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1 Wkt gim&xtiL
Entered 36 Second-Class Matter at the
j Poitofflce, Ogden, Utah.
i I Member of the Audit Bureau of Clrcu
; latlon and the Associated Press..
City 59.CK) per year
; Mall $5.40 per year
An Independent Newspnpor, publlahod
jvery evenlno except Sunday, without a
j muzzle or a club.
i The Associated Press Is exclusively en
1 titled to tho use for republication of any
news credited to It not otherwlso cred
ited In this paper and also the local news
published herein.
31r. Bryan is indeed a hardy
! quadrdunial. Philadelphia Public
i Ledger.
J lany; a, live "wire would be a
; dead one if it wasn't for his con
nections. Manila Bulletin.
Buying what you do not need is
an easy road to needing what 3'ou
can not buy. Boston Herald.
"Will there be enough lightning
to go round for all the rods up in
j 3920? Philadelphia Public Led
ger. Any time a woman candidate
. ) throws her hat in1 the ring it will
be last season's hat Saskatoon
j A condition of half producing,
1 half striking, nnd all consuming
j can not endure. New York Fi-
aancial America.
S 00
' There have been authors who
'have written many books but
whose claim to fame rests upon
just one work and there arc musi
cians who. are famous for just one
i composition. Reginald" de Koven
' was one of these.
j De lvoven's fame rests upon his
opera "Robin Hood," which con
tains among other loved songs the
f popular "0, Promise Me." Near
ly everybody over the age of 30
; remembers the famous musical or-
ganization "The Bostonians."
( This opera company made itself
; "and de Ivoven famous through the
rendition of the delightful opera,
j ? 'Robin Hood." It was sung for
j years in the cities of the United
II States. The Bostonians sang it in
! Ogden two or three limes.
Perhaps the most famous songs
4 jof "Robin Hood" are "Brown Oe
; I tober Ale " and ' ' 0, Promise Mc. ' '
jji TMs latter song, which is heard
V nearly every place where there is
-a 'phonograph, was oxe of de lvov
en's first compositions. It
j not written for "Robin Hood" but
I ..because of the popularity of the
f song de Kovcn's friends induced
Jrlm to give it a place in the opera.
) "De Koven composed other light
j operas but they were not. of the
I .same quality as "Robin Hood."
i Recently he composed a new opera
I Jf'Rip Van "Winkle" and critics dc
jj. vclare that this contains much of
I the excellence which made "Robin
f Hood" famous.
j The recent agitation about tho
j. ', removal of snow and ice from
j, sidewalks recalls a suggestion
if made two years ago to the writer
if in Salt Lake by a resident of
t : The suggestion was made at the
J titae both Ogden and Salt Lake
; v were struggling with the problem
1 of removing snow and ice in con-
j ; nection with the many storms of
Ij the winter of 1917-18.
i .."This Farmington man pointed
ji out that the water of Great Salt
1 lake Avas not frozen and that tlw
amount of salt held in solution
I liept it from freezing at usual
Removed by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
! Muskegon, Mick "For six years I
m ML im ! m. q tllat
pjPjjJj Lydia B. Pinkium'a
I f-H Pded to me and
11 UmSt'tBi ltmademe good and
1 strong again so that
1 yyl I am able to do all
I ill jSl remen 'ur
jPill whifc didforme?"
field, 240 Wood Ave, Muskegon MichJ
j Woman's Precious Gift
i The one which ahe ahould most zeal-
1 ously guard is her health.lbut ahe often
j . neglects to do ao in season until some
1 ailment peculiar to her sex has fastened
I itself upon her. When so affected
women may rely upon Lydia E. Pink
"J1' Vegetable Compound, a remedy
that has been wonderfully successful in
; restoring health to suffering women.
i If you have the slightest doubt that
Hj' Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com-
wil1 helP yQU write toLydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential)
L?1 Mass., for advice. Your letter
will be opened, read and answered by a
woman, and held in strict confidence.
winter temperatures. He pointed
out, further, that salt and salt
water will melt snow and ice.
He proposed that the city con
struct a pipe line from the lake to
the city and install a pumping
plant. Then an auxiliary water
system should be constructed to
handle the salt water from the
lake. In tW winter he would use
this salt water to flush the streets.
