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n I
Ij! $ $ $ $ $ I
wliilc llicy lstsL
YOUR cnoicK
This is my yearly sale
of odds and. ends of my
; regular high gnulo line
! of Men's Tints.
Norman Sims
2oth St. at Wash. Av.
'"Meet Me Bareheaded"
I For Subscription and Advertising
j Department, Call Phone No. 56.
Coal M. L. Jones Coal . Ice Co.
f Prompt delivery. 413 2-1 th St 2173
May w. Wallin Granted In grant-
J' ins Mav W. Wallin a divorce from
M John P. Wallin. Jr.. Judge A. IS. Pratt
.1 awarded to the mother the- custody
of her daughter. The two sons were
i ' plvcn to Wall in by the judge's decree.
! Mrs. Vallin did not ask for alimony,
the court finding that Wallin had
deeded her certain property for her
M support.
j Have the Modern Tire Service Shop
repair vour Weed Chains. 2360 Hud-
j son and 2636 Washington. 2169
I i Kneipp to Attend Convention Dis-
i ' trict Forester 1- I'- Kneipp will bo
1 present tomorrow at the annual meet
'i ing of Utah Wool Growers' association
which will be held in Salt Lake today
i ! and tomorrow. He will also be pres
fi cnt at the Utah Cattle Growers' con
' -ention which will be held at Salt
i j Lake.
j;j K you -have I cow or several car
loads of cattle you want to sell we
will drive out and try to. buy ihem.
Call 2100 evenings 'or 704 through
; the dav. Ask for 0. C. Lundqulst.
Why Joseph Smith Was Candidate
j I "Whv Joseph Smith ran for presi
dent ot the United States when he
knew there wero no chances for elec
i lion," was the subject of an informal
lalk given by William Kaslus at the
ti ' Weber Normal college. The talk was
v thb first of a series which are being
! promoted by Presidont Dixon.
Old papers- lor sale. Ogden Stand,
Weber Stake Conference Quarterly
1 conference of the Weber stake will be
f.j held next Sunday at the tabernacle.
I Sessions will be held at 10 a. m. and
2p. m. President L. W- Shurtliff will
preside, A special musical program
' will be given. Priesthood members
t are expected to be at the morning
j session at 9:45 o'clock.
U DANCE. 2228
Pest and Crop Inspector C. E. Pel-
tigrew, pest and crop inspector of
) Weber county, will leave Monday to
j attend the convention at Logan for
J, pest and crop inspectors of the slate,
j Prjofesaprs, of, the Utah Agricultural
college will give instructive talks.
. Clean rags wanted at The Standard
' office.
"jjjjjH i has filed suit for divorce in the district j1
"jjjjjHI J Court from Andrew Sands on grounds;1
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjHI 0.1 non-support- The custody of her;'
"jjjjjjHy pur children, alimony, ana attorney's
"jjjjjH 1 jqes are asked in the complaint.
Hl .bICK, cement and plaster jobbing,,
"KHH pj chimneys, firewalls, etc. Phone 7-70.
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjH HA Ordered to Pay Alimony An order
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjH 19 Squiring Rich a id C. Gilmore to pay
"jjjjjjH it i!0 a month temporary alimony during j
"jjjjjjH n (he pendancy of a divorce suit brought
"HHHH j by Millie L. Gilmore wa3 issued by
"jjjjjH lj Judge Agec yesterday.
Hij "remember the big leap
"jjjjjjjjHl FOR EVERYBODY. 2228!
"HHHHH lii ' o
"Hlu Returns From Oil Field Ben Hun-j
"jjjjjjjHffl saker has returned from Casper, Wyo., i
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjH IS where he attended a meeting of the
"jjjjjjjjHHB fargo Oil company.
1 Photograpns art history of the fara
"KH fly. Have them taken todav .i; The
"KHIIHIII Tripp Photo Studio, 320 25th St-
P "French Parents Receive Bequest
"jjjjjjjjjjjjj j.kuowcdsement of the receipt of'
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjn j 1:1135.05 by Mrs. Yeanne Etcbcrt and !
