
75; cows $6 25018.50; canners and
cutters $5.257 6.25. veal calves $15 -75317.00;
feeder steers $7 00TJ:12.
25; stocker steers $6.007 10.25.
Shep Receipts 25,000; market
lower; lambs $15.50018 10; culls and
common $11.76015.26; ewes, medium
and good. $8.257 10 75, culls and
common $4.25j B.00.
OMAHA. Neb , Dec. 30. (United
States Bureau of Markets ) Hogs
Receipts 3500, market fully 25c high
er; top $14 00. bulk $13.65 13 85.
heavy weight $13 . 707 13 . 90 ; medium
I Mutton Cheap
Our markets have just received several dozen nice mutton I
ivhich will be cut and sold in the following manner. You will note I
the price is much less than the regular price. This is due to the I
fact that we purchased the big lot fcr much less than the mar- I
kct price. Our markets and stores open until 7 o'clock Vcdnes-
day evening. Closed all day Thursday.
mutton j
3 pounds choice 20c mutton stew 25c n
20c front quarter mutton, pound 10c I
25c trimmed shoulder of mutton, pound 15c I
30c leg of mutton, pound ' 20:
30c choice mutton chops, pound 20: a
25c tonder lamb tongue, pound 15c
2 pounds brains 25c I
2 pounds liver 10c I
Choice boiling beef, pound 10c E
Young dressed hens, pound . . . 30c i
30c and 35c quality sirloin or T-bone steak, pound 25c I
1 Case Goods Week j ;
Don't fail to lay in your case lots of canned goods I hi 3 week, b
j At no time in the future can we sell them so cheap.
J 1 case tall cans milk, any brand $6.50 I
3.! case large cans ripe tomatoes (not whole) $2.50 I
j I case large cans tomatoes (whole) $3. OH
i case 20c sugar corn $3.25 E
1 case 25c Country Gentleman corn $3.75 I
1 case 15c June peas $2.90 I
; 1 case 20c Early June peas $3.25 I
f i ca:e $8.00 Swift's white soap $6.25 I
Fiesh creamery butter, pound, 70c; 2 pounds $1.35 I
I Fresh local ranch buiter, pound 60c I
I Fresh cocoanut butter substitute 35c I
No. 1 storage eggs, dozen 60c I
Local ranch eggs, dozen 75c !
I BSB BSnBBHHIllllllHIillllliHIlBBBBKniOilillHBBiiSa'
weight $13 757 14.00; light weight
$13 70 13.90; light light $13.40j
13.75; heavv packing sows, smooth.
! SI 3 60113.70, packing sows, roueh.
$13. 407 13. 60; pigs $11 25j 13.00.
f'ntile Receipts 6200; killing
(classes uneven 15 to 25c higher; feed-
iers steady; beef steers, medium an1
heavy weight, choice and prime, $16 -
i 50il8 .50; medium and good $11.50
16 50; common $9 50011. 50; light
weight, good and choice. $16.2518 - J
50; common and medium 0. 0016
25; butcher rattle, heifers $6.75 13 -25,
cows $6.50113.00; cannerfi and;
leutters $5.00 6.50; veal calves, light
land band; weight $13 . 00 14 50; feed
er steers $6.257 13 25; stocker steers
$6. 75711 25
Sheep Receipts 10,400, market,
(steady; lambs. 84 pounds down. $16.
757 17.40; culls and common $12 00g
16.00; earling wethers $11 007 15
75. ewes, medium and choice. $9.00j
10.25; culls and common $5,259.25.
NEW YORK, Doe. . Pri- es of Lib
erty bonds at 11 30 a m. today were i
3123 99.62; first 4s 93.20; second !
4s 91.90; first 4 1 4s unquoted; second j
4 1-48 91.74; third 4 14s 94. 70. fourth
I 1 Is 91.70; Victory 3 3-4s 99.18; Vic
tory 4 3 4s 99 IS
Pribes of Liberty bonds at 2:55 p.
m todaj were
99 52; first 4s 93.20; second 4s I
9170, first 4 l-4s 93.36; second 4 l-4s
91.62; third 4 lis 94.38; fourth 4 1 4s
91.04; Victory 3 3 4s 99.22; Victor
4 3 4s 99.30.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Mercantile j
paper unchanged.
Sterling: Demand $3 76; cables
Francs: Demand 10 76, cables 10.
74. Guilders: Demand .37,8; cables
Lire Demand 13.20; cables 13.15.
Marks unchanged
Time loans strong; all dates 7ys per
, cent bid.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Bar silver .
$1.31. J
.Mexican dollars $1.00 3-4. j
CHICAGO, Dec. 30 Butter unset
tled, creamery 52V64c.
Eggs unsettled; receipts J335 eases;
FlrsU O9lj'70c. ordinary firsts 55
65c; at mark, cases included, 65 69l.
Poultry alive unchanged.
Layton Woman Happy
Over Recovery of Pin j
When Alice Higgs of Lav ton was in
Ogden December 22 she lost a valu
able gold pin, a pin that had belcnged
to ihe family for years.
Today she came to Ogden again and
among othei places visited the Vienna
cafe, where she mentioned her loss.
"Describe the pin," said Leo Young, .1
the manager. Mrs. Higgs did. Where
upon Young produced the lost article.
Mrs. Higgs was overjoyed.
Woodmen of the World
Special meeting Tuesday nicht. Dec.
30th Initiation of candidates Close
of campaign.
WM. MULLER, Clerk g
Tuesday night at the Mocse hall, 8 kg
p m. Refreshments. Adv.
L t Just another item in our comprehensive policy
B jn of financial service is our facilities for taking
!J contracts. We are equipped to handle the con- L
) itrUCtlpn of r.ny kind or gizc of building. pj j
j And consistent with our h gh grade service in cth- !'JJj
S er departments our building contract activities I"
!( Bg are unimpeachable. CJ

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