He said snow and ice would disap
pear as if by magic under the ef
fects of the brine. At all times,
he pointed out, the salt water sys
tem would prove invaluable in
case of fires since salt water is a
better extinguisher- than plain
The Farmington man pointed
out that there was not a great fall
between either Salt Lake or Og
den and the lake and that the
pumping of the heavy brine was
feasible without unusually great
! Governor Smith of New York
' urges a health insurance law to
protect the workers of Xcw York
and their families. He made this
recommendation in his address at
the opening of the 1020 legisla
tive session. At the same time he
said :
"There is pressing need for a
sound program of social, indus
trial and governmental better
ment which will remove those
causes of discontent which true
Americanism requires should be
The passage of a good health in
surance law would do much to
ward removing discontent for
there will be discontent among
workers so long as the worker
does not have peace of mind as to
how he shall provide adequate
medical care in ease of his illness
or the illness of members of his
family. And the worker does not
want to be worried by the fear
that his pay stops when he ceases
work owing to illness. In some in
dustries wages go on for a reason
ably time when the wage earner is.
incapacitated, but in a great many
lines of endeavor the pay stops
when the breadwinner is too ill to
In many cases the debts accu
mulated during the illness of the
breadwinner result in years of fi
nancial work and bring about a
state of mind where even the most
radical theories and suggestions
find a fertile field for develop
ment. 00
) Today is Benjamin Franklin's
birthday anniversary. Just 14
1 years ago there was born to a
(soap maker in Boston a son who
j was to become one of the most fa- J
mous of Americans. 1
Franklin is being honored to-!
day in a way that would please j
him. He was a sturdy advocate '
of thrift and the anniversary of!
his birth is being made the occa
siou for launching a national cam
paign to encourage thrift in this
Benjamin Franklin, were he
alive, would object to any plans
which would call for a holida' in
celebration of his achievements,
jbut it would be a fine thing if his '
t birthday were made the occasion
for encouraging the reading of
Franklin's ' ' Autobiography. ' '
If every American knew what
an interesting ook this is, he !
would read it. Thousands hav ;
read and enjoyed the work and
have obtained much of value
from the plain, straightforward
story of Franklin's life as told by
Those who are behind the move
j m en t for the observance of Thrift
I Week could do nothing that would
be more effective in getting the
results desired than to induce ev
'ery American to read the "Auto
bio graph'."
Franklin was versatile. fHc was"
a fine writer. He was one of the
best printers of his day. As a
statesman he added greatly to the
prestige of America. He was a
patriot in every sense of the
word. As a scientist he performed
great service by his experiments
on electricity. He ranked among
the greatest diplomats of his
And Franklin accomplished all
this from a start almost as lowlj'
as that of Lincoln.
Franklin was apprenticed to his
brother as a printer, but had that
contract broken. He went from
Boston to Philadelphia where he
went to work. Here Sir "William
Keith took an interest' in him and
promised to set him up as a print
er. He told Franklin to go to Lon
don to buy equipment for a print
ing establishment. But after
Franklin had departed, Keith for
got all about him and Franklin
was stranded in London. He soon
obtained work, however, and lived
in Loudon for several months.
"Upon his return to Philadelphia
he scraped and borrowed until he
obtained a printing plant and
then his career as a public man
commenced in earnest.
Franklin fought for honesty in
politics. He saw the need of a
C. Chaplin and Family Have
Trials in "A Day of Pleasure"
at Orpheum Tomorrow
"Thirty Minutes in Laughland,"
could ti-oll bo the title of Charlie
Chaplin's latest million-dollar picture,
distributed by First National Exhibit
ors Circuit and entitled, "A Day's
Pleasure," and which will be seen at
the Orpheum theatre, four days, be
ginning tomorrow.
All of the humor of Chaplin's pre
vious successes has been combined In
this production, the themo of which
is a strong avowal of the fact that
often what is intended to be a day's
pleasure turns out to be a clay of in
tense labor.
Needed A Self Starter.
Charlie's troubles begin when ho at
tempts to crank the family touring car,
a remnant of tho Dark Ages, and
which conveyance might bo barred
from tho more exclusive streets. How
ever, tho world's greatest comedian
shafts his machine about with all tho
dignity of tho villago bank president.
Tho day takes a turn for the comi
cal the minute Chaplin's machine ap
pears at a busy street corner. Tho
car immediately becomes temperamen
tal and even the wiles of the world's
famous comedian fall to make it obey
the instructions of the traffic cop
much to the amusement of the audi
ence. 00 1
I Compromise Treaty
Voters Head Lis!
NEW YORK, Jan. 17. Advocates oi
ratification of the peace treaty by
compromise headed the poll in the
complete returns of tho intercollegiate
referendum -which were made public
here. They led by a small margin of
voters who favored ratification with
out reservation or amendment.
According to the revised figures the
referendum was voted upon In 410
colleges and universities and 139.7SS
votes were cast with tho following re
sults: Compromise between the Lodge and
Democratic reservations 19.653 votes
Ratification with reservation 48,232
Ratification with the Lodge reser
vations 27,970 votes.
Opposition to tho treaty in any form
13,933 votes.
Call on J. J. Brummitt ?.t
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
j Sugar Dealers Refuse
' to Pay $15.90 a Sack
ROSEBURG. Ore., Jan. 17. Two of
the largest dealers in this city and one
restaurant proprietor, refusing to pay
the government fixd price of S15.90 a
sack for Portland, for sugar, have can
celled orders with wholesalers for
nearly twelve tons
The price was declared virtually
prohibitive. The dealers alleged they
would be compelled to retail the sugar
at 18 cents, which they said the people
are unable lo pay. Retailers declare
there is enough of the present supply
to last two weeks.