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjH ?A135.94 by Aranud Etchart, represent
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ing the estate left by their son, Ber-!
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj l nard Etchart in Ogden, was received !
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjn 1 bjf County Clerk Farr yesterday. The i
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjll I papers were signed by Robert Mc-j
""1 j Yilliams, United States consular)
"jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjn I : a.gent. The parents of Etchart live in '
"jjjjjjjjjjH i Dumke - Floral store now open in I
"""""""""I Pprtola. Cafe. 370' 24th. PbonT 250.1
H Mother for New Trial J. E. Evans
H nd Caleb Marriott, council for AVil-
1 liam Parsons, filed, a motiorJor a new
Hlj tlni ln 'he district court yesterday.
H 'ILic seutencins of Parsons set for,
Harry Schult", manager of the dry
clenntng department at the Ogden
Steam Laundry, was severely burnt
i about the face and arms this morning
;when friction of silk material ignited
capoliu fumes. -
The fire department was called and
arrived at the scene of the explosion
In lime lo prevent damage to the
quantity of clothing in the depart
ment. .Mr. Schullz was removed lo the fire
station No. 1, where his wounds were
treated with the Ambrine treatment,
recently acquired by the department.
His Injuries wore not serious, it was
The Ambrine process Is an innova
tion An the treatment of burns and is
reported lo be wonderful in its results.
Tho occurrancc happened shortly
Itr General Pershing had passed the
j laundry en route to Lester park.
i yesterday was postponed until January
26, It is said. Parsons was convicted
of forgery by a jury.
J Clean rags wanted at The Standard
' In the probate division of the dis
j trict court today, Joseph E. Storoy
was appointed guardian of Francis,
(Alma and Virginia Freenor, minors.
The estate is valued at about $2500.
and consists of cash in a Brigham City
Apples, selcctod, cheaper. Phono
j 1965-W. 2112
Marriage licenses were issued at the
j office of the county clerk to the fol
lowing: Lloyd C. Price, Now York
City, and Lena J. Price, Philadelphia,
and to Leslie T. Williams, Provo, and j
Alne N. Dudcly, Ogden. ' j
Class Visits Offices Conducted by i
Miss Howie, the scholars of the class
in economics oX the Ogden high school
paid a visit to the local offices of the
United States forest service today
where they listened to an address by
Mr. Scott on the Industries of the for-!
est service. ,
Holland Expected to Refuse to
Deliver Former German Em
peror to Allies
PARIS, Jan. 16. The supreme coun
cil approved today the text of a letter i
lo the Dutch government asking fori
the extradition of the former German I
The general expectation in French j
circles is that Holland will refuse to
deliver the former monarch.
It is pointed out in supreme council
circles that in case the Dutch gov
ernment is disinclined to deliver
Count Hohenzollern it has a founda
tion for its resistance in the face that
the offenses named in the peace treaty
namely, "crimes against international
morality and the sacredness of treat
, ies" are not provided for in Dutch
jlawfi nor in the treaties between Hoi-(
latid and the allied powers regarding
j extradition.
i Service Men Advised ;
to Ask for Awards;
If there arc any ex-navy men in
i Ogden who performed services in the
j late war that deservo special credit,
now is the time for them to receive of
ficial recognition. The local rccruil
I Ing officer is in receipt of a message
j from Washington stating that the
board of awards of medals is now in
j session and that men performing any
service involving courage or distinc
tion should communicate with the
,1 board at once In order to get official
i recognition. These statements should
!be in detail and should be sent to thej
1 bureau of navigation, Washington. j
; ! oo
Many Students to 1
Be Graduated Here
Graduation exercises for the gradu
ating students of the various public
schools will be held next Friday eve
ning according to information given
put by Supt. Karl -Hopkins today.
