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I jLook at tongue! Remove Poi-
I ' sons from stomach, liver
J ? and bowels
t Accept "California!' Syrup of Figs
i fny look for the name California on
, tthe package,' then you arc" sure your
'child 1b having the bes. and most
Iharmless laxative or physic for the
kittle stomach, Hvct and bowels. Chil
dren love its delicious fruity taste.
JFuIl directions for child's dose on
itach bottle. Give it without fear.
J Mother You must say "California.'
; AdvertiBcmcnt.
J " Oh, Boy," a smart musical comedy
.nd the fourth New York Princess
theatre musical comedy success will
lylay a matinee and an evening per
formance at the Orpheum theatre to
day. The tremendous success of "Oh,
lioy" is due to its delightful wit and
'satire, its dainty production and tune
(ful melodies.
' Some of the most popular musical
numbers are "An Old-Fashioned Wife,"
'Holled Into One," "Till the Clouds
Roll By," "The. First Day of May,"
"Koo-la-loo," and "Nesting Time in
'Flatbush." Adv.
; State Game Warden to
Bring Elk to Utah
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 7.
Application for authority to bring one
Khundred and eight head of elk, now re
ported starving in the region adjoining
(Yellowstone National park, to tho va
rious Utah national forest reserves
hvas made to tho interior department
m Washington, D. C.,- today, by R. H.
Siddoway, state game and" fish com
missioner. Mr. Siddoway states that
it his request for the elk is granted
Jhey will be given stale protection.
He hopes in this way to build up the
!now depopulated Utah elk herds and
likewise aid the starving animals.
Conditions in Utah are excellent for
Ahe propagation of large elk herds, Mr.
feiddoway asserts.
It's a good thing that the delegates
didn't have to cat their meals from
i w. k. Round Table, or they would!
have left sooner than they did.
.A fowl of any kind is always dressed
to kill.
Money is about the only part of
your youth you can save, but Ii usually
roes aa foolishly as the rest of It.
U i
That's right! Get all
3F011 can -for the money you
spend whether it be much
or little.
Here's how to get your
full money 's-wor tli in tea:-
Don't buy common tea,
even at a -low price per
pound. It is extravagant per
cup, because a pound makes
so few cups unless you
want tannin-strength, which
is harmful.
Pay the price for good,
tea, which is full of tea
flavor, and is' really cheaper
per cup.
You save money, and you
get the cheer and invigora
tion and rcstfulness that only
nc tea can give.
Schilling Tea is your tea.
There are four flavors of Schilling
1 Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
Hj parchiuyn.incdmoisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co SatuJRraitcisco
British Relief Director Reports
Conditions So Deplorable as
to Beggar Description
LONDON". Dec. 20. Sir WHIiam
Goode, the British director of relief.!
declares thai Vienna is the worst of 1
all the famine-stricken places that he
visited on a recent tour through ceu
tral Europe.
Although more than 2.-100.000 tons
of foodstuffs, at a cost of nearly f 500.
000,000, have boon delivered in Euro
pean relief since the signing of the
armistice, by far the greatest share
of which, he said, had been furnished
by the United States under the direc
tion t)f Herbert Hoover, conditions are
gar description." A distinguished
British army officer who had been in
Vienna for some lime, Implored him
before he left the Austrian capital:
"For God's sake go home and tell thrm
what it is like." Sir William told his
' experiences to the American Luncheon
club here. (
I "I felt upon lenving Vienna," said
I he, "as if 1 h:id spent ten days in the
coll of a condemned murderer who lias
given up all hope of a reprieve. I
stayed at the best hotel but I saw no
milk and no eggs the whole time 1 was
there. In the bitter cold hall of the
hotel, once the gayest rendezvous in
Europe, tho visitors huddled together
, in the gloom of one light where there
used to be forty. They were more
like shadows than representatives of
the rich. Vienna's world-famous opera
house is packed every afternoon.'
vWhy? Women and men go there in or-'
der to keep themselves warm and be-1
cause they have no work to do.
Fuel Scare and High.
