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jj! Great January Clearance Sale I
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nV'Hl 111,1 -111 II I - i, I - TT - " ' 'n n l-ji ijiriiuh Hi f H M 14-1 I'unm I I I I in ij"m .i! .m.L, .m. u. .- .. ui i i .. il ..n j m i.. i . . . j.. . nr ;j , iLni.,j lijm.lJ'J-u. I Ml aji i irjjrLii-ii. uim I il- tj m - unnui' .1.1 . nimn-- , inn I
um : pa.11
IuininiL !
Four Divisions Classified, Pub
lice Interest Defined, Rights
of Labor Declared
: WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 (By the As
sociated Press.) A Plumb plan for
all American industry, modelled after
: ; the plan of tho same namo for the
railroads, lias been prepared and Is ex-
pectcd to be publicly announced soon.
Copies of the plan, captioned "An
i industrial program by Glenn E..
I Plumb," are being circulated in Wash-
iUSton- outline of Plan- '
Briefh the plan proposes for all
ff Amvican industry the system of tri
f partite railroad control advanced some
i time ago with tho backing of the great
brotherhoods, and which it has been
announced would bo made an issue at
the elections. It proposes practically
the same division of representation for
capital, labor and the public.
Industry is classed into four divis
ions in this way i
1 Those 'indi idualistic in owner
ship and operation, including the far
mer, and the small artisan, contractor
and manufacturer, who is both capi
talist, laborer and consumer."
2. All industries, "formerly individ
ualistic, but which through organiza
tion have so developed that ownership
is separated from labor and concerns
itself only in direction anil supervis
ion of production in which it engages
tho efforts of others who have no
share In ownership."
3. Industries "based upon a grant
from society in the shape of a fran
chise, grant of privilege or monopoly."
In this division are included all public
service corporations except those on
gaged in interstate commerce "and all
industries engaged in exploiting nat
ural resources." These latter are de-i
scribed aB including mines, gas and
water power.
i. Railroads and commercial trans
portation facilities. The plan explains
that these are considered separately
from the public service facilities em
braced in the third division because
the former are "under local control,
created by local authorities and sub
ject to local rekulation."
The "fundamental interests" in
these industries, the Plumb plan de
clares "is the need of society for the
products of that industry, or the serv
ice which it renders, that calls the
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m J top off? ; w3r j
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I Read Auto Top Co,
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industry into being In the first two '
classes where society has made no
grant the free working of the law ofi
supply and demand protects the pub-j
lie interest." j
Public Interest Defined.
"Public Interest" is defined in the
plan as follows:
"It is the right of the public to ob
tain better, cheaper, or more products
or service as the progress of the arts
permits the making of more or better
goods, or service, at a lower cost of
production. The constitution denies!
the power of the public so to exercise
its power of regulation as to deprive
tho owner of the property of his in
vestment, actually, honestly and pru
dently made, or of a fair return on
such investment If society pays more
than this amount which the owner re
tains as a profit, socioty pays more
than it lawfully is required to pay
and thq owner receives more than he
is lawfully entitled to receive."
"This." says the Plumb plan, "in
troduces perpetual conflict between
society in the exercise of this public
regulation and the agent it has created
for its service and results In supplying
luxuries and procuring greater reve
nues for those' who benefit in these
Rights of Labor.
Under the heading "rights of labor"
the plan declares that the measure of
what a workman shall receive "de
pends entirely upon the amount in
i value of service which he renders. He
lis entitled to receive an equivalent
I amount In value of the services of oth
jers. The wage system disregards this
human right."
In its conclusion tho resume de
clares "the existing industrial system
jis crashing around our ears," that
, wages bear no relation to value of
J service rendered and that "profits are
wrongfully exacted."
Call on J. J. Brummitt r.t
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
Mines Proposes Big
Merger of Railroads
NEW YOKK. Jan. S Compulsory
consolidation of the railroads into a
few great corporations beforo they re
turn to private control, with the pub
Ijc and labor, as well as capital, rep
resented in the management of th?
systems, was advocated by Director
General Hines in an address before
'the New York City bar association.
Without this "funamental recon
struction," Mr. Hinos declared, "the
result will be progressively disappoint
ing and in a few years the dissatisfac
tion of the public will manifest itself
through an insistent demand for a rad
ically different plan which Is not like
ly to stop short of outright govern
ment ownership."
Call on J. J. Brummitt at
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
mm Emm .
Man or Ape? That's the Ques-i
tion Before Vaudeville;
Tickles the Kiddies
Tarzan what Is it, man or ape?
This is the question that will be
brought before Pantages audiences to
day at the Orpheum theatre. Tarzan,
who is constantly under the direction
of his trainer, Felix Patty, appears in j
a scries of performances' which are
positively astounding and has aroused
interest and deep study in every city
in which tho act has appeared. The
children will be Immensely pleased
with this act.
The rest of the bill brings an array
of artists in songs, dances and con
juring feats. K. T. Ktima and com
pany, noted oriental workers, gorge
ously stage an illusion of unusual char
acter. "Mon Chapeau," is a French act used
by Dominique Amoros, assisted by
An exceptional program by Belle Ol
iver, leading comedienne, brightens up
the bill Avit catchy interpretations.
Evorything in song and dances will
be featured by William Wolf and
Helen Patterson. Both arc widely
, known entertainers.
W. E. White is one of the unique
ventriloquists in vaudeville. He is al
Avays popular.
Albert Erickson and his orchestra
top off this excellent bill. Adv.