About two hundred students in the
various schools of the city will bo
graduated to the high schools. Com
plete plans for the excrolses will be
made during the early part of the
week. i
Poets Write to Mayor
on Sidewalk Cleaning
Ogden citizens have become poets.
Mayor Frank Francis has received
several communications written in the
form of poems, with tho conditions of
the sidewalks the topic of discussion.
One" of the communications received
this morning and signed "A Taxpayer"
Example sheds a gcnia. ray of light,
Which men are apt to borrow.
.You clean your sidewalk off today.
And I'll clean mine tomorrow.
WANTED Night clerk, Heed Hotel.
'BETUTSIJX 22nd and Harrison and 3'Jti'
and Jcfferjion. lady's handbae coiitalilii
currency and silver. I'hone l$72-.r. I'.o-ward,
According lo a report in circulation
today, the Ogden gas plant employes
will w;Uk out this evening. A repre
sentative of The Standard called at
the office of the Utah Power & Light
; company today to ascertain the cause
!of the trouble and the following "is
Manager Merrill's version of the af
!fnir: j "During the early part of December
1 1 held a number or meetings with our
I gas plant employes relative to the
I working conditions and wages. We
I were entirely willing to improve a
number of conditions at the gas plant,!
jand to add some conveniences nnd fa-1
cilitios for the benefit of the men.'
I However, I spent considerable time in
explaining the financial limitations un
,dcr which the company operated, and
gavo thoni a number of reasons why
wage increases could not be granted
at that time. It was pointed out to
the men that salary adjustments made
by the company must affect all em
ployes alike, and that we could not af
ford lo discriminate in favor of any
one group. At the lime of our inter
view we were re-organizing our gas
department to a certain extent, due
to the recent enlargement of our plant.
Wc wero able, therefore, lo mako a
few promotions which carried increas
ed pay- However, the fact that wc
wero not able to definitely promise In
creased pay to nil of tho "men was un
satisfactory to them and they then
submitted their resignations effective
thirty days after the last interview, or
Jan. 17th, 1920.
Tcots Completed.
"At the present lime, wc have ten
men in the retort house at the gas
plant who are omploycd on a monthly
basis. The men had signed our regu
lar thirty-day agreement and their res
ignations effective thirty days later
werf in accordance with their con
j tracts. For some months past we have
also employed six or eight additional
men who were employed by the day
and who were under no contract with
the company, it has been our plan to
dispense with the services of the day
men as soon as we were able to place
the new plant equipment in regular op
eration. This wo did about ten days
ago after completing our tests.
(Dv the Associated Press.) .
SALT LAKE CITY. Utah. Jan. 16.
General John J. Pershing, commander
of the American forces in France, was
acclaimed by Salt Lake residents to-j
doy on the occasion of his twelve-hour
visit here. Hundreds of people and
members of the American Legion
greeted the general upon his arrival at
the railroad station and when he Jed
an automobile parade through the
city's main streets, crowds cheered
him on every hand.
This afternoon General Pershing is j
scheduled to make two short ad-'
dresses, one lo students at the Univer-j
sity of Utah and tho other to school
children assembled at the Mormon
tabernacle. Later he will inspect Fort
Douglas. i
Tonight before his departure for
Vancouver Barracks. Washington, Gen-j
eral Pershing will address a public!
meeting at the tabernacle and attend
a reception at the local Elks' club.
Plans Being Made
For Education Drive
Nephi L. Morris and Francis W.
Kirkham were the principal speakers!
at a meeting of educational directors!
at the Weber club last night. Plans fori
the campaign to be conducted for the
Utah educational campaign will be
completed soon and action taken, ac
cording to Supt. Karl Hopkins of the
local school system.
. The state campaign for tho organi
sation will be held from February C
to February 15, inclusive.
President Warren L. Wattis. Supt.
Karl Hopkins. Senator J. W. Parker,!
A. R. Farr. O. J. Stilwell and F. W.
Driggs also addressed the meeting.
A committee consisting of M.tvoi
'Frank Francis F. M. Driggs. J. TJ.
jEldredge. Jr., A. P. Merrill and D. O.
