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1 On tie evp of the first annual Og-
;9 rln Livestock show the sponsors are
i -ottling back in satisfied assurance
I of presenting to the people of Option
and all the Intormountain country ihf
frreatest livestock exhibition that was
1 ovr heRh The great numbers of en-
1 Iris of piirt-Urcd cattle, sheep and
hofts; which haveJjeen arriving lately
from points as far-away as California
j and Oregon, and which' exceed in nnm-
" birs the entries of the far-famed Den-
li "er livestock show that was held the
I latter part of 1910, have brought
)i . miles of satisfaction to the officers
! and comiuitlee m&nibers of the O&den
' ihow.
K C. Evans, assistant secretary of
i the Ogden Livestock show, said today
; he expects a large contingent of stu-
' dents from the Utah Agricultural col
li ge to participate in the students'
judging 'contest Attractive prizes are
offered for this event and embryo
stock-raisers will be given an excellent
chanco to brush up on their powers of
observation' and judgment as veil as
receiving a substantial piece of pecket
money in the shape of awards. Mr- Ev
ans was elated at the number of thor
oughbred stock that has been entered,
and he said, "It will be no snap to pick
winners from among that bunch. I'll
1 take my hat off to the students who
J win the prizes at this show."
I The S5000.00 cash prizes in addition
jto the many beautiful silver trophies
and ribbons that are being offered, aro
'proving tempting bait to livestock men
I from other states, as well as from
'Utah. Thus there will be the greatest
(aggregation of champions in all
classes ever got together in any exhi
bition in the west. There will be
nothing but buzzing activity down at
tho Union Stockyards, where the show
will be hold, from Thursday morning
jtill Saturday night the three days of
the show. Auction sales Judging of
all. classes of stock Inspections, and
visits by many people who aro inter
ested In a thoroughbred of any kind
those things will make the show the
livest place in town.
Of course, everybody knows about
tho big wrestling match Thursday
night at the 'Alhambra, at which Og
den's Jack Harbertson, will try to
wrest the world's light heavyweight
belt from Ad Santel. This promises
to be the most evenly matched and
hardest contested match Utah fans
have ever seen. A capacity house is
fullv expected as hundreds of dyed-in-the-wool
sport fans are Journeying
up from Salt Lake and down from Ida
ho to witness the match.
Summing up the work of tho com
mittees and officers of tho show Mr.
Evans says that all have worked will
ingly and hard to make It the most
successful livestock show ever held
and it certainly looks as if that early
aim is about to be realized
Pershing Makes Appeal
for American Youth
DAVENPORT. Ia., Jan. 7. Address-j
ing citizens of two states, Iowa and
Illinois, General Pershing made a
strong nppeal for military and voca
tional training of the American youth,
A large standing army Is not neces
sary. General Pershing said, if backed
by a trained citizenship.
"The problems of peace." the general
said, "arc often as difficult as the prob
lems of war. We must not sit Idly
and permit the growth 'of dangerous
social doctrines but must oppose them
and destroy them.
"I can assure you that the men who
wore the uniform and who aro now
members of the American Legion,
stand for all that is worth while in
American citizenship "
General Pershing spent part of the
day inspecting Rock Island arsenal.
! Hawaiian Commission Seeks
j Statehood for Territory and
Right of Homesteading
HONOLULU, T H.. Dec. 27. (Cor
respondence of The Associated Press)
Legislation to effect important
changes in land leasing and homestead
rights is to be sought from congress
by Hawaii's legislative commission,
which, it is expected, will arrive in
Washington, D. C., early in January.
The program of legislation sought
is embodied in a series or concurrent
resolutions adopted by the Hawaiian
legislature. One of these resolutions
asks statehood for the territory.
Governor H ends Commission
Governor Charles J McCarthy heads
the commission and ethers include At
torney General Harry Irwin, Senator
Robert W. Shingle, Senator John II.
Wise, secretary of the commission;
Representative William T Rawlins,
and Representative Harry J. Wyman.