"In my office I made several experi
ments at working in overcoat and with
blankets for the staff when the ther
mometer inside was only one degree
above freezing point. Finally 1 deter
mined to got wood enough to light the
one small fire for two days. It cost
me 970 crowns, which, to the Viennese,
is equivalent to about 30 or -10 pounds,
"Do you wonder that the well-to-do
people in Vienna are burning their
furniture lo light their stoves? Can
you imagine hew tho poor live or try
! to live? It is not unusual to see the
, traffic in one of the main streets
which leads lo the cemetery held up
by hearses Nine-tenths carry the
. bodies of children.
Americans Feeding Children.
1 "In Vienna, in the palace of a for
mer archduke, I saw thousands of
children being fed with American re
lief food under the control of a young
naval officer, whom I was proud to
recognize as one of those Americans
who did excellent work in the early '
days of the commission for relief In !
Belgium. Our own British relief mis
sions, both In Austria and In Hungary,
and a number of unofficial British
' workers are doing everything possible
lo stem the lido of distress." In Ser
bia alone, Sir William declared, there
are 500,000 fatherless children, most
I of whom are suffering from hunger
and exposure.
"It seems to me that you cannot tri
fle with starvation and privation in
central Europe such as prevails today
' in Viennia without running the risk of
a carnival of Bolshevism "which would
probably not be confined to Ibis conti
! nent. I do not want lo cry 'wolf and
I am rather inclined, to think that Bol-
j shevism has been Used too much as a
1 bogy, but anyone with half an eye
iraust realize that if, as a result of
'apparently legitimate grievances,
1 forces of unrest are loosed in the
heart of Europe, the whole world, the
1 United States as well as ourselves,
will be menaced." ;
: Treaty Delay Blamed. i
Sir William declared that "first and
foremost among the causes of the pres
ent situation in central Europe is the
, delay in making peace.
1 "It scarcely seems to be realized in '
'the tnited kingdom," he continued,'
U'jsolated from the continent of Europe 1
I by a narrow strip of water and still
less in tho United States, isolated by I
I the Atlantic ocean, that AuBtria, Hun
I gnry, Bulgaria and Turkey are still
I technically at war with tho allies and,'
what is more important, at war with
most of their neighbors. j
"As cne approaches the frontiers
one finds every little wayside station j
pacKCU wnn soldiers, uayuucis ii.tu
ammunition wagons. War. and all the
wasteful, effect of preparedness for
war upon economic and Industrial
progress, are vlsulazide for miles as
cne travels through these countries.
Many Do Not Know Nationality.
"In many corners of central Europe
today the inhabitants do not even
know their own nationality. Until uni
versal peace is ratified, until boun
dary commissions are able to get to
work, and until plebiscites can deter
mine the future of democracies, cen
tral Europe will be a patchwork of
ethnological dislocation. An over-prolonged
armistice, following upon four
years of war, has knocked away al
most every fundamental prop; polltl
jcal financial and economic.
"States on the Danube the main
I avenue of traffic fear to send barges
I out of their own territorial waters lest
they should be appropriated by their
next-door neighbor. Just as on land
the British Tommy is the only safe
guard for a train of supplies, so on
:the Danube one of Admiral Trou
bridge's British mine-layers, with a in
itio British middy in command, Is the
only guarantee of safc conduct.
Food Trains leld Up.
"The other day, on the Jugo-Slav
frontier, trains of food supplies ar
ranged by the allied relief missions
and nil paid for by the Austrian gov
ernment wore on their way to miti
gate starvation in Vienna. At the last
moment the Jugo-Slav government
clapped on an csport duty of 50 per
, cent and refused to permit the trains
I to go forward unless that tax was paid
' In foreign oxchange. I .ventured to
: take international law Into my own
hands and, thanks to the rcsourceful
! ncss and intrepdity of .1 couple of
young British army officers, those
trains arrived in Vienna.
