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J Soldiers Habituated to Stiff
Army Shoe Dislike to Return
i, ; to Primitive Sandal
' PP;TCH, Montenegro, Jan. 2 Amer
', icanization of the footwear of the Dal
ji; kans within a few years may be one of
the unexpected results of the war. Th,-
L' Serbian sandal, or opanchi, of soft pli
able leather was abandoned when Ser
in, bia was compelled to call upon the nl
ml lioa for equipment, for only the stiff
M i shTSo in wrhoh wpstfrn Enronean and.
i, American armies were nccustomed,
wis available. Now, after having been
habituated to the modern shoe, the
J Sejbinn soldier upon demobilization
finds it difficult to return to the prim-
itlye sandal,
tl Supplies of old shoes gathered in
' ( America which were distributed re-
' cently by the American Red Cross
I weje snatched up by the peasant wltlx
avjdity. American business already
' ha begun to. exploit this new source j
of;demand tso jLhat a few more years!
j I. probably will see the Balkan peasant I
wearing American shoes. j
i The war has dealt the venerable
I headgear of the Montenegrin a' telling
i ( blow.
I ; More than 600 years ago, in 33S9.
1 thOse Serbs who were driven to take
1 refuge from the Turk in the moun-
1, taQis of Montenegro after the over-
thr.ow of the Serbian empire at the
; battle of Kossovo, adopted a cap which
I was intended to keep fresh in their
; mipds forever a national conscious-
j ness. The cap still worn to this day is
' brlmless and bordered by a black
1 j band of mourning. The crown is a
: crimson red for the blood which was
! shed in the battle and embroidered ,
I lj about the edge are six gold-threaded !
j circles for the six centuries which j
have elapsed since 13S9. ,
Some now have discarded the cap I
( for, now that Montenegro and the!
, Serbs have come into the glory whicn J
' was theirs before Kossovo, there J
,1 seems to many of them to be no rea-
'! son for the perpetuation of the senti-!
' 9 ment which the cap was calculated to j
' kepp alive, througli the period of ad-1
lj, versity of the nation. j
I Yes, Girls
Everybody is usltiK nnd 'iillnn r .v ut j
M DEP.W1LLO, the lifiutd tint It Instantly
Ji beautifies the complexion, makes a soft.
S ! At toilet counters even where. Your
1' touch." 0t five hundred thousand gi x I
1; nnd women are usinp It. it's n real n.au- i
Ii! tifior. that's what it Is. Try It today.
1 At, toilet counters everywhere Your
&A money back if you don't like it. Adv I
i To minimize confusion in handling i
f the expected heavy advance saie for'
John Golden's original New York-Chill'
cago production of "Turn to the Right"
jj at the Orpheum, Jan. 27 and 2S, with
matinee, mall orders will be received
,( at once by the theatre management.
; Orders accompanied by postoffice of
express money orders or bank drafts
wiU be numbered and filled as soon as J
; received, previous to the opening ofj
the boxoffice sale. As this applies to
i boUi local and out-of-town patrons, it ;
aff6rds everybody an equal chance to
! obtain good seals, Ten per cent of the
! purchase amount should be added to i
l cover the federal war tax and if the I
I tickets are to be mailed a self-address-1
I' ed, stamped envelope should be cn-
closed. Otherwise they will be held
ij at the boxoffice in the name of the
purchaser. . 1
,1 "Turn to the Right" is rated as the
greatest comedy success since "The'
j OldHomestead" and it is playing tol
i capacity audiences everywhere on
j toup5 U has been seen only in the
3 largo cities up to this time. Adv. '
i ' nn '
ISif Factory Workers j
Lose Lives in Fire
, PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 21. Six!
I worjjmen lost their lives and eight
5 other persons were injured, one of j
i them a fireman, when fire destroved
5 the four story furniture factory build-i
j ing'of Robert Tarlo and Son, south
? Fifth street, this city. Fireman and
I pollee were searching the ruins for
additional bodies.
The fire started in the engine room
j, about the time the emploves were
j( lca.Tng Tor the day. The flames swept
j. so tepidly that workmen on the upper
1 floods were trapped. Three men jump-
' ed from windows and were badlv In-
j Jurqd,
NEW YORK, Jan. 21. Richard S.
; Ilawes, president of the American
; Bankers association, announced today
! the corporation of the association in
i the food draft plan designed by Her
ibert Hoover to enable relative to send
(aid to needy persons In central and
i eastern Europe. The drafts wllb be
sold through the 20,000 members of
the association in the United States
land will be exchangeable for food at
warehouses on the American relief ad
ministration in Hamburg, Vienna, Bud
apest, Prague and Warsaw.