McKay will meet in the near future
and appoint a sub-committee in Ogden
in the interest of the educational
oo .
J v
1 Society
Mrs. Anna M. Noble departed this
afternoon for Los Angeles and San
Diego, where she will spend the next
two months.
Mrs. Frank Matthows will be host
ess to the members of the Happy Hour
club at her home, 2C1S Van Curen ave
nue, Saturday afternoon.
! Deaths and Funerals
TROUT F. W. Piper, 655 Twenty
fifth street, has received word of the
death of Mrs. Aline Chandler Trout",
wife of S. J. Trout, formerly a resi
dent of Ogden. Mrs, Trout died in a
Pocatello hospital following an opera
tion. Mr. Trout was employed about a
year ago in the First National bank
but severed his connection to accept
a position with the Farmers' and
Stockgrowcrs bank at Pocatello.'
HOOVER Funeral services for Mrs.
Carrie Crompton Hoover will bo held
in the Ninth ward tomorrow afternoon
at '2 o'clock. The body may be viewed
at the home, 542 Twenty-ninth street,
Manager Returns.
"Last Sunday our general manager
and genoral superintendent, Messrs.
Inch and Checvor, returned from the
oast and Immediately announced that
I they had succeeded in financing a gen
eral increase .in wages which would
be granted lo all employes of tho com
pany receiving less than $200 per
month. At the first opportunity I
called our stokers in tho office and
explained how the increase would af
fect them. I pointed out that ihclr
wnges would range between 1.'52.50
and $1-12.50 per month; that the an
nua! two weeks' vacation and ihe
swing shift benefits would still ap
ply as well as our regular sick leave
privileges. I pointed out to the men
that while wc had planned on their
leaving in accordance with their res
ignations, wo were entirely willing
that they should withdraw them and
remain at work. Tho men later ad
vised me that the wages were satis
factory, as well as our working condi
tions. They stated, however, that they
wero unwilling to withdraw their res
ignations unless wc consented to re
employ the day men who were laid off
a short time ago. I advised them that
wc could not consent to employ men
whose services were in no way re
quired, or that we could not accept dic
tation as to whom we might employ at
tho plant.
"As nearly as I can learn, the whole
trouble is caused by two men who arc
not now in our employ. The two men
aro apparently willing to cause ten
men the loss of positions which are
entirely satisfactory to them.
"While tho loss of our men will quite
seriously handicap our operations, wc
do not anticipate any serious interrup
tion to our gas service .
"Tho question is essentially the
same as the one with which we are
concerned in our electrical depart
ment, that is, we are to decide whether
or not wo shall be dominated by out
side influence-. I understand that the
stokers aro receiving instructions Irom
At the lime the paper went lo
press, Manager Merrill reported that
there was a possibility of the walkout
being averted.
from 10 o'clock tomorrow morning un
til time for the funeral. Interment
Ogden city cemetery.
HICKOK Heart trouble proved fa
tal to Rufus M. Hlckok who died yes
terday afternoon at the residence, 511
Twenty-fourth street. He was born
in Vermont, December 17, 1SG0. and;
for many years has been an Ogden i
resident. His widow survives him,
Funeral services will be conducted :
tomorrow at 2 o'clock at the Klrken
dall chapel and the body may bo view-
I ed this evening and tomorrow until
11 o'clock at the family residence, 5-11
I Twenty-fourth street. From 11 a. m.
! until time of services the body will lie
ln state at the chapel.
NIELSON The funeral of Mrs.
i Annie B. Nielson will be held tomor
, row at 1 o'clock at the Taylor meet
, ing house. Bishop W. H. Jardine of
ficiating. The body may be viewed to
day and tomorrow until the funeral
hour at the home Ln Taylor. Inter
ment West Weber cemetery. Flowers
left at the Llndquist chapel until 10
o'clock will be delivered at the homo
in Taylor.