"Another interlocking difficulty as
between food and transport is the per
sistent flocking of peasants with eggs,
sacks of flour, live gecso and ducks
and all kinds of agricultural produce
into the towns. In snow, rain, or any
kind of weather, you can see not only
the inside but the roof of every rail-
j ARE you aware of thb vital relation between He win describe the great service advantages of I
jj . - tlTe selection and tire care, on the one side, Goodyear Truck Tires Solid Tires, Goodyear g W
1 and truck costs on the other -side? Cushion Tires' and Goodyear Pneumatic ' Cord I j ,
I ' Truck Tires. I I f
) It will pay you, the owner of the business, or the f ffl
chief executive, to concentrate on this truck tire And he wil1 recommend the right tire for you E m
j problem. the one that will do your work most economically. ')M
Maybe there is a big leak in your truck costs, due He , .wiU. tel1 you of our sPeed workmanlike J I
! ; .directly or indirectly to tires, and you can stop it aPPhcatl0n service mde possible by our expert l
I mechanics and big hydraulic press. H
j You've stopped the other leaks-stop this. . Then he win explain our er.seffin servicej j JI
j which is based on periodic, recorded inspection f IS
As a first step, we suggest that you permit our 0f the tires and trucks in use to the end that f lE
I representative to go into your problem for you. these tires may save you the last possible cent. Jfffi
I J ' , He will explain, of course our service. This starts I I H
with the selection of the right size of the right Probably he will point out your leak at once and l I
jj . type of tire for your use. help you stop it. Why not ask him to call todav? ? i V
S I '' Wb
j G oody e a r Truck Ti r e S er v ic e Station
, way carriage thronged with this
quacking crowd of food speculators
Their traffic has assumed sucli propor
tions as to make legitimate railway
TTiis Letter Tells How it May
: be Overcome all Mothers
Fort Dodge, la.- "From tho time ray
' daughter was 13 years old untU she was
Hbat she would havo
down in hIthf and
at last a friend who
i-r-ri had used Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound told
her about it and she has used sixteen
bottle? and we always have it in the
house. She feels fine now and ehe has
no trouble at all each month. We al
ways praise it and advise any friends
who suffer to use j'our wonderful med
icine." Mrs. Minnie Mandelko, 1005
S. 18th St, & 10th Avenue, Forfc
Dodjge, Iowa.
Girls who are troubled as Miss Man
delko was, should immediately seek re
1 storation to health by taking Lydia E.
i Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Those who need special advice may
write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., (confidential) Lynn, Mass. These
letters will be opened, read and an
swered by a woman and held in 3trict !
confidence. , 1
I traveling almost impossible. What it
I means In the problem of food distribu
tion will be apparent when I tell you
that a train or 10 carriages full of "the
picturesque profiteering peddlers can
only carry as much food as could be
put ito four ordinary railway tructa."
'British Commander to be Made
i Owner of Lands, Mansion
and Title
LONDON, Jan. 7. Tho prophecy of
Thomas, the Rhymer, who wrote
"Tyde what may betydc, Haig shall be
Halg of Bemersyde," bids fair to bo
fulfilled. A movement is on foot here
to purchase the 'Scottish estates of
Bemersyde, together with the historic
mansion and present- them to Earl
ITalg, (who adopted the designation of
Earl Haig of Bemersyde on his leva
tion to the peerage) as a record of the
British people's -admiration for his tri
umphant leadership of the British arm-
jies during the war. The properly is
now owned by Lieutenant Colonel A.
'B. Haig.
It was the Bemersyde where Turner,
: the painter, was taken by Sir Walter
Scott, the poet, for the purpose of mak
ing drawings to Illustrate the scenery
of Scott's poems.
The estates, which include the fa
tuous mansion, have an area of 1306
acres and the market value is put at
S26S.000 for which sum It has been
(decided to appeal. They have been
owned and occupied by the Halgs con
tinuously for more than seven centuries-
Bemersyde is situated In the parish
of Alcrtoun, Scotland, in the very cen-
mio- jgjaggumpj 'i ' i-ji. ii mwv
tor of a district which for more than
300 years was tho battleground oi two)
hostile nationalities as well as the l
scene of almost never-ceasing inter
nal conflict, rapine and dissension.
Of the hundreds of forts and castles
which once existed on the Scottish
side of the border, Bemersyde is the
only one that is, still inhabited as a
manorial residence and inhabited, too,
by the family that were its original
founders. Bemersydo House Itself
ntands on an elevated rocky bluff over
handing one of the most beautiful
reaches of tho river Tweed. On th6
opposite bank of the river Is the prom
ontory of Old Melrose, tho spot on
which the Saxon disciples of Aidan,
more than 1200 years ago. uplifted the
symbols of Christianity.
Contributions toward the purchase
of the estate arc to be accepted by
every bank In England.