"Filming of Teeth
of the Tiger" Led
To Many Mishaps
Completed Scenes Had to Be "Reshot"
Due to Accidents in Arsenc
Lupin Picture.
Hard luck pursued the filming of
"Teeth of the Tiger," tho Parainount
Artcraft pictures about the adventures
of Arsenc Lupin, which is entertaining
the patrons of the Alhninhra theatre
today. Anna Lehr was originally se
lected to play the chief feminine role
in support of David 'Powell. After a
number of scenes In which she appear
ed had been completed, Miss Lehr was
suddenly stricken with a severe illness
and forced to discontinue work. By
good fortune Marguerite Courtot had
just finished a picture with another
star and was able to fill the breach
nicely. However the sets In the former
scenes, which had been removed, had
to be completely rebuilt and the epi
sodes re-shot
As If this were not enough, when
the result of the first week's work
was shown in the private projection
room of the studio, it was discovered
that the film was so badly scratched
that the work had to be done all over
again. This delayed completion of the
picture by two weeks. Local screen
lovers declare "Teeth of the Tiger" is
well worth waiting for, as It Is one of
the best mystery-detective stories ever
Ponce de Leon looked in Florida for
the fountain of youth. The modern
patriarch buys a seat in the front row
of n burlesque show.
Even water, when it becomes crusty ,
is obnoxious, especially when it Is soldi
for Ice.
! Medicinal Value of S. S. S. Is Fully
( Recognized.
i. Almost every humau ailment can
be traced, one way or another, to im
; purilles In the blood. So you cannot
; ovoreBtimate the importance of keep
ii in&'ijfouT circulation built up, so that
t., your heart will be constantly pump
i Ing.j:Ich, red, life-giving blood to all
j parla of the system. Any alight dis
; order or impurity that creeps into the
i blood, is a source of danger, for every
: vitaUorgan of the body depends upon
the T)lood supply to properly perform
its runctlons. It is quite true that
, practically every one Is equally ex
pose"a to the attacks of disease. You
;i are just as liable to be attacked as
Hli the jnan or -woman sitting next to
i you kn the street car. It all depends
upon the condition of your blood. If
! it- is; thin and impoverished, and has
Htj been; allowed to reach a low state by
Hl the accumulation of impurities, you
have not sufficient vitality to resist
these germ attacks, and they find a
L fertile field In your system to spread
H disease.
Hli Over a hundred years ago le In
H dians made many excellent remedies
HH md-tonic from roots and herbs gath
H -red from the .forests.
H One ol these formulae was handed
Look at Tongue! Remove
Poisons From Stomach,
Liver and Bowels.
1 a
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most
j harmless laxative or physic for the
little stomach, liver and bowels. Chil
dren love its delicious fruity taste.
! Full directions for child's dose on each
'bottle. Give it without fear.
' Mother! You must say "California."
J Advertisement.
nn '
Just Try This
Thousands of ovorfat people have be
come slim by following the advice of Joe
tors who recommend Mnrmola Piesnip
llon Tublets, llioae Km ir.lt IHlle f.-tl re
ducers that simplify the doso of the fa
mous Marmola "Proscription.
If too fa. tlon't w.'iii for iho dorhr's
advice. Go now lo .niii- dnul.Hi oi- v.iltc
to the Mnrmola Co.. VI'. Woouw :trd An-,
J."tftvolt. Mi' ii. Mi-i lor !. piwc uc i. uec
i ahe of these :nbi :-s
They reduce tw H.-cc or four pour ds a
week w-lthou i.eni, dieting ix am v.n-I-li
asant offecc n-ilcvor. too fnt, tiy
litis today. .Yt
down to the white man and for more
than fifty years has been used as S. S.
S., which is recognized as the best
known blood medicine on the market
This fine old remedy Is still made
as of old from roots and herbs of
proven medicinal value. In fact, phv
slcians everywhere recognize the won
derful efficiency of these roots, and
they are prescribed in'some .form or
other almost daily.
And now after being in constant
use for more than half a century, S.
S. S. Is more popular than ever. It
Is sold by practically every drug store
In the land, and every druggist is well
acquainted with Its sterling merit, for
they have seen Its results.
S. S. S. is a very valuable agent in
the treatment of Catarrh, Rheumatism,
Eczema, Tetter boils, pimples, skin
eruptions, malaria, and other disorders
that come 4 from blood impurities.
It Is also without an equal ras a
general tonic and system builder. By
its efficacy in cleansing the blood o'f
impurities, It "builds up the appetite
and gives now life and vigor to the
entire body.
You are Invited to write for valu
able literature and medical . advice,
which will be sent without cost. Ad
dress Chief Medical Adviser. Swlftj
.Laboratory, Atlanta. Advertisement."