Tho members of the co.nmlssion, it
is announced, will initiate no discus
sion of the Japanese question.
Authority to incur public deb't in an
amount of 3 per cent in excess of the
amount fixed by present laws, 7 per
cent, Is to be sougji from congress.
The present, debt is ?1 0,89-1 ,000. The
additional money is said to be serious
ly needed for road building and
Another proposal is that tho gov
ernor, land commissioner and land
board be given the right to pass upon
qualifications of applicants for home
steads to assure that "the remaining
small body of agricultural land should
be settled by a class of farmers who
will remain tho active owners thereof
and interested and actively concerned
in its development."
Petitions to Congfese
Other petitions to congress ask:
A law requiring residence of not less
than one year In Hawaii for eligibility
to appointment to federal of.icc in the
Extension to Hnwali of the farm loan
act and the reclamation act of June 17,
Collection of toll by harbor board
on all freight passing over territorial
Increasing of salaries. for the gov
ernor, judges and members of the legis
lature. Authority for governor to appoint a
commission to Investigate feasibility
of establishing a free port in Hawaii.
Appropraton of $1,000,000 for roads,
pipe lines and waterworks in home
stead tracts..
Permission for Hawaii to retain 50
per cent of all customs and Internal
revenues collected in the territory.
Long time leases an arid lands upon
which water may be brought
! oo
Berger Escorted Oat
of jersey City by Chief
JERSEY CITY. N. J., Jan. 7. Victor
L. Berger, representative-elect from
the Fifth Wisconsin district, was es
corted out of Jersey City last night
by Chief of Police Richard T. Batters
by. His departure followed promptly
his arrival in the scheduled role of
principal orator at a widely advertised
mass meeting under the auspices of
the Socialist educational club. With
Berger went Oscar Ameringer, his first
The police refused to . permit the
meeting to be held, announcing that
those who desired to pay dues or tran
sact business with the officers of the
club could do so, but that speeches
would be barred.
Former Army Captain
Shoots Dow Negro
PITTSBURG, Jan. 7 Scores of per-
sons traversing isown town rum ave- J IfMl
nuo last night witnessed tho killing f, A5
of Albert Loving, a negro, who was Mp4
shot to death by E. M. Price, a fooner '
captain in the regular army. Prlc J .71
came to Pittsburg our months ago '
frpm Salt Lako City. ? '
Tho murder occurred at the front
entrance of a prominent hotel in which '-;
Loving was' employed as a hell boy ' 'JS; .
Officials of tho hotel informed police Vp.,
that Price and Loving had argued in
the lobby shortly before tho killing 1 lf
Price left the hotel followed by Loving SSrU
who, according to witnesses, struck ;; Jit'
the former. Price, It is said, then drew 'r r
a revolver -and shot the negro. ' -
Prlco was arrested and he told the Vrr 1
police that ho had been discharged I'
from the army on account of disability ; Jj.
four months ago. While In the service ; gfek
Price snld he was sctationed at a camp ; Ipu
for prisoners at Salt Lake City. He jJU!
has been attending tho Division of jH&
Petroleum in the University of Pitts- fflft
burg here for several months. Price Sft
refused to discuss the killing. ,: mSt!
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. 7 flKS
George K. Belden, president of the
Minneapolis baseball club Is opposed flBg
to the 168 game schedule plan of the k
American Association. Belden made j1- J$
this declaration in connection with a j. U
report from Chicago that the league v, 3B
'magnates were unanimously In favor 9K
of the longer schedule plan at tho as j ag
soc'.ation meeting in Chicago, January WjS
15. Ho prefers the schedule of 154 ; &-
games. ' j j
I i j
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15 ere only so ""y Ford cars just a specified, limited number allotted to this territory. Those who cars allotted to this territory. You will be wise to buy one now while we can I" j numoer ot orfl V
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M j Distributors of ,
IHPLEMENTS Utah and Idaho. j .

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