Now fome wag comes forth with tho
discovery that a traveling man's ex
pense account is a good time table.
itf ci"itJoncr Wm. K. Kerr, of
JSggjfrl thr Cily ol Chicago.. "Fron
Bwiii TmbI 171 y own experience with Nax
KEa2UjN ated Iron I feci it Is such
jnMjjgrX&Sfll valuable blood and body buOd
FjK2GvXJ inc preparation that it ouzbt
Uja3(r to be utcd in every hoi mill
vwruly and prevented by every phy.
tlclah in tfre couniry," Nuxotcd Iron belpa
to mate healthier women and Ttrcmter, atw.
dirrrnen. Satiifaetion cuxranteed or moasy,
refunded. At all sood druecin.
iSigsiing of Players
f o rl920 Is Underway
DETROIT. MICH.. Jan. 7 The siting
of plnycrs for tho 1020 Detroit Amorlcin
Lcapuc team already is under way. Two
pitchers, two catchers and an outfielder
were amonp the flrjt lo &n contraci
They are Hubert "Dutch". J.con.-nd
and Bernlo Bolanri; Bddlc Alnamlth ami
Oficar Stanapc. and Robert Vcach.
The usual stories Hint Ty Cobb, tho
TlRera' star ccnterflel'der. may not pn
ball next your arc In circulation, but ifttio
credence. Is given them. Cobb's contract
holds over for another year, and It gen
erally is expected he will be with the
club on openlnR- day.
The DotrolL club will train at pMhcoii,
Georgia. The pitching staff le schen.
tiled to start out Fcbruury 22, the re
mainder of the club following a veu
later. Exhibition gamos in the south
ogaln will be played with the Boston
A proposal that the Tigers play the
Cincinnati National April 10. probublv
will not be accepted. Conflicting dalM
Is given as the reason. An effort Is beln I
made 'to nrrangc a contest on that da: j
with tho Indianapolis team of tho Amer
ican association. J
I vw
Greatest Church Drive j
of World to Start'
ATLANTIC CITY, X. j jau. 7. I
Plans for the greatest world evange-'
Ust campaign over attempted wero
agreed upon nt a preliminary meeting I
of the first post bellum conference of 1
tho Inter-church world movement. Rep
resentatives of boards of home mis-!
sions of nearly a score of Protectant
denominations attended.
A great drive for converts will be,.
3TI ntFFl, , . .Tn rt 1 I agqai I LJkiX.AA-I.JJi III III III MSU t'"'
carried forward by 200.000 pastois in
"very slate In the union. The cam- 9 jh'
paign id to be terminated with a mar- Sj wf
shalling of the hosts of rooruits for 'wii
Christianity In all churches of the 1
country on Easter Sunday. W
'Utah Has Oil Gusher I
Near Diamond Fork i m
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 7 I W,
Utnh has an oil gusher, according to $ ffci
a report received today from Thistle. f ifc
a little town near tho entrance to Dia- I ftl
mond Fork canyon, about C5 miles -J Hfc
south of here. ri El(
h J,?ei ?VPU ,is ro,01-tcl to have been flf Sll
&nR P. by a comy- which has 0 f M
been drilling near tho lower end of ' fifis
Diamond 1-ork canyon during the past ii
two months. jj Ki
V. is stated when the drill passed H
! through the cap rock the oil spouted fi WR
over the derrick and has since been S 91
flowing continually. 9
Use Antiseptic Liquid Zemo mm
There is one remedy that, seldom ; i
XoitetORtop itching- torture and relieve
skin untation aod f.hat makes thesldn 1 HB'
soft, clear and healthy ; WBt '
Any druggist can supply you with ' ': IMf
F.cmo, which generally overcomes skin 1 ; W'
diseases Eczema, itch, pimples, rashes, : i K'
blackheads, in most cases give way - fflP'
to Zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes WtLL
disappear overnight Itching usually f wP
stops instanUy , Zemo is a safe, anti- f. mm
septic liquid, dcai,. easy to use and l aC
dependable. It c6sr"inly 35c; an extr? ij
largft bottle, Si no t will not stain, is
not greasy ot 'J.ictv and is positively iEK5''
catt 101 tender sensitive 0uns.
Tntls.V RoceCa.Clcvcliad.O. 1; ; .
AdvertlscxnenU m

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