KENT Leon Kent, eight months'
; old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Kent,
died this morning at the Dee hospital
of stomach trouble- The babe will be
I shipped to Malad. Idaho, tomorrow, for
funeral services add burial.
! oo
Congregational Church
Supper and Meeting
meeting Tonight
Dr. Elmer I. Goshen Is To Be
I Present and Give Address
Reports to be Read
Members and friends of the First
j Congregational church are gathering
tonight at tlje church at C:o0, and will
sit down to supper at which one of
the invited guests is Dr. Elmer I.
Goshen of the First Congregational
chureY Salt Lake, who at one time
was -pastor of the church here. Dr
Goi,hen will address the company at
the close of the supper.
At eight o'clock there will be Intro- (
duced the business of the annual I
church meeting, when reports from '
I every department will be read, and I
j matters affecting the church's work!
for 1920 discussed. Members are re-!
minded that a roll call will be read.
Every one is invited to bring their i
own eatables. The trustees will serve I
coffee. This is in order that every
one may attend to tho social and bus
iness character of tho meeting. The
elder scholars pf the Sunday school
I are asked especially to bo present,
i oo
; Many Applicants for j
Position of Secretary
Directors and officers of the Weber
club are considering more than ten ap
plicants for the position of secretary
of the club, according to President
Warren L. Wattis of the Weber club.
(The successor to tho late I. L. Hey-
nolds will be named within the next
: two weeks, It is said.
Real Estate Transfers
! i
' Laura A. Blake to E. F. Hansen,
jlot 3, block 5. plat C. $1395.
Mary McGuincss to J. E. Smith, purl
of lots 1 and 2, block 33. plat C. $2100.
Salt Lake & Jordan Milling Si Ele
I valor company to Omaha Cleanser Co.,
part of 'lots G and S, plat C. $9000.
I Felix Bunot and wife to Thomas A.
' Hadley, part of the southw'est quarter
section 30, nnd part of the southeast
quarter section 29, townuship G north,
range 2 west. $9000.
Some interesting truant cases were
( brought up today in the Juvenile court.
I Judge Dan Sullivan states. A little
Italian boy. who is alleged to bp h
' habituary truant, gave as a reason for
j Ills delinquency at school tho state'
ment that "men who made the most
money never went to school." Judge
I Sullivan asked the youngster wha!
would he necessary to change his atti
jtude, and the Italian youth stated thai
j he would have to get rid of tho idea
(before he could be convinced thai
i school was ncccssnry.
j Another truant case resulted in plac
'ing a boy on probation and imposing
a fine on the father. The father of
the boy is said to have written excuses
at the request of the son, whenever
the boy wanted to staw away from
school. The fine was suspended after
tho judge warned the parent that for
feiture of the money would be neces
sary should he continue to write ex
Jcuses when the boy was not ill.
Two other truants, whoso parents
havo been approached many times dur
ing tho last two months in an effort
to havo the boys at school will appear
before the court Saturday.
An Open Letter lo the State Engincer:
In the issue of January 12 of the
Ogdon Standard there were two "No
tices to Water Users" to appropriate
water from the South Fork of Ogden
river. One of the applications was
mado by a private individual and des
ignated in your office as number 822S,
and the other was made by an irri
gation company and designated as
number S281. Both of these applica
tion? were filed in your office after
the engineers were on the ground, in
behalf of the proposed Irrigation dis
trict. 1 respectfully call your atten
tion to Section 52, "Irrigation District
Lawe" which reads as follows: ' Scs
pension of Right of Appropriation
Time. For the purpose of preseiving
the surplus and unappropriated water j
of any stream or other source of water
j supply for use by irrigation districts,
us provided in this act, the governor,
by proclamation, may, upon the rec
ommendation of the state engineer,
temporarily suspend the right of the
public to appropriate such surplus or
unappropriated water; provided that
any such suspension shall in no case
exceed the term of five years."
I hereby do publicly protest against
the granting of either of the applica
tions, and do earnestly petition the
honorable state engineer to deny -said !
applications. For the South Fork of!