Months of Debate and Not a
Single Constructive Measure
Constructed Into Law
NEWARK, N. J.. Jan. 21 America
would have been the first nation to
ratify the treaty of peace had a Demo
cratic house and sonatc been elected in
1918, Homer S. Cummings, chairman
of the Democratic national committee,
declnred In an address at Governor
Edward's inaugural dinner. Not only
has Republican leadership "ttiroUled"
the treaty of peace, he said, but "after
1 months of debate it cannot point to a
j single constructive measure that It has
enacted into law "
The Republican party is bankrupt of
leadership, Mr Cummings declared,
(and cannot agree on a policy salipfac
tory even to itself. "The impoverished
mental status of their polioj makers,'"
is shown by the fact, ho said, that
their national Committee "has found ill
necessary to offer a reward of $10,000
to any young man, preferably under
the ago of 25 years, who can ovrite a
I winning platform for the Republican)
iparty." Only the adolescent would un-;
dei-take such n task he added.
) Democratic Platform EaGy to Write. I
I "There will be no difficulty in writ
'ing a Democratic platform," tho speak-
or continued. "It is not npcessary for'
!us to engineer our policy with a view'
to pleasing particular groups or so to '
conduct ourselves as to develop racial j
animosity. We stand today upon a rec i
ord of achievement unparalleled in'
American history. We have souglu do-)
nicstic reforms which have long been
denied our people and during the Avar I
jour successes won the" admiration of
the world."
"This Republican congress," Mr
Cummings said, "has contented itself
with conducting a campaign of base
less criticism and slander against thei
president of the United States, in the)
repudiation of our international obliga
lions and the abandonment of the al '
lies in vhose company only a fewf
months ago we were fighting" to save
the civilization of the world."
Government Seriously Impaired.
"All processes of government have
been impaired," he continued. "The!
work of reconstruction has been dc
laved, the business or the country has
been throttled, foe peace of the world
has been poslponvd, and rude and un-1
skilled hands have been thrust amid I
the interlacing strands of human des '
! tiny."
I Gov. Edwards was acclaimed as the i
"personal liberty" candidate for presi
dent in a eulogy of his career, pro !
, nounced by A Harry Moore, city com
missioner of Jersey City, and the new 1
presidential boom was greeted with
i enthusiastic applause by the several"
j hundred Jersey Democrats who were;
present. It was announced that the
governor's friends have alreadv enter-1
ed his name in the Nebraska prima
ries and that moves have been made
, to enter his name in the Pennsvlva
, nia and Virginia, primaries.
Like most Highly successful farce!
I comedies, "Parlor Bedroom and Bath,",
coming to the Orpheum Sundav, has as
la foundation for its laughter a true
psychological fact of human charac
ter. Its authors say that nine women
,0111 of ten are more interested in a
!i:ian with a "past," a Don Juan, than,
they arc in someone wlio has never,
sown any wild oats! So they invented i
a wife who fondly believes her hus-!
band to be a gay rounder, when he is
in reality the meekest of men The
unfortunate husband finds that he
must live up to ihe reputation which
he has assumed not an easv task
since he is the kind of man that even
I the sound of a kiss sends into a panic
.of alarm. The story has not onlv hi
larious comedy, but suspense and a
'zest that is just enough to excite with
out crossing the danger line. The pro
.duction oomes direct from its New
York engagements, the companv being
on Us way to the Pacific coast. Adv.
oo !
House Slashes Down
Appropriation Bill
! WASHINGTON. Jan. 21,-Repub-leans
and Democrats of the house
joined In attacking the "porkless rlv-l
.ers and harbors appropriation bill for
next year which carries only S12 400 -000,
a slashing down of $30,000,000
rrom the total estimates submitted to
the committee.
rib bill Instead of the traditional 'pork 1
barrel Representative Freeman Re-1
publican, Connecticut, said in defense
oi .the measure.
, y?,,0 rIbs ,neans Plenty of bon'e:
,but little meat," Representative Blan
lon, Democrat, Texas, interjected.
Approximately sixty million dollars
from unexpended previous appropria
tions I- reeman said, and the 57,000,000
for improvement work is sufficient,
he added.