Special Meeting
There will be a special meeting the
Children's Aid Society on Friday, the
16th at 3 p .m., at the dispensary. All
members are requested to be present.
1 Secretary
Steamer Sails With
Big Whisky Cargo
BALTIMORE, Jan. 17 With whisky
valued at ?5,500.000 by its owners, 'the
shipping board steamer Lake Ellorslie,
the third and last of Baltimore's liquor1
ship ssailed for Nassau, Bahama
1 Islands.
On board the vessel were 34,067
cases of whisky and wine and 1,860,
barrels of liquor just removed from
bond. 1
Tho total value of liquor exported,
in the last two dayB is estimated at
J. J. Brummitt, 2417 Hud,
son avenue, pays highest
prices for Liberty bonds.
n r
Religious Cult Halts
Census Enumerators!
DENVER. Jan. 17. Children' of tho
Hopse of David in Denver today com
promised with Roady Kenehan, dis
trict supervisor of the census, tho
agreement marking the close of two
busy days on the part of the super
visor and other government officials
in trying to affect means of securing
street cleaning department and
organized tlie first in tire United
States. He furthered the cause of
education. He invented the Frank
lin stove. In fact his life was a
series of accomplishments in the
service of mankind. And not the
least of his services was the pub
lishing of "Poor Richard's Alma
nac," in which he spread broad
cast much information of vnluff,
including several slogans on I
thrift. j
Miss Cantril Declares Tanlac
Is Best Medicine She
Ever Heard Of.
"I am simply delighted over my won
derful Improvement since I began tak
ing Tanlac," was tho enthusiastic
statement made by Miss Louise Can-i
tril, popular music teacher of S-105 Elm I
street, Los Angeles, Cal.
.."For as long as I can remember my
kidneys troubled me and I rarely ever!
got a good night's rest." she conUn-1
ucd. "I lost my appetite completely
and what I managed to swallow by
sheer force of will would ferment and 1
cause so much gas that my heart
would palpitate terribly and at times I
came near fainting. I fell off from
120 pounds to 98 and was so nervous 1
and weak I had to give up my work.
"Medicines and treatments did not J
do me a bit of good and I lost faith in :
them. A friend of mine kept insist-1
ing that I try Tanlac and to please her
I did. Now I can't thank her enough, J
for the way Tanlac helped me is noth-'
Ing short of remarkable. My appe
tite came right back and I eat any
thing I want without the slightest
trouble. My kidneys seem to be In
perfect shape and I sleep all night
long like a child. I have gained so
much in weight and strength and am
so happy I don't hesitate to say Tan
lac Is tho best medicine I ever heartl
Tanlac Is sold in Ogden by A. R.
Mclntyro Drug Co. Advertisement.
I census which members previously rc
i fused.
' The compromise agreement was
based upon scriptural grounds, i. e..l
"render under Caesar tho things that 1
" aro Caesar's and unto God tho things,
that are God's," the proposal for set
tlement coming from a leader of the!
- flock, who said that ho had found after j
; much study that members of tho j
"House" could answer tho questions. 4
; The stiplations, however, asked by
' the cult were not embraced in the
'. census supervisor's instructions, nor.'
in fact, in the law, but Mr. Kenehan, :
after consulting with the department 1
of justice, agreed to waive vertainj
rules to meet the cult half way.
I 00
Call en J. J. BrummiU at
2417 Hudson avenue, if you
want to sell your Liberty
bonds. Phone 59.
Only One of 474 On
Steamer is Rescued
PARIS. Jan. 17. Georges Metayer
of Bordeaux, was the only passenger j
rescued of the 47-1 aboard the steamer
Afrique when she was wrecked last
Sunday in the Bay of Biscay. I
I M. Metayer said that many others)
might have been saved' but that they'
, refused to enter tho boats as the ship
I with a hole in her sido steamed in a
tempest toward land. He described
' the scenes aboard the vessel when ter
ror stricken Senegalese prayed while
many persons took the matter calmly,
believing that sight of the steamer
Coylan which was summoned by wire
less, meant safety.
Captain Ledu stayed on the bridge
to the end, as did the wireless opera
tor, Mezier. who for 24 hours had the
receivers to his ears
I buy Liberty bonds at 1
highest prices. If you have
bonds for sale see me. J. J.
Brummitt, 2417 Hudson ave
nue. Phone 59.
JACKSONVILLE. Fla., Jan. 17. .
J Professor Newell L. Sims, of the de
partment of sociology of the Univers
ity of Florida, resigned from tho col
lege faculty today after a raid on his
1 homo by department of justice oper
'atives who said they found radical lit
eraturo there. No charges were pre
, f erred against Professor Sims, as H
jwas said he had violated no law,
00 . i
Most contributors to chnrlty man.lt.-o
to be caught in the act.
! Kisgoolv j
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Jig Dinner I
Supper J
I j
Any time that any one jj
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with a real, satisfying,
sustaining food value. i
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J cocoa for nearly 140 years. JI j
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