OgJen river is one of the "sources of
water supply for use by" the proposed
Irrigation district.
Huntsville, January 15. 1920.
Wool Scouring Plant
May he Buili: in Ogden
Several Weber county sheep men):
and others interested in tho sheep and'
wool industry were in Salt Lake today'
in attendance at the annual conven-
lion of the Utah Wool Growers' asso-'
cialion. '
President John M. Thornloy and
,Secretary C. B. Stewart declared there
were many problems of vital import
ance to be taken up and tho members
could look forward to four "hard bus
iness sessions."
Dr. H. M. Howe of Ogden, is lo taker
part in the discussion as to freight"
rates on sheep.
Action is likely on a wool scoun'ug !
plant to be built either in Ogden or
Salt Lake. (
Sen, Smoot Sees No ji
Reason for Jubilation1!
i '
WASHINGTON. Jan. 16.-Detluc-, ,
lions to be drawn from recent voting j
of college students and faculties on
peaco treaty issues were disputed to
day in the senate, Senator Hitchcock !
of Nebraska, administration leader, in j
presenting the late&Ls results, charac- i
terizing them as "amazing." in the
sentiment for unqualified ratification '
expressed. About forty per cent of
the ballots were cast for ratification 1
without reservations, ho said.
"This shows a sentiment for uncom
promised ratification much stronger
than I had supposed," said Senator,
Hitchcock, '
Senator Smool, Republican, of Utah,
replied that he could see no reason
for jubilation by Mr. Hitchcock over'
tho collego vole, saying:
"If it had been taken one month!
after the treaty reached here,, ninety ,
per cent would havo been for unquali
fied ratification. Now after being in
formed, the vote is reduced from 90
to -10 per cent for the treaty as jt j
stands." :
oo !
War Attitude Led to
Socialist Suspension:
- IS
NEW YORK, Jan. 1G. Thaddoust j
C. Sweet, who launched the movement j '
that led to suspension of five Social- ;
1st assemblymen, is hero from Albany!
to join Attorney-General Newton inj
consulting with Deputy Attorney Gen-
eral Berger, counsel for the joint legis- K
lative' vommlttce investigating radical !
activities in ths state and others.
Mr. Sweet attended a session of the
Lusk committee of which he is a mem
ber ex-officio. In a statement yester P
day Mr. Sweet' said it was "the atti
tude of certain members of the assem
bly" on war lime legislation with in
; j Again Today
j i"SN I j
Romance y -
Melody ' . I
of Love ; ; I"
anJ : Another big dime matinee for ihe kid- j.
aughtcr Saturday, from 12 noon to 4 p. m. j! jjj
Kathcrine Lee Corbin in "FAN TAN." j
A rare treat. I t'-.
I . t
formation received from federal intel
ligence officers which had led to ap
pointment of tho Lusk committee and
later lo suspension of tho Socialists.
While Mr. Sweet declined to make
a statement of any kind some of his
associates challenged the accuracy of
the assertion contained in a joint
statement issued last night by the sus
pended members that the case of Rep
resentative Brigham H. Roberts of
Utah, elected lo tho 56th ccngress had
been misapplied as a precedent by Mr.
Winnipeg Newspapers
Suspend Publication;
WINNIPEG, Jan. 16. Because of!
tho shortage of news print, the three j
daily papers in this city announced I
that they would suspend publication i
tomorrow. Tho three editorial strfs!
will unite in issuing a one-page paper'
containing only the most important I
news, which will be mailed to country I
postoffices and placed on bulletin j
boards there.
. net 1
Interest on Balances
Cut Down in New York;
NEW YORK. Jan. 16. The New
resenting a majority of the leading
banks and trust companies of Nowl
York, unanimously voted today to lim
it interest on bank balances to 2J4 i
per cent instead of the prevailing !
maximum of 3 per cent.
Clemenceau Fails h
Election for President!