! Suspension of Five
Socialists Condemned
J INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 21. The sus
pension of five Socialist members or
the New York state assembly was
given consideration by the National
'Americanism commission of the Amer
ican Legion in session here, it was
learned and the action taken by the
assembly was denounced in a resolu-
tion passed by the commission, it was
announced. In making public the res
olution, officials of the legion called
'attention to the expressed purpose or
the Americanism commission to com
bat all anti-American tendencies The
resolution follows:
"Since the American legion stands
ror the maintenance of American In
stitutions of government, we look with
disfavor on every effort to overthrow
the right of representation or deny to
the properly elected representatives of
Ijjjl ' The worlds greatest music jj
j I -A the att ffl
The strongest recommend j! 1
; Sj 1 have is the artists who make records for it. ' 11
mI greatest artists of all the world make records for 1 1
; 1 tne Victrola. Thery all agree the Victrola is the only instru I Mi I
P a ment that presents their interpretations with a fidelity that ' JkJ 1
does full justice to their art. I I 1
jp Give Yonr family the pleasure fhat comes with the pos- " j f
if&l -''session of such an instrument! But be sure itis. a Victrola. ' f jl
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M to hear and demonstrate the various styles of the Victrola Il
Pl $25 to $950. New Victor Records are on sale at all dealers mm
jap on the 1st of each month. j
Victor Talking Machine Co., 1 1 B
. ' II
the people the right to sit in the bod
ies to which they have been elected,
except when they have been shown
legally disqualified
Timber Survey Work
Nearing Completion
Lyle F. Watts, deputy supervisor of
the Boise national forest, with head
quarters) at Boise, has arrived in Og
den to arrange details concerning tim
ber cruising and survey work in the
Boise forests.
The: timber survey work was started
last season, with the view of ascertain
ing what portion of the marketable
timber would be available for saw
mills In that vicinity during the next
few years.
The survey work is expected to be
well towards completion nt the end of
j tho coming season.
Ili To Help Make)
HlK Strong, Keen j
111 Iw Red-Blooded
fef ife Z&ttbrfirer three J
fgSggWgfiCv mi.llon pe9ple annully.fl
gjoaggayK J u mcreaio thetl
(325SWEft23 itrenrth of wealcj
PfnSfcOu? "-If-it!l' i fl"n dow"I
'" c TaSL-! 'ire 'n many In-
55'Sg3 tncej. Alt: yourfi
aocior or drueeml
Unwittingly and unwillingly Charlie
Chaplin In his latest production, en
titled "A Day's Pleasure," and re
leased by First National Exhibitors'
Circuit, is the cause of a 250-pound
traffic cop falling into the grime of a
large city sewer. The picture plays
the last time today at the Orpheum.
'Tis Thus Trouble Starts
It all happens when the Chaplin
(film) family decides to take a day's
recreation. They repair to jthe fam
ily automobile which is neither ex
pensive, good looking or reliable, and
attempt lo wander to the brooklets.
The traffic cop decides that it Is Im
possible for him to re-organize the
street regulations of the city to fit tho
Chaplin automobile and he serves the
famous comedian with a summons.
With tho dignity that mado him fa
mous Chaplin undertakes to put the
unfortunate car through a series of
legal maneuvers with poor avail. The
climax of the incident arises when the
street repairers spill a bucket of hot
and sticky tar in front of the family
Chaplin has more sumnrons' thnn
the officer before the Incident closes.
In addition there is a western pic
ture, "A Sagebrush Hamlet," with
William Desmond. Adv.
oo I
Excess Profits Tax
Is Paid by Consumer
NEW YORK, Jan. 21. Describing
tho excess profits tax as "one of the
foundation stones" of "the prcsont In
tolerable price structure," William B.
Colver of the federal trade commis
sion, in an address before the purchas
ing agents association of New York
declared that "if you knock the whole
thing out. the price structure would
come down two or three stories at the
For every dollar that gets into the
'public treasury through the excess
profits tax, Commissioner Colver es
timated that between -1 and ?5 was
taken from the ultimate consumer In
excess prices. Admitting that repeal
of the excess profits tax would result
in a big revenue loss to the govern
ment, he proposed "a reasonable small
direct tax that everybody can see, evi
denced perhaps by a stamp on gross
sales." 1
"We're nil going downtown shopping
this morning," said his wife, meaning ' j
herself and 'their three daughters.
"I wish you wouldn't," replied the '
financial head of the house. 1
"Why not. pray?" asked tho real i
head. j
"Because I am unalterably opposed 1 5
lo collective bargaining." Detroit a
Free Press. ; j.
1 I
Doctor Ah, yes. Verj' nervous pulse j
palpitation of the heart and feverish. ; J
Let me see your tongue. 1
Young Man I'm all right, Doctor. ;
I Just came to ask you for your daugh- - !
tor's hand. Boston Transcript. :
Girls! Your hair needs a little "Dandcrine" that's all! When II
it becomes lifeless, thin or loses its lustre; when ugly dandruff II
appears, or your hair falls out, a 35-ccnt bottle of delightful, j1
dependable "Danderinc" from any store, will save your hair, "m'
also double it's beauty. You can have nice, thick hair, too. 1
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