PAJtIS, Jan- S. Captain Andre Tar
dieu, minister of blockade and invad
ed regions, has presented the insignia
of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor
to Mrs. Laurence Bonnet, Avife of the
former president of the American
chamber of commerce In Paris, and
Miss Annie Murray Dike, president of
the American commission for lelief
in the devastated regions of France.
, oo
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that's Avhy there is no end to their arguments.
starts with a (P
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oneczo take s.
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opiates break up a cold in 2
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5H Money back it It fails. The
lM(lnV Eenutno box has a Red
ifv InO vlP- with Mr
eWS L. At All Drog.Stortm
New York State Assembly
Questions Loyalty of Men j
Elected to Lower Branch t
ALBANY. N. Y., Jan. 8. Five So-j
cialist members of the assembly of the j
New York state legislature, vero do- j
nied their seats at th lower branch's
opening meeting of the 1920 session.
A resolution questioning whether they !
could be loyal to their oaths of office j
when bound to act subject to instruc-1
tions of the Socialist party, was quick-
ly passed, 140 to 6, after Speaker
Sweet, with dramatic suddenness, or
dered the sergeant at arms, to bring
tho Socialist members before the bar
of the house. The Socialists must now
prove their fitness to their seats, be
fore a tribunal selected by this assem-'
The session was dragging as the
clerk was calling for routine resolu
tions when Speaker Sweet interrupt
ed him. Tho Socialists, August
Claessens and Louis Waldman of New
York county, Samuel A. DeWitt and
Samuel Orr of Bronx county, and
Charles Solomon of Kings county,
were ushered before the speaker's j
desk in the pit of the house.
Speaker Questions Socialists Members
"You are seeking seats in this body
you have been elected on a platform
that is absolutely inimical to the best
interests of tho state of New York,
and of the United States, tho speaker
"That platform is the doctrine of the
Soclnlist party. It is not truly a po
litlcal party, but is a membership or
ganization admitting within its ranks
aliens, enemy aliens and minors."
Constitution of Party Quoted.
Quoting from the section of the con
stitution of tho Socialist party that re
quires all members to bo guided in all
thoir political actions by tho consti
tution and platform of the party, the
speaker continued:
. "It is interesting to note that Lud
wlg C. A. K. Martens, self-styled soviet
ambassador, became a. member of the
Socialist party upon his entry into
this country and took part in its delib
erations. It is therefore quite evident
that you, in spite of your oath of of
fice, are bound to act subject to in
structions received from an executive
committee which may be made up in
whole, or in part, of aliens or alien
enemies, holding allegiance to govern
ments or organizations whose inter
ests may be diametrically opposed to
the best interests of the United
As soon as the speaker had fin
ished, Majority Leader Simon I. Ad
ler, offered the resolution declaring
vacant the seats of the Socialist par
ly members.
Two Bronx Democrats, William S.
Evans and J. Fairfax McLaughlin,
voted In the negative as did four of
the Socialists.
Secretary Daniels
Watches Filming of
Washbiirn's Comedy;
Some of the most distinguished vis-1
itors who wore ever within the pre
cincts of the asky studio in Holly
wood were present wnen tho theater
scenes for "It Pays to Advertise,"
Bryant Washburn's new Paramount
Artcraft picture, which comes to tho
Alhambra theater tomorrow, were
filmed under the direction of Donald
j Crisp,
It was tho occasion of the arrival of
j the great Pacific fleet at the port of
Los Angeles and the studio had been
practically thrown open to the offi
cers and men of the fleet. On this
day, Secretary of the Navy Daniels, ac
companied by Congressman II. Z. Os
borne, Mayor M. P. Snyder of Los
Angeles, Rear Admirals McKean and
Jayne, Commander P. W. Foote and
other naval officers of high rank visit
ed the studio, and were escorted over
to the theater set and were spec
tators throughout the greater part of
the afternoon.
I buy Liberty bonds ai
highest prices. If you have
bonds for sale see me. J. J.
Brummitt, 2417 Hudson ave
nue. Phone 59.
Bible Students to be H
Tried Again in April I
NEW YORK, Jan. S Eight officials
and employes of the international
Bible Students' association, who wcro
convicted under the espionage law in
June, 191S, and later freed when thU
United Stales circuit court granted
litem a new trial, will be tried again;
Leroy W. Rope, United States attor' H
ney, announced. April 7 has been a,et H
as the date for tho now Ural.
The defendenats wei;e charged willi
distributing literature tending to ob iflH
struct the operation of the selective
servico act. The circuit court, in Us
decision, said that Judge H. B. Howe,
of Vermont, who presided at the first
trial, made remarks calculated to prej
udice the jury.
Seven of the defendants were sen;
lenced to 20 years cacn on four counts,
the sentences to run concurrently
They wore Joseph B. Rutherford, Wil
Ham E. Van Amberg, Fred Robinson,
C. J. Woodworth, G. IT, Fisher, Alex
ander McMillan and Robert J. Martin)
A sentence of eight years was imposed
upon Giovanni do Cecca. All clghc
men were in the federal penitentiary
at Atlanta when freed by the court's
nn HHI
Happiness doesn't consist of bavin?.' H
everything1 you wan, but in the abllly toj H
get more. fl
An cRo in the cup is worth two in thi1 j
i II
$ Everybody come to the great show today opening day and '
t see the largest collection of prize-winners ever assembled m j.j
t the West. .
t Don't forget the world's championship wrestling match tonight v, H
between Harbertson and Santel. Get your seats early. ' H
i Today Tomorrow Saturday H

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