PARIS. Jan. 16. (By Tho Associat-J
2d Press) Premier Georges Clemen
:eau went down to defeat at the hands
Df his countrymen today in a caucus !
jf the senate and chamber of deputies)
o chose a candidate for the presidncy
Jf tho republic.
Senators and deputies, after the cau
cus In which Paul Deschanel. presl-!
lent of the chamber led the premier,1
3y 19 votes, generally expresed tho1
opinion that the vote means Ihe elini-!
nation from public life of "the father)
)f victor-." Premier Clemenceau bc-
1 W S3
, Ing neither a senator nor a deputy. )V COS
I M. Clemenceau's friends alreadw are ;
.searching for another candidate as !
President Poincaire is reported to 1 ' lha
havo refused to accede to the de- i ' f,.
mand of a deputation of senators and ; !y
deputies that he be a candidate for re- ;; STH(
election. I; i frv?
oo im
Four Months' Military M
Training Proposed I
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1G. Four ; Bt
i months' military training for all boys ;'
between tho ages of IS. and 20, as pro- -IK
vlded in a senate bill, was urged today jMH
before Ihe house military committee i
by Thomas W. Miller, of Delaware, -Iff
chairman of the national legislative i
committee of the American Legion.
-$12 a Week Waitress Jt
Mas $4,500 AiitomobiSe j i
NEW YORK. Jan. 16. Sophie Ho- f W
dosky, a waitress who testified that ! p'
she received a salary of $12 a week, t ST
was fined $25 today after she had
pleaded guilty to violation of traffic f 'fer
rules while driving her $-1500 automo- f ft''
bile. She told tho court she averaged v fill
?S0 a week in tips. ji
i Paper Prices Increase j j
Twenty Per Cent
IIOLYOKE, Mass.. Jan. 16. An in- '
crease In tho price of paper amounting V pi,Ere,
to 20 per cent was announced today V
;by the American Writing Paper cm- K
pany. effective January 10. The rea- , I
son given is "the advanced and ad- I;
vanclug costs of raw materials and tj p?-'
i labor, and the operating exigencies 9 'fh -with
which the fine paper Industry is ! J?
faced." SB&kfc
oo fltrS
NEW YOR. Jan. 16. Thousands of I
dollars In Liberty bonds were taken to c
Ellis island 'by attorneys today to re-
lease on ball more men and womo.ii ar- K
rested in recent raids on extremists. f ?
A decision by Federal JudKe Knox on I
Wednesday directed release on bail E
even if the aliens had not answered
questions of immigration inspectors -
T - 1 r -i i.. H
I 4 bars Creme Oil soap 28c f :
j Buy four bars of soap at a real bargain. Factory offers a j
!3 special price like the above once a year. Do not fail to obtain i ?
your four bars. p I
MONDAY Fresh churned sugar advancing as 9 Sif
Spcfcial on coffee, creamery butter, per ,s wi" tend to I m
j 60c value sold, per pound 65c causc honey to raise f
I? pound 50c .m price. Take ad- ,
H vantage of these S
prices. g 'w
NUT BUTTER $1 sf2e quart jj
H Per pound ... 35c honcf 79c j
1 Green ten, per A real good butter 1,S5 9a"on j? ' jj&
? Pound 65c substitute. honey .... $1.53 S j,
sj Guaranteed to satis- $3.50 gallon jj j
r fy or money gladly " honey $2.97 i
rcfundcd- ORANGES AND ft I .
, Campbell's canned R f I
I HORSERADISH Luscious oranges, souo, 2-cans 25c I?
MUSTARD Juicy and sweet, Aprice much' less
85c nuart iar srv 40c than the market to- N ' ;
odc quart jar. . 50c Lemons, doren . 35c day. f ! P'
We are in a position to save you money. Let us help you to !
cut down the high cost of living-. We make no charge for de- 1
livery. y
Chicago Wholesale Grocery Co. L IK
Phone 486 2376 Washington Avenue g !
We ship to all points in Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah 1 . i ,
'i '

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